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Download Eram and Shelley's Interview

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Package A


Transforming Depression - MP3

This audio will help you break free from the cloud of depression by removing the sources of disharmony from your body and elevating you with frequencies of bliss!

Often we believe that because depression “runs in our family” and that it’s inescapable or because you’ve suffered under its weight for so long that you’ll never be free, but this is simply untrue. In this audio, you’ll be guided through clearing depression which may be attached to you from your ancestral lineage (on both your maternal and paternal sides) and past lives.

You’ll learn to clear out everything causing discord and bring your brain, hormones, and entire body into alignment - restoring you to the perfection you are!

You Are Light, Love, Happiness, Joy, Bliss, Compassion, Innocence, & Purity!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Cut cords and reintegrate any loose ends into unconditional love
  • Clear all entities and return to your sovereign state
  • Anchor into your heart space
  • Clear limiting core beliefs
  • Clean up your ancestral lineage (maternal and paternal going back about 150 generations)
  • Remove and transform past life issues that may have brought their own depression with them
  • Clear electromagnetic static, toxins, metals, pollutants from the liver, thyroid, and brain
  • Balance chemicals in the brain, making corrections as needed, increase/decrease in serotonin and melatonin
  • Improve your sleep cycles
  • Clear and balance the endocrine systems and all hormones
  • Remove and transform stress
  • Clear memories and imprints of depression from muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, organs
  • Bring in frequencies of happiness, joy, bliss
  • Experience a deeper healing through Soul Language
  • And walk through life surrounded in golden white light for continued healing and lasting protection
Download MP3


Emotional Detox - MP3

If you’re ready to bring forward and easily release the troubles and fears weighing you down right now, then this audio is what you’ve been searching for. Following this guided exercise will enable you to let go of everything -- pain, stress, worries, fears, thoughts… And connect to the eternal and infinite part of yourself.

You will align and clear the root cause preventing you from experience true, deep self-love!

All You Are Is Joy, Love, & Bliss!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Open and expand your heart
  • Heal and transform trauma and shock
  • Release doubt and fear of lack; bring in a feeling of abundance and knowledge that all is well
  • Clear mental confusion from everyday life
  • Eliminate feeling overwhelmed
  • Clear and transform the central nervous system
  • Cut cords
  • Clear all fear templates: betrayal, victimization, fear of future and the unknown, lack, and anything that prevents you from experience self-love
  • Connect and attune the heart and soul
  • Experience an intense activation of your heart that will expand throughout your core
  • Experience more bliss, joy, happiness in all aspects of your life
  • Embrace empowerment on all levels: spiritually, mentally, and physically
  • Improve your intuition and psychic abilities with your mental fog cleared away
  • Rejoice in your life more fully balanced in all areas!
Download MP3


Health Reboot - MP3

The hustle and bustle of everyday life, chronic stress, lack of sleep, bombardment of toxins, harmful bacteria, and pollutants can take a real toll on your body and your wellbeing.

Are you thriving or just surviving right now? It’s not easy to remain balanced and in your state of perfection with the world working against you.

This audio will help you create a new default state for yourself so that you can easily return to your natural state of perfection at will.

Bring Yourself Back To Perfect Balance & Harmony

Through this audio, you will...

  • Rediscover your natural, true state of perfection, specifically your perfect state of health
  • Create a new default setting to which you will be able to easily return to perfect health over and over again
  • Attune, activate, and align to the very moment your Soul was created by God -- that’s your perfect state and who you truly are
  • Bring everything into proper alignment
  • Open elimination pathways to clear heavy metals, irritants, toxins, and more
  • Raise your frequency so that you no longer resonate with harmful viruses and bacteria
  • Remove magnetic static
  • Turn off any genes activated by disease and turn back on any genes that that have been turned off by stress, age, illness, exposure, and more
  • Rejuvenate your body to counteract the impacts of daily stress
  • Activate your body’s ability absorb solar energy for healing
  • Calm down your central nervous system for whole body wellness
Download MP3


Pain Relief - MP3

Pain is unfortunately a very common experience in this physical world. Whether you’re suffering from an injury, recovering from surgery, or chronic pain from various diseases, you’ll find relief through this audio recording.

This recording goes into deep healing by clearing ancestral lineages-, limiting beliefs, daily stress, cutting cords, entities, other’s energy and pain, and more.

Relax Into The Healing Energies That Are Flowing!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Help you center and ground into your core
  • Bring in God’s Golden White Light of healing
  • Bring pain relief to all parts of the body
  • Smooth and release pinched nerves, muscles, and trigger points
  • Cut cords and release energies that are not your own causing you pain
  • Bring in a cooling energy to remove excess heat and inflammation
  • Reduce and normalize inflammation, nerve and joint pain
  • Bring in frequencies to aid in relaxation
  • Clear blocks and limiting beliefs keeping you from healing
  • Adjust your entire spine
  • Bring all organs, muscles, ligaments and tendons back into their proper alignment
Download MP3


Healing Joint Pain - MP3

Stress, injury, sports, disease, degeneration, autoimmune issues, age, and life in general can all take a toll on your body - especially your delicate joints. If you’re ready to bring your body back into alignment, find intense and lasting pain relief, and heal yourself, then this audio will guide to back to your natural state of perfect health!

Free yourself from your mind, limiting beliefs, and other energies holding you back once and for all!

Bring Yourself Back Into Alignment & Your State Of Perfection

Through this audio, you will...

  • Clear resistances and blocks preventing you from healing
  • Remove and transform core beliefs keeping you from relief
  • Remove entities and other energies
  • Bring all organs, tissues, bones, tendons, and muscles into their proper alignment
  • Clear confusion within the body that causes autoimmune diseases
  • Bring in harmony and balance to the entire body
  • Expand, tighten, and/or relax your tendons and ligaments as your body requires to return to your perfect state
  • Bring correction and relief to bulging discs
  • Clear memories and imprints of accidents, surgeries, or other traumas
  • Bring in extra oxygen and blood flow for increased and rapid healing
  • Soften and relax scar tissue
  • Clear and heal degeneration in bones, discs, joints, and more
  • Bring in regeneration and rejuvenation with stem cells activated
  • Bring in all nutrition and supplements needed by the bones and body
  • Experience pain relief, love, joy, peace, and happiness
Download MP3


Healing Autoimmune Disease - MP3

Much like depression, autoimmune diseases are often seen as “running in the family” and inescapable. Doctors diagnosis it and label it. You take that label into yourself and allow it to form an identity. That label imprints itself all throughout your body and you begin to see it as you.

But this disease is not who you are -- you can break free and be healed! Through this audio you’ll experience deep and profound healing on all layers, levels, and through all systems with Soul Language to magnify your results!

Bring In The Power & Energy You Need To Make Change!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Center and ground yourself into the here and now
  • Release all fear, pain, and concerns
  • Free yourself from your mind and come into your heart space
  • Cut all cords that no longer serve you and remove entities
  • Clear, transform, dissipate, and heal any issues you’ve brought forward from past lives, your ancestral lineages, and/or parallel lives impacting your health now
  • Identify and repair any defects in the DNA, RNA, the genes and cells that may be contributing to your condition
  • Sync and bring into harmony all of the brain waves
  • Sync and bring into harmony all parts of the brain and aid it in communicating with the entire body
  • Clear all limiting beliefs that your condition is permanent, you can’t heal, this disease “runs in your family”, etc.
  • Balance hormones
  • Bring healing and easy clearing to your thyroid
  • Open all meridians, all energetic pathways, and all chakras to clear, heal, and fully balance and align
  • Open all meridians, all energetic pathways, and all chakras to clear, heal, and fully balance and align
  • Upgrade your central nervous systems and bring in a soothing and calming energy
  • Reduce excess heat and inflammation so that you can heal yourself
  • Deepen your personal healing through receiving Soul Language
Download MP3


Healing Chronic & Seasonal Allergies - MP3

Do you suffer from post sinus drip? How about fluid in the ears causing hearing or balance issues? Scratching or covering up due to eczema and psoriasis? Longing for relief from your dry, gritty eyes and chronic wheezing from asthma or other lung issues. Plagued with autoimmune issues that nothing seems heal on a deep, cellular level?

Whether you’re suffering from seasonal allergies or chronic illness, this audio will bring you relief and healing!

Calm & Soothe Your Body For Increased Wellbeing!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Ground and center yourself into the here and now
  • Clear any blocks (known and unknown) that prevent you from receiving healing
  • Clear limiting core beliefs
  • Repair and clear in the gut (the source of our whole body wellness), including removing yeast, candida, parasites, harmful bacteria, and more
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Clear your kidneys
  • Charge your adrenals
  • Clear, transform, and dissipate heavy metals, toxins, harsh chemicals and more from the body
  • Focus on your lungs, release constrictions whether due to allergies or chronic illness, and increase expansion
  • Activate your brain and bring all the frequencies into harmony
  • Work deeply on your sinuses to heal, transform, and repair bringing you back to your perfect state
  • Open up your lymph system and kidneys in order to aid in your quick and easy elimination
  • Balance and upgrade the elements and doshas of your body to restore you to your wholeness and orginial perfection
  • Bring all organs and all systems into harmony and alignment to live at your best!
Download MP3


Healthy Gut - MP3

The digestive system is called the “second brain” due to the amount of neurons found there. As such, it’s no surprise that your whole body wellness and overall sense of wellbeing is linked to the conditions in your gut.

Through this audio you’ll be guided through deep and dynamic healing and clearing in order to restore your body and specifically your gut to its natural state of perfection!

A Strong, Healthy Gut Is Essential For Whole Body Wellness

Through this audio, you will...

  • Deepen your grounding into your core and your spiritual connection
  • Cut cords, release entities and other attachments
  • Clear and strengthen your aura
  • Clear and remove stress, worry, fear, grief, sadness, and more
  • Experience the highest frequencies of healing and pain relief laced throughout the recording
  • Experience frequencies to clear out yeast, mold, and candida overgrowth throughout the recording
  • Clear candida from all layers of the body
  • Remove cold, dark energy from the digestive tract
  • Reignite your digestive fires for improved health and absorption
  • Bring all organs and systems into perfect alignment, communication, and harmony
  • Clear out heavy metals, toxins, pollutants, harmful bacteria, pathogens, parasites, and other interferences
  • Bring relief and healing to tissues torn, ulcerated, inflamed, leaking, and otherwise not working optimally
  • Restore proper absorption of water and nutrition levels
  • Improved parastasis
  • Rejuvenate and regenerate with stem cells and improve the functioning along entire digestive system including the brain
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Balance your microbiome, acid and PH levels
  • Clear up body confusion and find relief for Crohn's, Leaky Gut, and other autoimmune issues
Download MP3


Happy & Healthy Thyroid - MP3

Many people today are plagued with a variety of thyroid issues which negatively impact their daily lives. Often you’re told that they can’t be healed and that medication is your only option, but this isn’t true for everyone! When limiting beliefs are removed, confusion is cleared, and harmony restored - true healing can be possible for you!

Through this recording, you’ll be lead through a gentle and easy healing to return your thyroid to its original perfection!

See Your Thyroid As Whole, Healthy, Healed -
The Total Perfection That It Is!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Dissolve any cysts, tumors, nodules, and growths on the thyroid
  • Heal and rejuvenate the thyroid tissues
  • Clear and remove any diseases, defective genes, and other issues brought into this time through your ancestral lineage, past lives, and parallel lifetimes
  • Clear and remove any limiting beliefs surrounding your ability to heal yourself
  • Remove heavy metals, viruses (including over 88 Epstein-Barr viruses), bacteria and more from the thyroid
  • Clear negative emotions
  • Balance the your endocrine system and hormones, such as TRH, TSH, TH4, TH3, and more!
  • Clear confusion in the body that can lead to chronic diseases such as Hashimoto's and Grave's
  • Address symptoms of an underactive thyroid such as tiredness, weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, foggy brain, and chronic fatigue
  • Address symptoms of an overactive thyroid such as anxiety, racing heart, nervousness, weight loss, irritability, bulging eyes
  • Bring in nutrition, herbs, supplements, and crystal needs of the body to restore harmony
  • Deepen the healing with with Light Therapy and Soul Language
  • See your thyroid as whole and perfect again!
Download MP3

ITEM 10:

Healthy Skin & Rejuvenation - MP3

The skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense. It can take a lot of abuse but with your help it can be healed, transformed, corrected, and renewed!

This audio recording will help guide you through how to bring your skin back into perfect harmony, clear limiting beliefs that distort how you see yourself, and allow the true, beautiful you to shine through!

Rediscover Your Newborn Skin Perfection!
You Are Beautiful!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Center and ground into this present moment
  • Open your pathways for ellimations, allowing the skin to sweat, detox, and function properly
  • Bring comfort, healing, softening, repairing and correction to scar tissues from acne, incisions, accidents, discoloration, birthmarks and more to bring our skin back into its perfection
  • Balance your doshas and upgrade your elements
  • Correct dehydration by allowing your body to absorb water and nutrients as needed
  • Dissolve, dissipate, transform, and transmutate viruses and bacteria causing dry patches and imperfections in, on, and around the skin
  • Release trigger points and tightened myofascial tissue for smoother, more relaxed skin
  • Clear limiting core belief surrounding your appearance
  • Bring in collagen to restore the forehead, around the eyes, the jaw line, and wherever it’s needed
  • Activate stem cells for rejuvenation
  • Balance all the systems of the body to enable them to work in perfect harmony
  • Calm down histamines in your body to relieve itching and irritation
  • Deepen the healing and transformation with Soul Language
  • See the truth of your own beauty!
Download MP3

ITEM 11:

Happy & Healthy Central Nervous System - MP3

Everyday life is hard on our bodies, especially our central nervous system. Maybe you’re experiencing brain fog? Feeling frazzled by stress and the go-go-go of life? Being bombarded with electromagnetic interference modern technology? Experiencing overwhelming anxiety and long for more peace and serenity? This recording will enable you to clear, transform, neutralize, repair, and strengthen your central nervous system!

Repair and Strengthen Your Central Nervous System For Increased Peace & Tranquility!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Raise your energy levels
  • Experience a complete brain attunement
  • Align all parts of the brain: cerebellum, brainstem, midbrain, hypothalamus
  • Clean up ancestral lineage on maternal and paternal side
  • Go in deep on the cellular level and aligning the DNA and RNA, which will bring you back to your original crystalline blueprint and the perfection that you are
  • Repair and clear anxiety and stress
  • Repair and strengthen your central nervous system
  • Clear pollution, radio waves, electromagnetic static, interference from everyday items like cell phones and modems to repair damage to the central nervous system and become impervious to future attacks on your system so you don’t react or respond to it
  • Clear medications, toxins, any chemical substances causing harm and dissonance in your body
  • Improve your concentration, power, and focus
  • Clear shock, confusion, and lingering effects from any physical traumas, accidents, or other bodily harm
  • Clear your aura on all layers and levels into infinity
  • Upgrade your central nervous system
  • Quickly and smoothly rebuild and repair the myelin sheath anywhere it’s deteriorated from age, illness, and genetic issues so that it can work at its optimum level
  • Bring in more bliss, peace, serenity, and calming energy
  • Experience Soul Language to take the healing even deeper
Download MP3

ITEM 12:

Private Facebook Support Community

This is a private community I’ve created just for you! It's a safe space for you to grow, share, explore, and just be present. I will be available in the group to answer questions, offer guidance, bring you needed support, and help you on your journey back to your natural state of perfection! You’ll also be able to freely and openly share with others who are going through this process with you.


Deep Cleanse & Protection - SILENT MP3

Silence is a powerful tool that you can use to bring about deep, transformative change. This silent recording pulsates with frequency elevating vibrations to enable you to clear anything and everything that is no longer serving your highest good.

You can use this process to help you clear your home, office, car, electronics, and more as well!

Peacefully Transform Your Places, Spaces, & Self!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Bring yourself more fully into a state of sovereignty
  • Bring in more wholeness, joy, balance, peace, and life force
  • Command anything that is not from Creator to leave
  • Cut cords
  • Clear entities, negative thought forms, aliens, implants, and more
  • Clear oaths, vows, contracts, white & black magic, and any other kind of interference from past lives
  • Clear electromagnetic static from the aura and transform it into love and store it in your belly point to take stress off kidneys and adrenals
  • Clear the toxic effects of stress on your body
  • Clear, transform, balance all places, spaces, homes, electronics and more.
  • Raise and maintain a high frequency for your protection
Download MP3


Cutting Cords & Clearing All Forms of Entities and Implants - MP3

Do you ever feel like you have a shadow hanging over you? Something weighing you down? You’re doing the work, trying to do all the right things, but your results fall short of your desires. Maybe you’re anxious, angry, fearful, unhappy and you don’t know why. These can all be signs of entity inference.

This audio will enable you to cut and clear everything that’s not in your life for your highest good so that you can soar free and manifest your desires.

Anything That’s Not Unconditional Love Must Be Cut & Cleared!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Ground and center into your heart space, into the here and now, and into your core
  • Strengthen and clear your core
  • Release all fear, pain, worries, and anxieties
  • Deepen your connection to the infinite and eternal part of yourself
  • Cut cords, remove anything that’s not from the Creator, and fill the empty space with God’s Golden White Light
  • Experience frequencies of healing, peace, and serenity
  • Remove and transmutate all entities, extraterrestrials, implants, amphibian and reptilian energies, low energy beings, interdimensional beings, waywards, tricksters, and anything that’s not from God and for your highest good
  • Rediscover your REAL state of being and who you are
  • Find yourself surrounded by unconditional love, protection, and continued healing
Download MP3


Stillness Attunement & Activation - SILENT MP3

The mind can feel like a nonstop, merry-go-round of thoughts, chatter, and distraction. But when you embrace stillness and the power of silence, you can finally free yourself from the noise and rediscover who you truly are!

This audio is filled with frequencies of stillness, peace, tranquility, calm, and relaxation. Use it as an aid during meditation or to fall asleep quickly and peacefully at night.

Open Yourself To Frequencies Of Stillness & Silence

Through this audio, you will...

  • Ground and center into your core, your heart space, the present moment
  • Bring you back to who you truly are
  • Embrace the stillness and silence within
  • Remove excess chatter and noise from your mind
  • Experience peace, tranquility, and relaxation
  • Receive transmitted and activated frequencies of stillness and silence
Download MP3

Karma Cleanse

Have you ever felt a heaviness in your body? Unexplained fear, anxiety, or anger? Maybe you feel like you're carrying around baggage that was never yours to begin with?

If you’re ready to shake off the weight and experience a new sense of lightness, then Karma Cleanse is what you need!

This audio will help you clear everything -- mental, emotional, or physical -- that’s keeping you from being who you truly are so you can enjoy your state of perfection!

Clear layers of darkness easily and quickly

Through this audio, you will...

  • Open yourself up to your perfection
  • Allow emotions to neutralize -- melt away, clear, dissolve, flow, change, transmute -- whatever you need in this moment
  • Go deep into clearing and healing on a cellular level
  • Open up to your original Soul Blueprint -- your state of perfection
  • Adjust on a DNA level from all the programming of the karmic densities that we were born with and that you’re currently experiencing to rediscover who you truly are
  • Increase and compound frequencies over and over again to bring deep, lasting relief
  • Bring in the nutrition you need
  • Shake things up in order to clear out stubborn issues that are plaguing you and then focus on bringing stability back in
Download MP3

Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus

ITEM 13:

30 Min Private Session with Shelley

In this session, which will be recorded for your convenience, you can experience:

  • Quantum healing personalized and tailored to you!
  • Relief from autoimmune issues plaguing you
  • Lifting of depression, anxiety, irritability, and more
  • Messages for you from your Angels and Guides
  • Aura cleansing and healing
  • Renewed sense of purpose and direction
  • Increased feeling of peace, well-being, tranquility, and sheer joy!

If You’re Looking For Healing On A Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Level, Then This Is YOUR Opportunity!

Through this session, you’ll be able to bring your worries, pains, and traumas to a safe space held just for you and find the relief and peace you’ve been longing for. Shelley will tune into you and offer new and detailed insights. With her Angels, Shelley will gently and lovingly guide you through your healing process with ease, comfort, and joy.

PLEASE NOTE: December availability for private sessions with Shelley is limited. Many more spots will be opening in January and February. Thank you for your patience.

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