Yes You Can!

The “too hard” basket doesn’t ever need to exist again

Read what the MP3 are for below……..Be ready for New Insights and some Surprises

You will stunned to see what you have been feeling for so long - just never put into words

Experience the freedom to be you

Real Life Changes in Real Life Situations!

This is for Everyone!

The aim of this program is to bring you a feeling of a sense of Adventure about Your life

  • With a feeling of Enlivenment which is a natural byproduct of listening to the “Yes You Can!” MP3
  • Utilizing brainwave entrainment with a specific sequence of tracks and 6 layers of energy healing & deleting with music added – to create astounding results
  • Life longs patterns of Abuse
  • Severe Psychic Attack
  • Entrapments from ‘Authorities’ who override Your Choices
  • The Curse Effect from Those who think They Own You
  • Effects that you have been trying to get out of for Years but never realized the energy structure from others’ unseen intentions / decisions was holding you in
  • Bad feelings you have about yourself that never seem to resolve because you had no idea friends, family, partners or others could be creating them for you
  • Increased insight and awareness
  • Clarity
  • Being strongly present in your body
  • Solutions come naturally as stress and blocks dissolve
  • Feeling alive and in control of your life
  • Listen to one track of specific bwe with 6 layers of energy healing and music daily
  • There are also silent MP3 to loop in the back ground for continuous play in the background while doing activities and/or sleeping
  • It will give you the effect of the most powerful session you could ever have
  • You do not need to believe for it to work!
  • You do not need to give up your power again!
  • You do not need to rationalize, think about, or deal with the others involved
  • That is taken care of in the deleting and healing work and the brainwave entrainment
  • The bwe will assist the brain to move through the states instead of getting stuck in them
  • As the brain integrates more with the bwe, healing & deleting and uplifting music to allow you to connect strongly to your heart your true sense of identity begins to return naturally
  • The effects from Bully’s (including psychic attacks and / or jealousy) is sent back to the sender
  • Forget about struggling with forgiveness
  • You become aware of solutions
  • You are no longer stuck
  • Or doing it alone

"Gaylene's latest work is her best yet! Her program and recordings pack such a magnificent POW! 

They are sure to get you where you need to be. 

Gaylene's latest works allow you to be your fullest and best self naturally and effortlessly. 

I highly recommend Gaylene's latest and greatest work."

~ Rhonda Zabinsky, Award-winning film-maker and author of "Lucky Me, Lucky You" How to improve your luck in life.

“Yes You Can!” MP3’s creating real change in real life situations!

"Gaylene Popovski’s work and new package are amazing!!!I started working with Gaylene after the death of my father last August and continued working with her throughout my mother’s illness and death in February this year and the subsequent trials and tribulations of all things family, estates and wills. With the added challenges of trying to maintain my own household with my husband and 3 children as well as long term asthma/chronic fatigue issues to deal with, I could have easily been sucked down a big black hole. I know I have achieved the level of wellbeing I am currently enjoying because of, in large part, her powerful and potent abilities in the world of energy. Her knowledge, insights and expertise are pure artistry and I have been one very appreciative recipient of her skills and talents in this area. The MP3 from the new package are easy to use and relaxing, and I just get to listen to them and benefit immediately by noticing just how much better and better I am feeling. I finally feel a whole new world is opening up for myself and my family and I have changed my trajectory completely for the future. I am so unbelievably thankful for the results I am seeing, feeling and experiencing. Gaylene's work is a simple yet huge and effective resource and education that I will have for the rest of my life. Gaylene and her MP3 - Amazing!!"

~ Lisa Katherine

Each MP3 is equivalent to a very powerful session (even more due to the layers of deleting, healing and the changes of frequency with bwe and music) – change will happen on deep levels with every play.

"Hi Gaylene

I have just returned from a one week “vacation” with a brother of mine and his family. It was an incredibly challenging experience as my brother lives in a similar dark vibration that I spent most of my life in. By the second day my intuitive self told me that everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. It became clear that he lives in “hell on earth” and also reminded me how far I have come.

I want to express my gratitude for the clearing that your mp’s provided for me while I was visiting my brother. I listened to each of them once a day and I moved through situations and confrontations that in the past would have had me terrorized as he carries much of my father’s energy. Not once was I stuck! The best part was being able to easily and politely decline an invitation from my sister to take an entire day out of my visit to my brother to spend one hour with her. This is a true miracle for me. My sister has ordered me around her whole life as you might remember and I am now forever free from servitude to her.

Thank you soooo much! I look forward to your fall classes! "

~ Iris Blake

I will continue to do more MP3 and more classes to inspire you to a new and easy way of living.

"Hi Gaylene,
A lot of stuff has come up to clear as a result of the MP3. My awareness & perception of what is coming up is so much sharper – I can really discern the deep patterns that have been repeating probably for lifetimes. I’m forming a really clear picture of the deepest one that has been driving every aspect of my life. I guess I’ve always known about it on some level but this work has made me ready to fully recognize, acknowledge it & be ready to finally delete all aspects of it. As a result I feel so much more at peace in all ways
I am so grateful that I have found you & your work it’s such a trip! For the first time I feel like I am getting noticeable results in my physical life. My work & my business are slowly gaining momentum. I’m making plans & am actually beginning to see them through. That’s a big breakthrough for me. THANKYOU!!!"

~ Jodie Hawaii’

  • Yes You can 9 MP3s
  • 9 Yes You Can MP3s with bwe (Silent version)
  • 1 (60 min) Q&A Class

Total Package Value $900

Discount: 89% Off
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  • Yes You can 9 MP3s
  • 9 Yes You Can MP3s with bwe (Silent version)
  • 1 (60 min) Q&A Class
  • The Golden Rings Technique - 4 (60 min) classes

Total Package Value $1,200

Discount: 87% Off
Sold Out

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A


Too Anxious to Start - MP3

19Explanation: Terror/fear of being successful due to past experiences when you experienced hate, jealousy and different forms of abuse at a time when you could not support yourself and now when you go to move forward old feelings are triggered and you are still being held back by the effect of the perpetrator.

Causing: Terror of being humiliated and despised, a need to feel safe, creating at times a childish demeanor to protect you from others, feeling like a loser, worthless, cannot settle to start something, distraction with food or a call to a friend, having experiences that cause you to question “Why is this happening to me?” which is camouflaging “This can’t be happening to me”, feelings of anxiety, at times having an inability to have solutions, thinking “I just can’t do it”, experiencing sadness, disappointment, a sense of giving up on accomplishing your desire. Anger, rage, fury, resentment are the result of the sadness and disappointment from not feeling you were able to live your dream.

  • This MP3 will assist in clearing the above and you will be able to enjoy accomplishing your dream and know “Yes you can do it!” (Please use other MP3 in the set to create further change)


Shutdown to Living - MP3

25Explanation: Feeling you have no strong identity or sense of belonging due to past experiences of being dominated by an abuser. This could have been one off event such as being terrified for your life or one that slowly ate away at your self-esteem (for example a jealous sibling) and you didn’t see it happening at first then when you did and tried to change it the abuser began to use terror to dominate - you quite possibly feared for your life (real or imagined). There is shame, humiliation, terror, guilt, weakness, anger, rage, so many suppressed emotions and the abuser uses these to control you – you become convinced that it is your fault, that you are bad or made him/her do it. This can be so deeply stored due to not having anyone to talk to as you feel ashamed of it happening to you.

Causing: extreme exhaustion, lack of joy, feeling life is empty, that you have died on the inside and even though you cry for help on the inside – nobody hears – then it feels that no one can help you or would believe you or even cares, blanking out/falling asleep suddenly for no reason, feeling undefined in your body or sense of self, feeling old and useless, blaming yourself as you think you let it happen because you are weak – which is so far from the truth.

  • This MP3 will assist to feel safe in being yourself, to be more empowered, to be aware of the games people play as your insight and awareness increases. It will allow you to claim your success and wealth. You have changed and that cannot happen again.


Big Time Stuck - MP3

2Explanation: Negative and resentful attitudes coming from having been told you are not good enough and being put down in so many different ways by so many people and experiences.

Causing: Self-punishment, being cynical to change, self-absorption, self-blame, determination to stay unhappy so nobody can any longer have the power to make you unhappy, dislike of self, having a ferocious type of state to keep others at bay, stuck in refusing to change and self-sabotage – the pattern that others created for you. It also causes you to feel like you have missed out on your life.

  • This MP3 will assist in clearing and allow you to feel the joy of being yourself and the freedom of not having restrictions.


Life is Too Much - MP3

250Explanation: Due to being around people who never allowed you to be happy as you were growing up – your own magical ability to create and naturally manifest got buried – even the fun of Fairies, Santa and Easter Bunny was taken away from you and life was about people finding any excuse to criticize, put you down, blame you for any upset they felt and they also seemed to take pleasure in tripping you up…………the physical world became too solid and more of a hardship and a struggle to try and be what everyone imposed on you.

Causing: Never knowing that this was your life and you are the authority in it – never knowing you are powerful and have you own your creative and manifesting abilities to use for yourself. It causes a feeling of unworthiness. You can feel nobody really cares. It also makes you live waiting for this life to be over.

  • This MP3 will assist the healing and deletion of the above and allow you to feel your sense of adventure and feeling alive.


Abuse - MP3

239Explanation: Lack of esteem and self-blame from experiencing verbal, physical, mental, emotional, sexual and any other type of abuse.

Causing: Feelings of failure – “I always get it wrong”, feeling you are not worth it, “Who cares anyway?” – feeling that you are not allowed to be yourself, that you are inferior, something is wrong with you, that being yourself is bad, despising yourself, not wanting to be yourself, feelings of unworthiness, feeling your life is over, that any hurdle is too big, a longing for who you could have been and much more.

  • This MP3 will assist in clearing the above so you can live with the feeling of freedom and safety to enjoy your life


Feeling Left Out - MP3

23Explanation: This is referring to a tactic used to keep someone out of the group or from feeling accepted and/or successful and is used by a sociopath type of personality/a jealous person/abusive authority/even possibly a jealous sibling or partner – the intention may be unseen but will be felt - the effect on the intended victim is real and debilitating for many reasons. This technique is used in all areas: playgrounds, homes, work places, socially and in relationships. The bullying never stopped in the playground – it just got more covert!

Causing: Feeling odd, something is wrong with you, feeling frightened as if someone is going to attack you, feeling vulnerable to the world, feeling insane, going crazy, not being able to understand or make sense of what is happening, loss of confidence in your own ability, wanting to stay and keep safe, feeling you have to hide, not feeling you can speak up, feeling anxious and easily overwhelmed.

  • This MP3 will assist in clearing all of the above – the shock, upset, feeling something is wrong with you, feeling you are about to get into trouble, feeling unsafe, feeling odd, loss of confidence, feeling anxious and uncertain, unable to speak up and more.


Delete the Effect of Curses - MP3

212Explanation: This is caused by having people decide they own you – partners, employers, cults, families or its members………and it can have a devastating effect on all areas of your life. When people decide they own you initially you may misinterpret it as caring – giving you an initial sense of “specialness”, that someone cares. Slowly your life is taken over by the control of another – and you may have knowingly or unknowingly agreed. Bit by bit you begin to sense their anger and feel a responsibility to keep that person happy unaware that their anger is being used to control and take away your life. You have no idea how inch by inch they are gaining control over you and restricting you and you become more and more dependent on the need for their approval, fear their disapproval, you begin to lose your independence and identity without even knowing it is happening. You can be completely under their control but still insist you are independent and may even hide what they are doing or defend them………..not understanding you have become a victim.

Causing: You to be unhappy, feel trapped, useless, unsuccessful, insane, crazy, over-emotional, too afraid and fearful to be independent and successful but don’t remember why, when or how it happened, feeling like you have no definition of self, difficult to feel and be consistent in behavior and feeling good. Roller coaster effect of feeling happy and unhappy, trying so many things to change and nothing works. The thoughts of the controller are sensed by you and you go under their instruction. You can become nervous in your work and make mistakes as a result – and start to identify yourself as clumsy. Your nervous system is weakened and you live feeling anxious for no apparent reason – but there is – you feel a silent threat keeping you in being a victim and you feel you have no one there to help you.

  • This MP3 and all of the other MP3’s (as there is so many techniques employed with this one) will assist to bring you safely back to you.


Not Feeling Successful and/or Not on Your Path - MP3

252Explanation: This comes from when you have been put down, criticized and punished, usually repeatedly, which breaks you down and eventually you agree to what is being said and as a result you choose a life that is controlled by the impact of this experience – whether it is to over- achieve or under- achieve it is based not on believing but feeling you know the putdowns to be true – which makes it challenging to feel successful and that you are living on your path.

Causing: Fear of punishment, humiliation, the put downs, an agreement by and perhaps even a group if it was in a family or classroom setting, crying out for help on the inside, the “just not being able to get to it” – when it is for your dream, giving away of energy to others as you are unaware of your agreement to being less so you will at times be putting energy into making others’ lives successful - instead of you own - and also try to take power from others as your anger and frustration is controlling you in the background.

  • This MP3 will assist in removing all the above which allows you the freedom to be on track with living on your path.


Feeling Kept Down - MP3

251Explanation: It feels like it is someone keeping you down – you can just feel it – a huge block that nobody is letting you in, they are against me - this comes from the impact of others and our having had enough of the incongruences of the behaviors, indoctrinations, mis-information, stupidity, hypocritical treatment and more from our experiences and people around us throughout our life.

Causing: This causes a major chip on your shoulder, refusal to listen, stuck in negativity being a huge amount of resentment, self sabotage, rage and fury – and a huge block is created that stops you from enjoying and/or creating success. “They owe me”, “they did it to me so I can do it too”,” I can get away with anything”, “nobody can make me”,” leave me alone” etc.…….

  • This MP3 assists in clearing the above and the exhaustion, bloating, feeling too big, feeling like you are slowly dying, the inner sabotage effect and the traumas of the experiences that caused the damaging attitude.

I have added 6 Layers of Energy Work to all of the 8 MP3’s ensure you are supported on all levels to allow you to achieve the highest amount of safe change possible………………….and to never feel you have to do it alone.

  • 1

    Layer 1

    Delete the Effects of Bullying – deals with bullying issues and returns the energy back to the sender in a neutral state.

  • 2

    Layer 2

    Chakra Clearing and Aligning – clears negativity/upset from 12 aspects of ourselves – and makes letting go easier.

  • 3

    Layer 3

    Chakra Healing Energy – sends healing energy to the 12 aspects of ourselves to assist in clearing unseen effects from others on an energy (intention) level.

  • 4

    Layer 4

    Body Strengthening – strengthens every organ, system and structure in the body so the body can know and feel its esteem and to release.

  • 5

    Layer 5

    Healing Energy – the equivalent of a full body healing treatment to calm and support the physical body to feel safe and assured.

  • 6

    Layer 6

    Deleting and aligning for each MP3 – which aligns you to your own sense of power and empowerment.

  • 7

    Layer 7

    The bwe has a flow of specific bwe tracks per MP3 to release the different effect of upset as it comes up in relation to the issue – so the old feelings and attitudes flow through instead of being stuck

  • 8

    Layer 8

    Music has been added to each track to which allows the heart to connect through feeling uplifted.

The multiple layers in each track are to allow you to feel an extreme amount of support which is required to create the optimal change for you - safely, effectively and quickly - for issues that have been so covered, unknown or so given up on and left in the too “hard basket”.

ITEM 10:

9 “Yes You Can!” MP3s with bwe deleting & healing and music
(Silent Version of mp3s from Item 1 to 9)

ITEM 11:

1 x 60 minute class to answer and questions that you may have in relation to the “Yes You Can!” program.

Date: Tuesday, November 15th at 7pm Pacific

Yes You Can Love You - MP3

(Warning: Please note brainwave entrainment should not be used if you are prone to fits or seizures)

Release yourself into your innate nature of pure love! Attract abundance, love relationships through finding calm and healing your heart. Release into love brings you back to you!

When listening to the MP3s:

  • Please do not listen to these MP3s while driving a vehicle or operating machinery
  • Please use headphones or earphones if possible
  • Be in a comfortable position – one that allows for the possibility of falling asleep.
  • Please stay hydrated.

An MP3 with bwe, 6 layers of energy work and music with a silent version included

love-yourselfThe biggest block destabilizing us ensuring we are continually challenged to maintain love for ourselves comes from the part of us that was told we die and will buried beneath the ground in a box. As children (or even adults) the concept can create an insane shock / spin / disorientation effect.

Causing: Shock, trauma, a complete reframe of life, uncertainty, blankness, a need to be careful, the need to over assess, terror of dying, terror of being murdered, terror of being threatened, fear of losing control of body functions trying to deal with fear and terror, fear/terror of terrorism, fear/terror of torture, fear/terror of being buried alive, a feeling of waiting and not knowing what to expect, feeling paralyzed when it comes to anything new, unable to settle, very unsettled when trying to create change, swinging to the opposite – disinterest in new things, cannot be bothered and appearing lazy, having an attitude of “I don’t care”, also swinging to the extreme of being fearless in regards to death and not valuing life, this terror may also create a bully who can place his/her fear/terror onto another because he/she now despises their own weakness produced by the upset.

This MP3 will assist in bringing you into balance which will allow you the space to feel love for yourself.

The silent MP3s can be looped (continuous play) in the background while doing activities and/or sleeping.

Package A

Total Package Value $900

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 89% Saving ***

Sold Out

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and get a full refund any time before 30 days
after the date of your purchase

Package B

ITEM 12:

The Golden Rings Technique
“This is a technique that needs to be experienced for its simplicity and power”.

Value: $300

2484 x 60 minute classes teaching how to use, experience and have results with The Golden Rings Technique are offered.

When using this tool we operate as higher beings for we allow ourselves and others to be released easily and powerfully from upsets we are experiencing.

When we use this technique valuing ourselves becomes easy.
In a group setting we experience how we can consciously take control in our life without compromising ourselves in anyway.

This technique is very empowering and gentle - we discover how easy it can be to create change in our life.

The Golden Rings technique can be used to resolve issues for all situations including issues in which others are involved.

There is a pdf to download for this technique.

The classes are interactive, informative and fun.

You are invited to ask family and friends to attend.

Package B

Total Package Value $1,200

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $149
*** 87% Saving ***

Sold Out

Package C

ITEM 13:

30 minute personal session with Gaylene

Value: $100

gayleneSessions are where I tap into issues that are causing you upset and use individual transmissions to resolve the issue based on the information I receive. In the session we go through as many upsets/issue as possible – expect change. If you would like to know your purpose at this time, or why you were born into your particular family and what challenges you specifically came into this life time to overcome – I can tell you also. If there are specific questions you have – just ask and I will answer them. Otherwise it will be based on clearing as much as we can in that time.

Package C

Total Package Value $1,350

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $189
*** 86% Saving ***

Sold Out

About Gaylene Popovski :

gaylene“Yes You Can!” is a result of my life’s research, study and experience. Understanding that powerful changes are taking place as we become co-creators and creators of the world and being aware of the need for assistance and quick dissolving of the old world ways has been a catalyst for me to create a program that can bring more harmony and empowerment into our lives with effectiveness and ease.

It is important for me to create packages, techniques and teach in a way that allows people to have optimal change and feel safe in the process.
The aim of my teaching is to give people effective techniques to use to dissolve upsetting issues quietly and elegantly on an energy level to create a natural sense of adventure and to feel enlivened and empowered in their life.With love and appreciation to everyone on their journey, Gaylene

  • Yes You can 9 MP3s
  • 9 Yes You Can MP3s with bwe (Silent version)
  • 1 (60 min) Q&A Class

Total Package Value $900

Discount: 89% Off
Sold Out

  • Yes You can 9 MP3s
  • 9 Yes You Can MP3s with bwe (Silent version)
  • 1 (60 min) Q&A Class
  • The Golden Rings Technique - 4 (60 min) classes

Total Package Value $1,200

Discount: 87% Off
Sold Out

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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