The Universe's Song - MP3
By Kathy Ranford

Are you frustrated with your connection with Spirit? Or your connection flickers in and out?

Do you want to have clearer connections with your higher self?

Then listen to the Universe‘s Song

When you go deep into meditation, you can feel more than hear. It feels just right, like there is a sense and a purpose to all. It is safety, love and acceptance.

The Universe has a unique song which was first heard at the beginning of of its existence. And when the universe ends, its song will be absorbed back, to be sung with the symphony of creation.

This track is a compilation of Whale Song which is the closest human-audible sound to how I hear the Universal Song. It is pleasant to listen to especially with earphones and continues to play up to an hour audibly AFTER you stop physically listening to it.

This is the Universe, re harmonizing and realigning your brain and your consciousness to it’s song, enabling you to see, hear and intuit more clearly and easily the other dimensions which are already here, which always exist.

This is magic at it’s purest

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