Brand new testimonials

“Excruciating Toothache went down to 0 in less than 15 mins!!”

“I was suffering from pain in my wisdom tooth last week and on Saturday the pain became unbearable. It wouldn't come down with medication either. I was discussing this with Gretchen and she suggested I try Jade's toothache relief MP3. I listened to it twice and my pain went down from a 10 to 0 in less than 15 mins and I slept well through the night without any pain!! I am usually not very sensitive to energy, especially with MP3s so I refrain from even trying them. I am so glad I opened up to receiving Jade's energy and it worked like a charm! Jade has suggested a couple more MP3s for me and I'm going to start using them right away. Even if you do not have any dental issues, I highly recommend getting yourself the Emergency Dental Kit as it is the First Aid Box equivalent for Dental issues! A MUST HAVE!

Naila Razvi
FHTJ Team Member

“Bleeding Gums Stopped Completely After One Session”

“I was really amazed at the thoroughness of the entire session with Jade. We started with my teeth and then moved to multiple places within my body.
I was really fascinated how Jade was able to corelated teeth 20 & 21 with my stomach and tooth 19 with my large intestines. These have been issues throughout my life. Jade discovered the source was toxins with in these two organs from early in life. This in intriguing because of the unusual number of vaccinations that I received starting in my first trimester in utero through my first six months of life. The teeth that were affected were on my left side indicating a bonding issue with my mother. This is indeed true because my mother didn’t believe in holding babies. Jade therefore focused on resolving these issues w/ my mother and removing blockages to receiving love. 

Jade also found some puppet strings where my son was still entangled and pulling on my energy. I am very happy to have these released.

At the end angels showed up to put a warm blanket around me. I felt heat and the warmth of this gift… I was literally basking in the Love. At one point I also felt intense energy behind my heart chakra while energy was being release. 

I had been experiencing bleeding in my gums on almost a daily basis while brushing my teeth. After my session with Jade, this has stopped completely. I am so very grateful. 

Jade is a profound energy healer. She has done sessions on myself and my husband multiple times with tremendous results. I highly recommend Jade’s compassionate and amazing sessions.”

~ Peg Rose, Homewhisperer

“Tooth Pain Went from a 10 to a 3 Within an Hour”

“Jade’s Energy Dentistry package was a miracle! I had an abscess on my wisdom tooth that cracked a while back and on the other side of my mouth, I have a partially cracked tooth for years that finally came out and left terrible pain so eating on either side was tricky. 

The group process brought relief right away so I bought her package and all I can say is wow. Within an hour the pain went from 10 to about a 3 and has been getting better each day since I started on Tuesday. Given what a bad shape my mouth was in ... can’t even began to say THANK YOU to Jade and all of you for bringing her on!”

~ Nancy Tulipano

What Is Your Mouth Saying About Your Life?

Did You Know Each Tooth Represents An Area Of Your Health AND An Archetypal Energy That is Working For You?

Dental problems can be painful and expensive to fix…

But they’re also a sign of other things going on in your life (or past).

Learn how to “read between the lines” when it comes to your teeth and heal WITHOUT going to the dentist.

Plus how your Archetypal Energy can unlock so many amazing benefits in your life!

Are You Dealing With Any Of These Dental Issues?

  • Bleeding gums
  • Toothache
  • Tooth grinding or TMJ
  • Receding gumline
  • Cavities
  • Issues with tooth fillings
  • Oral abscess
  • Issues with dentists/hygienists
  • Tooth infection
  • Broken tooth
  • Gum inflammation
  • Stealth infections in your mouth
  • Have one or more root canal
  • Have dental implants that are problematic

Or Any Of These Issues In Your Life?

  • Digestive issues
  • Indecision or self-doubt
  • Lack of emotional support
  • Lack of money flow in your life
  • Harboring self-doubt
  • Have unresolved trauma
  • Repressed anger and resentment
  • Working hard to prove yourself all the time
  • Issues with letting go of the past
  • Do you make choices against yourself rather than for yourself (like a people pleaser?)
  • Do you suffer from analysis paralysis?
  • Are you waiting for the right things to come together before you can choose just for you?
  • Do you feel as if you have really repressed your personal power?
  • Do you wonder where is the real joy in your life?
  • Are you living on survival mode forever and there seems no end?
  • Do you know you’re capable of so much more but just can’t get your teeth into starting or finishing projects?

Your Teeth Are Trying To Tell You Something!

You may have healed yourself of aches and pains before and you know you can also heal your teeth, stabilize your receding gum line and prevent further root canals.

Did you know that each tooth indicates the health of an energy meridian, an organ or organ systems, an endocrine gland or multiple glands and a joint in your body? What balance is your body/spirit seeking?

Did you know the health of each tooth also indicates an archetypal energy that is working for you?

What if you can get to the root cause of your dental issues and receding gum problems? What if you’ll also become a stronger person in the process of healing your teeth and gums.

Taxes are inevitable but cavities, fillings and root canals are not!

You’re not doomed to have more fillings or root canals. Your receding gum line can stabilize or even regenerate.
You have choices.

  • You’re an amazing person who knows there’s more you can do to improve your dental health unlike the average person who just goes by whatever the dentists say.

  • Your body always has a message for you that lets you know what requires healing in your life. Dental health is one way your body lets you know what in your body or your life needs your attention.

  • You’re an intuitive being who knows what’s required to heal your teeth, gums and guts.

  • You’re able to activate regenerative energy to heal any and all parts of your body including your teeth, gums and gut.

  • Teeth in general are about decisions and gums are about the support you’re receiving in life. What if you can reprogram yourself to believe in yourself and start choosing for you instead of against you.

  • Our lessons for empowerment and survival can show up in so many ways including survival archetypes like the victim, child, prostitute and saboteur (from the work of Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss). Working with them will give you the support to stand in your power so that you can sink your teeth into the plans you have for a better life.

  • Is now the time for you to bite into the juiciness of life and really live out loud?

  • Cinderella isn’t the only one who had to deal with a wicked stepmother. Dental problems may indicate that you have to deal with an authority figure so that you have the backbones (and teeth) to deal with life. And you thought a dental visit just meant having your teeth cleaned???

Are you ready to:

  • Eliminate toothaches and pain?
  • Eliminate teeth grinding at night?
  • Eliminate TMJ?
  • Have strong and healthy gums?
  • Improve your digestion
  • Have restful, restorative sleep
  • Learn about the archetypal energies behind each tooth so you get a better picture of what’s going on in your body and your life?
  • Work with your survival archetypes (child, victim, prostitute, saboteur) to support you to have a great life?
  • Work with your joy archetypes (lover, hedonist, jester, innocent) to bring fun and sassiness to your life?
  • Access and embody your own genius by working with your creative archetypes (artist, engineer, innovator, explorer)?
  • Are you ready to share your special gifts with the world by activating your service archetype (teacher, coach, healer, caregiver, messenger)?
  • What power archetype are you (sovereign, goddess, god, sage, magician)?
  • Create a foundation of trusting yourself so you can have the teeth to bite into a juicy life?
  • Become an expert of your own energy system by tracking the health of your teeth and gums?
  • Listen to the deep well-spring of wisdom within so that you’ll know which archetypal energies you can embody to strengthen yourself in body, mind and spirit?
  • Learn all the archetypal influences that are working for you by looking at your own teeth?

Here’s Just Some Of Jade-Yin’s Amazing Success Stories

“Gum Bleeding Stopped After Just One Session”

“I had a session with Jade as I've been struggling with chronic gum inflammation and sporadic bleeding. After just one session, the bleeding stopped!

Jade was also very generous with her time and made the effort to tune into inflammatory areas in other parts of the body, their underlying root cause and re-programming the belief systems that were causing these issues. I'm sure I'll continue to reap the benefits over time of our work together. I feel Jade is an invaluable addition to any holistic dentistry regimen. Thank you, Jade.”

~ Rupina Meer, Functional Medicine Coach

“Slept Better and the Tension in my Jaw has Significantly Subsided”

“I reached out to Jade-Yin because I was grinding my teeth and experienced much tension in my jaw. I needed someone to witness the origin of this pain to create shifts, and I found this during our session - her presence felt warm and provided deep support as shifts were occurring. I felt seen and supported.

Within an archetypal framework, Jade identified the main issues showing up in my body as an ancestral pattern I was healing around not receiving support. She then she brought me back through my personal timeline to the point this energy developed in my body, where she released and re-wrote the experience, effectively re-imprinted my current reality with this cellular understanding of what support felt like.

As she worked, I could feel the shifts in my body, and when she activated the nerves in my teeth, I could feel an ache in my molars develop which also subsided during our session. Since then, I have slept better and the tension in my jaw has significantly subsided.

I would highly recommend working with Jade-Yin! Not only did she address the issue I came with, but she went much deeper into the backstory of what was causing the issues than I expected in the time we spent together, allowing me to embody changes in ways I'm still bearing witness to. Thank you!”

~ Roshelle Celeste, MA, Intuitive Coach, Quantum Energy Facilitator

“Jaw Tightness and TMJ Released!”

“Jade Hom is a master energetic healer. After just 1 session, I felt EXPANSIVE physically as well as energetically!

  • My jaw tightness and TMJ was released
  • Grinding of my teeth while I slept was gone and I slept the whole night without awakening
  • I woke up pain free
  • My prayers and meditation were brilliant this morning – I felt the energy flowing throughout my whole body and soul
  • My emotional body was refreshed and alive

Jade’s healing work is truly life affirming and a Godsend.”

~ Renee Babkiewich, Mortgage Planner, Healer

“Seeing the Deeper Meaning in Tooth Infection”

“I received a Energy Dentistry session from Jade and it came at a perfect time - right as I was experiencing some a tooth infection! I felt a lot of energy shift during the session and everything that she brought up resonated with me. She did a lot of Meridian work and connected it to deeper meanings, which was really enlightening and helpful for me to see what the tooth issue was truly representing. I felt very calm and peaceful after the session and am looking forward to, and expecting, healthy results at my next visit to the dentist!!”

~ Jyll Hoyrup, Master Psychic & Intuitive Healer, Placencia, Belize, Central America

“Saved Tooth for both Father and Daughter”

“My sister had been having intense tooth pain several months ago and had made an appointment to have the tooth removed. I suggested that she listen to your free Facebook live clearing first where you did a 10-minute process for teeth. She listened to it several times and the pain went away. Several months later the pain returned. She listened to it a few times and the pain has gone again. She is so happy that she hasn’t had to have her tooth removed. So amazing!

Also, my Dad has started to have strong pain in a tooth. The dentist was recommending that he remove it. As he is ill from the effects of several rounds of chemo, very weak and unable to eat, we felt that a surgical procedure to remove the tooth would be too much for him at the moment.

So, I have been playing your tooth healing for him remotely each day and setting the intention that he receives the energy. He said he sometimes has a little bit of pain but then the rest of the day he has no pain. He has been able to avoid a visit to the dentist so far. So happy that your healing work can support my family in this way.

Also, I play your Immune System Boost mp3 remotely several times a day for my Dad. At the beginning of the first round of chemo – when I wasn’t playing your mp3- he was hospitalized with infections. So, after that, I decided to play your mp3 daily to prevent any further hospitalization. He has not had any infections (that we know of!) since I started playing the mp3 and that was about 3 months ago. Thank you Jade.

I wanted to let you know that your healing is so appreciated and helping more people than you know.”

~ Trish M., in Australia

“Abscess Gone and Jaw Back to Normal”

“I always take great pleasure listening to Jade’s calls and MP3s. She brings me peace and joy and calm on days when it seems impossible. She’s a life changer.

I have been advised by doctors to remove my gallbladder in the past but hadn’t gone through with it. As soon as Jade started clearing the issues that caused me to create stones, I could instantly feel them shifting inside me like cogs on a wheel. She worked on clearing everything that caused me to feel like I am “stuck between a rock and a hard place.” That is how I felt for years! The energy was powerful, and I could instantly feel the shift. 

She cleared all the issues that run in my family so that I will not be prone to manifest them in myself. Amazing! She was so spot-on, generous, and thorough.

I have had dental issues and an abscess on my gums for many years and it has caused me to be self-conscious and shy. The abscess created a swelling so big, it changed the shape of my jaw and changed my appearance. I also have a blood blister on the back of my lip that feels like a stone. She worked on those too.

I’ve been extremely busy since our session but not overwhelmed the way I normally am when life is hectic. I was getting ready to go to bed tonight and I realized my abscess is gone and my jaw is back to normal! The blood blister is so much smaller and softer and I’m sure it will disappear soon enough! Yay!!

My absolute favorite part of my session was when Jade was clearing my and my family’s health issues and their sources her astigmatism disappeared, and she said her vision was clearer than it had been in years. I was very excited about that. As much healing as she gave to me it was so nice to hear her receive some too!

I absolutely love her spirit, her personality and kind generous heart, I could go on and on and on.

Jade, thanks for all you’ve done for me and my family.”

~ With gratitude, Kai Breen

“Abscess Gone and Surgery Cancelled”

“I seek Jade’s energy healing for my daughter who is dealing with leukemia. On Friday, the doctors told us that our daughter needed surgery to remove her oral abscess. Since she is dealing with leukemia, any kind of surgery would be risky, so we called Jade for help.

On Monday, I was expecting to see my daughter coming out of surgery. Instead she was playing in her hospital room.

I asked her, what happened?

The doctors couldn’t find the abscess, so they cancelled the surgery!

I am still astounded by the results of Jade’s work. She has supported our daughter through her journey with leukemia and we are grateful to her for her compassion, skill and powerful energy healing work”

~ Santiago D. of Seattle

“Deep and Profound Release”

“During my private session with Jade we focused on an infection in my back molar. I yawned so much my jaw trembled. The release was deep and profound. Knowing that this tooth is related to deep rooted issues from the past I surely released very old frustrations and anger!

Jade’s energy healing work is incredibly powerful. She is truly a gifted energy alchemist.”

~ June Greenman

“24 Hours Later Gums Still Tingling from Gum Regeneration Process”

“Jade is such a playful spirit and exudes joy even through the phone. Within the first 30 minutes of our session, I was feeling shifts within my energy.

As Jade started the gum regeneration process, I can feel my gums tingling.

By the time we finished our call, not only were my gums still tingling, but I also received renewed clarity on my life’s calling.

It’s 24 hours since my session with Jade and my gums are still tingling!

I highly recommend this delightful woman for anyone with the desire to work with a medical intuitive.”

~ Renee Weatherford, Sacred Space Stylist

“Tailbone Pain Lessen and Energy Level Improved”

“Wow, wow, wow! Just had an amazing session with Jade Yin Hom and was blown away by her accuracy and ability to quickly focus in on issues going on in my body and life that I had not told her about!!

Jade has a unique and gifted ability to intuitively connect the state of your teeth to the health of the rest of your body and the underlying subconscious beliefs, blocks and traumas from this life and past lives that are part of the cause of disharmony. She was spot on and was even guided to work on my tailbone, which I had not mentioned, yet has been very painful for me the last few months! My tailbone pain has lessened and my energy has improved!

It was such a joy to connect with Jade and her healing energy, laughter, wisdom and guidance! I highly recommend Jade's healing and am so grateful to have found her. Thank you Jade, I feel truly blessed by the healing you provided for me!!”

~ Maya N., MBA, Medical Intuitive, Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer, Animal Intuitive

Energy Dentistry The Archetypal Way Is About So Much More Than Teeth!

Your teeth and gums are the microcosm of your body and life. Each tooth can tell you much about the physical health of an organ or organ system, the health of an endocrine gland and the health of your joints.

Because each of the five elements represent different aspects of your life, they can help you understand the psycho-spiritual influences of your life through working with archetypes that are universal in nature.

How the archetypal forces are expressed through you is unique to you. You have a whole team of archetypal characters working with you at all times, just like you have a whole mouth of teeth.

Unlike most healing programs that give you either information or healing, this program does both and will leave you with everlasting changes that truly empower you to bite into the juiciness of life with great joy.

And you will have something to smile about as soon as you start the program!

Don’t miss out, choose the package that best suits you below...

Package A


Healthy Molars - MP3

Value: $50

  • Release any pressure on your molars,
  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem molars
  • Heal the meridians related to the molars
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to the molars
  • Heal the joints related to the molars


Healthy Pre-molars - MP3

Value: $50

  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem pre-molars
  • Heal the meridians related to the pre-molars
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to the pre-molars
  • Heal the joints related to the molars


Wisdom teeth - MP3

Value: $50

  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem wisdom teeth
  • Heal the meridians related to wisdom teeth
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to wisdom teeth
  • Heal the joints related to wisdom teeth


Healthy bicuspids - MP3

Value: $50

  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem bicuspids
  • Heal the meridians related to the bicuspids
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to the bicuspids
  • Heal the joints related to the bicuspids


Healthy Incisors - MP3

Value: $50

  • Heal the emotional issues behind problem Incisors
  • Heal the meridians related to the bi Incisors
  • Heal the endocrine glands related to the Incisors
  • Heal the joints related to the Incisors


Strong Healthy Gums - MP3

Value: $50

  • Downloading healing frequencies for your gums.
  • Supports your gums to regenerate
  • Feel supported to make choices for you.
  • Feel supported to create your own life.
  • Eliminates inflammation of gums


Healthy Guts - MP3

Value: $50

  • Eliminate any energies that are anti-life in your guts.
  • Supports your guts to have the right gut bacteria.
  • Helps your body to absorb nutrients from food efficiently.
  • Supports you to have more energy


Deep, Restorative Sleep - MP3

Value: $50

  • Supports you to have deep sleep.
  • Feel refreshed each morning.
  • Allow your body to regenerate cells and tissue overnight.
  • Allows your hormones to rebalance itself.
  • Allows your circadian cycle to normalize.


FB live group healing session

In this group session are energy healing processes for toothache relief, remineralizing cavities, stabilizing bone loss, removing tooth discoloration and much much more.

“After your "Energy Dentistry/no more cavities" call on FHTJ on Saturday, I had healing energy moving for most of the rest of the day. Right now writing this, I am yawning again. I am noticing that I am having way less bleeding upon brushing my teeth, and the gum tissue area between my back teeth are less swollen and way less painful upon flossing - yeah. Thank you so much Jade Yin Hom - and I am excited to have your new package on "Healthy Teeth, Gums, and Guts”

~ Ursula Lommen

**Limited Time Bonus**

Energy healing for teeth and gums

Value: $50

Each tooth is related to the energy of a meridian, organ or organ system, endocrine gland or glands and a joint on the body. Your teeth and mouth are a microcosm of what's going on in your body and life. This gentle audio works with all your teeth and gums to strengthen them and help you maintain dental health and overall health. It is gentle enough for everyday use. The results can be experience instantly especially if you have dental pain. Other conditions may require multiple listens or making an appointment with me.

Some of the effects may experience while listening to this mp3: yawning, sleepiness, tickles in the head, jaws or body, sudden heat or cold sensation in parts of the body or all over the body.

Please note that you may fall asleep while listening to this mp3 so please do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this audio even if you are just using it in the background, it still has the same effect. The volume does not affect the strength of the energy.

Package A

Total Package Value $400

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97

*** 76% Saving ***


Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus


Anti-inflammation for whole body - MP3

Value: $50

  • Reduces inflammation in your gums, joints and anywhere else in the body.
  • Enhances immunity
  • Reduces or eliminates all joint pain.
  • It’s anti-aging.

ITEM 10:

Total Body Ease - MP3

Value: $50

  • Eliminates the underlying tensions in all your muscles and bones.
  • Releases cellular memories of trauma in your body.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Eliminates teeth grinding at night
  • Eliminates stiffness in joints

ITEM 11:

Gum Restoration - MP3

Value: $50

  • Eliminates the underlying issues with gum recession.
  • Activates gum regeneration.
  • Eliminates any gum inflammation or discomfort.
  • This is subconscious programming for the body to reactive gum tissue regeneration.
  • Best to use this at night.

ITEM 12:

Re-imprint the Energy of Receiving - MP3

Value: $50

  • Being able to receive affects your relationships, health and money flow.
  • This goes deep into the pre-verbal stage of life and re-imprints the energy of receiving so you have a reference point for feeling received with love, respect and kindness.
  • Changes your money flow.
  • Changes your relationships so that they are more loving.
  • Your body will be able to receive nutrients from food with greater efficiency.

ITEM 13:

From Survival to Celebration - MP3

Value: $50

  • Balances the energy in all your survival archetypes so that they support you to thrive and succeed in life.
  • Eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and subconscious patterns.
  • Trust yourself and the Universe to have your own back.
  • Trust your gut instincts.
  • Stand in your own truth.
  • Ask for what gives you joy.
  • Make decisions from a space of joy and celebration.

ITEM 14:

10 Live Group session on Zoom

Value: $500

Date: March 18th - March 22nd

Time: 11 AM mountain time (40 mins each day)

Week one: All group healing sessions are on teeth and gum issues

  • 1

    March 18: Energy healing for teeth

  • 2

    March 19: Energy healing for all gum issues

  • 3

    March 20: Energy healing for detoxing to support dental health

  • 4

    March 21: Energy healing for all jaw issues (TMJ, teeth grinding, misalignments etc.)

  • 5

    March 22: Energy healing for healthy guts to support oral health

Date: March 25th - March 29th

Time: 4 PM mountain time (40 mins each day)

Week two: All group healing sessions are on activating the different archetypes

  • 1

    March 25: Working with your survival archetypes (child, victim, prostitute, saboteur).

  • 2

    March 26: Working with your creative archetypes (artist, engineer, innovator, explorer).

  • 3

    March 27: working with your service archetypes (teacher, coach, healer, caregiver, messenger).

  • 4

    March 28: Working with your joy archetypes (lover, hedonist, jester, innocent).

  • 5

    March 29: working with your power archetypes (sovereign, goddess, god, sage, magician)


Energy Dentistry Online Clinic

FB group support for 3 months with weekly complimentary Energy Dentistry online sessions.

“Look Forward to “Biting into Life” with Gusto!”

“I had a session with Jade to explore the energetic underpinnings of two issues with my teeth.(Chipped teeth and enamel erosion.)

Jade tuned right in to trapped emotion and beliefs from my childhood and working career. She was spot on, and quickly released the underlying energy. I shared the insights I had previously about my chipped tooth (“fear of biting into life”) and recent awareness about how “keeping a low profile” in previous lives as a healer had helped me stay alive. I had heard the phrase “flying below the radar.” Jade asked about my relationship with my father. After sharing that my father had been gay, divorced my Mother and “came out of the closet” in his late fifties, Jade helped me see that the “low profile” energies were also from my Dad’s experience.

Jade then guided me through a deeper energetic clearing, ending with a process to call in more expanded and joyful states of being. I am very grateful to the opportunity to work with Jade! I look forward to now “biting into life” with greater gusto! I highly recommend Jade to support you on your journey!”

~ Janet Doerr, Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer

Package B

Total Package Value $1150

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177

*** 85% Saving ***

*Offer Expired*

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package C

Includes everything in Package A & Package B Plus

ITEM 15:

30 min one on one session with Jade

One on one sessions with Jade will help you dissolve energetic blocks to success, joy and abundance. Her powerful activations will shift patterns of struggle and lack to that of mastery and empowerment.

Jade is an expert in facilitating you to eliminate subconscious and inter-generational issues that hold you back so you can move forward with joy.

Package C

Total Package Value $1370

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $247

*** 82% Saving ***


Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

“I feel kinder toward my teeth rather than feeling they've somehow betrayed me. ”

“There was so much remarkable about our teeth healing session. Within the first couple minutes of our conversation you began to run a healing energy that took me by surprise because it was so immediate and physical warmth spread throughout my chest and flushed upward through my jaws and face. The warmth continued throughout our time together and I really appreciate that.

You then really took me by surprise when you said "indentured servitude" regarding my past because those very words had been in my mind a lot in recent months. I knew you were really working with me as an individual rather than a client to be checked against a checklist of ailments and corresponding issues and deficiencies.

I felt more whole with you and the processes. Our talk about archetypes was truly helpful and I felt the freedom of having more choices as I considered which archetypes I really do or don't want to be involved with and at the same time, it made me aware of my already existing support that had been forgotten.

Now I feel kinder toward my teeth rather than feeling they've somehow betrayed me. That's a good thing!

I'm really looking forward to seeing how things develop. Thank you so much for your Whole Person session.”

~ Kathleen Kopp

“Move Ahead with Greater Freedom, Joy and Success”

“Jade-Yin thank you so much for the energy dentistry you did with me this week. I felt so relaxed and at ease during the session and at the end I fell asleep. 

In working with you, I realized that during my past, I attracted certain energies that have been holding me back and caused me grief and suffering. I did not realize the extent to which this was sapping my energy. Now that you have cleared my blocks (by working with my teeth) I am optimistic that I will be able to move ahead in my life with greater freedom, joy and success. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you!”

~ Era Irina

“Feeling Stronger, Clear-Headed and Able to Focus”

“I had a phone session with Jade recently to work on my receding gum issue. She was able to identify the manifesting root cause of the physical symptom and from there we worked on where this relates to in my life which for me was creating domineering human relationships resulting in erosion of self-esteem. Jade gave me an objective view on the work situation I was going through and I felt relieved and centered with the information that was coming through during the session. 

I am very grateful for Jade's work (and Spirit) for lifting off the density I was living with all my life - I believe I always had an inner knowing something wasn't quite right energetically for me to receive respect and acknowledgement no matter how hard I try! It's been less than a week since my session with Jade and I am feeling stronger, clear-headed and able to focus my energy productively. I have no hesitation recommending Jade for those who are seeking clarity and transformation.”

~ B.R H, NSW, Australia

“A Litany of Health Challenges Improved in 24 Hours”

I truly loved my healing session with you. It’s amazing to me how much can be worked on in such a short amount of time. Less than 24 hrs after my session I could feel real results.

I came to Jade with a litany of problems: chronic fatigue, skin and fungal issues, tightness in my chest, severe digestive issues due to incredible amounts of stress over that past four years and more.

I had lost both of my brothers at a young age to heart attacks, and had taken on the burden of my family and more.

One of the first things Jade worked on was the miasms related to heart issues. The tightness around my chest immediately disappeared and the cough I had loosened up, and as of today has disappeared. I’m breathing more freely now. I only had about 5 hrs of sleep overnight, worked a 10 hr. day, and I still have more energy left at the end of my day then after a full night’s sleep. I feel there is more of a flow of energy coursing through my body.

Most of my issues were related back to 23 generations of abusive patterns that needed to be cleared. How can you quantify having that cleared? It’s priceless to be free of burdens and ties that were never mine to begin with.

Jade, I am deeply touched by your generous loving spirit, your insights are so spot on, you tuned into every problem within my physical body without my help. What I’m most impressed about is your Authenticity. That word is used a lot these days, but most people could take a lesson from you, because YOU ARE IT.

Much Love and Gratitude.”

~ Maria from Florida

“Healing prostate condition and improvements in a number of areas”

“I felt relaxed, calm, loved, seen, and cared for during the session. Jade worked on my teeth and gums, which had been troubling me for many years. She scanned my entire body, energizing and helping to improve a number of areas I needed help with, including my prostate, the Ph balance of my digestive system, my anti-inflammatory response, as well as a few other areas.

I have been sleeping consistently through the night since our session 2 weeks ago instead of having to get up to urinate 2 or 3 times. Wow! Amazing work!”

~ Gary Pincus, MA, Healer

“Broken ankle able to bear weight after a few minutes of energy healing”

“I recently worked with Jade briefly on a tele summit and I asked to work on my broken left ankle. I had broken it two weeks ago but over the years I'd sprained this ankle a lot. Jade worked on my energy and helped me to release some emotional and physical trauma from the ankle, some deep-seated stuff and patterns that went way back to my childhood. I could feel the emotions rising within my body as she worked on me and after the call my heart was literally smiling.

In the past couple of days I've been able to put some weight on the left foot which is amazing. I was so excited by Jade's work I jumped on her 21 day miracles package and I'm super excited to see what this will bring. If Jade can do this in a few minutes work I look forward to seeing what we can do together if we work together longer. Jade is a gifted, talented and gentle healer and I'm excited to see what unfolds.”

~ N. Kaur

“Feeling 50 lbs lighter after a 20 min session with Jade”

“I was really grateful to get a 20 min session with Jade and she has to be the best healer I have ever come across. I don't know what she did, but it was definitely magic!

I came off the call feeling 50 lbs. lighter.

I am telling everyone I know about her. Her work is absolutely fantastic. Highly and strongly recommend her!!”

~ Charlene of Trinidad

“Overcome depression, resolved hypertension and other stress-related ailments”

“My experience with Jade Yin Hom has been very transforming. As a Professional Engineer my inherent skepticism and analytical nature set a certain level of expectation for me. I can tell you that Jade has impressed me in every way. I find Jade to be extremely knowledgeable about energy medicine and healing. My experience has helped me to open my heart and through the process see healing occur in my family on many levels.

On a personal level, Jade has helped me overcome depression, resolved hypertension and other stress-related ailments. (all verified by MD). In addition to healing health issues, Jade’s skill with energy has helped not only my business to grow rapidly but has helped me nurture all my personal relationships. I am sure that Jade has the knowledge and skills to help anyone achieve their personal goals and a whole lot more as everything is energy.”

~ Jim F., Professional Engineer

“40 Years of Hayfever Disappreared in 4 minutes”

“I like to thank you for the mini session you did. You spent 4 minutes with me and 40 years of hayfever disappeared. Finally, I could enjoy the lovely spring!”

~ Lise-Lotte Carlsson from Sweden

“Be Able to Say Good-bye to Crohn’s Forever!”

“A friend of mine who had much success with Jade’s work told me to see her. I was hesitant because I’ve tried so many healers over the last decade of dealing with Crohn’s Disease.

During my first session Jade was able to hear the screams and see me hiding in the bathroom as a three-year-old. That amazed me because that was exactly my childhood situation. What happened next amazed me until this day. Jade released the cellular memories of trauma and I was yawning so much. Then she guided me on a journey back to my childhood and re-imprinted the experiences of being received with love, respect and kindness. This re-imprinting helped my body to have new reference points for receiving love and kindness. That was an incredible experience and my body was feeling the energy for days.

In my second session, Jade did so much energy healing for my digestive system that I was really feeling almost normal. The abdominal pain was gone! For the first time in a long time, I feel hope and I can see that it is entirely possible to say good-bye to Crohn’s forever after only two sessions with Jade.

Wow! Jade is a gifted healer and I recommend her to anyone and everyone who needs a kind and gentle person on their side. She makes a chronic issue feel like a simple task to transform and she makes you laugh so much while transforming such deep issues.”

~ Linda S., from Chicago

“The Healer of Healers”

“I have said that as long as I have a penny to my name, I will continue healing sessions with Jade. I call her “The Healer of Healers.” I am 74 years old and have worked with many gifted lightworkers over the last 40 years. Since working with Jade, I have experienced profound and rapid changes in all aspects of my life. Most profound in this recent time has been the healing of thyroid, pancreas, candida and other physical issues. Emotional underpinnings were removed instantaneously. Currently, I also work closely with a licensed holistic chiropractor who checks my nutrition requirements monthly. I was taking eleven different supplements and after one session with Jade, I no longer needed six of them and the dosage was cut in half for the remaining five! Most issues with my thyroid have completely cleared. In relation to my pancreas, I no longer have any cravings for sugar or sweets of any kind. I also experienced an instantaneous clearing of candida from my body along with many insights about the origin of this condition. On the same day following the session with Jade, I had an appointment with my chiropractor who tested for candida and found no indications of candida remaining in my body. I am so grateful to Jade for her miraculous work. She is such a gentle, loving, and compassionate healer.”

~ Renee E. of New Mexico

“Inspired to Show Up in A Whole New Way After One Session”

“When I initially asked Jade for help in healing some dental issues little did I know that I would receive a profound healing on so many levels of my being! According to Chinese medicine every tooth is connected to a different meridian pathway so you can accurately diagnosis the health and energy of every organ and system in the body.

However, Jade went WAY beyond the traditional diagnostics and intuitively read how those blockages came into being on a deep emotional and spiritual level.

I was amazed at how accurately she read my body and energy field, sharing things she could not have possibly known about me beforehand!

Then she swiftly and systematically cleared what was at the root of my issues and afterwards I felt lighter than air, so energized and inspired to show up in a whole new way in my work and my life.

I highly, highly recommend working with Jade. She is a truly gifted healer and a lovely soul through and through. You will feel deeply healed and nourished by her loving presence and generous heart. So grateful for you Jade!”

~ Karolyn, McKinley, MS, LMFT, Psychotherapist, Educator, Integrative Health Coach

“Your interaction with my 5-yr old great-granddaughter was incredible”

“Jade, I love your attentiveness to the energy that is going on during a session. I could tell that you were not just going through a learned format, and reciting words that you were taught. You were connected to my energy and read what was holding me back - primary my unwillingness to receive in life being related to having been conceived out of wedlock, my birth not being planned so there was hesitancy to receive me into the world.

Your interaction with my 5-yr old great-granddaughter was incredible. Her horrific experience with a dentist led to a hospital visit and having to be sedated to even have her teeth x-rayed and cleaned. She's also had tummy issues since very young. During the session, she felt the energy, and she responded as you were working with her. I'm anxious to see what happens with her next visit to a dentist - that she will be unafraid and begin having healthier teeth.

Thanks so much for a wonderful experience from both of us!”

~ Julie Willems, Denver CO

About Jade-Yin Hom

Jade-Yin Hom is an alchemist, medical intuitive, and speaker with over 19 years of combined experience in health care and alternative healing.

She works with science, spirituality and intuition to facilitate her clients to transform chronic health, financial and relationship issues by shifting energetic patterns in the body from the cellular level to the etheric and from the personal to the archetypal.

Her gentle presence, intuitive knowing and powerful activations often awaken the intuitive gifts and healing abilities in others, making her a well-sought-after mentor to lightworkers and healers.

Jade-Yin is known for her ability to tune into subconscious and intergenerational issues and she facilitates her clients to reprogram their subconscious beliefs so that they are empowered to create new self-affirming and uplifting beliefs.

Working with her Spirit Guides, Jade-Yin has created a method for re-imprinting life-enhancing states of being for her clients.

This re-imprinting gives her clients new reference points for creating a loving relationship with themselves and has an ever-lasting impact on all those who choose to receive this gift.

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