• Do you feel like there is some energy or force messing up your life?
  • You’re doing everything you’ve been told to do to live in the flow and have a great life, but somehow things keep going wrong for?

If you feel like your life is being sabotaged then it most probably is! I know from my own life that I had these feelings that every time everything was finally falling into place, then something totally weird would happen, out of nowhere, to sabotage it and ruin the well deserved good life that was about to happen.

Many people are affected by dark energies and are having a really hard life because of them. Most people don’t talk about these issues and we are made to believe that we will attract bad to us if we do talk about dark energies, but ‘The Truth’ is, that not talking about it just keeps people alone, isolated, desperate and with no answers or solutions. Talking openly and sharing solutions has to be the sensible answer!

If being attacked by dark energies isn’t enough, which it is! Then there is also the issue of spells and curses. Again, most people don’t believe or want to believe that spells & curses exist, because it is a scary thought when you have no means of dealing with it.


Disconnecting from dark energies & Floating into Pure Light - 9 Audios + Bonuses.

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Total Package Value $2,288
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147

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Disconnecting from dark energies & Floating into Pure Light - 9 Audios + Bonuses - 9 Audios + Bonuses + 30 Days of Remote Floating Transmissions + Disconnecting from ‘Feeling the Energies Release’ Audio + Filling & Floating with Pure Love Audio

Discount: 92% Off
Total Package Value $2,460
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

Sold Out

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A

Michelle uses her amazing powerful Divine Channeling abilities to channel very profound and Pure Energies to ‘Float and Disconnect’ you from dark energies.

The audios start with some beautiful floating and filling energy work, which is much needed to raise your vibration as high as possible to make the disconnecting work easier and more effective. After this there is releasing and clearing of the dark energies that are stored in you or your energy, followed by more Filling and Floating Energy Work to raise your vibration again so you feel the good not the dark leaving! The floating energy work feels amazing and so needed when working with such dark, nasty and evil energies!

Many Light Workers come to Michelle for assistance to shift dark energies and she has become very well known for her abilities to do this powerful releasing of dark energies & as well as releasing spells & curses.

After a year in hell I am getting my life back on track.

"Michelle - You are nothing short of a miracle worker!
I have had 5 other healers in the last year try to tackle the dark energies that were holding my body and my life hostage and they barely scratched the surface. After one live session, one phone session and using your audio releasing packages I finally feel like I am free. After a year in hell I am getting my life back on track.

I am looking forward to clearing out the remaining debris in the next couple of weeks in your new Intensive program.No limitations!

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
much love and light,"

~ Beth Joy USA

These Disconnecting & Floating Audios are BRAND NEW!

As I have raised my own vibration, more information has come in which has led me to do Floating and Disconnecting work, which is proving to be so much more powerful than the releasing and filling alone. These audios combine all of these techniques and really go deep!

PLUS – NEW MULTI-LAYERING! Using some new very powerful techniques, these audios have a brand new layering embedded into them to really shift the energies out super quick!

The silent backing layers are working to:

  • Float and raise your vibration to make all the energy work easier
  • Disconnect your energy from all dark energies attacking you
  • Clearing all the energies as the leave to Source so you don’t feel them
  • Fill your energy with Pure Love, Light, Peace & Truth so you are attracting good to you
  • Floating your energy again after the energy work is done to raise your vibration again

These backing layers are incredibly powerful and are really making the whole disconnecting and releasing process so much easier to do.

Audio 1:

Releasing & ‘Floating above spells & curses’

Approx. Length: 8 mins

releasingspellscursesThis audio really is a ‘God send’ to those people whose lives are being plagued by spells and curses. Many situations and issues are actually caused by a spell or curse without us even knowing this. Recent work on a group has shown that allergies, hay fever etc. actually responded better to the spells and curses audio than other releasing audios. (This does vary from person to person and not everyone is affected by spells and curses, in fact many people are not.)

Sometimes an issue can be dark energies and sometimes it can be spells and curses and the right release is needed to shift the issue. It is a good idea to work with the Spells & Curses Audio first to release any spell energy and then move onto the dark energy audios afterwards.

The Releasing & Floating Above Spells & Curses Audio is a very powerful way to remove spells, curses and witchcraft that have been placed on you and your belongings. Any of our belongings can also be affected by spells and curses, often our computers, phones or cars will play up for no reason and then when this spells & curses audio is played the issues just go!

This audio is truly amazing & has been called a piece of Divine Magic! It is very powerful and will not only work on spells & curses placed on you but will also work, when played on loop, for your computer and belongings.

Audios 2 – 8:

Disconnecting & Releasing dark energies

Approx. Length: 8 - 9 mins

To thoroughly disconnect and release all dark energies, I have 7 audios to work on different parts of your energy. We all have different energy fields and so each person will feel something different for each area. It is important that you do work with all of the audios, even if you think you don’t need one of them.

Very Powerful Audios to Float, Disconnect & Release dark energies from the following areas:

Audio 2: Your Mind

All those beliefs, programs and patterns that keep you stuck like a hamster on a wheel! Time to get out of your mind energy and into your heart and soul!

Audio 3: Your Physical Body

All physical illness comes from a dark source. Pure does not make us ill, so shift out the dark and restore your body to good health.

Audio 4: Your Spirit & Emotions

Happy, uplifting and supportive emotions come from Pure Source and all those negative emotions of not good enough, unworthy, shame, blame, guilt, jealousy, feeling suicidal all come from a dark source. Disconnect and release and feel the good!

Audio 5: Your Heart

Feel the Pure Love flow through your heart as you shift out the dark barriers that are stopping love from flowing freely to you so you feel loved and can give and receive love.

Audio 6: Your Throat, Communication & Expression

Many Light-workers have or have had issues with speaking up and feeling safe to freely express themselves. Shift out the dark and feel free to BE YOU and lovingly express your True Inner Self!

Audio 7: Your Soul

Our Divine Connection, guidance and source of our Divine Integrity and discernment. We all need a very strong soul connection and dark energies really don’t want you to have one! So shift the dark stopping you from feeling your soul and feeling powerfully Light!

Audio 8: Your Energy Field

Our energy field is like a bubble of protection space around us. If our bubble is filled with Pure Love and Light then we will be repelling dark and feel safe and protected. If our bubble is being attacked and has dark in it then that allows more dark in. We need to have a strong Pure Energy Field to keep us safe.

These audios include the following energy work:

  • Filling with Pure & Divine Energies
  • Floating into Pure Vibrations
  • Disconnecting from dark energies
  • Releasing dark energies
  • Clearing releasing energies
  • Filling with Pure Energies
  • Floating into Pure Energies

The audios are very powerful, so please do not listen to more than one audio a day, until you are sure of how you will react to them.

Audio 9:

Reversing dark programs audio

Approx. Length: 5 mins

disconnecting-from-dark_mindWhen you become aware of how much dark programming you have been under it can be a bit freaky to say the least! So this audio has been designed to reverse any programming that may have been done during your life from any dark energy or any energies that were not totally Pure.

The more I work with people to release and shift out dark energies, the more I hear and find out that many of these dark energies are actually being infiltrated into people through relationships, family, friends, religion as well as through some spiritual practices in very hidden ways, so please do use this audio, even if you think you don’t need it, because I believe we all need this energy work!

If you have been adversely affected by anyone in your life who didn’t have a pure intention, then this audio will work to reverse this damaging programming. As well as working on evil and dark energies, it also works on stored energies relating to abuse and being abused.

These audios are really very powerful, so please do bear this in mind when listening and only listen when it is safe for you to do so not whilst driving or needing your full concentration. You may feel light headed afterwards or need some quiet time to process these energies.

Bonus 1:

Super Clearing Transmission Audio

Approx. Length: 5 mins

This audio has been specifically designed to keep clearing out all the energies as they release so you are not feeling them.

If you have already done releasing of dark energies energy work then you will know that at times it is not an enjoyable process, so this audio has been designed so that you can play it on silent loop and make sure that you’re not feeling the dark leave!

I know how easy it is to get over-excited with the releasing audios and listen too much and overdo it, so this audio is here as your ‘energetic Rescue Remedy’! However, the best way to avoid feeling the energies leave is to take the Disconnecting and Releasing Audios slowly and spend more time with the Filling & Floating with Pure Light Audio and this Super Clearing Transmission.

I recommend you play this audio after listening to the releasing audios, or all the time when working with these dark energy audios! It will work on loop on silent and will be more powerful if you listen through headphones.

Michelle’s work goes very deep and is very thorough

"I have been in an intense cutting dark energies program and can say first hand that Michelle’s work goes very deep and is very thorough. If you have these energies in your energy field, they will be released by Michelle's work.

I am feeling so much lighter these days and highly recommend the dark energies program to all of those who are clearing their fields of negative dark energies, and want to clear them for good. Michelle is compassionate and very aware of how her work can affect people. Because of this a closeness develops between all those participating in the program. It has been a very important part of my spiritual journey. I highly recommend it for those who are willing to experience sometimes uncomfortable feelings and emotions that are being released."

~ Amy - USA

Bonus 2:

Filling & Floating with Pure Light Audio

Approx. Length: 4 mins

filling_floating_purelightThis powerful audio will also really help to shift out the dark energies. The Law of Attraction says that ‘Like attracts Like & Opposites Repel’, so playing Filling & Floating with Pure Light will repel the dark energies as they release and help you to feel safe and protected, whilst adding more Vibrations of Light to your energy and floating you into a beautiful feeling of Pure Light!

It is also filling up any space created by the dark energies leaving with Pure Light so your energy is constantly being filled with Pure Divine Light. The Floating Energy Work is raising your vibration into the highest vibration possible in each moment, which is keeping you feeling good and making the whole process easier!

This audio can be listened to on it’s own to cleanse your energy field and to keep repelling dark energies whenever you listen. It works really well with the Super Clearing Transmission Audio if you should over-listen to the dark energy audios.

Bonus 3:

Private Support Group with Daily Connection to Michelle

Having support whilst disconnecting from and releasing dark energies is just so so needed and is really valued and appreciated! Just knowing you are not the only one feeling something can be such a relief. Sharing is very healing and you will also get lots of support, tips and advice on how to shift out of dark into Light in the easiest way possible from those who have done it!

Michelle’s Facebook groups are known to be so loving and supportive and a safe place to express how you are feeling. Many groups want you to ‘just be positive’, this is a place where you can speak openly and be heard without judgment and receive lots of empathy, comfort and support from those who have been through it!

This group is totally private, so only members can see the group, who is in it and read the comments inside the group.

The group is there to support you so:

  • Ask questions
  • Get answers
  • Ask for Pure Love, Light and healing
  • Express how you are feeling and let it all out!

This invaluable support from Michelle and like-minded souls has no expiry date and will be there for you as long as you wish to connect and use it!

I recommend Michelle, because she is Pure Divine Love

"Many healers heal, but few stand by you and support you through the tough times which often come when one starts to work with and release all the stored up low energies...she has created around her a group who truly, truly love and support one another, the likes of which I have never experienced before. There is true healing, power and compassion in every word, every clearing and everything she does. I know there are many great healers around today, Thank God, but I would not recommend any other than Michelle, because she is pure Divine Love ♥ ♥ ♥ gratitude for you ♥ ♥ ♥"

~ Rachel

You make me feel like you genuinely care for me.

"You are one of the kindest, nicest, loveliest, most genuine, encouraging and caring people I am blessed to have met. You went far beyond the extra mile with me. You explained all the things to do and then you follow up with me to make sure I have everything and I know what to do.

You are such a dear sweet soul. It radiates from you to me. You are inspiring. You make me feel like you genuinely care for me. You have such a strong positive vibration to me that I think my condition can shift just by being around you. You are spectacular! Truly you are."

~ Pete - New York, USA

Releasing Stress - MP3

Take a few minutes out of your day to really raise your vibration and feel so much better!

Relax and let all your stress, worries & thoughts just dissolve and melt away.

Feel Divine Peace fill your mind, and continue your day feeling calmer, more relaxed and in a higher vibration!

Package A

Total Package Value $2,288

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 93% Saving ***

Sold Out

Package B

Includes Everything In Package A Plus

30 Days of Remote Floating Transmissions!

Beautiful Remote Daily Transmissions for 30 Days
which will have you feeling Heavenly!

These transmissions are so beautiful and feel so pure, giving you the feeling of lifting up, rising and feeling so much lighter! Immerse yourself, your mind, heart, soul, and whole body and energy in these truly Heavenly transmissions for 30 days.

As your energy raises its frequency your life will also shift and improve, this is a really enjoyable way to raise your vibration and live a happier more peaceful life!

You don’t need to do anything, nothing to remember! Just be open to receiving these amazing transmissions and feel your life become calmer, easier and in more Divine Flow!

As soon as Michelle receives your name she will start to send you Pure Floating Transmissions for 30 days. Nothing else to do - Just Enjoy! Receiving these beautiful and powerful Floating Transmissions will really make the disconnecting from dark energy work so much easier to do!

"I really felt a positive impact of the energy work you do remotely.
Thank you Michelle for your Divine work!"

~ Andrea, USA

"Shine Your Light more and more, so the World can be better place to live. That everyone can receive Your stunning and sparkling energy ripples! Thank You for Your openness and gift You share with us! Let the Universe bring You back everything You give and everything You desire many folds every day!"

~ Dace

Disconnecting from ‘Feeling the Energies Release’ Audio

Approx. Length: 9 mins - Do NOT Loop!

Designed to disconnect you from all the energies that cause and create 'Releasing Symptoms or a Healing Crisis'
"A must have for all releasing work and
especially releasing of dark energies!"

The audio will disconnect you from the energies that are causing and creating releasing symptoms, healing crisis and excessively feeling the energies as they leave when you do releasing and powerful energy work. The energies do need to physically leave your body and energy field so you will still feel some sensations; the purpose of this audio is to disconnect you from feeling the really nasty and intense sensations, either physical or emotional that people can experience when doing powerful energy work, especially when releasing dark energies.

You will notice that as you disconnect more and more, you will feel the negative impact of energies releasing less and less, which can only be good! The more you listen the quicker you will be feel free from feeling the energies leave. This audio has several layers of silent multi-layering backing tracks to ensure you don't feel any symptoms as the disconnecting work is being done, but it is still recommended that you start slowly and build up your listening as everyone has unique energy and will respond differently.

Multi-layered with 'Filling with Pure Love' on low volume, fading in and out of your left and right headphones. It also has several layers of silent multi-layering backing tracks to ensure you don't feel any symptoms as the disconnecting work is being done.

Filling & Floating with Pure Love

Approx. Length: 4 mins - can be looped

This is a very simple but incredibly powerful audio. The words are ‘Filling & Floating with Pure Love, Floating, Floating, Floating,’ repeated throughout the audio, with multi-layering, so you will hear these words at different volumes and through different headphones.

We all desire to feel and be loved! If you are lacking ‘love energies or magnets’ then this audio will really help you to fill up with the essential energies that are like food to our emotions.

The vibration of the words ‘Pure Love’ is very high, much higher than the vibration of Love or Divine Love, so hearing these words repeated is a very powerful way to fill your energy with vibrations of Pure Love.

Package B

Total Package Value $2,460

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197
*** 92% Saving ***

Sold Out


You were there for me during my darkest hours

"Michelle, you are such a pure soul, gifted healer and loving human being. It has been a true gift to find you and have your help releasing the dark, gritty energies and resistant patterns I thought I could never escape. Your ability to bring through such tremendous Light and disconnect people from energies that don't serve them is so effective, it's almost magical. But what truly sets you apart from many healers I've worked with is how deeply devoted you are to your clients.

You were there for me during my darkest hours, lovingly supporting me and pulling me through, with unceasing kindness and words of encouragement, and I know you've done the same for many others in your groups.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and care, Michelle. I look forward to working with you again, because really, who you are and the work you do are above and beyond my experience of any program!"


I was about to commit suicide before I started your programs

"I have been in Michelle's programs since August... I've been working with energy and releasings for almost 35 years; I am also an energy therapist and I have made more shifts, clearings and releases with Michelle than all the years before her... broken free of deep core past life issues as well as this life and recently huge clearings of womb stuff, never have I felt so light and clear....Michelle; I'm noticing as time goes on your gift/skill/work/magic/transmissions/releases are getting more clear, focused, expansive and powerful as time goes on, thought that last intensive program was amazing and wow! the releases! and then I attended your NYC workshop and I'm still reaping the amazing benefits from that, broke through some major stuff! that last call on March 8 really blasted out layers and I'm still listening over and over.... so excited and looking forward to this next intensive program that starts Friday and I'm already feeling shifts from the extra transmissions you are sending... i can actually say I'm happy to be alive and looking forward to the days ahead, pretty amazing considering I was about to commit suicide before I started your programs; I had lost faith and it was feeling like greed and war was taking over, but now I have my faith back and I'm looking forward to a future of love and high vibes and my future is now! I thank you from deep within my heart and soul Michelle for being such a beautiful healing shining light and spreading divine love and high vibes to make the world a happy loving place to be... much love and high vibes to you Michelle!"

~ Deb Goldman - USA

Michelle has opened up the space for knowing I can be who I truly am, which is Love

"I came across Michelle and her work on a tele-summit show, I had it on in the background multi-tasking and didn't pay much attention until she did her Pure Love Transmission, it nudged my interest enough for me to stop/rewind/replay and listen properly.

Now she warns you about getting light headed (I have been on this path for 20+ years and have had a lot of energy experiences) and no kidding did I get spun out in the best way. I have done 2 of her releasing programs and she is one of the most generous, kind hearted, real and authentic people I have come across. The transmissions and releasing are palpable and my life feels blessed with Michelle in it. I now can release on issues so much faster and return to a space of love, ease and peace.

More than anyone else Michelle has opened up the space in me for knowing I can be who I truly am, which is Love. I love Michelle's programs and am forever grateful for coming across them and her, she is an angel and one you can relate to."

~ Lorna Crothers

She helps you polish and shine your vibrational energies!

"Michelle Carter is the Lightworkers' Lightworker. She truly comes from the purest place of Divine Light and Pure Love in her transmissions and coaching, opening the way for your own clearest communication with your Soul. She helps you polish and shine your vibrational energies as you uncover the gem of your own best self!

I am so honored to be among the first to experience Michelle and her joyful gifts. You owe it to yourself to invest your time with this joyful and blessed being! With Gratitude & Boundless Joy!"

~ Joanne Herrmann

Working with Michelle has really changed my life.

"Since working with Michelle on her dark energy programme my life has really turned around. This energy work with Michelle has been the catalyst for releasing me from a place of utter hopelessness, which I had been in for many years. Through Michelle’s energy work and being a member of her dynamic group where the support is just amazing, I have felt so much lighter and happier. I am still a work in progress but I feel able to cope so much better now. I know with Michelle’s help I will be able to release the remaining physical problems I have had for 20 plus years. I am now spiraling upwards instead of downwards thanks to Michelle’s amazing work. I am just so grateful that I heard Michelle and bought her package, working with Michelle has really changed my life. "

~ Jeannette USA

I no longer have the fear of the dark energies holding me back

In the past I have been shut down with the effects of dark energies. They have created a lot of fear in me and stopped me moving forward with my life. Then I connected with Michelle and her work. Her work with clearing dark energies has made a huge difference in my life. I no longer have the fear and the effects of the dark energies holding me back and I am now able to move forward with a sense of freedom. I feel safe, protected and I have my power back and I have a wonderful tool with her audios that I can turn to if ever I feel the need. Michelle is a true inspiration with her attitude, courage and determination in the work she does to free people of the dark so they can shine their lights and be all that they are meant to be. Thank you Michelle, I will be forever grateful. "

~ Dawn, New Zealand

"Over the past few months working with Michelle's Dark Energies audios has freed and cleared more energy than I could have ever imagined. Michelle's ability to channel combined with her integrity makes it possible for all of us to find our way towards living in a freer and loving way. Always grateful! ”

~ Karen - Palo Alto, CA

"Michelle Carter has helped me several times with a personal issue concerning dark energies/spells that have been attacking my daughter.

Each time she did dark energies releasing on my daughter there was a notable change in my daughter's behaviour - what a relief! I felt understood and taken seriously. Michelle's work and her personal assistance are priceless!”

~ Noemi

Michelle's work has been a game changer for me.

"I have been working with Michelle for over a year now and can definitely say that her powerful ability to channel Divine Energies to remove issues and energies is like none other I have experienced. Specifically, her dark energies work is truly life changing. I feel that it is definitely an important step to take for Light-workers or anyone who is having trouble truly shifting out difficult issues. Her dark energies audios and programs go to the source of those issues and blast those pesky energies out while also filling with Divine Energies to help attract and create a better state of being and life.

Michelle has truly been there, this is work she has done on herself so she is very understanding, so loving and supportive in all that she does. She is the real deal and her work gets results. I am in such a better place within me now compared to where I was before finding Michelle - I have been doing energy work with various healers and modalities consistently for over a decade and I do feel like Michelle's work has been a game changer for me."

~ Kimber USA

"I played your Releasing Dark Energies audios every morning for months, and after a lifetime of horrendous shit (sorry, but there's no other word for it), I finally feel a lot freer. Words escape me really. Despite years of endless effort I truly began to wonder if I ever would - it was so horrid for so many years - but at the moment I feel 'brand new' :-). Unbelievable feeling. But I worry that there's still more underneath and felt guided to get this Cutting Ties audio, so there must be a reason for it. The whole "multi-layered" thing sounds amazing!! Very cool :-)"

~ Danielle

"I can't thank you enough and I don't even think there are any words in the English language or any other language to describe what I am feeling and what you have very very generously and authentically shared with me.

It has been an incredible journey. I have a lot more self confidence, my home has a super high vibration as I play the Pure Love Transmission on a loop day and night, there is so much more laughter, joy, love and most importantly peace within my home.

I am buzzing all day long he!he!he!


~ Mala

"Since I started this journey and program with Michelle my life has transformed to a happier and more love filled one than ever before. Her audios transform situations and people and her clearings have dissolved many up to now unresolved issues regarding love and abundance. It is also the easiest program to follow and do! Eternally grateful to her and this program which I will continue using forever. "

Blessings and thanks.
~ Yvette Aitken

"Working with Michelle Carter has lifted me from the depths of despair, to a new found state of enjoying life and wanting to live. I highly recommend her unique talents to anyone who would like to leave pain behind and look forward to a brighter future."

~ Caroline Nettle

"Michelle's energy releasing has been the most palpable energy work I have ever experienced. Through her energy releases I have started releasing layers of negative energies that have been with me for years. I will continue to do her releasing work because I can feel the difference. I have worked with other energy healers, but for some reason I have never felt the same positive effects as I have with Michelle's work. She comes from a very healthy, caring, and trustworthy place too. I know that in time, I'll be feeling high energy more often than the low because of my time working with Michelle. She is a very loving presence in this world!!"

~ Amy S (Texas, USA)

Michelle is so skilled, full of integrity, determination & awareness

"I began my journey of brightening my life & energy field with Michelle about 15 months ago.

I would encourage anyone who is truly wanting to be all they can be to take action & create the changes you so desire!

I was in such a place & my friend told me about Michelle Carter. I sat with it a while because I don't spend money on things I don't really need. I felt it was important for me to take the plunge & I am so very grateful I did!

Michelle speaks of dark magnets in our energy fields and that we need to clear them out & fill the space with pure love & joy & light. This allows us to live a much better life because we are vibrating, living & feeling good! We are open to asking & receiving!

I have done many segments of clearing myself of dark energies/magnets with Michelle. Michelle is so skilled, full of integrity, determination & awareness- all the while making the shift out very safe. She cares and is very involved in the process. She truly wants to help us & the world become a better place. Her work of filling us with love, light, peace & joy has escalated my process and I am so very grateful!

I have also enjoyed belonging to Michelle's Facebook group of SuperHighVibers. Michelle explains her energy transmissions of the day and encourages us to share our experiences so we can help each other out. AND, she answers questions! Very interactive & supportive!

So, if you're ready to do the work, create the change, I would recommend Michelle Carter!"

Love, blessings & extreme gratitude!
~ Jan Charbonneau - Pahoa, Hawaii

"Michelle Carter’s healing transmissions are like no others. The energies are quite amazing and very powerful! You can actually feel the energies even when listening to a recorded telesummit. Something I have never encountered before. The healing transmissions are perfect in length neither too long and a joy to listen to."

~ Nicky – UK

"Thanks a million for facilitating all the changes which I was unable to bring about in the last 7-8 years. have been praying for Divine intervention, someone else to help me out and you came along. Extremely grateful for the healing."

~ Rashmi

Your work is a godsend to me

"Michelle, it's obvious how devoted you are to your work; you sparkle, you shine, and you share your love throughout the process of clearing and healing. I want you to know how truly grateful I am for this. Your input in my healing process is one that I've been in need of for a very long while. Hence your work is a godsend to me and, I'm sure to many others who need more peace in their souls. Thank you so much for making my smile a bigger one!"

~ Marita F, Sweden

"Michelle’s transmissions are powerful; the pain when releasing never lasts more than a few minutes; I break into tears and say over and over again that the energies released be sent to Source and they're gone. She is truly remarkable and has a heart of gold. She gives of herself and her energies are doing remarkable things. I'm so very glad I joined her group and can't wait to join again for another month of transmissions."

~ Joan

"Michelle was recommended to me by a very good and dear friend of mine. She thought Michelle would be the best person to help me. I have found Michelle so supportive every step of the way through my journey, I feel complete trust in her and she is so warm, kind and loving and such a great example of where I aim to be eventually. Michelle is so positive and just makes one see things in such a different light. I am so looking forward to getting to where I want to be and I would certainly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs help with energy healing. I know this will change my life and the way I see others and life itself"

~ Michele M, England

I feel that a lot of magical things happened in the 2 week releasing program

"I Just wanted to thank you for every release you have done on me, especially the last call from the 8th of March...so powerful!! Afterwards I have finally been able to get myself up to search for a more joyful and better job. Haven't had the energy before and I owe it so much to you and your work dear Michelle. Also I feel that a lot of magical things happened in the 2 week long Intensive releasing program I did with you in February, I am feeling more free and energised since then, a lot of layers shifted there. Thank you from my heart beautiful Michelle for everything you do for us all"

~ Annelie Matsson – Sweden

Sometime after 24 hours and before 48 had passed, that lump was gone

"I had been experiencing grief from multiple deaths of some of our cats in the past few months (and cats are our "kids" in our family) and had found a small lump on the side of one breast that showed up in February that I was watching. At the time, I was feeling overwhelmed with sadness so I listened to a whole bunch of Michelle mp3s for over 24 hours including in my sleep through headphones.... Several telesummit replays plus (and I don't recommend this for the super energy sensitive) the entire series she did on core beliefs and negative emotions that's supposed to take 14 weeks.... over and over and over. Sometime after 24 hours and before 48 had passed, that lump was gone--and I felt for it several times over subsequent days--NADA. Michelle's releasing work is very powerful. I did her workshop live in Los Angeles and felt wonderful afterward--albeit spaced out. I totally recommend her work!"

~ Anon - USA [March 2014]

I feel a joy and peace in my heart I have been longing for.

"I have been on Michelle’s program for the past two months and it has been truly transformational. I have been able to finally go past some blocks I have been working on for years and some blocks I was not even aware off. I feel a joy and peace in my heart I have been longing for, for a very long time. I can only recommend her work highly. She is so loving, compassionate and committed ...she is the real deal."

~ Ute, Australia [February 2014]

"Hi Michelle, So many, many thanks for all your beautiful high vibe, amazing love filled, life altering releasing! I am honored to be included in your programs, on your telesummits and calls, joining your workshop. Life and living has been shifting towards more love and light over the past few months of being in the Pure Love Forever groups and family. I truly appreciate being included. All love!"

~ Karen – USA

I feel happy every day!

"Aloha Michelle,
You were lovely on Eram's call today and she is such a supporter of your work. I hope a wonderful new group assembles for you, as we all did back in August. It's been a great experience and I feel cleared through and through, thanks to all your releases. The first session (August) was a bit bumpy but at the same time exhilarating, as I could feel nearly every release as well as some symptoms and lots of dream activity. I was guided to continue with the second and third sessions, which just completed. I only felt a few of the releases, almost no symptoms, and a high level of joy throughout. Now I'm gifting myself with Divine Love for December and looking forward to extending the ride with you a bit longer. I don't want to get off!

I feel happy every day, I am in continual high vibration and can easily release any low ones that creep in. I send love to everyone in my life as part of my daily practice, which feels wonderful. My thoughts and feelings are loving and joyful and life is good! There's almost nothing I want to change - it's all just perfect. How great is that to be able to say? I am so appreciative of your beautiful work, your high vibes and loving, generous intentions towards the whole world. Yes, this is how the world shall be uplifted, as one person at a time decides to focus on love and high vibrations and release everything else. You are a wonderful example for each of us to follow. I love you and appreciate your excellent programs. (And your prices are so very fair and accessible to all who really want to do the work!)"

~ Luana​

Michelle has totally transformed my life in a very short amount of time.

"Firstly I have never written a testimonial before and the main purpose of sharing this one is so others do not have to go through what I have gone through most of my life. Since I have come across Michelle and did a few of her releasing programs and initially her 30 days healing program my life has catapulted to a more happier, loving and positive direction in more ways than I could have only once dreamed about. Up until that time I had bought every Self-Help book you could name and had also bought countless packages from other healers which to be honest made little or no difference to my life I was just as stuck if not even more stuck in my life than I had when I first started. I wasn't that person with one or two issues in my life, I actually had big issues in all areas of my life. Michelle has been my Guardian Angel from up above. She has totally transformed my life in so many different ways in a very short amount of time. Before, I would always let events and people drag me down but after being on Michelle's program I have been able to release things very quickly and return to a place of love and serenity. Her clearings have got rid of issues I have had since I was a child or maybe even earlier.

The Audios which accompany the program are just phenomenal. They magically resolve situations, it actually feels like you are in possession of a Magic Genie. The really good thing about this program is you neither need a lot of time for this to implement it into your life and it is also very affordable. I totally feel so blessed that Michelle is in my life and I totally love her program. She is the most kind-hearted and compassionate person I have ever come across. I will be using Michelle's program forever. May this World be blessed with more people like Michelle Carter as she is an Angel from up above. This World is so blessed to have her."

~ Isha A. Edinburgh UK

I found an amazing job with like minded people

"I have participated in other energy transmission and clearing programs in the past, but nothing compares to the experience I had during Michelle Carter's Pure Love Forever Program. The energy transmissions and clearings were extremely powerful. One of the first things that happened was that I found an amazing job with like minded people who are committed to making a difference in the world. It is an exciting opportunity and I feel totally blessed to be heading in this new career direction. Besides being such a powerful conduit for pure love, Michelle is one of those special people who holds such pure intent and integrity in her actions that she creates a totally safe and sacred container for our journey. I felt like I had the arms of an angel surrounding me during my healing process, and I am eternally grateful to Michelle for this program. If you can choose only one thing to do for yourself to improve or move forward in your life, this would be it. Michelle addresses the deepest core issues and releases them, opening the door to new possibilities. Thank you Michelle for your incredible high vibration transformational healing."

~ KC, California

I feel calmer, I feel more stable of being me, I feel more joyous

"Since Your first live talk show with Eram, Michelle Carter, i have been using Your audios for daily support, have taken live calls with You and i Your work very supportive and effective. I realy feel the difference in my life, especially internal - i feel calmer, i feel more stable of being me, i feel mo joyous, i feel more effective in daily life and the situations i`m in. It`s amazing, how Pure Love audio alone works in any environment. Especially children and animals feel it so much to cling on it. The best part of all is that inner destructive energies running on cycles, had been disappointing previously, is gone. So releasing that calmness and serenity is. Thank You for Your generosity, Michelle, you are amazing gift-giver and huge icebreaker - it`s great pleasure to be around You (even no matter remotely). Thank You for giving Your self and Your strengths to everyone."

~ Diksha

"Michelle. You are so giving and so full of love and your energies get more and more powerful every time you do a call. Thanks for being such a blessing to our world and to me personally. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I hope lots of new people discovered you and will participate in a program so you can bless them as you have blessed those of us who were lucky enough to find you in the recent past. Love and Blessings!!!"

~ Sharon

You inspire me, thank you.

"It was enlightening to say the least to hear you story Michelle and I think that is such a big help because we can see where you started and where you are now. Michelle I am grateful for every time I get to hear you and benefit from your releasings and your energy. It was especially nice to get to see you as well as hear you on the video call with Shefali. : ) You did a great job and I just felt so happy for you because I knew it was out of your comfort zone, and there you were doing so well!! You inspire me, thank you."

~ Much Love, Gini

"Thank you Michelle for been such a blessing in my life, for all your generosity, love and support. Thank you soooooo much for the happy 21 Days! :-)) I honour you before Source for all that you are! THANK YOU!"

~ Mandy

You Are Truly A Human Angel..

"Love you my Dearest Most Special Friend ...
What A Blessing You Are......
We Need More People Like U In This World. ….

Thanks 4 Everything U Do For Us All You Are Truly A Blessing In Our Lives..
You Are Truly A Human Angel.."

~ Isha

For the FIRST TIME, I began to feel some energy moving in me

"DEAR Michelle, I have been seeking and listening to light workers and energy workers.

I have to tell you !! When I listened to your audio replay three days ago For the FIRST TIME, I with all certainty began to feel some energy moving in me I listened to your replay 5 times and felt it every time…This is why I decided to make that big financial commitment, that I knew my husband will have a fit when he finds it…and I understand why…because of our finances…..

BUT I had FAITH and I BELIEVED….and I downloaded the audios and MAN !!!
I was feeling tingling in different areas of my body, it began slowly, but ‘it has spread And my whole body is beginning to feel it !! More tingle in some areas than others But I am CONVINCED my body and spirit is vibrating on a higher level and I am So excited to see how intense this gets and what changes from my husband come From this as well .

SO I am either having an emotional breakdown, and physical symptoms…
OR THIS IS WORKING !!! And I BELIEVE It is the latter !I AM SO EXCITED MICHELLE….and SO THANKFUL I found you and that you are giving Me your best, just like you told me you would !!!


IT makes me weep in gratitude as I am writing this to you.AT LAST !!!! THE DIVINE LOVE HAS COME to REPAIR and REPLENISH my BODY MIND AND SPIRIT
And I am believing that the Life I have believed in all of my life will be MINE NOW !!!

Through tears of Joy, I offer you MUCH LOVE AND APPRECIATION !!!!


~ Susie USA‬‬‬

Your lives will improve on every level physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

"I had been participating in Michelle Carter's release programs as well as many live calls since August 2013 and had had and still keep on having great many shifts , clearings and gains. My wholehearted endorsement of what She has to offer to whole spectrum of seekers from mundane every day kind of issues to "old" souls on their path back home / enlightenment / light-workers and everyone and all in between, not only can but most assuredly will benefit by her unique and such special gifts. So dear beloved friends do yourselves a blissful favour ,get the help at hand and your lives will improve on every level physical , emotional, mental as well as spiritual thank You Michelle for doing such a great Job at making this world a better place ,by helping so many kind regards"

~ Morius Gajewski - Melbourne, Australia.‬‬‬‬‬‬

About Michelle Carter:

MichelleMichelle Carter is an International Divine Energy Channel & Author of ‘Loving You – Discover Your True Inner Self’ and ‘Awaken to Peace’.

She is a genuinely kind, caring person who is passionate about helping people to positively change their lives, by connecting to their inner selves and heart’s desires.

Michelle discovered her gifts to channel energies when looking for ways to heal herself from severe adrenal exhaustion, which brought her life to a standstill when her physical body collapsed and she was too ill to get out of bed for months. She has lived through lack, broken and controlling relationships, being attacked by dark energies, as well as illness, accidents and injuries and has much empathy and understanding for others feeling stuck in these issues.

Michelle lives with Pure Divine Integrity and has a strong ability to discern through her powerful soul connection, which also makes her energy channeling incredibly powerful and profound. When Michelle channels Pure Energies, she acts like a satellite receiver to transmit these pure vibrations to others.

Her work involves releasing hidden blocks and energies that are keeping people stuck in lack, illness, unhappy relationships, jobs and lifestyles that aren’t serving them. She works helping Light-workers to release dark energies, feel their Divine Power and Shine their Lights with confidence, along with filling and floating with powerful Pure and Divine Energies to raise your vibration and live through your feelings.

Michelle’s powerful energy work and authentic caring personality touches the heart of those she works with. She has a powerful mission to fill the world with as much Pure Love & Light as possible and to Create Heaven on Earth for all those that choose it.


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