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Quick Fix Miracles will not just facilitate Perfect Health at Lightening Speed, you will also be able to make a Fresh Start in life. It will fill you up with renewed Energy and Vigor, bestow Calmness and Clarity and have you achieving your goals with Self Confidence for a Fulfilled Life.

As a matter of fact people report that one of the most common side effects of Quick Fix Miracles for health is that it simultaneously impacts other areas of life such as Purpose, Career, Finances and Relationships propelling all these in the right direction.

With Quick Fix Miracles, Joanita's clients routinely experience at least one Miracle every time they work with her!

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Jo's Guarantee: If you are not happy with the results you get, you will get a free follow up session to determine what is blocked.

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The Lives of These People Were Changed Forever After They Worked With Joanita. These Were Truly Miraculous Sessions! Here are Just a Few Examples:

“40 years of Lymphodema reversed permanently in one session.” ~ Anne

“Planned Cancer Surgery cancelled due to Pre-Op Scans showing up Cancer free.” ~ Carole

"Deep Depression and Financial Loss reversed in a couple of Days.” ~ A

“Severe Gout attack reversed in one session” ~ Hans

“Released chronic depression in one session what years of therapy couldn’t.” ~ Georgiana

“Keloid Scar Tissue Vanished!” ~ Vic C

“Ovarian Cyst dissolved overnight….Ultrasound prooved it. Technician speechless!” ~ O Willis

“My Diaphragm went back into place and my breathing is now remarkable.” ~ Rod Q

“A medical miracle due to Jo’s healing changed my life.” ~ Julie P

And there are many, many more! Just scroll down to read them.

  • If you are sick and tired of being in constant pain
  • If you are suffering from chronic disorders that defy diagnosis and treatment
  • If you are suffering from Auto Immune issues
  • If you are forever drained and exhausted physically, mentally as well as emotionally
  • If you are feeling sad, irritable, angry, lost and frightened for no particular reason
  • If you are feeling unloved, unworthy and under-confident
  • If your finances and relationships are troubling you
  • If you are prone to depression and anxiety
  • If your thoughts are cluttered, chaotic and disorganized
  • If you are feeling stuck in life despite going through years of Therapy

Then you owe it to yourself to give this amazing healer a chance where 99.9% of people report receiving the health miracle that they were seeking!

Her work is

Why does Quick Fix Miracles work so effectively and so miraculously?

Quick Fix Miracles Works at shifting us from the “ Contracted State “, where our connection to our higher aspects and source is totally lost and all information and communication from our higher aspects becomes distorted to the “ Expanded state “ of Love, Purpose, Joy and Abundance.

Through Quick Fix Miracles we are shifted into the Alpha Theta states where healing occurs and we reconnect with our higher aspects like Triad and Monad and ultimately to the vast unlimited potential of Source instantaneously.

Quick Fix Miracles completely aligns us with Source.

Not only do 99.9% Report Receiving a Miracle, Jo Guarantees Her Work For You. Scroll to find out how the guarantee works


30 years of lymphodema reversed in JUST ONE Session!

A 50 year old woman asked for help as she had lymphodema on both her legs for over 30 years. Her thighs, legs and feet were enormous, although she was very slim in her upper body. In one session, this completely reversed after Jo helped remove the root cause of her condition.

Apparently at 5 years old she went to a school where she was forced to write with her right hand as she was naturally left handed. Her left hand was tied up so she could not use it. Jo found a chronic imbalance in her right kidney area, where she confirmed it was always painful. Jo sensed this was from her not releasing her bladder. She confirmed that she was terrified of the teacher and consequently frequently needed to empty her bladder, but whenever she put her hand up, the teacher ignored her. The pattern of being ignored appeared to be a common trend in her life. Her legs completely returned to normal and also people began to listen to her.

Brand New Testimonials!!!

“Embarrassing Hyperhydrosis (sweating of hands and feet) Relieved & Now I Can Confidently Shake People's Hands!”

“Thank you for the session today. My hands are dry! They stayed that way all evening and I even played ring around the rosy with my niece and that would normally set them off but they stayed dry!

~ D.P.

“My Stomach And Intestinal Issues Have Disappeared... No More Stomach Aches!”

“Hello again! I wanted to reach out and tell you just how much our session worked. I know you knew it would but, I honestly thought it wouldn't as I've been through several healers and nothings worked.

It's so nice to not wake up with a stomach ache and fall asleep with a stomach ache. It's been awesome to actually forget that my stomach doesn't hurt. If that made sense. Thank you!!!!!!”

~ M. P., Los Angeles, Ca.

“It's A REAL MIRACLE... For 15 Years I Lived With Bald Spots On My Head... Now Thanks To Jo's Amazing Healing Work... I Am Loving My New Growth And Am Amazed At How Much Confidence I Now Have!!!”

“I was diagnosed with Alopecia and for over 15 years, I had been trying to live with the very visible bald patches on the crown of my head. I had tried so many things, in the hope that the hair on my scalp would re grow. Nothing worked and the bald patches continued, making me feel me feel less than a woman and so unattractive.

I felt like my hair loss was restricting the choices I was making in my life and preventing me from being happy within myself. My hair loss also affected my confidence and my relationships. I was at a very low point, having recently returned from a professional wig fitting, when Jo came into my life. For me, this was the beginning of an amazing journey!

Jo started to work on my condition. Within days, my hairdresser noticed a fine new growth appearing.6 months later, my hairdresser and I were amazed by the increase in volume of hair on the crown of my head. After only 6 months, it was no longer possible to see my scalp. Even on close inspection!

My happiness and my confidence soared!! I felt amazing within myself. I had spent years trying to get my hair to re grow, nothing worked. My hair loss had affected my whole life and happiness. Now I felt I could be myself again, I didn't have to hide myself. To me this felt like winning the lottery. I felt encouraged to grow my hair to shoulder length!

Jo's ability to intuitively know the source of our presenting ill health is amazing. Perhaps this is why she remains so effective and successful in her work as a Healer. As she gets to the source of the problem. She is somebody who loves her work and this is evident in her enthusiasm and genuine care and love. She made me feel safe. Her clients are always her priority. I will be eternally grateful to Jo for my miracle hair!

~ Margaret

“For the first time ever I was drawn to purchase packages from FHTJ - with Jo, experiencing increasingly debilitating problems with my vision, digestion, and joint pain. My digestion immediately improved from 12 to 1 after the first session - this has been sustained. Joint pain on my left shoulder knee and hip was about a 7 on a regular basis and is now at a 2 or 3 only during cold weather, and although I still have vision challenges my photosensitivity is down from about an 8 to a 2, making driving in all weather conditions much easier. She is gently and patient, and so generous with her time, going above and beyond. I look forward to working with her in future.”

~ M.P., South Africa.

This is what who experienced this miraculous healing have to say !!!

“40 years of Lymphodema reversed permanently in one session”

“I had been suffering from Lymphodema in both legs for close to 40 Years. My thighs to my feet were enormous and swollen though I was very slim in the upper body. In one session this completely reversed as Jo found and instantaneously healed an imbalance in the right Kidney area due to a childhood school trauma.

~ Anne

And how about this person's miraculous recovery? In which planned cancer surgery was cancelled after working with Jo because the scans showed that she was cancer FREE

In her own words ...

“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was due to have surgery to remove it. After working with Jo, I went in for my Pre-Op Scans. I was sent home as the scans miraculously showed up Cancer free and there was nothing to operate.

~ Carole

And it doesnt stop there! The results just keep pouring in, one miracle after another!

“Released in one session what years of therapy couldn’t”

“I had been in therapy for many years yet stuck in the same mental and emotional space. In one session with Jo I uncovered and released so much that I ended up healing my relationship with my father.

~ Georgiana

“Deep Depression and Financial Loss reversed in a few days”

“I had lost my wife about 4 years ago and was in the depths of despair due to grief and my financial situation. I was referred to Jo by my Reiki practitioner. After a challenging session with Jo I was able to let go of my grief and change my financial situation within days.

~ A

“This Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle… Virtually NO Pain!”

“I had a dreadful cough and despite medication, it just got worse to the point where I could barely speak. The coughing was so horrendous that it seemed to have interfered with my natural body posture. My back was painful and completely out of alignment. When I bent over, my hip was held in a twisted position to compensate for the back pain. I was in a lot of pain. A friend recommended me to Jo and my dear father fearing the worst for me, took me over to her office immediately. Jo took one look at me and was shocked to see me in such a state. I couldn't even sit down. She immediately got to work, clearing and balancing all the psychological and energetic causes which got me in this state. It's amazing how she tuned in!

At the end of the 45 minute session I was straight and able to move freely with virtually no pain! My father was astounded..'Blimey, this was nothing short of a miracle!' The next day my cough had eased off a lot and my voice returned. I felt freer in body and spirit – Jo’s healing worked so quickly and effectively. A life saver indeed!”

~ Sue K.

“Life Saving Treatment for Prem Baby”

“My granddaughter was born a good weight but 3 weeks early and she was immediately rushed to ITU with breathing difficulties and for a number of days it was touch and go if she would make it or not. My daughter was distraught as she had already had 2 miscarriages and we were all fearing the worst.

I contacted Jo and she immediately began treatments to help the little one pull through. Through the energy pathways which Jo uses she could see that genetic expectations following the two miscarriages were somehow blocking the little one’s progress and she was able to reverse these quite dramatically.

Within hours of the treatment she began to start feeding which up until that point she had been on life support only. She was weaned off the machines gradually and continued to make huge progress. Within a week of being born, and a matter of a few days following Jo’s treatment, my granddaughter came home. I firmly believe that without Jo’s intervention the outcome would have been very different. Thank you Jo from the bottom
of my heart.”

~ EC

Even More Miracles Reported!

“I Felt Completely Cured After Just ONE Session With Jo!”

“After suffering with stiff neck pain, for a couple of years unable to turn head fully, struggling to reverse my car, going to chiropractor and being pushed and pulled with no remedy... I was recommended to Jo. I feel so lucky to have met Jo, the first session with her I felt completely cured with pain gone and able to turn my head as I haven't done for a while! I was so excited that I left immediately and went and bought her flowers and chocolates, as a thank you! I can't believe how relaxed I am after the session, having had a swollen foot for many years... Jo was able to work on this and I haven't had the problem return!

Until I met Jo I was shy and withdrawn with very little confidence, which has all changed now and I am a lot more outgoing and have started playing golf and getting to meet a lot of new friends... life is so much more enjoyable! Love you JO!

~ Paula G.

“After Just One Session With Jo... The Tingling And Numbness Has Disappeared!”

“Recently, I developed a tingling sensation and numbness in my hand and fingers. The doctor advised me it was Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and suggested that I should have a steroid injection in my wrist. I was not happy with this and mentioned the problem to Jo. After just one session with Jo... the tingling and numbness has disappeared! I cannot speak too highly of Jo and her methods of treatment. I would recommend anyone with these type of problems to pay her a visit!”

~ M.A.

Not only do 99.9% Report Receiving a Miracle, Jo Guarantees Her Work For You. Scroll to find out how the guarantee works

“No More Pain… No More Walking Stick!”

“Quite recently, I developed severe sciatica and was forced to use a walking stick for support. It wouldn't go away so after two weeks in agony I made an appointment with Jo. As she cleared the root cause, I felt this deep relaxation, my body just melted, no pain.... amazing, I did not need the use of the walking stick!”

~ S. Churchman

“Medical Miracle That Changed My Life!”

“I suffered with repeated infections in my bladder which were treated with antibiotics that didn't work and I ended up having a nephrectomy in 2000. Everything was fine until 2013 when the infections returned. I had a Urodynamics test which showed that residue was building up continuously and causing these recurrences.

ln 2018, after three years having to catheterise twice daily, to my horror the infections came back with a vengeance and I had to increase the frequency to three times daily. By this time the allopathic drugs were also having a very detrimental effect on my health. To help myself, with now, numerousother health issues I sought alternative and natural ways. I tried spiritual healing at my church and then I found Jo.

ln her session with me she did some processes and immediately I felt relief. Shortly after that I had another hospital appointment and a scan. To my great delight they confirmed that my bladder was 'empty', but they couldn't understand how? or why?

I negotiated with them and they agreed that I could stop catheterising for 3 months to check how many infections I would get during this period. After this time had elapsed, I met with the consultant who scanned me there and then. He was lost for words, basically said that I was nothing short of a miracle!

He couldn't fathom out exactly how this was possible but what he was sure of was that I did not need to be catheterised for the rest of my life and he couldn't explain why? This was a life changing moment. I just couldn't stop the tears of happiness from flowing!

~ Julie P.

And here's a few more of the miracles that were reported recently!!

“Keloid Scar Tissue Vanished!”

“An Operation in my abdomen left with me with a keloid scar. Jo worked on it and it completely disappeared! Even the surgeon was surprised how it had healed. Jo’s healing gets ‘under the skin’ and a magical recovery took place. Truly astounding!”

~ Vic C.

“Ultrasound Revealed Ovaries Were Normal… Technician Was Speechless!”

“When I first went to Jo, over six years ago now, I’d been suffering with the effects of PCOS for 10 years. I had all the usual symptoms... weight gain, bad skin, irregular periods, among others. Jo worked specifically on this condition and the results were amazing!

The morning after the appointment, I noticed a large jelly-like ball the size of a large marble when I went to the toilet. Over the next few weeks I noticed an improvement in my mood and my skin looked clearer, my periods became regular too!

A few months later I went for my check up scan and the operator was left speechless when the ultrasound had revealed both ovaries were normal in appearance! I continue to see Jo on a regular basis as she keeps my body in balance. I honestly can’t recommend Jo enough, no matter what ailment you suffer with I am 100% sure Jo can heal it!

~ O.Willis

“Thumb Healed In Just 10 Minutes!”

“I was suffering from a painful left thumb after it was impacted by another person… I sought help first from the hospital doctors and later by a chiropractor, which neither helped! Surgery was suggested. After sharing my story with a colleague… they suggested I go to Jo. To my surprise and delight, after just 10 minutes I experienced a feeling of relief and ease straight away! So grateful!

~ V.V.

“Jo’s Magic Helped My Sister Get ‘Untwisted’ & Pain Free!”

“My sister came to visit me recently. She had a bad fall about 2 years ago while walking a neighbour's dog. She sustained a number of injuries for which she had medical treatments, physiotherapy, osteopathic manipulations and other therapies which continued over the two years. I knew she was still struggling but was taken aback when I saw how different her shoulders heights were. She was bent over, twisted and in pain. Physically and psychologically she felt drained. I made an appointment for her to see Jo. Within 45 minutes of Jo working on her, my sister was able to stand up straight! Her limp had gone and she was in no pain. Neither my sister nor I could believe how quick the recovery was. I don't understand a lot of what Jo does but I believe in her, she's a Magic Lady! I have seen first hand of what she is capable of and highly recommend her!”

~ Stella C.

“I Can Continue Working In The Business I Love PAIN FREE!”

“After suffering for many years (over 25 yrs) with lower back pain, believed to be due to the heavy duties involved in the building industry and seeing different Doctors, osteopaths and chiropractors, (and numerous pain killers) and getting only short term remedies... I feel so blessed having met Jo!

The first session with her I felt more relaxed than any other treatments I had received beforehand and after working with Jo... I felt like a new man! The freedom of movement was something I haven't felt in many years… I also had a pulled deltoid muscle of which doctor advised surgery, but after working with Jo the shoulder improved greatly, and eventually cured!

Doctors advised me to make a change of career, at the age of 30, I am still in the building trade as it is something I have always enjoyed. My intention to retire early changed with the fact I am able to carry on with the business that I love pain free! And working an extra ten years has allowed me to retire in comfort, handing over the business to my son!”

~ Peter G.

“My Neck And Back Pain Are Completely GONE!”

“I am a 76 yr old woman and have suffered with lower back pain since I was in my late twenties. Over the years it has gradually gotten worse and I have seen several doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and had x-rays, only to be told that it was arthritis caused by wear and tear and old age. To ease the pain I have taken anti-inflammatory tablets and used several different types of gels, none of which had lasting results.I also suffer from neck pain and about 18 months ago I was talking to a friend who suggested that I made an appointment to see Jo. I cannot believe the improvement. My neck problems are solved and I no longer suffer with the back pain nor take any medication to relieve the problems, I now play golf and bowl several times a week!

~ Roe


Chronic grief and trauma from age 7 and 8 was relieved and the client's chronic breathing problems reversed in just ONE Session!

Rod Quinton had a problem with his breathing and suffered from chronic sinusitis for as far back as he could remember. A chest X-ray showed that his left lung and diaphragm had been ‘pushed upwards’ towards his collar bone. He was on a lot of heart medications and his doctor informed him that if he had any sign of a cold, he was to immediately report to the surgery where he would automatically be prescribed antibiotics, something he would have to take for the rest of his life, every time he had a cold.

Jo found there were a number of shocks and a lot of grief (both his and his mother’s) in his lungs and heart. She asked if he had had any traumas from the age of 7-8 and was told that his father died when he was 8 years old. He had also lost two wives to cancer intensifying his grief further. Jo could ‘see’ a gray area below his collar bone which related to the X-ray and where his oesophagus had contracted and constricted the sinus flow. After a session with Jo, where they harmonised the shocks and grief, and the fields in the area, he gave a deep sigh of relief as he was able to breath freely again.

He reported later, that his sinuses had completely cleared after 30+ years of suffering and lots of antibiotics over the years as it seems they were constantly getting infected. He is virtually on no medication now!

Not only do 99.9% Report Receiving a Miracle, Jo Guarantees Her Work For You. Scroll to find out how the guarantee works

“Quick Results In Just 10 Minutes!”

“I was struggling for several days with changing the gears in my car because of a pulled muscle in my back just below my left shoulder blade. After a quick 10 minute session with Jo, I was able to drive again pain free. Both driving and changing gears was a smooth operation. And miraculously no more muscle pain!”

~ S.C.

“My Breathing Is Now Remarkable!”

“Recently having had tests and a CT scan on the NHS for breathing problems... I was informed my diaphragm under my left lung had pushed up into my lung (possibly caused by a fall some time earlier) and my lung was only working at 50% capacity. There was no treatment or drugs that could help, it would not get any worse and I just have to live with it.

Having discussed my problem with Jo... she was able to work the diaphragm back down and the consequent results in my breathing is remarkable! This is just one example of Jo's remarkable work. I am morethan happy to recommend Jo to anyone!”

~ Rod Q.

“I’m Ready To Take On The World Thanks To Jo!”

“Jo is a supernatural healer! I started working with Jo a few years ago when I was really physically ill and in a deep state of depression emotionally and spiritually. Since working with Jo I am now on my path of purpose and working towards my soul calling. She has helped me rid myself of limiting beliefs and see things from a different perspective. After an hour of speaking, or working with Jo I feel like I am my true self, ready to take on the world and ready to receive all of its abundance. I hope to be working with Jo into my old age. Thank you again for all of your help. Big love!”

~ Emily xx

“She Helped Me Turn My Life Around Through The Most Challenging And Dire Circumstances!”

“Jo is a phenomenal practitioner and an extraordinarily skilled healer and teacher. I've known her for many years and I have benefited hugely from her vast experience, knowledge and care.

Jo has an uncanny knack of finding the root causes of various problems,via her intuitive bodywork and healing. I would trust her with my life, and I have complete faith in what she does. Although I do understand a lot of what she does, I don't quite understand it all, nevertheless I have great faith in her and she has helped me to turn my life around through the most challenging and dire circumstances.

In times of crisis Jo has expertly eased my pains, and mended my body, strengthening me in the process: physically, mentally and spiritually. When the crisis has passed her maintenance care keeps me on top form in all three areas, and I would not be without it.I cannot recommend her highly enough, and she is always my "go to"practitioner.”

~ Lucy, United Kingdom

What is unique about Joanita

Joanita is different from other healers as she has developed her tools to a point where she facilitates healing at Lightning Speed. She facilitates connection to source in an instant. Results though instantaneous are permanent. Even a 10 minute session with Joanita can be life altering.

In addition Joanita also possesses the unique ability to tap into strange fields and virtual particles that momentarily exist in space but have never been considered in healing before. This unique ability facilitates Mega Healing.

The proof of the healing is in these experiences

“Jo's Sessions Have Helped Me To Become Confident Enough To Take Control Of My Life!”

“After any treatment I experience with Jo I leave with a feeling of wholeness. Sessions can be so powerful at releasing any blockages. I'm amazed that I can be struggling with anxiety and overwhelm and within minutes I can feel release throughout my whole body, experienced as emotion and physical sensation.

During one session I had some major tensions within my muscles and organs and once they began to release so did a huge amount of held emotion that I didn't even know I was carrying.

Jo's sessions have helped me to become confident enough to take control and understand my life and experiences and release things that were holding me back. As a sensitive person I struggled on a daily basis with physical and emotional issues and now I know it doesn't have to be that way at all.”

~ Helen R.

“The Whole Process Was Lightning Fast!”

“I attended a course which I really didn't want to go to. My intuition was telling me not to. When I got home after the first day which was on Saturday, I was very sick and had projectile vomiting. Unfortunately I had to go back on the Sunday as I owed the instructor some money. I was still in a terrible state. I felt like Bambi, abandoned in the woods and couldn't function at all.

I somehow survived the night and knew that there was something amiss. I called Jo first thing the next morning. She instantly knew that something was going on with me. I couldn't think, I couldn't function, it felt like my whole body froze! This was the worst experience in my life!

I was so relieved but also gob smacked on how Jo quickly got me out of this. She cleared a number of entities, which she told me about later. She 'saw' a nasty one on my left shoulder and got it to leave me. The whole process was so lightening fast! I learnt a valuable lesson .. to trust my intuition!

A couple of attendees too were affected by the 'energies’ on the course and their experiences were just as bad. I promptly and without hesitation referred them to Jo who worked on their energies and helped them out. One of them was blown away with Jo's skills and abilities and remarked 'Wow, she is incredible, isn't she? I feel amazing!"

The recommendation and subsequent healing is testament to how remarkable Jo’s skills are – in a split second, she intuitively knows where healing needs to go. And so good to see that everyone experiences positive benefits and have their consciousness raised at the same time. You are the best Jo, I'm so glad to have you in my life. Thank you!”

~ S. King

“I Felt Liberated & Carefree… Like A Child Again!”

“In my session with Jo, I saw myself when I was 6 years old... I was on the playground with my friends from my first school. I saw the clothes I was wearing, complete with a satin bow in my hair. Jo explained to me that it meant I should lighten up and be carefree like I was then.

I was very stressed at the time and had a few health issues. Jo clearly picked up on this and together we were able to work through these. Amazingly too, my wrinkles had disappeared and my face felt lovely and smooth! Jo tuned in and was able to change negative frequencies into positive. I could not believe this was possible. I felt so liberated and carefree like a child again!”

~ Stella

“Gained Powerful Strength And Confidence Within Myself!”

“My acquaintance with Jo came through a chance meeting through a friend and I soon found that I was able to connect with her energies in a very subtle way. Never did I realise, that some months later, when I found myself in the most terrible quandary that I would contact her for help.

I was in the process of finishing my last exams for a course that I have been doing for a year and failed the first exam of the day. Sweaty palms, heart palpitations, panic, stress. I was totally and utterly confused as I had another exam that afternoon. I was in total burn out. Not like me as I am usually head strong and organised and had sat several exams in the last few years.

I decided to give Jo a quick call to explain the situation. Jo immediately put me at ease. She listened patiently, sensing the panic and urgency of my call. We chatted for while and she was able to help me tune out of the panic mode and help me to de-stress. I could feel that we were able to connect and was able to find the strength and confidence within myself which was very powerful.

I returned to the next exam that afternoon, much energised and everything felt positive. I am pleased to add that I passed the exams with flying colours and cannot imagine how good it felt that Jo was very quickly able to come to my aid. I certainly felt very different after our chat. I was very impressed with her approach and the way she works. And so grateful and relieved that she was able to help me in the most generous way. Thank you Jo for your tremendous work!”

~ Yana T.

“Quick Results In Just 10 Minutes!”

“I was struggling for several days with changing the gears in my car because of a pulled muscle in my back just below my left shoulder blade. After a quick 10 minute session with Jo, I was able to drive again pain free. Both driving and changing gears was a smooth operation. And miraculously no more muscle pain!”

~ S.C.

“My Breathing Is Now Remarkable!”

“Recently having had tests and a CT scan on the NHS for breathing problems... I was informed my diaphragm under my left lung had pushed up into my lung (possibly caused by a fall some time earlier) and my lung was only working at 50% capacity. There was no treatment or drugs that could help, it would not get any worse and I just have to live with it.

Having discussed my problem with Jo... she was able to work the diaphragm back down and the consequent results in my breathing is remarkable! This is just one example of Jo's remarkable work. I am morethan happy to recommend Jo to anyone!”

~ Rod Q.

“I’m Ready To Take On The World Thanks To Jo!”

“Jo is a supernatural healer! I started working with Jo a few years ago when I was really physically ill and in a deep state of depression emotionally and spiritually. Since working with Jo I am now on my path of purpose and working towards my soul calling. She has helped me rid myself of limiting beliefs and see things from a different perspective. After an hour of speaking, or working with Jo I feel like I am my true self, ready to take on the world and ready to receive all of its abundance. I hope to be working with Jo into my old age. Thank you again for all of your help. Big love!”

~ Emily xx

“My Skin Used To Look Dull and Now I Have A Constant Glow!”

“I love Infynite Gold Skincare Products! I started with the Multiplex Peptide Serum and Renewing Face Cream. I use both daily and my skin has never looked and felt better! It used to look dull and now I have a constant glow! I also love knowing that what I’m putting on my skin is organic with all-natural ingredients, a must in this day and age.”

~ Beija Garcia – West Palm Beach, FL

Total Package Value $997

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $397

Limited Time Offer $197

*** 85% Saving ***

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Jo's Guarantee: If you are not happy with the results, you will get a free follow up session to determine what is blocked.

Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644


45 Minute Personalized Healing session

A 45 minutes - 1 hour personalized 1-1 Miraculous interactive healing session to permanently resolve your health issues at Lightening Speed .

This powerful miracle healing session will allow you to reclaim your perfect health and start your life afresh.

After the session you will

  • Relieve and Heal long standing severe pain in a matter of minutes.
  • Heal chronic disorders permanently at lightening speed.
  • Heal mystery diseases that defy diagnosis / treatment.
  • Heal life threatening diseases like Cancer.
  • Heal Auto Immune Issues.

As a miraculous side effect to the healing you will also :

  • Feel peaceful, calm, relaxed, centered and grounded at all times.
  • Heal Childhood trauma trapped in your body.
  • Receive complete clarity and organization of thoughts
  • Unleash your true potential by unlocking your self-confidence and worthiness.
  • Take control of your life through clarity of life path & vision.
  • Vibrate at the highest frequency attracting the Love, Joy and Abundance you desire and deserve.

* During the session you will be attuning to powerful energies and also releasing a lot of unwanted ones in a very short time so it is recommended that you keep yourself well hydrated.

It is important that you rest after a session.

Often after a session your body will require certain foods. Follow your intuition on what your body is asking.

The Processes work instantaneously and often results happen right away, but in some cases you may find shifts happen on the next day.


Follow up remote healing session via email

The 2 weeks of remote healing will support and continue to enhance the Quick Fix Miracles facilitated in the private session.

  • Relieve and Heal long standing severe pain in a matter of minutes.
  • Heal chronic disorders permanently at lightening speed.
  • Heal mystery diseases that defy diagnosis / treatment.
  • Heal life threatening diseases like Cancer.
  • Heal Auto Immune Issues.

But wait! This is not all!

Even though you want to receive a session because you want to resolve a particular health situation in your life, it’s miraculous how other areas of life can also shift. For Example:

  • Reestablish connection to Source instantly and align yourself with your highest most powerful version of you.
  • Increase boundless reservoirs of energy and vigor.
  • Feel more peaceful, calm, relaxed, centered and grounded
  • Heal childhood trauma trapped in your body.
  • Receive complete clarity and organization of thoughts.
  • Unleash your true potential by unlocking your self-confidence and worthiness.
  • Take control of your life through clarity of life path & vision.
  • Vibrate at the highest frequency attracting the Love, Joy and Abundance you desire and deserve.

**Special Bonus!!**

Immensely Powerful Energy Clearing

Immensely Powerful Energy Clearing MP3 Audios that are embedded with very subtle yet extremely powerful frequencies.

These will immediately help you release unwanted energies and tune into positive frequencies.

  • 1

    The Daily Energy Clearing Audio

    will help connect you to Source and fill your energetic field with powerful positive frequencies to set you up for the day with joy and ease.

  • 2

    Releasing Judgement Audio

    This powerful audio will help you release and get out of judgements about yourself, about things and people as well as other people's opinions of you as these keep you from showing up as your highest self. These judgements may be showing up as limiting beliefs or patterns in your life.

  • 3

    Releasing Fear Audio

    This absolutely must have audio will help shift energies from any area where programs of fear have been locked into our bodies and minds that are distorted points of view, brought in from other lifetimes, childhood fears, freaking out, fears bought from our parents, teachers, authority, fight flight issues etc. This will allow you to take action to shift your life

  • 4

    Attracting Love ( and Abundance )

    The frequencies in this audio will help bring you to a place of unconditional love for yourselves and others and others. These are also the frequencies of money and abundance. This will help you powerfully and speedily attract the right relationships as well as the abundance you deserve.

  • These mp3’s should be played on the lowest volume or on a moderate one to obtain the best results from them. The frequencies are very subtle, but very powerful.
  • The Daily Energy Clearing works on your energetic field to clean and energize it and is best used in the morning.
  • You can listen to the Daily Energy Clearing MP3 everyday as a tune-up. Initially, during the first week we recommend you play one of the Trio set on Day 1, followed by another on Day 3 and the final one on Day 5.
  • After the initial week you can play one or any two from the Trio, depending on your intuition. You may wish to play them on a loop while you are sleeping, but again only select the two you feel you resonate with most.
  • If you like to replay tracks over and over again, that is fine and the energy will not overwhelm you.
  • If you should happen to go through a stressful experience, then it is recommended you listen to the tracks in the following order Judgement then fear and finish off with Love.

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Jo's Guarantee: If you are not happy with the results, you will get a free follow up session to determine what is blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will it help me get my health and life back?

Absolutely yes! If you have been struggling with a health issue, this healing will shift and heal whatever is causing your condition.

Q. Has this healing been tried and tested?

The answer is an emphatic yes. This healing has already helped heal 1000s of people to a better life.

Q. How can I be sure that this works?

Joanita has had 99.9 % success results with this healing.

Q.How long does it take to work?

Joanita’s Quick Fix Miracles works at lightning speed. The results are almost instantaneous. Even a 10 minute session can be life altering.

Q. If I choose this healing how will my life change?

You will experience a 100 % transformative healing. Not only will the problem you were going through be resolved, other areas of your life will be positively impacted as well. You will have much more energy and will be more confident.

Q. Will this healing be able to work on my condition?

Yes this healing has been proved to be successful on 98 % conditions.

Here’s what her clients are gratefully sharing

“Miracle Debt Recovery!”

“When I was made redundant and received a decent redundancy payout, I was persuaded to purchase a very expensive car by a work colleague who had left the company previously due to ill health. The car was used by us for travelling overseas on a few occasions and as my friend was based in another part of town and enjoyed driving, I lent her the car for a few months.

A few months and two years later, she racked up over 20,000 miles without giving me a penny for it. At various stages, I asked her to return the car or purchase it but to no avail. She clearly had broken the friendship boundary. The situation had to be dealt with calmly without pulling out the heavy artillery if I was to get my car back in one piece or get payment for it.

I contacted Jo and explained the situation to her. My friend suffers from aggressive behavior and is prone to violent outbursts. Any negotiation with her would need some divine intervention! Jo was able to chat to me, giving me the strength and courage to claim what was rightfully mine. This was important as it has gone on for such a long time and I was always afraid of mishandling what could have been a volatile situation.

Finally, a polite email from me to my friend prompted a text from her saying she would buy the car. I travelled up to see her and over the two weeks she refused to talk about it, citing she was stressed. I immediately contacted Jo again who was able to intervene as the deadline was looming. Jo worked her magic by not only passing her positive energy to me but also to my friend (must have been very subtle).

As I left for the airport, my friend told me that she would be transferring the first of the three payments the next day. I was overjoyed. The euphoria of seeing a change in my friend’s aggressive behaviour to a calmer and more amenable person was more important to me than the money which followed.

I would have never believed that energies could flow positively for the greater good and the transformation of my friend’s personality changed for the better. Jo has done an incredible job. Her energy healing has opened up a new consciousness not only for me and my previously limiting beliefs but also reached out to another soul.

It was not only a miracle debt recovery but healing of individuals on a whole new level which I never thought possible. The boundaries of friendship are no longer broken and I cannot thank Jo enough for breaking through this barrier of darkness and bringing light. Go with the flow Jo, you have a unique calling and a true gift to help your fellow individual.”

~ Tessa F

“A Huge Weight Had Been Lifted!”

“I took part in a distance healing session with Jo by phone at a time when I had become totally overwhelmed with personal issues. Jo listened without judging and responded with a sympathetic yet positive, reassurance using a technique which seemed to dissipate the negativity I was holding and changed my mood and outlook completely.

At the end of the call I knew the personal issues would still be there but whatever happened during the session I knew I now had the strategies to cope. It was as though a huge weight had lifted and even to this day I believe that had I not had the session with Jo, I would have had great difficulty getting on top of things.

I would highly recommend sessions with Jo to help to rebalance and improve your physical, mental and spiritual well being. Thank you Jo, you are one in a million.”

~ Liz C.

“Extraordinary Childhood Trauma Solved Through Rare Circumstances!”

“I recently had to attend an animal medical course abroad but when the time came to go, I really didn't want to go, as my intuition dictated. There were so many setbacks and problems with the organisation prior to setting off. The course started off with a dissection which was held in an abattoir to my horror.

I went with an open mind and had no expectations of what was going to confront me. However, when I got there the whole place made me feel very nauseous. The acrid smell and feelings of claustrophobia were overwhelming. I felt trapped surrounded by the blood and unkempt conditions. This prompted me to gag violently and I had to leave the room.

The events left me a total wreck. Horrible images flashed through my mind. I wanted to cry. I was feeling very unsettled. It was at this point, I called Jo and poured out my dreadful experiences...

Jo quickly identified the problem and reset my vagus nerve and also released an unresolved childhood trauma which was energetically linked to the experience in the abattoir. This was a dramatic shift! I was finally able to release the tears! The lingering image of the man covered in blood at the abattoir had completely dissolved.

Within minutes I felt a radiant glow all over my body, my neck elongated, somehow felt taller. Jo came to my rescue once again! There must be a reason why I was brought to this place even though my intuition knew I should not be here. This must have been an opportunity for clearing issues from my school days. Jo was available, right time, right place! I owe Jo a lot, she has even saved my marriage!

~ S.K.

“I Was Able To Release Everything That Was Holding Me Back!”

“Jo’s depth of knowledge and experience is awesome, and she is willing to share it with anyone who asks her. She recently helped me with a painful shoulder which meant I hadn’t slept properly for awhile, I was feeling down and didn’t know how to help myself.

Jo gives you a wider perspective of what is happening in the universe, how it is moving into the 5th dimension and how that affects our physical bodies if we are still holding on to old patterns. Initially she helped me understand which thoughts, feelings and emotions were holding me back and then she helped me release them so that I could flow with the new energies.

To help me physically with my shoulder pain, she talked me through the pain points in my shoulder, she identified which muscles needed gentle VHT moves and I immediately felt relief from the pain. She then talked me through some exercises to keep the muscles supple.

This consultation was over the phone and within an hour I felt lighter, my posture was better, my pain was almost gone and my mood was positive. I have known Jo for over 5 years and she has always supported my learning and growth, I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”

~ Helen S.

“It Has Been A Fascinating Journey!”

“Jo was introduced to me by a friend in the alternative space, who felt I needed something different to move forward. Indeed she was right and we connected. Her approach to life, passion in applying and sharing her knowledge, patience, understanding, curiosity, humility, guidance, healing and the tools you learn to use have been for me an essential part of my recovery.

I have not looked back since and, it has been a fascinating journey linking with many things I practice and learn along this path. So much so that I introduced my children to her; they too connected and have their own relationship with her. I come from a dark place and today I live in the light, in abundance, from a place of love and joy. I believe anything is possible and that I am held and guided. With gratitude,”

~ Jean-Marc

“Jo Is Now My Go To Vet… She Has Helped ALL My Pets!”

“Jo has been working with me, my pony and my three cats for nearly two years now. I was first introduced to Jo after my pony had turned, literally overnight, from a sweet-natured, gentle mare into a virtually untouchable demon. Over the course of the previous four desperate months, a plethora of veterinary tests, all of which had come back negative, the vets had written her off.

Her behaviour was getting worse and worse and I feared she would end up either killing me or herself. Jo immediately diagnosed PTSD triggered by an event in the field with the other horses she lives with in which she thought she was going to die. Bit by bit, as Jo gently peeled back layer after layer, all sorts of issues came to light, some were things that she had been holding onto for many years, going right back to her foal days.

Jo has gently and painstakingly helped her release all these issues and rebalanced her body and mind and, very importantly for me, has been able to keep me involved in her treatment and progress week by week and through this I have learnt to read and understand where she is at any given time and been able to provide the right support to help her carry on moving forward.

Just as Jo started working with my pony one of my cats went very lame in one of his hind legs. The vet diagnosed arthritis in his knee. He didn’t recommend surgery in this instance, but instead suggested I keep him on painkillers for the rest of his life. Painkillers that very soon made him sick on a daily basis which wasn’t a very satisfactory situation, especially as he was only 8 or 9 years old at the time. I happened to mention him to Jo one day when she was treating my pony and he immediately became a client too. Within a week or two he was sound, pain free and drug free and still is.

By this time I had Jo working with all three of my cats – all of whom were rescues so had all been through some bad, traumatic times in their pasts. Again Jo has gently and persistently worked with them all, peeling back the layers, and now they are all much happier, healthier characters. It is also very comforting to know that because Jo keeps an eye on them all she can alert me to problems almost before they arise. If I’m worried about any of them I go to Jo not the vet.

Jo is now a crucial and integral part of our lives and I feel extremely lucky and privileged that I was introduced to her. I would recommend Jo without reservation or hesitation.

~ Lissa E

“My Gut Is The Happiest And Healthiest It’s Ever Been!”

“Jo asked me if I was receiving any sort of help myself because lots of things about me were coming up in my furry family’s readings. I was not at the time – although I have tried a multitude of things in the past. I have to say that Jo’s work has been singularly the most successful at rebalancing my mind and body on both physical and mental levels.

Again, Jo’s infinite patience, unswerving support and persistence is finally making a difference. On a physical level she told me that my psoriasis, which I have suffered from since childhood, was a symptom of my leaky gut which I had no idea I had, despite battling for years against constant discomfort, dull headaches, nausea and tiredness.

Jo’s revelation got me researching and studying the condition and ultimately I have radically changed my diet. I have to say that my gut is the healthiest and happiest it has ever been, I now almost don’t even know I have a gut and the psoriasis is now all but gone. My mental health issues, which also go back to my childhood, have been a constant challenge for me.

I have never been able to open up as completely as I do to Jo. I can do this now because I feel safe with her. By laying myself bare she has been able to help me to understand exactly who I am and why I think what and how I think it. Her amazing tools and techniques, shared with such generosity, have finally enabled me to make changes on a very deep and fundamental level and I am now at the point where I can actually help myself to a certain extent – after 50+ years on this earth that is truly incredible and life feels a lot different now.

~ L.E.

“This Brought Me Huge Comfort And I Now Feel At Peace”

“I have known Jo for over ten years through learning VHT and becoming a VHT practitioner thanks to her teaching and guidance. She has opened my eyes to how such a simple technique using “a gentle move” can have such huge physical and mental changes to the body receiving the sessions. Even at its most basic level, clients receiving VHT work are amazed at how much better they feel.

Jo has further developed this technique by adding an energy element which adds another dimension to the training and on many occasions results have left clients in awe. Jo contacted me quite by chance (or so I thought) a few days after a very good family friend’s son committed suicide. On the day of his funeral my mother passed away and as I was at the funeral did not know until later on that day.

As soon as we spoke it was as if she already knew I was in a bad way and immediately set to work to help me deal with the bereavement. Over the phone I went through every extreme of emotion whilst all the time being reassured by Jo’s calmness, huge integrity and intent. By the end of the call I felt drained but somehow very much at peace. During the follow up call she confirmed that my mother had passed peacefully and her journey to cross over had been immediate and complete.

The family friend, because of his circumstances, had been unable to make that journey but thanks to Jo’s intervention she was able to help him across to the world beyond. Knowing that has brought huge comfort at a time when the tragedy of the situation was beyond belief. I had the opportunity earlier this year to speak with his mother and I shared with her the work that Jo had done.

We both shed more tears but I believe that she too has found comfort in knowing that her son is now in a better place. I cannot thank Jo enough for her friendship and teaching and her unselfish lifelong commitment and dedication to help others and to share elements of her work to enable more people to be helped.”

~ Elizabeth C

Know Your Healer Up Close And Personal

Joanita is a Doctor of Cymatics and Bioenergetic Medicine. She has been deeply involved in Healing and research for over 20 years now.

While Joanita was very sensitive as a child, her journey to becoming the healer with a mission to transform as many lives as she can began much later when a close friend passed away about 20 years ssago and she spontaneously began connecting with him across the veil.

This led her to research deeply into anything and everything from beyond the veil. Simultaneously she embarked whole heartedly into the study of various subjects like Reiki, Radionics, VHT, Cymatics, Flow, Kinesiology etc.

She was voracious and kept learning and exploring until she found what she resonated with the most --- Healing in the Quantum Field.

She was inspired by the teachings of Russian, Grigori Grabavoi. Having adapted a tool from his work Joanita further revolutionized it with her Radionics work. Tweaking and developing it further she came up with a Quantum Healing Modality that can shift and heal almost instantaneously.

Today her years of research, development ad experimentation allow even a mere 10 minute session wit Joanita to be life altering.

Joanita has facilitated 1000s of Healings and with a 99.9 % success rate and an overflowing catalogue of success stories from delighted clients Joanita has never needed to advertise her healing yet she is much sought after.

Joanita with her Quantum Science background has both the believers and the skeptics convinced.

Total Package Value $997

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $397

Limited Time Offer $197

*** 85% Saving ***

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Jo's Guarantee: If you are not happy with the results, you will get a free follow up session to determine what is blocked.

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