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Download Eram and Vandana's Interview

Download MP3

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package A

Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery

Receive Other Worldly Angelic, Celestial & Miraculous Healing With The Trinity Team & Doctors Of Divinity!

Soul Travel to the Rest, Respite & Recovery Retreat of Radiance, Rejuvenation & Regeneration in The Temple of Miraculous Outcomes.

Welcome to A Heart Guided Sacred Journey to The Heart of Your God Team of Christed Galactics, Star Doctors & Spirit Shamans from Alternate Galaxies, Realities, Dimensions & Timelines.

If you've been feeling lost, unsafe or unwell & disconnected from your own God Particle or separated from your higher powers. it's never too late to meet your inner doctor, healer, guru & teacher & re-write your divine destiny with dignity, integrity & authenticity.

As we leave the old earth paradigm & re-birth 5D unity, the energy, vitality & codes of immortality are available to get well, live well & be well on our highest health ascension timeline.

As you shift into the higher realms, accelerated transformation occurs faster as your frequency, energy & vibration grows higher & expands vaster into the quantum realms of magic, medicine & miracles.

I invite you to get still, slow down, drop in & slip into that sweet gap between your thoughts & give yourself permission to feel your feelings & listen closely for further instructions on your next steps to claim perfect health in your bright & shiny ascension light vehicle.

As your own bodies spirit guide, your higher self & I AM Presence are always near to help you embody your right to thrive in a body that give you joy, comfort & pleasure.

This Divine Healing Intervention Attunement allows you to feel tended to, nurtured & cared for by Reiki Medical Doctors, Spirit Shamans, Huna Healers. Emergency Teams & Angels Of Surgery who over-see & over-light you from the temples of health, healing & well-being on earth & in the stars.

Embody & Experience The Crystalline Earth Energy, Vitality & Codes Of Immortality From The Inter-Dimensional Soul Specialists & Christed Galactic Healing Teams that over-sees & over-light you 24/7 in all galaxies, dimensions & timelines.

Visit The Inner Realms, Healing Retreats & Ancient Ashrams To Receive Heart Medicine, Soul Medicine & DNA Upgrades That Only Exist Off Planet & Outside Of Space & Time.

I'm Honored & Excited to Take Your Hand & Guide You to Your Temple of Healing, Longevity & Immortality to Help You Relax, Recharge & Receive Divine Doctoring, Nursing, Counseling & The Quantum Remedies Prescribed Just for you to experience miraculous outcomes for you & your loved ones.

You Deserve to live in a body that feels youthful, healthy & happy!

You Are Here to Trust, Remember & Receive The Fruits & Gifts of Holy Spirit as Well as Drops of Amrita (The Nectar Of Bliss) To Bathe & Bless You In Liquid Light & Honey Ambrosia.

During this Divine Encounter, you will meet & receive Christed Cosmic Healing from Lalita Devi (The Goddess of Bliss) & The Trinity Team of Dr Lorphan, Dr Fritz & Dr Kahn who have joined forced from heaven & earth to show you that you are here for a reason & not just for a season.

This sacred visitation has been divinely appointed because you are worthy of healing.

Your Divine Healing Team may begin the “greater work” before, during or after your treatment to feed you with the divine dose of medicine to release & repair ancestral trauma & body burdens.

Your Getaway Retreat does not include doubt, worry or fear as these energies block you from your bodies own ability to return to its original state of radiant health, wholeness & well-being.

As you soul travel, your body remains grounded, safe & secure on your highest 5D timeline while your soul can recover in your very own mini pod & healing chamber designed just for you.

It will feel like a cocoon of warm, gentle, calm & soft energy that warms your heart & soothes your soul.

Your wise, kind & enlightened ancestors, ancestral guardian & angels of health & healing are honored to transport you to experience a taste of immortal bliss, radiant rapture & ecstatic euphoria.

This is where the magic, miracles & medicine truly exist that can elevate, enlighten & uplift your mind, body & spirit in a way you've never experienced until now.

Your Trinity Team consists of 3 Master Healers from The Star Realms & Inner Earth Realms to support your healing process.

They have expertise, knowledge & advanced skills to extract the root of dis-ease with light, gentle & non-invasive laser light technology to help you experience:

  • Accelerated Recovery from Shock, Accidents, Surgeries or Injuries
  • Your Youth, Joy & Bliss Frequncy with Ease & Grace
  • Miraculous Healing Outcomes On a Cellular & Sub-Atomic Level
  • Sudden, Suble or Spontaneous Recovery from Chronic Health Conditions
  • Increased Energy & Vitality as Your Natural State of Being
  • Density Detoxification, Blood Purification & Cellular Renewal
  • Balance, Harmony & Restored Sense of Well-Being
  • Greater Insights, Guidance & Intuition

Your Divine Treatment May Include:

  • Etheric Acupuncture
  • Laser Light Treatments
  • Gentle & Non-Invasive Extractions
  • Golden Hands Healing
  • Tender Touch Therapy
  • Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation
  • Good Feeling Dopamine, Melatonin & Seratonin Endorphin Release

Your Spirit Surgery Emanates from The Heart of Source That Surpasses All Human Understanding to Transmit the Essence of Peace, Trust & Surrender Before, During & After Your Etheric Surgery.

Give Yourself Permission to Experience the Healing Expertise of Christed Surgeons, Spirit Shamans, Huna Elders, Rishis, Saints, Totem Guides, Medicine People, Sages, Mystics, Reiki Doctors who have the skills, training, mastery & technology not available on this planet.

When you invoke them, the Doctors of Divinity surround you with Christed, Comforting & Compassionate Light to heal what needs to be healed with their golden hands light.

To begin the Divine Healing Intervention Process, please listen to the following healing trance-missions to discover your soul mission & heal from the inside out with ease & grace!

Lean in, lie back, listen & receive higher vibrations & sensations from divine helpers, healers & miraculous physicians of light in the comfort & privacy of your own home.

Each track is approximately 90 minutes long and contains:

  • Accelerated Light Healing Codes
  • Cosmic Clearings
  • Christed Light Body Creations
  • Resurrection & Re-Birthing Re-sets
  • Instructions for Building Your Healing Pod Container
  • Ascension Chakra Activations & Soul Star Illuminations
  • Solar & Sirian Light Technology

It is recommended to listen on a soft volume & you may play the digital recordings on silent mode as well.

Listen in one sitting, in sections or as guided to heal physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual or soul trauma in all of your bodies, systems & field from the inside out.

This healing bundle consists of 8 different sacred soul visitations to experience the magic, medicine & miracles from your divine healing intervention team.


Christed Galactic Clearing & Healing For Density, Debris & Disempowerment

Receive Inter-Galactic Healing To Accelerate To Absorb 100% Pure Light As An Awakened Empath & Ascension Angel On A Mission To Heal Yourself & Humanity!

Experience A Light Transfusion As Carbon Based Debris Is Safely & Gently Released & Replaced With Clean Energy & Crystal Light Into & Through Your Trillions Of Cells, Bones, Organs & Glands To Help You:

  • Activate Your Crystalline Light Body
  • Reprint Your Divine Blueprint
  • Awaken Dormant Divine DNA
  • Strengthen Your Life Force Energy
  • Balance Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul
  • Retrieve Lost Knowledge & Soul Power Pieces
  • Integrate New Earth Shifts with Ease & Grace

This Out Of Space & Out Of Mind Healing Activation Is Transmitted With Deep Tenderness & Sacred Love For Your Soul Role On The Ascending Earth Vibration!

Deepen Your Original Soul Vibration & Heart Connection to Your Cosmic Creatrix & Sophia Source In All Timelines, Dimensions, Galaxies & Realities!

Teleport To Your Healing Chambers To Receive The Perfect Dose Of Soul Elixirs & Light Intelligence To Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit With Dr Lorphan & The Doctors Of Divinity!!!

Download MP3


Inter-Galactic Intervention For Money Karma & Poverty Vows MP3

Heal & harmonize your electrical bodies, ascension chakras, nervous systems & energy fields to empower & awaken your soul centers, creativity centers & your root chakras to create the life of your dreams!!!

With your cosmic consent, you will time travel to your most successful soul selves & power pieces that you’ve lost or gave away in childhood, back in the womb or on a distant star so you may feel whole & HOLY in this timeline of accelerated ascension living!

The Arcturian Master Healers & Sirian Star Medical Team Will Help You:

  • Ease your ascension symptoms, lack & limitation
  • Clear Survival & Trauma Timelines From Your Field
  • Repair Damaged DNA
  • Raise your wealth vibration
  • Re-Calibrate your nervous system & electrical light body
  • Re-Adjust your bio-field to hold more light
  • Create more ease, space & flow in your physical body vessel
  • Dissolve Inherited Stress, Struggle & Suffering
  • Clear Karmic Debts & Money Shame
  • Entrain Your Brain To Theta & Delta States Of Well-Being

Soothe your ‘troubled soul’, heal money karma & clear poverty vows with your timeline trauma team, money angels & galactic guardians of the Universe!

On This Galactic Journey, You will experience:

  • Advanced Arcturian Healing Processes
  • Non-Invasive Laser Light Technology
  • Emerald Flame Of New Earth Abundance
  • Arcturian & Sirian Wealth Creation Codes
  • Extra Terrestrial & Inner Earth Plant Medicine
  • Magical Forest Bathing For Grounding, Integration & Stabilization


  • A Golden Net To Absorb Shame, Scarcity & Poverty Vows
  • A Platinum Net to remove 3D density, debris & human doubt
  • A Seraphim Salve Healing Balm To Heal & Seal Energy Leaks

Join Your Galactic Ancestors, Star Tribes & Divine Medical Team To Transmute 3D Fear, Lack & Scarcity Into 5D Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity!!!

Download MP3


Clear Brain Fog, Confusion & Forgetfulness with Dr. Lorphan
& The Arcturian Medical Team - MP3

Experience Dr. Lorphan’s etheric acupuncture to expand your higher brain, unlock mind blocks & clear fear, fight, flight or freeze programs from your limbic brain.

Your Divine Mind Intervention Team & PTSD Practitioners are here to clear confusion you've absorbed & stored from the collective mind & the veils of Maya (illusion)

Dr. Lorphan & his medical team in the inner planes of Shambhalla will help you to:

  • Clear Mental Tension, Triggers & Overwhel
  • Re-Set your brain, spine & nervous system
  • Dissolve Stress, Struggle & Suffering
  • Create more ease, space & flow
  • Unlock Others Thoughts, Energies & Obsessive Points Of View
  • Clear False Beliefs, Negative Thinking & Artificial Intelligence
  • Release Separation Seals From Divine Mind Connections
  • Unravel Stories, Scripts & Obsessive Points Of View

Soothe your ‘troubled soul’, clear ancestral fear & burn addictions to suffering vows with the Aquarian Holy Fire, Dr Lorphan, the AMAS (Arcturian Medical Assistants) & your Timeline Trauma Team!!!

On This Galactic Journey, You will Experience:

  • Advanced Arcturian Healing Processes
  • Non-Invasive Laser Light Technology
  • Star Mind Integration & Higher Brain Activation
  • Crown Of Thorns Removal Healing & Unsealing
  • Zeal Point/Brain Stem Ascension Chakra Actviaton


  • A Golden Net Process To Absorb Mental Stress, Worry & Over-Whelm
  • A Platinum Net Process To Dissolve Looping Systems, Auto Pilot Programs & Over-Stimulation
  • A Prana Wind Clearing Device to dissolve post trauma, stress hormones & anxiety brain cells

Step into Your Arcturian Medi Pod & Healing Chambers To Experience Advanced Arcturian & Sirian Star Healing From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Meet & Merge With The Mind Of Creation, Divine Inspiration & Mind Mastery!!

Download MP3


Clear Timeline Triggers, Tension & Overwhelm With
Dr Lorphan & The Arcturian Medical Team - MP3

Receive A Higher Brain Upgrade from the Christed Galactic Master Healers & The Director of the Great Blue & White Sirian Lodge on the Innerplane in Shamballa In The Inner Cities Of Light.

Meet With The Miraculous Physician Of The Universe Better Known As Dr. Lorphan!!!

Receive Advanced Healing Technology & Laser Light Energy Treatments On The Athena Arcturian Starship That Will Help You To Quiet Your Mind, Soothe Your Nervous System & Adjust To 5D Living With Ease & Grace!

Vandana will enlighten your higher mind & higher heart with Christed Light & Star Medicine From the Inter-Galactic Medical Assistants of divine mind mentors, PTSD Spirit Specialists & 8D Galactic Master Healers to help you choose Peace amidst Chaos On Your Highest Soul Ascension Timeline!!!

Dr Lorphan & his medical team in the inner planes of Shambhalla will help you to:

  • Clear Tension, Triggers & Overwhelm
  • Repair Damaged DNA
  • Re-Set your brain, spine & nervous system
  • Dissolve Stress, Struggle & Suffering
  • Create more ease, space & flow
  • Identify & Release Empathic Wounds
  • Clear Disempowerment & Deprivation Vows
  • Release Separation Seals In Your Soul Star
Download MP3


Sirian Healing & Throat Chakra Clearing
With Mighty Blue Eagle - MP4

The Mighty Blue Eagle is a spiritual hierarchy made of blue-lightning angels who come from Sirius to assist Archangel Michael to over-see our solar system & over-light our 5D ascension process.

If You're Ready To Heal Your Voice, Then Come Play With Your Sirian Star Shamans, Doctors Of Divinity & The Band Of Mighty Blue Lightening Angels Who Have Heard Your Call & Want To Hear From You!

Get Clear On Why You're Here & Allow The Mighty Blue Eagles Wings To Enfold You, Empower You & Heal Your Throat Chakra With Liquid Light, Honey Nectar & Solar Radiance To Speak Clearly & Courageously As Your Birthright & Spiritual Inheritance.

Join This Sacred Ceremony & Fire Puja With The Blue Lightening Angels to help you unlock, clear & release:

  • Vocal Suppression
  • Verbal Congestion
  • Etheric Mucous
  • Buried Feelings
  • Swallowed Tears
  • Vows of Silence

You deserve to speak your truth, hear the truth & live your truth with ease & grace!!!!

The Mighty Blue Eagle & the Violet-Flame Angels are standing by waiting for your permission to say YES so they may infuse your chakras, cells & DNA with laser light & violet rays to safe on Gaia & supported by the company of heaven.

Meet Your Team Of Blue Solar Angels To Melt & Dissolve Timeline Trauma & Resistance In Being Fully Heard, Seen & Appreciated To Easily & Freely Speak For Yourself, Your Loved Ones & For Those Who Do Not Have A Voice & Cannot Speak For Themselves.

Take A Sacred Soul Journey With Mighty Blue Eagle & The Blue Flame Angels To Experience:

  • Vocal Clearings To Free Your Highest Voice
  • How It Feels & Sounds To Speak Your Truth
  • Soul Empowerment & Divine Inspiration
  • Accelerated Ease In Being Heard, Seen & Supported
  • Inner Expansion To Hear Your Own Inner Voice & Soul Song
  • What Your True Soul Voice Is Here To Say, Speak & Share
  • Relaxed Ease In Sharing Your Truth With Clarity, Courage & Confidence
  • How To Hear The Voices Of Your Angels, Guardians & Spirit Guides
Download MP4


Inter-Galactic Soul Healing With Spirit Shamans
& Doctors Of Divinity - MP3

If you've been feeling drained, depleted & depressed, receive an inter-dimensional soul retrieval session from your spirit shamans, christed galactic soul specialists & the doctors of divinity!

This shamanic soul retrieval session restores soul loss & heals soul trauma from past or parallel timeline trauma so you can shift into & thrive on your highest 5D soul ascension timeline that will serve you & the entire planet!

Get Your Energy Back & Embody The Grace of living with passion & purpose!

As you open, soften & relax, your spirit shamans work on you to heal soul trauma you or your ancestors experienced in past lives, parallel realities or even from your home planet or birth star where you lost or gave away your star gifts & shamanic powers!

With your cosmic consent, your shamanic guides, angels & allies transport you to the higher realms to rest, re-set & recalibrate to a higher vibrational frequency to awaken & activate your dormant gifts & quantum potential to heal yourself from the inside out!

This sacred soul journey allows you to meet & merge with your healed selves to heal under the loving care & soul supervision of kind & compassionate spirit doctors, shamans & etheric surgeons.

Experience Dr. Lorphan’s etheric acupuncture to release soul trauma, unravel mind loops & dissolve soul entangelements from other galaxies & realities so you may feel whole, holy & complete just as you are.

Your Soul Assigned Team always honors you with deep respect & compassion to gently extract false light, imprints & entities & retrieve your own light, energy & vitality.

After this treatment process, you can expect to feel as sense of joy, peace & self-love to make it easier to naturally trust your body to heal itself in this timeline.

Dr. Lorphan, Dr Fritz & Dr Kahn visit you from the temple of healing to:

  • Free Your Family Soul From Bondage, Enslavement & False Beliefs
  • Clear Ancestral Karmic Imprint, Patterns & Miasms From Your Lineage
  • Dissolve Soul Struggle, Stress & Trauma In All Timelines, Lifetimes, Galaxies & Realities
  • Make Peace With Your Inner Shadow & Inner Light
  • Re-Parent Your Inner Child's Soul Wounds From Past Lives & Parallel Realities
  • Revoke Negative & Non-Beneficial Soul Vows, Contracts & Agreements
  • Release Others Soul Parts, Fragments & Energies From Your Cells, Chakras & Nervous System
  • Re-Integrate Your Own Power Pieces, Soul Gifts & Life Force Energy

Soothe your ‘troubled soul’, clear ancestral fear & burn karmic attachments with the spirit shamans, medicine tribes & indigenous ancestors from the earth & the stars.

Download MP3


Arcturian Healing & 3D Clearing For Body Image
& Self-Esteem - MP3

In This Session, You Will Experience Inter-Galactic Ascension Healing From The PTSD Medical Specialists, Cosmic Shamans & Timeline Trauma Team To Help You Let Go & Dissolve Body Shame, Retrieve Your Body Pleasure/Power Pieces & Return Back Home To Your Soul Body Of Infinite Energy, Loveability & 5D Telepathy.

Experience Blissful Healing In The Arcturian Healing Chambers To:

  • Upgrade Your 3D Brain, Spine & Nervous System
  • Unlock Body Blocks, Burdens & Shame
  • Dissolve Density, Debris & Dis-Ease
  • Embody Infinite Ease, Space & Energy Flows
  • Release Empathic Body Wounds & Wound Trauma
  • Awaken Your Svadhistana Pleasure Chakras
  • Activate & Integrate Your 3D & 5D Bodies

Soothe Your Troubled Soul, Soften Stuck Points & Melt Body Armor In Your Sapphire Blue Body Pod To Love, Nourish & Forgive Your Beloved Body Of Living Light!

On This Galactic Journey, You will experience:

  • Advanced Arcturian Healing Processes
  • Non-Invasive Laser Light Technology
  • Etheric Acupuncture To Release 3D Body Toxins
  • Star Magic, Space Dust & Divine Doctoring
  • Svadhistana Lotus Petalled Pleasure Chakra Awakening
  • Manipura Tigers Eye Empowerment Activation

Step into Your Arcturian Healing Pleasure Pod & Healing Chambers To Experience Diamond Light Codes & Crystal Geometries From The Comfort Of Your Own Earth Healing Pod.

Your Divine Healing Intervention Team Does Make House Calls & Are Open 24/7 In All Dimensions, Timelines, Galaxies & Realities!

Download MP3


Astral Karma Cleanse For Empaths,
Starseeds & Sensitives - MP3

This Galactivation is soulfully designed for sensitives, creatives, & starseeds to make it easier & faster to transmute 3D-4D frequencies into 5D ease, peace & grace!

As Light workers, Empaths & Clairsentient Souls (Deep Feelers), you are especially vulnerable to external influences & interferences from tribal consciousness & collective chaos playing out in this reality or even off planet.

In This Accelerated Arcturian Ascension Activation, You Will Experience:

  • A Quantum Prescription On How To Self-Heal & Care For Your Ascending Light Body
  • Greater Flow & Flexibility In Your Physical Bodies
  • Expanded States Of Peace & Soul Presence In Your Emotional Bodies
  • Spiritual DNA Upgrades & Updates In Your Crystalline Templates & Soul Selves
  • Deeper Connection To Your Galactic Gifts & Ancestral Star Lineage
  • Vibrational Support In Your Personal & Planetary Ascension Process
  • Emergency Medical Care For You & Your Loved Ones
Download MP3

Package B

This Package Include:

  • All of Package A Plus
  • 30 Minute Etheric Acupuncture Divine Detox Session to Gently Release Density & Debris Held in Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul Bodies


30 Minute Etheric Acupuncture Divine Detox Session to Gently Release Density & Debris Held in Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul Bodies

A 30 Minute Etheric Acupuncture Divine Detox Session to Gently Release Density & Debris Held in Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul Bodies.

During this session, Vandana will channel the accelerated light trinity team, Reiki Doctors & Spirit Shamans to identify root trauma & core programs that won't allow you to heal.

This upgraded advanced healing process includes:

  • Infra Red Color Therapy
  • Sirian blue & Ultra Violet light technology
  • Heat Remedies, Wound Care & Laser Therapies
  • Etheric Acupuncture to Release Blocked Energy

Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced Blood Circulation
  • Physical & Emotional Pain Release
  • Seratonin Stimulation for Depression & Mood Disorders

Your Parasympathetic Nervous Sytem Will Be Re-Wired & Restored to RE-SET your molecular structure on a sub-atomic level to include inherited patterns & programs that keep you stuck in endless stress, struggle & suffering.

To conclude your session, you will be introduced to a divine healing guide so you may receive continuous healing, insights & information to complement & supplement your 3D medical care.

Meet with Vandana by phone, skype or in the zoom room.

Each session will be recorded.

Send an email to Vandana at to schedule your session. Put in the subject line “Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery”

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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