Get Your Own Negative Energy “Dehumidifier”

These Custom Pyramids Clear & Replenish The Energy In
Your Home, Office Or Workplace!

Everyone has negative energy surrounding them no matter how many clearings you’ve done.

Your body and the environment around you need constant “spring cleaning” to ensure you’re always working at your best.

And that’s why these custom pyramids are so powerful.

They work 24/7 to clear out the negative energy for both you and your environment so you no longer need to worry about negative influences bringing you down.

100% Unique & Hand Made Just For You

These custom, hand made and one of a kind pyramids are created JUST FOR YOU with the highest vibration crystals, copper and brass.

They are intuitively hand made and completely unique based on your unique needs so each one will vary slightly and may be different than the example photos.

When ordering, you’ll receive a custom pyramid very similar to the one selected but personally made just for you.

And they never need charging so they work FOREVER!

Here’s Just Some Of The Benefits You’ll Experience

  • Constantly clear the negative energy from your space
  • Attract more luck, wealth & abundance
  • Experience better health & wellbeing
  • Decrease arguments and interpersonal conflict
  • Allow you to experience more love and improve your relationships
  • Bring more happiness into your life
  • Decrease stress and emotional unrest
  • Protect yourself and your family so you’re less fearful
  • Result in better sleep with no more nightmares
  • Decrease any physical or emotional pain you’re experiencing

Here’s How it Works

Karen intuitively speaks to your Higher Self and gathers all the information she needs to create your custom pyramid using 12 of the most powerful stones in the world that are specifically known for positive transformation and raising your vibration.

It takes several days to make your custom pyramid because of the unique layering approach using the highest vibrational frequencies that make it so powerful.

When you receive your pyramid, it’ll have exactly the energies you need to transform any issues that are keeping you blocked or stuck in your life.

Plus they never need to be charged (or recharged) again so your custom pyramid will continue to work forever.

These Amazing Results Speak For Themselves...

Karen’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and so she made unique pyramids for him and put them under his bed and in his room.

Now his cancer is undetected!

Plus when he needed a new truck, Karen went to the casino and won $24,000 to pay for it.

Just check out the amazing testimonials below and you’ll understand just how powerful these pyramids really are!

Here's what the Modern Day Mystic, Peter Schenk has to say about Karen's Pyramid

“Amazing! Nightmares Gone and Sound and Peaceful Sleep for My Little Boy”

"Wow… I placed this pyramid in my son's room after he had repeated nightmares. The night I placed it there they STOPPED. As the host of You Wealth Revolution, I've been clearing the energy of my home for years, but Karen's pyramid was able to do things instantly and hold the effect. Thank you, Karen, for helping my little boy sleep soundly and in peace!"

~ Darius M Barazandeh, Host and Founder, You Wealth Revolution Network

“She crafts pyramids that will supercharge your life and your dreams”

"This beauty is full of wonderful energy. Thank you Karen LaGrange. I highly recommend everyone get their own pyramid from Karen LaGrange.

Karen is an absolutely gifted healer and creator. She intuitively tunes into what you like to create and crafts pyramids individually to super-charge your life and your dreams.

Can't wait to see what unfolds.

Can you see the beautiful symbols? How many can you see? what energies do you feel from this?

Imagine owning one of your own!

What symbols do you See? What energies do you feel?

My friend Karen LaGrange is a very gifted healer. She crafts pyramids like this one that will supercharge your life and your dreams. I wonder what is possible for you when you get your own pyramid.

Can you feel the power and potency?"

~ Jade Yin Hom


Add-On a PRIVATE Crystal Matrix Session with Karen for ONLY $97!!
(Available at checkout)


(Only offered to FHTJ Community! So Don't miss out!)

Here Are More Experiences People Shared:

“After 2 sessions and 2 pyramids able to walk after years of not feeling good to walk”

"Jim Murry, I bought 2 pyramids from Karen and she was able to help me walk after years of not feeling good to walk after 2 sessions and 2 pyramids. I can go out with my wife and enjoy life again, Karen knew what to clear out of me energy field."

~ Jim

“After working with the pyramid I kept my Blood Pressure readings down so I’m off the medicine”

"I took my pyramid to the hospital with me and I didn’t have to have the surgery they said I needed. My blood presser was so high. After working with the pyramid I kept my readings down so I’m off the medicine. Thank you Karen"

~ Sheryl Marsden

“Bad energy stopped in 3 days, My family was always fighting, it all stopped, and I sleep so well now.”

"I had trouble with my next door neighbor until I bought Karen LaGrange’s pyramids I bought 3, I put one outside my home on the same side I was having problems with and all the bad energy stopped in 3 days. I cannot believe how great they are. My family was always fighting, I placed one in the main room it all stopped. The 3rd one is in my bed room I sleep so well now."

~ Sandra Collingwood from Atlanta G.

“To say my life has change for the better since I became friends with Karen LaGrange is an Understatement!”

"Karen Lagrange who is a wonderful healer with a huge heart that will always do what she can to help. To say my life has change for the better since I became friends with Karen Lagrange is an understatement! I have one of her pyramids and that has bring so much healing, joy and smoothness to my life. Her healings whether it be emotional, physical or mental is amazing. I have been on most of the 14 calls in this series. She has amazing insights to the problems which I never even connected them until she mentioned it. If you are wondering whether to have a session with Karen or to purchase one of her pyramids, I would say go for it!!! Your life will never be the same, it will only get better. A word of caution, with the pyramids, be open minded. It may not be what you wanted or pictured (mine certainly wasn’t what I pictured it to be until I realized it is what I needed at the time), but it will be what you needed for your highest good at that point in time. Keep that in mind and you will always reap the benefit!!"

~ Kate Daniel

“She is dead on about so many things and I would recommend her help to anyone”

"This lady is the real deal, I have known her for several years and have two beautiful pyramids from her. She is dead on about so many things and I would recommend her help to anyone, she is an awesome human being. I have several of her pyramids they keep me calm and protect me."

~ Sarah S.

“Sleeps more soundly and easily”

"Karen’s pyramids are incredible. I usually wake up 3-4 times each night and have trouble going back to sleep. I have been sleeping next to my pyramid since I received it in Feb and sleeps more soundly and easily. Even my dogs would sometimes sleep with their head on the pyramid!! While things in my life has not gotten any easier, I find I can handle it much easier and I am sure it will improve more as I start to work with my pyramid more!! Highly recommended. Everyone needs a pyramid or 2 or 3 from Karen!"

~ Kate D.

"OMG the energy in it is profound, and I am LOVING it!!!! Thank you, Karen Lagrange, I am Truly Grateful, and SO happy that your Pyramids "found ME""

~ Karen C.

“Just What I Wanted”

"Your creation is amazing. I received the pyramid today!

I was curious in regards to the sweet small one you sent along with the large one. I had only ordered a large one. The small one feels like it connects with my water sign of Pisces. It’s very sweet💕.

The large one... well SO fun.

I know I have had Egyptian lifetimes and you added some inner Egyptian energy. My iChing destiny birth card is the queen of diamonds and you added a red heart with a queen’s crown. My license plate is Seahrse and you added a seahorse. I educate on following the cycles of the moon and you added the moon and sun within a grid on the base. SO cool."

“Cancer Disappeared”

"Sydney LaGrange was diagnosed with cancer and they were going to do surgery I asked him the doctor to give us some time. I talk to Sydney to let me work on him by putting pyramids under his bed to assist him in healing. We went to a hospital in Ohio had him checked out there the cancer was gone. We came back to Cedar Rapids Iowa to this doctor and it is still gone so it is undetected at this point"

~ Sydney LaGrange

“Pain in my legs after a week of having The Pyramid, is Gone.”

"I received your pyramid in the mail today it is beautiful I can feel thepower of it not even touching it in the box yet once I took it out I just felt tingling all over my body. I used it for heath to heal the pain in my legs after a week of having it the pain is gone. Thank you."

~ Brigitte Lackey from Nee Zealand

“Manifest Abundance, Harmony, Peace, Love in Life”

"Thank you for the pyramid I used it for my sinuses and it worked Perfect. I also used it to bring in money and I received it and more than I asked for."

~ Vald Toboggan The Netherlands

“Home Protected”

"Brook Mars had results of protection her house was broken into and she had an owl that I made her in her purse they didn't steal her purse and it was sitting right there with money in it, also they didn't steal anything out of her house they broke a few things but the police came before they couldn't steal anything."

~ Brook Mars

“Healed all aspects of my energy fields”

"I'm sleeping with my pyramid under my bed allowing it to tune and heal all aspects of my energy field also resting it on my chakras during my morning meditation and I'm using it to receive and send International Energy in my meditation to and it feels all tingly when I do that I love these pyramids."

~ Clara Yonca Yalcinkaya

"My pyramid is magnificent"

~ Michel Henry from France

"I have three pyramids they are fantastic these pyramids and I are family and are doing well, thank you so much for making them."

~ Paul Scott

3 Sizes Perfect For All Your Needs...

Just select the perfect pyramid size depending on your needs.

4” x 4” are perfect to sit on your desk or table to clear your workspace.

5” x 5” are best for a slightly bigger areas like your personal meditation space or a bedroom.

7” x 7” are for the large gathering spaces of your home like your lounge so it can help cleanse and restore energy and balance.

But don’t miss out on this special offer as the custom pyramids are highly sought after and won’t be repeated again at these prices...

Add-On a PRIVATE Crystal Matrix Session with Karen for ONLY $97!!
(Available at Checkout)


Shipping Extra: Within US $15 and International $35. Please Select Option at Checkout

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No Refunds after item is shipped

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Crystals and Stones Used

All Pyramids Have 13 Synergy Stones! These are the 13 most powerful stones in the world for positive transformation and upliftment!! These stones speed up your evolution and assist you in quickly finding your highest destiny!

Azeztulite Crystal

Azeztulite has become legendary for its powerful metaphysical properties! It is the stone that carries the most exclusive & exotic of vibrations!


Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds have many powerful properties!

These crystals, beyond almost all others, are manifestations of pure & solidified spiritual light. They emanate a high, harmonious energy that positively sings on the upper levels of the quartz vibrational spectrum. Herkimer are ideal for body layouts, dream work, mediation pieces, jewelry, templates, energy tools or just about any other application. They not only broadcast their energies-they can also pick up and magnify the frequencies of other stones. This can be of great help when one is using a tiny specimen, such as a small Herderite, or a ‘soft-energy’ stone such as a Morganite. In the first case, the Herkimer can make a small stone feel as strong as a larger one, and in the second case, it can strengthen the effects of some of the gentler stones.


Phenacite Crystal

Activates Intuitive & Psychic Abilities and Enhanced Brain Function

Phenacite is the supreme stone of the third-eye chakra! Its pulsing energies are so strong that they can be felt by almost anyone, even by people not normally sensitive to crystal energies! The opening and activation of te third-eye offered by Phenacite is stronger than you can receive from nearly any other stone! It an awaken your dormant special capacities that originate in the prefrontal lobes, which is the newest and most advanced parts of the brain. This can bring spontaneous experiences of telepathy, psychokinesis, prophetic vision and remote viewing.

Phenacite crystals emanate powerful & high vibrations which are strong enough to activate the inner-visioning capacity of just about anybody or even groups of people at a time! It stimulates and expands every chakra and energy pathway in the body enabling you to manifest a much broader spectrum of energetic frequencies. It activates the third-eye, crown and etheric chakras above the head.


Petalite Crystal

The Stone of Intent

Petalite can be used to enhance all the psychic powers such as telepathy and clairvoyance, and to help you attune to the knowledge of your Dharma, or path of highest destiny! They have also been used to help people with cancer.

Petalites are one of the most powerful activators to the third-eye and crown chakras! They are also stones of vision. They can gently open the inner-eye, allowing the questing mind to discover multiple new horizons. They expand your other worlds! Healers are advised to wear Petalite during a session with their clients as this will open the spiritual channel through which the healing energies are accessed. Placing the crystal on the appropriate chakra will help to open that channel for them as well.

Surprisingly for a stone of such high vibration, Petalite also has a grounding aspect that allows one to stay connected to earthly life while one explores the inner dimensions it opens.

It is also a stone of manifestation. One must be very clear as to your intent when working with a Petalite, as it will help you to manifest it into the material world!


Rhodizite Crystal

The Master Crystal

Rhodizite is extremely rare and they are one of the most powerful stones in the world! These crystals are Lemurian in origin and they were known in Lemuria as “The Master Crystal.” This is the highest quality you can get and it is a beautiful, well-formed crystal. These crystals have the remarkable ability to amplify the energy and properties of any stone by over tenfold! They also make it much easier and faster to work with any stone! This Rhodizite can also be placed on each of the chakras to activate, cleanse and align all seven chakras at once! Rhodizite has a unique and strange property. When paired with another stone they exhibit a noticeable magnetic attraction. Even though there is no magnetic minerals in this stone, they will almost attach to other stones on their own. This can only be explained metaphysically when you understand the main property of Rhodizite as a Master Teacher and an amplifier of other crystal’s energies.

Rhodizite is a crystal with many powerful properties! Rhodizite crystals are usually quite small but they vibrate with surprising power and intensity. They are one of the highest vibrational stones in the mineral kingdom and were know in Atlantis and Lemuria as “The Master Crystal.” It becomes quite obvious how they earned their title when you work with these incredible stones. They are the only crystals with the unique ability to amplify the energy of any stone it is touching by over tenfold!! The effects of this are undeniable and they can even make lower vibrational stones as powerful and easily felt as Moldavite or Phenacite! They also amplify the properties and benefits of other stones, making them function at even higher level than they could on their own! They will also speed up the effects and powers of other stones.


Herderite Crystal

Increases your learning and brain capacity

Herderite is one of the most powerful stones in the world and it can enhance your consciousness, quicken your evolution, unlock new abilities, increase brain capacity & psychic abilities and enhance memory creativity and learning.


Natrolite Crystal

Many powerful metaphysical properties

Natrolite is one of the two or three most powerful stones for stimulation of the third-eye and crown chakras. When one works in mediation holding a Natrolite to one or both points, a strong pulsing energy moves into the chakra, pulling chakric vibrations into resonance with the Nadorite’s emanations. This begins a process by which the third-eye and crown chakra, link and expand creating the experience in which one feels as if they have merged into a single huge chakra, pulsing with light and may find one’s eyes involuntarily crossing and looking upward toward the third-eye. This is a classic Yogi experience of the opening of the Wisdom Eye. Natrolite id one of the strongest stones for initiating such experiences.

Natrolite’s energy moves beyond the confines of the physical body, activating one’s conscious link with the eighth through fourteenth chakras above the head. These chakras are aligned with one’s higher bodies, the astral and casual, as well as the Higher Self, of which one is usually unconscious. A part of the leap of evolution which human beings are on the threshold of making involves becoming conscious of these higher bodies and using the loving intention, the will of the heart, to become active in these reals while still remaining in the physical world. These are the levels of reality in which the ‘random’ yet meaningful events of synchronicity are set in motion and learning to navigate within them is a huge leap into higher consciousness. Yet it is what we are called to do. Natrolite helps open the inner gateways to these realms for one’s exploration and enlightenment.

In the somewhat more everyday world, Natrolite provides psychic protection making it impossible for negative entities of influences to penetrate one’s auric field. Its pulsing vibrations can bring light to any area of the body where energies are blocked or slow-moving. It can be used to clear the chakras and meridians and remove negative attachments from the auric field. It is useful in stimulating the nervous system to higher levels of sensitivity to the subtle spiritual energies that surround us. It allows one easier access to inner guidance and can even help one set up two-way communication with one’s angelic helpers.



Copper is believed to be a lucky stone, and is known to amplify your thoughts and may boost the sending of messages via thought. It may enhance the creation of loving relationships and loving actions. It can help you to feel more self-reliant, less dependent on others and more able to take action when required.



All diamonds have a very spiritual vibration and they resonate within the highest chakras bringing spiritual light into the body from the soul star chakra down through the crown chakra and third eye chakra to the heart chakra.

They are positive stones that assist you to find the light and they have a powerful effect to aid the brain. You can get lower quality diamond stones and their crystal haling properties are highly regarded. They many aid you with developing several psychic based powers and in particular the gift of psychic visions or clairvoyance.


Danburite Crystal

Also known as Rose Quartz, Danburite is a pink quartz crystal whose meaning is about love. As it is a stone that epitomizes the vibration of love. This may be why this stone is symbolic of the energy of love, peace and calming energy. One of the facts about Rose Quartz Crystal is that is very important, is its effectiveness at healing personal relationships.



Energy, Vitality and Sensuality

The Ruby stone is well known as a deep red gemstone and crystal. It is an excellent stone for recharging your energy levels and it may stimulate your mind to be more positive and self-assured. Its striking color is analogous of its energy, which is very effective for encouraging vitality, sensuality and sexual energy. As well this lovely red crystal may assist you to overcome sexual dysfunction and attract new love.



This is a very much a heart centered stone and it epitomizes the Divine love of the Creator. It is a stone manifestation and will also support the retention of wealth of all sorts. Emerald Stones are one of the most valued stone as from within them emerges the purest form of green ray energy. This heart chakra-based energy makes them known as a stone of successful and abundant love.

By helping you to let go of negativity, these natural crystals will create positive actions and outcome and give you the strength to overcome any problems in your lifecycle. Within all of nature, in the plants and the grass and the trees, you can see this clear green color and the energy of the green ray. The energy of nature itself is embodied within stones that carry the green ray like Emerald stones.

Emerald Crystals emit the green ray, a vibration that will open the heart chakra and draw love into your life. This lovely stone has many excellent qualities.



Sapphirine is an interesting stone and metaphysical properties of stones like these are known to have mixed effects in different individuals. Many people’s experience of this crystal is that it creates a soothing and quite deeply calming action. Used in mediation it may help you to slip into a deep and tranquil state and it is helpful if you do journey work to assists you to return safely.

It is also known to be a cleansing crystal that helps you to release issues that need to be let go of including past life issues. This may allow you to improve your life and to get onto the right path. There are other effects reported and some people find that it opens up deeper areas of their being where they experience old and challenging issues that come up to be dealt with commonly known as “dark night of the soul.”

* Disclaimer: We make no medical claims about our products. If you have a medical condition please consult a physician.



(Add On a PRIVATE Session with Karen for ONLY $97!!)


(Only offered to FHTJ Community! So Don't miss out!)

Clearing Past Family Issues - MP3

Instructions: Prepare a quiet place to receive the clearings. It is suggested to do one at a time to release any past pain with family members. Have water on hand after listening to the Clearings. Also, have pen and paper to write down anything that comes up for you. Repeat clearings as needed.

Here are some more raving testimonials:

“Karen LaGrange is the real deal body mind heart and soul”

"Hi this is a testimony to my deepest and sincerest thanks to the most loving understanding and quite possibly evolved intuitive spiritual healer I have ever come across in my years of study and research. It’s no mistake that Karen Lagrange is the real deal body mind heart and soul. She has an uncanny ability to see into who we are all the way through she feels when she’s taking you through your journey what she sees in you to herself. It is my honor and privilege to have come into her path through being led by my mother so that I might and would find my purpose. I’m 58 years old I’m a mother of three and I’m a lover of all mankind and all animals. My heart has been a victim of many unfortunate circumstances that led me down the path that brought me to who I am today and for that I am eternally grateful for. Karen could see all of this and me"

~ Tania Robichau

“Healing Heart, Diseases, Body Pain”

"One client Sandy Kissinger was in the hospital having heart pains she called the energy of her pyramid to her and realize she could talk to her pyramid from the hospital and it relaxed her enough where she could go home."

~ Sandy Kissinger

“Severe Pain In Right hand to Elbow gone 95% Without Doctors or Pain killers”

"Karen’s crystal matrix has been really helpful. I had severe pain radiating from my right hand to elbow where I could barely move or even hold a cup of tea. 1 session with Karen and her crystal matrix started the healing process and within 24 hours, I was no longer in tears from the pain and within a week, my right side feels nearly 95% without doctors and pain killers. Karen is a true miracle worker. I love the buzzing feeling I get with the crystal matrix is working. It is an experience that will change your life!!"

~ Kate D.

“She has helped me shift my upper back pain, issues with a tooth and money blocks”

"Karen's work is powerful and her intuition is out of this world. She has helped me shift my upper back pain, issues with a tooth and money blocks. What a gift to receive healing from Karen Lagrange. Her generosity of spirit and kindness is evident in all her work -- to me that's the mark of a great healer, the kindness of heart that just flows into all her work with you."

~ Jade H.

“Everything you do comes from the heart and I thank you for helping us”

"I had the pleasure of listening to you on 2 tele-summits. I have been following you since your debut on Peter Schenk Modern Mystic Show. You are amazing! Everything you do comes from the heart and I thank you for helping us. I don't have a pyramid yet but hopefully someday I will. That was a very good call. Thank You for having such wonderful tools to help us."

~ A. Bobe

“Karen is so right on with her knowing”

"I love her pyramids I have a few and they comfort me. Karen is so right on with her knowing.Thank you."

~ Mehar Serang

“I carry my pyramid to work with me and keep it on me and now I feel so much better”

"I have been over worked so much I carry my pyramid to work with me and keep it on me and now I feel so much better. Thank you for your pyramids I love them."

~ Sandy K., Iowa City

“I sold a house Thanks to Karen and her pyramids”

"I sold a house Thanks to Karen and her pyramids. I’m so grateful to have found her she is right on with her readings to clear me of past trauma’s and bring in abundance with her wonderful pyramids. I used my pyramid like she said and I made a lot of money with the house that sold. I can’t begin to tell you how much the pyramids have helped me."

~ Hellen Novotney from Detroit

"Very profound experience and I am glad to have called your show."

~ Naoko Love

"Karen thank you for the session you did on me with the Crystal Matrix box. It did amazing things for me. I Am feeling fantastic. Sounds like they will be releasing me a lot sooner from the hospital now. Thank you for my beautiful Pyramid it is really powerful. Sending you love sweetie."

~ Sandra Rae

About Karen LaGrange

Ordained Minister, Light Weaver, Reiki Master

Karen is a natural born Healer! Karen has manifested over thousands of dollars. To help others.Karen was born with the inter knowledge of just knowing. Karen comes from her Heart.And learned at an early age she was different than other people and made it hard to be accepted since she feels energy from others and always knew when she or loved ones was in danger. Karen is from along line of intuitive people. Others, just don’t understand what it’s like to be born with the knowing. Karen warned her Husband Sydney he was going to have an accident imminently Karen sent him healing energy knowing he was going to die in her inter knowing. please be careful she told him.In 2 months Sydney was hurt in a bulldozer accident, and he should have never made it out alive. Karen was a dog groomer a dog died on her table she laid hands on the dog, praying as Sydney watched and said forget it call the owners tell them he died. Karen did not stop. The dog came back to life after 20minutes of death. Should have seen Sydney face when she showed him Sam was alive. When the owner came for the dog they said he has cancer and no one else would groom him. Sydney needed a truck Karen manifested it, she went to a Casino and won $24,000 for the truck.

Karen is an ordained minister, Light Weaver, Reconnection, Reiki Master, Light Language, Sacred Geometry. Having a session with Karen has the potential to transform your life. She is a powerful channel for theAscended Masters and for loved ones who have transitioned.In a private session, or on the telephone, Karen tunes into you to create a Custom Pyramid just for you,and is unique for you! Karen was Divinely led by Spirit to start making these pyramids and using highest vibrational frequencies of copper, and, Herkimer diamonds, real diamonds, other precious stones and 12of most powerful stones in the world for positive transformation and raising your vibration! Karen’s pyramids take days to make and are made in layers and have exactly the energies you need to transform multi issues that are keeping you blocked and stuck in your life. She uses the highest vibrational crystals and metals to bring about healing and clearing to the homes and office space of her clients.Karen was divinely guided to get the Crystal Matrix and start making these pyramids several years ago.Both clear your energies, the Crystal Matrix works in the moment as Karen helps and talks you through the clearings. The pyramids reveal their powers by their sheer presence! Like when her husband was diagnosed with Cancer, Karen made pyramids and put them under his bed and in his room. His cancer is undetected! Karen says Ask Believe to Receive.

Add-On a PRIVATE Crystal Matrix Session with Karen for ONLY $97!!
(Available at Checkout)


Shipping Extra: Within US $15 and International $35. Please Select Option at Checkout

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No Refunds after item is shipped

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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