Break Free From the Tyranny of the Subconscious Mind!

By Niky Rey

This is an Energetic Protocol, in the form of an MP3 track (no voice, just natural sounds and powerful PICNIC Energetics), designed to remove all energetic blindfolds to your innate capacity to become more conscious with every breath per your conscious choice! All this scientific and not-so-scientific conversation about the role of the subconscious mind has cast a huge shadow on people’s ability to recognize, claim and receive their TRUE POWER, which is their unlimited access to PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and AWARENESS at all times (even during sleep or death itself).

This PICNIC Frequencies Track will allow you to reclaim and restore this inner capacity of yours in a subtle yet deeply transformative way! Feel free to listen to this audio daily or as often as you choose and even put it on loop, as long as you are NOT driving, cooking or operating heavy machinery. Breathe, remember YOU ARE PURE AWARENESS and enjoy your PICNIC!

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