Clearing and Protection Spray - MP4 video, 2x PDFs
By Dr. Karen Kan

It is documented with scientific studies that healing cannot occur in an environment that is energetically dirty no matter how powerful the healer. When you play this video and focus your attention on a source of water, that water will be charged with multiple different TOLPAKAN™ Healing frequencies. You can use it as a room spray to clear negative energies including negative entities, harmful extraterrestrial portals, vortexes, cords, energy weapons, etc. and impart a positive FORCEFIELD that prevents any harmful attacks. No harmful beings can enter the space and higher level beings will find it easier to assist you in the ascended space. Once sprayed in a room, the effect lasts for approximately 24 hours. It is recommended that you use it in your bedroom right before falling asleep. You can also use it as a personal spray and add essential oils if you like. This spray is perfect for healers to clear their office between clients and to maintain a healthy positive attitude throughout the day. Both staff and clients will thank you! It is also great to spray at home to encourage peaceful happy relationships. You can also charge water you drink every day to clear your aura and keep you happy and peaceful. Use daily for optimal results

Addictions-Be-Gone Elixir - MP3/PDF instructions

This multi-layer Elixir will heal underlying imbalances contributing to your addictive behavior including issues pertaining to “alternate lives” (e.g. past lives). It helps to heal your gut microbes (microbiome), balance your brain chemicals and hormones, release certain allergies and intolerances, and turns down your sensitivity to outside negativity. This is a very powerful elixir so it has been upgraded to heal in a graduated fashion to minimize detoxification symptoms. Use this daily for at least 21 days for optimal results. Please note: certain emotions may arise and cravings may increase temporarily while the clearing is taking place, so remember to be kind to yourself and drink plenty of water

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