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Download Eram and Elizabeth's Interview

Download MP3

Claim Your Divine Abilities!

  • 2 Group Calls
  • One Year Subscription for Monthly Calls
  • 5 Master Classes + Bonus Call - Instant Access
  • Meditation Music Compilation


2 Small Group Calls - 2+ hours each

To join the 2 Group Calls simply schedule 2 appointments at times that work for you HERE. You’ll be emailed call details close to the date of the call.

  • Gather with a group of a max of 6 awakened individuals for a special experience
  • Benefit from the healing and counseling of others while feeling connected!
  • Receive clarity about your situation and how shift blockages from a Living Library and Oracle.
  • Be met where you are at and receive the tools and light you need to move ahead.
  • Incredible light from focused, conscious people can illuminate and dissolve nearly any obstacle.
  • Reports from these group calls have been profoundly helpful and healing.
  • Get on the second call for a deeper look, follow up or get another question answered.
  • Calls are recorded for later listening, and there are many convenient times for those overseas!
  • You’re precious feedback for others is greatly valued.
  • Experience something that can really open you up into new realms!

Get inspired by awakened community!


One Year Subscription to The Circle Monthly Call

Because you’re joining the Seer & Scientist community, you have an entire years worth of The Circle Community calls ahead of you! This is a free 2 hour call that is done on Zoom and live streamed on YouTube. Details for monthly calls and other updates will be emailed to you!

  • As a new part of the Seer & Scientist Community you receive live access to our monthly call
  • Gather with a group of awakened individuals for a special experience.
  • Each month we will gather for two hours to share, be heard, express intentions, and focus our spiritual energy.
  • When we gather as human beings we have great power!
  • Find new friends, feel heard and feel connected.
  • This is intended to be a community networking and spiritual focus Circle where we can share ideas, projects, hopes and dreams for a New Earth!
  • Replays are available.


5 Advanced Masterclasses + Bonus Call

Feel your true power in the moment by finally understanding Time!

The Playground of Time

Time is often a struggle for human beings - there isn’t enough time, or we feel we are wasting it. In this class we will delve into the reality of time from a spiritual and scientific view. Learn about how to:

  • Transform your relationship to time by understanding a few easy techniques and concepts
  • Stop worrying about the past and future so much
  • Begin to advance your mindset and psychic abilities using a unique way of approaching time.
  • Help your friends and family shift their ideas about time without a lot of struggle!

Time doesn’t have to be our enemy - in fact, we can advance our journey faster by understanding the beauty and usefulness of time!

Your life won’t be the same after you learn how to use the potential of the present.

Download MP3

Work with the most precious equations to shift blocks and tap into your power!

The Equations for Enlightenment

Are there equations - simple sets of steps - to access an enlightened state?

There is indeed! And they work wonders for reaching higher consciousness. This is the first class in the series Applied Multidimensionality where we learn the foundation of the mystical science of higher consciousness and co-creation. Learn about:

  • The precise mechanisms which create egoic structure and how to identify them.
  • Important steps to take for the shifting of egoic structure and negative programs.
  • How to bring in more light and retain it.
  • Practical tips, ideas and easy practices which will change your life!

If you needed a basic road map to follow easily each day for real, measurable transformation - this is a class you will use over and over again.

Download MP3

Understand your own Soul Skills and what it will take to advance them!

Soul Skill Sets 101

Each soul has their own skills! Knowing which skill sets we have access to and how to use them in our daily 3D lives is vital. When we know how to use these well, then we can bring in and retain more light than ever!

  • What skills does the soul carry through lifetimes?
  • How do you know which skills you’re good at?
  • Can we access all soul skill sets as we serve in the world?

These and many more questions will be addressed during this special class. Let’s dig into the foundation of these skill sets so we can work towards enlightenment in a practical way.

Download MP3

Feel free to be your true Divine self instead of blocked by old matrix programs!

The Fields of Limitation and Limitlessness

Join Elizabeth Wood, Seer and Scientist, on a guided journey into limitless consciousness. Do you feel there are heavy energies blocking you at every turn? Nothing seems to work? You know that self work is the key, but you feel bogged down by the details. The fact is, most of the limitations you think you have all fall into 5 energetic fields. These ‘Fields of Limitation’ are false programs written in your DNA. You can change them! Once you identify them, you can shift them out of your body and step into fields of true limitlessness. In this workshop you will learn exactly how to do that and more. Learn to:

  • Identify the 5 Fields of Limitation so you can remove them from your life.
  • Use practical methods for erasing these limitations from your DNA and mind.
  • Step into the true Fields of Limitlessness and identify them around you.
  • Cultivate these Fields of Limitlessness in your material and spiritual world!

Watch the breakthroughs happen and the limiting beliefs melt away. No more bondage or slavery for human kind! We can all claim our sovereignty now.
Let’s be Limitless!

Download PDF

Receive inspiration from the quantum to the Universal levels of reality!

Quantum Remote Viewing

If you have been interested in remote viewing and how it can be used to develop your 3rd Eye then join world-class seer Elizabeth Wood for this masterclass. Remote viewing helps us look at our 3rd dimensional world from a spiritual perspective only bound by time, not space. Quantum Remote Viewing is the outcome of our consciousness finally being open to what we are actually capable of seeing. Learn how to move your remote viewing to different levels of reality in order to do healing work, understand reality better, or jump forward into higher consciousness states!

We will learn more about:

  • Gentle and easy ways to strengthen your 3rd Eye that really work.
  • Moving in and out of layers of reality.
  • Understanding and discerning what you see when you perceive energies.
  • Sifting through information and light to receive answers.
  • Having fun discovering the incredible Universe from your chair!

With Elizabeth’s special teaching style she will take you on a journey to the edges of your abilities, heighten your consciousness and laugh along the way!

Download MP3


Meditation Music Compilation for Awakening by Bioluminescent

Receive an exclusive collection of meditation music written by Elizabeth’s husband Drew - Bioluminescent - who has been writing music his whole life. Capable of creating landscapes in the mind, he makes music for higher consciousness! Listen to more free and new music at!

Angelic Illumination Meditation

Download MP3

Be Infinity Bioluminescent

Download MP3

Into the Mountains Bioluminescent

Download MP3

Into the Unknown Bioluminescent

Download MP3

Nature Doesnt Stop Bioluminescent

Download MP3

Sunsets with You Bioluminescent

Download MP3

Vega Bioluminescent

Download MP3

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