• Did you experience the worst trauma a person can go through?
  • Are you a survivor of childhood sexual abuse?
  • Are you a survivor of adult sexual trauma?
  • Do you feel like you are a victim?
  • Do you feel fragile or powerless?
  • Do you have fears and phobias?
  • Do you feel unsafe to be yourself?
  • Do you have suppressed emotions?

These are common post-traumatic effects from having suffered sexual abuse or trauma, at any age.

You can even feel this way if you don't have memories of sexual abuse. You may have other trauma. Or, you may have inherited the trauma energy of an ancestor who experienced sexual abuse. Trauma goes down the bloodline for many generations, until it is healed. Many empathic, sensitive and compassionate people 'pick up' the energy of others. So you might be carrying the abuse energy of someone you care about, or felt compassion toward when you heard their story.

What Is Child Sexual Abuse?

girl-with-teddyChild sexual abuse is a type of violation. It is the mistreatment and exploitation of a child that involves sexual acts. It is done for the gratification of the abuser. Sexual abuse includes physical contact for sexual purposes, molestation, statutory rape, prostitution, pornography, exposure, incest, bestiality, voyeurism and luring a child by computer.

The effects of sexual abuse are many. They are varied and they are serious. Most effects are emotional and psychological. What victims feel and how they think does not follow a “normal” developmental process. Physical effects can include internal and external injuries and pain. A combination of psychological and physical effects combined can include addictions to blur the memories, overweight/underweight conditions to avoid being attractive and sexual dysfunction in adulthood.

A Disturbing Overview of Sexual Abuse

First-world nations like Canada, Australia and the United States have similar statistics regarding child sexual abuse. They are disturbing and prove that the world needs a lot of healing.

  • Only 6% of incidents of sexual assault are reported to the police

  • 60% of sexual abuse/assault victims are under the age of 17

  • Girls 7 – 13 are at greatest risk of sexual abuse

  • Over 80% of sex crime victims are women

  • 80% of sexual assault incidents occur in the home

  • 17% of girls under 16 have experienced some form of incest

  • 83% of disabled women will be sexual assaulted during their lifetime

  • 15% of sexual assault victims are boys under 16

  • 50% of all sexual offenders are married or in long-term relationships

  • 57% of aboriginal women have been sexually abused

  • 80% of assailants are relatives and friends of the victim

These statistics show that if you were a victim of sexual abuse, you are not alone.

If you were not a victim, you certainly know many who were.

Healing sexual abuse and sexual trauma usually takes a lifetime.

But not anymore. There's a better way. It's quick, effective and holistic.



Healing Sexual Abuse with the Pure Energy Program™

The fastest, easiest and most gentle way to release the pain and reclaim your power!

Sophia Zoe's previous clients loved their transformations. You, too, can have powerful results from the program:

  • Clear the energetic connection to your abusers

  • Feel really good about yourself and your life

  • Enjoy longer periods of joy and happiness

  • Attract better people and circumstances

  • Feel free to be yourself in the world

  • Feel safe to open your heart to love

  • Have heightened intuition

  • Find your inner power

  • Express your true self

  • Act on your dreams

  • Feel at peace

  • Be healthier

Sara's Testimony

Life-changing thoughts: I love me! I am worthy!

“Sophia has opened my eyes and my heart to possibilities in life I had never even imagined. I used to feel so much shame. I felt tainted and ruined by my early childhood trauma. I have a different opinion of myself now. I catch myself thinking I love me! I am worthy! I am capable and I matter! These are life-changing thoughts to have. I like them.”

~ Noreen L., Texas, USA

No More Dark Days

“Too many men to mention abused me. Sophia’s MP3s gave me the coping tools I needed to get through days I was near suicide. My sense of calm grew into longer stretches, until there were no more dark days.”

~ Andrew K., Dublin, Ireland

John's Testimony

Pain to Power focuses on dissolving the residual energy of abuse. It can appear in ways such as poor habits, addictions, feeling disassociated, depression, isolation, anger, rage, resentment, self-harm as well as body pain.

This program also helps you to clear energetic connections to your abusers.

  • 1

    Your sense of freedom will feel awesome!

  • 2

    Once all the painful memories are neutralized, your inner power will be able to emerge.

  • 3

    Your intuition will skyrocket

  • 4

    Your self-esteem will be higher than ever

  • 5

    Even your body will function better.

Amy's Testimony

Package A includes

  • 3 Audio MP3s Value: $150
  • 3 Silent MP3s Value: $150
  • 3 EFT Tapping Scripts Value: $500
  • 3 Group Healing Calls Value: $300
  • Bonus Call: Using Essential Oils for Emotional Release Value: $200
  • Free Gift: MP3 The Soul Sanctuary Value: $100
  • Admittance into Private Facebook PEP Group

Package B includes

  • All of Package A
  • 30-minute session (phone or skype) Value: $200
  • Invite 3 Family Members for the Group Healing Call


Free Trial






Discount : 95%

Total Package Value 1,400

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $77

3 Audio MP3s

 3 slient MP3s

3 EFT Tapping Scripts

3 Group Healing calls



Discount : 93 %

Total Package Value 2,500

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177 

3 Audio MP3s

 3 slient MP3s

3 EFT Tapping Scripts

3 Group Healing calls

Bonuses +

Invite up to 3 family members (abuse survivors) to participate on the live Group Healing Calls


30-min session with Sophia

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Refund Policy: Refund requests allowed until 48 hours before the first Group Healing Call. No refund if you've had your session.

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you have experienced sexual abuse, rape, attempted assault, molestation, sexual violence, unwanted advances or inappropriate attention. Even if you think you’ve dealt with it all, you will find deeper healing by using these tools.

sz7 This program is for caring parents, siblings, other relatives or friends of anyone who was abused. You can participate in this program by standing proxy for your loved one. Be present as a surrogate and direct all healing energy to them. They do not need to give consent. The soul always wants healing. If the consciousness is not willing to receive the healing, the healing energy will exist near their field, ready to be accepted and used when they do want it. This is a beautiful gift to give someone who has suffered.

sz8 This program is for the generations after you. Even if you were not sexually abused, given the statistics, it is certain that someone in your family has been. Previous generations did not talk about abuse – or get therapy for it - but it existed. Participate in this program for your clan.

Unresolved trauma is carried through the RNA, and is expressed through the DNA. This means, for example, that your great-grandmother’s symptoms of abuse can show up in your niece, or in all your cousins. Notice family traits that could be inherited trauma…“That whole family is anxious.” “All the girls are afraid of the dark.” “Her kids really hate hugs and kisses.” Stand proxy for your lineage and clear your RNA for posterity. How to do this will be explained on the calls.

Andrew's Testimony

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A


Embody Your Spirit

Value: $50

Format: MP3

Length: 13:00

A guided process for grounding and staying present in your body, integrated and aware.

“This MP3 has stopped me from feeling ‘spaced-out’ and always confused. I’m alert and observant now.”

~ Carmela D.


Karmic Release

Value: $50

Format: MP3

Length: 8:00 min

With the help of Archangel Michael, experience a simple, effective process for dissolving energetic connections between you and anyone who has hurt you, or anyone whom you have hurt.

“I finally feel completely released from my father’s clutches. I’m free and I feel powerful!”

~ Olivia R.


I Am Worthy

Value: $50

Format: MP3

Length: 5:00 min

Listen to these positive messages to improve your perception of yourself and your world. It’s programming you wish you’d had long ago.

“My self-criticism began when I was a child. I didn’t know I could have nice thoughts about myself. I’m believing these kind words and now I treat myself lovingly.”

~ Ashley N.


Held In The Light

Value: $50

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 5:00 min

For when you need comfort and support. This MP3 is infused with the vibrations of love, compassion, acceptance and safety.

“I love this! I feel like I am in the arms of my guardian angel. So loved and protected.”

~ Diana K.



Value: $50

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 5:00 min

A silent prayer for Heaven’s grace to assist with the integration of your fragmented soul.

“I cry tears of comfort when I play this recording. I feel like I’m in my spiritual home. I can’t thank you enough.”

~ Jamie P.


Faith in the Future

Value: $50

Format: Silent MP3

Length: 5:00 min

The intention set here is for you to connect with your spiritual source. Paving your path with faith in your complete healing and joyous life.

“I feel really positive energies for days. I’ve started to notice all my many blessings.”

~ Jane T.


Forgiveness (EFT Tapping Script)

Value: $100

Format: PDF

A script of phrases to tap along to, for help with many aspects of forgiveness, including forgiving yourself for not being able to forgive others.

“Sophia’s tapping lists are always perfect. She’s a mind-reader. She comes up with the words I need to say, but can never put in that exact order.”

~ Bette G.


Self-Image and Safety (EFT Tapping Script)

Value: $100

Format: PDF

A script for changing negative body image to a positive one, while feeling safe in your body. Eliminate feeling threatened. Feel strong, feel proud of your body.

“I gained weight to avoid more assaults. Years of hating my body. After EFT, my attitude is totally different. I’m still chubby, but I feel attractive and strong enough to protect myself.”

~ Audrey B.


Sexual Trauma and Money (EFT Tapping Script)

Value: $100

Format: PDF

Both sex and money are first chakra issues. They are connected to tribe identity, instincts and survival. This tapping script will unravel unhealthy connections, freeing you up for pleasure and profit.

“Wow – what a miracle! I can finally enjoy a good sexual relationship with my boyfriend. I also am suddenly doing really well in sales. I got the award at work last month.!”

~ Gloria E.

ITEM 10:

Group Healing Call #1: From Dark to Dawn

Value: $100

Format: Live

Length: 1 hour

Group healing to resolve low self-worth. Methods for daily coping. No more tears. No more fears. You will end up taking action on your goals and dreams.

“I listen to this to light up my insides. I felt trapped in sludge (before) and lonely. You’ve helped me take care of myself like an adult.”

~ Paul G.

ITEM 11:

Group Healing Call #2: From Enraged to Elated

Value: $100

Format: Live

Length: 1 hour

Group healing to deal with difficult emotions such as rage, betrayal and resentment. The goal is to move to a place where joy, grace and elation can live. The switch will feel great..

“I’m so happy to report that I am feeling happy almost all the time! Clearing all that anger and blame did the trick. No more paranoia. Thank you!!”

~ Katrina F.

ITEM 12:

Group Healing Call #3: From Shy to Sexual

Value: $100

Format: Live

Length: 1 hour

Group healing to allow yourself sexual expression and pleasure. Releasing fear of touch, sex and intimacy. Approaching sex from a place of affection, power and confidence.

“Since the sexual healing, there’s been a party in my pants! Seriously, I’m such a late bloomer. I was always afraid of sex. You helped me clear my childhood stuff. And I’m finally able to enjoy my body and share it with a safe partner.”

~ Carine T.

ITEM 13:

EFT Instructions and Examples - PDF

Value: $200

Format: PDF

This 9-page document gives detailed instructions for doing EFT on your own, like a pro!
Examples, tips and alternative ways to use EFT included.

Bonus 1:

Live Call

Value: $200

Format: Live

Length: 1 hour

I share my secrets for using therapeutic-grade essential oils to speed up emotional releases of all kinds. High-vibration essential oils have many healing qualities. Get on this call to learn about them.

“I am so grateful you introduced me to these oils. I get so much support from them. My heart feels lighter. My thoughts are more positive and I stay focused and get things done.”

~ Tamara L.

The Soul Sanctuary - MP3

Value $100

Length: 7:00 Min

A guided journey to your secret safe place. There you will feel strong enough to address your most important issues. Spiritual contracts and karmic ties can be dissolved here. It’s a space for healing and forgiveness.

“My sanctuary is a place I visit daily. I get so much family relationship work done in there. Even though it’s all in my mind, my relationships, in real life, have greatly improved!”

~ Ruth M.

How do these MP3s work?

These MP3s do a lot of the healing work for you. The three with audio are visualizations that you follow along with. Do them in a quiet place, without distractions. Do not listen to them while driving. You must be still, with your eyes closed.

The silent MP3s are infused with the frequency related to the topic listed. This energy supports your transformation into a state of emotional, psychological and spiritual wholeness.

Katerina's Testimony

Healing the family…we’re all getting along much better.

“I love the silent MP3s! They do exactly what they promise to. So easy to have them running in the background, healing the family silently. We’re all getting along much better.”

~ Sue H., Massachusetts, USA

I feel surges of energy every time I listen.

“The imagery on the recordings is very powerful and easy to visualize. I feel surges of energy every time I listen. I love your voice, too! It’s so soothing.”

~ Ainslee C., New York, USA

About the EFT Scripts…

The EFT Tapping Scripts come with a chart of the tapping points for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). You can use all or some of the phrases listed to clear the topic. Tapping until your intensity level goes down to zero is best. This can take several tapping sessions. Tapping daily is best, but any EFT is helpful. Tapping is an excellent intervention for stress, PTSD, abuse memories, fears, anxiety, panic, rage, depression, hopelessness…and much more. Also excellent for physical symptoms from abuse or injuries, accidents, etc.

Inspired script has given me direction and hope.

“Thank you Sophia. I was feeling quite low there but your advice and inspired script have given me direction and hope. Thank you so much.”

~ Becky, New Zealand

Using EFT on a spiritual level.

“I was so interested to see that you’re using EFT on a very different level than others use it, a spiritual level - an extremely gratifying experience.”

~ Pat C., New Jersey, USA

What happens on the group calls?

The Group Healing Calls will focus on the scheduled topics. They will include collective energy work, EFT tapping, guided imagery and other healing methods, as needed. There will always be time for questions, where related issues can be addressed. Recordings will be sent to participants.

I feel protected and at peace.

“I am so glad that I am involved in this healing package. I actually feel protected and at peace. I feel that this is working for me. On Sunday night I actually felt a jolt of energy flow through me. The concept of safety is so big for me especially at work where there are very poor boundaries. Sophia, I think your concept today of safety relates to the absolute core of my sadness and fear. Thank you.”

~ Nancy L.

I feel very relieved.

“Thank you for the time you spent on clearing these issues - every trauma and phrase mentioned resonated with me, and I feel relieved that these yucky energies have been cleared!

I have had many problems and difficulties around relationships for my entire life, especially romantic-type relationships with men, so a few years ago, after consciously recognizing certain repeating patterns, I began my energy healing journey and am thankful for all the help I received. It has made such a difference. You are among the best!”

~ Amy H.

Package A

Total Package Value $1,400

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $77
*** 95% Saving ***

Refund Policy: Refund requests allowed until 48 hours before the first Group Healing Call. No refund if you've had your session.

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Sold Out

Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus

ITEM 13:

A 30-minute Session with Sophia

Value: $200

This one-on-one time with Sophia is perfect for clearing issues you don’t want to discuss on a group call. By telephone or Skype, Sophia can quickly connect with you energetically and get to the root of the matter.

This session must be used by the person who purchased the package. There will be other opportunities to have family members treated.

Patty's Testimony

I feel very light.

“Dear Sophia, it was a real pleasure talking to you and having a session with you. I feel very light. You are such a blessing to talk to you. You touched the really important points in my life with great precision and I was really shocked.”

~ Nina Z., Italy

I feel so positive and competent.

“Sophia, my session was absolutely amazing. I have already taken action on my long-abandoned dreams. I feel so positive and competent. No past brain chatter keeping me down. Thank you, kindly.”

~ Joannah, England

Silent MP3s…I sleep so much better.

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful session. You did a fantastic job of taking seemingly unrelated issues and tied them all together for a wonderful healing. Awesome work and many thanks!!! I also want to tell you how much I love the MP3s from the PEP program. I love playing the silent versions…I sleep so much better when I play them. I truly feel Spirit has got my back.”

~ Diane, USA

Something wonderful happened…they are hiring me.

“Thank you so very much for the great session. I feel so much better as does my brother (words can not express how grateful I am for you and your most valuable work which you did for us). I want to let you know that something wonderful happened on Monday after your session - a part time job which I have applied for previously and was told that it was not available actually became miraculously available and they are hiring me. YAY I was really so happy as they are close to my residence pay a decent hourly rate. 

I was talking about these positive changes in my life since working with you and listening to your amazing materials. YOU ARE TRULY GOD SENT (YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE A BLESSING) THANK YOU!!!!! I share all the miracles since you have helped me move forward with positive results in my life. I thank you once again immensely.”

~ Fatima, USA

ITEM 14:

Invite up to 3 Family Members for Group Healing Calls

Value: $900

You can invite up to 3 family members (abuse survivors) to participate on the live Group Healing Calls.

They must be at least 18 years old and need their own email address to be registered for the calls.

Package B

Total Package Value $2,500

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177
*** 93% Saving ***

Sold Out

Refund Policy: Refund requests allowed until 48 hours before the first Group Healing Call. No refund if you've had your session.

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644


Blossoming into a valued employee and cherished spouse.

“I’ve watched myself change from being a recluse, avoiding the big, dangerous world, to blossoming into a valued employee and cherished spouse. This is incredible! Your energy healing has changed my life, all for the better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

~ Michelle Montpellier, Quebec, Canada

I have improved in so many ways. feel like an adult now.

“Being the victim of a violent sexual crime (repeatedly) made me search for escapes. I began cutting myself because I couldn’t cry for over ten years. I did drugs, when I had the money. I lived a daily hell. When I finally had help leaving, life was still really hard. I didn’t know the rules outside my father’s house. Learning and coping with a new city and new people was confusing. I want to thank you for the volunteer work you did with our group. I know I have improved in so many ways. And I never had to dive into my history. You cleared my issues without even knowing details. That’s amazing! I feel like an adult now. I love the program I’m in. I have a job interview and I feel good about it because you taught me how to stay in control of my emotions.”

~ T. K., Ontario, Canada

I’ve stopped drinking every day. I can hold a job…my life is worth living.

“Where I come from, it’s hell for kids. Incest is the norm. It’s strange to not be abused. So we’re all alcoholics and drug addicts. Lots of teen pregnancies, high school drop outs, just the worst things in society. I left that place the minute I had a ride. I went to a new city, far away and met normal people. I found out not all kids go through all that crap. A friend from a support group referred me to Sophia Zoe and I skeptically had a few sessions with her. They changed my life. I’ve stopped drinking every day. I can hold a job. I’m feeling like my life is worth living. I’ve had lots of days of actually feeling happy. I never thought I’d experience that.”

~ J. D.

I really feel reborn!

“I am truly amazed that Sophia has been able to help me release all my rage, disgust and bitterness. Forty years is a long time to feel worthless because I was abused. I feel like a new brain is in my head. I have different thoughts. I like more things. I want to be around people for the first time in my life. I really feel reborn!”

~ Melinda Arancini, Rome, Italy

From depressed and irritable to content and serene.

“If you need help dealing with abuse of any kind, contact Sophia Zoe. She has turned me from depressed and irritable to content and serene. I feel that I am finally matured into a fully functioning adult. Everyone has noticed how much better I am. I’m a new woman, and I love myself!”

~ Nokathula Jooste, South Africa

I haven’t had a migraine for ten weeks! This is saving my life!

“I spent 17 years in talk therapy. I still had anger issues from childhood abuse by all the men in my family. I also had irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, migraines and chronic fatigue. Life felt hopeless. The constant struggle was exhausting. My cousin gifted me with sessions with Sophia. I am so grateful. My gut pain is cut down by 75%, my skin is clearing up nicely. I could go swimming last month without feeling self-conscious! I haven’t had a migraine for ten weeks! This is saving my life!”

~ Connie Birkshire, Ontario, Canada

Finally got to feel lots better.

“I wanted to feel better, fast. I tried lots of methods. Some helped a bit. Finally got to feel lots better with Sophia’s Pure Energy Program. She delivers. Highly recommend her services to anyone.”

~ Art MacKenzie, New Jersey, USA

My husband is more loving towards me.

“Thank you, Sophia for helping me and my family. They had so much to deal with because of my history of abuse. My behavior was so erratic and unpredictable that I was the source of everyone’s stress. Your wisdom helped me understand myself, which magically changed my behavior. My kids want to be with me now. My husband is more loving towards me. You were right about how my family would respond differently to me if I healed my own emotional wounds. You were so right. And I am so happy and grateful.”

~ P. T., South Carolina, USA

I really like who I’ve become!

“Being sexually abused is completely soul-destroying. I don’t know how I survived before your healing work. When I compare my emotional and mental “before and afters,” I’m a totally different person. I feel like I can function in my community now. I feel like I’m contributing. I used to avoid being alone because my self-loathing was so intense. Now I’m happy to spend time alone because I really like who I’ve become! I’m okay and the world is a good place, overall. Thanks for this shift in perspective.”

~ Jill L., Manitoba, Canada

I feel held and supported.

“I never imagined that getting through the other side of sexual abuse would be relatively painless. Your process is amazing. I feel held and supported. There’s a comfort you create that helps me release and let go without resistance. You have wondrous gifts. The world needs you.”

~ Kim Weston, England

All my parts work! We got our miracle baby boy.

“I had four abusers by the time I was ten years old. All “friends of the family.” As a boy, I felt deep shame about it. It messed me up mentally, socially and sexually. My wife and I couldn’t conceive for five years. We spent over $100 000 at infertility clinics and never got pregnant. I did a handful of sessions with Sophia, and suddenly, all my parts work! I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but in a nutshell, we got our miracle baby boy. And I feel like a man for the first time in my life. Thank you.”

~ John B., New York, USA

Normal life experiences bring us joy.

“Sophia Zoe saved us. My twin and I were both sexually abused by our stepfather. We never had boyfriends even after we went to college. We were both celibate into our mid-thirties because our memories of sex were painful and frightening. With Sophia’s clearing methods, we cleared all our trauma around the abuse, our associated emotions and poor body images. Now we’re in our forties, both married, both have one child. We feel normal. We are having normal life experiences and they bring us joy. We are eternally grateful for Sophia and her healing work.”

~ A. N., California, USA

I have come back into my body. My anxiety is gone.

“Twenty-five years ago, my soul shattered when my favorite teacher molested me. I was in a state of shock for twenty-five years. I became anorexic, then bulimic. I lost contact with my family and friends. Sophia has gotten me to a good place with eating habits. I eat an appropriate amount and I feel good. I have come back into my body, so I’m not spacey or in shock. I can focus now, and have a decent job. I have started reaching out to people, to re-ignite relationships. My anxiety about this is gone. I can have sincere conversations. I have hope for a normal future.”

~ Janice, Ontario, Canada

From sadness to unbelievable bliss.

“All I can say is WOW --- I felt a total shift in my body from sadness to unbelievable bliss. Your healing work brought me to a place of deep love and gratitude. Thank you with love and blessings.”

~ Marcie C.

I feel mature and competent.

“Hi Sophia. I wanted to say thank you for this excellent program. I loved how thorough you were when you cleared issues for us. I have felt very held and supported in this healing energy. This has given me a sense of calm. My co-workers have commented on this say, saying I’m more relaxed and confident. This is a HUGE deal for me, because I used to feel anxious and even spastic at work. Now I feel mature and competent. Thank you very much!”

~ Charlotte N., Calgary, Canada

Thank you for bringing me back into the world.

“This package was amazing! Clearing the sexual violations was life-changing! I don’t have insomnia anymore. My nightmares have stopped. I used to have really disturbing flashbacks from my childhood, and they would send me into anxiety and depression. I just wanted to hide from the world. This past week, I have re-connected with old friends and felt really good about seeing them. Thank you for bringing me back into the world. Lots of love to you.”

~ Vilma Brun, Sweden

Back pain gone.

“I used to have lower back pain, but it has progressively lessened over the month. The only different thing I’ve done is participate in this program.”

~ Simon Graphton

$5000 raise plus benefits.

“Sophia, just to update you since I last wrote in: I followed your advice and renegotiated my contract. I got myself a $5000 raise plus dental and optical benefits. Thank you very much!”

~ Angela Gunther

My addiction to shopping is gone!

“I can hardly believe I’m saying this: My addiction to shopping is gone! It was an obsession that caused a lot of secret shame. It was such an eye-opener to learn it was my subconscious way of coping with childhood abuse. Thank you for this insight. It has radically transformed my behavior. I’m saving so much money now that I’m planning a trip to Europe – a lifelong dream vacation!”

~ Tamara Vale, Boston, USA

Childhood issues have lifted.

“The childhood issues that had tainted my life feel like they have lifted. Your healings were miraculous for me. I love everything you do. So much love being sent your way.”

~ Angie B., Portugal

I love myself.

“Wow!! You really exceeded my expectations with this program. Everything you taught was so relevant to me. All the problems you cleared were exactly what I needed to heal, especially my low self-worth. I understand myself better now, and I can truthfully say that I love myself. I’m okay and I’m doing so well. A million thank-yous to you!!”

~ April Hicks, Los Angeles, USA

From bitter and hopeless to…a fulfilling new life.

“My history of abuse has kept me from being all I could be. It has affected every aspect of my life. Well, you could hardly call it a life. I’ve gone from bitter and hopeless to being at peace, with positivity and hope. Thank you for helping me have a fulfilling new life.”

~ Margaret Bailey, California, USA

I felt like a KING…powerful, confident, worthy and free.

“When you muscle tested the traumas to find out what was going on with me, you were bang on, and I never said a word about it. That kind of freaked me out. But the day after the first session, I felt like a KING. I felt powerful, confident, worthy and free. It was unbelievable. And the football injury that gave me years of shoulder pain – it was gone.”

~ Michael Moore, West Virginia, USA

Devastating events have lessened their grip on me.

"I’m thinking of the energy healing you sent. It’s this reflection that makes me realize something has changed in me. I’m hopeful for my life. Devastating events of the last several years have lessened their grip on me. You inspire me and your love and healing ways can be felt here in the US. Thank you for bringing greater healing into the world. Love, Elizabeth"

~ Elizabeth Woods, Florida, USA

No More Depression

"Your style of energy healing is way beyond what anyone else ever did for me. I mean, it actually works over the phone. I keep waiting to feel depressed again, but I can’t help but be happy. I’m smiling all the time!"

~ Shannon Brown, Utah, USA

Consistently Happy…Finally Escaped Depression

"I just wanted to let you know that I feel amazing after our session on Saturday. I feel like a new person, have boundless energy, and didn’t know that I could be this happy consistently. Thank you so much. I can feel my life becoming more positive every day. I have finally escaped depression and I can barely believe it. I definitely want to do more sessions with you in the future. I can’t thank you enough!"

~ Helen Welton, Michigan, USA

Shifts in my perception…I have released a lot.

"I signed up for Sophia's group healing and I am so glad I did. Sophia is a wonderful down to earth, generous soul who is totally committed as a healer and is a very accomplished one too. I have signed up for many packages in the past and I would say I have no doubt that this work has been the most comprehensive and effective I have ever done- and I have done many over the years.

I would say that to maximize the benefits of the healing Sophia gives plenty of exercises to do yourself, so to a certain extent you get what you put in. I haven't always done my homework but I have the material for life so the value of the package is priceless. I would say that if you did nothing you will notice big changes too. You can't go wrong with her programs.

I have noticed a lot of shifts in my perception which has meant I have released a lot of underlying anxiety and feel relaxed and confident within myself. I had felt a little lost on my spiritual path for a long time and with Sophia's help I have felt a new clarity and awareness of who I am and where I am going.

She also is prepared to open up and show her own vulnerability and to give tough love where needed. I have learned so much from her and had so many shifts that means I am happy, balanced and have a new zest for life. I feel more in touch with my own divine wisdom and a renewed trust in life. I am learning about myself as well as gaining insight in what I want to do longer term.

I would totally recommend Sophia if you are contemplating working with her. Her talents are immense."

~ Sara B., United Kingdom

About Sophia Zoe:

SophiaSophia Zoe is an Energy Healer who has studied many forms of alternative and complementary healing. Her unique combination of favorite techniques led her to create PEP: The Pure Energy Program.

A passion for the natural and alternative saw a 15-year old Sophia begin her journey as a healer. Decades later, what began as self-education has led to a career helping people be happy and healthy. Sophia has a compassionate, practical approach, peppered with good humor and keen intuition.
Sophia specializes in neutralizing the effects of stress and traumatic memories. This creates an opportunity for the body’s own healing mechanisms to be most effective.

Clients are international and they approach Sophia with a desire to resolve emotional, physical and behavioral issues. The energy healing systems used by Sophia are effective for imbalances of all kinds. Not able to make medical claims because she is not a doctor, Sophia officially addresses energetic disturbances and leaves the responsibility of “healing” to the client’s innate abilities. She is, however, a tremendous support to the process.

Sophia’s philosophy includes empowering clients to take charge of their health, happiness and their habits. She is a proponent of following your intuition and your heart. Personal peace is encouraged and achieved with effective self-healing techniques, which she teaches. 

Clients seek out Sophia for help with major life transitions, abuse issues, health problems, strained relationships and harmful habits. The most common phrase Sophia’s clients say is: “I didn’t know I could be so happy!”


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3 Audio MP3s

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3 EFT Tapping Scripts

3 Group Healing calls



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From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177 

3 Audio MP3s

 3 slient MP3s

3 EFT Tapping Scripts

3 Group Healing calls

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Invite up to 3 family members (abuse survivors) to participate on the live Group Healing Calls


30-min session with Sophia

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Refund Policy: Refund requests allowed until 48 hours before the first Group Healing Call. No refund if you've had your session.

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