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Do you wish you had a MAGIC BULLET to get rid of YOUR stubborn blocks in the areas of:

Love & Relationships

Money & Abundance

Purpose & Career

Health & Wellbeing

Ascension & Awakening

Then we have Exciting news for you!!!

From Heartache To Joy has put together the world’s FASTEST working energy activations for you in one program! In short, we have YOUR MAGIC BULLET!

That’s right! As our ongoing commitment to serve our clients with the best and most cutting edge energy tools in the world for our clients, we are proud to offer you not one or two awesome energy healers activations…..but 25 of the ultimate best, strongest and fastest working activations!!!! These activations have repeatedly and consistently delivered results for our huge community of listeners.

As you know, FHTJ is already known as the world’s premier platform and we have hosted some of the top healers and teachers on this platform. For each interview, we request our guests to create a group process CUSTOM designed to deliver results for our group based on:

  • What our clients most desire to change
  • Combined with healers BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE techniques

Over the years we have collected some of the world’s MOST EFFECTIVE energy tools covering ALL major areas that people generally feel blocked in. These processes are not only powerful because of the healers ability, but also because whenever the energy process is done for a group, it’s power gets MULTIPLIED several times over!!


From Heartache to Joy Proudly Presents


You can easily create fast, tangible results with these 25 activations, hand selected by the FHTJ team based on the raving reviews from our clients. Remove blocks and transform your life as soon as you start listening!

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If you are not satisfied with the activations you get a “no questions asked” money back. Just write to to request full refund.

Here's why you're going to love this!

This powerful collection of the best energy healing and activations will provide you just the activation you need exactly when you need it.

  • Conveniently organized for you by category, so you can easily find the right one for you.
  • Wealth/Abundance
  • Health
  • Life Purpose / Awakening/ Personal Power
  • Love/Joy
  • Removing Blocks/Negativity
  • and More

If you had to work with 25 healers, you would be spending at least $2500 to buy their MP3s…. with the SUPER CHARGED ACTIVATIONS PACKAGE, you only pay a fraction of that price but still get ALL the benefits!

Our customers have already been using this amazing package and gotten INCREDIBLY fast results. We could easily price it hundreds of dollars and still people would jump on it. But we want to make this accessible for as many of you as possible, so as our valued customer you get this ONE TIME OFFER to buy it for $77.00 only!

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And to make this even sweeter and to show you how much we love to see our clients transform and achieve their goals, we want to add on 50 ADDITIONAL activation tracks that haven’t even been introduced in the market yet!

That’s right! You will get a total of 75 activations. Simple reason being we want to see you succeed. Separately they would sell for upwards of $147.00 but we want you to have it for free as an early bird bonus.

Remember these extra 50 activations are just as powerful and just as effective as the first 25…….we just want to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need in this one package to create the transformation you truly desire.

Think about it….if you had to work with 75 of the WORLD’S most acclaimed energy healers, you would likely spend at least $7500.00 on their mp3 packages!

You can receive the powerful benefits instead with SUPER CHARGED ACTIVATIONS PACKAGE for just $77.00!!

This offer will not be presented to you again so don’t miss out!
Here are some of the additional topics from the 50 bonus tracks:

You can receive the powerful benefits with SUPER CHARGED ACTIVATIONS PACKAGE for just $77.00!!

This offer will not be presented to you again so don’t miss out!

And you have nothing to worry about because we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Try this out for 30 days and if you are not THRILLED with the results, simply ask us for a refund and we will be happy to give you your money back. You keep the items!

Why are we offering such a crazy guarantee?

Because we know you will LOVE the changes you will experience from using these.

Real success stories, from real people!

Here are 5 reasons that make this the best thing ever!

  • Feeling Stuck?

    Choose one of the 19 activations to help you release blocks

  • Bummed out over a bill?

    Select one of the 10 activations to create wealth

  • Want to increase love in your life?

    Listen to one of the 19 activations on love and joy!

  • Need a health boost?

    Select any of MP3s on Health and Wellbeing!

  • Looking for purpose in life?

    You have a wide range of MP3s to help you with this.

Let your intuition guide you to the activation that will help you the most right now. Or just pick one at random and let the universe tell you what you need! With over 75 to choose from, they will always feel fresh and new.

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Bring the energy healing into your every day life so that as life happens, you are best equipped to not just deal with it, but to THRIVE

When you take advantage of this special offer, you'll get instant access to over 75 activations.

Whenever you need healing, or clearing of blocked pathways, you'll instantly access the specific call that will elevate you to your optimal level.

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If you are not satisfied with the activations you get a “no questions asked” money back. Just write to to request full refund.

Take Total Control of Your Life!

Once you own them, you'll be able to transfer these recordings to any smartphone or handheld device, so you won't be tied to a computer or phone. Many people find listening while exercising or meditating increases its effectiveness exponentially.

Others prefer to listen during moments of high stress and anxiety, like work-breaks, or after an uncomfortable confrontation. By purchasing these recordings, you'll choose the MOST EFFECTIVE time to listen, giving you complete control over your healing and empowerment.

You'll no longer be reliant on the right circumstances instead, YOU'LL determine what works best for YOU!

Real success stories, from real people!

"Very powerful healing, could feel and see the energy and colors flowing through out my body and aura. My head is full like a balloon. Thanks so very much." ~ Sharron

"THIS was the most important clearing I’ve ever had....thanks for allowing this to occur. Great release!" ~ Amy

"WOW, WOW!! I’m in tears. While doing this last clearing I felt an angelic presence hugging me. WOW Sally the direct gentleness has been beautiful. Thank you. Love, Love Love!!! Eram you are a truly Beautiful Being!! Thank-you!" ~ Sandy

"I am BLOWN away by Sally and the power of her processes. I listened to the show from beginning to end and all her processes just shifted me to a whole new level. I appreciate her work and her gift to the world. I also appreciate you Eram for sharing her with us and all the great work that you do. Thank-you so much!" ~ Tessa

"During the last mantra my heart was beating as if it would jump out of my chest and I felt sharp pains - it felt as if "debts" of my heart were just pouring out! By Julie Renee's last note, my heart had released the pain and was beating normally. I opened my eyes and felt as if my eye sight had improved by 30% - thank you and bless you both!" ~ Charlene

"I started to get chills, and now my heart is palpitating as Tarek is doing this clearing. most amazing."

What's in it for you




100% Risk FREE - you have nothing to lose!

Eram Saeed

If you are not satisfied with the activations you get a "no questions asked" money back. Just write to to request full refund.

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