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Download Eram and Roshelle's Interview

Download MP3

Package A

This program includes:

  • 4 Ignite Your Soul MP3s
  • 2 Bonus MP3s
  • Bonus: Set Yourself Free: A Virtual Retreat to Untether Your Soul

How to Use Your MP3s

Download PDF

*Exclusive Limited Time Bonus*

Reprogram Your Wounded Heart: 3-Part Program to Release All the Effects of Trauma Once and For All

Value: $1200

Date: Nov 6, 13, 20 at 6pm PST

By scheduling the sessions above you get following benefits:

1) You will get reminder emails for the call with the access links

2) You get to fill out a form for the specific patterns and shifts you are looking to make, and the tools you are hoping for that would help you out

Comprised of 3 calls in November, all revolving around releasing the effects of trauma within our body. As a group these calls target releasing inner-grief, abandonment, betrayal, self-rejection, self-criticism, distrust, and disconnection.

  • Do you experience relationships and friendships that feel like there is something missing? Where you feel like there is something wrong with you because it seems like 1 and 1 don’t equal 2?
  • Are you still triggered by a painful childhood?
  • Do you tend to criticise and reject yourself?
  • Do you feel disconnected from Source Energy, unable to access the universal wisdom within you?
  • Does your body hold grief locked up tight, deep inside of you?
  • Are you tired of feeling like you’ve done all the work, explored all the issues with so many healers, therapists and programs, and still find yourself dealing with the same old patterns?
  • Do you want to have the tools you need to finally be free and move on?

This offer is for you if you’re finished trying to feel whole and you want to clear this out once and for all. On these calls, I’m going to show you how.

  • Gain clarity on what is sabotaging your relationship with yourself
  • Release the programs and beliefs holding you hostage
  • Step into the authentic expression of you, and begin feeling the confidence to express this you to the world

Call 1 Topic: Dichotomy of Love & Fear
Identify the stories you create in your life
Release your fear-based programs
Stop pushing your love away

Call 2 Topic: Addressing Our Inner Critic
Identify your inner critic
Release self-rejection
Stop resisting your highest good

Call 3 Topic: Accepting Our Inherent Worth.
Identify the core wounds which are blocking your energy
Release judgment
Stop feeling disconnected from Divine Source Energy


Ignite Your Soul - 4 MP3s

The Ignite Your Soul Series was specifically designed as an MP3 package to help you POWERFULLY raise the vibration within your relationship to yourself.

I’ve created potent clearings, activations and attunements that were channeled for YOU during the recording process, and have been embedded within these MP3s. It’s a complete energetic clearing and lifting of all the low vibrations held in the energetic and physical body. This is YOUR invitation to step into your center and fully commit to cultivating a new relationship with yourself.

Not only are the guided processes embedded with life changing energies upon recording, the music itself was created and recorded at a sacred site on Vancouver Island during the Summer Solstice. This combination imprints it with a uniquely sacred divine energy that will shift the way you interact with the world around you.

The energies within these MP3s are activated through your intention and commitment. As soon as you purchase this package, you’ll start to feel the energetic shifts begin to happen, often before you even begin listening to the MP3s. This is because these shifts are happening at the energetic and soul level, regardless of whether you’re able to envision the process. They’re then brought into the physical level through the listening process.

The MP3s are intended to be listened to in order, as a set, MINIMUM once per week in a safe, comfortable space. Here, you will be gently guided into a relaxed state of mind and body where you’ll be able to soak in the various frequencies and vibrations embedded in these MP3s as you are ushered through clearings and infusions.

The effects are cumulative, and you might find yourself wanting to listen to the whole set or individual MP3s more often. This is a signal that the energies we’ve called in are requesting your attention, which can happen when you’re raising your vibration, making shifts in core patterns operating within your life, and enacting significant transformation.

What Others Have Experienced:

  • Release Your Blocks
  • Release Negative Emotions, Anxiety and Stress
  • Forgive Past Hurts
  • Feel Restored and Empowered
  • Feel Happier and More Confident
  • Gain Inner Peace

NOTE: These MP3s are extremely powerful - please don’t listen while driving!

Each time you listen, you will go deeper into releasing what is ready to move on. And with time, you’ll notice events and experiences no longer affect you the same way.

Download MP3


In Audio One, we focus on creating an empowered and relaxed state to gently begin clearing out the energy centers throughout your body, removing all of the low vibrational energy and deep painful emotions trapping you in the cycle of suffering. We release all agreements and vows, and we allow the space to start making connections with how we may be subconsciously participating in creating the stories that sabotage the life we long to experience.

We create a resonance field with our Earth Mother where we can feel the connection to the Pulse of Life, and feel our place in the ebb and flow of Universal Energies. 

Use on its own when you need additional assistance to:

  • Clear your energy centers
  • Remove low-vibrational energy, agreements, and vows
  • Identify areas of self-sabotage
Download MP3


In Audio Two, our focus is on accessing all the subconscious blocks, beliefs, and repressed emotions in all times, spaces, dimensions, and realities, with the intention of acknowledging any messages and releasing what is ready to move on.

We connect to the Crystalline Structure within the Earth and create the space inside to be present in the current moment and feel your place in the flow of Universal Energies.

Use on its own when you need additional assistance to:

  • Access subconscious blocks, beliefs and repressed emotions
  • Release stuck patterns
  • Acknowledge messages from current or past experiences, from your inner child, or from your body
Download MP3


In Audio Three, we focus on holding loving space for all the parts of ourselves that have been hurt over the years, parts that have been separated or sent away. Creating a space to ask yourself for forgiveness, infusing a sense of empowerment, and create the foundation for receiving love.

Your Soul-Self begins co-creating with Universal Source Energy to infuse messages into your consciousness and attune your vibration to the essence of Divine Flow in your body.

Use on its own when you need additional assistance to:

  • Create a container where love can be received
  • Focus on bringing in activations and infusions of self-forgiveness, empowerment and inner-peace
  • Acknowledge messages from parts of yourself where you block love from coming in
Download MP3


In Audio Four, we focus on activating your ability to receive love in, opening up fully to receiving the energies of our Divine Mother and Universal Source Energy. We bring our attention within and activate the deep well within you, aligning your energetic signature with Universal Flow.

We connect to the realm of infinite possibility and activate our love vortex.

Use on its own when you need additional assistance to:

  • Remove blocks to connecting with Universal Source Energy
  • Focus on creating inner resonance and activate your receiving mode
  • Infuse total wellbeing, bliss, love and abundance into your cellular structure
Download MP3


Ignite Your Soul Bonus - 2 MP3s

I’ve included not one, but TWO amazing bonus MP3s to maximize the effects of the Ignite Your Soul Series! Use the first bonus, Light Up Your Life, A Daily Meditation, to easily transform both the way you start your day, and prepare for a restful sleep. Use these two pillars to get yourself in the right headspace for your journey.

Listen to Light Up Your Life in the morning to clear up the accumulation of energy you’ve processed as you slept. Wake up refreshed and energized, ready to take on the challenges of the day. At night, let go of that energy so you can relax and get ready to recharge. Get off the hamster wheel in your head and get back to the peaceful center of you!

As you go through Ignite Your Soul you may notice a reluctance to make this commitment to yourself. Why? Because there are parts of yourself that are invested in staying within familiar energies. While these are patterns that feel safe, they’re actually destructive and are what hold you back from becoming your best self and activating your true potential. Bonus 2, Releasing Resistance, will give you that amazing EXTRA BOOST you need to release this reluctance.

If you feel you need more assistance with moving through this or that private individual support is something you would benefit from, please consider purchasing Package C, and booking a private session with me to move through these blocks.

Bonus 1: Light Up Your Life, A Daily Meditation

This meditation is your GO-TO audio for raising your vibration every day!

  • When you feel like you’ve taken on the world and you’re sucked dry. This is where you go to RENEW yourself!
  • When you feel exhausted from processing your day. This is where you go to REVITALIZE yourself!
  • When you feel like everyone has taken a piece out of you. This is where you go to MAKE YOURSELF WHOLE!

This audio brings us to our sacred oasis, where we clear out the daily accumulation of dense energy that has been processed while we sleep, or taken on as we interact with the world. This is the perfect space in which to re-establish your boundaries and reaffirm your intentions for creating a new relationship with yourself, based in love.

  • Clear out the daily accumulation of energy at the end of your day from your interaction with people, places and things
  • Clear out all the stuff you’ve processed through your sleep
  • Re-establish your intentions for creating a relationship with yourself, based in love
Download MP3

Bonus 2: Releasing Resistance

When a new opportunity arises, are you resistant to trying new things?

When life seems to be flowing too smoothly, do you fearfully hold on for dear life?

When a new experience is beyond the scope of anything you’ve ever considered, do you dig in your heels to the old ways?

Listen to this audio to release the resistance to bringing new and vital energy into your life, REFRESHING your view of the world.

Observe how you are invested in remaining the same, and EFFORTLESSLY lay these old patterns to rest. This audio will help you release the resistance you face when getting out of your comfort zone.

  • Notice the places where you are invested in staying the same
  • Release resistance to your path forward
  • Birth into a new reality
Download MP3


Set Yourself Free: A Virtual Retreat to Untether Your Soul - Live Group Call

The call details will be emailed to those who sign up

I’m super excited to share this space with you and see what comes up through this Soul-Community Virtual Retreat! I absolutely love how Universal Flow always perfectly aligns the questions and messages with exactly what the group needs to hear and process.

Here, we’ll do a live group call to heal the patterns and agreements specific to receiving the energies of love into your life.

  • Do you feel there are hidden patterns and agreements from ages-past that are sabotaging your ability to receive love?
  • Do you feel you have core wounds that hold destructive patterns in place?
  • Do you feel separated from Divine Source Energy?
  • Do you have a deeply painful past that you’ve done your best to suppress?
  • Do you have hard feelings from past hurts?

The call will be guided by spirit and I will tune into our Soul-Group for messages. You will then have an opportunity for a personal spotlight with me. I will call on participants at random to ask questions on behalf of the whole group. And I’ll end our call by tuning into Universal Source Energy and downloading a guided group process, exclusive to those who are registered for the call.

  • Heal patterns and agreements that are sabotaging your ability to receive love
  • Create big shifts in healing your relationship with yourself by utilizing the power within the group immersion process, via the Maharishi Effect
  • Get your chance for time in the spotlight to ask questions that will not only get to the root of what’s going on for you, but will also benefit everyone on the call

Breathe into Love - MP3

Journey within to experience your personal connection to the Divine, receive messages, and welcome in love through your heart breath.

This is the perfect meditation to turn to if you:

  • Feel separated from Source
  • Long to feel a personal connection to the Divine
  • Want to cultivate a deeper understanding of who you truly are

Explore your deeper connection to Source Energy and begin to cultivate love through a beautiful journey within to meet your Soul-Seed, your personal connection to the Divine.

Download MP3

Most Commonly asked Questions about The Ignite Your Soul MP3s

Q. Can I listen to my MP3s while I sleep?

Definitely! You still get all the benefits whie you sleep. I do recommed that you listen while awake first, and continue to listen while awake, MINIMUM once per week.

Q. Can I play my MP3 set on loop?

I do not recommend playing all these MP3’s on a loop. Listen to the 4 audio tracks once and then allow time to process what comes to the surface for you.

You may find that you get sleepy as you go through them. It simply means you are processing at a level deeper than you’re conscious of. This is okay. You still get full benefit while you sleep 🙂

Q. What’s the best way to use these MP3s? Is there a specific order which I should listen to these MP3s in?

The best way to get the maximum benefits from your MP3s is to listen to your body. Ask your body how much is too much or how much more it would like to listen.

To listen as a set, start with Clear, Release, Influse, then Glow.

You can listen to any of these MP3s on their own to boost the energetic effects within your body and energy from that particular audio.

Use the bonus MP3’s I’ve included to add extra support for your journey. Light Up Your Life is a daily meditation you can use to start and end your day on the right note. Releasing Resistance is for when you need an extra boost in letting go of the old an welcoming in the new.

Q. Can I infuse my water with the energies of the MP3s?

Yes, this is a wonderful way to experience deeper benefits of a particular MP3. Choose one MP3 and set the water next to the speaker as you play it, focus on the glass or jug of water for about 10-15 seconds and set your intention that it is infused with the energies you need to process the energies of this track. Proceed with the listening to the MP3 as usual.

Drink this infused water throughout the day to continue drawing in the effects.

Q. How soon will I see a difference?

Remember we are working with energy of the MP3 and the energy of your body. Everyone’s emotional history and way of processing it is different. 

Some people notice shifts right away, and others take longer than others to get the results you want. You may begin to notice shifts within minutes of listening, or it may take a month.

Your part in this is making the commitment to YOU and following the guidance for what you need in this process. Make sure your intention is clear and you allow the shifts to occur.

Q. Can I use the MP3s for others in my home?

These are very powerful MP3s made just for you and your energy. If you would like to use the MP3s for others in the home you would need to purchase a package for them.

Q. What if my MP3 does not work?

If your MP3 does not work please write to : where we will gladly address your support issues.

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