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Package A

Reset Reboot

A series of frequency tracks developed to bring grounding, balance, protection, peace and harmony to your energies to bring you to a place where you are able to live a calmer more connected life.

This Program Includes:

  • Release
  • Nature Heals
  • Letting Go of Guilt
  • New Beginnings
  • Healing The Broken Hearted
  • A list of crystals
  • Grounding, Zip Up and Coconut



This frequency track will assist you when you feel depressed, anxious or physically/mentally exhausted. In it we will use a mindful breathing technique along with the frequencies needed to assist you.

This track will give you a break from negativity and shift your consciousness to view life in a more productive and positive way.

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Nature Heals

This is a beautiful meditation accompanied by the sounds of nature and quiet music to access your inner stillness. We live in cement jungles and have lost that connection that grounds us and brings us peace. This will bring you from a place of Chaos to Bliss.

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Letting Go of Guilt

Guilt eats away at us and brings our life to a screeching halt. When the energy of guilt is hanging over us it is impossible to move forward we become stagnant and self loathing. This track is infused with the frequencies needed to bring you out of the frequency of guilt. It brings freedom and movement back to your energy body so you can move forward.

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New Beginnings

The frequencies of this track assist in releasing what is no longer serving us. To step out of the box that has been trapping us in a life that is not suited to us. Let the Frequencies, Reiki Energies and Music wash over you and bring you to a new level of being.

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Healing The Broken Hearted

We have all suffered heart break in one way or another and the energies of those losses and that brokenness stay with us until they are intentionally released. These frequencies, Reiki energies and the guided meditation will assist you in healing that brokenness and release the ache within you.

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Crystal Frequencies

A list of crystals that have the healing properties and frequencies to assist you in the areas that the tracks are geared towards. Crystals are amazing and carry such strong frequencies we just want to allow them to aid us in healing.

Download PDF


Grounding, Zip Up and Coconut

Everyone needs to know how to properly ground themselves as that is the foundation of your energy system, if that is off, your whole energy system is off.

This is a grounding that spirit led me through and everyone comments that they feel glued to heaven and earth. It is a really solid grounding.
Next you have the zip up, compliments of Donna Eden’s training. The central meridian is where you take on energy from other people so you need to keep it zipped up to stay protected. This is especially important for empath’s.

Next we have the coconut which is your energy boundaries and energy protection. This will keep you from picking up entities, the energy of others, cords, tears or leaks in your aura and much more.

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Frequency Clearing of Panic, Stress and Depression

These MP3s have music infused with healing Reiki and the frequencies to clear and balance the energy of panic, depression and stress. These are some of the energies I see in people that are really struggling with energies from past lives.

The frequency you operate from sends out a vibration to the universe. When you are running at the lower vibrations of panic, stress and depression, you draw circumstances and realities that match the low vibrations you’re emitting. As your frequency increases, your life responds in kind and it becomes easier for you to attract and shift into a life that serves you.

Heart Opening Frequency Meditation

This Heart Opening Meditation is infused with frequencies and Reiki healing energies to allow you to give, receive and feel Love.

Love and peace will wash over you and open you to possibilities and opportunities. Be Blessed.

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Package B

Deep Dive

This Program Includes:

  • All of Package A
  • (3) - 90 minute Journey To Wholeness LIVE Classes
  • Bonus #1: Intimacy Shards Removal
  • Bonus #2: Raising and Protecting Our Energy


(3) - 90 minute Journey To Wholeness LIVE Classes

Dates: April 5th, 12th and 19th at 5pm Pacific

(Make sure to click the register button below to receive the call in emails for the classes)

Register Here

In these 3 classes, we look deep into how past life regression and soul retrievals can help you to get back to who you truly came here to be, what the process of regaining all aspects of your unique self does for you and how you can bring joy back into your life, become free from depression, addictions, lack, physical, mental and emotional pain and more. These will be very in depth and experiential classes along with Q and A time and exercises to move you forward.

  • Learn how past life regression and soul retrievals contain the answers you’ve been looking for.
  • Understand the affects of retrieving fragmented soul parts and how doing this will bring you to wholeness so you can move forward in your life.
  • Why releasing energies of your past will free you from patterns that continue to repeat over and over in this lifetime.
  • How you can become your unique self, full of joy, free you from depression, addictions, lack and more.

Every time you journey into the past and release that energy or take back an aspect of your soul the easier you’ll find it to return to who it is you were really meant to be.




We discuss how past lives are affecting you today, the signs you are carrying energies from past lives and how events from your past lives mirror themselves in your present life. How they can cause physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues in this lifetime. We’ll examine the signs and symptoms of past life energy, as past lives hold messages that are needed in your life today. - Interactive exercise. Live Q and A.




We discuss the definition of soul loss, its signs and symptoms, what causes you to lose or send away aspects of your soul, how aspects of your soul can be taken or given away to another person, the impact of bringing back soul parts, and how taking an aspect of your soul back from someone can affect them. – Interactive exercise. Live Q and A.




We discuss how getting in touch with and releasing our past energies helps us improve our present life, the affects of a soul retrieval or past life regression, why we are drawn to certain people, places, eras, etc, and what scientific research has been done to prove we do have past lives and how we lose aspects of our soul (fragmentation) under challenging circumstances - Interactive exercise. Live Q and A.


Intimacy Shards Removal - MP3

An effective process exclusive to Mary Beth to remove old energy shards that are stuck in your system and constantly draining you sometimes even for Decades! These shards of energy are picked up from Intimacy you have had with other people but also the energy of the people they have been intimate with and so on. The removal is quick and the relief is sometimes felt instantly. Some people report feeling like “themselves” for the first time in years or ever. This is an extremely powerful healing tool.

Download MP3


Raising and Protecting Our Energy - MP3

Just as we lock our homes to protect ourselves and our belongings, everyone needs energy boundaries and energy protection. It is crucial to you having a healthy and safe energy field. This MP3 will explain how you really are reading energy, how you set your energy boundaries and how you can protect your own energy. It provides detailed descriptions on how to do this along with other exercises to assist you. It also has information on how you are reading energy, and how to keep your energy field clear from others' energy.

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