In Part 1 of The Abundance Incubator, three groups of participants literally birthed expanded awarenesses and subsequent realities of Monetary Abundance and Abundance of all forms in different areas of their lives!

Here’s what some members of Group 3 had show up for them:

Starting up 2 new small businesses

"Dear Simone, Thank you so much for assisting in helping me to allow the shifts in my life. They are so gratefully received. I really have been struggling with 4 children to look after and a Granddaughter, a really low salary and just unable to manage and the worst of it not being able to afford school fees for my 12 year old. She is so bright but so down as not able to go to school.

Bingo - I have found 3 really amazing teachers and am starting a small home school this will allow my daughter to have an education and social interaction as well. I have put together some adverts now for the cakes that I have been practice baking each weekend and they are lovely and infused with love so I trust this will take off too and life will continue to elevate beyond my expectations. THANK YOU from the depths of my soul."

~ Jacquie W., Harare, Zimbabwe

Profound insights; fear gone; trust and gratitude increased and income DOUBLED while in The Abundance Incubator – Group 3

"I am having a good time with dreams lately, vivid, no worries and always in the present. They last longer and are not as fragmented as in the past... It occurred to me in listening to one of the MP3s, that I don't have to believe, or try to believe the wisdom that is being revealed in them. It is easier to just rest in the place where this is already the Truth and my personality level doesn't need to understand it to make it true. Faith makes it true, where will power just gets in the way…I also realized that I always thought that I had to know comprehensively and in every detail how I was going to accomplish anything—or else it wouldn't happen. This belief ignores that fact that everything I have accomplished never had nor required the impossibly excessive control I compulsively thought I needed… I realize that money itself is not abundance but a symbol and manifestation of a more comprehensive abundance—and that even my doubts are an aspect of abundance if I don't wallow in or resist them, just allow them to be transparent while focusing on my aspirations—And focusing on what is already working for me. I have so much to be grateful for. My wife and I and our children have been holding hands when we sit down to eat, and taking turns saying what we are thankful for…I realize for the first time that my psycho-spiritual mentoring work has reached a level of effectiveness that I no longer need to doubt myself. That doubt, born of perfectionism, was what kept me from being able to offer my work to a broader population. Now, even though I don't quite know how to go about it, I am no longer in fear about my competence."

~ Eli Goodwin, Concord, New Hampshire U.S.A.

Husband’s vibration raised

"My husband applied for a different position before Christmas and he was not offered the job. After I started this program he was called by two jobs. Former bosses are calling him to offer him jobs. It's funny because I was asking for the universe to have jobs offered to me but instead of it happening to me it's happening to him. He has no idea that I'm doing this program…After last Saturday's call I did the forgiving meditation everyday and his entire attitude has changed. He has become more loving and not so full of hate towards me and the world."

~ M. L., Ontario, Canada

Lottery Prize

"By the way, lately I haven´t been lucky with lottery numbers and this Saturday not only did someone else pay for my lottery ticket, but I got 36€!! HUGE YES from the universe that all is well and the Incubator is magnificent."

~ Inma C., Monserrat,Valencia, Spain

Open to new love

"On the subject of being open to love wow! I clearly felt the presence of a loving warm male energy around me. I woke up one particular morning feeling embrace of an incredible gentle and loving man. I'm not seeing his face, just that he is olive toned with dark hair. Even this morning I could feel his hands on my shoulders. Wow, Wow, Wow! On the subject of my business. I am still getting clear on my next step… However I am really at peace about it. I am continuing to stay engaged and working with my current prospects. I truly appreciate you Simone and the work of the Abundance Incubator. I am glad that I trusted you and the work that you do. Thanks again."

~ K. Tucker, Missouri U.S.A.

Now, in Part 2, we literally strip away the most pervasive energetic cords and limiting belief systems to go even deeper, beyond physical abundance, into the abundance of the Soul. Into the I AM presence.

After having facilitated three groups of Part 1 of The Abundance Incubator, working with people’s Higher Selves and Spiritual Guidance Light Teams, as well as my own Light Team, I have pinpointed the prevailing patterns and programs that have snagged people in repetitive limited loops, holding them back from fully expressing the fullness of their Being, the abundance of their Soul.

Are you ready to be who really are? To create a new context in which to see yourself and a new template to live in the world – that of your Soul’s truth in a bigger, more expanded way???

This is you, right: You know it’s your time to experience the real potential that resides within you. You want to uplevel the game you’re playing on the planet and have a greater impact. You want to not only believe in miracles, but experience them regularly – produce them on demand!

Who would you be without your lack story? What would emerge inside of you if you could uncover all that is holding you back?

In the Alignment with the I AM in The Abundance Incubator program, you will:

  • Release resistance to allow Abundance
  • Increase Self Love
  • Increase Self Worth
  • Increase Self Awareness
  • Create new firm, healthy energetic boundaries, thereby maintaining your own sovereignty and preventing energy leaks
  • Release fear and doubt
  • Release shame, blame, and guilt
  • Clear family entanglements that hold you back
  • Clear self-sabotage
  • Clear debt and indebtedness
  • Uplevel your Self Confidence and radiance
  • Become in tune with synchronicities and divine timing for which to take inspired action
  • Disconnect from mass consciousness anxieties and beliefs in lack and limitation
  • Increase your awareness and acceptance of your unique value; divest yourself of “not enoughness” patterns
  • Uncover talents, gifts and skills you may have hidden away and thus kept your abundance from coming to you
  • Allow your unique creativity and authentic self-expression to come forward in new and exciting and unexpected ways!
  • Magnetize money, opportunities, and supportive friends and community to you

Expert Reviews

"I personally never miss Simone Valentine's Abundance Incubator. I have asked her to now include me in every Incubator she does...everything just flows!"

~ Eram Saeed, Founder and Host of the global Telesummit series, From Heartache to Joy

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Cancellation Policy: No refunds after Saturday, May 6, 2017.
For Package B, your personal session must be used within 3 months of the purchase date.

Package A

This program Includes:

  • Seven Live Healing and Clearing Group Calls
  • One Entrainment MP3 to immerse yourself into daily
  • Two Additional energy encoded MP3 activations to further your immersion and emergence – Heart Song and Authentic Self Confidence
  • One Bonus MP3
  • 44 days Remote Energy Transmissions in the cocoon of The Abundance Incubator
  • Private Facebook Group


Seven Live Healing and Clearing Group Calls

Value: $875

Length: 60+ minutes

Date and Times: Our live group coaching calls will occur at 11am Pacific time (Los Angeles, California U.S.A.).

All participants will receive on the Thursday preceding call an email with the dial in, passcode, and website URL information for you join the call that coming Saturday. All calls will be recorded so you can refer back to the replay if you miss the live call meeting.

This is where the heavy-duty clearings happen and there will be significant movement. Expect transformation. Come prepared with water, pen and paper, and the courage to face what has been so deeply embedded for far too long. Live with me and everyone’s Spiritual Guidance Light Teams, we will get to the root of core issues and clear in these key areas:

Call 1 - Saturday, May 6, 2017: Unsafe
Call 2 - Saturday, May 13, 2017: Unloved
Call 3 - Saturday, May 20, 2017: Unworthiness
Call 4 - Saturday, May 27, 2017: Self Punishment / Self Judgement
Call 5 - Saturday, June 3, 2017: Constriction, restriction
Call 6 - Saturday, June 10, 2017: Indebtedness / Obligation / Neediness
Call 7 - Saturday, June 17, 2017: Abandonment → Emergence of new soul Greatness: The I Am

You will emerge from these calls with new awareness, huge shifts, and a new and greater alignment with your Soul’s Truth.

Deep clearing and releasing on the group call

"Hi Simone, Wow!! Thank you (you and the Upstairs Team) for this afternoon's Clearance! I think you hit the Mother Load with this one! I cried twice during the call, as well as normal releasing in between. I am STILL releasing (an hour and a half later); in fact, it just goes deeper and deeper! I can feel the energy seeping in through the layers and peeling them away. At one point, there was so much energy trying to release at once that my body felt like vomiting and crying at the same time, and didn't know which to do first!! Thankfully, the energy passed quickly, so I didn't need to do either. I haven't done this much releasing from a clearance in years, if not decades!

omg...another wave just went through, while writing this, with more cathartic crying and a bit a nausea. I've experienced a lot of releasing and clearing throughout my life (I've been on this Path for all of my adult life...I'll be 58 next month), and some have been very powerful. But, I don't think I've experienced any like this! I can't even tell what's releasing! I just feel waves and/or bubbles of energy literally "releasing"...moving up and out (which is why some of the nausea). So much energy is trying to release at once that it gets bottled up at the Laurel & Hardy trying to pass through a doorway at the same time! 🙂 Once again, THANK YOU!!!"

~ Helen Praria


Daily Entrainment MP3

Value: $100

Length: 7 Minutes, 4 Seconds

Daily Entrainment clears fear and opens you to receive the energy transmissions of the Abundance Incubator. For full effect, listen to Daily Entrainment once daily for the duration of the 44 days.


Heart Song MP3

Value: $100

Length: 6 Minutes, 46 Seconds

Heart Song is designed for you to gain clarity and insights into the deep desires of your Heart and to expand on them, as well as evoking passion and enthusiasm.

Released grief

"Simone, you are wonderful. Your voice is soothing and healing. The MP3s you provided were enlightening. I have been holding on to grief and guilt for many years. The Daily Entrainment was effective in making me realize that the grief and guilt had become fear. Fear of change, the change that would actually free me from the grief and guilt I have been holding on to. The Heart Song is healing and provides comfort I needed to face the fear of change. I feel lighter and happier. I now have the clarity I needed to make the changes I need to set myself free. I have a clear vision of what I need to do and have actually been working diligently on making those changes become reality. Thank you so much."

~ Grace S.

Reached a higher vibrational plane

"On a emotional and or spiritual level I feel that I have stepped into a higher and more balanced plane of being. Listening to the MP3s is absolutely delightful and they continue to vibrate through my body and lift my whole being to a delightful place and I repeat them so as to play in the vibration they create for me. I have experienced a definite shift in my vibration level and I feel uplifted and more positive in both my attitude and outlook on what is happening both in and around me…Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

~ Vicki Gehrer, Australia

Released former relationship and unrequited love

[3/18/17] "I just listened to the daily entrainment MP3. I think I actually cleared out and released an old love relationship that actually has stopped me from moving forward in that arena for a long time...I have been trying for self love and wanting to bring in a new relationship. I guess he was there still in some way even though I have tried to clear him out using so many other methods! Okay I think he is out now. My heart is more open. Wow! Feeling a lot of love for me now knowing why I had to let him go back then. Too beautiful. Thank you for helping me bring his old energy out and release it.”[3/19/17] “Today Sunday morning I listened to the daily brain entrainment. An hour after listening, it brought to mind an unrequited love when I was younger...Finally saw it today for what it was in my heart- unrequited love - which I was not willing to admit. Once I did the energy of it left and I feel stronger and my heart is more open. WOW! What a release! I think I am really releasing a lot in my heart space to finally bring in the relationship I would like to have now in my life. Thank you for the opportunity. My body is releasing! Love, Light and Blessings!"

~ Sandhya (Sandy) S., New Hampshire, USA

Finally able to clear at the subconscious level!

"Last night, while I was doing the Entrainment audio, my whole body was really hot, like I was being flushed out. Tonight, after a few seconds, for about 30-40 seconds, I felt as if I was in the volcano shaft from Journey to the Center of the Earth, towards the end, when they climbed into a giant dish of some kind, so the lava would propel them out. I felt like I was in a dish, going up the shaft, with fire under me, and around me…A few minutes later, I felt, and slightly saw, a gentle fire, from about 6" away from my body to about 3 feet away –inside that zone. Usually, I feel/see fire only around the first layer, or etheric layer, and in/through the physical body. This is the first time, I think, of seeing it in the next zone out. Towards the end of the meditation, I got a sense that the energy in this meditation is really concentrated, like how they advertise laundry detergent: "only use a small amount, it's concentrated—a little goes a long way!" And, the "laundry detergent" analogy seems fitting, as well, since this is very "cleansing". 🙂 During the day today, I had moments of feeling more depth, or layers to my being and consciousness, and like I'm finally accessing the bedrock layer, aka at least the sub-conscious—maybe even the unconscious. I feel like, for the first time, I can actually do some serious clearing of that level. And I finally feel like I have the tools and means to do it with. Thanks again!"

~ Helen Praria


44 days of remote energy transmissions in the cocoon of The Abundance Incubator.

Value: $968

Format: Remote energy transmissions

In the sacred energy healing cocoon of The Abundance Incubator, the supportive energies of Unconditional Self Love, Unconditional Self Worth, and Unconditional Self Appreciation will enfold, cushion and hold space for you each week as each topic area is cleared along with the assistance of your Spiritual Guidance Light Teams.

The dates of the energy transmissions are Saturday, May 6 through Sunday, June 18, 2017 => 44 days.


Beautiful Sound Sleep - MP3

Value: $100

Length: 9 Minutes, 42 Seconds

Sound sleep of course being fundamental to healing and wellness, Beautiful Sound Sleep will send you off for a night of restorative sleep. Be rejuvenated and invite in beautiful dreaming states that you remember in the morning. You can fall asleep while listening to Beautiful Sound Sleep and play it in a loop if you wish, so long as the volume doesn’t disturb your sleep cycle.


Private Facebook Group

As we go through the 44 day journey together, there will be a private Facebook group to provide a safe and supportive forum to connect with one another and share our progress and breakthroughs, as well as reach out to me with questions you may have. 

I Am The I AM – Authentic Self Confidence - MP3

Running time: 5 minutes, 23 seconds

Value $50

It’s time to stop playing small! Allow this energetic encoded activation to augment and integrate the energy of True Source Authentic Self Confidence into all levels of your Consciousness, Beingness, and Auric field to raise your vibration and step into 100% Self Confidence. This activation is perfect to listen to whenever you need a boost of bravery before you step out in the world, facing the day with the Power and the BIGNESS of your Higher Self.

Package A

Total Package Value $2,193

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 93% Saving ***


Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Cancellation Policy: No refunds after Saturday, May 6, 2017.

Package B

This program Includes:

  • All of Package A Plus
  • A 30 minute individual private phone or Skype audio session with Simone Valentine


A 30 minute individual private phone or Skype audio session with Simone Valentine

Value: $125

In this powerful private session, we will go deep into the individual issues you are struggling with most to release, clear and dissolve with your Higher Self and Light Team. Please prepare beforehand your priority list as the session is 30 minutes in length. And please have water, pen and paper ready! Individual sessions they are not recorded.

We will conduct our session by telephone if you reside in the United States, and by Skype audio if you reside outside of the United States. I am based in the Pacific time zone, and my online calendar (TimeTrade) will provide open available time slots in your corresponding time zone.

Package B

Total Package Value $2,318

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197
*** 91% Saving ***


Note: You can schedule your one on one session after second payment

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Cancellation Policy: No refunds after Saturday, May 6, 2017.

For Package B, your personal session must be used within 3 months of the purchase date.

Long-held intention met: $25,000 to $35,000 in dental work for free!

"The shift that was most prevalent for me was a feeling of lightness, feeling centered, and more attuned with my surroundings, and this lasted for days. At times I felt like colors around me were more intensified, all actually was more vibrant. My sensations are so attuned, there were instances where I almost felt like in another dimension... it is so hard to describe, but yet it all made so perfect sense...among the few Intentions I had set forth, the one that has been prevalent for me now for a while, was regarding my teeth.

I have to say, that it has been an Intention that I have set goodness knows how many times. Either setting the Intention to find the right dentist, or finding the funds to do the extensive work that needed to be done etc, etc. Altogether they were always set towards the ultimate goal, that for me was my teeth. I have been battling issues with my teeth for years. Once I moved to San Antonio 6 yrs ago, I started searching for the right dentist, and always putting it off. Because I didn't know where to go, who to trust, where would I get the money... As much as there were other Intentions I had set, this one was the most pressing. For health reasons of course, but also for a sense of self confidence, wanting to "smile for the camera" without shying away... It can be a life changing experience. I realized that finding the right dentist, finding the funds etc, etc... The ability to do so was always there, all achievable goals, but I did block the process, either from self-doubt, procrastination, and self-sabotage...What happened during these past few weeks, is that while I worked on releasing this guilt and shame, and putting all in to perspective, I started feeling so much lighter, colors felt brighter, more vibrant...But most of all, the one Intention that had prevailed for so long in my heart had finally come to fruition: Out of the blue one day I came across this one dentist read reviews on his work, his practice and decided to go and start with a teeth cleaning... Simultaneously my husband had gone out to run some errands, and ran across a Dental School here in San Antonio, went to check it out and lo and behold he came home and brought me this paper that said they would provide dental work for free, anywhere from a simple cavity, dental implants, gum grafting and bone grafting etc, etc. All that was needed was a letter written by a local dentist, on letterhead from the dental office, describing what work needed to be done in a very specific manner. The more detail the better. Well I had gone that morning to get my teeth cleaned, and of course the dentist had said my mouth was a mess, extensive dental work was recommended, but he also added that it would cost anywhere between $25,000 to $35,000 – which I didn't have.

So I went back with the form from the Dental School and asked him if he would be so gracious to fill it out for me, I offered to pay for his time, fully realizing that I was asking him to specify what work needed to be done for free rather than have him do it at a cost. He did, didn't want anything for it, and also told me that he would've wanted to do the work on me because it would've been a great study case, but was glad to write the referral because I would be a great study case for the Dental School and would be a great teaching opportunity.

A few days later I went to pick up the letter and took it to the Dental School. Once there they told me, that it would take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to hear back from them, and they usually picked their patients based on availability, and also on the type of case and work that was needed. As I was walking out I said to myself not to worry, it would come through, because I AM worthy, and not to let this discourage me in any way. After I let it go, did not think about it anymore.

Two days later I get the call, actually they mistakenly called my husbands phone, and he didn't get the message until the third day, and I called them back – my appointment is tomorrow morning. I Am Stoked beyond words!!!!

I feel like finally at last all is coming full circle.

I have you to thank Simone, because of the introspection work that was done, the release of blockages so deeply ingrained. I was able to bring forth a sense of liberation, allowing for Serendipity to happen. Thank You! Love & Light Always."

~ Alex Galloway Ticoras, Texas U.S.A.

Study Abroad Opportunity and the money to pay for it showed up!

"Upon first listen of the Daily Entrainment, I felt super giddy. I felt my whole field light up with a “Yes!” kind of energy. My soul instantly felt satiated with a peaceful and relaxing energy. It looks like the meditations are going to be a daily treat for my soul. Anyone who does this program will definitely enjoy the daily meditations.

The first call was a great experience. I was delighted to hear Simone’s unique light language. I think the light language made the clearing more fun. I could feel my soul recognize it and I felt giggly and playful listening to it. I perceived it as a beautiful glowing white information stream coming into my consciousness.

The first week went by pretty smoothly. It was easy to keep up with the daily meditations. My mood remained high and I experienced no emotional hiccups or the need to cry from processing out old energy. At the beginning of the second week is when I noticed some really heavy energy leaving. It was an angry kind of energy that was saying “I’m so done with this B.S.” in regards how people sometimes still act like they’re in high school. I rode the course and felt better a few days later. I still feel like there’s more to that block, but it was nice to get a big chunk of it out of my system.

I had a very powerful realization. When people are being sympathetic towards you, sometimes they say “Oh, you poor thing.” But you’re not poor. They think they’re being kind, yet they are labeling you as not being the rich and abundant person that you truly are. It’s such a common expression that it sometimes flies under the radar. It was a very nice block to release.

I have a confession to make. I didn’t attend the second call live. I’m usually so punctual and organized, so missing it is very not like me. I didn’t set my alarm because the class would have been at 2 PM my time so I figured I’d wake up before that. Apparently, my body really needed the sleep from all the processing because I slept through a good part of the day. But it gets more interesting…

After spending some time with the family, I was able to listen to the second call recording later in the day. I get to the part where Simone announces it’s time for the clearing process and suddenly there’s no more sound coming out of my computer. The power’s gone out. I look out the window and it it looks like nobody in the neighborhood has any power. First I sleep through the live call and now the power goes out when I’m trying to listen to the replay? There must be something really valuable in there waiting for me that I’m resisting. I said a prayer where I asked my resistance to be cleared and then the electricity came back twenty minutes later.
The second call was full of major breakthroughs. When we had our higher selves hold us like they were swaddling a baby, it felt nice. I have a healthy relationship with myself and feel like I can always count on myself, so this wasn’t anything major for me. When Simone suggested we could also include our favorite spiritual figures, I chose Archangel Michael to hold me. That’s when the crying started. To me, Archangel Michael is representative of feeling supported by the whole universe. I haven’t always felt supported by the cosmos. It felt weird and foreign because I’ve lived without feeling those supportive energies for such a long time. I stayed present with what I was feeling and it was intense. Now I am building that muscle of feeling supported by the universe. I’ve been visualizing Archangel Michael holding me and loving me unconditionally several times a day and I am fighting that intensity less and less each time. It was such an amazing call. I fully believe that listening to that call alone has changed the rest of my life’s trajectory. Thank you for letting me be a part of your program. I feel like I’m a much better person for it.

Yesterday, I had a major block come up. I was donating money to Oxfam as part of the tithing practice I follow. As I was looking at the pictures of people in war-torn countries, I felt a weird sense of responsibility and guilt. I felt tapped into a previous lifetime where I was a powerful tyrant and felt like my actions had caused a lot of poverty and suffering for others. It was like a part of me had the belief that donating to charity was a restitution or reparation for my previous crimes so I didn’t deserve the money to come back to me. I asked for all of this to be cleared and I’m still processing it out. Can you imagine how much more ease I’ll have once this block is fully gone? It’s exciting.

I have a really cool success story to share. While participating in the program, I learned about a really cool study abroad opportunity. It was expensive, but I still decided to apply just to see if I would even get in. I got in. I was able to get a family member to give me a loan for the tuition. I’m excited because I know I’m going to grow a lot while I’m overseas. It feels like this is my next big step and the universe conspired to get me there."

~ Vera S., Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

New direction for her business and more self forgiveness

"What I've noticed is an opening up in the belief that I can actually make products for my business that I can sell. My mind is open to the possibility of this. I don't have it all together, nor is it perfect, but there's a clarity there that wasn't there before. I even bought components to be put together. That is huge!! I also understand that I am more willing to forgive myself, and have more honoring relationships with others. And even more so, myself. Thanks again Simone."

~ UH

Received clarity and courage to release a job no longer serving her

"I just wanted you to know that this short experience had a huge impact on me. The group calls felt so safe. I don't think I've ever been able to express my feelings so candidly and easily in front of others. You really held the space for us to trust and do just that. The support that you offered in getting in touch with our Higher Selves was so welcome at this moment in my life. And I palpably felt the energy clearings. I got some helpful insights that helped me make some important decisions about my work life. I realized that the job I'd been working at for the last 5 yrs. was no longer in alignment with my needs today so I spoke to my employer about it and him gave 2 months notice. I still don't know where the money will come from next but am feeling surprisingly calm and trusting. I believe that the clarity and courage to take action around letting go of a situation that no longer serves me was a direct consequence of the 2 weeks working with you. Again, thanks for your kindness and for your help finding my truth. Excellent work!"

~ Betty, France

Home repairs and improvements DONE!

"Wow, is all I can say! I certainly have gotten wonderful things in my home fixed/updated that I have been wanting for years! My husband suddenly decided to do them! It is so nice…Thank you for allowing me to participate in your program! I love being surrounded by your energy transmissions!"

~ Sandi Rineer, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Dively Channeled Answer and Clarity Received

"Thank you so much Simone for this amazing abundance incubator, what an amazing group! You are such a delight and so much fun. It's such a perfect fit for the current energetic shifts I've been experiencing, Yay! You facilitate in such a beautiful, yet powerful way, so patient & kind especially when there has been very deep trauma that many have experienced in some form or fashion. Even when you think you've cleared many layers, sometimes there's more to be freed up. So fitting to be in an incubator as springtime with so many things out in nature coming to life. It was a time of really coming into witnessing & celebrating even the tiniest of miracles, simply in the delight of it all.

Over these couple of weeks this has been so supportive to flow into the next steps of my life and really getting into that visionary zone. As the last several months have been phases of expansion, which is fantastic because I know what it can feel like to be stuck. I was really looking to fine tune which avenue was next, as there are many facets of what I'm looking to create. Well, towards the end of the second week, I received my answer! The divinely inspired, channeled information, came through so clearly & directly including the title for a program/package to offer that is just perfect. And there's so much more.

p.s. Even some family members, who have felt stuck for several months, are beginning to experience little miracles and are taking baby steps to move forward. Even though they have no idea about the abundance incubator. It's simply the energy flowing out to them and receiving it. I can't thank you enough for creating The Abundance Incubator! What a beautiful gift."

~ Kristin SM

Started speaking Light Language!

"I was so excited to be chosen and then participate in the Beta group for the Alignment with the I AM in the Abundance Incubator. Before the start of the program I set my intentions and started listening to the MP3 that were provided. Well what do you know; during our first call the first of my intentions – clearing unworthiness – was a main event. I learned how to ask questions of and then listen to my Higher Self for the answers. I began to feel lighter and stayed grounded and present. On the second call we tackled another of my intentions – increased awareness. About the last 10 or so minutes before the call ended I began to speak 'light language.' This was exciting and scary all at once since this was a completely new experience for me. Since this initial occurrence, I have several others including singing.

This was truly an amazing experience. I was able to go back to the beginning or source of some of the limiting beliefs or blocks and clear them. I have been feeling lighter and stopped giving my power away. I have new tools and the assurance and awareness that my Higher Self and Light Team are supporting me and ready to assist at my asking. Wow, I am still blown away and have come to realize that my light language is a healing tool for me. I Am Abundance. I Am Abundant. I Am so grateful! Thank you Simone and your Light Team for opening the space for this program to be possible. Wow! Wow! Wow!"

~ Barbara E., Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Profound releases into bliss

"The heart meditation is beautiful, I normally listened to it 2 times to get my mind to still into it but when I did, it was so calming.

The first call:
I remember when we went into the clearing I felt a sensation of complete peace wash over me. I felt extremely grounded, which isn't always easy for me, and it was so blissful, as if a complete calmness had enveloped my entire body. I remember thinking that I wanted to stay in this state forever because I felt so clear headed and it was as if a pure white light radiated throughout me, pure peace and bliss. I love the questions process Simone uses in her group calls, it really helps to get insight into aspects of your self you never even new was energetically and emotionally an issue. An example of this, was me thinking as a child that I felt guilty for being born, like I was a burden on my parents. Who knew? I've also heard light language before but when Simone spoke light language I connected with it a higher level, like never before. It was if I could energetically feel, directly connect and see the light being it was coming from, honestly I can't explain it but wow did I connect to the universal energies of that light language. It was so beautiful. As the days progressed I listened to the meditations more than once a day and I did feel a sense of calm throughout my day that I had never had. Then a whole load of anxiety and fear started coming up, it was like every cell was vibrating with these feelings but at the same time it wasn't affecting me as a person as I was also calm. Oddest feeling ever but as i know is was a good thing and means it's coming up to be released, and Simone helped me by instructing me to shower the inner child with light and tell her she was safe.

Call 2:
Like most of Simone Valentine’s group calls, I fell asleep about 5 minutes in. The second time I only got half way through and had to sleep again. But that's how I know there's a lot of stuff coming up to be released and if I'm asleep it works quicker. As I've worked with Simone before I knew to pace myself and just go back and finish the call after I've had some sleep. I've worked with Simone before on a package and I know she is powerful and have had many shifts and changes with her and now with the light language it's on a whole different level."

~ Jodie Park, Perth, Australia

Core belief system and blind spot realized and cleared

"During my participation in the Alignment with the I Am in the Abundance Incubator, I began seeing myself inside my current creation more clearly. I am still feeling a heightened sense of awareness of my own actions and reactions throughout my day. This comes with the understanding that although my life is not what I want it to be right now, I still must develop self-love for who I am now.

Also because of this process, the reading I do, seems to reveal deeper meaning.

When you, Simone, participated in the questioning part of the process and revealed what you discovered within your belief system, I discovered something I was holding as a core belief about my worthiness. I had been trying to believe, “I am worthy.” However, I actually was holding ‘I am worthy because...’

The because was ‘because I have a skill.’ Of course, a person could live a whole lifetime of low self-esteem and/or low self-worth behind a ‘because.’ I was placing worth on my great ability to rush in and save situations and save people. I felt it was my duty to save the world, after all I have this ability to do so; a skill developed under the pain of a stressful childhood to help people, while neglecting myself.

Thank You, Simone Valentine for being here, for developing your True Source ability, and for Truly helping others along our way. You have shone your light on a blind spot for me. Thank You."

~ Jeldean, Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.

Unprecedented, “Roto-Rooter level” deep clearings!

"Hi Simone, I experienced the energies from both of the MP3s as waves. The first time I listened to the heart MP3, I experienced mild nausea. As I listened to the transformation MP3 daily, I could sense beliefs and patterns clearing, some would come to my awareness as emotions as they cleared. After day two of listening to the transformation MP3, I noticed I was feeling a bit happier than usual.

On the 3rd day of the IAM program, my 18'year old cat passed while I was out. The passing of my cat Jewels brought up issues around loss, and guilt because I was not home when it happened. This tied in with my mother being killed when I was out of town on business years ago, and the anniversary of her death only a few days away for me one of the IAM program gift was healing of both of the losses and deep and guilt I felt not having been there.

As I continued on the I AM program underlying feeling of blame came up as I realized I blamed myself for not being able to do anything to avoid both their deaths and realizing I felt somehow responsible. I found going deeper that I've been blaming myself for anything that has ever gone wrong, as if it everything was always my fault, that I'm the one somehow responsible. This feeling of blame and feeling responsible merged with the feelings of not being in control of situations and circumstances and how powerless this made me feel as these emotions emerged. All of these deep issues as they emerged where very intense for me as I've been crying, grieving and healing deeply these issues.

As I continue to listen to the daily MP3s I notice that I'm feeling more connected, expanded, more balanced even as the waves of energy from the MP3s are bringing up more to clear. By the 10 day of listening to the MP3 my masculine and feminine energies began to balance. My masculine energy was exhausted, had the signs of PTSD and began to heal and balance itself. This brought understanding to me as the past 10 years had been very difficult for me on many levels. Feeling disconnected my masculine energy was tired, had almost given up as it was relying on its own energy to support, unsuccessfully my female energies. As these energies came back into balance, I felt my female energy expand, became more receptive and trusting.

On our second call as we worked on issues of worthiness, my higher self showed me the first incident I experienced not feeling worthy, it was during gestation. As my mother was looking to divorce my father and her realization she was pregnant with me she did not divorce my father. The second time I experienced feeling unworthy was around the age of 6-7, the memory of that moment when I realized I was alone as I felt unsupported by my parents. This memory is very clear to me and has been a major theme in my life growing up. I had worked on this for MANY years and as my Higher Self presented this timeline experience the energies came up for clearing on our call. The release was very freeing and cathartic.

For the last 4 days of the I AM program I noticed I was a feeling low physical energy and in need of more sleep including naps. These 14 days of the IAM program I’ve felt more connected than I've felt the past 10 years. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this amazing program."

~ Mayra Diaz

Past Lives and Inner Earth Access – Significant breakthrough!

"Hi Simone, Thank you very much for this incredible opportunity and experience. It has been an incredible ride!

I didn't write during the week because, as you know, I had so much happen after our call Sun., that I needed 2-3 days to process and acclimate to the new frequencies. I had some past lives come up, a couple of which were fairly major, and one of which I thought I had cleared more than I apparently had. The interesting thing about that one, however, was that he stood before me, in full, clean uniform, hat under arm & rifle in his other hand (a Yankee Civil War soldier) and it felt like he was presenting himself to me saying, "I'm ready to go now". This is an fact, the first one...that came up about 25 years ago. This embodiment launched an intensive cycle of past lives coming up for clearance (layer-by-layer) over a 10 year period. As of last Mon. or Tues., he was finally able to reintegrate & move on.

I also had the best connection with the Inner Earth (specifically, Telos) that I've had to date, and had a major insight yesterday. You know how you always hear expressions like, "You're the one that you're waiting for"? There are a lot of things like that that sound good on the surface, and in concept, but many of which always just seem to sit on the surface of our beings. Well, I was talking to the Master within that I connected to last week, in my Sacral chakra, who embodies a stillness that I didn't even think was possible. I forget how it all went, but the bottom line is, I suddenly realized that I'm the master—that that Master is a higher version of Me! That's when I got the expression in my head, ‘You're the One you have been waiting for!’ I actually get it! I am my own Master. ‘Going within’ for the answers also actually makes sense now. It's another one of those things where, you get the mental concept, you try to go within and tune-in, and see what your heart & intuition say about whatever you're seeking guidance for, but something always seemed to be missing. Now I know what. And, it's not anymore!

Unfortunately, I think this is losing a lot in the translation, as they say, especially since I'm really, really, tired right now. It's been a very busy, physically demanding weekend. But I'm definitely "getting" that I'm on the verge of a significant breakthrough, and ‘upgrade."

~ Helen Praria

Money refunded, space for yoga demos, and meals taken care of

"At a time in my life when things are so hectic and bedbugs are a problem, I found that the peace, calmness, and sincerity of your program offered so much. I started my business with inspired action. Spirit Universe showed me signs everywhere that I needed to do this business using vibrating Tibetan bowls on the body to treat stress and bring in ease. Each step I took kept bringing such success that I felt unstoppable. And then I got stuck. That's when your program came handy. I did the work and through patience and inspired action, I got refunded the money that the original hosting company I was going to use for my website originally was not going to refund. When I clarified to them that there was a 50% naming conflict with another company in NH, they took time (two weeks) to refund. Through patience, I contacted a yoga studio and originally where I thought this was going to slow, all of a sudden, I am doing a sound bath demo May 13th and being told I can use the yoga space for my demos! WOW!

Just this morning I am at a conference in Texas and had ordered breakfast from room service. I get a notice at the door that they will not be able to service the request. 9:30 am a tap on the door and room service is there. I did not even listen to the daily audio yet. Wow! The energy has also brought in colleagues that I used to work with in the vendor circle to the conference. I have not seen Jim in two years. Wow he always said we would see each other again. I did not take that seriously because he never comes to this conference. I don't know what's happening however I love it. I am so happy because every meal that I have is taken care of at this conference either by conference planning or a vendor. Free coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner! Wow. How many WOWs can you have in an email -- even that's WOW. I am a happy camper in my hotel room. Plus they have an Urban Outfitters here that has the best bath products! I am going over there now to make sure I get all my bathing stuff so I can luxuriate, be calm, release, and be happy. I don't even care about the snotty people who attend this conference! All I care about is that I get what I need to push myself forward!.

I am taking my time to say Thank you Thank you Thank you, to the Universe, Creator, Source, for inspiring me into action into requesting to be part of this particular group. Thank you Simone. This has been life changing for me. I understand now that we must take patience with our inspired action to get the result we need. We need to outline the steps for the best plan. Taking that takes patience, ease, and no stress time. I am so grateful to Universe, Source, Creator, and you for bringing all of this knowledge in for me. I so appreciate the Universe, Source, Creator for the clarity, removal of judgement, and the idea of relaxed and peaceful inspired action.

One more thing - I was traveling on Saturday to get to Texas from Manchester through Baltimore to Austin. I had been spending all day Friday packing all my items to have fumigation done on my apartment next week. I had been up for 48 hours already getting it all done. Midnight, I find out from Southwest my flight is cancelled. I call Southwest to figure out if I can get on another flight. I waited close to 45 minutes - possibly due to my impatience -- or possibly allowing Universe to work for me. When I finally got Solomon on the phone -- he fixed it all fast. He got me on a flight Manchester through Chicago to Austin. Same time within fifteen minutes of my other flight. I got to the airport, checked in my bag and got through security in 15 minutes. I got to the gate as they were going to start the loading process. I was the first customer on the plane!!! I got here to Austin on time! First Flight I got choice of my seat since I was A18. Second flight was a long wait because I was C14. Guess what yes only middle seats left however I was on a middle seat in the fifth row of the plane!!!! Also once getting in -- my baggage wait was only 5 minutes after the carousel was moving. SuperShuttle was a short wait too. I was the last to get dropped off but I get there in time and spent the afternoon in my room which was ready when I came in -- early check-in yes! Oh my and in room dining for dinner yes! This day had so many ways to wrong however if you stay in your secured happiness - it can all go right!!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again so much!!!!! Love and Blessings."

~ Sandhya (Sandy) S., New Hampshire, USA

Savings of $300 USD and quality family time in affluent surroundings

"I was my honored to participate in Simone Valentine’s 21 days Abundance Incubator. I have experienced so much more clarity, confidence, and ease of ‘thinking outside the box’ in creating my upcoming new special offers of my healing works. I noticed that it was also easier to fit some FUN into my busy schedule, to have quality fun times with my husband and 2 very young kids, which can be challenging at times. Also during the 21 days, I discovered a new love for kayaking; in the past it was out of reach. We found 2 new kayaks on clearance left in our entire metro-area after calling, but it would be another 8 hours until we were able to get to the store to make the physical purchase. I just knew it was meant to be for us and it sure was! We got 2 new ‘sit on top’ kayaks for $225, and normally would cost $500 or more, at least a saving of $300 USD. Then the same day, a customer of my husband’s graciously offered us to use her beach-lake backyard to launch our kayaks anytime we want. This allowed my entire family to really enjoy the experience of living on the lake in a very affluent community for kayaking, swimming, fishing, and kids playing on the sandy-lake beach. I am sure this experience has opened up many more ‘windows of opportunities’ for abundance flow in my life of ‘what’s possible’ and this itself is just priceless. Listening to Simone’s daily MP3s and reading her healing posts further kept me focused on abundance. I can also feel the support coming through from also a caring and authentic healer."

~ Jenny Ngo, RN, MSN, Dimensional Healing

Cash payment for something had on sale for YEARS! Positive changes in money, mindset, social life and energy

"I began The Abundance Incubator program with an abundant use of tissues, as I described the chasm between my goals and my reality. Every facet of my life had a deficit: money, energy, health, friendship, romance. By the end of the 21 days of Abundance Incubation, I had positive changes in my money, also my mindset, social life and energy. My former reality was that I assertively, but unsuccessfully, requested fair payment. Simone's explanation of Divine Compensation allowed me to confidently and gratefully anticipate RECEIVING. Simone offers a generous amount of caring and common sense. When I described buying discount cat food and litter, she helped me see it as manifesting the $100 I saved. Just a few short days after Simone had told me to put my request for a buyer into the Abundance Incubator, a friend gave me a $200 cash down payment towards an expensive saddle I had on the market for YEARS! Wow, I had almost given up hope of ever selling it. Now my friend and I will work out a monthly payment plan for the remaining $1,000 balance.

And, for the first time on my life, a friend OFFERED to loan ME money. I used to be the one in my circle of friends who would loan out money. But here was an opportunity for me to receive instead. What a huge shift in energy! Also during the incubation I received free help to finish my overdue 2014 federal taxes. My rescuer recalculated my medical and business expenses after I found additional documentation. This reduced the amount I owed by $2000! And this was the first time since my 2003 divorce that, instead of crying about the year’s challenges, I stayed calm and focused while assembling my financial data.

I aspire to follow Henry David Thoreau’s advice to 'go confidently in the direction of your dreams.' But sometimes we desperately need to know someone 'has our back.' 'The Abundance Incubator' is aptly named. Simone Valentine delivers consistent SUPPORT and PROTECTION and NURTURING. I expect that for many people, like me, this is a totally new experience. Thanks to the incubation, Simone’s Daytime and Nighttime recordings enveloped each day. Daily emails described her energy healing for us and our 'homeplay' assignments. The daily energy healing that she customizes to address what we need is such a wonderful experience. I cannot recall ANY time in my life when I had someone giving support EVERY DAY. It is emotionally very reassuring. Thanks Simone!

Working with Simone is a long lasting and valuable gift. The emotional shifts are rewarding and priceless. Your increase in abundance of all types can easily compensate for your modest investment in time and money."

~ Susan Rifkin, Pennsylvania, USA; Healing Touch for Animals, Certified Practitioner, science writer, MENSA

Was moved into action and received TOP Dollar cash offer on house!

"Wow…I'm not sure where to start. The first day of our 21 days process [8-10-16] we drove up to Idaho where we have 2 rentals and have never lived. We have always said that some day we might move there and live in one of the rentals. We had actually put one of the rentals up for sale 2 weeks before we arrived there on vacation. While there we looked around at properties for sale and came home talking again about the fact we would like to move there some day. My husband has been at his job for 30 years and me at one of my jobs for 14 years the other 5.5 years. We never thought we would move at our age until maybe retirement. Within 2 weeks of being back home we put our little mountain house up for sale, looking at selling our main home after the first of the year and then actually moving to Idaho in March or April 2017. I'm shocked my steadfast husband that doesn't like change wants to move now. It was like a light switch flipped on for us both. We will be leaving our kids, grandkids, and parents behind but the way this is going and how fast things are moving forward, it just feels like it's meant to be. I'm scared and nervous especially thinking about new careers with 8-10 years to retire, it's also exciting at the same time!

9/8/16: We received a TOP DOLLAR offer on my house for sale: $295,000 in cash with no realtor, no inspections and a 30 day contract. Unbelievable!!!! I'll let you know how this progresses. And THANK YOU Simone!"

~ Mona Somers; Redding, California U.S.A.

Depression left, new friends and community entered, and received $2,000!

"It is a challenge to put into words what the 21 day journey with Simone has meant to me: the focus on abundance. During the program a trickle of friends entered into my life and visiting with neighbors allowed in feelings of friendship and connectedness whereas before I had been living my life very much alone. And sources of money appeared to help pay the bills, including me facilitating a group tarot reading—Yes!!! Thank you!!! Yet most of all, the greatest gift I received was the ease of a very heavy depression and a return to feeling hope of feeling much better soon one day. I also gained the courage to move forward with a wonderful volunteer position that before I was afraid to move forward with, as well as the courage to show myself to the world again. I also received the return of dreams during my sleep cycle. I know now the flow abundance is present and life will continue to flow. Thank you Simone, that journey was amazing! I am excited to see what more comes in the flow of abundance!

9/11/16: Unbelievable, I received $2,000 from an estranged family member whom I haven’t been in contact with in years!!! Simply amazing!"

~ Caitlin Wolf; Nanaimo, Canada

Received free energy healing sessions and feeling more supported than ever!

"Before the start of the Abundance Incubator, I wasn’t sleeping very well and I was quite worried about our finances, because my son had a freak accident and had major trauma to his two front teeth at the end of June. The cost of fixing his teeth is about $12,000. At the beginning, I was sleeping longer hours and felt quite sluggish. However, after about the first week I began to sleep much better and felt that the energy was clearing and healing! I just want to tell you that I have been feeling more uplifted, hopeful and abundant since I've started the Incubator. I believe that the energies are shifting in me and therefore shifting my family members as well. There seems to be less stress and negativity & more cohesiveness and joy in our family unit. There is a noticeable change in the energy! Simone’s messages and clearings are powerful and will continue to propel me in the knowing that I AM Abundance! I'm looking forward to the "unexpected abundance" as it is truly always here. By being mindful and practicing gratitude every day, I am feeling less worry and anxiety about how we will pay for my son’s teeth. I am focusing now on the abundance that I have and being grateful for it. During the past month there have been some unexpected things that have happened. I was chosen to receive 2 coaching and healing sessions for free ($300) from a different healer and also 2 coaching sessions and a technique to practice that can help people with past trauma from another coach for free ($300). I also did very well the last two weeks when I shopped for groceries—I saved $96 and $125 on my weekly order by buying sale items, using digital coupons, and regular coupons! My brother gave me a beautiful Proof Silver Dollar ($30) that I was admiring and also gave me a rock that had gold in it. My parents have taken me out to lunch 3 times in the past 2 weeks which is unusual. My friend did an angel reading for me for free ($25). What’s really been amazing is the amount of support I am receiving from friends, family and people I’ve never met. I’m feeling blessed and abundant! I would highly recommend working with Simone!!"

~ -Kelly Vran; Cumming, GA U.S.A.

Moved out of procrastination into action and cleared a $1,500 hospital bill!

"8-10-16: I started a 21 day program I received from Eram Saeed's ("From Heartache to Joy") Backstage Pass. The program was geared toward abundance. Simone Valentine was offering it. She is calling the program "Abundance Incubator." Abundance to me encompasses my whole being, financial, relationships, health, and spiritual. During the 1st week, I noticed some physical things, my knees hurt, aches and pains, here and there.

8-18-16: One of my friends bought a salad for me ($3.00) and made me dinner ($10.00).

08-23-16: I cleaned some areas of my house, where it had needed it for a while. Then I read the clearing for the day – It was about CLEARING OUT CLUTTER! !!!

08-25-16: I found a portable phone charger on sale for $5.00 instead of the normal $10.00.

08-29-16: I listened to a webinar, and the speaker was talking about "circulating your money" to bring in more. Then I read the email from the night before about the clearings, and Simone had expressed similar thoughts about "circulating your money"!!!

08-30-16 and on: The program really started to kick in the last few days. I was doing creative projects I had been putting off. I made an inquiry about coordinating a local event, something I would have talked myself out of before. I contacted the hospital about a bill, and they are going to handle it for me ($1,500). I am getting viable ideas about businesses I can start. I will definitely recommend Simone Valentine's "Abundance Incubator" program. I'm going to gift it as soon as possible. I've had some monetary shifts, gifts have come to me, and I'm getting mind shifts: doing things I would ordinarily avoid, taking care of things I have needed to, clearing clutter. Simone is very connected to her guides. I was working on things before I even knew what clearings had been done. I was very impressed by the day to day clearings, THEY COVER EVERYTHING!!! I was impressed by how tuned in Simone is."

~ - Anita; Tennessee, U.S.A.

Gray hair recolored itself!

"I participated in Simone Valentine's The Abundance Program, and WOW, I am noticing my hair is getting back to its natural colour!!! And I'm not talking about the root of the hair, I'm saying the entire part of the hair that got grey is recolouring itself! It's like re-filling the hair with the natural colour! What a completely unexpected, but welcome miracle!!! Thanks Simone."

~ Simona Mauro; Milan, Italy

A difficult month improved drastically, and received gifts of a massage and lunch!

"Hi Simone, I just want to thank you for all the wonderful clearings!! In the past, I have struggled with not feeling good enough and with not being able to receive in general. I so appreciate all the deep and powerful work you have offered! What started out as a difficult month, has improved drastically. I am feeling much lighter and more grounded now. During your awesome program, I received a massage therapy session as a gift from a friend. (Monetary value of $65) I can't wait to go! It has been a couple years since I had a massage and I definitely need it! Then, just today, a complete stranger paid for my lunch! (Monetary value of $10). I was floored! I feel extremely grateful. I can't wait to see what beautiful gifts will show up next! I would highly recommend your program to anyone interested in deep and powerful clearings around abundance. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this. With much love and gratitude."

~ Anne Bennett; Powell, Wyoming U.S.A.

More inner peace, and friends and money just showed up!

"I was fortunate to take part in Simone Valentine’s backstage pass of her 21-day Abundance Incubator program. It is all about bringing abundance into all areas of your life. I have always felt like I had blockages in moving forward in abundance. Every night when Simone was sending us energy transmissions I could feel the energy moving in my third eye. Her energy transmissions helped make me change my thoughts toward letting abundance into my life. I followed her instructions and listen to her MP3s. One of the abundance areas I was working on were more friends and having fun together. Not long after our journey started I notice that more people were coming up talking to me and it included people that I did not know that well. We were laughing and having a great time. When I was short on cash the money always showed up to take care of the need. I notice more inner peace which let me know that energy was shifting. The key is to stay open and it will come. Some of my goals were larger things and I feel they will be coming but they will take a little time so I cannot wait to see what else is coming. Every morning we were ask to say what we were grateful for and I am so grateful for Simone and for her letting me take part in her Abundance Incubator program. Folks this does work and I look forward to more abundance coming to me. Just remain open!"

~ Bobby Everett; Jackson, Mississippi U.S.A.

Money blessings abound!

"Regarding the Abundance Incubator Program] “Just a thank you. I have received in monetary terms:

One shoulder treatment for free exchange value $60.00
Reverse Loan to live on (applied a while ago)
3 Azaleas for the garden reduced down to $2 each
Money to repay me taking someone to the airport and return
3 Coffee’s $11.50
3 reduced price BBQ chickens (which I gave to friend with 6 kids and 2 homeless boys staying at her place.
A delightful social belly laugh with two friends ! (more valuable than money)
A person who cut a bush down for me as I don’t have the strength or dexterity to do it myself.
Some reduced giblets and hearts for my dog ( down to $1 per pkt from $2.50 )

So blessings abound!!!! I am writing something up for a holistic practitioner from scratch so that his innovative treatment for pain can be used to help people. It has given me a little joy to use my skill and I am hopefully optimistic that whatever happens will be for the highest good."

~ Sue John; Port Stephens, Australia

Calmer and more trusting, opened up to receiving more money, love and support

"Dear Simone, Thank you for picking me for the 21 days abundance healing backstage pass. Thank you for all the clearing you did related to abundance and personal self-worth. At first I felt a resistance while doing the MP3s day & night. My mind was saying ‘what will change’? I didn’t notice any improvement at first, but later I felt & noticed that I was calmer, less anxious, trusting, I became more daring, less shy …..…..then small events started showing up in my life:

  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Getting good prices for stuff I thought I couldn’t afford buying
  • Receiving and accepting invitations or small gestures of help and offerings from people around me (my ego used to reject)

I am & will be consciously open in the future to more generosity and opportunities from the Universe. Thank You dear Simone for your heart work & dedication. Blessings."

~ Nasra; Beirut, Lebanon

Release and rebalance; greater empowerment

"I Love Simone’s work. She was able to communicate direct with my Higher Self and ManTarA to get accurate information on why my body was manifesting certain unpleasant conditions, and more importantly she was able to direct the process of release and rebalance so that those conditions naturally cleared up very quickly, yay. Then she went further with the communication and asked ManTarA, what else would else could be done to serve me. The resulting facilitation has left me in a far more empowered place to do my work and be my Light. Thank You Simone, you are a beautiful gift. I whole heartedly endorse Simone’s work, and have no hesitation in encouraging everyone, who feels drawn to it, to invest in it."

~ Matt Andrews, New Zealand, Facilitator of Transformation and Channel for ManTarA

Shift easily and gently

"I am so appreciative of my session with Simone. She worked on me during a super busy time that left my body feeling overwhelmed. It was so wonderful to have that time with Simone as she was able to bring me into a state of relaxation and peace allowing my body to rest. The whole session was beautiful. I could feel Simone's loving energy as she did sweeping clearings and guided my body into a state of calm. I could literally feel my cells relaxing! I highly recommend her work if you are looking to shift things easily and gently."

~ Robin Chellis, Washington U.S.A., Light Alchemist, Soul Transformation Guide and Spiritual Mentor

Peace, clarity, releasing of blocked energy; insightful messages that helped give more focus

"My session was Simone was exactly what I needed and brought me a great deal of peace, clarity and releasing of blocked energy! The messages channeled from my Higher Self we're very insightful, accurate, and helped to give me more focus on where I'm heading. She helped me release the cords connected to people and events from my past so that I'm able to fully move forward in my power living my purpose! She helped me get grounded in my new place that I recently relocated to and open to more receptivity to the all the positive change, freedom, and adventure that is in store for me! Thank you Simone!!"

~ Annett Schneider, Canada, Angel & Masters Channel / Intuitive, Reiki Master, Life Transformation Coach

New job, more money, happy and more connected, manifesting more easily!

"Simone Valentine! She is really something else!! I already bought her package of course and will soon enjoy another session with her! Can't wait! I was so lucky to have a session already with her last year and it was absolutely amazing! I have never felt so strong energy working in my body. It was really intense, I got tears and laughters and lots of release and answers. What I liked a lot is that Simone is quick and work fast and we could get lots done, she is also right to the point without lots of talk and questions. I would recommend her to everyone who wants things to really change for the better in life.

Since then I got a good full time job, more money, started to clean out clutter at home, and I am more happy and more connected to myself and more grounded and I also feel that my ability to manifest the things I need and want, is improving day by day....... Thank you so much Simone for all your lovely work and for being so loving and caring, you really made me feel special and seen by you during our session and even after, and that means a lot! Much love."

~ Marie Bergeås, Sweden

Receiving more: Higher Self messages, abundance and career movement possibilities

"Thank you so much for the session. I am feeling considerably better—doubt is gone, my energy level is up. I am saying yes to opportunities to play (board games with my family, roller skating with my son and friends) instead of sitting out. The day of the session I received a check in the mail that covered my son's school tuition (which I dearly needed). It even feels better to be in my office space. And I am receiving more messages from my higher self – that I know are from my higher self in a variety of ways. Something someone says, quotes or parts of email I receive, etc. I think that your MP3s and session are the same. Exactly what I needed at just the right time…The week after I spoke with you my interns were helping me advertise for 4 different programs almost all of which filled in the first few hours registrations open. That is the fastest they have ever filled and sometimes they did not. Anyway, what you did works…[And] there are now three job possibilities!"

~ Jeani Bragg, Oregon

Unprecedented clearings; amazing specific message from my Higher Self

"I have spent the last few years going to numerous healers and NEVER gotten the type of clearing Simone was able to do on me. It was amazing how quickly and accurately she was able to pinpoint the major blocks in my life. And she was able to share some really great tools I will be able to use. Then if it couldn't get any better she delivered a message from my higher self that made reference to only something I would understand. Did I say she was amazing?!! And last night had an aching in my back, like I had been lifting something heavy or carrying around my grandson (lol), but couldn't remember lifting anything. This morning it dawned on me - Simone had cleared all the garbage I had been hauling around all these years. My overall experience with my session is that Simone is truly a remarkable and gifted healer. Many Thanks and Much Gratitude."

~ Terrie Jameson

Feeling stronger and whole; each day the changes become further ingrained

"I wanted to share about my experience with Simone. Not only is Simone kind and great at making a safe space to work with her, but she produces fantastic results. We worked on clearing beliefs I picked up while in the womb. I feel so different from the work, and each day it seems like the changes become further ingrained and noticeable. I am more calm and accepting of myself. I am less reactive to situations. I am much more comfortable with the idea of being seen. I feel stronger and more whole. Truly an amazing experience!"

~ Anastasia Kile

Beyond words, neither reiki, quantum touch, qi gong have brought to me the kind of sensation I had with you – I was feeling completely at peace, full of confidence and light

"I had a mind blowing session with Simone Valentine last Saturday. I deeply appreciate every minute you spent with me Simone, it was amazing. I am very sensitive to energies and felt like never before! Neither reiki, quantum touch, qi gong have brought to me the kind of sensation I had with you. I had never felt my chakras being aligned and I really felt them moving to the center. After your clearings and alignments I was feeling completely at peace, full of confidence and full of light, it was beyond words. I am putting in practice the processes to fortify me since tomorrow will be a big day for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Much love and many blessings."

~ Sylvie Angel Blessings, Portugal

Finally a break through!

"I had a wonderful session with Simone Valentine. She was able to pinpoint an area that I have been having problems with for a long time. We worked and worked on the issue until it was resolved! I even have an additional technique to work with at home to make sure that I stay cleared. We were both cheering at the end of the session! Finally a break through! Thank you so much, Simone."

~ Dana W., Florida U.S.A.

Plugged energy leaks to provide for even greater financial prosperity

"I am a business owner and blogger, and I rely on my creativity and resourcefulness to make things happen for my clients, which in turn allows a wonderful inflow of prosperity. My problem was retention of that prosperity. Working with Simone, rapidly she could identify and clear the "energy leaks" that subconsciously were depleting my money supply. She assisted me with setting healthier barriers, learning how to say "No," and she provided practical steps for me to implement to plug the holes and allow me to grow my earnings, creating even greater prosperity for myself. Thank you Simone!"

~ Derrick Johnson, Designer and Organizer; Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

Gives tangible steps to take that can be put into action immediately

"Simone's guidance has been invaluable! The clarity she brings through is abundant. She gives tangible steps to take that can be put into action immediately and there is no doubt whatsoever of which direction to go in. I tell everyone I meet about you. Thank you so much!"

~ Taryn W., Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

Amazing restful healing sleep

"Sunday Evening I was Divinely Blessed with a Back Stage Pass for Simone Valentine. She is a beautiful inviting soul who immediately uncovered an unconscious belief system and wound that was not only timely, it was the missing piece of my life puzzle to radiate my light fully out into the world. With ease, clarity and love Simone continued with a keen sense of intuition for what my soul had been yearning for so long. Her processes are powerful and feels totally aligned with my highest good. I had an amazing restful yet healing sleep awaking to a much brighter future moving forward. Thank you so much my new friend for sharing your wonderful gifts, talents and so much more with me... Blessings with All My Love. xxx"

~ Colleen Chanel

Greater awareness of myself and knowledge about the workings of the universe and life

"I had an amazing appointment with Simone Valentine. She was very prompt and professional, yet at the same time made me feel like we were friends. Her gifts are like nothing I have ever experienced and I came away with new knowledge about myself and about the universe and how life works. I'm not sure you could even put a dollar value on what she does. She herself is a gift and I look forward to a continuing professional relationship with her."

~ Martha M., Tennessee U.S.A.

Compassionate, deep listening and intuitive knowing

"As an energy healer and teacher myself, I often consult with Simone to provide further insights, clarification, and / or validations when I am tuning in with my inner guidance. Consistently, bringing compassion, deep listening and intuitive knowing in her sessions with a fresh perspective on the matter, I know I can trust that the information she brings forward is always accurate and coming from a place of integrity. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in any/every aspect of life."

~ Marvin Herrera, Northridge, California U.S.A.

About Simone Valentine:

Simone Valentine is an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach. She considers herself to have been a seeker of Truth her entire life. She used to "church surf” in her formative years looking for the "right” spiritual place to call home. The search continued while she attended college, centered inside the pages of the great literature she immersed herself in during her course study.

Never really finding that “home” or a sense that she fit in anywhere – be it in church, school, or work – Simone decided to leave her then job at a large nonprofit organization in Washington, DC and move to California to attend graduate school studying filmmaking after the events of September 11, 2001. While the glow of Hollywood lights dazzled her surface mind and goals, it was in California that she experienced her deepest, most profound spiritual awakening.

After experiencing burnout working in the film/TV industry and the sudden passing of close friend, she turned to meditation, deep spiritual study, and different energy healing modalities to heal the holes in her life. In these pursuits she discovered her healing gifts and that her life purpose was to be Lightworker.

Simone is an intuitive empath, Reiki TUMMO and Pranic Healing practitioner, Universal Intelligence Mentor, Medium, and Affirmative Prayer Warrior. Accessing deep levels of intuition, she assists her clients by connecting with the energy of the Higher Self to deliver guiding messages and energetic processes for healing and upliftment by identifying – and then removing – subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that hold people back in all areas of life so they are clear and freed up to create what they really want in life.

Her great joy is to assist those seeking to heal their lives – seekers out there just like she was who are committed to creating real and lasting change—for themselves, their families, their communities, and for our planet.

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