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Would you like more sessions with Veronica? Here is an Exclusive offer just for our community


Package A


Unhook yourself from Toxic Repeating Patterns Process

Powerful 30 minute HYPNO-MEDITATION with Veronica’s high frequencies “sacred healing structures” for personal release from the hooks that keep you and souls on the other side unable to move on with freedom and love.

This is a journey into the routes and roots of your programming. As we experience to the source of old programmes, we recognize that we can release, or evaporate their imprints, then you become freer and freer – to become an unfolding you - to become unlimitable. This meditation is deliciously soothing.

  • Discover and unhook from relationship repeating patterns
  • Heal the pain of past trauma
  • Claim back your sovereignty

** Recommended to use this often.



Hypno-Meditation to Meet Your Departed Loved Ones Again

Powerful 30 minute HYPNO-MEDITATION with Veronica’s high frequencies “sacred healing structures” to meet and release Loved Ones who have crossed over.

These meetings are powerful and energetic. Fascinating how they help us unhook leftover reactions between you and your Beloveds, freeing you, or unravelling the relentless attachments we call karma.

We will also look at when we release our bodies what happens to our spirits? In this meditative journey we invite conversations with Spirit Beings that have an impact on our lives, and on our soul’s journey. Are they alright? Are they Happy? Do they have messages for you, about you, and about the reactions and love or pain you have shared?

  • Feel deeply healed and uplifted
  • Receive messages and guidance
  • Feel more confident, present and alive in your daily life.

** Regular use brings you to increasing freedom within to unfold and unfurl. Remember we can become unlimitable!



Journey to Eternal Love

Deeply healing 30 minute HYPNO-MEDITATION with Veronica’s high frequencies “sacred healing structures”join us in this meditation, through the centering force of the structures, explore love In many forms . What will it take to enjoy truly expanding love? Maybe awakening to the blocks we have recorded within! A deepening meditative journey can free us to recognize that we can choose the eternal possibilities of love.

  • Receive deep personal and physical healing
  • Clear wounds and programing that keep you from having satisfying relationships now.
  • Discover the delicious love that the Universe wants to unfold you with.


Life Dealings, Channeling & Activations.
3 Amazing Live one hour Healing Events

Life AND Death Changing Group Channeling & Activations to Free Yourself
Three Amazing One hour Live Healings.***


Have you been missing a loved one and wondering how they are now? Has it been hard to move on from the shock and pain of grief? Would you like to know what’s really going on the other side?

Find out how what you are doing in your daily life can help your loved ones on the other side and you peace and closure from lifetimes of repeating karma, trauma and drama that your family has been carrying.

Group Event 1. Nov 11th 10am Pacific

  • What is Death and How do your Love & Relationships Survive it? 60 min call.

Group Event 2.Nov 18th 10am Pacific

  • How can you reach your loved ones on the other side? 60 min call.

Group Event 3. Nov 25thth 10am Pacific

  • How to Grow from Your Grief and Evolve Your Spirit in This Life and the Next 60 min call.


Copy My Near Life Experience

My Near Life Experience - How do I know when I am Really Me?

Written in clear, vivid gripping prose, this 360 page autobiography of a multi-dimensional mystic will grab your heart and liberate your soul.

Veronica’ tells her at times heart-wrenching story of being born “awakening” sensitive, empathic and creative in a family that did not understand her gifts. Her experience of isolation and “otherness” led her and others at many times to question her sanity.

This compelling book will help every lightworker who has felt “different” understand the experience of being sensorially gifted and vibrationally sensitive.

Her story is inspiring and triumphant, as with the help of the guides, angels she learned how to function and create a wonderful inspiring life as an activist, single mother. beloved spiritual counsel er and successful radio and television personality. This wonderful true-life multi-dimensional story reads like a page-turner, full of magical mysteries and will keep you riveted through the unfolding of the mysteries of human evolution.

At a radiant, vibrant 73, Veronica is now writing her next chapter as global speaker helping raise waves of new consciousness on earth to help create an ascended planet where we are all living in peace, creativity and collaboration at our full multi-dimensional potential.


Package B

You can release pain and sadness now

Your loved ones ones want you to be happy and free again.
Find out how your grief can hold them back.
Find out what you can do to help them and yourself move forward
in your soul’s evolution.


Making Love Forever Group Channeling & Healing

Live Group Event Dec 2nd, 10am Pacific

In this beautiful and deeply healing channeled teaching and healing Veronica and the spirits will reveal how YOU can experience eternal love, peace and joy.

  • know and understand who you are as a soul and how love continues and evolved
  • How to feel whole and happy during the holidays, birthdays and special occasions when your loved ones are not with you
  • Discover the secret “elixir of transformation.”

Did you know that love is eternal and that even beloved pets come back to us lifetime after lifetime?

The love you shared with friends, family and loves ones is never lost



Private Mediumship Session with Veronica
and your loved ones in Spirit


Veronica has been helping people just like you reunite with their loved one the other side for over 40 years. People experience peace, relief from chronic pain and sadness and discover the joy in life and new relationships again.

Imagine if you had one hour where you could meet your loved ones in spirit again and heal your souls.

  • Veronica will help you understand the patterns that have brought your souls together in lifetime after lifetime .

  • You will be able to find out where you loved ones are and what they have been doing and learning since their transition.

  • Find out what are the ways your loved ones have been doing to keep in touch with you and learn their secret ways of watching over you and communicating.

  • Get your dear ones guidance and wisdom about situations happening in your life.

  • Experience the flow of peace, love and joy as you hear their special message to you delivered through Veronica’s loving channeling.

Who is this one hour private session for?

  • Do you feel you have unfinished business with someone who has passed?

  • Would you like to know more about their passing and if you had done everything you could do?

  • Do you feel guilt over surviving while they are on the other side?

If you have any of these feelings a session will help immensely. Veronica has reunited people for over 40 years and helped them understand the dynamics of their relationships.

Imagine if you could talk with the special people in your life again.

  • Find out what advice they have for you
  • Get reassurance about their passing
  • Know that everything is alright and you can be free of past wounds and hurt. Learn to love each other at a soul to soul level.

These session are for:

  • Anyone has found it difficult to cope and move on from the loss of lover, spouse, family member or friend who has passed into spirit.

  • People who find themselves attracting relationships that are “just like my father” or “just like my mother” who want to free themselves from toxic or abusive patterns.

  • Anyone carrying drama, or trauma from their childhood wounds with their parents who would like to get closure and understand Why something happened.

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