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Download Eram and Virginia's Interview

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Package A


Devastating Neurotoxins Released

The majority of us are walking around not realising the devastating impact that neurotoxins are having on our brain.

In this mp3 we will clear heavy metals, virus’, solvents, formaldehyde, food additives, pesticides, herbicides and more. By removing these neurotoxins you’ll experience a clearer, healthier more cognitive brain.

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Clear & Balance Your Endocrine Glands

The endocrine glands in the brain are some of the most important because they are responsible for our growth, maturity (including the chemical balance) and they help with our wellbeing in amazing ways.

We’ll clear the dross in these glands so you can balance your hormones and ensure the proper release of chemicals into and throughout your body.

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Balance Both Brain Hemispheres (Includes Corpus Callusom)

Balancing the two hemispheres of the brain will result in more synchronistic thinking and harmonious results in the brain.

This includes the Corpus Callosum which divides both hemispheres and co-ordinates the flow of information between the two sides of the brain resulting in less confusion and brain fog.

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Clear The Cerebellum For Better Motor Motion

This part of our brain is responsible for all our motor activity i.e. leg and arm movements and more.

By clearing this you should increase your coordination and balance which often deteriorate as we age.

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Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Hydration & The Ventricles

The cerebral spinal fluid surrounds and interpenetrates the entire brain including the spinal cord and supplies the nutrients needed while protecting the brain. It also transports metabolic waste products, antibodies, chemicals, and pathological products of disease away from the brain.

We will heal this and ask for the correct levels for hydration so you can have the perfect cerebral spinal fluid levels and a balanced hydration system in your brain.

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Traumatised Cranium And The Meninges

The cranium houses the brain and the meninges is the inner lining of the cranium/skull. They protects your brain from trauma and accidents that can happen (or have happened) to you from childhood through to adulthood.

A lot of people have traumatised craniums so this mp3 will work to address that and to clear any negative energies i.e. latent bacteria or virus affecting the meninges.

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Clear & Repair The Brain Stem

Our brain stem consists of 4 important parts that are responsible for sensory, motor action, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and the spinal cord. It is also the place that the vagus nerve connects to from all our organs.

With a healthier brain stem you’ll find breathing easier, lower your Blood Pressure and bring any heart rate issues back to balance.

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Cranial Nerves Recalibration

Your cranial nerves are 12 pairs of nerves that connect your brain to different parts of your head, neck, and body. They facilitate important functions in the brain i.e. vision, hearing, smell, touch and includes the vagus nerve which connects to the many organs in the body.

This mp3 will facilitate a healing of these nerves, bringing balance and healing to those areas if they are affected.

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Blood Flow, The Circle Of Willis And Decalcification

The Circle of Willis is the structure of arteries and veins that carry blood and oxygen to the brain and is an intensive network running through and around the brain.

In this mp3 we will address any blockages (calcification) and clear them to allow perfect, unhindered blood flow and hence oxygen flow for a healthy brain.

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Dead/Disused Cells Cleared - MP3

As we journey through life - our brain cells can die off through numerous reasons i.e. accidents to the brain, or strokes or lack of oxygen etc and this mp3 can be used to address and clear these dead cells via the elimination system in the brain.

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Package B

  • Everything in Package A Plus
  • Clear PTSD/Trauma And Your 3 Brains
  • Healing Depression, Procrastination, Low Moods & Lack Of Motivation
  • 3 Group Healing Calls
  • Plus Receive 90 Days Of Remote Healing

ITEM 10:

Clear PTSD/Trauma And Your 3 Brains

The limbic system is the main area responsible for the debilitating effects of anxiety and fear. This is where the Fright, Flight or Freeze syndrome lives and where you store a lot of past trauma.

Stressful events in your life are dealt with by this part of the brain but the effects aren’t only temporary. When trauma occurs, it stays with you and forever affects the health of your brain.

If you feel anxious or fearful in your life without good reason then this clearing will particularly help you.

You’ll feel calmer and more relaxed in your everyday life and it’ll enable you to function ‘normally’ when faced with stressful situations that might have affected you in the past.

Download MP3

ITEM 11:

Healing Depression, Procrastination, Low Moods & Lack Of Motivation

The deep part of our reptilian brain is responsible for the state of our moods, emotions and behaviour. It’s the part that just “reacts” even though we might be consciously aware that our reaction doesn’t make sense.

For example, watching a scary movie often produces fear even though you’re just watching the events unfold on a screen in the safety of your own home and you consciously know these are actors playing a role.

When these “automatic reactions” create depression, procrastination, low moods and a lack of motivation in our life… we need to get ourselves off autopilot and find our way back to a happy state of being.

In this MP3, we address these issues and bring balance back to your brain so you can move from devastation to delight and experience the new feelings and behaviors that will positively improve your life and your interactions with others.

Download MP3

ITEM 12:

3 Recorded Group Healing Calls – 60 Minutes Each

Call #1 - Cranial Nerves Investigated & Repaired For A Healthy Brain

There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves on both sides of the brain which connect to your head, neck and body. They facilitate important functions like your 5 senses and allow smooth communication with your organs.

On this call, we’ll investigate their individual functions and deepen your understanding of these very important nerves. This includes healing them to ensure they work together in perfect harmony.

Download MP3

Call #2 - Love Your Brain & It Will Love You Back

We all know that when we share our love, it always gets reciprocated and then recycled back to us... whether from a pet, person, plant or other energy.

That being said, why not start to Love Your Brain and wait for the reciprocity of the magic that this will unfold? Get ready to learn new ways to love your brain and accept the love it returns – this is very powerful!!

Download MP3

Call #3 - Brain Reboot: Recalibrated & Rejuvenated

Now you’ve had 3 months of playing of the mp3’s and the 90 day healing, this Group Call will give us the opportunity to cement all the work that has been done for your brain.

On it, we’ll ask for the highest vibrational Quantum Healing to bring everything into balance for your central nervous system, cranial nerves, brain stem and more so you can cement all the changes that have taken place.

Download MP3

ITEM 13:

Plus Receive 90 Days Of Remote Healing

Everyone who purchases Package B & C will be placed on this unique healing list for 90 days (starting February 10th)

Virginia will do a remote healing once a week for 90 days that heals everyone on this list and all you need to do is receive.

The transmissions will be Monday morning UK time so you can wake up and start your week off right. Upon purchase of Package B or C, your name and details will be provided to Virginia to be included and notice the positive changes in your life.

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