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  • 8 MP3s
  • 14 Days of Remote Healing
  • 90 Day Star Time Capsule
  • Bonus #1 Healing Mental Blocks with the Mermaids
  • Bonus #2 Clearing Fear with the Angels
  • Private Facebook Support Community


Healing Inner Child with the Pleiadians

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I work with the Pleiadians to do healing for your inner child through all past lives. We clear all past traumas of your childhood experiences where you didn’t feel safe, not enough love, felt unworthy, not good enough, black sheep, always felt left out, unappreciated, fearful, and scared. A lot of light workers and healers have had very traumatic childhoods growing up where we didn’t feel safe or nurtured that in turn shut us down to feeling emotions and we shut down our spiritual gifts to try to fit in to be accepted by family members and friends. They will show you what unconditional love, nurturing, and unity feel like. They will help you learn how to embody your heart energy. They are guides for Atlantis and Lemuria and you have lived many past lives in these ancient times. They have been responsible for infusing awareness into many methods of energy healing by leading humans to discover it throughout the years. In this MP3 you will remember your ancient knowledge of your Higher Self Awareness of living in these ancient times using your spiritual gifts to help others. You are a healer in this Golden Age who is awakening to your highest potential to raise the frequency of GAIA. As you remember your past lives talents and gifts it opens you back up to your true power as a creator and manifestor. All the codes lie in your DNA and we are here to open up your present to share with the world.

Download MP3


Connection to Higher self with the Sirians

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 the Sirians will help you really connect to your Higher Awareness of being a Star Being full of Expanded Energy to share with the world. A lot of healers and light workers are feeling confused, lost, alone, depressed, unfulfilled in their current jobs or careers because you are remembering your life’s purpose for coming to Earth this time. This is the Golden Age and the Age of the Divine Feminine. It’s time to stand in your full power and light body. You are beginning to remember your past lives as an Atlantean, the Sirians are the ones who passed the knowledge to the Atlanteans of crystal healing, aura work, and light energy healing. They mixed their DNA with humans. You have extraterrestrial genes within your DNA and you are awakening to your Star Heritage. In this MP3 I will take you back to ancient time in Egypt where the Sirians worked with Isis the greatest healer in her time. They helped build the pyramids and temples. In this MP3 I will guide you with the Sirians to open up your spiritual information, healing modalities you did in ancient times, and new modalities to be discovered by you. They will teach you how to connect to the stars and inner spiritual worlds. You are just relearning everything you already know. This information is all within your dormant DNA strands waiting to be activated and turned back on to your magnificent self.

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Clearing Ancestral and Generational
Programs with the Lyrans

Format - Downloadable MP3

The Lyran race helped seed the human race during the Lemurian and Atlantean periods. Lyrans also seeded the Pleiades, Vega, Orion and Sirius. Do you feel like there is more to living your life than what you are currently at right now? Lyran starseeds are very intelligent beings who are into the metaphysics and paranormal. Lyrans are masters at the divine masculine and pursue their dreams fearlessly. In this MP3 I take you back to remembering your Lyran roots and clear all that no longer serves you. We break all patterns that are holding you back from your Dream Life. Clearing all outdated patterns, old programs, old genetic ties, ancestral and generational programs that are keeping you stuck in the old fear programs. It’s time to open up the Magic inside of you. Start living your life on your terms and create a life full of joy, prosperity, happiness, balance, and bliss. You are even more powerful than you can even imagine and we are here to show you the way to your new life in 5D reality and higher frequencies.

Download MP3


Healing your Heart Space with Mother Mary and Quan Yin

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I have you feel what your heart has been missing for so long unconditional love. A lot of light workers and healers have heart blocks and walls up to protect us from being hurt or abused. Many of us as children did not receive love from our parents. We felt unworthy, not good enough, lack, second best, not wanted, not appreciated, no validation from parents, black sheep, odd ball, and scared of life. You will feel the compassionate, warm, nurturing, motherly love from Mother Mary and Quan Yin as they show and let you feel what healthy love is supposed to be like. You will feel the most loving energy of your life you won’t want to get up from this healing. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. You will cry tears of joy, happiness, acceptance, love, and appreciation for all they have to offer you while they repair your heart and fill it up with all pieces of you that are being healed and rejuvenated.

Download MP3


Healing Pain in the Body with Crystals and the Atlantians

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I work with Merlin who was an Atlantian. We take you to the Crystal Healing Temple to perform your healing clearing all pain in your body. Many Atlanteans have formed physical pain and suffering in their bodies due to the horror they experienced in Atlantis and also when the city went under water it traumatized many. Some of the Atlanteans were performing experiments and trying to manipulate DNA in order to create superior races. Hybrid races like the mermaids and shapeshifters. Prior to the fall of Atlantis, crystals were used to store information which would be found in your timeline by those who programmed them. These crystals contain the original star codes for the Atlantean program. Once found, the crystals will be used as a means of helping you remember your life as an Atlantean. But if all is happening in the NOW, than you are in a parallel situation, though Atlantis seems like thousands of years ago, your soul is experiencing it in both grid programs simultaneously and the crystals are your spiraling DNA moving consciousness between realities to experience and learn in your current reality now. In this MP3, Merlin and I perform healing on you and guide you in a past life regression to remember your life in that time period so you can heal and let go of all the tragedy you experienced to move forward in your current life now.

Download MP3


Healing the Body with the Lemurians

Format - Downloadable MP3

Lemuria was one of the most ancient civilizations that existed on Earth, established hundreds of years prior to Atlantis. The end of Lemuria coincided with the establishment and rise of Atlantis and that many of the Lemurians migrated to Atlantis, which at the time was on the other side of the planet (a part of the Atlantic Ocean, opposite of the Pacific) In this MP3 I take you on a journey back in time to remembering your life in Lemuria where you were able to shape shift. You lived with other races from other planets and other dimensions. You lived in peace with the Angelic, elemental, and extraterrestrial races who all came together to experience a new planet called Earth. This was a time where you were spiritually evolved and you were connected to your Higher Self and the Universe. There was no divide or separation from God. You lived longer lives and when you became ill you were able to align your energy, cleanse your chakras and light bodies. You were able to heal yourself without the use of medication or synthetic drugs. Simply with the power of the soul, and occasionally with the help of a plant or animal friend. You will remember how to heal yourself like you did in ancient time. I am going to activate your dormant DNA that has access to all your past lives gifts and knowledge to bring forth to your current life now to serve and live out your life purpose of what your soul chose to do in this life now. This is huge for GAIA to go back to the natural way of healing. You are a born healer this is your gift to share with the world. Clearing out all the toxins within you and then clearing all toxins out of Mother Earth so you both can flourish and expand.

Download MP3


Clearing Emotional Blocks with the Acturians

Format - Downloadable MP3

Arcturus is a star located in the Bootes constellation. It is considered to be a very old star system. As such, the race of beings from this star system, the Arcturians are also considered to be quite old. The Arcturians embody wisdom, knowledge and teaching. They enjoy passing on their information and lessons. In this MP3 we will clear all emotional blocks of feeling unworthy, unbalanced, sad, angry, resentment, worry, fear, frustration, and panic. We will reprogram you and replace your emotional state to that of connection, love, and spiritual expansion. The Acturians mission for humans is to help us ascend and expand our consciousness. They will accelerate your mental, emotional, and physical systems through the process of energy infusion. They will purify and cleanse your bodies in their healing Acturian Chamber so you can raise your frequency and also Earths frequency. They will purify all your thoughts, clear all old patterns so you can rebirth to your higher crystalline light body. In this MP3 the Arcturians will communicate with you telepathically and claircognizantly. They will transmit the information to you in colors, geometric patterns and sound frequencies. The frequencies of these colors, shapes and sounds hold information and lessons related to the structure of our universe and the laws that govern it. You will also be receiving downloads and transmissions of healing while in the dream state as you sleep because you are the most open in dream time.

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Opening your Akashic Records with
the Golden Dolphins and Whales

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I work with the Golden Dolphins who are avatar dolphins. They emit an enormous auric field of pure golden crystalline light which is pure unconditional love. The dolphins and whales are here to assist you in the Ascension of Earth and your light bodies. They are the gatekeepers of your Akashic Records and help reprogram your Dormant DNA Strands. Dolphins and whales are the transmitters of the New Beam which carries with it peace, love, synchronicity, and unity consciousness. Dolphins work through the frequency of joy, play and sound vibration. The Golden Dolphins are among the Sirians, Pleiadeans and Arcturians who are asking you to remember how to use the crystals to connect to the Crystalline Grid that is finalizing on our planet so that mankind can sustain higher frequencies to aid you in your 12-strand DNA coding. You have the Golden Dolphin within you that is helping you awaken to your true divinity that is you. In this MP3 we take you on a journey back in time to remembering your playful nature, your imagination, your child- like innocence, Tunning you back into your inner joy, freedom, laughter, and having fun in the flow of all the world has to offer you.

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14 Days of Remote Healing

(Starts the day you purchase)

14 Days Remote Healing- Starts the day you sign up. There is no time or space with this type of work. Iona already set the intentions and let the Universe and your Star Families do the rest. Your higher self already knows what you’re asking for so step out the way and let it come in.

  • Iona, her God Healing Team, and your Higher Self will work on your issues whether it be physical, emotional, mental, health, body image, loving yourself, career, family issues, relationships of all kinds, your pet’s needs or issues, finances, addictions, pain, sexual dysfunction, and all of that and then some. Your higher self and Iona’s God Team already knows what you need and desire. It’s all taken care of once you decide to sign up. So if anything is not mentioned here don’t worry just set the intention and BOOM its done. Just think of the genie and the lamp except you get an unlimited amount of wishes granted the universe has no limitations the only limit you have is yourself. So stop, let go of the reigns, and jump in, get in the FLOW, stop resisting, just let GO…
  • Transmitting healing energies once a day for 14 days to work through the negative energies
  • Enjoy Iona’s playfulness and light heartedness as she and her God Team heal negative energies, old programming, generational, ancestral blocks, heart walls, hidden heart walls, and negative entities. Iona and her God Team will be working 24 hours for 14 days for you, your home/living space, those living in your home including pets, personal and/or business banking accounts, and/or your primary business.

Iona and her God Team already know what you truly desire so get ready to shed your old skin and step into the new you. Think about how good you will feel when your truly authentic and living your purpose. You are meant to succeed and be happy. You don’t need to suffer anymore. It’s your choice so pick health and wellness. Love and Bliss. Abundance and Empowerment. It’s all possible

ITEM 10:

90 Day Star Time Capsule

(Starts the day you purchase)

Iona’s healing : “STAR Time Capsule,” is an energetic supportive energy focusing on LOVE the highest vibration out there. We are all connected so when more people are encased in this STAR Time Capsule the more positive higher frequencies we can all enjoy. With the help of Iona and your Star Families, she will travel into your past, present, and future realities to clear all that no longer serves you for your highest good or your loved ones highest good. Just think of this as you heal so does your family and everyone else in your presence. Think about how this world will benefit as you heal and shift to that of LOVE the world will raise its vibration with you to that of LOVE. Iona and her God Team will clear and heal all negative programming, old tapes running, ancestral, generational, negative entities, heart walls, trapped emotions, physical, emotional, and mental. You and those you love who you included on your list will be cleared off too.

ITEM 11:

Private Facebook Support Community

Join a group of people dedicated to major life transformation, evolution, and healing all lives of old energies to live in the NEW WORLD like A MASTER. I am the Illuminator here to unlock your Gifts to share with GAIA and to align you with your chosen path and souls purpose.


Healing mental blocks with the mermaids

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I take you on a magical journey with the mermaids to healing all your mental blocks that keep you stuck in lack, worry, fear, depression, anxiety of the unknown. Your mind tries to keep you stuck it is in old programming and needs to be wiped clean. Your mental mind is like an old computer program that needs to be updated bringing in new programs of inner peace, tranquility, wisdom, balance, and harmony. You will relearn ancient knowledge as you have known is possible in the dream state. I take you back in time to remembering your ancient lives living in times of when the mermaids and mermen lived on Earth in Atlantis. Mermaids are born healers and are here to awaken you to your inner healer and ancient times when you lived as a mermaid or merman.

Download MP3


Angels clearing Fear

Format - Downloadable MP3

In this MP3 I take you on a healing journey with the Angels to clear all your fear in all your lives. A lot of light workers and healers are actually more scared of success than failure. There were lives in which you had great power but then were killed for it in many past lives. A lot of you are scared to come forward, scared to stand in your light, scared of being seen, scared of being known or heard. It’s time for you to move past the old energies that no longer serve you. It’s time to stand in your power. It’s time to make a difference on Earth. GAIA needs you to remember who you are and why your soul chose to come to Earth. This is the most important time for you to expand and grow. You are the way shower for your family lines to heal. What you do today is going to make a huge impact on the next fifty years of the Earths Evolution for your children and future generations. This is the Golden Age. The Age of the Divine Feminine. It’s time to shine your light for everyone to see your brilliance.

Download MP3

Ascending to new heights - MP3

We shape shift in this MP3 to your bird self and remember how to fly to the Galactic dimensions to a planet near Pleadies. I get you to remember how to play like a child using your imagination and playfulness for instant healing and transformation to vibrate like a Master in these very intense Galactic energies.

Download MP3

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