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Angelic Sound Healing Miracles

Bonus Healing Gift Meditations & Prayers Encoded with
Angelic Healing Light from Atlantis.

Stewart Pearce has created these audios so YOU can EVOKE THE PRESENCE OF EACH ANGEL IN Your Life through prayer, chant and meditation – so as to discover who the Angels are, what their purpose is, and how they can help you transform into a Divine Angel on Earth.

Keep these audios with you on your mobile device so you can call on and evoke a healing angel in any time of need or for meditation and relaxation.

How to Play The Angelic Sound Healing





GABRIEL is the Divine Messenger Angel, and so brings unique messages intimations, whisperings, signs, intuitions, synchronizations to us when we wish to evoke clarity about our own message or purpose - which simply put is to optimize our creative energy full of love and joy.





HANAEL – is the Sacred Warrior who teaches us courage, bravery, determination, steadfastness and hope. Whenever we are about to falter on our path as a result of disappointment, Hanael always comes into our field saying: “Have another go!” and often this is when we achieve our goal!





JOPHIEL – is the Holy Liberator helping us to release ourselves from any ‘thought prison’ by showing us other options to play or work with. Jophiel leads us constantly to the stillness of meditation, so that we may calm the stresses of not feeling good enough. Stillness an Gravity ground us helping us to find that secret texture of our soul, living within the capacity of our hearts.





METATRON – is the Supernal Teacher, the key keeper to the Akashic Library, which houses a record of all the thoughts that have been ever created on the planet. This wonderful Angel hovers on the right side of the Divine, and so therefore has unique information about our incarnations – to ask something of Metatron means you will receive a glimpse of heaven.





MICHAEL – is the Cosmic Leader who will always lead us into eternity, if we ask. Therefore whatever challenge we may face we always can be led to a greater comprehension about our soul’s wisdom, and therefore how to live better lives, developing greater spiritual intelligence.





RAPHAEL – is the Holy Healer, who teaches us that all healing comes to us as a movement back to wholeness. So when stress, injury or negativity have led us into sickness, sadness or toxicity - call Raphael in and this wondrous Angel will kindly show you the error of your ways, and how you may become wiser about transmuting negative into positive.





RAZIEL – is the Angel of the Divine Mysteries and reportedly hovers on the left side of the Divine, ‘eaves-dropping’ on all of Gods conversation. Therefore, Raziel is a really good friend to have as our spiritual consciousness expands and we start to evoke so many questions about our soul’s odyssey.





SANDALPHON – is the Sacred Guardian of the physical nature of our planet, and therefore also of our bodies as Earth Beings. Sandalphon is helping the ancient mysteries to be awakened from the Earth Stones, Water Courses, and Standing Trees so as to inform us about our ancient past and soul wisdom.





SHAMAEL – is the Divine Guide who configures our sacred pathway whenever we feel lost, weak or disorientated – therefore saying a prayer to Shamael always illuminates our path.


ITEM 10:



URIEL – the Eternal Companion who always provides succor when we need friendship, counsel, advice. The conversation occurs through the metaphors of life, so that we feel the magic and the miracle of life reconnecting us with all that is sacred when we weaken on our path. Our soul’s are yearning mates, and saying a prayer to Uriel will always bring new companions forth.


ITEM 11:



ZADKIEL – the Divine Comforter is always apparent in our lives as we move along our path experiencing the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. Call on Zadkiel an you will be restored to peace, humility, gentleness an the inclusivity of the Source.


ITEM 12:



ZAPHKIEL – the Sacred Lover teaches us about unconditional love as we move forward at this extraordinary time of living on Planet Earth and in the Cosmos. It seems we know little about unconditional love and so we are learning through the compassion, empathy and inclusivity of remarkable people like HH the Dalai Lama, the Pope or Ammachi ‘the Hugging Mother’. Through their self-less conduct we see bright lights to emulate and become better people.




These introduction and prologue to the Angels of Atlantis a spiritual tour de force that contains ancient healing mysteries and embedded codes of light. 

Based on the teachings of the twelve archangels of Atlantis, this spiritual resource reveals how to become aligned with their power and wisdom. The inspirations offer powerful counsel and healing. 

This book is a spiritual must-have that has been hailed as a new instant classic for anyone who is serious and authentic about their path of awakening.




Three Sacred Chants for Profound Healing with specially composed music.

In celebration of Global Unity as a gateway for love & joy. 

Each recording is designed to convey devotion, healing, and inspiration from the Angels of Atlantis. For thousands of years the Angels have transmitted the delight of the Soul’s ability to bridge between Divine discernment and Human reasoning.

Each sounding the Lords Prayer in Aramaic, the Twelve Angelic Codes in Hebrew, and the Gayatri Mantra, hear spoken in Sanskrit represents one of the sacred language codes of humanity, and whose harmonies will bring about profound healing. 

Each recording is designed to convey devotion, healing, inspiration, and transformation and For thousands of years the Angels have transmitted the delight of the Soul’s ability to bridge between Divine and Human energies, and since Stewart’s meeting with them in 1987. Each sounding represents one of the sacred language codes of humanity, and whose harmonies will bring profound healing from the Source.

This program Includes:

  • All of Package A Plus
  • Advanced Angelic Sound Healing Miracles

ITEM 13:

Advanced Angelic Sound Healing Miracles

Discover and Vibrate at Your Unique Soul Note - Magnetize all of Creation to You! 

This is a a priceless teaching series of extremely powerful videos embedded with the consciousness of the coming “Age of Angels” in which Stewart reveals the mysteries and take you through powerful wisdom and experiential exercises to bring you into living as your awakened self.

Watch the entire series and return again and again to continually deepen your understanding and experience the beautiful teachings and exercises in each one. As you practice these techniques shown, you will learn and experience the deep bliss of becoming a Divine, magnetic, presence aligned with the wisdom and power of the Angels and the Cosmos. Effortlessly begin to draw in blessings, abundance and love in all forms.

As you begin to resonate the glory of your Divine presence you will become a true star revealing your own unique presence, talents and gifts.

Each video is 15 minutes in length in MP4 format which you can watch on your computer, iphone, ipad or other mobile devices. Each episode features Stewart Pearce in a teaching setting, sharing profound insight, illumination channeled from the Angels that has empowered people around the world.

If you feel called to “find yourself” and awaken into the Age of Angels,
Live a Divine Life on Earth
this package is for you.


Opening the Heart. Learn as the embodiment of your Soul in a Powerfully Awakened Heart

Opening the Heart as The Seat of the Soul – we are seeing that for over four hundred years we have been taught to fixate upon the cerebral function of our lives to achieve the effective means to success. This evolved from the mechanistic view of the Universe. Now we are ‘remembering’ that our bygone cultures or current indigenous tribes, believe the heart to be at the center of human consciousness, for the heart is the seat of our soul.

The great poet Rumi says:
“If words arise from the heart, they will enter the heart.
If words arise from the tongue alone, they will not pass beyond the ears”



Angelic Sound Healing

Angelic Sound Healing – the Angels share with us that sound is at the Core of Creation, and that they were present as God’s Divine Emissaries, at the very beginning of creation.

This also means that we have our own sound of creation – a signature note that lies at the center of our being, and which creates the song of your soul. In this video we will find the ecstasy of your personal Divine ‘note’.



Angelic Voice Alchemy

Voice Alchemy – Alchemy means the transmutation of negative into positive, and in this modality the Angels gift us ways of transmuting all mortal disharmony into divine transcendence. This is a fascinating means to heal karma and dysfunctional behaviors in our lives that often result in illness or challenging circumstances.

In this video you will learn radical ways of formulating a very happy life.



Angelic Voice Alchemy

Persona and your Voice – in bygone civilizations people believed that they could center their lives, within themselves, by using the harmony of their speaking voice. This was called PERSONA – the root of our word for Personality, which literally means ‘through sound’.

The work of this video makes reference that we communicate the glory of our being from our souls, through our voices, and so life becomes full of Divine magic.



The Magnetic Voice: Balancing the 5 Elements of Creation

Balancing the vital elements for a voice full of vibrant richness – finding our Divine signature note, means we balance the elements of earth, water, air and fire in our bodies. This allows the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to fully harmonize, bringing us to an increased state of vitality, wellbeing and joy.

In this video you will find a way of using your voice for a much healthier life.



The Magnetic Voice: Emotional Intelligence

The Magnetic Voice and Emotional Intelligence – when we find our note, we find our soul’s sovereignty, and so resonate our lives through the love and intelligence of our hearts. This means that our voices become deeply magnetic, drawing wonder, glory, success, peace, love and joy to our experience of life. Finding these qualities rich within our feeling process, means we make informed choices about stabilizing ourselves from this position of harmony - rather than choosing negative ways of behaving through anger, manipulation, suppression, or discontent.

This video will help you find such balance and harmony in your personal and professional existence.



12 Healing Prayers from the Angels of Atlantis.
Orbs Are Light Beings

The phenomenon of Angel and Spirit Orbs first came to everyone’s attention with digital camera. Scientists have attempted to verify, that these unusual sightings through the camera’s lens, are not refractions of light or distortions of color oscillating from particles of earth’s debris. Their conclusions would appear to suggest that these often tantalizingly shapes, are images of a light source that has hitherto been unexplained. 

Each ORB is of a specific attunement, offering its unique love and compassion as an acknowledgement of the light of the Soul within the Cosmos.

12 Miracle Sonic Elixirs

These 12 short and powerful chanted meditations will infuse your being with the light encodments, blessings and vibrations of the 12 Might Angels of Atlantis. Set to beautiful chanting of the Divine Om sound. Each MP3 carries the frequency of an Angel you can call on in any time of need. 

The Angels are here to help you manifest joy, love, protection, security, blessings and a feeling of deep belonging to the unconditional love of the Divine.

  • Feel your entire being suffused with Angelic Bliss, Deeply Relaxing & Comforting
  • Help whenever you need it from a Holy Protector Angel
  • Transform your being into a powerful state of calm and beauty.

This program Includes:

  • All of Package A Plus

ITEM 14:

Private Session with Stewart Pearce
Soul Reading

Click Here to Schedule Your Session with Stewart

This will take you to Stewart’s online scheduling system. You will be able to pick a time for your personal soul reading session. The first available times are in July.

Once you have picked your time and registered you will get a confirmation email with information on how to access the online conference via Zoom webconferencing or via a local telephone call in number.

Stewart and the Angels are looking forward to meeting you.

Extraordinary opportunity for a Private Session with a Genuine Grandmaster Healer
channeling Divine Angelic Healing and Guidance for YOU.

Stewart Pearce has guided and mentored Royalty, beloved celebrities, world-leaders,world-famous spiritual healers, spiritual seekers around world for more than 40 years.

It is virtually impossible to schedule private time with Stewart Pearce as his schedule is full months in advance. Stewart is fully booked reaching Sacred retreats, Masterclasses and seminars around the world.

However, only for Eram Saeed, Stewart has opened up his schedule and made 44 sacred soul reading sessions available this year for From Heartache to Joy community members. You will never have this opportunity again at these prices to receive counsel from Stewart, the 12 Mighty Angels of Atlantis and the extraordinary beings of light with which Stewart is in communion.

Stewart would like to help you see more deeply into the nature of your own Divine soul and awaken you to the true potential of your own gifts.

Would you like to find out

  • Who you are and what is your purpose?
  • Are you living aligned to the Divine Plan for your Soul?
  • Can you your problems be solved?
  • Have memories of your lifetimes in Atlantis been awakening in you?
  • Have you been experiencing the activation of your sacred Atlantean DNA?
  • What is the way forward out of pain, darkness, difficulty or confusion in your life?

Questions that Stewart Can help you address with great love, warmth and compassion during your time together.

  • Can you see my Guardian Angel?
  • May I connect with a dear one in the Spirit world?
  • Why am I so confused and is this past life karma?
  • How can I change, and create a more joyous future?
  • Why is my life such a mess?
  • What can I do to become more spiritually intelligent?
  • Can you help with my relationships?
  • Why do I feel so drained of energy?
  • Are there dark entities around me?
  • My home feels psychically distressed can you help?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I become more spiritual?
  • Why is my creativity so blocked?
  • When am I going to create a significant other in my life?
  • My job is so dull, how can I find my purpose in life?

If you would like to know the answer to any of these questions and receive authentic, life and soul-changing, divinely channeled miraculous wisdom from a Master Teacher here on Earth than do invest in this sacred opportunity for counsel for your Soul’s evolution.

Do you want your life to Change for the Better Now?

You are precious and deserve to live a life of miracles and joy. Partner with the Angels and live the life you were meant to have. Shine in your own life. Do you feel called? Is this your time? If your heart says yes! Please take action to avoid disapointment as these sessions will sell out very quickly.

Looking forward to connecting with you heart to heart and soul to soul.

Stewart and the Angels of Atlantis.

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