In just ONE session magically re-energize your life by retrieving a piece of your Soul Energy.

And experience how you can turn around completely and forever, issues that have bothered you for years, decades, or your entire life!

  • Find out why this Doctor Turned Energy Healer shifted her methodology in working with her clients… and NOW her clients are reporting Permanent and Lasting Healing Results with massive shifts in your Health, Behavior and Relationships.
  • People Feel EMPOWERED and more aware of your life journey and understand it through your own experience and not as told by others (psychics, readers, etc.)
  • Stop attracting what you don’t want. Start attracting what your Soul desires.
  • Heal and Reprogram your Subconscious Mind and tweak your energy-frequency.
  • Stop blaming others or your life.

And ALL of this is now possible for YOU!

Subconscious Blocks To Abundance Case Studies

Case 1- Childhood Limiting Belief Resolved, Abundance started flowing

This case study is about an Entrepreneur who had the issue that although he could make money, he would lose it somehow. It literally looked like money could not stay in his bank account!!

Even with his hard work and being able to get paid by his clients, he was never able to use in the best way. He felt whenever he had a decent bank balance, some need or necessity would arise where he would have to spend that money, he never got the opportunity to use that money to grow his business and this was causing stress and frustration everyday which had started to affect his health too.

During his session, we discovered that the root cause to this issue was found in his childhood! While growing up in a closely knit family surrounded by the love and care of his grandparents, his subconscious showed him memories how his grandparents always used to caution him towards spending money ..saying ”MONEY IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL EVIL” be careful not to ever show off your money !!

This part of him..the inner child was holding on to this belief about money literally creating situations making the money literally vanish !

Freeing the inner child from this limiting belief gave this entrepreneur his financial freedom! He was not only able to save money but utilize it for 2 more business ventures creating new excitement, bringing Abundance, health and vitality into his life.

Case 2- Past Life Guilt Was Blocking Abundance!

This is a story of one of my clients who is a mother of 3 beautiful kids, she had an amazing gift with painting and arts, loved teaching arts to kids in her free time as a hobby and it was a form of therapy for kids which she totally loved doing! But she was blocked and was very low in financial resources as her husband had lost his job. She constantly was in a state of “angst”. She felt a strong inner calling to do more with her gift but felt a block within her which was making her feel like hiding, this illogical “Fear of Being Seen” . The inner struggle was confusing and was disrupting her peace in a big way.

As we entered the subconscious to explore this illogical fear, she regressed into a past life where she was gifted as a healer, using herbs to create potions to heal! It was a time when women were not seen as healers but as Witches and Sorcerous. And so she used to share her gift with other young females by teaching them her yet the fear of being discovered & punished was also great and that made her resort to teaching in the dark, after sunset, hiding in the forest so that no one would discover them.

But one day a man did find out and threatened her that he would turn her in and her students over to the authorities. She begged and pleaded with him and he started sexually and physically abusing her, using her body and sucking life out of her and she let him do it to protect her students……living in constant fear !He did eventually turn her in and she was burnt alive ! Her dying thoughts were that of tremendous Guilt of not being able to save her students and that of Regret and remorse of using her Wonder and healing with others…..had she kept her healing to herself and had stayed hidden, no harm would have come to anyone!

This tremendous GUILT and REGRET were the biggest blocks creating the illogical fear of Being Seen, making her feel like hiding in a shell ! As we healed that past life, within days she started to sense a new energy flow blossoming in her, oozing out of her, to share her gift ! And ofcourse as if the Universe was waiting for this block to be released, soon after she met an entrepreneur who wanted to invest in a special centre for kids to do therapy through Arts ! He did not offer a job to her but sensing her passion, he offered her to run the place and teach others her gift ! And she ofcourse took the offer, willingly, joyfully , feeling abundant not only financially but emotionally as well!

Case 3: Unworthiness Issues since Childhood Resolved, became a VIP!!!

This gentleman in his early 50s came with an issue of not getting his due recognition specifically at work. He saw many other colleagues who had put less effort in work, getting promoted and being recognized while he was never seen worthy no matter how hard he tried! So, every step in his life was a struggle for him, since childhood. This was now causing depression and he felt he was giving up on life, getting detached from everyone around him which was not his true nature.

The Subconscious dive in regressed him to a Royal life where he was the only Heir to the Royal family where his father was highly respected and looked up by his people. When he took over after his father’s death, he abused his power and money. Wasting and misusing the wealth and was betrayed by his own people who stabbed him! The client had the same issue of not being able to trust others in this life too. His dying thoughts in that life were- He was not worthy of the riches and the empire his father had built and died in deep remorse and sense of unworthiness.

This past life had triggered in the present life at age 7 where during a fight with his sibling his mother denied him the toy car saying you are not worthy of this!!

As we healed this past life, clearing the energies, within weeks he started getting recognition for his hard work and efforts. Getting promoted to the position of VP within months..a promotion he was hoping for since few years !

Case 4: Chronic issues with receiving resolved, business flourishes immediately!

This case study is about a young entrepreneur who was a healer, a teacher and highly respected in his field of work. His issue was that he felt great hesitation in receiving or asking for money from his clients. Being an entrepreneur this was creating a lot of blocks towards fulfilling his dream of bringing his services to hundreds and thousands of people who could benefit from his healing. He wanted to Give It All but wanted to Receive Back too, to sustain and grow financially to help more. In the current scenario receiving almost made him feel like he was committing a crime and this heavy guilt was a big burden and block in his growth.

Subconscious exploration of this block regressed him to the life of a Monk where he lived a selfless life always Giving and never asking for anything in return. This past life had gotten triggered in the present life at a very young age where his parents had send him for special classes to learn the moral principles of being a good human where they taught “ Giving selflessly should be your only duty as a moral Human being” and in those classes the child perceived and concluded that Receiving is a sin, a crime.

By understanding the past life and healing the inner child from his perceptions, the client found the beautiful balance of Giving selflessly and staying open to Receiving !

His business model is flourishing since then and he has already opened two teaching centres helping and healing many !

Watch this heart warming feedback from the mother of a boy who had trauma his whole life because of past life issue that was affecting him and how he completely turned his life around after just ONE session with Dr. Sonia!

Note: Even though she mentions "Hypnotherapy" Dr. Sonia does not describe it as traditional hypnotherapy. Part of what she does is a deeply profound experience of pulling back fragments of your soul that were lost in another lifetime because of the trauma, which is exactly what happened with this boy.

There is no way traditional Hypnotherapy and healing can even touch the level of depth that Dr. Sonia goes in her session to release that.

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In this case study you hear the account of a person suffering from debilitating and chronic headaches, confusion, loss of energy, memory loss and how NOTHING had helped her… even though she had been to numerous therapists and healers to help and NOTHING worked!  

And with just ONE SESSION with Dr Sonia... she describes it as magical how her life completely turned around! She came out of it feeling a much HAPPIER person with huge changes!    

She describes how she was regressed really deeply by going into a past life, which is part of what Dr Sonia’s process of retrieving soul’s fragments is about and in this past life she had been abused by a priest and that was causing a lot of her issues because a piece of her soul was still stuck in that experience and therefore caused all these issues in her current life.   

And in just ONE SESSION… Dr Sonia was able to help her retrieve that piece and dissolve the energy! Her chronic headaches were GONE and her mental clarity was IMPROVED! She describes her experience with Dr Sonia and her energy being a miracle case and hugely effective! And in her own words she says…

"The experience with Dr Sonia is magical… I recommend it to everybody dealing with any kind of chronic issues to give this a chance and see how magical the experience truly is!"

Here Are Some More Incredible Results That People Are Raving About:

“Thank You For Giving Me My Son Back!”

“My Life Has Taken A Full 360 Degree Turn!”

“After My Session I Had A Relaxed Feeling In My Stomach And Mind… And The Acid Problem Was GONE!”

“I Have A New Beginning... Reinventing My Life AND Regaining My Passion!”

“Since My Session…I Slept Naturally and Didn’t Even Take a Pill to Sleep!”

The Burden Of Hatred And Frustration That I Was Carrying With Me... Is Now GONE!”

“Resolved YEARS Of Anger Issues… And Gave Me A New Life!”

“My Social, Family And School Relations/Life Have Improved Immensely!”

“Dr. Sonia Helped Me Gain Confidence And Trust In Myself.”

“I Can Now Happily Say That My Phobia Is GONE… And I’m Driving Absolutely Everywhere In Dubai!”

“I Feel Happier And More Confident In Just Being ME!”

“I Feel Like I Fit Inside My Skin For The First Time In My Life!”

“My Session Led To A Profound Breakthrough!!!”


This is a case study of yet another client of Dr. Sonia’s who went to many therapists, many healers and her issues were so sticky that she says that while she got a lot of information about a certain past life from the 18th Century, that receiving just the information did NOTHING to clear the wounds of that particular past life and she did not receive any healing.

She was experiencing a lot of pain and a lot of grief in this life which caused her to procrastinate and stay blocked in certain areas which then lead to a deep sense of UNWORTHINESS that was stopping her from living the life she was destined to.

In her session Dr. Sonia was able to intuitively guide her towards what needed to be released and in her own words she talks about the ‘profound change’ that she experienced AFTER just this ONE SESSION… and how her life completely turned around and she has moved into a new era in her life!

She HIGHLY recommends Dr. Sonia as a healer… and says that Dr Sonia has helped her tremendously in her life and that she is now living a different life because of her!  

Have mainstream healthcare, psychotherapy, or alternative healing modalities failed to provide you with a complete and lasting resolution to your issues?

Does it feel like you have tried EVERYTHING and you’re still stuck?

  • Your long term health issues have remained stuck
  • Your success is stuck.
  • Your relationships are stuck.
  • And you want a way out but don’t know how to find it?

You may know that the events (mostly traumatic) from your past have left you with unhealed negative energies which like a frequency signal keeps bringing more and more of the same negative energies back to you. But, did you know that a part of your “Soul Energy” or “Soul Energy” is stuck time and space as a result of the undigested emotions from the past?

So when you’re looking for solutions outside of yourself, or trying to change external circumstances or situations, you’re looking in the wrong place and will never find what you’re looking for.

The solutions are within your Subconscious Mind. The solutions are within your Soul Energy.

The solutions to:

  • Chronic Health Conditions

    for which there is no medical “treatment,” just long-term prescription of pharmaceutical drugs;

  • Emotional issues

    for which long term therapy has not helped, as the “core” of your issue remain untouched

  • Issues involving “Self”

    including Self-worth, Self-trust, Self-confidence, Self-limiting or Self-Sabotaging behaviors, feeling “lost”, resulting in lack of success and happiness in personal life, work life, family life

  • “Extreme emotions”

    such as unexplained anger, sadness, and depression that have destroyed your health, family and relationships

  • Relationships issues

    with Family, Friends, Colleagues, Bosses that have destroyed your families and careers

  • Unexplained restlessness

    anxiety, fears, phobias, and sleeplessness that have destroyed peace in your lives

  • Addictions

    like emotional eating, weight gain that have taken control of your entire life and left you helpless, are contained within the Subconscious Mind, and the Soul Energy lost in time and space must be retrieved for lasting whole health healing.

  • We always blame our outside world:

    Most of us always blame someone else or the situation or our destiny or karma or anything not within our control as the reason for our suffering.

  • We never blame our inside world:

    Not many are aware that we can literally change our situation and the way everyone else responds to us, simply by tweaking our own energies.

  • Our ignorance is the biggest hurdle:

    Many do not know that WE have the power to change any situation in our life. Lack of this awareness is the biggest reason for not taking action to improve our situation. Until the above awareness and realization strikes, we will keep looking for someone or something to solve our problems, or keep blaming someone or something for our problems. Because of this, we do not know how we can surmount our problems. We expect someone to perform “Miracles” for us, not knowing that we can create our own “Miracles

Eram's Personal Experience In Working With Dr. Sonia!

Working with Sonia was truly a life changing experience for me at such a deep level... everything shifted for the better! I had a lot going on in my life, I felt disempowered and I was experiencing a lot of heartbreak. First of all, I went into the deepest trance I had ever experienced in my life and it took me to really deep areas of my subconscious that otherwise I would NEVER have been able to access! This allowed me to really integrate and go into that energy which revealed my mission to dedicate my life to helping other women gain empowerment! I was just so amazed at which the speed of how things happened and the clarity that I received.. in fact, soon after my session I traveled to Pakistan and launched a Global Peace Mission!

I highly recommend working with Sonia if you feel stuck in any area of your life, because she works directly with your higher self in a powerful way that is the most beneficial body of work you could ever experience! Working with Sonia is a no-brainer.. it is such a powerful session and everybody should have one!"

When we do not do the work on ourselves, when we leave our Soul Fragments scattered about, our lost Soul parts carry energies of “undigested emotions.” These are energies stuck in our childhood, birth, pre-birth or past lives events. These are also energies from past traumas, coming from our ancestors or external entities. These energies remain in the form of negative thoughts, beliefs, behavior patterns and continue to influence our daily lives, and develop into chronic conditions and diseases.

If we don’t resolve these energies, we will continue to remain in the exact same pattern of suffering. We will continue to attract the exact same problems that we do not want as our subconscious keeps multiplying what is stored in it! Many people believe that “burying the past,” “putting the past behind us,” and “moving on” will resolve all our past issues. But keeping unresolved / undigested past traumas and emotions buried in the subconscious continues to create negative influences in our present as the subconscious keeps duplicating those negative energies.

Introducing Dr. Sonia Gupte's
Soul Fragment Retrieval Process where you will:

  • Journey through time and space and retrieve your scattered “Soul Fragment.”
  • Magically re-energize your life with a piece of your Soul Energy.
  • Work 1-1 to retrace your own unique Soul Journey for maximum impact.

The Magic Happens in 3 Steps:

The entire Soul Journey is encrypted in our Subconscious Mind. By taking a deep dive into our Subconscious, we journey to the very core when the problem first began.

We re-visit that trauma / experience, see it with different eyes to experience what went wrong then, heal it completely, and take back the Soul Energy that is stuck there.

Once healed, retrieved, and integrated back, the Soul Energy magically transforms our present situation, here and now

Dr. Sonia uses a variety of tools to achieve the above experience and healing in the 1-1 Session:

Working1-1 is the surest way to achieve maximum impact. Dr. Sonia has witnessed that by just listening to audio recordings, guided meditation videos, and the like simply cannot bring about massive shifts in one’s life as the core issue remains untouched. Each person is completely unique with a completely unique Soul Journey. Dr. Sonia has witnessed and experienced that group or generalized sessions / healings / clearings simply cannot achieve the same results as personal, 1-1 Sessions where one can get to the very core when the issue first came about for each person. And only after healing the negative energies attached to that trauma can one experience complete and lasting healing.

1-1 sessions are the surest way to achieve precise, complete and permanent healing and resolution.

4 broad categories of issues you can resolve with the Soul Fragment Retrieval Process are:

  • Chronic Health issues
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Uneasy relationship with “Self”
  • Unhappy relationship with “Others”

Once the energies of the past trauma have been healed, and the lost “Soul Energy / Fragment” has been retrieved, life in the present moment is completely and permanently transformed. Why? Because the Soul Fragment is the most powerful energy in the universe, it is a piece of your Perfect Blueprint as it was originally created.

What Happens After the 1-1 Soul Fragment Retrieval Session:

After the session, the negative energies, feelings, emotions, patterns that resulted in negative thoughts and actions will vanish from your life.

Positive energies, emotions and thoughts will integrate with your very Soul and drive you to achieve your desires without any hurdles.

With your frequency changed, you will begin to attract the right people, situations and circumstances to manifest your desires. You will become a magnet, attracting your wishes!!

And once you become aware that YOU hold the power to transform your current situation, you DO NOT need to wait for someone to arrive and grant you a wish. YOU can take IMMEDIATE action and achieve lasting results for your problems.

In just 1-2 hours of embarking on your Soul energy healing session, YOU can achieve BIG tangible results!

Dr. Sonia Gupte - From Doctor To Healer

Dr. Sonia Gupte is a medical doctor trained to deal with hard evidence, medical tests, and prescriptions. Over fifteen years in her medical practice, she saw firsthand that treating “symptoms” and not the “root cause” is the biggest limitation of modern medicine. Her quest for root answers and her desire to find “complete healing solutions” for her patients led her to investigate to Mind Sciences, specifically the power of the Subconscious Mind and how it connects with your Soul Energy.

Dr. Sonia has trained with and learnt from world renowned spiritual healing masters, including Dr. Brian Weiss, to coalesce numerous techniques to take you on a Soul Journey and heal the Soul Energies permanently. Her specialties are Hypnotherapy, Regression, Inner Child, Energy Work, and Past Life Therapy. She has done thousands of cases worldwide in the past six years, and she perfected the art of online therapy with breakthrough results, every single time. She is a change agent that works at the deepest level, to get at the core of her clients’ issue by deep diving into the Subconscious Mind to deliver those breakthrough results. The work Dr. Sonia does is not for superficial / feel-good changes, but for lasting life transformation. And, she trains and teaches this amazing science which she asserts anyone can master – indeed, Dr. Sonia asserts it is not a “Gift”, it’s a commitment and a practice!

Dr. Sonia’s work is guided by her intuition, her expertise, and her passion to achieve BIG RESULTS for her clients.

Here Are Some Amazing Case Studies From People That Worked with Dr. Sonia


RESOLVED Years of anger issues ...
Lost 45 lbs and is Happily Married!!

“I wish everyone could get this Session. It gave Me A New Life!”

“The main reason for which I took a session is that I used to feel angry at all times. I felt frustrated and helpless in many situations. There were people who hurt me at my home and workplace due to which I got angry. I felt there was no one to support me or hear me out. When I got to know about Hypnotherapy at first I didn’t want to get it done. But then I thought that I want to feel calm and happy again.

It has helped me in many ways. I feel like a new person as if I have been given a new life. I feel light, happy and calm. All those people who hurt me, I no longer get bothered or affected by their presence. I finally made peace with them. Through this therapy I got to know that the incidents I thought didn’t affect me had a deep impact on me. And while the others which I thought affected me the most, actually didn’t exist.

At the end of the session I wanted to feel calm, happy, carefree, patient and loved. I wish everyone in this world could get this session done! A very, very big thank you to Dr. Sonia who not only changed me and my thoughts... but gave me a new life.

~ Nidhi Tahim

The side benefit of working on anger issues!

Nidhi was trying to get married for a few years but was unable to and one of the reasons was her weight. After resolving her anger issues (in 2016) she started losing her excessive weight as well and got married within a year! By 2018 she was completely transformed and lost 45 lbs in the process!!


Rash on arms and legs GONE!
Peace and Joy replaces years of trauma!

“Thank You For Giving Me My Son Back!”

“I wanted to thank you again for Jo’s session. He had great results and I continue to see the changes in him each day. Truly, you have given him, all of us, such a gift. We both wanted to write and share with you what we’re seeing / experiencing since J.’s session.

One of the first things we both noticed in J. was his rash on his legs and arms which has been there for years settled down immediately and is now fading away. Incredibly quick, after almost 4 years!

He shared with me that he has not had a night terror (he was having them weekly) since his treatment. He is sleeping so deeply now. He has been so much easier going in the house and has a sense of calm about him. His siblings also have noticed it’s easier to be around. Rather than responding with a scowl and suspicion that he’s the butt of the laughter, he is seeing the light side and there’s lots more laughter, inclusive and light, in our family time together.

His confidence is more visible, he’s started working out just before meeting you but now is really focused and sharing his results with his father and I (even heading out on a run the other evening and feeling so proud of his tenacity and freedom).

Yesterday, his class went to a field trip to a theme park with a few rollercoasters. The option was given to stay after the field trip to ride the rides and Jo said ‘no way’ a few weeks ago when I was signing the permission slip. He had his session with you and then the field trip came up and he ended up staying all day, finding a new friend to hang out with and they rode every rollercoaster several times. He felt amazing and his energy was so free and light when he came home. 

I reminded him that he never could ride rollercoasters before, too scary, and here he was riding all afternoon and ENJOYING himself! Truly, there are so many things, so much upshift, and most of all, a peace and joy that is in him that was clouded by trauma from his past life. 

You are such a treasure. We can’t thank you enough. Above all of this, J.’s older sister who has struggled with social anxiety for the past few years has been watching all the changes in her brother. After initially saying ‘No, no, no way mom,” when I mentioned visiting you for a session or two has now changed her mind and wants to come see you for an initial consultation. 

I will see you soon with her and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done. With so much joy!”

~ Corry MacDonald


Years of acidity problem RESOLVED!
Overcame years of Emotional Stress in Just 3 Sessions!

“After My Session I Had A Relaxed Feeling In My Stomach And Mind… And The Acid Problem Was GONE!”

“I met with Dr. Sonia with a recurring problem of acidity and upset stomach that I have been dealing with since years. As a physician, she treated me with the allopathic course of medication, and I have always found immediate relief with her prescribed medication.

Last month I had the same problem again and this time it got dragged on for nearly a month. My stomach didn’t seem to settle at all. Stress was also one of the reasons I felt I was not improving. Since I was not feeling better Dr. Sonia introduced me to hypnotherapy.

I learnt that hypnotherapy can help to heal our internal physical problems as our mind has the control over our entire body. I was keen to try this out since it would also help to release stress in the today’s hectic lifestyle.

It took only 3 sessions and realized that I got rid of the acid problem in my stomach… it was during my sessions I realized that I was holding onto the emotional stress of the past and current situations which were making me physically sick.

As I learnt to deal with them in the sessions... I started feeling so much better. After the session I would walk out of the clinic with a relaxed feeling in the stomach and mind! I would feel hungry, and I had not eaten properly since a month since I was so sick…

Today I feel I am a person who is now emotionally stronger which is helping me deal with the people and circumstances around me in a better way so my health is not affected. Hypnotherapy was like a blessing for me. A Big THANK YOU to Dr. Sonia for working with me and her efforts to heal me!

~ Neha Tahim


Hesitance and Shyness GONE!
Feeling confident and is proactive after just 2 Sessions!

“After Just 2 Sessions I Saw A HUGE Improvement In My Daughter’s Confidence!”

“My daughter has always been shy and a little quiet, but her issues became compounded with a few unpleasant experiences from a teacher at school when she was only 8 years old. She not only became more reserved she started displaying extreme discomfort to speak up in class or in any interaction with any adult in authority. 

This slowly started spreading to other areas of life and some intervention became mandatory. I tried a lot of self counseling, confidence boosting ideas and classes with no effect. 

Finally after a lot of frustration I met Dr. Sonia and in only 2 sessions I saw a huge improvement in her! My daughter took it upon herself to resolve issues at school herself by offering to speak to the teachers. Suddenly she started showing interest in singing and took part in a few performances

There is a marked difference in her confidence levels. It’s the method that Dr. Sonia uses to address the issues and her calm yet proactive personality which is very much attuned towards practically and logically resolving any problem which reached out to my daughter. Overall as a parent I am very, very happy and satisfied to see the progress and recommend her very strongly.

~ Sunita Chadha

“Since My Session…I Slept Naturally and Didn’t Even Take a Pill to Sleep!”

“Since I had my session... I didn’t even take a pill to sleep! I slept naturally and I REALLY hope it goes on like this. I just fall asleep around 11 or 12 and that’s amazing. You are an angel… looking forward to seeing you for a session to attract my life partner!”

~ Khaled Bayad


Acute Emptiness Replaced with HAPPY LIFE!
and a sense of PURPOSE

“I Have A New Beginning... Reinventing My Life AND Regaining My Passion!”

“I was thinking since 8 years ‘I wish there was a DELETE button in my life and I could go back and just delete the disheartening chapters.’ I thought to an extent that the only possible way was by re-starting life? But how can I do this? Only thought that came to my mind was death and rebirth. 

I started praying to GOD that I want a new beginning completely, please if it means taking away this life and giving me a new one please do, but I just can’t live with this pain anymore. 

I kept visiting one doctor to another thinking I was unwell... I was feeling sick all the time, eventually lots of issues developed like vitamin deficiency, loss of appetite, etc. I started taking relevant vitamins which did show results, but still I was unhappy. I lost interest in colors, my life seemed to have no purpose, and I felt acute emptiness inside. 

I knew very well I was sick and needed help, but never wanted to take medicines for depression. I wanted to cure this permanently and in a natural way. 

At last GOD heard my prayers and I was introduced to Dr. Sonia Gupte. She enlightened me about her sessions and the moment I grasped the process, the immediate thought that came to my mind was this is exactly what I was looking for. 

It took me no time to decide and I immediately surrendered myself to her as I was in very critical state and was desperate for help. Back of my mind I knew something was wrong with me... I knew inside I needed help. In the very first meeting and discussion with Dr Sonia my inner voice was telling me that she is the one! 

Her words were very comforting and her approach was full of empathy at the same time strong which provided me the trust and confidence in her. Until the session started I was a bit doubtful and kept thinking how this was going to help me. Will it really work on me? 

This question kept concerning me, but Dr. Sonia’s passion and confidence in this therapy made me surrender myself completely to her. Dr. Sonia with full surety told my sister, that I will be completely fine very soon. I must say I took 3 sessions and with every session I was seeing my life changing slowly and completely. 

In the first session, I was surprised to see that Dr. Sonia caught the root cause of my problems which I myself was consciously unaware of. I knew that a certain event in my childhood had always troubled me. She read me so well, and I was surprised to see how smoothly we deleted that incident and emptied the space and received back my lost Hope and Confidence through therapy. I actually felt very light and comfortable. 

In the second session, she helped me get a new beginning in my life which I never thought would be possible to get in this life itself. Finally in my third session, I was actually able to delete the most troublesome past memory of my life that was bothering me since years and was killing me to death. I am a new me now free of my disturbing past, full of hope and happy! 

I am free of all that pain and feel so light as if a big rock has been removed from my body, mind and soul. Also I am so glad to realize that I have actually lost physical weight as well post my sessions. It was amazing to see in my final session that the universe had so many blessings for me which I was unable to receive. 

One good thing I did during my state of depression was, I never gave up on praying and believing in GOD. My depressed mind felt that GOD was not listening to me. Now I realize if you pray sincerely and honestly, and you are not able to receive GOD’s message, GOD also looks its way to reach out his messages to you through someone and for me that someone was Dr. Sonia Gupte! 

Dr. Sonia’s main purpose behind this session is to help people release from their pain and sufferings. I personally would highly recommend Dr. Sonia if you have any prolonged issues that you are not able to remove from your life, trust me you can delete things from your past and you can get a new beginning by being in this same world! 

I happen to think the common feeling that I have post all three sessions is that, now even if I think of same incidents again it gives me no feeling at all as if Dr. has detached the emotions attached to those incidents. Yes! Guys the red wire has been cut now and I am all safe and fine, bomb defused successfully, ha! 

See, now I also have my sense of humor back! I feel blessed to have found Dr. Sonia without which I would have not been able to absorb all the blessings that were wandering in the Universe just for me.

I love my life now as I have found my purpose and started to learn Hypnotherapy inspired by Dr. Sonia Gupte so I can be like her one day and help someone with full passion and dedication.”

~ Pooja Bhatia


Hatred towards family GONE!

“The Burden Of Hatred And Frustration That I Was Carrying With Me... Is Now GONE!”

“The reason why I got a session done was because I was very upset and disturbed. It was due to the misbehavior of my near and dear ones. They started avoiding me... they stopped including me in their gatherings. All this hurt me so much that I developed hatred towards them in my heart. 

I didn’t feel like seeing their faces and this went on for 2 years and now it was becoming difficult for me to handle the situation. I started feeling very helpless. It was then at that time I came to know about hypnotherapy which could heal me. That is why I thought of getting it done. 

After the session, I feel the burden of hatred and frustration that I was carrying with me is gone... I feel lighter. I have spoken to my brothers and sister and now my feelings towards them have changed. That repulsion I had earlier for them is gone... I feel calm now. 

So, thank you so much Dr. Sonia for helping me out of this situation. You came in my life as a savior. I know, next time whenever I am in a difficult situation, you will be there for me. Once again thanks a lot. God bless you!”

~ Renu Tahim

“I Feel Happier And More Confident In Just Being ME!”

“Over the past few weeks since I finished my sessions... I have noticed that more people are sharing things with me, people I previously would not have expected them to do so. I am seeing people more clearly... who they really are and I feel like I am ‘unstuck’... like I am finally able to move on from being in limbo for a long time.

I also feel happier and more confident in just being me… before I spent a lot of time analyzing everything. I am also getting a lot of validation from other people that I am a ‘good’ person, which I didn’t feel before or believe!”

~ A. Munro

“My Life Has Taken A Full 360 Degree Turn!”

“Carol Burnett once said – ‘Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.’ I was quite young when I heard this quote and it stuck somewhere in my head. After almost 25 years I actually found a way to change my life, I call it – HYPNOTHERAPY. My heartfelt thanks goes to my hypnotherapist Dr. Sonia Gupte for introducing me to HYPNOTHERAPY.

In just 2 sessions I feel a new me... I managed to overcome my fear of commitment, insomnia and feel mental peace and relaxed. Dr. Sonia’s interpretation of her client’s life events is quite accurate and when she discusses the same with you it helps you find your closures.

HYPNOTHERAPY is not just any therapy, it’s HOPE in life, a feeling of trust. Before I experienced it I also had a lot of hesitation and was very skeptical about it. But today after learning SELF HYPNOSIS my life has taken a full 360 degree turn! I eagerly look forward to each day so that I can plant a beautiful thought inside me. In my view I find HYPNOTHERAPY is Reiki and Meditation put together.

I strongly recommend this to each and every one, at least try it once in life... the earlier the better. Anyone who has a disturbed past, is suffering from severe depression, had a traumatic childhood, is going through an addiction, needs anger management, has insomnia or someone who is not aware of his/her problem but feels unhappy and restless all the time can opt for this therapy.

My hypnotherapist Dr. Sonia Gupte is a beautiful human being. She is out on a mission to make this world a better place. She is so passionate about what she is doing that when you meet her instantly her positive energy starts flowing into you. She puts her heart and soul in the sessions and ensures that each session is worth the time and money spent. I consider her a godsend. My good luck and love to her.

One last thing to the people reading this… HYPNOTHERAPY has no side effects, and it does not mean that the therapist will have control over your mind. It has only one effect – IT WILL MAKE YOU A BETTER YOU EACH DAY!”

~ Neelam Bhatia

“Cleared Corrupted Files After 4-5 Sessions And Now Pursuing My Dream!”

“As you remember, I came to you with a lot of dramas and chaos in my life, only to find out that my subconscious mind had been sabotaging me for many years having safeguarded all the past traumas in this and previous lives. As you nicely mentioned, there were corrupted files within the subconscious mind which needed to be solved and deleted. 

With only 4-5 sessions through your guided hypnosis I managed to clear most of those corrupted files which were completely sabotaging my emotions and view of the world. I am much better off today pursuing my dream through attracting massive abundance not for the sake of self alone but for the sake of sharing. 😊”

~ Bahram Khadavi

“It’s Like I Am A New Person Now... Who Is Free From ALL Worries!”

“I am so pleased to let you know that the session really worked in a good way for me. I was really confused whether to go ahead with these sessions or not. Even after the introductory session I was a bit confused. But I now can say that I would regret my whole life for the things which don’t even exist in my life now if I wouldn’t have gone forward with these sessions. 

After the first sitting itself I was relaxed and was feeling really light from inside, but after the final closure I was happy and that relaxation and happiness was noticed by everyone... it’s like I am a new person now, who is free from all worries! I would really like to thank you for letting me think positively all over again.”

~ Farah Khan


2% Improvement with Medication SHIFTED to 50% in ONE Session!

“Suppressed Emotions AND Blocks Were Removed!”

“Dr. Sonia has been my therapist and guide for the last 2 years, and I reached out to her as I was feeling completely hopeless. I suffered an antibiotic reaction that I was prescribed for throat infection and suffered something called ‘Peripheral Neuropathy.’ It was so severe that it badly affected the left side of my body… I was in pain from the top of my head till the tip of my little toe. It was like my body was divided into half.

The effects were so severe that my left side was heavier and swollen to a size bigger than my right side. My left eye was swollen and my clothes did not fit me anymore as they would feel snug and tight on my left side. It was the strangest thing. I was put off any and all medicines, except multivitamins and pain killers in adverse situation when the pain got really unbearable.

I was improving at the rate of 1 to 2% a day and after 2 weeks from the trip to ER, I only felt 10% better. I got in touch with Dr. Sonia and discussed what was happening with me and we decided to do a session the next day. The session was very heavy, a lot of suppressed emotions related to my father and his passing away were blocked in my physical body that got released. 

Straight after the session I felt a 50% shift in my condition, the pain, numbness and heaviness were much better and have been on a path of recovery. Without this session with Dr. Sonia’s healings it might have taken months to feel better. Thank you Dr. Sonia for being my angel and helping me out again, just when I needed! Lotsa love n hugs!

~ Arti


Past life story ERASED!
Living my NEW and Happy Life NOW

“Finally Free From My Past Life!”

“Life of Sardarji… I am not a Sardar. The life of Sardarji has ended for me. I will live MY life now… for years, 43 to be precise, I have been living the life in the shadow of a lingering memory. I have always been a contented person (I thought.) Everything has seemed ok, there’s never been a hunger for anything, no achievements, and never even the feeling of go-getting something. 

Recently over the last few years, I got this opportunity to learn Yoga. It helped me a lot to understand my present and solve a lot of questions about myself. But it also made me think, what about my future? For the first time I felt that I wanted a profession and not a hobby, to live… to achieve something. 

I have been a homemaker my whole life, by choice, nobody told me to sit at home after my Engineering degree (Yes, I studied well. 🙂 ) Rather my parents always tried to motivate me… But I somehow liked the safe and secure feeling of my home, being close to my family and obviously enjoyed raising my kids. ❤️ 

But now, I had this feeling of doing something for myself as well. I have devoted my life to my family, and they gave me so much love, but I found myself incomplete without my identity… 

I was never a believer of fate, but I have to say, when Yoga happened, I hadn’t planned for it, and when Dr. Sonia Gupte did my first session of Hypnotherapy, it wasn’t planned like that as well. 🙂 

Over the years, I have developed some Autoimmune diseases, Hypothyroidism, Vitiligo, (both nowhere found in my long family history…) and strong symptoms like hair fall and Menorrhagia. My body had been giving me signals that something deep down inside is wrong, it needs to be dealt with.. Yoga helped me solve some questions and raise a few new ones, but my symptoms were becoming more worse. 

When my hair wouldn’t stop falling for 6 continuous months (they had been falling for last 10 years on and off) I was alarmed, I had tried all the remedies/treatments in the last 10 years, but the condition was worsening. I learnt about hypnotherapy then, and initially, just kinda believed the concept. After talking to Dr. Gupte though, I was pretty much convinced (still 99%). I am a very practical person honestly. I believe in what I can see and feel. 

We decided on doing an online therapy session. (We had a session online the day before where she explained me the concepts.) Somehow, (as everything that happens, happens for a reason) there was a small misunderstanding of the appointment time of the session. Just FYI, we live in different time zones. I was too (read too much) excited for this session and waiting eagerly for her call at 4 o’clock. Finally, I will get a direction! 

It so happened that no calls came before 4:50 p.m. I did send her four reminders during these 50 minutes of waiting, but I came to know later that I had calculated the time incorrectly in my excitement and also that she was busy during that time attending her family… Well, but this episode somehow aroused that disappointment in me that I had not felt in like last 10 years where I would feel insecure, neglected or unloved if someone would not pay me my ‘due share’ of attention. 

I cried and wouldn’t pick her phone calls. But she being she 🙂 made me realized that this is the perfect time to do the session as I am already so vulnerable. Ok then, we started the session online. Me being me, I can tell you a long story about the session, but it was too long. It lasted 3 hours (not usual at all). She took down too many layers, and finally I found and integrated with my happy me! 

I AM SOOOOO HAPPY… 100% believer now! There is nothing better than knowing why one behaves like he/she behaves. I understand now why I was always like I was. To give you a glimpse, I had been living the life of a Sardarji, from one of my past births…He was an apathetic man. Indifferent. He didn’t want much from his life (just like me). The reason being that unfortunately he had lost his wife early in his life (who I felt is my present husband), so he lived with a feeling of insecurity, missing her all the time, loving her forever, and he, in a sense, stopped living after she passed away. It was obvious he never wanted to achieve anything, simply living because he was alive…? 

Watching this in my therapy session and then analyzing it afterwards, I found too many similarities in this life and life as Sardarji… He did come in to tell me that ‘Dear that was your past life, stop living that, come out of those insecurities and live your present life, as YOU.’ 

The lesson of that life I saw, was LIVE. 

Truly, me and my husband are still discovering things that we habitually do or say, that totally make sense with what I felt in the therapy as Sardarji. I am blessed to have that session with Dr. Sonia Gupte. I feel free and my insecurities are gone. 

Just to let you know that me and my husband have been happily married for past eighteen years and over these years, unintentionally, he has called me and still calls me ‘Sardarji’ with love…”

~ Niti Salvi

“Lighter Since Our Last Session and Rarely Thinking About My Ex.”

“Dear Sonia, Hope all is well with you. I have a very good news for you… You cannot imagine how ‘indifferent’ and lighter I am since our last session! RARELY thinking about him. And sometimes NOTHING at all. This is brilliant and I hope it keeps going on like this for loooooooong time. Saying this, I hope the next person comes in soon!”

~ Khaled

“My Social, Family And School Relations/Life Have Improved Immensely!”

“My name is Annie, I am 13 years old - and Doctor Gupte truly helped me. I understand she has an impressionable variety of cases and people who need help. For me, I was training for the European Fencing Championships, taking place in Poland. This meant an increase in not only the amount of training but also the intensity of training. This, the stress and anxiety, aided with school life and the normal struggles of life, was a lot.

Dr. Gupte was very honest with me, and that is what I appreciated the most. She told me from the first meeting that she was here to help, that we were a team and outlined the structure of future sessions. Dr. Gupte carefully explained not only what we were going to do, but also the reason for each step. It was extremely reassuring to understand what we would be doing inside my head!

She tackled my set of issues head on and managed to bring my ‘estimation of mental stress’ from a 9 to a 6 (out of 10). Furthermore, Dr. Gupte improved my concentration levels so I could completely focus on a certain aspect of my life and not constantly be overwhelmed by other thoughts. Overall, I would have not performed as well in Poland if it had not been for Doctor Gupte, and my social, family and school relations/life have improved immensely. Thank you, Doctor Gupte.

~ Annie N.


Years of anger DEFLATED in ONE session!
Lost 10 lbs in 4 months!

“I Feel Like I Fit Inside My Skin For The First Time In My Life!”

“When you are ready, the universe will send your teacher…

A couple months ago, I attended a Meetup entitled ‘Are your thoughts creating disease?’ The description went on to talk about the architecture of the mind and changing it to create a better reality.
I’ve fought emotional eating and my weight for most of my adult life. I also had anger issues – short temper and, sometimes, spectacular explosions of screaming rage – probably stemming from PTSD. Both had gotten worse as the years passed.

Regular medical recommendations were to take drugs to control the moods and emotions – sadly, that meant my brain only functioned about halfway.

I moved into herbal / natural/homeopathic medicine. They told me to take a bazillion tiny pills of herbs, drink nasty tasting teas, and to avoid all preservatives and additives in my food. Since I don’t live on a farm I can’t grow my own food so the last was not really an option, and I really didn’t want to take all the pills or nasty teas.

Then I moved into psychiatry, figuring my issues were mental so maybe I could conquer them with my own mind. Treatment there would help for a little while with the anger and taught me WHY I was getting angry, but they could never tell me how to fix it. The same with food, therapy taught me things like ‘I eat potato chips when I’m angry and ice cream when I’m depressed,’ but it didn’t teach me how to not turn to food to deal with my emotions.

Then I met Sonia at the Meetup.

She spoke about how she was an M.D. but wanted more – she wanted to understand why things happened in our bodies. In her search she learned that emotions have individual frequencies and that the mind was like a computer: with the conscious mind being like the CPU and the subconscious, or primitive, mind being like the ROM memory. That ROM memory is where all the emotions live.

That primitive mind is full of files and those files can become corrupted by some strong emotions: anger, guilt, helplessness, and fear.

Dr. Sonia’s job, through integrated clinical hypnotherapy, is to show you how to repair or throw out those corrupt files.

After discussing my situation and needs with her, Sonia suggested a course of four hypnotherapy sessions. During those sessions we identified the origins of the emotions which had taken over my life and deflated their power over me. We traced the evolution of those emotions from the current anger back through fear and helplessness. Then we addressed the original emotions and healed those wounds.

The first session was the most dramatic in that we deflated all the anger I’d been carrying for years. I left the session feeling light-headed, almost high, from the absence of pressure in my head.

The remainder of the sessions were not as dramatic but were much more profound in the insights and healing Sonia was able to orchestrate.

It’s now been 3-1/2 weeks since my last session with Sonia. I sometimes don’t recognize the person I’ve become as myself. Situations which would have made me go ballistic before now only elicit a response of ‘I’m angry but I really don’t feel like screaming’ and then go away very rapidly.

I’ve been able to calmly discuss some very touchy subjects with my husband which used to guarantee a major fight whenever they were brought up. I feel like I fit inside my skin for the first time in my memory. I go through my day calmly and with no stress which is a totally new experience for me.

I would totally recommend going through this process if you are plagued by any emotional issues. It is NOT a comfortable process but the results are well worth the experience!”

~ Cherry


19 Years of trauma and struggle RELEASED!

“Dr. Sonia Helped Me Gain Confidence And Trust In Myself.”

“I had a mental trauma during my twenties... and I have been carrying this mental trauma for the past 19 years. In February 2017 I fell sick again and the trauma emerged again, I had to be hospitalized for 1 week. I have been on the difficult road to recovery from February 2017 to July 2018, my first session with Sonia happened in July 2018 over Skype when I was in a training in Los Angeles as I haven’t been feeling well since February 2017.

I continued the session after my return to Europe, Sonia’s hypnotherapy allowed me to gain confidence in myself and that I will not fall sick again, she helped me a lot to gain confidence and trust in myself and my ability to “heal” and live with this trauma and that it will not remerged again. She has been very helpful with giving me the tools to be grounded. 

The session has allowed me to calm my mental and conscience down and gain confidence in myself and the capacity to “heal.” I would warmly recommend Sonia’s sessions to anyone suffering with mental stress or any mental sickness, any person in despair or passing difficulties. 

God always assists us through the channel of people, friends, doctors coming in our path. Sonia’s has been one of the channels which helped me a lot to come back to my normal state of mind. I will continue to live with this trauma but I feel more surrounded and grounded to find help – Thank you Sonia.”

~ NH

“My Session Led To A Profound Breakthrough!!!”

“A single session I did with Dr. Sonia miraculously flipped my life, completely and forever!! I approached Dr. Sonia for a session to resolve the issues I had for decades regarding my self-worth and confidence about my future. Not only did I fully resolve this issue but was able to gain the most profound awareness of my deeper life purpose and ignite a passion that still lives on!!

Dr. Sonia has the most unique and highly intuitive ability to beautifully and effectively combine her absolute expertise in dealing with childhood memories using ‘Inner Child’ work as well as ‘Past Life Therapy.’ This, I think is her most unique ability as she can handle past events going into eternity!! 

While I was in the trance state and going through a myriad of visuals, memories and emotions, which to me seemed almost random and incoherent, it was her uncanny ability to piece together all these fragments that led to the profound ‘breakthrough’ moment. She has the piercing ability of a detective to ask the most appropriate questions at the right time during the therapy in order to unfold the most relevant parts of the past events that lead to profound conclusions. 

The deeply emotional and impactful techniques she uses for ‘energy exchange’ to heal and resolve past events is absolutely mind blowing!!! The deep catharsis, awareness and healing that took place during the session shifted my life dramatically and permanently. 

Dr. Sonia truly has a unique gift at unfolding the past, making complete sense of it and healing it so that one comes out of the session with a newfound awareness and positive energy. Her post session briefing made 100% sense of all that I experienced and further cemented my healing!!

Her approach is extremely professional yet completely from the heart. And her higher wisdom at understanding and unraveling the most complex and many at times traumatic life events is what sets her apart.”

~ Jit

Total Package Value $350

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $227

*** 44% Saving ***

Sold Out

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Unsure of which package is best suited for you? Book a call with us to help you with it

Package A


One 1:1 Soul Fragment Retrieval Session

Duration and delivery: 75 minutes; Online via Skype or Zoom

The 1:1 Soul Fragment Revival Session is a highly experiential journey back in time and space with profound energy work and healing involved. Deep emotions and catharsis are the keys to releasing the trauma of the past and to reclaim the Soul Fragment. Using deep hypnosis and trance state, clients will be navigated to the very core of the issue when their problem first began. With extensive Energy Exchange Work the problem will be completely resolved. The 75 minute session will include a personal discussion of 15 minutes about your specific case and Dr. Sonia’s recommended approach.

*It is expected that prior to the session, the client has seen and understood the explanatory audio recording.


Explanatory MP3 recording

Duration and delivery: 10 minutes

This MP3 recording explains in detail:

  • The entire healing process involving your Thoughts, Emotions and Energies.
  • What is involved in the session.
  • How the session works.
  • What you will need for a successful session.
  • What you can expect during / after the session.
  • What you need to do after the session for the next 21 days.

(Please Note: Medical clearance form from the Doctor is required in case the client is presently on medication or undergoing medical treatment, prior to commencing the 1st session in order to satisfy the professional liability.)

“I Can Now Happily Say That My Phobia Is GONE… And I’m Driving Absolutely Everywhere In Dubai”

“Thank you so much for your guidance and assistance during our session last month. As you recollect, I had a severe phobia towards driving on highways and bridges. I can today happily say that my phobia has gone away and I’m driving absolutely everywhere in Dubai! It has made my life so much easier, and I drop my son off to school every day with complete ease and comfort. The session also gave me lot of positivity in all aspects of my daily life, which I hadn’t realized I was lacking. Once again, thank you for your help and wish you all the best!”

~ Rupali Gill Chopra

“Stomach acid problem gone after only 3 sessions!”

“It took only 3 sessions and realized that I got rid of the acid problem in my stomach… it was during my sessions I realized that I was holding onto the emotional stress of the past and current situations which were making me physically sick. 

As I learnt to deal with them in the sessions... I started feeling so much better. After the session I would walk out of the clinic with a relaxed feeling in the stomach and mind!

~ Neha Tahim

“I overcame my fear of commitment and insomnia in just two sessions!”

“In just 2 sessions I feel a new me... I managed to overcome my fear of commitment, insomnia and feel mental peace and relaxed. Dr. Sonia’s interpretation of her client’s life events is quite accurate and when she discusses the same with you it helps you find your closures”

~ Neelam Bhatia

“Son’s rash of four years settled down immediately, now fading away.”

“Truly, you have given him, all of us, such a gift. One of the first things we both noticed in J. was his rash on his legs and arms which has been there for years settled down immediately and is now fading away. Incredibly quick, after almost 4 years!”

~ Corry MacDonald

Total Package Value $350

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $227

*** 44% Saving ***

Sold Out

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

A Single Session I Did With Dr. Sonia Miraculously Flipped My Life!!

“A single session I did with Dr. Sonia miraculously flipped my life, completely and forever!! I approached Dr. Sonia for a session to resolve the issues I had for decades regarding my self-worth and confidence about my future. Not only did I fully resolve this issue but was able to gain the most profound awareness of my deeper life purpose and ignite a passion that still lives on!!

~ Jit

50% Shift Directly After Session With Dr. Sonia!

“I suffered an antibiotic reaction that I was prescribed for throat infection and suffered something called ‘Peripheral Neuropathy.’ It was so severe that it badly affected the left side of my body… I was in pain from the top of my head till the tip of my little toe. It was like my body was divided into half. The effects were so severe that my left side was heavier and swollen to a size bigger than my right side. My left eye was swollen and my clothes did not fit me anymore as they would feel snug and tight on my left side…I was improving at the rate of 1 to 2% a day and after 2 weeks from the trip to ER, I only felt 10% better. I got in touch with Dr. Sonia and discussed what was happening with me and we decided to do a session the next day. The session was very heavy, a lot of suppressed emotions related to my father and his passing away were blocked in my physical body that got released. Straight after the session I felt a 50% shift in my condition, the pain, numbness and heaviness were much better and have been on a path of recovery.”

~ Arti

Migraine Pain Reduced To A Pain Score Of 2 Out Of 10.

“I feel way much better than usual… less pain intensity and better cognitive ability than the norm. I have been repeatedly saying my mantra! Thank you Dr. Sonia!”

~ Peter

Note:This client came with migraine headaches of intensity 8-9 out of 10, 24x7 for seven years! He was asked to leave the military because of these headaches… he can’t drive because of them and no medication or healing had helped. Seven years of constant agony! Dr. Sonia Gupte did just two sessions, and the pain score is now 2 out of 10 for him and on certain days no pain at all! He is now hoping to join the military again as that serves his passion. The mantra mentioned is what Dr. Sonia suggests for each client after therapy to continue strengthening the healing and create new neuropathways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am not sure what specific issue I want to work on. Can I decide after purchasing the package?

Yes. At the time of purchase, you do not need to worry about what specific issue you wish to resolve and whether the package will work for that issue or not. You can choose whatever issue you wish to work on at the time of the session. Dr. Sonia will also be able to recommend to you if you are unclear about your issue. So, you will have complete freedom to use the session as you wish, and you will be receiving a completely personalized 1-1 experience directly with Dr. Sonia to resolve your specific case. It will work for you - 100% no worry, 100% no risk.

Q. Can I buy additional sessions and use them for my family or friends?

Yes. Dr. Sonia highly recommends that you do so. The transformation you will experience is so powerful that you will want to spread the magic within your family and friends. This offer unfortunately will not stay and the packages will be sold out!

Q. I am not sure if I will need 1 or more sessions!

We are all completely unique, with a unique Soul Journey and Energy makeup. In many cases, one session can do wonders. In some cases more work is required for complicated issues. We will discover that once you embark on your Soul journey. But you can be assured that you will experience profound changes in every single session. Since the packages will be sold out soon, you may wish to purchase additional sessions. You can always gift them to family and friends.

About Dr. Sonia Gupte

International hypnotherapist and trainer based in San Diego, USA with over 15 years of medical background as a Family Physician in Dubai, Singapore, and India.

Over 1,000 highly successful cases worldwide during the past five years using Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Obtained her qualification as an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist after completing the certification program from the world leading institute, EKAA Foundation.

Gained further expertise by completing the post-graduate diploma in Transpersonal Regression from the world’s foremost training institute in Holland, TASSO Instituut.

Also studied Past Life Therapy from Dr. Brian Weiss, world renowned authority on this subject.

Passionate about training, mentoring and expanding the awareness of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy. Regular guest and presenter of radio and television shows.

Founder of enso-nia, Center for Mind and Life Transformation, USA.


  • M.D., Diploma Family Medicine (RCGP, UK)
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHt (IMDHA, USA)
  • Diploma, Transpersonal Regression (Tasso Institute, Netherlands)
  • Past Life Regression (Brian Weiss Institute)
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainer (Ekaa Foundation)
  • Certified Regression Trainer (Tasso Institute, Netherlands)
  • Certified Member EARTh – European Association for Regression Therapy


(Dr. Sonia presently does not practice general medicine in the USA.)

Total Package Value $350

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $227

*** 44% Saving ***

Sold Out

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Unsure of which package is best suited for you? Book a call with us to help you with it

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