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Download Eram and Tarek's Interview

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Millionaire Mind Matrix - 8 Modules

This is a 3 month journey where 1 new audio will be sent to you every week as you tune yourself to abundance and create a Millionaire Mind.

There are 8 classic and must read books on money, wealth, abundance and prosperity that have been credited for creating thousands of millionaires all over the planet.

The Millionaire Mind Matrix will be downloading, integrating and activating the wisdom from these amazing 8 books so you become the wisdom that’s contained within their pages… naturally.

Module 1
Activate Your Millionaire Mind

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Master your mind for success
  • Overcome fear
  • Think and Become a Millionaire
  • Become Bigger than your problems
  • Know what you truly desire
  • Manage Your Finances

And so much more...

Download MP3

Module 2
Discover The Secret To The Laws Of Attraction

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Master the laws of attraction
  • Practice more Gratitude
  • Manifest Your Desires
  • Attract your soulmate, soul tribe
  • Manifest Financial Abundance
  • Experience your Ultimate career
Download MP3

Module 3
Understanding The Science Of Getting Rich

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Maximize the value you offer others
  • Have a definite Vision
  • Activate your Creativity
  • Use the power of your Imagination
  • Increase your belief in self
  • Take Inspired action
Download MP3

Module 4
Become The Richest Man In Babylon (or wherever you live)

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Bring your desires into fulfillment
  • Learn the 7 Laws Of Money
  • Increase your ability to earn
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Commit to your mission
  • Attract more money and opportunities
  • Manage your finances
Download MP3

Module 5
Manifest a Pocket Full of Money

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Bridge spirituality and money
  • Manifest financial abundance
  • Master Your Energy
  • Become a money master
  • See the game of money from a spiritual level
  • Play the money game to win
  • Master the laws of money
Download MP3

Module 6
Break Free From The Money Matrix

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Play the money game to win
  • Consciously create your financially reality
  • Be the director of your life
  • Inspire others to be their best selves
  • Dream Bigger than ever before
  • Grow and expand outside of your comfort zone
Download MP3

Module 7
Think and Grow Rich

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Have a specific aim and a burning desire to achieve it
  • Create a mastermind to help you achieve your dreams
  • Increase your level of faith
  • Commit to your decisions
  • Learn to be persistent
  • Act on your intuition
Download MP3

Module 8
Master The Laws Of Success

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Learn to sit quietly daily
  • Give from your overflow
  • Create positive karma
  • Learn to be detached from the outcome
  • Align with your passion and purpose
  • Let go of the past
Download MP3


4 Agreements

In this bonus audio you will learn the 4 agreements that will change your life:

  • How to not take things personally
  • How to always be impeccable with your word
  • How to do your best
  • Don’t make assumptions

And this includes a special bonus of the 5th principle

  • Be skeptical but learn to listen
Download MP3


Celestine prophecy

This includes:

  • Seeing the synchronicities around you
  • Activate the power of giving
  • Knowing your life mission
  • Following your intuition
  • Feeling the divine inside you

Including an extra bonus for Clearing Control Dramas:

  • Clear your childhood traumas that keep you stuck in old ways of giving and receiving energy
  • Learn evolved ways to give and receive energy
  • How to break out of unconscious cycles
  • Overcome triggers that used to make you shut down
Download MP3


Audio From Spiritual 6 Figure Program For Healers

Achieving Your Goals And Dreams:

  • Plan your 2019
  • Learn how to prioritise your goals
  • Learn how to organise and structure your life
  • Clear procrastination
  • Focus on the most important tasks and get them done
Download MP3


Special Exclusive to Manifest A Millionaire Mindset

You can play this silent audio on repeat all day and night as you:

  • Manifest infinite opportunities to make millions
  • Think, act and feel like a millionaire
  • Receive the perfect million dollar ideas
  • Follow your intuition toward a million dollar idea
  • Take inspired action to manifest millions of dollars

Within it are encoded the millionaire codes and activations because it’s easy to manifest money… but to have a Millionaire Mindset means you are also able to keep it.

Download MP3


The 5 Love Languages

Learn what is your love language and what is the love language of your loved ones.

This will change your way of interacting with your loved ones so that everyone involved will feel loved.

  • Learn how you receive love the best way
  • Learn how to give love to others in the best way
Download MP3

Infinite Abundance Healing MP3

Receive Powerful Infinity Healings to release the most common core blocks to Abundance.

Download MP3

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How should I use these MP3s?

For the silent audio (in the file below) you can listen to it on repeat as much as possible. I would highly suggest getting started with this ASAP.

I’ve manifested thousands of dollars in sales and even had one person tell me they created a $50,000 offer the next day! For the remainder of the audios listen to each audio once and then move onto the next audio one week later.

Q. What happens if I fall asleep while listening to a module?

If you fall asleep that’s ok and many people do. It still works to heal you although you may want to go back and listen to it again another time just to get some of the spoken information Tarek shares

Q. What happens if I get frustrated or want to give up?

Most people get results right away and that’s enough them motivated. Some get results down the road so you should stay optimistic. Just set your intentions for the program, repeat it as an affirmation each day and trust the process.

Package B

  • Everything in Package A Plus
  • 3 Deep Dive Group Calls For Financial Manifestation
  • 3 Months Of Distance Healing


3 Deep Dive Group Calls For Financial Manifestation

You experience 3 Group Healing Calls with Tarek himself as he moves you from stuck to financially empowered!

Each call will focus on healing what’s holding you back at 3 specific steps of your journey and you’ll have time between the calls to reset your Wealth Thermostat as you move to the next level.

At the end of each call, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and this is your chance to receive 1on1 healing time plus get Business Mentoring personally from Tarek.

Don’t miss out on this powerful opportunity for healing from the master himself!

Here are the details to join us for the 3 Group Calls:
Join meeting with audio:
Dial-in Number:
(515) 604-9324 - United States
Access Code: 888129
Get international dial-in number:

Join meeting via webinar:
Click to join:

  • The recording will be sent to you after each call.
  • If you have already sent in your healing requests, they will be addressed on the call.

Group Call #1
Manifest Financial Abundance

Thursday, February 14th at 5 pm EST / 4 pm CT / 2 pm PT / 10 pm GMT ( 8 am AEST Friday, February 15th)

During this Group Healing Call you’ll...

  • Clear your receptivity blocks
  • Clear your scarcity consciousness
  • Clear any struggle and survival programs
  • Clear not feeling worthy and deserving
  • And so much more
Download MP4

Group Call #2
Manifest Financial Freedom

Thursday, February 21st at 5 pm EST / 4 pm CT / 2 pm PT / 10 pm GMT ( 8 am AEST Friday, February 22nd)

During this Group Healing Call you’ll...

  • Clear all blocks to financial freedom
  • Clear any and all financial burdens, debt and stress
  • Clear all ancestral and past life financial karma
  • Experience an amazing relationship with money
  • And so much more
Download MP3

Group Call #3
Manifest Financial Empowerment

Thursday, February 28th at 5 pm EST / 4 pm CT / 2 pm PT / 10 pm GMT ( 8 am AEST Friday, February 29th)

During this Group Healing Call you’ll...

  • Get control and be able to manage your finances
  • Take ownership of your abilities so you can charge what you’re truly worth
  • Thrive from your gifts, talents and abilities
  • Know how to grow and invest your money
  • And so much more

You can’t afford to miss these powerful calls that have created such amazing results for so many clients (and these calls will even be more powerful than before)!

Plus you’ll also get...

Download MP3


3 Months Of Distance Healing

As you move through the 8 modules of the Millionaire Mind Matrix, Tarek will do a distance healing every Monday which will continue to be sent you for the next 7 days.

You’ll won’t need to do anything and it’ll be sent to you through your Higher Self.

The Group Calls and Distance Healing will increase the potency of the healing even more and give you even more personalized healing directed by Source


50% off coupon for Tarek’s brand new Infinite Abundance Healing Retreat

This retreat is happening in Toronto, Canada on March 29, 30, 31st (which will also be the Spring Equinox, which is also Tareks birthday!)

Meet Tarek in person, experience powerful LIVE infinity healings one on one, cacao healing ceremony, dancing, singing and 3 days packed of Infinity Healings for Abundance, Relationships, Life Purpose and more!

Go here to purchase a session at 50%

Package C

  • Everything in Package A & Package B Plus
  • 15-Minute Private Abundance Manifestation Session


15-Minute Private Abundance Manifestation Session

This is a 15-minute personal session with Tarek to heal your core abundance block.

You’ll also receive an abundance attunement and get laser focused coaching to double your income from your gifts and services.

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