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Download this PDF for clarity around The Decrees

Download PDF

Download Nidhu Interview with Eram

Download MP3

Would you like more sessions with Nidhu? Here's a Super Exclusive and Super Discounted Bundle offer for you!

Vip Offer

Package A

Reset Reboot


12 Clearing decrees for money over 5 weeks AND 12 unbelievably simple tips to enhance money vibrations

Format: Email

Beginning on Mondays, you get two emails in your inbox every week to remind you of the power of the Clearing decree as well as give you tips as simple as the one you hear on the call!

Your first MORE MONEY email comes to you on Monday, 16th April and then on Thursday, 19th April i.e two emails per week.


8 Master learning group workshops over 5 weeks

Format: MP3

The Master learning workshops take you through the families of fear, anger, grief, judgement, pain and illness with the clearing decree, actualisation decree and more of my unique processes such as the communication series, Astars and using the moon cycles to heal, but our focus will be practicing and using the clearing decree for immediate shifts in our lives!

The calls include more than 200 clearing decrees AND 3 adaptations to use the clearing decrees, so you will see how they are applicable NO MATTER WHAT you are dealing with

Our thoughts make our belief systems and our belief systems make our reality. These clear all existing belief systems around money that you could have gotten from your family, lineage and ancestors

The magic of group work lies in the group collective energies and I have seen that this becomes a source of strength and power - a separate force by itself, so even if you can't attend the live calls, your very connection to the group will mean shifts for you when the call is on.

Our group calls begin on Wednesday, 18th at 9pm IST and happen at the same time on Friday too - that is two calls per week. We take a break only after the first set of calls are over.


11 MP3s with over 100 clearing decrees
as well as actualisation decrees

This will have a welcome note which is a hitchhikers guide to using the decrees along with a list of words to cover symptoms of fear, anger, grief, guilt, cognitive dysfunctions, entities, illness and disease. And the following 11 MP3s

  • 1

    Clearing decrees for fears:

    You were born to be fearless. And now you can be! Use for all fears, phobias, insomnia, nightmares, asthma, skin disorders, allergies, addictions, shyness, colds, coughs, adrenal fatigue, Alzheimer's, pain in the lower back, neck and shoulder distress, excess weight but say the clearing sentences for these labels too. I wish you much calm confidence.

Download MP3
  • 2

    Clearing decrees for anger:

    Use for all fevers, ulcers, heat in the body, heat flashes, cold, cough, sinusitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, pain in the lower back, neck/shoulder/upper arm distress, excess weight, Parkinsons, but say the clearing sentences with these labels too. I wish you much ease and peace with this.

Download MP3
  • 3

    Clearing decrees for grief:

    Use for depression, breathlessness, asthma, insomnia, flabby weight, but say the clearing sentence for the label too. I wish you a quick return to gladness and lightness.

Download MP3
  • 4

    Clearing decrees for guilt, blame and shame:

    Use in Bipolar disorder, depression, apathy, any mental illness and passive aggressive behaviour. You will see the difference within 72 hours! I wish you forgiveness and worthiness with these.

Download MP3
  • 5

    Clearing decrees for disempowering thinking:

    We know about limiting beliefs. Now Say goodbye to the imbalanced and dysfunctional thinking that led to them with this recording. Take a look at the list in the page above - you may be surprised at how many may be in place. I wish you joyful neural pathways

Download MP3
  • 6

    Clearing decrees for entities:

    Play this recording at dusk and before sleeping for optimum results. If you are prone to such attacks, repeat the sentences after me till they become a prayer by rote - it takes less than 1 minute! I wish you safety and protection

Download MP3
  • 7

    Clearing decrees for Illness:

    Play for any and all illness, but check the text and use the relevant ones from above too. Please be mindful of all detox symptoms! Wish you good health

Download MP3
  • 8

    Clearing decrees for disease:

    Play for any and all diseases, but check the text and use the relevant ones from above too. Please be VERY mindful of all detox symptoms. I wish you deep healing and divine interventions.

Download MP3
  • 9

    Simultaneous and together clearings of all the above except illness and diseases:

    Pay this on mute for some extraordinary releasing!

Download MP3
  • 10

    Bonus: All clearings from above in one loop, except illness and disease:

    If you know you are dealing with multiple issues/projects at the same time, keep this going in a loop.

Download MP3
  • 11

    Actualization decrees:

    From love to health to positivity to monies, you want this for a boost of wellbeing and immediately activating the law of attraction for MORE good.

Download MP3


Entry into the unconventional FB group

Most of my calls take place with chats on FB - I find that this makes listening to the replay easier because the chats are readily available on the FB page and besides, its is great place to stay in touch! Even when the program gets over, yo can stay and benefit from being part of the group!

Important: Apart from the work we do, you have permission to share pics, quotes and happenings from your part of the world and life.


Entry into the Elite and Confidential whatsapp group

Whatsapp is FREE to download on your phone and offers quicker response time and deeper interactions than FB. The phone, after all, is easier to connect with than the computer!

My groups usually have a bunch of sharing, caring people with awesome empathetic energies. You are invited in!

Please add Neelu at +91-9830051888 to your whatsapp account, if you have one (do download it, if not. It is free and you will be amazed you didn't use it before). Send her a whatsapp text thereafter so she can add you to our exclusive The Decrees group. If this is just too much, then download the app, install it and send your number to so she can add you to her contact list and put you in the group.

Do not be flustered by the instructions 🙂 Download the app and the rest will follow!

Package B

Deep Dive

This Program Includes:

  • Everything in Package A
  • 8 hour workshops for healing with the father over 5 weeks
  • 8 hour workshops for healing with the mother over 5 weeks
  • 30 mins personal session
  • Certificate for completing the entire course with The clearing and manifesting sentences - this allows you to share and teach others the T3 decrees
  • 3 Trainee internship calls once a month over 3 months
  • Priceless Bonus: Permission to share all except the certificate and the Trainer support calls


8 hour workshops for healing with the father over 5 weeks

Format: Calls on Instant-teleseminar

Our fathers carry our paternal ancestral lineage and our mothers, our maternal ancestral lineage. Their relationship with each other and with us comes down through many generations. The choice of our families are Karmic and you are now in the unique position of mirroring entire generations of strengths and dysfunctions. Even your body in its yin and yang, left side and right side mimics the relationship between your mother and father. As you heal, so do they. As you do the work, you open both sides of your family to release their Karmic debt.

Details will be sent to your email


8 hour workshops for healing with the mother over 5 weeks

Format: MP3

Working on the relationship with our parents is the final stage of healing and in the final stage of healing, working on the wounded mother-child relationship is the hardest. She is our life giver and the ultimate authority in our lives (however much we may convince ourselves otherwise!)And so we broach it right at the very end...

This year, with the help of both Lord Saturn and Venus, we will be given definitive reasons to begin work with the family and sure-fire divine support systems to change our Karma! Say YES!

Details will be sent to your email


30 mins Personal Session

Format: Skype

My personal sessions include many a process unique to me! From my clearing sentences to gongs to multidimensional work to mudras to Astars to moon cycle burnings, you will always leave feeling better. I have also fallen into the habit of ending with prescriptions, so if required, you will be given simple work to follow through on your own. This time around, we will focus the healing with clearing sentences and as you may have already experienced, it takes only a few seconds. Imagine what we can do in 30 minutes!!

You will get an email with the scheduling link for your appointment with Nidhu


Certificate for completing the entire course with The clearing and manifesting sentences - this allows you to share and teach others the Decrees

Format: on-line/Digital Copy

The first ever training course on FHTJ is here! Be the proud recipient of your very own certificate for the work you do! And yes, this certificate allows you to share and be a trainer for the T3 clearing decree - after all the time we would have spent practicing and perfecting it, you can now go ahead and be a practitioner yourself! How cool is that!

ITEM 10:

3 Trainer internship calls over 3 months

Format: Online

Much as we will cover every possible way to use the decrees and see its many miracles, it is possible that your three months of internship will bring up something new. These calls will take care of that.

It is also possible that you may come up with another way to use the decrees - these calls are also to share that so we can all be on the same page

ITEM 11:

Practitioner Annual call in March 2019

We will get together for upgrades and adaptations (if any) to our existing knowledge. And of course, it will be great to catch up with my trainers!

Priceless Bonus

Permission to share all except the certificate, the trainee support calls and the practitioner annual call

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