Love your Heart
By Jill Mattson

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Spiritually and physically tune/harmonize your heart and heart chakra! Tune to Angels and Masters - vibrating at this same wave length. Strengthen and download Their Vibes! Learn to tune your physical heart with ancient sound healing methods, combined with techniques from modern science!

The Pink Ray - MP3

  • Music with the signature energy of pink, along with channeled energies of the Angels and Masters of the Pink Ray!
  • The music in the background of the meditation is in the key signature relating to the color pink! (When you take the cycles per second of colored light down octaves they are then correlated to a musical note.)
  • Tones associated with balancing and opening your heart chakra also sounds softly in the background.
  • Also in the background is the Schumann Frequency, a standing wave in the Earth's atmosphere which is associated with healing. When people heal, this frequency is present in their energy fields. It is also sounded on space flights, as people need this tone for health. Ground & harmonize with the Earth
  • The Frequencies of Master Numbers twinkle in the background! Masters numbers are single digits three times in a row, such as 111, 222, 333, and so on. Masters numbers represent highly charged subtle energy that when balanced and integrated within one's self provide special energetic gifts. Bathe is a guided meditation with subtle energies and frequencies associated with healing and From The Contacting Angels & Masters Cd - Voted Best Sound Healing CD of 2015 – People’s Choice!

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The Heart - MP3

Powerful Sound Healing from Atlantis

  • Music with frequencies to enhance Beneficial States of Consciousness to influence Physical Body & your Well Being. The music in the background is in the key signature of the frequency of a physical healthy heart. The frequencies and harmonics of a healthy heart play in the background of the meditation & music! Absorb Vibrational Energy that Invigorates and Tunes the physical Heart!
  • Enjoy Added Healing Frequencies: Elemental Energy Sounds, Schumann Earth Tones, Anti-Inflammation Tones, Pyramid Energy, Sacred Geometry and more Healing Subtle Energies
  • Cathartic release of negative emotions stored in the heart.

Ancient wise Masters established conscious control of their physical bodies, specifically the organs. When they detected disharmony within an organ, they tuned it to harmony, (associated with the health of the organ). Establish healing connection and tuning of organs, with the help of frequencies associated with healthy body organs. Learn to tune your heart with this powerful mediation!

From the Deep Wave Body Healing CD, - Voted Best Sound Healing CD of 2016 and People's Choice of Best Visionary Product of 2016 by COVR!

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