Activating your DNA Star Codes

Remembering your Life Purpose and Mission here on Earth

Leave your imprint on the World and make a difference for future generations …

Reconnect with your Star Families and feel the Rememberence of Home...

Do what you came here to do and start Living your life not just exisiting...

  • Are you feeling lost, alone, disconnected, depressed, anxious, scared, fearful, worried, frustrated, outcasted, and unfulfilled in life?

  • Are you tired of going to a job that you know you don’t belong in?

  • Are you receiving that inner nudge that you have a bigger mission and life purpose to fulfill?

If you are answering yes to all my questions it’s because you are not from here. You are a Galactic Being who chose to come to Earth to help us Ascend.

Think about it for a minute.

You are waking up at the greatest time in the Earth’s Evolution. It is the Age of Aquaruis. The Golden Age. The Age of the Divine Feminine.

Lemuria and Atlantis were the other Golden Ages.

It’s time again for this Golden Age to clear all the old energies and blocks that you still have from the previous lives you lived. Once cleared you can move forward along your chosen path. I help you by clearing all your chakras in all your lives that are happening now in all realities of YOUS that are existing in other realms, galaxies, time, and space.

I am here to clear your limited thinking, outdated patterns, old programs, old tapes, ancestral, generational, genetic lineage of lack, frustration, worry, poverty consciousness, fear of everything and reprogram you to knowing your true potential. You can have a job you love to do and God gave you your gifts for a reason and that was to do what your passionate about because when you love what you do you radiate happiness and when you are in high vibrations abundance flows in.

When you receive my DNA Star Activation you are clearing it for everyone in your family line past, present, and future realities. As you heal your family heals. Your ancestors, generational, genetic lineage, future generations, all heals when you heal. You came here to make a huge impact. You are the chosen one in your family lines. You are the Golden child in the Golden Age to heal, grow, expand, and evolve.

I am here to remind you of your Divine Purpose. I activate your DNA with my special gifts that GOD gifted me with. When I channel GOD comes through me its pure love and magic. You will feel the love of yourself coming in because I reconnect you to your inner source and light. You connect back to your Higher Self Awareness who has lived in all your past lives and has all your past lives knowledge accessible to YOU. I bring in all your gifts and talents for you to share with the world. Think of how you can change the World for future generations to live in peace and harmony.

Once turned back online with your ancient knowledge and DNA activated you will be so tuned into Higher Realms to remember what you did in past lives and bring forth that new knowledge to create new modalities and new inventions to help GAIA. Natural remedies, crystal healing, aura work, sound vibrations, healing your body of all disease, and quantum work to name a few.

If you are getting the chills in your body know it’s your Star families communicating with you it’s time to stop hiding, stand in your power once again, stand in your light, be of service, help others, help humanity, and help GAIA.

Listening to my MP3s you will be receiving massive healing in all your lives, clearing all past lives trauma, clearing all childhood traumas, clearing all blocks to abundance, health, pain, emotional blocks, and mental blocks. I will light that fire inside your belly to start pursuing your dreams and going all in for it. By clearing all your fears and reprogramming your limited thinking you’ll have no excuses anymore. You will be in creator mode not victim consciousness anymore. You will realize you are in charge of your life and your thoughts, feelings, emotions are the way to a new life full of joy, happiness, fulfillment, bliss, and a sense of purpose.

I will help you gain confidence again and clear all the unworthiness patterns that keep you stuck in the old energies. It’s time to break free and move forward come with me Light workers and Healers lets come together and make GAIA magnificent again. Stand tall, stand proud, stand strong in your light and presence. You were born to be different. You were born to stand out. You were born to be a leader and a way shower for the rest to see and follow. It’s time for you to come with me and stop hiding your power. Join me Star Family. Join me Soul Tribe. Let’s make a difference in the World.

  • Upgrade your Light Bodies
  • Connect to Higher Self Awareness
  • Be in the Flow
  • Tap into your Ancient knowledge and Gifts
  • Increase your connection to pure source
  • Remember who you are and why you chose to come to Earth
  • Play with the Universe
  • Stay in the Higher Frequencies of LOVE
  • Learn to appreciate your uniqueness
  • Learn to love all aspects of YOU
  • Learn to Believe in yourself again
  • Connect with your Star Families again
  • Receive guidance from your Star families once tuned in
  • Trust in the Universe
  • Remove the illusions and break free your self-created fears

I Can Honestly Say That After My Session With Iona, I TRULY TRULY TRULY Feel Alive Again. I No Longer Have Feelings Of Hopelessness, Desperation, Or Confusion

“Oh, Iona, I cannot adequately express the deep gratitude I feel for you and your gifts! As you know, I reached out to FHTJ in desperation. The following is the email I sent. 

“Hello FHTJ Warriors,

I just wanted to inquire if you have any healers that can help with the Kundalini Awakening Journey. I am currently in the “dark night of the soul” part of this journey (close to the end) and I am having an EXTREMELY difficult time. I feel as though I am losing EVERYTHING. I know part of this journey is “liberation through loss” but I am having a very difficult time surrendering. I am NOT ok with this! I feel so very raw inside...every cell of my being is raw, lost, disconnected, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally ill. I can’t do anything right...regardless of my choice the results are exactly the opposite of my wishes or goals. I have been in so much emotional pain I have asked God to take me during my sleep on many occasions lately. As I understand, many people commit suicide at this point. If it weren’t for my wonderful husband and 2 sons, I would probably be contemplating suicide myself. I would never let my sons live with the fact that their mother took her own life. My husband has been working 24/7 (LITERALLY) just to keep our heads above water financially but the water is rising quicker than our heads can stay above. This doesn’t affect just me, it affects my husband and my son that is in college and living at home. What if we lose our home??? I have purchased so many healer packages lately (on my credit card that is amazingly still open!) but they just are NOT helping with what I am experiencing... I feel so very very desperate.

Please, please let me know if you have any ideas or resources I can use to help get me through this. I would welcome any and all ideas.”

Within hours, FHTJ responded to my email and let me know that they sent my request out to their healing community and within hours after that, they let me know you were more than willing to help me (and at NO cost to me!) within MINUTES of me reaching out to you, we were connecting. 💕

I don’t even know where to start! You have INCREDIBLE GIFTS! I have never felt as comfortable with anyone as I felt with you. From the moment we connected, I felt at ease. You knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it and how I needed it. You immediately identified with me and took me through a 30 minute journey that healed me body, mind and soul through many lifetimes. During our time together, I vibrated, I shook, I sweated, I shivered, I released (I actually felt things being taken OUT of my body, I cried tears of sadness, then joy, then gratitude. 

I can honestly say that after my session with you I TRULY TRULY TRULY feel alive again. I no longer have feelings of hopelessness, desperation, or confusion. You are an amazing being of light, an amazing healer and I have the most profound respect, love and gratitude for you! I honestly cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me (AND my family!). I love you, Iona! Love and Blessings through eternity”

~ Karen

An Incredible Life Story And The Role Iona Played
Opening Me Up In Ways I Didn’t Know Were Possible

I am in awe of what just happened to me after my session with Iona. I felt so open and ready to receive. During our session I felt my whole body shaking and I could feel my body buzzing. I saw amazing lights and felt the presents of the light beings with me that I had met years prior when I was sick with cancer and I had one week left to live. After their visit or I should say my visit with them as I was taken to their space as we spoke telepathically. They let me know I was not going to die even as bad as it was going to get I would survive it all. I got to a point that I felt very nauseous but stuck it out when I returned back into my body the nausea went away.

I have had times were I could see the future as if I was watching a movie. My husband and daughter would always tell me that it is because I was a medium. I would immediately get upset and say “No I’m not” everyone can do this. It was always something that I would experience and see but it was never a message for me, always for others that needed this message. I never had control of it so I never knew when it would happen. But after my session with Iona this time I was able to see MY future. And it looked BIG! I all of a sudden turned on my gifts to open up even more because before this I didn't realize what I had as my spiritual gifts.

I had shared with Iona how I was bummed that my book had been passed on that was based off my life beating cancer through natural means after having only one week left to live, because as they put it their audience wouldn’t like to read a book that has the template of a Q&A. I had no idea it came off that way. All I had done was put my husband’s name in when he was speaking and my name in place when I was speaking as my husband and I wrote it together. We wanted it to be conversational. Every part of my life felt like it would only go so far then stops. I would be up for a big role and then…NOTHING!

In my life as an actress though I have had many successes it all seemed to come to a full stop. Every time I would go on to an audition and went as far as going ALL the way up to networks for final decision on who would get the role between me and the other person I would always feel immediately as if I wasn’t going to get it and then I wouldn’t. I never could stop myself from feeling like I wasn’t going to get it. As much as I tried I just would feel the rejection. Even when I went to a red carpet, I would have to walk it and many times I just didn’t want to do it. I felt I wasn’t worthy enough. I kept feeling strongly that I needed to do something big for the world. I felt it would be inspiring others to reach for their dreams no matter what just as I was doing knowing I grew up in the projects and in poverty. I learned anything was possible. I even had a holding deal with a big TV Network. Then as always something made that all come to a STOP!

I was diagnosed with cancer. I was clear this is what I need to do for now until I get better. I will help educate others through my experience. I will be the guinea pig. I picked up a camera and knew this story needed to be made as I wasn’t going to do chemotherapy. After this whole experience I have done some acting here and there but nothing concrete to push my goal as an actress to the next level.

After my session with Iona the next day I had the surge of energy that allowed me to see the whole picture in my life…what I came on this earth to do. So here is what happened. I wrote back to the publisher and asked if I changed the template to their satisfaction would they be interested in my book. I then put on a song as Iona suggested I should play a song and feel them saying yes, what happened next was something I didn’t expect to happen…I saw my story like a movie as I do when I get a message for others but this time the message was for me. How my story needed to be told. The feelings were so strong I contacted a producer friend of mine that I would have never thought of contacting, I told her my idea and what I felt strongly to do. She responded with “Let’s meet up with my partner and have you give him the movie pitch idea” It was so clear to me how I would impact the world in such a positive way and how I will be able to help billions of people turn their health around that it just flowed right through me. I kept seeing more and more of the story unfolding right before my eyes. I quickly started writing everything down and taking notes on all that was transpiring and just stayed on a high note the whole time. I watched this movie play and I was so moved and happy. I was connected again. I could feel the light beings present with me. It was beyond words that I could describe. I had this joy that expanded across the world and into the universe.

I am still on a high that is something I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you so much Iona, I will be forever in gratitude for your work that opened me up in ways I didn’t know were possible. You are amazing!!! I will definitely keep you posted on the progress of my film.”

~ Actress Lourdes Colon

Activating your DNA Star Codes is going to change your life the moment you decide to do this. Your energy will be upgraded to hold higher frequencies of light. You are ready for Ascension and Expansion to the super consciousness of all that is. Reconnect once again and feel the remembrance of home when I take you on a healing activation and journey to finding your Star family and welcoming you back home. Your DNA has Galactic energies within. This is how you evolve and grow. I am here to help you along your journey to activate your dormant DNA and reconnect you to your power once again so you can start living your life as you’ve always dreamed was possible and it is possible.

Reset Reboot

  • 8 MP3s
  • 14 Days of Remote Healing
  • 90 Day Star Time Capsule
  • Bonus #1 Healing Mental Blocks with the Mermaids
  • Bonus #2 Clearing Fear with the Angels
  • Private Facebook Support Community


Healing Inner Child with the Pleiadians

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I work with the Pleiadians to do healing for your inner child through all past lives. We clear all past traumas of your childhood experiences where you didn’t feel safe, not enough love, felt unworthy, not good enough, black sheep, always felt left out, unappreciated, fearful, and scared. A lot of light workers and healers have had very traumatic childhoods growing up where we didn’t feel safe or nurtured that in turn shut us down to feeling emotions and we shut down our spiritual gifts to try to fit in to be accepted by family members and friends. They will show you what unconditional love, nurturing, and unity feel like. They will help you learn how to embody your heart energy. They are guides for Atlantis and Lemuria and you have lived many past lives in these ancient times. They have been responsible for infusing awareness into many methods of energy healing by leading humans to discover it throughout the years. In this MP3 you will remember your ancient knowledge of your Higher Self Awareness of living in these ancient times using your spiritual gifts to help others. You are a healer in this Golden Age who is awakening to your highest potential to raise the frequency of GAIA. As you remember your past lives talents and gifts it opens you back up to your true power as a creator and manifestor. All the codes lie in your DNA and we are here to open up your present to share with the world.


Connection to Higher self with the Sirians

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 the Sirians will help you really connect to your Higher Awareness of being a Star Being full of Expanded Energy to share with the world. A lot of healers and light workers are feeling confused, lost, alone, depressed, unfulfilled in their current jobs or careers because you are remembering your life’s purpose for coming to Earth this time. This is the Golden Age and the Age of the Divine Feminine. It’s time to stand in your full power and light body. You are beginning to remember your past lives as an Atlantean, the Sirians are the ones who passed the knowledge to the Atlanteans of crystal healing, aura work, and light energy healing. They mixed their DNA with humans. You have extraterrestrial genes within your DNA and you are awakening to your Star Heritage. In this MP3 I will take you back to ancient time in Egypt where the Sirians worked with Isis the greatest healer in her time. They helped build the pyramids and temples. In this MP3 I will guide you with the Sirians to open up your spiritual information, healing modalities you did in ancient times, and new modalities to be discovered by you. They will teach you how to connect to the stars and inner spiritual worlds. You are just relearning everything you already know. This information is all within your dormant DNA strands waiting to be activated and turned back on to your magnificent self.


Clearing Ancestral and Generational
Programs with the Lyrans

Format - Downloadable MP3

The Lyran race helped seed the human race during the Lemurian and Atlantean periods. Lyrans also seeded the Pleiades, Vega, Orion and Sirius. Do you feel like there is more to living your life than what you are currently at right now? Lyran starseeds are very intelligent beings who are into the metaphysics and paranormal. Lyrans are masters at the divine masculine and pursue their dreams fearlessly. In this MP3 I take you back to remembering your Lyran roots and clear all that no longer serves you. We break all patterns that are holding you back from your Dream Life. Clearing all outdated patterns, old programs, old genetic ties, ancestral and generational programs that are keeping you stuck in the old fear programs. It’s time to open up the Magic inside of you. Start living your life on your terms and create a life full of joy, prosperity, happiness, balance, and bliss. You are even more powerful than you can even imagine and we are here to show you the way to your new life in 5D reality and higher frequencies.


Healing your Heart Space with Mother Mary and Quan Yin

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I have you feel what your heart has been missing for so long unconditional love. A lot of light workers and healers have heart blocks and walls up to protect us from being hurt or abused. Many of us as children did not receive love from our parents. We felt unworthy, not good enough, lack, second best, not wanted, not appreciated, no validation from parents, black sheep, odd ball, and scared of life. You will feel the compassionate, warm, nurturing, motherly love from Mother Mary and Quan Yin as they show and let you feel what healthy love is supposed to be like. You will feel the most loving energy of your life you won’t want to get up from this healing. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. You will cry tears of joy, happiness, acceptance, love, and appreciation for all they have to offer you while they repair your heart and fill it up with all pieces of you that are being healed and rejuvenated.


Healing Pain in the Body with Crystals and the Atlantians

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I work with Merlin who was an Atlantian. We take you to the Crystal Healing Temple to perform your healing clearing all pain in your body. Many Atlanteans have formed physical pain and suffering in their bodies due to the horror they experienced in Atlantis and also when the city went under water it traumatized many. Some of the Atlanteans were performing experiments and trying to manipulate DNA in order to create superior races. Hybrid races like the mermaids and shapeshifters. Prior to the fall of Atlantis, crystals were used to store information which would be found in your timeline by those who programmed them. These crystals contain the original star codes for the Atlantean program. Once found, the crystals will be used as a means of helping you remember your life as an Atlantean. But if all is happening in the NOW, than you are in a parallel situation, though Atlantis seems like thousands of years ago, your soul is experiencing it in both grid programs simultaneously and the crystals are your spiraling DNA moving consciousness between realities to experience and learn in your current reality now. In this MP3, Merlin and I perform healing on you and guide you in a past life regression to remember your life in that time period so you can heal and let go of all the tragedy you experienced to move forward in your current life now.


Healing the Body with the Lemurians

Format - Downloadable MP3

Lemuria was one of the most ancient civilizations that existed on Earth, established hundreds of years prior to Atlantis. The end of Lemuria coincided with the establishment and rise of Atlantis and that many of the Lemurians migrated to Atlantis, which at the time was on the other side of the planet (a part of the Atlantic Ocean, opposite of the Pacific) In this MP3 I take you on a journey back in time to remembering your life in Lemuria where you were able to shape shift. You lived with other races from other planets and other dimensions. You lived in peace with the Angelic, elemental, and extraterrestrial races who all came together to experience a new planet called Earth. This was a time where you were spiritually evolved and you were connected to your Higher Self and the Universe. There was no divide or separation from God. You lived longer lives and when you became ill you were able to align your energy, cleanse your chakras and light bodies. You were able to heal yourself without the use of medication or synthetic drugs. Simply with the power of the soul, and occasionally with the help of a plant or animal friend. You will remember how to heal yourself like you did in ancient time. I am going to activate your dormant DNA that has access to all your past lives gifts and knowledge to bring forth to your current life now to serve and live out your life purpose of what your soul chose to do in this life now. This is huge for GAIA to go back to the natural way of healing. You are a born healer this is your gift to share with the world. Clearing out all the toxins within you and then clearing all toxins out of Mother Earth so you both can flourish and expand.


Clearing Emotional Blocks with the Acturians

Format - Downloadable MP3

Arcturus is a star located in the Bootes constellation. It is considered to be a very old star system. As such, the race of beings from this star system, the Arcturians are also considered to be quite old. The Arcturians embody wisdom, knowledge and teaching. They enjoy passing on their information and lessons. In this MP3 we will clear all emotional blocks of feeling unworthy, unbalanced, sad, angry, resentment, worry, fear, frustration, and panic. We will reprogram you and replace your emotional state to that of connection, love, and spiritual expansion. The Acturians mission for humans is to help us ascend and expand our consciousness. They will accelerate your mental, emotional, and physical systems through the process of energy infusion. They will purify and cleanse your bodies in their healing Acturian Chamber so you can raise your frequency and also Earths frequency. They will purify all your thoughts, clear all old patterns so you can rebirth to your higher crystalline light body. In this MP3 the Arcturians will communicate with you telepathically and claircognizantly. They will transmit the information to you in colors, geometric patterns and sound frequencies. The frequencies of these colors, shapes and sounds hold information and lessons related to the structure of our universe and the laws that govern it. You will also be receiving downloads and transmissions of healing while in the dream state as you sleep because you are the most open in dream time.


Opening your Akashic Records with
the Golden Dolphins and Whales

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I work with the Golden Dolphins who are avatar dolphins. They emit an enormous auric field of pure golden crystalline light which is pure unconditional love. The dolphins and whales are here to assist you in the Ascension of Earth and your light bodies. They are the gatekeepers of your Akashic Records and help reprogram your Dormant DNA Strands. Dolphins and whales are the transmitters of the New Beam which carries with it peace, love, synchronicity, and unity consciousness. Dolphins work through the frequency of joy, play and sound vibration. The Golden Dolphins are among the Sirians, Pleiadeans and Arcturians who are asking you to remember how to use the crystals to connect to the Crystalline Grid that is finalizing on our planet so that mankind can sustain higher frequencies to aid you in your 12-strand DNA coding. You have the Golden Dolphin within you that is helping you awaken to your true divinity that is you. In this MP3 we take you on a journey back in time to remembering your playful nature, your imagination, your child- like innocence, Tunning you back into your inner joy, freedom, laughter, and having fun in the flow of all the world has to offer you.


14 Days of Remote Healing

(Starts the day you purchase)

14 Days Remote Healing- Starts the day you sign up. There is no time or space with this type of work. Iona already set the intentions and let the Universe and your Star Families do the rest. Your higher self already knows what you’re asking for so step out the way and let it come in.

  • Iona, her God Healing Team, and your Higher Self will work on your issues whether it be physical, emotional, mental, health, body image, loving yourself, career, family issues, relationships of all kinds, your pet’s needs or issues, finances, addictions, pain, sexual dysfunction, and all of that and then some. Your higher self and Iona’s God Team already knows what you need and desire. It’s all taken care of once you decide to sign up. So if anything is not mentioned here don’t worry just set the intention and BOOM its done. Just think of the genie and the lamp except you get an unlimited amount of wishes granted the universe has no limitations the only limit you have is yourself. So stop, let go of the reigns, and jump in, get in the FLOW, stop resisting, just let GO…
  • Transmitting healing energies once a day for 14 days to work through the negative energies
  • Enjoy Iona’s playfulness and light heartedness as she and her God Team heal negative energies, old programming, generational, ancestral blocks, heart walls, hidden heart walls, and negative entities. Iona and her God Team will be working 24 hours for 14 days for you, your home/living space, those living in your home including pets, personal and/or business banking accounts, and/or your primary business.

Iona and her God Team already know what you truly desire so get ready to shed your old skin and step into the new you. Think about how good you will feel when your truly authentic and living your purpose. You are meant to succeed and be happy. You don’t need to suffer anymore. It’s your choice so pick health and wellness. Love and Bliss. Abundance and Empowerment. It’s all possible

ITEM 10:

90 Day Star Time Capsule
(starts the day you purchase)

Iona’s healing : “STAR Time Capsule,” is an energetic supportive energy focusing on LOVE the highest vibration out there. We are all connected so when more people are encased in this STAR Time Capsule the more positive higher frequencies we can all enjoy. With the help of Iona and your Star Families, she will travel into your past, present, and future realities to clear all that no longer serves you for your highest good or your loved ones highest good. Just think of this as you heal so does your family and everyone else in your presence. Think about how this world will benefit as you heal and shift to that of LOVE the world will raise its vibration with you to that of LOVE. Iona and her God Team will clear and heal all negative programming, old tapes running, ancestral, generational, negative entities, heart walls, trapped emotions, physical, emotional, and mental. You and those you love who you included on your list will be cleared off too.

ITEM 11:

Private Facebook Support Community

Join a group of people dedicated to major life transformation, evolution, and healing all lives of old energies to live in the NEW WORLD like A MASTER. I am the Illuminator here to unlock your Gifts to share with GAIA and to align you with your chosen path and souls purpose.


Healing mental blocks with the mermaids

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I take you on a magical journey with the mermaids to healing all your mental blocks that keep you stuck in lack, worry, fear, depression, anxiety of the unknown. Your mind tries to keep you stuck it is in old programming and needs to be wiped clean. Your mental mind is like an old computer program that needs to be updated bringing in new programs of inner peace, tranquility, wisdom, balance, and harmony. You will relearn ancient knowledge as you have known is possible in the dream state. I take you back in time to remembering your ancient lives living in times of when the mermaids and mermen lived on Earth in Atlantis. Mermaids are born healers and are here to awaken you to your inner healer and ancient times when you lived as a mermaid or merman.


Angels clearing Fear

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I take you on a healing journey with the Angels to clear all your fear in all your lives. A lot of light workers and healers are actually more scared of success than failure. There were lives in which you had great power but then were killed for it in many past lives. A lot of you are scared to come forward, scared to stand in your light, scared of being seen, scared of being known or heard. It’s time for you to move past the old energies that no longer serve you. It’s time to stand in your power. It’s time to make a difference on Earth. GAIA needs you to remember who you are and why your soul chose to come to Earth. This is the most important time for you to expand and grow. You are the way shower for your family lines to heal. What you do today is going to make a huge impact on the next fifty years of the Earths Evolution for your children and future generations. This is the Golden Age. The Age of the Divine Feminine. It’s time to shine your light for everyone to see your brilliance.

Ascending to new heights - MP3

We shape shift in this MP3 to your bird self and remember how to fly to the Galactic dimensions to a planet near Pleadies. I get you to remember how to play like a child using your imagination and playfulness for instant healing and transformation to vibrate like a Master in these very intense Galactic energies.

Reset Reboot

Total Package Value $1,013

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99

*** 90% Saving ***


Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Deep Dive

  • All of Package A
  • 30 Min 1 on 1 session with Iona Star DNA Activation
  • 2 Webinars healing and downloads of Galactic Star codes

ITEM 12:

One 30 min session with Iona: Star DNA Activation

A Private 30 minute 1 on 1 session with Iona via Phone or Skype audio. Iona vibrates at a very high frequency of LOVE ENERGY. Iona is a very powerful sound healer and has been in many past lives. She will chant and activate your energy field to clear out anything that isn’t serving you. Feel the vibration of ancient frequencies enter your body as it moves from head to toe, you will receive healing that your higher self has called into this life. This all knowing energy has no limits. It will travel into all lifetimes, past, present, and future realities, clearing and deleting all that needs to be cleared in this life. This energy is so intelligent it knows what to do and where to go. This is a healing modality that Iona has been so blessed and honored to share with the world that is from the high vibration of Christ Consciousness.

You will feel as if your speaking to a close friend who truly can get to the core issue and zap it right out of your system. You will cry tears of JOY from all the LOVE you feel from Iona and her God Team working with you to change your life forever. Iona has a special gift to really connect with people. She is a powerful healer and so connected to the Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and Divine Celestial Light Beings. Iona will clear all negative energy that is in your body, move you out of old programming and blocks, return you to your authentic self, empower you to shift your life and never look back. Change your story. Change your life. Tell a different story. You are the author of your life. Many of Iona’s clients experience profound shifts in their life after having a session with her. They see massive improvements in all areas of their life, such as pain leaving the body, emotional pain gone, receiving clarity in their life, changing professions with ease and grace, getting into the flow of life instead of fighting it, being Blissful, being Happy, falling in love with yourself again, healing family patterns, healing any relationship, clearing negative energies. Finding your soulmate starts with loving yourself whole heartedly first. When you truly love yourself you will find someone who will love you the same. Iona will help get you on track with how to manifest your soulmate, perfect health, wealth, and career. Iona’s God Team works with her to change your life to the life of your dreams. Your Higher Self knows what you crave this life and it is all possible to have it all…

  • Healing all Ancestral & Generational Patterns and Blockages within your DNA
  • Clearing out all old programs, negative energies, limited thought patterns
  • Healing Childhood Traumas
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine energies
  • Healing Father and Mother Programs
  • Balancing Right and Left Brain
  • Balancing and Healing all Chambers of your Heart Space
  • Clearing all timelines, past, present, and future realities all being healed
  • Illuminating and activating your dormant DNA Strands
  • Bringing in your gifts and talents
  • Past lives healing
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Quantum Healing
  • Universal Healing
  • Galactic Healing
  • Angelic Healing
  • Planetary Healing
  • Healing Father and Mother Programs
  • Nature Kingdom, Fairy Realm, Elementals, Plant Kingdom Healings
  • Remembering your Star family
  • Attuning you as a Star Being to remember your life purpose and passions

ITEM 13:

2 Webinars healing and downloads of Galactic
Star codes from Star families

Tuesday March 13th and 27th 3:00 - 4:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Star codes from Star families to clear all past lives, patterns, and old energies to step forward in your Evolution plus Q&A

Iona will do a group process of healing and your galactic star families are going to download and send transmissions to you during the call. You will be getting upgrades and attuning you to hold higher frequencies of light. Iona will also be doing mini healings on the phone and answering any questions on both calls, each call will bring forth new energies for you to carry the star codes that are being activated within you to carry out your life mission and purpose on Earth.

Deep Dive

Total Package Value $1,493

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $333

*** 78% Saving ***


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Total Transformation

  • All of Package A & B
  • 30 Min 1 on 1 session with Iona Star DNA Attunement
  • 3 Private 1 hour 1:1 Sessions with Recording

ITEM 14:

1 x 30 Min Star DNA Attunement

Star DNA Attunements:

***Every time you receive another Star DNA Attunement you are able to hold higher frequencies of crystalline light energy. More layers are peeled off, expansion occurs, growth happens, connection to the higher realms and dimensions are accessed, Healing with your Star family, gifts are accessed, talents are remembered, and your chosen path is realized***

  • Healing
  • Upgrading your Light Bodies
  • Detoxing and purifying your systems
  • Activating your dormant DNA
  • Clearing blockages and balancing your chakras
  • Clearing all energies that are holding you back from all lifetimes
  • Clearing all your past lives contracts and vows
  • Activating your cells and accessing your crystalline energy so your body can hold higher light codes within your new body structure
  • Increased soul awareness
  • Remembering your Star family
  • Remembering your life path and purpose this lifetime
  • Connecting to the Higher Dimensions and Realms of Light Cities
  • Healing with the Golden Dolphins and Whales
  • Attunements with my Star Beings to bring in your past lives knowledge and gifts
  • Activating your sacred geometry shapes within your chakras
  • connecting to the sacred sites preparing you for Ascension and healing for the planet
  • Activating your programmed crystals meant just for you
  • Opening up your energetic time capsules within your bodies
  • Connecting you to your Higher Self Awareness, Bridging that GAP between dimensions

ITEM 15:

Three One Hour recorded sessions with Iona

One hour sessions of recorded calls where you will be receiving new transmissions of upgrades so you can vibrate like a master with these new frequencies coming in 2018.Every time you listen to the recorded calls you will receive new insights because you will see and hear differently each time you listen back to the call since old layers are being released and new energies are coming in that your able to attune to since you are now holding higher frequencies of light codes.

Total Transformation

Total Package Value $2,543

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $777
Introductory Offer $597

*** 69% Saving ***

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*NOW OPEN* 2 Payment Plan for Package C!
Pay only 50% now and the rest in 30 days!


VIP Package

  • Everything included in package A
  • One 30 minute 1 on 1 session with Iona Star DNA Activation
  • Two 30 min 1 on 1 sessions with Iona Star DNA Attunement
  • 2 Webinars healing and downloads of Galactic Star codes from Star families to clear all past lives, patterns, and old energies to step forward in your Evolution plus Q&A
  • Three Months of access to Iona

ITEM 16:

Three Months of access to Iona

Private 1 on 1 sessions with Iona one hour sessions of recorded calls where you will be receiving new transmissions of upgrades so you can vibrate like a master with these new frequencies coming in 2018. Iona will help guide you to making a clear decision to the Universe of what you would like to create as a spiritual entrepreneur. She has the knowledge and expertise to guide you into believing in your Gifts and manifesting your Dream life like she did. She is so tuned into Christ Consciousness and with her creativity and organized personality she is determined for you to succeed. She is so passionate about getting her Star Tribe out there to help humanity and GAIA Heal. This is Iona’s purpose on her soul path to help future light workers and healers start successful businesses that will benefit the World.


Total Package Value $4,833

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $2500

*** 48% Saving ***


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Here Are More Raving Testimonials...

Received past life knowledge

“Iona brought me to remembering my past lives gifts, bringing it back to use now. The morning of my appointment with Iona, I already felt the quantum universe opening up for my antiquities’ amusement. I was taken to a past lifetime of an apothecarian where I knew the frequency of plants, trees, and flowers. I would use these frequencies to assist people with natural medicine. During the session Iona called the life times of when I did this type of work. I could feel the remembrance of who I had been and I also could feel it merging with my current state, and a new state of knowing seemed to emerge. I could see stars as this was happening as well. I could also see my energy strands as a golden light throughout the universe which was spectacular.

I could see quantumly within my being that morning; like I had my own Merkabah around me and I knew it. I also would unilaterally focus on one thought and it would totally quantify into the universe, basically meaning, I would think something and it would come true. During the session, I could literally see my DNA strands turning gold, then rainbow as Iona led me into her session, her words were magically fortified with great strength, resonating the literal presence of god in my belief. Her vital work will be a constant magnification of the world to come as she is a literal quantum caller. I feel her calling is to break down you’re dis-ease and grant that your wish be deemed allowable. Her constant or consistent grade of magic flows directly from her light being and allows you to join in her journey. She is amazing.”

~ Andrea

Iona's a Quantum Healer

“Iona can hold high frequencies of energy. She is an open channel for the highest form of Divine Love energy to transmit this powerful healing to occur. You can feel the energy as she chants this sacred sound to open your chakras, clear all blocks, she blows this energy out through her powerful voice, and help you awaken to your ancient knowledge. She is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clear knowing. She taps into your energy field and really feels what’s going on with your emotions. Once she gets to your core she will move the energy through all dimensions, time, and space. She works with her God team of Arch Angels, Masters, Star beings and goes Quantum to help you ascend and unlock your dormant DNA to remember who you are and your special gifts. Anything is possible with this healing she will guide you to clear old programming and lift the veil of fear from you to know you can have anything and everything be it money, health, soulmate, new career path, self-love nothing is off limits everything is energy so let Iona shift your energy to that of Divine Love and see what transformations will occur. I highly recommend Iona. She is so easy to talk to very compassionate, inviting, warm, like an old friend.”

~ Andie De Pass

Family patterns healed, we are all living our dream lives now

“Iona is my twin sister. I'm amazed by what she can do! I first want to start off by saying she cleared a lot of family patterns within our own immediate family. Her life went through a transformation and it made my parents lives go through their own re -evaluation. Old family patterns were broken and the family was healed. We are all living our truths, creating our own realities, and living this life on our terms! I had a session last week with Iona because my neck was hurting for a week straight to where I couldn't turn it full motion left to right. She did her vibrational sound healing on my neck and now it is back to fully functional! Iona talked to me a lot about color patterns she would see and I would try to imagine them. I asked my angels to show me that and to open my 3rd eye. It's like some of her gifts transferred to me because we are very close and very interconnected. Now I can see color patterns like she does and my 3rd eye is wide open.”

~ Kim

Reunited with my Star Family

“ Words can`t be enough to explain but let me try : During the session, Iona Flores cleared all traumas in all time and dimensions and found out the very core negative belief/trauma and healed it. She helped me to be free from the reality which I was literally stuck for a long time. I saw the angelic beings, high vibrational creatures, mermaids, Lemurians, our sisters and brothers from other planets and dimensions. There was a huge help and support and unconditional pure love to me. I cried a lot to see, feel and connect with this bliss and wholeness. It was like a family gathering. In the end, I felt so light, clean, free and joyful. Thank you Iona, thank you ”

~ Clara

Emotional Trauma Cleared

“Iona did her Vibrational Sound Healing on me over the phone because I told my daughter I was having emotional issues of overwhelm and panic. I am moving to South Korea next month and have a lot to accomplish so I was very stressed out and feelings of being alone where very overwhelming. Iona did a meditation to ground me first then called in the Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and Light Beings, I could feel the energy swirling down my chakras and I could see the golden light patterns and rainbow energy being sent to me. I felt my heart chakra opening and expanding. Iona called in my parents and brother who passed on years ago. She said your never alone mom your family will guide you and are always watching over you. I started to cry because I could see my mom, dad, and brother's face as she called them in. I felt how much love they have for me. She asked them to send healing vortexes of energy to surround me in a bubble. She did a family healing on us all. I feel totally supported now and knew I will be okay that this is my new life transformation happening and I'm going back home. She took me through time and space to other dimensions and galaxies. Her energy activation felt like it was from another galaxy. When she took me on this journey I saw myself leave my body and I was in Sedona, Arizona. I could feel the energy vortexes as she chanted and even though I was in Sedona her chanting was more powerful than the energy I felt when I physically visited Sedona years ago. When she talked about releasing childhood trauma I saw myself go back into time as a child and experienced memories from childhood. I have been to numerous healers and events over the years and paid thousands of dollars. The healers even had PHDs and I never experienced anything like this during a mediation activation healing process. It was extraordinary and very magical. Iona is a blessing using her God given gifts to change the world. I'm so proud she is making a huge difference in people’s lives everyday living her purpose and using her gifts to help others heal and transform their lives.”

~ Tal Nam


“I had a session with IONA on Friday- IONA holds such an extraordinary Vibration of PURE LOVE - which creates an unbelievably Safe Nurturing space. I'm very grateful I came across IONA Special. There were Beautiful colors- Royal Blue Green & pinks. I was able to understand on a deeper level by " seeing past lives why I can't have anything tight on my neck- why I hold my thoughts - don't speak up. I had Flashes of feelings of being a witch - being hung- having my head chopped off. As IONA was clearing these past life Energies in this area I started coughing and it got deeper & STRONGER It went on for a good 5 min. or more-- it was so raw & deep so raw my throat was hurting but it felt good & a relief to finally move this out of me!!! Then we went higher in the COSMOS were AA METATRON AA Michael St Germain LORD Gansha Blessed Mother Mary were around me. - There were Golden Sliver Strands Of DNA streaming all around & going in me. Also a Golden Bubble- I then saw My MOTHER FATHER & NANA smiling and clapping for me as these BLESSING flowed down all around me & in me. Then I took them in my arms and we shared the most loving embrace. I got to see an hold my little baby self- that was so in need of deep loving hugs- which I was able to give her while grasping the deeper meaning of this for me. The depth of that was beyond the beyond. There was so much more. There was a lot of deep clarity & awareness of DIVINE ROLES🦋 IONA SAID I WOULD BE RECEIVING THIS ENERGY for another 30 days!!!! This was a most POWERFUL session. IONA is a BEAUTIFUL GUIDING LIGHT WORKER-HEALER-MAGIC GODDESS. I GIVE MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION TO ANYONE SEEKING TO KNOW THEMSELVES ON A DEEPER LEVEL CLEAR & HEAL THEMSELVES TO RUN NOT WALK & e-mail IONA and set a time to have a SESSION WITH HER. THANK YOU”

~ Betsi

From Going Trough Various Attempted Kidnappings, Beatings, Robbery, Bullying, Groping And Psychological, Verbal, Physical, Emotional And Sexual Abuse To YOU Have Brought Joy Back In My Heart. The Doors To Just "BE", Have Been Opened By You, You Have Given Me Permission To Release All The Darkness And Experience Who I TRULY Am

“Hello Iona. It is important for me that you know a little of how you have changed my life.

I understand that all happens in perfection. And, my journey to you, began many years ago.

I have learned throughout the years that the brighter your "light", the tougher the trials you live, are.

My life changed drastically when my parents were divorced. They were a wealthy couple part of the elite in society. As the divorce happens when I was ten, my mother decides all she wants is me; no child support, alimony etc. So, I went from having a thousand dollars pocket money, to sleeping in an empty apartment on the floor. Now, she has 3 jobs to support us and I am basically alone.

The innumerous negative experiences began. These included various attempted kidnappings, beatings, robbery, bullying, groping and psychological, verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The array of abuse at all levels ended when I was 27 when I was actually kidnapped for 3 days. The tortures I endured were horrific. I almost lost my lucidity and my life. The desperation and unworthiness became unbearable.

I began working on healing myself (my past) for 3 years now. I understood that nothing that happens to me will ever change the love in my heart. Although, being honest, I would try coaching myself to not care. But, it didn't work.

I have worked with therapists and spiritual healers. And, although they all contributed somehow to my healing, none like YOU.

The healing and relief I felt in each occasion has been instant.

YOU have brought joy back in my heart. The doors to just "BE" , have been opened by you. You have given me permission to release all the darkness and experience who I TRULY am; An unlimited light being, one who IS love.

I continue to heal the smaller hidden energies and traumas as days’ pass, because of the MP3's I listen to every night.

So, what am I saying, the gift you have given me is not only priceless, but it is one that continues giving.

I feel that saying "THANK YOU", is literally nothing in comparison to the level of gratitude I feel. However, it is all I have in this moment.


May your light shine brighter each day and may your blessings multiply.”

~ Liz

My Body, Mind And Soul Experienced Cleansing Healing Through Iona’s DNA Activation From My Past And Current Lives

I must testify about the phenomenal blessings I received from this amazing earth angel Iona Flores. My body, mind and soul experienced cleansing healing through Iona’s DNA Activation from my past and current lives. I’ve met with many healers and my body has never responded like it did today during my session with Iona. She released blocks for me today with finances, childhood dramas, etc. I literally felt my whole body pulsating along with body chills while releasing past childhood traumas and abuse. Also during my healing process my body was so exhausted that I feel asleep, while still being able to hear her soothing Angelic voice relaxing my mind. At the end of our session, she told me what Angels to connect with. I’m so grateful for healing blessings I experienced today.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️😇🙏🏾”

~ Dawn Kennedy

Keep coming back can't get enough of Iona's amazing energy

“I've had Iona as my Karuna Reiki practitioner for years now, and every single time she works with me I have a profound multi-sensory stimuli experience. For example, I've felt an intense ball of energy rapidly rotating between Iona's and my hands, while another time I felt a surge of energy flow down my arm into my torso. At other times I've seen vortexes of energy: one elongated and slender like a tornado, while others were double, shallow vortexes swirling in opposite directions. I also want to mention that my second floor apartment doesn't have air-conditioning, but on one hot summer day of 91 degrees when Iona finished up with my session, I felt extreme chills all through my body. What an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise! And later about two weeks after that specific session, I woke up from a sleep seeing a grid of symbols that I don't have conscious understanding of. I believe they're some kind of higher dimensional downloads to help with my ascension process. And lastly, I've been feeling my heart chakra open during our sessions together. Once I even tried to see if I could direct the energy to my root chakra where I thought I needed it most. However, my redirecting attempt didn't pan out as my heart received the energetic healing instead. I'll admit, I'm fortunate to understand that the universe supports my highest good. So if my heart chakra is where the energy ends up, it's because that's where it's meant to go. I trust the universe, and feel so blessed having Iona wield life force energy through my body, providing me the energetic healings that are beneficial for my overall well-being. Thank you so much Iona!”

~ Carolyn

Pain gone after session with Iona”

“I had a session with Iona and it was amazing. I had been experiencing lingering pain in my right foot and ankle for over 2 months due to an injury. It was almost healed but I asked her to help move whatever was blocking me from experiencing a full recovery. I also had been having a strong physical reaction to a repetitive vision of me falling and re-injuring my foot and ankle. Iona pinpointed it as my fear of moving forward and we asked that our guides continued to work with me after our session and throughout the next week.

While we were in session I felt the most beautiful energies swirling around us and could feel my guides supporting us in the work. She also chanted healing sounds over me which made my entire body feel like it was being vibrated into a new state. I felt like I was in a sound chamber and an entire choirs of beings were speaking through her. It was definitely otherworldly! 

Over the next week I noticed that my visions of falling and fear of moving forward were almost gone altogether. I started taking steps to work on my website and creating my business. I also noticed that the pain in my foot had completely healed. Currently, it’s been about 2 weeks since we had our appointment, and there is only the smallest lingering of pain in my ankle but that has also improved. I am very thankful that I got the opportunity to work with Iona. Her compassion, her light and authenticity in what she does separates her and her gifts from all the others. If you have a chance to work with Iona, I would highly suggest doing so because she is the real deal!”

~ Tera

Clearing Ancestral Patterns old energy released

“Iona Flores is a very caring and empowering person to share space with, and a magnificent Healer. It is very appropriate that we met on such an auspicious date, a date that signifies FREEDOM and DECLARATIONS of letting go of what is not working.

I asked for assistance in clearing a very dense and negative ancestral pattern of anger that is not only in the members of my family, but also one that has been with me for many lives. And, this being very HEAVY stuff (and something I’ve been working on clearing for a long time), Iona Flores brought plenty of support, including Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Avalokiteshvara, Buddha, Jesus, and the Celestial Light Beings, the Pleidians and Lemurians!

Together with these Masters, Iona worked to clear out this ancient emotional programming and dysfunctional family baggage that has been plaguing me and my loved ones for generations. She brought in new light frequencies of LOVE to help support me in my personal healing mission. I have seen multiple generations of my family being burdened with this relationship pain, and it has been crippling for all of us.

In the days and weeks following our powerful time together, I have noticed a big shift towards peace internally, which I mainly perceive to be my return to my natural state of neutrality and non-judgement. This is HUGE! And, being able to maintain a tighter affinity with peace and calm, despite all the dramatic energetic downpours in the month of July, is some kind of a miracle. I am now much, much closer to becoming the kind role model for my daughter that I hope to be, and relieve her and future generations from having to ever go through dysfunctional family relationships ever again!

Iona pointed out that in order for me to heal completely, I need to fully love myself first. Thank you, Iona, for creating the space for me to better love myself and others. I am genuinely grateful.”

~ Marie

Feeling Self-Love with an open heart

“Before we started the session I was telling Iona how I was beating myself up about things that happened in the past and how that makes me feel. During the session I placed my hands on my heart and I could feel how my heart space was filling up, with what I was describing as Self Love. It's been 3 weeks since our session and I feel that I have more appreciation for who I am. I also feel much gratitude for the gifts in life that our Creator has blessed me with. Those gifts come in many different forms, even people on our paths. This session has really helped me to acknowledge myself, to feel the love and appreciation for who I am. I already booked three more sessions with Iona.

Thank you Iona for sharing your amazing gift with me. ”

~ Moenieba

I am recalibrated and realigned positive vibes

“Iona and I talked & connected as though she were a neighbor friend. During our discussion, I received an impression that I had been hanging onto people in order to have the contact while staying in toxic relationships. I expressed the thoughts & impulses of my present circumstance & was advised to ask for Angel Assistance for the Highest Good, the importance of ASKING being stressed. I was Grateful for the Healing Event of having been told I had a Healing Voice & we both cried.

There was confirmation of my realization that as much healing as I have needed, I would be able to give to others & that when I was very low & suicidal, the 2 beautiful men I crossed paths with were, as I suspected, Angels! This is very encouraging about my life process! During the Activation, which will continue for 30 days, I LOVED the Healing Sounds & that I could FEEL what was happening as she described "heaviness of feet" & how the Light was moving. I valued the description of what type 'I AM' in terms of how I receive Energy. Looking out the window afterwards, I got an 'H-D' effect of the greenery, vibrant color & saw for the 1st time, a 'face' the leaves made on the tree I look at every day. I felt Lucky & was smiling in the cool air of an Etheric mist. It was hard to say goodbye even though I had been on the phone a long-ass time. Then, I up & started cleaning & organizing my apartment!
My notes tracking the progress of change & Healing: reviewing difficult memories that 'I AM' Grateful to be able to cry about when releasing with new realization, feeling a vibrational shift & recalibration, a step up in receiving information intuitively, pleasant people interaction, a new understanding about letting go of bad energy despite my need to communicate the experience & feel understood, feeling comfortable & safe in the world. 'I AM' enjoying the Good in Life, remembering to be Grateful like this Adorable woman told me to be. Thank You Iona”

~ McCallister

No more pain killers can sleep at night

“My session with Iona was great. I felt chills all through my body soon after her process started. I have had a heavy feeling in my solar plexus for a long time. Whatever I try to do to shift it, it only helps for a little while and then it comes straight back. She helped me with the severe pain that I have been having for more than 9 months that makes sleeping at night so hard and consequently I have no energy during the day and also no motivation to do anything. Since her process, I have felt much lighter in myself, the heavy feeling in the solar plexus has gone and I am feeling more positive. Results started within a couple of days, pain easing enough that I don't have to take pain killers to go to bed.

Little things are happening to my life, for example, I wanted a 15ml bottle of essential oil in a workshop but didn't have a lot of spare money, I was gifted the same bottle of essential oil I wanted in a 5ml bottle at the end of the workshop! My Dad who is a pensioner and don't have a lot of money just gave me some money to help. So I am sure as I keep doing the exercises Iona gave me, my life will continue to improve and I am ever so thankful for all she has done for me! I would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone, she cares, she is a real deal and you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by working with Iona!!”

~ Kate

Negative energy released received two activations

“I had a very potent session with Iona about two weeks ago and I'd like to share my positive experience and highly recommend her work. I brought up for healing some stubborn constrictive, dense energies I had been experiencing for a very long time. I've been working with other healers on the same thing but with much less results.

Iona initiated a fairly short but mighty potent stream of downloads\activations which she said they will unfold for 30 days! The first activation was intense and immediately brought up the awareness of other shadows and a very reluctant persona terrified of speaking up and voicing her opinions. Iona asked quite a few questions to bring in awareness of new truths and possibilities and we completely changed and cleared that shadow energy and that persona.

I was also fortunate enough to get a second activation to bring in a flow of prosperity and abundance which felt so much different than the previous one, much more expansive and yummy feeling.

I loved the frequencies that Iona brought in those activations, I felt so much better after our 30 min session, invigorated, buzzing with energy, emotionally clearer and more congruent. A renewed person.

Two weeks later the process is still unfolding, the denser energies and the constrictions have significantly diminished and what is most amazing to me is my change of attitude. Somehow I don't get triggered or, if it happens, I'm not engaging like before. I am aware of my emotions or thoughts however my attitude is so much more neutral and I'm able to snap out of it surprisingly easy. 

Many thanks and blessings to you, Iona! Your work is truly wonderful!”

~ Mirela

Abundance and family healed

“I had an amazing session with Iona Flores a few weeks back. I have to say the karuna reiki activation she did has opened up some awesome opportunities of abundance, including leading me to listen to a telesummit a few days after that I hadn't listened to before. I happened to be chosen to speak to the featured healer Magical Marlenea live who is very gifted in abundance and manifesting, which opened up even MORE opportunities of abundance as then another caller heard me and gifted me with a package that included a 30 min session with Marlenea! I had never been chosen to speak with healer on a telesummit before so it was quite exhilarating! So many things have been releasing and making way for the new! So many synchronicities and confirmation from Spirit was happening suddenly. Even my oldest son experienced relief from the stress we had been dealing with and he had a different, more refreshing attitude with me after the session! Iona had done some cord cutting to help my kids so they wouldn't be as affected by everything. It was a complete 180, and he is 13, so you already know what a feat changing a teens attitude really is LOL. I felt so relaxed, renewed and in tune after the activation. Talking to Iona was like having a heart to heart with a close friend. Very comforting, understanding and honest. She and I have been through some very similar things so I knew she understood my trauma and how to help me as she had already been through healing the same types of issues herself on her own journey. Iona meets you on whatever level you need and even helped me with questions I needed clarification on after the session. She is a beautiful soul and person. You'll be amazed at everything that opens up for you after having a session with her! I am very grateful to you Iona for your help!!”

~ Rochelle

Feeling peaceful and calm

“This was my first activation with Iona. After outlining my goals for the session Iona began the process - and I immediately began to experience visuals. They started off at a measured pace, my being grounded with my body shooting pulsing roots deeply into the core. As the session went on, I could see a light yellow tinted glow emanating from my plethora of strands of DNA. Then I flashed through a cacophony of landscapes, a myriad of scenery and images flashing by my consciousness at incredible speed. After the session was over Iona and I talked for 20 more minutes during which I had remained seated. As we wrapped up our conversation I stood up and quickly realized that I was lightened. It felt as if a considerable amount of weight had been taken from me. Since the activation I have an increased sense of peace and calm.”

~ Eric

Sense of remembered purpose of why I’m here

“I have been blessed to work with Iona over the past few years. Her connection to her purpose as a healer and light worker is incredible. I consistently feel at peace with a sense of remembered purpose after working with her. During my recent activation appointment, I noted it was 2:22 in my time zone. As I asked to call in knowledge of that which I have used and known for healing in other life times, I felt an intense and comforting electric and warming sensation start in my root chakra and emanate throughout my entire body. It was by far the most intense and longest lasting sensation of this type I have had. I also experienced a new presence and visual sensation. I was aware that I was in an intricate and beautiful pink web as I was activated. The energy behind this light provided the sensation of a gentle head massage - which was wonderful as I have been struggling with headaches during recent ascension preparations. When we finished our time, Iona noted that it was 2:22 in her time zone! I adore these reminders of alignment - they fill me with deep gratitude.
Thank you Iona! 💛”

~ Penny Smith

So connected to pure source

“I had my first Reiki session a few months ago with Iona. It was totally new for me so I had no idea what to expect. The experience was totally positive and surprising. Frankly, I didn't expect any tangible results but during the session, my body and mind were changed. I felt the energy come into my body which stayed with me for months afterward. My mind was cleared of a lot of negative concerns replaced with positive thoughts and attitude. I felt so connected with a higher power that I made changes in the direction of my life and habits. Iona was very supportive while I was going through this experience and afterward we talked and hugged and I even cried (a little). I would guess that not everyone has the same experience but I know the things I felt were from a good source and were helpful to my life. I have seen Iona a few times more times and would highly recommend letting Iona into your life. She is delightful.”

~ Tom

Throat Chakra Cleared from past lives trauma

“Last October, my daughter Iona did a reiki session on me in my stateroom on our cruise to Italy. I had a major transformation that night. I had a lot of issues with my throat being blocked. When I get really stressed or highly emotional my throat feels blocked and it's really hard for me to catch my breath. When Iona worked on me I could feel the blockage release from the energy. My hands got really hot and I could feel the heat throughout my body and I could feel my heart opening. My body started to vibrate uncontrollably and I was crying because I could feel so much love and compassion from Iona. It was very intense. I could see white light and diamond light it looked like chandeliers glowing in the light. I mentioned this to Iona as she was working on me and she said that's the energy she was sending to me the white diamond energy. I've had my throat issue for a very long time and now I don't have any more blockages in my throat since our session. I've never felt this kind of energy before and I've had other healers work on me. I feel like something in my body has changed for me since that day. My daughter has a very special gift. She is a powerful healer.”

~ Tal Nam

Marriage Saved

“I was having a rough time in my marriage with my husband. I felt hurt and not appreciated. Goddess Infinity helped me get over my emotional issues. During our Tantra and Reiki session I felt so much love and heat radiating from her hands. I even felt more hands on my body then just hers and when I asked her how was that possible she told me she works with Angels too. I had a major healing that day and I felt the pain leave me body. I felt so calm and peaceful during our session. I am forever grateful she came into my life she has a gift to share with the world. I was so impressed by her healing ability I booked another session but this time it was for couples Tantra. My husband enjoyed the experience and we took home new techniques that has really helped us with our love life. I feel very connected to him now and we are so much closer because of it. We both understand one another on a whole other level. I now have that spiritual connection I’ve been asking for.”

~ Sarah

Feel rejuvenated and youthful again

“I booked a Tantra session with Goddess Infinity because I was having performance issues. I left a fifteen-year relationship and was back in the dating scene. The problem I was having was quite embarrassing. I couldn’t perform like I used to. I thought it was because I was getting older but Goddess Infinity told me it was due to emotional energy still stuck in my body from my past relationship. I had no idea this was affecting me because I left that relationship a couple of years ago. I feel like a new person and am happy to say I’m back to my healthy self again and all my parts are working just fine thanks to Goddess Infinity’s magic and healing ability. She also made me feel very comfortable to open up to her about my inner most feelings. I’m very shy but with her it was different because she felt like a close friend.”

~ David

A true reawakening of my sacred sexuality

“Intimacy and deep connection have been a continuous challenge for me to share with myself let alone anyone else. I have experienced a lot of trauma throughout my life including sexual trauma growing up and it altered my ability to connect with others on a deep intimate level. During the amazing session with Iona I could instantly feel my Kundalini energy spiraling up from the base of my spine and as it reached my throat and third eye I began belting out these amazing tones Galactic Light Language (which I'd never done before) and It increased the sensation of pure bliss, joy and a sense of serenity I'm not sure I had felt before! Since the session I have noticed I'm able to feel increasingly confident within myself and my ability to build intimate connections I walk more in alignment with the divine feminine energy and definitely feel more grounded and balanced as I continue down my path. I look forward to our next session and hope everyone gets a chance to experience the magical orchestra of divine energies she is able to share!”

~ Jennifer

Able to receive abundance into my life

“Iona’s voice during the meditation put me into a meditative state. I felt really relaxed and calm. After she chanted I felt myself leave my body. When I opened my eyes I was a little confused because I could see my physical self-laying on the bed but I was also standing in the doorway looking at myself. We worked on abundance flowing into my life. She said we needed to clear old programming from my parents, generational and ancestral energy from me. Three weeks after the session I bought a scratcher ticket and won $1000 in the California state lottery. Two weeks after I received an unexpected raise and a huge bonus. Since working with Iona I have a new confidence and I feel worthy of receiving these blessings. Now that I have found my confidence again I am using what she has taught me to bring gifts into my life.”

~ Stephen

I Learned From My Session That Nothing Is Impossible,
I Can Imagine The Imaginable

“I would love to thank you and share my experience from DNA activation session. When we started talking I would like to say that I was alone in the room with doors closed, you might find it strange that I am starting off with this but there is a point.

When you started talking to me the sound of you voice calmed me down immediately, and I was quite anxious. While talking to me and guiding me I felt shivers down my spine, my hands were cold but my palms were very hot.

On the way to astral projection, while you were guiding me I did not feel like I was traveling, what I experienced was that my feet were tight on the ground I looked up to the blue skies and a big portal opened and I saw space, it looked like 3D cinema, and instead of "traveling" experience it was more like the images were coming to me and I would see the moon first and then one by one planets were closing in like having a TV remote and pressing forward button.

Now the reason I mentioned I was alone in the room with closed doors is because when you were cutting cords with my ancestors and guiding me to meet other Star Races and Spirit Guides, I saw them, with my eyes closed entering the room and the doors were open, I felt connected with more than just one Star Family. There were some words coming to my head which have been repeatedly appearing even before we met.

Now those words are the questions, and now since I know the right questions I can get the right answers. What I can say I learned from all this is that nothing is impossible, but also I need to keep my feet on the ground, which means I can imagine the imaginable and not feeling there is something wrong with it and still be realistic enough knowing that you do not need to "fly", "travel" or do anything or experience anything physical it is all inside of me and inside of you.The experience and knowledge is within.

Thank you once again”

~ Emina S.

About Iona Flores

I am a Karuna Reiki Master, Quantum Healer, Access Consciousness Facilitator, Emotion Code Practicticoner, Tantra Coach, and New Life Coach. I work with the Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, and magical creatures. I use colors, frequencies, patterns, vibrations, crystals, and sound healing. I heal all emotional, mental, and physical pain in your bodies through all aspects of you in all dimensions, time and space. Your mental, emotional, physical, astral, and spiritual bodies through all dimensions, time, space, and realities that are all happening now. I clear all negative programs, old tapes playing, limited thought patterns, generational, ancestral programming, genetic lineage, balance your masculine and feminine energies, all chambers of your heart, father and mother healing, past lives healing, inner child healing all lives, past toxic relationship healing, karmic entanglements, vows, curses, black magic, poverty consciousness. I heal all timelines past, present, and future for all generations on both sides to be cleared of old energies. This is huge for your family lines to be cleared of all the old and making space for your new life in the new world. I then bring in your Akashic Records for you to remember your God given gifts, remember your souls purpose, remember your Star Family, and live your life using your passions and creating your new dream life that can become a reality once you’ve done these activations. I then activate your dormant DNA Strands to connect you back online to ancient time so you can reconnect with your inner wisdom and really connect to the higher dimensions, realms, seeing and feeling your spiritual family guiding you along your path. It’s time to create your new life, be the author of your magical story unfolding, you have a new canvas to paint, a new life to live, it’s time to be happy, it’s time to live your passions, it’s time to fulfill your life purpose, it’s time to stand in your light and power of your Higher Self Awareness. You can have anything you believe you deserve. Anything is possible. The Universe is trying to gift you with so many blessings so get into the flow of your true divinity and let your magnificent light shine so bright for the world to see you and all of you.

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