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Download Eram and Karen's Interview

(To Be Available after Wednesday, April 23rd)

Download MP3

Package A

Autoimmune Jumpstart Healing


Feel Fantastic Formula™ Healing & Training
6 live/recorded TOLPAKAN™ Group healing/training via online webinar

The 90-minute live training/healing classes are on six consecutive Saturdays at 10AM Eastern (New York, USA) February 2, 9, 16, 23, March 2, 9, 2019. The replays will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the live class. Recorded replays will be available on this download page within 3 business days. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Modules 1 and 2: Recognize

In these modules you’ll learn the TOLPAKAN™ healing way to quickly assess the immune system and you’ll start rebalancing it for all timelines where you exist.

You’ll learn ways in which to vibrate at a high frequency to start dissolving the underlying patterns causing illness.

Module 1 - Video

Download MP4

Module 1 - Handout

Download PDF

Module 2 - Video

Download MP4

Module 2 - Handout

Download PDF

Modules 3: Release

In this module, you’ll learn how we bridge medical knowledge with energy healing so you can quickly and efficiently neutralize energies and toxins that are low vibrational preventing you from feeling calm and comfortable.

You’ll learn and experience the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Directives, so that you can do more healing on your own.

Module 3 - Video

Download MP4

Module 3 - Handout

Download PDF

Modules 4 and 5: Recalibration

In these two modules, we’ll be retraining and recalibrating your body systems to react less to toxins, allergens and other energies and downloading multiple Resiliency Morphic Fields™ to help you function better.

This way, you can live more “normally” and be able to socialize without suffering

Module 4 - Video

Download MP4

Module 4 - Handout

Download PDF

Module 5 - Video

Download MP4

Module 5 - Handout

Download PDF

Modules 6: Restore

In the final module, you’ll be learning ways to restore optimal function of your body systems as well as practical ways to support healing (home environment, nutrition, healing tools etc.)

Module 6 - Handout

Download PDF

Module 6 - Handout

Download PDF

Module 6 - Handout

Download PDF

Module 6 - Video

Download MP4


Autoimmune-Allergy Rescue Remedy MP3

This rescue remedy is a quick, powerful way to reset the body’s “reactivity” to outside stimuli and downgrade symptoms.

It’s a healing TOLPAKAN™ MP3 with voice that works on recovery, restoration and recalibration.
It can be used daily or as needed (before socializing, before holiday dinners etc) to help you minimize symptoms while you are healing layer by layer.

Consider it a multidimensional process of peeling, clearing and healing.

Download MP3
Download PDF


Light Warrior Support Group on Facebook

You will have access to a safe community of healing and support through this private Facebook group where all the members are kind and loving “sensitive souls”. 

Each month you can participate in free mini-healings and every week you’ll learn the latest healing trends in Dr. Karen’s Spiritual Medicine Digest videos.

Join the private Light Warrior Support Group on Facebook. Here you can ask questions about the program as well as get weekly group healings and participate in weekly group activities.

Feel free to join the open Facebook group and invite friends to join even if they haven’t made a purchase. Every month Dr. Karen offer mini-readings and healings through Facebook Live:

Plus Get These Powerful Bonuses…

Dr. Karen created Ascension 1 and 2 flagship healing products so you can heal and protect your loved ones with greater ease and speed without having to test for entities and the hundreds of possible imbalances one could have contributing to an illness.

These products are like “magic healing wands”. You play them and then, as you would a wand, direct their Light-infused energies to heal whatever, whomever, wherever you wish to heal.

It is that simple. Within seconds, entities, portals, negative extraterrestrials, implants, energy cords etc can be removed for your Highest Good.

FAQs on how to use the ascension tools

Download PDF


Ascension 1 - All-in-One Clearing and Protection

Use this MP3 like a magic wand to erase, dissolve and release unwanted negative energies from
whatever or whomever you focus your intentions on. Negative energies will be released in
layers, and many students use this to target entities and other unwanted energies. Infused in
this MP3 are instructions to download and activate your Universal Shield. Read the
accompanying PDF’s for more details.

Ascension 1

Download MP3

What it Heals

Download PDF


Ascension 2 - All-in-One Healing and Integration

Use this MP3 like a magic wand to download and activate positive frequencies and blueprints
(morphic fields), restore healthy boundaries, support the ascension process, and elevate your
Light. All you have to do is target something/someone in your mind and tell Ascension 2 to heal
it/them. You can also ask for a specific outcome. Example: “Ascension 2, ground me and work
on my sleep issues”. Refer to the accompanying PDF(s) for more detailed information.

Ascension 2

Download MP3

What it Heals

Download PDF

Both Ascension 1 and 2 are regularly upgraded energetically with higher and more powerful
energies with each global ascension event. You do not need to re-download the MP3 to
automatically receive these new infusions.

Reset and Reboot 2.0 - MP3

The Reset and Reboot 2.0 contains TOLPAKAN™ healing frequencies to rejuvenate and revive the physical, mental, emotional spiritual, energetic and dimensional parts of you and is quick self-healing to do daily so that your body can recalibrate itself after ascension upgrades and other healing work. It can be used as a “booster” any time of the day or as needed.

Download MP3
Download PDF

Package B

Autoimmune Quick Healing

  • Everything in Package A Plus
  • 25-minute Private 1:1 TOLPAKAN™ Healing session with Dr. Karen (Value $297) includes:
  • Laser-Focused Autoimmune and Allergy Assessment/Healing
  • MP3 Recording and Summary Notes in MS Word or PDF


25-minute Private 1:1 TOLPAKAN™ Healing
session with Dr. Karen

To book your 1:1 private session with Dr. Karen follow these easy steps:

  • Click this link: Please put in the notes: “Package B” and write a short list of 1-3 things you’d like to work on during the session (optional).
  • If you need to reschedule or cancel, you need give Dr. Karen at least 48 hours’ notice

*Please note these 1:1 session policies:
If you do not show up to your session or you have not given at least 48 hours’ notice of cancelation or rescheduling, your session will be recorded and the recording and notes sent to the email on file. Please make sure that your time zone is displayed correctly in the booking engine when you schedule your appointment so that all your reminders will be at the correct time for you. If you are requesting a refund, but have already booked a session, you must first cancel your session at least 48 hours prior to receive a refund. You have 6 months from the date of purchase to complete your session with Dr. Karen.

Laser-Focused Autoimmune and Allergy Assessment/Healing: In this 25 minute session, Dr. Karen will do an autoimmune/allergy assessment and start you on a quick path to healing.

Each session is recorded on MP3 (downloadable) or MP4 (non-downloadable) - you get to choose which format you desire. In addition, you get a MS Word summary of the session. If you require PDF, just let Dr. Karen know.

A lot of work gets done during these sessions. It is advised that you spend just a few minutes summarizing your symptoms/issues so that Dr. Karen can use the majority of the time doing assessments and healing.

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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