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Don't just Experience and Endure Your Life ~ Create and Savor It!

How To Use Your Personal Power to Facilitate and Live a Fulfilling Life


Are you feeling frustrated, depressed and powerless? It is NOT your fault. The opposite is actually true. Your vital force energy is simply working in the wrong direction – running programs which are keeping you stuck.


At this point in your life, if you don’t do this, you’ll continue using your vital life force energy to perpetuate running the programs that are actually keeping you stuck - making sure that you remain stuck! This will only magnify the symptoms, and the stagnant energy of these programs will manifest into disease!

Source Code of Your Soul Reboot wipes out these programs and releases their stagnant energy. So much energy then becomes available to you that the process seems miraculous – like a magic wand!

I have found that this soul frequency reboot is the most effective way to assist my clients. They automatically experience a high-frequency flush of the programs which are keeping them stuck which wipes out the residue of their stagnant energy, freeing up their more vital life force energy to create the lives they truly desire to live. This is not surprising to me because this is how powerful we are meant to be. You still have that power – You simply need to reboot and redirect it.

Many of my clients report instantaneous results with miraculous shifts and incredible changes where they’d been stuck for years – even decades – with positive changes and new opportunities occurring the very next day!


“I recently had the delightful experience of working with Maureen Damery. I was feeling stuck in several areas, so I reached out to Maureen for help. One area was increasing financial flow. I felt Maureen work in a very expansive and loving and gentle manner to open and ground all my chakras. This morning following our call, I received two calls early from clients wanting to book multiple sessions with me, plus I had woken up with inspiration about some areas where I was feeling stuck in creating my website and Facebook page. I am also still experiencing the calm and sense of lightness that came through during our call. I highly recommend Maureen's work, knowing from my own experience that she can help people release blocks in almost any area of their life.”

~ Gary Pincus


I’d been having serious depression issues related to situations with some family members which were affecting every area of my life. There was a gathering coming up that I was absolutely dreading. Following a suggestion from a friend, I scheduled a session with Maureen. She helped me to see the situations in my life from varying perspectives that I had never even considered. After just one session with her, I felt so much clarity, self-assurance and peace. Shortly thereafter, I attended the family event. Using the methods that Maureen suggested had an amazing effect on me. I had some really meaningful discussions with my family and actually enjoyed the gathering. Rather than coming home afterwards feeling dejected and depressed as I always had in the past, I was actually in such a good mood that I went out shopping for new clothes that made me feel confident and beautiful again – something I had not done or felt in a very long time. Two weeks later, I received a $5,000 bonus at work for my contributions to a high- profile project. I cannot thank her enough for the shifts I have experienced and the love that I have not only for myself but my family as well. I am so grateful to Maureen and highly recommend working with her.”

~ Kavitha


I had a session with Maureen and let her know I was feeling off balance, overwhelmed, exhausted, and anxious. She immediately tapped into my energy and I felt at peace and very calm. I could feel the energy coming in as she went through my subtle bodies, my physical, mental, emotional, astral, and spiritual bodies all became aligned. As she called in the Arch Angels and Masters I felt the chills running up and down my spine and I could feel the warmth of unconditional love they have for me. As she was bringing in light to my third eye I could see indigo and purple light swirling in a tunnel from above to me. I could feel my Angels working on me. I felt them holding my right hand that I had placed on my heart chakra the energy felt soft, warm, loving, tingly, and swirling energy. I felt reassured and fully supported in my mission on Earth. Sometimes I am human and sometimes forget what I teach as well and I’m so fortunate to be able to work with Maureen who is a very gifted healer to show me the way back to peace and total love. When Maureen played the frequency of OM, I felt something shift within my perception to where I had a mental block that was holding me back and I felt the energy release out of all my bodies. I am forever grateful she helped me see the light of total support with her gift. Maureen has such a warm and caring energy. Her voice was very soothing to me during the whole process to where I felt totally safe and knew everything was taken care of during the activation and healing. It was definitely a magical experience and I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family.”

~ Iona Flores, Karuna Reiki Master, Vibrational Sound Healer, New Life Coach, Tantra Coach "Turning your Dreams into Reality"


I had been suffering with chronic low back pain and sciatica for years. It was so painful that I had been unable to work even part time. My doctor gave me muscle relaxers which didn’t really help. I’d been going to a chiropractor for weeks which wasn’t helping either. I found Maureen, and although I didn’t really know what energy work was, I decided to have a session with her. During the session, I felt very relaxed and was not even experiencing any pain which I found interesting. However, the conversation we had during my session uncovered my sense of not feeling supported as my ex-husband was not paying his child support and no one was helping me with my daughter who has learning disabilities and no friends to speak of. After 3 sessions with Maureen and using the tools she suggested, my back pain is minimal; and as time goes by, I have more and more days that are completely pain free. I’m in the process of reading her book and learning so much. I am also working part-time now and have joined a Mother’s group where I am receiving assistance with child care swapping which helps tremendously. I’m going to have Maureen work with my daughter as I’m certain that she can work her magic to help my daughter improve in her education and social life. I am so grateful to be pain free and feeling optimistic again. Thank you So Much!”

~ Dianne Mac

If you suffer with feeling like a victim of circumstance, thinking that you do not have control of your own life, and struggle with being powerless to change it, I have the solution, Source Code of Your Soul Reboot.

We surrender our power, our sovereignty and the natural internal wisdom and capacities we’re born with when we get lost in the mires of life, conforming and adjusting to assimilate and survive.

However, when we live from our authentic self - the ultimate magic wand, it frees us from the bondage of conformity, sacrifice and settling ~ enriching the joy in our lives and enhancing the lives of all those whom we encounter.

A Source Code of Your Soul Reboot balances and brings you back in-line with your authentic higher self. It gifts you with the clarity and confidence to move forward and create the life you desire.

It is so profound that you will be empowered to release what does not serve you, break undesirable patterns and move through any situation in your life with confidence, ease and grace.

Through shared awareness and empowerment, we can all be more of a contribution to ourselves, each other and the changes, ease and joy we wish to see and experience in our world.


  • Free yourself from the weight of limitation
  • Break free from the wounds of past traumas
  • Heal your body of disease
  • Clear old programs, beliefs, fears and patterns which hold you hostage
  • Realize the secret to creating the life you desire

If you are experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion, dis-ease in your body, feeling trapped and helpless, then you need to reboot your system in order to shift your perception, awareness and focus. You will then be empowered to realize the root cause of your symptoms so that you can use your natural, innate capacities to shift your energy in the direction of health, wealth, happiness and freedom.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear
is that we are powerful beyond measure." ~Marianne Williamson

You are the magic wand – the missing element; and only You can choose to truly shift yourself. My dear friends, You have the technology. The conscious engineering of Source Code of Your Soul includes tools which you can use on your own at any time to regain and maintain your sovereignty and personal power to affirmatively shift the energy surrounding any issue, person or situation and experience optimal results.


I have a very stressful, thankless job and had been taking medication for high blood pressure and migraine headaches for a couple of years. I heard of Maureen from a family friend and decided to have a session with her. Through conversing with her and incorporating the meditation techniques she shared with me, I came to understand that I was punishing myself because of issues in my childhood – My parents were abusive. Although they are now both deceased, I realized that I was still carrying much of the trauma that I’d experienced growing up. Maureen guided me to understanding that I could choose to let go of those traumas and focus on what I learned from them – What ‘Not’ to do and being a good parent to my own children. I have a wonderful relationship with my two sons. After a few sessions with her and using the tools and exercises in her book, the headaches subsided, and my blood pressure was normal at my last checkup. I am enjoying my job more than ever before and have even been complimented on my work several times. My entire life has changed since working with Maureen; and I cannot thank her enough.”

~ Tom Mahoney, CPA


I took my daughter to a session with Maureen for help with her severe PMS. During the session, they discussed MaryAnna’s desire to play football. Unfortunately, her school only allowed boys to play football. Maureen did some energy work on her and discussed the power that we all have to create our reality once we embrace our authentic selves – both the feminine and masculine sides. Immediately after the session, my daughter’s symptoms subsided. Not only that, MaryAnna petitioned the school to allow girls on the football team. Well, they chose not to do that; however, they have formed a girls’ football team. Not only have my daughter’s PMS symptoms subsided, she has become more confident and empowered to pursue her dreams in life – no matter what the odds. What a relief and a powerful life lesson for my daughter as well as her friends. We cannot thank Maureen enough.”

~ Jasmine and MaryAnna


I was suffering with chronic yeast infections for months when a friend of mine suggested I have a session with Maureen. She asked me how the relationships in my life were going. Work and family were copacetic; however, I was quite frustrated with my partner. I had to ask him to help out around our home when I felt that he should simply volunteer. I always had to be the one to suggest going out for date nights and it was usually me who initiated sex. While Maureen did some energy work on me, we discussed this and she suggested that I discuss my concerns with my partner as he may not realize how frustrated I am or what he could do to improve the situation. A few days later, we went out to dinner, and I expressed my concerns and desires. He thought that I wanted to be the one to handle our home as it had been my apartment before he had moved in with me. He also felt that I would not be receptive to his advances while I was suffering with these yeast infections. Since we had that discussion, our communication and relationship has improved considerably; and I have not had a yeast infection in 3 months. It was so simple to resolve. I don’t know why I hadn’t considered initiating that communication myself, and sooner. Thank you So Much, Maureen!”

~ Helen L.


I had worked with so many healers and tried so many modalities that I was utterly frustrated and ready to give up when a colleague recommended Maureen to me. I had been suffering with chronic headaches and insomnia for months. Maureen helped me to understand that my drive for perfectionism was leading me to be self-critical and that I was spending too much time in my head – What she referred to as my ‘thinking mind’. She taught me to breathe and meditate which has had a profound effect on my life. After practicing this for just a few days, the headaches were gone, and I was sleeping very well at night. It is amazing how something so simple could have such a huge effect. My whole life is shifting in amazing ways, and I cannot thank her enough.”

~ J. Johnson


“I was lucky to have a session with Maureen to deal with some financial blocks. I felt beautiful light replace the worry; and immediately after my session, creative new ideas of how to deal with this issue began to flow! Maureen truly has the ability to open blocked energy! I felt peaceful and light filled after the session! Thank you for the beautiful healing.”

~ Robin Masci

Maureen is a Self-Empowerment Facilitator, an Award-Winning Author and former Software Development Engineer at Microsoft. She has been practicing in the holistic field for over 15 years since creating her own practice at BarnStone Healing Center. Maureen has developed a unique practice through a blend of methodologies she refers to as ‘Conscious Engineering’ with which she assists her clients in embracing their own healing and generative capacities for creating meaningful, joyful lives. Her message is living a fulfilling life through mindfulness and empowered choice.


The choice is Yours. Do you want to be a prisoner of the past, simply surviving in your current circumstances, or would you prefer to be a purposeful creator of your future ~ The architect of your reality and the author of your own life’s story?

Gift yourself the power and the magic to embrace and utilize the capacities of our birth right which lie within you ~ eagerly awaiting your activation.

Life is intended to be enjoyed and celebrated, not tolerated or survived.

“You did not come here to 'face' reality. You came to create it." ~ Abraham Hicks


Working with the Source Code of Your Soul, you will discover and embrace your authentic self who knows your personal best and whose only desire is to see you shine.

You’ll be empowered to declare your life where your heart and soul are unified to create and experience the fulfilment and exuberance you desire and deserve.

When you live as your authentic self ~ mindfully in the moment with full awareness and clarity of knowing that life is happening ‘For’ and through you, you’re able to appreciate life’s experiences as gifts and opportunities ~ a series of choices by which to learn, grow and expand.

What if embracing this awareness is the only missing element in being open to healing, receiving and experiencing the infinite possibilities of a phenomenal life which are available to you?

This is not currently offered anywhere else and will never be offered again at this price.

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Package A


Your Owner’s Manual For Life

Format: MP3 & PDF

My book is about being aware of the various influences in our lives and how they impact our beliefs on which we base our choices which ultimately create our realities. It's about healing past wounds, shedding detrimental programs, stepping into our power and being our authentic selves so that we are open to the infinite possibilities available to us and empowered to mindfully create the life we desire.

The similarities between the workings of our Mind/Body and computer technology are profoundly parallel. As a former Software Engineer at Microsoft and Self-Empowerment Facilitator working in the integrative holistic field for over 15 years, I utilize this paradigm to illustrate and guide readers in orchestrating their lives in harmony with their Mind/Body in ways that are ideal for Them.


Source Code of Your Soul Reboot Process Meditation

Format: MP3 & PDF

An extended version of group process done on the call. This process clears and aligns all of your energy fields, connects with Source and reboots your system to your original unique divine blueprint and authentic self.


The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation Process

Format: MP3 & PDF

This process assists you in rejuvenating and strengthening your energies at a cellular level where you can clear issues that are causing you stress, anxiety, dis-ease, depression and insomnia. It produces insights to assist you in making optimal choices. When healthy, vibrant energy circulates inside of you, it radiates about you, creating optimal energy and experiences around you.

Package A

Total Package Value $1,100

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99

*** 91% Saving ***

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“I have never met anyone so completely dedicated to her vocation as Maureen Damery has been in her relentless pursuit of this book. She is a student of life with a child’s sense of wonder and a teacher of healing light and energy. Maureen’s background in software development, coupled with her deep spiritual commitment to healing the human soul have converged beautifully to co-create with the divine and birth this incredibly insightful book.Getting lost in it may be the only way to find your true self.”

~ Karen Biscoe, CPC

Package B


  • All of Package A
  • Your Owner’s Manual For Life Workshop
  • Membership in the Private Facebook Group


Your Owner’s Manual For Life Workshop

Format: LIVE WORKSHOP Via Teleseminar & PDF

Starts November 8th, at 7PM Pacific

This is a six-week live workshop. Each session focuses on the relative chapter topics which include deeply personal, exploratory, revealing and empowering written exercises which we discuss during each session. It also includes the use of the various modalities which I'm certified and trained in (Access Consciousness®, Theta, Recontextualization, EFT, Usui Reiki Master, various Meditation & Breathing techniques - the list goes on…). I also include clearings, healings and meditations that participants can learn and utilize on their own on a daily basis.

This workshop provides participants the opportunity to 'think out loud' among like-minded folks in a safe, loving environment in order to bring the material and tools within the book into their daily lives in a practical way.


Your Owner's Manual For Life - Private Facebook Group

Package B

Total Package Value $3,500

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127

*** 96% Saving ***

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“It is my pleasure and honor to share my experience with Maureen. I met her at a music event and immediately felt her positive, uplifting presence. I had gone through an experience Maureen referred to as a dark night of the soul. I had been working on recovering from a toxic relationship with a man who, unbeknownst to me, suffered from borderline personality disorder. Working with Maureen was a life-changing experience for me.

Through her expansive knowledge, understanding and guidance, she helped to shed new light on my experience, as well as my life. She helped to guide and teach me to make simple, yet profound shifts in perspective, which led me to feel more self-aware, enlightened and empowered. She nudged me towards a new path in life. My personal growth and the rewards have been simply amazing!

I highly recommend working with Maureen, reading her book and participating in her workshop. It was a life-changing experience for me; and I know it will be for you as well. Thank you. Namaste.”

~ Patty Jabotte

Package C


  • All of Package A & Package B
  • Two 30 Minute Private 1:1 With Maureen


Two 30 Minute Private 1:1 Sessions

During our private sessions, we will focus deeply on your most pressing need(s). I will hold space for, utilize and teach you various modalities while guiding you to release your resistance an empower you to embrace your innate capacities for being your own best healer and creator.

Package C

Total Package Value $4,000

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147

*** 96% Saving ***

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“I found Maureen through a random search for a Healer. I was going through a very painful time in my life and was desperate for relief. The moment I arrived for our first session, I felt the calm and peace that she radiates. The healing session itself was a miracle. Something that we all notice right off with Maureen is that she takes her time with her clients. She talked with me and not at me, the healing session lasted much longer than expected; and when I left, she had given me so much more than a healing. She taught me many things.

When I drove to our appointment, I was very depressed, I had cried while driving. When I left, I turned on the music and was literally dancing in my seat all the way home. All the sadness was gone. That in itself was a miracle as I had been depressed for quite a while. I went back for more sessions; and each time, I had a dramatic shift. I left feeling ecstatic, with more knowledge of how to deal with life and make it better for ourselves.

Later I took a class from her; and it was so good that I took my mother for a class with her. Maureen really does have Angels all around her. I experienced it first-hand, and her energy is tangible.

Maureen is a highly skilled and gifted healer; and what makes her a cut above the rest is her compassion, patience and this wonderful non-judgmental openness that she has. She too has lived life and drawing from that, her teaching is real. She teaches while she heals. Her new book and workshop are a MUST for all wanting a better reality. I highly recommend it. ”

~ Manjari Saha


I had been dealing with a severe case of psoriasis since my last boyfriend ended our relationship over a year ago. I felt extremely rejected as this has happened three times in the past couple of years with different partners. They had all told me that I was extremely insecure and that they simply could not deal with my being so ‘high maintenance’. I had decided to stop dating and was experiencing depressionthinking I’d always be alone; and when this Psoriasis showed up, I had no desire to even consider being intimate with anyone.

I have never done energy work before, but I found Maureen’s web site and decided to give it a try. As I worked with Maureen, she helped me to understand that everything is energy. During our extensive conversations, I began to understand that I have been stifling my feelings ever since childhood as I was abused in every way by members of my family. She helped me to understand that I was carrying all of this tragedy within my energetic body which was showing up as this physical condition. I have had several sessions with Maureen over the past couple of months, and the results have been profound! Not only is the psoriasis clearing up, I am learning what it means to forgive and to love myself. I have more confidence these days, and I just started a new job in customer service where I deal directly with customers after working in the warehouse for several years, and I am absolutely loving it! Plus, it’s for a lot more money than I was making before. I am so grateful to Maureen for opening me up to see through fresh eyes and to be able to begin a new life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

~  Raphael


I brought my 9 year old son to Maureen for a session as he was wetting his bed and having difficulty sleeping. Maureen asked him about his home life, and he told her that he thought his father didn’t love him because the only time he paid attention to him was to reprimand him when he was out of line. She suggested that my son write his father a note expressing how he felt. She told him that the letter was for him to process his feelings and that it was not necessary for him to give it to his father, unless he chose to do so. About a week or so later, my husband found a note on his bureau. The letter brought him to tears. My Husband took the day off from work, and we allowed Tim to stay home from school. They spent the day together going the park, practicing baseball, etc. and discussing what Tim had written. They are now like best friends, and my son is no longer wetting his bed and falls asleep much earlier and sleeps through the night. It’s amazing how simple this was to resolve! We are all so very grateful to Maureen for her help. ”

~ Annette


“I was fortunate to have a session with Maureen earlier this week. She was wonderful to talk to and so insightful as well. We did her process which I came out of feeling completely peaceful and calm - which is so not me usually!! I felt very grounded and in a very neutral place where things just are and I could simply be!!

Through the week, I had different things that would normally send me on a spin. I would start to panic; and then I would just calm down and deal with the situations with ease and some grace (I would like to think!). Maureen gave me some exercises to do, and the session was also recorded which means I can now use that as meditation once a week to keep myself grounded and in that wonderful place!!

Thank you, Maureen. I feel so much lighter and happier and ready to deal with anything that comes my way!!

If you are thinking whether you should try her packages, I would definitely gift yourself the opportunity to allow Maureen to help you because I know Maureen will change your life!! Thank you so much”

~ Kate Daniel


Maureen is a divine soul with incredible gifts. During her meditation I felt completely surrounded by the Archangels she called in; I instantly felt the stress of a situation I had prior to the meditation disappear. I felt my energy level out, balance and harmonize. She lovingly guides you into the calm waters of your soul where you find clarity and your personal power to make optimal choices in the creation of your life. She is a shining light and well worth the time you will spend with her. I highly recommend working with Maureen!!!”

~ Chameice Daniel, Intuitive Counselor


I had been living with the pain and numbness of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was wearing braces which helped a little, but were really interfering with my comfort and my job. I work in I/T and spend a lot of time at the keyboard. A neighbor suggested that I have a session with Maureen. Not only did she help me uncover a belief that I would develop this condition as a result of my work because my sister had a similar issue, as we delved deeper it became clear that my problem was also related to my silent frustration and anger with my very demanding manager who seemed to favor others on my team - never giving me any recognition although I felt I worked much longer and harder than some of the others. After only a few days of implementing her tools and meditations, not only was I experiencing far less pain in my wrists and fingers, on Friday of that week, my manager informed us that he was taking a job in another company. Through the grapevine, I heard that the new manager coming in from another group was one that I’d worked well within the past - Amazing! I cannot thank Maureen enough for the shifts that have and continue to occur in my life. I’m going to recommend that my sister also work with Maureen.”

~ Anthony R., MCSD


I was suffering with painful arthritis in my elbows and knees and stiffness in my neck for over two years when I found Maureen. During our sessions, she assisted me in uncovered several issues from my past that had been plaguing me for countless years. She did some energy healing while conversing with me; and I came to understand the depth to which I felt victimized and resentful. She also guided me through some recontextualization processes that helped me to view my experiences through a more positive perspective. By working with Maureen, I was able to forgive not only the parties involved in these experiences and let the past be in the past, but more importantly myself for holding on to the resentment, which I now understand brought this physical pain to my body. After just 2 sessions with Maureen, I am practically pain free, and my outlook on life has totally shifted from one of frustration and anger to positive anticipation. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.”

~ Shane D.


“My life is exceptionally busy, and quite often very stressful and challenging. I had been suffering with insomnia and exhaustion…running on auto pilot…not knowing how, of if I would ever break through this depleting cycle. Maureen guided me to center myself and view my life from a refreshing perspective. She helped me to manage my time to include space for sitting still and allowing myself to get back into meditation. Her amazing reboot process was exactly what I needed. It did just what the name implies and reset my state of mind from that of chaos, stress, and worry to calm, relaxed flow. I am able to tend to my busy life with much more clarity an ease now, and am sleeping far better than I have in quite some time. I can feel and see my future expanding to include the desires that I’ve been wishing for. 

Maureen is an amazingly gifted healer and wise woman who generously shares her numerous resources with the world. She has been an incredible gift in my life; and I highly recommend working with her. Thank you So Much!”

~ Elaine McCall, RN


“Maureen's gifts, and the shifts that I have experienced in my life as a result of working with her are too many to mention here, but primarily her ability to draw on her own life experiences to locate the "pain points" in a person's body makes her a talented and intuitive healer. She is ego-less in her approach to identifying and isolating the cause of your discomfort, allowing her to focus completely on your uniquely complex physical and spiritual being. She has angels everywhere ~ intangible co-healers with tangible results. I highly recommend working with her.”

~ Karen D.F.


“I have loved getting to know Maureen over the last few months, I have read her book and recently had the most relaxing and renewing meditation session with her and it’s no wonder her clients love her so much. She is one of the most loving, caring, giving people that I have ever had the privilege to know; and her desire to empower her readers & clients to embrace their own capacities for healing and creating and living a fulfilling and joyful life knows no bounds. Her information is from the heart and working with her could only bring more ease and grace into your life. Thank you, Maureen, for the gift that is you. Love & best wishes.”

~Ellen Watts - Author of ‘Cosmic Ordering Made Easier - How to get more of what you want more often’.


Maureen really gets you to think about why we do the things we do and think the way we think. She writes from the perspective of a programmer, and shows we can re-program our own brains to be the best at what we do. Her book and workshop help you to see why you feel negatively about yourself and how to change that. I highly recommend her work.”

~ Lauribeth Quinlivan

About Maureen Damery

Desiring more meaning, fulfilment and joy in my life, I embarked on a quest to actualize that aspiration. Your Owner’s Manual for Life is the synthesis of everything I’ve learned, believe and love.

The transformations yielded through implementing the methodologies included within Source Code of Your Soul have provided confirmation of the amazing capabilities inherent within us all. These experiences have empowered me and appreciated my life and purpose, endowing more joy than I could have imagined.

I transitioned from my career as a Software Engineer at Microsoft and opened my own holistic practice over 15 years ago and have been empowering others to embrace their own healing and generative capacities for creating and living meaningful, joyful lives.

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Although the school is funded through various donations, FHTJ funds over 90% of all the educational and administrational costs for this charity. For very impoverished children, balanced and healthy meals are also provided.

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