Manifest Miracles in Days!

"Thank you 1000 times!!! I beat out 42 others and got my dream job! I started last week and I love it. Totally suits my personality, cool co-workers, close to my new condo, and pays $1500 more monthly than what I need to live on!! I think it’s all due to listening to Stress Be Gone every night. Got that life-changing interview after only 3 days of listening. It changed my life!"

~ Beatriz M., New Mexico, USA

"I really like all your recordings. They flow, they captivate me, your voice is so soothing and most importantly, they get results. I now have a girlfriend, after five years of being single. I also got a loan approved in record time to start my contracting business. Life is getting better and better!"

~ Dennis F., Vancouver, Canada

"Your silent MP3, Peace, Love and Healing Energy helped me after my hysterectomy. I played it repeatedly and felt myself getting stronger each day. Took no effort at all. I felt energy move through me. The doctor said I healed very quickly and I did not need much pain medication. Thank you for everything."

~ Desha O., Turkey

Another Amazing Program in The Pure Energy Program Series:

PEP For Manifesting Miracles: Human Hacks For Heaven’s Help

The program will include dozens of hacks, shared on the live group calls, the MP3s and exclusive reports.

Listen to Eram interview Sophia and prepare to take notes…

Learn the Top 7 Hacks to set up your environment to receive miracles!
Be amazed at the Top 7 Hacks to Overcome Depression!
Learn the easy Top 7 Hacks to Attract Money!

  • What is your DEARST DESIRE?
  • Do you need help getting it?
  • What is your BIGGEST PROBLEM?
  • Do you need help getting rid of it?
  • Do you think it would it take a MIRACLE to get one thing and get rid of another?

Good news: It’s the same energy at play in both cases. If you have manifested things you don’t want, you can flip it to manifesting what you DO want! That makes it easier! 

Uplifting Facts About Miracles:

  • Miracles are everywhere!
  • Miracles happen every second!
  • Anyone can have a miracle happen!
  • YOU can have your miracles, even quickly!
  • Some miracles are surprises, for your best!
  • You have great control of the miracles you get!

Tough-love Facts About Miracles:

  • Miracles can take work
  • Miracles require the right mindset
  • You get the miracles you’re aligned with
  • Belief in your deserving is a factor in receiving miracles
  • Sometimes your miracle arrives in an unrecognizable form

When you’re a desperate, disorganized, confused mess, miracles cannot appear instantaneously. It takes effort to prepare for miracles and some work to make miracles happen.

Like the Quakers say “Pray, but move your feet.”
In other words, ask or set the intention for what you want, then get to work doing everything required to make it happen.

Miracles take specific kinds of work. Be strategic and the workload can be dramatically decreased. That’s where the human hacks come in. Would you rather sweat and toil and be patient for decades, or use a few proven techniques for a short while and get what you want faster?

On the call with Eram, Sophia will share the…

  • Top 7 Hacks to Set Up Your Environment to Receive Miracles!
  • Top 7 Hacks to Overcome Depression!
  • Top 7 Hacks to Attract Money!

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your daily habits and actions. What are you doing that is keeping your miracles away? Let Sophia help you to let it go!

Are you one of the many people who want the miracle of stopping a bad habit? Would that improve your life? Sophia has successfully created a process to help you eliminate your cravings, addictions and other bad habits. It’s an easy hack to get the miracle of not wanting what isn’t good for you.

Introducing The Cravings Crusher MP3
A follow-along exercise to miraculous freedom!

It can be used to get so many miracles.
Do you know how much power you have in your hands?

Here’s what the test group had to say after just 20 days of use:

My belly went down dramatically, all my body parts were shrinking.

"This was truly a blessing. I had a miracle happen for me while listening to Sophia's amazing MP3. I am the so-called yo-yo dieter where I lose weight for half a year, then I gain the weight back and then some. Before I started using Sophia's Cravings Crusher exercise, I was craving unhealthy foods due to stress. I would overeat everyday. Portion control was my issue. My intensity of desire was usually an 8 out of 10. After listening to the MP3 the first time I already made a conscious decision to stick with healthy eating and portion control.

By Day 5, I already saw tremendous results - my belly went down dramatically, all my body parts were shrinking and I felt really good and energetic. I also noticed improvements in my sleep and how I reacted when my kids were pushing my buttons. I was a lot happier and calmer.

By Day 10, my craving was gone. I was not triggered by stress to overeat or make unhealthy decisions. I am staying on track. I am even exercising a lot more and drinking a gallon of water a day. By Day 15 I was still eating healthy and felt very proud of myself for putting my health first. I am going to live a very long life because I chose to take care of my Holy Vessel. And I'm grateful and super excited to report that by Day 20 I had lost ten pounds. That is amazing within itself because I have gone on other diets and only lost eight pounds within thirty days.

This is all due to Sophia's amazing work. My family and friends noticed I lost weight and said I look awesome and to keep up the great work. This process was very easy. It took away my old patterns and habits and made me very aware of what I had kept doing to myself. So I stopped doing the same patterns and shifted my energy. All I had to do was listen to the MP3 and follow Sophia’s tapping instructions. I would highly recommend Sophia to all my friends and family she has truly made a huge impact on my life and I thank her for it. Love you with all my heart !!!"

~ Iona Flores, Citrus Heights, CA, USA

Addiction To Energy Drinks GONE!

"Talk about miraculous!! Before I started using Sophia's Cravings Crusher exercise, I was addicted to energy drinks something fierce! I would drink 2-3 of them a day. Each can contains 300-350mg of caffeine. A shot of espresso or 8oz cup of drip coffee is about 85mg just to give you an idea of how much caffeine I was consuming! I ran cafés and espresso bars in Seattle for 11 years. I built up a very high tolerance to caffeine, so coffee no longer had an effect. Energy drinks were the only caffeinated beverage that woke me up. My intensity for the drinks was usually an 11 out of 10 haha! Sleep was poor; I woke up 3 or 4 times most nights.

By Day 5, I noticed I was only craving it once a day - when I first woke up. I also noticed I slept better…and I was actually craving water! By Day 10, my craving was down to 3 out of 10 and I noticed I wanted a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, and maybe a cup in the afternoon every other day.

Day 15 I was down to starting my day off with a glass of water before I drank a cup of coffee. By Day 20 I was drinking several glasses of water a day and could hardly stand the taste of coffee, and I no longer craved the energy drinks!

My family and friends said I seemed more relaxed, and looked slimmer. I have lost 11lbs!! After having three children, that was a real feat! The process was easy, and it really worked! I highly recommend Sophia's work! I am so very grateful to you Sophia!! Thank you!!!"

~ Rochelle Lopez, Mount Vernon, WA, USA

Sugar addiction GONE

"I have always been addicted to sugar and carbs. I tried everything to quit but nothing worked. I would have 4 cups of strong tea or coffee with 4 teaspoons of sugar, toast and my sweet treats at tea time. And for dessert I would eat cake, cookies, doughnuts, you name it. My day wouldn't be made if I didn't have my sweet things to comfort me.

I began to follow the protocol on the Cravings Crusher audio. I did it each day. By day 5 I noticed a slight improvement in my cravings, headaches, fatigue and mood. By day 10 my craving was down to 6 out of 10 and I noticed I was falling off to sleep earlier instead of me struggling to sleep and bringing on insomnia. I wanted more fruit and veggies, I felt less sluggish and less fatigued. By day 15 I was down to only wanting my treats once a day.

I'm amazed and thrilled to report that by day 20 I started to crave normal, healthy food. This was a miracle for me. This is something I prayed for, for many years. My family and friends are shocked and told me I seem calmer, happier, look younger and fresh-faced and not dragging myself around.

The process was so simple, interesting, eye-opening and a blessing. Sophia Zoe explained the process so easily and it was simple to follow. Her voice is so calming and I felt like she was right there with me guiding me the whole way. I can't wait to try it for a few more addictions I have. So excited to finally feel in control of my life. Thank you so, so much. Blessings and love."

~ Rika Seeripat, Durban, South Africa

From 12 Glasses of Wine Daily to Non-Drinker!

"I’m very grateful I could be a tester for Sophia’s audio. My doctor had just told me that my wine consumption has affected my heart and liver. My numbers were in dangerous ranges. I was drinking at least 12 glasses of wine daily. This had gone on for three years.

After the first day of doing the tapping exercise, I stopped drinking! I didn’t expect that! I still kept tapping every day and really noticed all the reasons why I had started drinking in the first place. I aimed my tapping on the emotions I had tried to bury. I let them all go. The process was gentle and I never felt triggered. Sophia was very helpful in coaching me by email to re-word some of the phrases to be applicable to me.

Two weeks into the tapping, I was at a dinner party. I brought a bottle of de-alcoholized wine. I had one glass and was completely satisfied. I was not tempted by the “real” wine others were drinking. A week later, I had another glass of similar wine. I am finally, totally, completely in control of myself.  

Is there a greater word than “miracle?” This is so many miracles rolled into one:

I quit being a drunk. I’m not tempted by others drinking. Non-alcoholic wine once a week is good enough. I feel so much better. I can think clearly. I look younger. My children are gaining respect for me. I’m not ashamed of myself. I have hope, pride and confidence. Thank you for this life-changing recording. I love you, my life and all my miracles."

~ Patricia G., Chicago, USA

Not Enjoying Cigarettes Anymore

"I am so glad I used this. Now I can go 5 hours in between cigarettes & I don't feel the pull of nicotine with irritability or distraction. Before I started using Sophia's Cravings Crusher exercise, I was smoking 10 cigarettes daily. Going 90 minutes to 2 hours or under stressful situations made me distracted & irritated. By Day 5, I only smoked 7 times a day. I also noticed improvements in my sleep.

By Day 10, my craving was down to 5 out of 10 and I noticed more time in between cigarettes. Day 15, that ever important morning cigarette was not as important. And I'm amazed to report that by Day 20 I had been smoking half cigarettes & was not enjoying them anymore. Plus I was waiting hours to smoke the morning cigarette which used to be my favorite.

This process was easy & brought awareness. Sophia also supported me along the way answering all my questions by email & giving me adjustments to the process to strengthen my journey."

~ Joan Greer, California, USA

Procrastination Cut In Half

"Before doing Sophia’s Cravings Crusher exercise, I was addicted to procrastination. My intensity was about a 9 out of 10. By Day 15, it went down to a 6. I was more focused and not willing to delay or put things off.

I'm glad to report by Day 20, I am stronger, overall more focused and much less of a procrastinator. My procrastination has been cut in half. I'm grateful for this process."

~ Ursula H., St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Cravings Crusher MP3 Useful For Other Problems

"As you instructed, I used your Cravings Crusher MP3 for toothache and gum infection since that was at crisis level. I was amazed at the results. Before the tapping pain level was a 9 and after tapping, it went down to a 3. It has been a week since I started tapping for the infection and now it is still there but almost bearable and I no longer have to take pain killers every 4-6 hours. Maybe only taking them once a day!

I am much happier and less grumpy as the pain had been bad for 2 weeks and I had been absolutely miserable until you gave me the instructions to tap for that rather than cravings. I have faith that in another week, my infection will be completely gone and I will be pain free once again!!"

~ Kate Daniel, Rural Sydney, Australia

Can Control Internet Addiction With Lightning Speed Now.

"I committed to using Sophia Zoe's Craving Crusher for 20 days, because I have plenty of bad habits I'd like to reign in! Initially, I focused on my so-called "Internet addiction". Within the first two or three days, I found myself focusing more and more on my really productive tasks, i.e., the things I really needed to do, and heavily curtailing my time waster habits. In fact, I felt myself naming the time waster habits with more and more clarity as I continued doing EFT with Sophia Zoe's audio.

Within days, with the help of all the things Cravings Crusher brought up, I started taking serious action towards curbing my bad habits related to Internet usage. I unsubscribed from newsletters and mailing lists that I was hanging on to for guilt and fear of missing out on something. I started to schedule in the important things more seriously and hit the QUIT BUTTON on addictive Internet behaviors with lightning speed once they popped up.

If you want to be more productive and get things done, I highly suggest you check out Sophia Zoe's Manifesting Miracles program and get ready to change! She is highly efficient, caring, and will be there for you!"

~ M. Raymond, Taiwan

From 20+ Cigarettes Per Day To None!

"I was addicted to cigarettes for over thirty years. I would smoke twenty plus cigarettes a day. By day 5 I had gone down to under twenty a day. I had a few digestive issues due to releasing the emotions attached to my cigarette addiction. My sleep however started to improve as I have slept poorly for many years. By day 10 my cravings were down to 10 cigarettes a day, my digestive issues were calming down and my sleep continued to improve. By day 15 I was down to 4 to 5 cigarettes a day.

And I am happy to say by day 20 my cravings for cigarettes were gone! My family and friends were thrilled that I have stopped smoking and say I seem a lot happier and calmer. 

I am continuing to also sleep much better. For the first time in years I slept for seven hours straight. Doing the Cravings Crusher showed me that I was an emotional smoker and how many unexpressed emotions I had just shoved down inside of me. 

The way that Sophia has structured the Cravings Crusher is great. It can be used for many things and is highly adaptable to whatever your issue is. Thank you, Sophia. I am very grateful."

~ Jackie C., Birmingham, UK


It is absolutely for you if you agree with any of the following statements:

  • I feel stuck in some ways, and I don’t know how to help myself.
  • I have been hoping, wishing and praying for change, but no luck yet.
  • I haven't reached my potential and I know I'm meant for bigger things.
  • I have uttered desperate prayers for a sign, or for someone to rescue me.
  • I’m not sure I believe in miracles, or if I can have any come into my life.

If you relate to any of those phrases, then you're a good candidate for PEP For Manifesting Miracles: Human Hacks For Heaven’s Help.

Even the most confident, intelligent and clear-headed person needs external support or even grand assistance sometimes. PEP For Manifesting Miracles is a series of 4 live group calls and 6 MP3 recordings, 2 documents and 22 days of remote healing…all designed to help you clear obstacles to allowing miracles to show up for you. It's full of practical, easy-to-do steps to get you to your desired place, living the life you imagine for yourself. 

Miracles occur every single day. You can have your miracles with some re-direction of thought and practise. Sophia will help you change how you think, what you focus on and how you behave. Then - presto - your desires will show up. Here's the first tip: Don't talk about your problems. Sophia will explain why - and what to do instead - on the call. Make sure to listen! 

Sophia will do a group process for raising your energy to receive miracles. This energy will still be active on the replays, so be sure to register and listen later, if you can't join us live.

"Getting to know about your PEP programs was one of the best things that happened in my life. Just yesterday I raised above the deepest feelings of depression to self love and contentment within a couple of minutes. There is no way to repay you. I hope people will discover the treasures you offer and realize that change could be as easy as following the steps in the PEP program."

~ Ramzi Abu Zahra, Sweden

Below Introductory Prices are for Limited Packages Only!

This is not currently offered anywhere else and will never be offered again at this price.


Free Trial



Discount: 95%

Total Package Value $2,700

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer


6 MP3s

4 Live Group Calls, with healing and Q&A, 75 minutes each

1 PDF doc of list of Miracle Hacks

1 PDF doc on Miracle EFT Tapping Phrases

22 Days of Group Remote Healing with reports sent daily

Invite to private PEP Facebook Group

1 Free Phone Call for Help to Purchase Essential Oils

1 PDF doc on Essential Oils and Miracles


Discount: 93%

Total Package Value $2,900

From Heartache to Joy Special offer


6 MP3s

4 Live Group Calls, with healing and Q&A, 75 minutes each

1 PDF doc of list of Miracle Hacks

1 PDF doc on Miracle EFT Tapping Phrases

22 Days of Group Remote Healing with reports sent daily

Invite to private PEP Facebook Group

1 Free Phone Call for Help to Purchase Essential Oils

1 PDF doc on Essential Oils and Miracles

30 Min Private Session with Sophia Zoe

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Payment Plan Now available for all Packages at checkout.

Note: You can schedule your one on one session after second payment. For packages with multiple sessions, each session will be provided after payment of each installment.

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package A

Here’s what’s included in the package

  • 6 MP3s (one is silent, just energy)
  • 4 Live Group Calls, with healing and Q&A, 75 minutes each
  • 22 Days of Group Remote Healing with reports sent daily
  • Invite to exclusive PEP Facebook Group
  • 1 Free Phone Call for Help to Purchase Essential Oils
  • 1 PDF doc of list of Miracle Hacks
  • 1 PDF doc of Miracle EFT Tapping Phrases
  • 1 PDF doc on Essential Oils and Miracles


Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart

Value: $50

Format: MP3

Length: 7:00 mins

A soothing guided visualization that relaxes the entire body first. Next, focus is on the heart and how it connects to the brain for overall peacefulness. To be done in a quiet place, with eyes closed.

This is also the Bonus Gift for all listeners.

"My depression has lifted since listening to this daily. I’m shocked it’s all it took. It’s magic."

~ Pam B.


Cravings Crusher

Value: $700

Format: MP3

Length: 22:00 mins

An exercise for eliminating addictive behaviours, cravings or addictions. Could be for food, drugs, shopping, gambling, smoking, criticism, drama, negativity, fighting, internet, sex, pornography, procrastination, etc.

The exercise is a guided tapping sequence, using the principles of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). It is recommended that you do the exercise every day for at least three weeks and you’ll have your miracle!


Soul Acces

Value: $50

Format: MP3

Length: 6:00 mins

This exercise empowers you to access your soul's wisdom. It takes you back through your ancestors, clearing all unhelpful residual energy. This also clears into the future, so your family-to-come will be free of ancestral burden. To be followed in a quiet place, with eyes closed.

"I am kinder to my mother since using this MP3. I have more empathy for my ancestors. I feel changed."

~ Paolo V., Roma, Italy


Stress Be Gone

Value: $50

Format: MP3

Length: 5:44 mins

A guided meditation for relaxation and releasing stress. Creates good environment for attracting miracles. Includes NLP technique for changing mental states. Ends with an energy transmission. Must be listened to in a quiet place, with eyes closed.

"I used to need drugs before writing exams. Now I play this instead and I’m totally fine."

~ Jordan W., NYC, USA


Prayer For Miracles

Value: $50

Format: MP3

Length: 4:30 mins

This begins with an energy transmission to raise your vibration. Then a spoken prayer is included, with space for you to state your divine desire. A beautiful way to start your day!

"This is amazing! Simple, yet profound. I’ve met the man of my dreams – at my dream job. Get this: we build dream homes!"

~ Cathy S., Portland, OR, USA


Peace, Love & Healing Energy

Value: $50

Format: MP3

Length: 4:00 mins

This is a SILENT MP3. No talking, just a gentle transmission of healing energy so that you feel held in a state of peace and love. These yummy feelings make you a magnet for miracles.

"I play this before I need to ask my husband something I know he won’t like. He’s been agreeable every time!"

~ June C., Sarnia, Canada


Miracle of Ancestral Connection

Value: $100

Format: Group Call

Length: 75 mins

  • Connecting to your tribe of relatives.
  • Clearing yourself and your ancestors to allow the flow of miracles.
  • Neutralizing inherited patterns.


Miracle of Good Health

Value: $100

Format: Group Call

Length: 75 mins

  • Balancing the brain and other physical systems
  • Clearing energetic blocks to your good health
  • Releasing physical trauma and hidden emotions.


Miracle of Love and Peace

Value: $100

Format: Group Call

Length: 75 mins

  • Removing fear and subconscious resistance to love
  • Increasing bonds with loved ones.
  • Maintaining a peaceful, centered presence.

ITEM 10:

Miracle of Wealth and Riches

Value: $100

Format: Group Call

Length: 75 mins

  • Opening awareness to wealth already within reach.
  • Defining ‘riches’ for yourself and aligning your energy to receive them.
  • Activating an increase in both wealth and riches.

ITEM 11:

22 Days of Remote Group Healing

Value: $400

Format: Distant Healing

Length: 22 Days

Receive daily healing for 22 days to support your manifesting efforts. Reports sent as either email or audio recording. Top priorities of the group are the focus.

ITEM 12:

PEP Facebook Group

Value: $300

Format: Indefinite Membership

Enjoy connecting with other like-minded souls on their healing and manifesting journey. Participate in monthly “Office Hours” for free mini-healings. Get tips and support as needed. Sophia is accessible in this group.

ITEM 13:

Essential Oils and Miracles

Value: $200

Format: PDF

This 19-page document is an invaluable resource. It's a collection of miraculous ways that essential oils can help you with your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health issues. Sophia has given specific information on which essential oils to use for common conditions. There are recommendations based on her work with hundreds of clients. Information included on how to purchase the oils Sophia uses.

ITEM 14:

Help To Purchase Essential Oils

Value: $150

Format: Phone/Skype call

Length: 30 mins

Book a time to have Sophia help you select appropriate healing essential oils and place your order. Therapeutic-grade oils will raise your cellular vibration, naturally increasing overall health and amplifying your attractor factor. A true blessing from heaven – take advantage now! (This is not a healing session.)

ITEM 15:

Miracle Hacks

Value: $200

Format: PDF

A PDF document listing all the miracle hacks Sophia has discovered. A great reference sheet to prompt you to take action so you get your miracles.

ITEM 16:

Miracle EFT Tapping Phrases

Value: $200

Format: PDF

A helpful set of phrases to tap on while using the Cravings Crusher MP3, or use just on your own. Tailor the words to your situation with the suggestions in this document. Includes diagram of the tapping points.

How do these MP3s work?

These MP3s do a lot of the healing work for you. Work with them in a quiet place, without distractions. Do not listen to them while driving. You must be still, with your eyes closed. The exception is the Cravings Crusher MP3. That one requires your conscious, active participation. You must follow the tapping instructions for it to work best. It should be done daily for at least three weeks, as per the testimonials of the test participants. 

The silent MP3s are infused with the frequency related to the topic listed. This energy supports your transformation into a state of emotional, psychological and spiritual wholeness. Being and feeling whole is a miracle in itself and it will help you attract your miracles.

How do pre-recorded group calls benefit me?

The group healing calls are effective even if you listen to them after the event. Healing energy is included and it remains active indefinitely. Being on the calls live is good for having your questions addressed immediately.

Before Sophia begins a live group call, she sets the intention to include the energy of everyone in the program, whether present or not. That way you inform the direction for the call. You are included.

Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart - MP3

Value: $50

A soothing guided visualization that relaxes the entire body first. Next, focus is on the heart and how it connects to the brain for overall peacefulness. To be done in a quiet place, with eyes closed.

Package A

Total Package Value $2,700

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127

*** 95% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Payment Plan Now available for all Packages at checkout.

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B


ITEM 17:

30 Minutes Private Session with Sophia

Value: $200

Format: Phone or Skype

Length: 30 mins

Work on your most urgent desires. You’ll get exactly what you need that day, whether it’s healing, energizing, entity clearing, trauma release…The session is tailored to your needs.

High Praise for Private Sessions with Sophia Zoe:

"My session with you was brilliant. You caught it all within seconds. I had been depressed, then felt reborn that night. You’re a force!"

~ Lucinda W., London, UK

"My session with you was great. I starting feeling better in general. I feel better being in my own body. I feel the body is moving more freely, even a lightness all over mind, body and spirit. Thank you"

~ Adriano C., Toronto, Canada

"I felt so much lighter after our session. I could actually feel the negative energies leaving my body. You are definitely the real deal and I so appreciate your talents."

~ A.B., Denver, CO, USA

"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful session. You did a fantastic job of taking seemingly unrelated issues and tied them all together for a wonderful healing. Awesome work and many thanks!!!"

~ Diane B., USA

"I totally loved my session with you. My head was much less fuzzy and my digestion has greatly improved. I loved it so much I signed up for the new PEP program. I am looking forward to learning more. I have had dreams every night showing me signs of releasing unwanted energies. I’m glad they are gone."

~ Dina Belle, Utah, USA

"The session was wonderful and I noticed significant changes. Thank you Sophia. I was feeling quite low, but your advice and inspired script have given me direction and hope. Thank you so much."

~ Becky, New Zealand

"Hi Sophia. Thank God I've met you. You are a powerful healer and Great Person. I love you very much. Today’s call was So powerful. I still feel all that energy and my soul is still in that process. Thank you so much. Love you Sophia!"

~ Tatyana, NYC, USA

Package B

Total Package Value $2,900

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

*** 93% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Payment Plan Now available for all Packages at checkout.

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Tooth Infection Gone In Two Days

"I would like to thank you very much for the healing help you gave me. I had an infection in my tooth just two days before going on holiday. Thanks to you I was able to get well again and go on holiday after all! It was a most wonderful week and I am deeply grateful to you."

~ Dalia, UK

I trust her…she has helped to bring peace and harmony to our lives.

"Sophia Zoe is a rare find. Miss Zoe combines old-fashioned professionalism with world-class skill and sensitivity to create genuine results. In her sessions there is no airy-fairy business. She gets straight to the point, she is a good listener and has a deep understanding which made her seem like an old friend. Miss Zoe is somehow able to read a problem accurately and work energetically to make it different.
Most energy workers create a temporary shift. She has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes them. After years of practicing and teaching energy work, and studying with healing masters around the world, I recognize She as one of a handful of elite practitioners who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it. I trust her. I am grateful for all the remarkable changes. She has helped to bring peace and harmony to our lives. May God keep blessing her."

~  J. Getty , London, UK

Use the private session from Package B for yourself within three months.
Or, donate it to a loved one, like these kind folks did:

Dad Looks Like A New Person

"Hello Sophia! Just wanted to thank you for your help with my dad! He looks like a
new person from the picture I sent you originally doesn't he? He’s so well now, we drove him to Mt Shasta yesterday and he was reunited with his girlfriend.

Victory to the light- God bless you and keep up the good work! Much gratitude."

~ Amy B., California, USA

From Victim to VIP

"My daughter no longer gets injured at every soccer game. I sensed she was low in confidence and seeking attention. After the remote healing you did, she immediately gained confidence. Her self identity went from Victim to VIP. She has scored three goals in two games and is more focused on the field. She’s only 11 years old, but I knew it was important to clear up her behavior since she’s playing competitively. Thanks for your magic, as always!"

~ Claire S. New Jersey, USA

Ten Year Old Daughter Displaying Major Maturity

"Hey Sophia, I wanted to let you know that in the past week, I've seen some major changes in Sidney that are just incredible. She is definitely less stressed but she's just performing so much better in school, tennis and more. She's even being a better sister. And to be honest she is displaying major maturity. She’s more introspective and kinder. I really think all of it is because of your work. Thank you very much."

~ Mellie S., Mississauga, Canada

A Miracle For My Baby Boy!

"My 10 week old son had not gained any weight in 6 weeks. It was scheduled for him to see a pediatric specialist. In the meantime, I asked Sophia if she could help. She did one remote healing and discovered he wasn’t sure if he wanted to live this life, so he didn’t want to bother with eating. She cleared the energy of a related past life where he starved to death. THAT DAY HE GAINED 200 grams (7 ounces)! He continued to gain weight. He has been a strong eater ever since. Thank God he didn’t have to go through all the tests I feared the doctor would put him through. This was such a miracle for my baby boy!"

~ Chrisanthe S., Greece

Mother With Dementia Much Happier

"Thank you for the healing session on Monday. I have noticed a distinct difference in my mother. She is not so unhappy, angry, scared and confused as she was. She still has dementia, but she is much happier. I am so glad you removed the dark entity and also the Implant from the Aliens that experimented with her. I told her she got healing and she asked me to thank you. I also feel much better. It was a fantastic healing you performed. Much love and gratitude to you."

~ Bjorg, Norway

Teen Daughter Goes From Rude To Sweet And Thoughtful

"Thanks for being my go-to person for every new hellish stage my daughter goes through. I really rely on your insight and wisdom to help me navigate the rocky roads. To update you…she was talking back, being contrary and rude every waking hour for about a month. After the remote session, she gave me a hug! Then she asked if she could help me clean the house!!! She’s been sweet, thoughtful and pleasant for the past three weeks. You are a miracle worker!"

~ Janine R., Chicago, USA

Brother Feeling Better, Sister Got A Job

"Thank you so very much for the great session. I feel so much better as does my brother. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you and your most valuable work which you did for us. And something wonderful happened right after our session. A part time job which I have applied for previously and was told that it was not available actually became miraculously available and they are hiring me. YAY! I was really so happy as they are close to my residence pay a decent hourly rate.

I have had positive changes in my life since working with you and listening to your amazing materials. YOU ARE TRULY GOD SENT (YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE A BLESSING) THANK YOU!!!!! My financial flow is picking up speed already since having worked with you :-)"

~ Fatima, Saudi Arabia

Cat Eating Again

"This feedback is overdue…remember my rescue cat that wouldn’t eat anything? She was fur and bones. I was so worried about her. Well, after the distant healing you did, she immediately began eating twice a day… now eats three times a day. She’s healthy and strong now. She’s playing with my other cats, too. No more hiding under the sofa. She’s acting like a healthy cat and I’m very grateful."

~ Lois M., Flagstaff, AR, USA

Better Than Sports Psychology

"My son wants to be an Olympic athlete. He’s been serious for over three years. I’d like everyone to know that the sports psychologists they have working with his club are lovely people, but not nearly as effective as Sophia. Any mental or emotional barriers he has to success, Sophia wipes out in an hour, by remote healing. I can credit at least 80% of his wins to Sophia’s emotional clearings. My son is young (12), so all the work is done remotely and surrogately. It’s our winning edge gift to him. Worth every penny to see your child flourish and prosper. Many thanks to you, Sophia."

~ M. G., Edmonton, Canada

Puppy No Longer Assaulted At Daycare

"My puppy was not allowed back at doggie daycare until the wounds on his paws healed. The veterinarians and their medicine were unhelpful. The pup went from being full of energy to hiding in the dining room, depressed, chewing his paws and pulling out his tail fur. I asked Sophia for help. She surrogate muscle tested that the dog had issues of betrayal, abandonment and sexual abuse! This was shocking until I realized how true it was…
My husband was going through betrayal and abandonment by his siblings, over their late father’s estate. It was a mess. The dog took on his feelings. And at the daycare, an older female dog was always trying to mate with my puppy, and he didn’t want this. Being an excellent animal communicator, Sophia easily cleared those issues from my dog’s chakras, and within two days, he was back to running around, being social and he stopped chewing his paws and pulling out his tail fur. It was miraculous. He went back to doggie daycare, and that female dog had lost all interest in him. Fascinating to see the results of a shift in energy. We are so grateful."

~ Flora M., Toronto, Canada

Past participants of Group Remote Healing had this to say:

Lost 5 lbs…an amazing program!

"I was making bad choices on food. Was an 8/10, but now a 3/10! Lost 5 lbs these past two weeks and feel so much better. Haven't eaten much chocolate (my go-to daily treat) and even picked a salad over fries! So much yawning (releasing), and at times intense but an amazing program! Worth every penny. I felt wonderful today! Very light, smiley, wanted to dance and sing and move. What a great day. Thank you so much!"

~ Renee Cahill, Prior Lake, USA

Feelings Expressed For The First Time

"These issues seemed relevant and your healing today clarified feelings I haven't been able to express before: terror of confronting something...leaving my tribe and having to face certain death...being cut off from support...not feeling I truly belong anywhere…and tremendous grief, sadness, hopelessness... The dull ache in the heart chakra has subsided...your work is amazing."

~ Maureen P., USA

I feel more efficient and focused.

"Many thanks for this amazing program. Since I started the program I feel more grounded and happier than I ever been. I used to feel overwhelmed around large groups of people and shops, now I can spend hours out and still feel happy and centered. I also gain more clarity in my life, an urgency to be authentic with myself and others. Overall things are going well, eating my greens and going to bed earlier. I do the tapping every day and listen to the MP3s. I feel more efficient and focused. Thank you again. Much love"

~ Mihaela V.

This is the deepest going package I have ever bought.

"First of all, thank you so much for the daily e-mails, I so love them. What I noticed right away after I listened to the silent MP3s just a few times, was how active, motivated and effective I became. Procrastination was my middle name until then, but not anymore. I’m quite hyperactive now sometimes. I stopped spending time browsing the internet for hours every day and started doing things I really wanted to do, but postponed until now. This happened overnight and still lasts. Sophia, I just want to thank you and let you know that this package is the deepest going package I have ever bought."

~ Jana T.

With you, healing goes deep.

"During the first week of group healing, a lot of memories from my childhood did pop up.
I released a lot of anger. I have done a lot of clearing work already, though with you, healing goes deep. The last 2 days I did not read the daily e-mail. Last night I had a terrible dream that I killed someone with an axe?!?!? It was I think about 300 years ago. This morning I read your e-mails...they where about clearing past violence ... that could not be coincidence, I never dream like that! I am ready for more. Thank you so much."

~ Rosemarijn V., Belgium

Experiencing periods of great joy…anxiety fading…

"Thank you so much for the group healing. I am getting stronger. I have been experiencing periods/moments of great joy and happiness. My anxiety seems to be fading/lessening and I am looking forward to what the future will bring for the first time in years. I very much look forward to your daily reports. The silent MP3s are awesome. My ears tingle from the very first time I listened to all of them."

~ Annaliisa S., Toronto, Canada

I can definitely feel the healing energy.

"Each day I feel calmer -- lighter-- things lifted-- Not able to put my finger on it exactly but I can definitely feel the healing energy. Can feel difference. And I have said to myself: this is from Sophia. And remember: I am not listening to the recordings or reading emails or statements. Yesterday I felt a very accumulative effect of what you've been doing in these sessions!!! Thank you so very much!!"

~ Neva, Florida, USA

So very powerful…great exercise in humility

"Thank you, Sophia, for this amazing lesson in consciousness.... so very powerful and so beautiful! I admire the depth of your awareness, and ease of putting it into words... As much as I am aware of everything (all molecules) being conscious, it would never occur to me to clear the issues of the molecular consciousness of suggested past lives... Beautiful thoughts, and deep, courageous searching... Today's clearings also are very powerful. We seldom remember that through all our lives we surely assumed all kinds of roles, even those not popular ones... Great exercise in humility."

~ Anna G., B.C., Canada

Evidence That Sophia Really Connects With The Group…

"Wow! Is this report personal or for the whole group that paid? Because they all felt about me! Especially the one about: How I became allergic to a lot of foods and I isolated because I felt worthless - resonated so strongly and I released so much stuff...Very Grateful."

~ Lorena C., USA

"Hi Sophia. Just to say this was amazing and so spot on. I am really looking forward to the future healings."

~ Kristina, Sweden

"I really love the group healing reports every day! It feels like a specialized healing every day. Definitely more than I ever expected from a package! This program has more healing every day than a single MP3!"

~ Sandhya D., USA

Group healing…so accurate!

"Being aware it's a group healing, I thought immediately: Wow, was this just for me? It's so accurate! (My immediate tears as I read your email is validation, for one thing!) It was such a deeply profound feeling, I just needed to let you know right away how much it meant to me what you perceived and how it made me feel recognized."

~ Amy H., USA

"This was spot on for me. All the phrases your cleared. Thanks for all the good work you have been doing for us. Hope to connect with you soon."

~ Santa M., NY, USA

"Dear Sophia: You're my angel today, I felt so bad and attacked in my health and Spirit and felt with no defence, just like a child. Thank you so very much for your support and work, I appreciate them highly and wish you to meet a lot of people as clever, kind, understanding and appreciative as You!"

~ Val D., Switzerland

"I just listened to your talk with Eram Saeed - I thought I had dealt with all my rubbish but your amazing group clearing and healing energies finished the process for me. Your words brought up issues I had not even considered to be a problem. Very many thanks and blessings on you."

~ Liz R., UK

From Terrified to Relaxed and Pleasant

"When I listen to the remote healings it feels like I am listening to the story of my life. It is amazing! Today, thinking about the journey, I realized that the terrified person I was before this, has already turned into someone less defensive, less uptight and angry, more relaxed and pleasant to be with. Thank you very much Sophia! Much love."

~  Maria De, Portugal

I was in bliss…decluttering the house.

"Something amazing is happening. I was in bliss most of yesterday. Today I am decluttering the house. Something I had planned to do for years and I will not stop until it is done. Also, I feel that I have matured emotionally overnight. I was also able to speak my truth this morning with clarity and full confidence. Thank you for whatever part your PEP program has to do with this transformation. Blessings, Love, and Appreciation."

~ Audrey, USA

Playing the MP3s…I truly feel Spirit has got my back.

"I want to tell you how much I love the MP3s from the PEP program and the entity program. I love playing the silent version of the prayers when I am away from home, whether it be in a hotel room, or a room in my mom's home. I sleep so much better when I play them. I truly feel Spirit has got my back. Sending you many Blessings and Light."

~  Diane B., USA

I have more confidence now in driving on the freeway.

"Thank you so much, Sophia. So grateful to you for your dedication, expertise, and integrity. Your healings work and are comprehensive. I was actually able to see my father as human. He was insane and in and out of mental institutions. I don't expect you to remember this or anything about me as I am very aware you work with hundreds of clients. I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you do and to be able to be a part of this current program. I have more confidence now in driving on the freeway. Seems much easier."

~ B.A., Arkansas, USA

Group Healing Changed Feelings of Suicide

"What a wonderful gift you offer. Thank you for sharing your love and your gift with us. YOU are very powerful. I was on a cruise for my 60th birthday when you started our remote daily's. Kind of funny, I had one day where I was extremely depressed and felt suicidal. A few days later I awoke with joy and grace in my heart. It felt so good. When I returned home I read when you had started working on our group, it matched my feeling good. IT WORKED!!!!! Much love and blessings to you."

~  Tina M., USA

Remote healings are really powerful…

"I felt nice and calm right after the session. Sadness was replaced by calmness and peace. Several hours later when I got home I had a situation where I actually spoke my truth very calmly and respectfully to the other person (normally, I couldn't do it - I was either afraid to say it, or I was yelling at the other person to get my point across). But it felt really good to speak my truth and feel confident and good doing so. Your remote healing recordings are really powerful and really good. Thank you for all you do!!!"

~ Angela R., Washington, D.C., USA

From Weenie to Winner!

"I LOVE your work and would like to study with you this year if possible. I just want you to know that I have a very controlling acquaintance who is extremely aggressive. I allowed her to bully me for years. She was calling me daily and I kept putting off answering her phone calls and stressing out about it. She called again last night and I answered the phone. I told her the truth of my feelings and she accepted it. She even thanked me for being honest with her. Many people avoid her. I was able to speak my truth with neutrality and no guilt. It was wonderful. I believe receiving your transmissions got me to that point, otherwise I would have avoided her phone calls for months while being so upset with myself for being such a weenie! I think I have found my voice. Many thanks."

~  Andrea B., USA

“Thrilling” Energy Transmission!

"Hello Sophia, I am enjoying your distant healing very much. I have noticed that I can feel the energy very much more now when I listen to the short MP3s. It is a very nice way to meditate.

Thank you very much for the healing you sent us yesterday. It was awesome asking for the healing the way you instructed us and then experiencing how it came immediately, first above the head and around the top part of my body and then it went to a certain place where I needed it. That was really thrilling!"

~ Daphne M., Germany

There is something special with your voice.

"Thank you for sending us audio reports of the daily healing. It is easier for me to process and feel the energy. The written reports are very comprehensive but there is something special with your voice. Appreciate the amount of energy it must take from you to complete the remote healings."

~  Nancy L., USA

Feeling I can let go….return to Divine Love…

"Powerful process this morning, Sophia. I found that so much of the energy that I have carried with me through my life isn't even my own! So much of it came from my time in the womb. The lack, that I'm a burden, that I'm not wanted...none of that belongs to me. It was my mother's, but I bit off on it! So now, upon seeing that, and FEELING that I can let it go and return to the awareness of Divine Love WITHIN me, rather than the negative energies that were occurring outside of me. Thank you, Sophia!"

~ John O., USA

Remote healing was astonishing…opening doors of perception.

"Sophia, Day 2 of the remote healing was astonishing. The issue with my mother is a deep one to me and all my siblings. The 2 month prior to conception insight brought me to tears at the thought that what you said may be true. The idea of cleansing the RNA and DNA of her and my father is a thought more precious than anything. I can't thank you enough for providing the opportunity to make it happen. I thank you enormously for opening doors of perception. Power washing self-sabotage and "feeling unlovable" was very accurate. Born anew... I look forward to each day of this remote healing program... Blessings, for your compassion and kindness."

~ Maureen P., USA

Very cool synchronicity…

"Thank you soooooo much for the daily recording, this really helps me a great deal. Very cool synchronicity – I was at work while the group call was happening, and I had forgotten about it. I noticed, all of a sudden, I had the need to stand up straighter. When I listened to the recording it tickled me to hear you go through the process of clearing the spine and straightening the back. This releasing different trapped energies. There were also other areas that felt like you were absolutely tapping into my needs, such as having the confidence to heal. Thank you so, so much!"

~ Jeanne Sophia, USA

With 22 Days of Group Remote Healing…

  • You will have daily clearings so obstacles to receiving your miracles will be removed
  • You will accelerate your ability to manifest because of the momentum of the group
  • You will be energetically supported as Sophia holds space for your healing and manifesting
  • You will experience other gifts, like feeling calm, peaceful and more connected to the world

How To Use Essential Oils For Miracle Manifestation

  • Apply essential oils to your crown, third eye or heart chakras while listening to the MP3s
  • Diffuse oils at any time to purify the air and clear energy, allowing miracles to manifest
  • Use special blends to increase Abundance, Highest Potential, Grounding and Forgiveness
  • Use the oils to balance right and left brain hemispheres so the signals you broadcast are clear
  • Replace chemical health and beauty aids with pure essential oils to relieve reactions and blockages
  • Help maintain energy and immunity so that you are productive and actively working toward goals

"I’ve stopped seeing the chiropractor so often. These amazing oils give me incredible relief."

~ George L., Toronto, Canada

"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful session. You did a fantastic job of taking seemingly unrelated issues and tied them all together for a wonderful healing. Awesome work and many thanks!!!"

~ Diane B., USA

"I’m a truck driver, so I have lots of lower back pain. I wanted to get off the meds. Glad I met you and really glad you convinced me to try peppermint oil. I never knew there’s such a difference between essential oils brands. I thought the whole industry was a crock. Thanks for turning me on to the best oils. My back pain and headaches can now be eliminated in seconds. Like you, I don’t go anywhere without peppermint oil now."

~ Thomas J., Montreal, Canada

"My teenagers each have a diffuser in their rooms. They study with their favourite oils being diffused, then smell them before a test. This has increased their information recall and improved their marks by a whole letter grade. Thank you so much for this tip!"

~ Alice D., Toronto, Canada

"I’ve read horror stories of what goes into “skincare” products for babies. Your workshop taught me the truth. I’m using the oil and now my baby’s skin is free of rashes and she sleeps better, too. For a new mom, this is a miracle."

~ Joanna A., London, Canada

About Sophia Zoe

Sophia Zoe is a healing powerhouse. She works quickly and her accuracy is impressive. She can see into the individual and collective energy fields, accessing information to help people heal, grow, learn and prosper.

Working with energy since 1995, Sophia has highly developed skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. She can listen to your subconscious mind and discover what needs healing or support. Sophia treats seniors, children and animals by remote healing. No matter where in the world they are, they get the amazing benefits! Sophia’s mission is to help raise the frequency of the world, one beautiful soul at a time.

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6 MP3s

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1 PDF doc of list of Miracle Hacks

1 PDF doc on Miracle EFT Tapping Phrases

22 Days of Group Remote Healing with reports sent daily

Invite to private PEP Facebook Group

1 Free Phone Call for Help to Purchase Essential Oils

1 PDF doc on Essential Oils and Miracles


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From Heartache to Joy Special offer


6 MP3s

4 Live Group Calls, with healing and Q&A, 75 minutes each

1 PDF doc of list of Miracle Hacks

1 PDF doc on Miracle EFT Tapping Phrases

22 Days of Group Remote Healing with reports sent daily

Invite to private PEP Facebook Group

1 Free Phone Call for Help to Purchase Essential Oils

1 PDF doc on Essential Oils and Miracles

30 Min Private Session with Sophia Zoe

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