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Would you like sessions with Ellie? Here is an Exclusive offer just for our community


Package A

Conscious Manifesting: The Science of Miracles

Fill in the Missing Pieces to Manifest What you want, when you want


Conscious Manifesting : Ellie Drew’s 5 Step Process The Science of Miracles

Format: MP4

File Size: Approx 15GB

This power-packed, easy to follow video workshop is Ellie Drews core manifesting teaching spanning nearly 40 years of using her Clairvoy-ant Powers to research The God Field. This is the exact simple process that Ellie Drew has used to save lives, change the weather, and come into direct contact with God Force that we each have within our-selves.

People just like you have used this information to create wealth and even in emergency situations.

You will learn how to manifest anything in 5 easy steps. You can use this information to Manifest all that you can dream of:

  • More money, better career, a book deal

  • Better relationships and upgrades

  • Happy home life, better health

” The excellent information in this video was presented in a cas-ual setting to a metaphysical group in Sedona, Arizona. It is only two hours of a 2-Day workshop, but the core teachings on Con-scious Manifesting.

This is the FIRST TIME Ellie’s Spirit Communicators (Galactic Teahers,The Goddesses & Light Beings of the highest vibration) of the are pushing her out of her quiet life teaching to select group to share EVERYTHING she knows about her 40 years of researching The God Field and Manifesting with the world with you and the From Heartache to Joy Community.

The information shared in this workshop will empower you to instantly know how to use your own God Power to:

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

  • Become the Powerful and Purposeful Super Hero of You own life
  • Be able to Protect your family and property from crime or natural disaster
  • Raise your children’s test scores and performance at school
  • Use the power of negative emotions to fuel for your positive outcomes
  • Always be Lucky and in the right place at the right time
  • Able to Manfiest and Live a Magical Life
  • Effortlessly attract Golden New Opportunities
  • Help loved ones in time of emergency or danger
  • Know how to manifest extra cash on the spot
  • Improve your health and beauty dramatically
  • Discover how you can even work with the weather and manifest rain or sunshine
  • Manifest your ideal new career or business opportunity
  • Bring in magical new friendships and upgrade your love life
  • Discover how amazing and powerful you really are!


Conscious Manifesting Be a Super hero Worksheet

Format: PDF


Ellie Drew is a trained scientist who has rigorously reseached a step by step “works-every-time” process of manifestation. This is a true science of Miracles.

- This PDF is your essential take everywhere with you checklist to guide you through manifesting ANYTHING you want to create. Refer to this AFTER you have watched the two-hour manifesting video and then start practicing immediately.

These are the same steps that helped a woman safe her grandchild from doctors giving up on her in hospital to full recover within moments of applying the process. Keep a copy of this in your bag, by your desk and on your mobile device at all times.



The Miraculous I am Love Poem

Format: PDF

As you grow in love and power discovering the God Force within you it is essential to remember the real reason we are here and given all this power to create.

This extraordinary “Universal Teaching” was channeled throug Ellie Drew the night her dear spiritual friend Mindrol passed into spirit. Ellie Drew was able to consciously leave her own body and follow her into spirit and ascend into other planes of reality where together they both discovered how to FREE SOUL MIND BODY and emotions from limiting concepts that prevent or delayed us from being our own most AUTHENTIC SELVES able to consciously manifest and create the reality of our choosing.

Ellie Drew returned from spirit into her body wants you to have this poem so you remember who you really are and why you are here with the power to create.



How to attune to I AM Love Miracle Vibration

Format: PDF

People from around the world have written to Ellie to share miraculous stories of their experiences with the I AM Love poem which has been channeled from source in an extraordinary spiritual partnership. As you meditation with the poem you will begin to resonate with the spiritual frequency from where it emanates. And your life begins to change in countless miraculous ways.

- This PDF shares the practice of bringing the I AM Love poem into your life.


Package B

The Remembering For Powerful Conscious Manifesting


The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice to Liberate Your Soul Field for Super-charged Mani-festation.

Released for the first time, REMEMBER is a new educational video series channeled from the “The Architects of Reality”, Master Spiritual Teachers to remind Humanity we are Ancient Spiritual Beings Aligned with PROFOUND CREATIVE POWERS. Deeply Inspired by Spirit to produce and name the series “REMEMBER”, Ellie Drew knew it was also a COMMAND to our BIOLOGICAL systems that IT IS TIME to wake up into its own consciousness. Humanity is on the brink of a singularity moment – its own awakening called THE REMEMBERING.

Presented for the first time ever -to the listeners of From Heartache to Joy - YOU have the first chance to experience Ellie Drew’s REMEMBER 2, an essential practice to free and clear your soul field so you can be the powerfully creative conscious manifestor you were meant to be in this incarnation.

This is a massively powerful practice that will create a dramatic difference to your physical and emotional health and wellbeing as it goes to the source of what may have held issues in place for millenia of lifetimes. It will also powerfully go the core of any financial and relationship difficulties you may be experiencing clearing them for once and for all by uprooting and unhooking you from the original causes without endless processing.

Because as a Clairvoyant Researcher, Ellie has contact with your energy body while you do the practice – meaning you get additional feedback along the way to specifically support your practice. AND while filming, YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES & TEACHERS showed up to give additional teachings! Ellie linked with her inner circle, then with you as students, so she could feel into the frequencies of sound to help guide you as she filmed. Ellie Drew is A TRUE SPIRITUAL GUIDE for your human aspect to evolve so you can drop your baggage and drama to live a life of Inner Freedom.

What is REMEMBER 2?
REMEMBER 2 focuses on giving you the tools to clear away all that holds you back from manifesting ideal income, soulmate relationships, ease, joy and flow. Ellie teaches you how to once more become your Most Authentic Self through a super-powerful, transformative 21-Day Forgiveness Practice called the Way of the Lotus Flower. RESET your BIOLOGICAL system in 21-Days with The Way of the Lotus Flower Practice so your SOUL ASPECT can be unwrapped from the shadows of your own mind to SING in your life without wrong thinking interfering in your success.

The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice
This is the ONLY PLACE you will receive Ellie Drew’s researched and verified Magical Manifesting statements.

In 40 years as a Master Teacher and Clairvoyant researcher, Ellie found people do not know what to ask for. You are uncon-sciously limiting yourself.

In this program you will get statements to Program your body, mind and emotions to:

  • Always be lucky
  • Liberate your soul field from thousands of years to pain and struggle.
  • live a Magical Life

You will learn proven, super-charged POWER techniques that will actually have what you have commanded show up in your life in miraculous ways. This is information being released for the first time by spirit on how REALITY is actually created



This is like having your own personal 21 Day Retreat With Ellie Drew to
Transform your entire Being

Video Episode 1: Emotional Unhooking Process.

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew demonstrates what the Emotional Unhooking Process is, the Benefits of why you would use it, and gives you the opportunity to practice unhooking statements such as ‘I’m not good enough.’ ‘I’m not worthy.’ You will practice a specific breathing technique to RESET your PROGRAMABLE biological system used in The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice.

Clear lifetimes of recurring soul trauma affecting your health, wealth and relationships at the core level.

Video Episode 2: Part 1 of 2: Why Forgiveness?

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew shares with you a specific story of WHY forgiveness is ESSENTIAL to your SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT so you can clear your SOUL FIELD. Ellie found out – through doing readings – we create our own Karma, the Universal Powers don’t tie you up – YOU DO! This episode explains why you want to do the Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice! Ellie then describes how to set up your own personal Forgiveness Altar - the elements of the altar and their meaning, for when you start your 21-Day Practice.

Learn how to free yourself from entanglements of Karma you have have created that keeping you looping and stuck with the same people, places and situations lifetime after lifetime.

Video Episode 3: Part 2 of 2: Inspirational Instructions: Practice Makes Perfect.

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew allows you an opportunity to practice The Way of the Lotus Flower while narrating important New Teachings and Instructions FOR YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Because Ellie IS a Clairvoyant Researcher and heard the Sounds of people’s Soul - she KNOWS, by their vibrational sound, what was necessary to untie people from literally lifetimes worth of twisted thinking. Watch every minute and be INSPIRED! And Practice!

Discover how to get into the pure resonant frequency of your own empowered soul to succeed at every level of creation.

Video Episode 4: The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice: Days 1, 2, & 3.

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew takes you slowly, and throughly through your first three days of doing the Forgiveness Practice. She gives you additional tips and teachings to help you be successful, and get you in the groove of breathing properly, and reminding you the reasons you are doing the Practice. This video is longer to support the additional teachings including how to clear the lack of flow around money.

Free your money flows by finding and forgiving the energies holding back your Divine birthright of prosperity and abundance.

Video Episode 5: The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice: Days 4, 5, & 6.


***The Energy and Information In these episodes has been channeled from your personal future to give you real-time updated counseling and support as if Ellie Drew was right there in room with you guiding you through the process.***

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew has the GIFT OF MONITORING YOUR OWN PERSONAL BODY AND EMOTIONAL SYSTEM WHILE YOU DO THE PRACTICE – meaning all along the way, you are given specific feedback, not only from what Ellie is perceiving in your system at the psychic level to give you correctional or additional information to help you be successful, Ellie ALSO RECEIVES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IN THE MIDST OF VIDEO TEACHING from YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES updated in real time from YOUR FUTURE.

Get real-time personalized guidance just for you from spirit to help you move through all blockages and issues.

Video Episode 6: The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice: Days 7, 8, & 9.

***The Energy and Information In these episodes has been channeled from your personal future to give you real-time updated counseling and support as if Ellie Drew was right there in room with you guiding you through the process.***

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew goes right into the work as your system begins to get reset using the breath, but still only clearing the surface of your Soul Field. You will begin to feel like there is more room inside you, and you can breathe more easily. In this episode, you are only going through the easier things to clear. Soon you will be challenged to continue as your Ego begins to fight you for control and you begin to question who you are and why you have defined yourself the way you have.

Discover how to choose and become your true, powerful most AUTHENTIC SELF start living a life of ease, power and flow.

Video Episode 7: The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice: Days 10, 11, & 12.

***The Energy and Information In these episodes has been channeled from your personal future to give you real-time updated counseling and support as if Ellie Drew was right there in room with you guiding you through the process.***

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew knows you are going to begin getting edgy because the Ego is realizing it is losing its power as your soul self starts to shine and blossom. By the time you get to day 12, you may need to use the Emotional Unhooking Process - so have it handy!

It is time to start kicking your ego to the curb and putting your all powerful soul-self in charge.

Video Episode 8: The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice: Days 13, 14, & 15.

***The Energy and Information In these episodes has been channeled from your personal future to give you real-time updated counseling and support as if Ellie Drew was right there in room with you guiding you through the process.***

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew warns that you may go through the Dark Night of the Soul if you have made it this far! Don’t give up! You are almost through the hardest part! Do not engage the emotions - just keep doing the work resetting your system using the breath. There is information about your Money Success with a new teaching to open up your money energy with manifesting. And an ancient teaching that spontaneously happened giving the meaning of the transitional prayer position of the hands.

Ellie Drew is with you to guide you into a powerful secret of money manifestation.

Video Episode 9: The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice: Days 16, 17, & 18.

***The Energy and Information In these episodes has been channeled from your personal future to give you real-time updated counseling and support as if Ellie Drew was right there in room with you guiding you through the process.***

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew celebrates with you as you make it through the Dark Night of the Soul - feeling more liberation and freedom within you! Ellie begins to hear your SONG!

You are now moving into a clear-strong vibration of your soul in it’s power. This is the place where powerful changes in every area of your life show up.

Video Episode 10: The Way of the Lotus Flower 21-Day Forgiveness Practice: Days 19, 20, & 21.

***The Energy and Information In these episodes has been channeled from your personal future to give you real-time updated counseling and support as if Ellie Drew was right there in room with you guiding you through the process.***

In this episode, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew gives you the opportunity to assist in Global Healing by inviting in your Ancestors and other people who are stuck on the other side to join you in this Forgiveness Practice, as well as doing a healing for the world. Since we are clearing the global energy, we run into the anger of injustice, and we clear that. As you finish Day-21 Congratulations! As you heal yourself, you heal the world!

Now you are strong, powerful and beautiful with your own life working well, you can move into the space of being embodied Grace. Become an Avatar of healing and liberation for your ancestors, loved ones and Planet Earth. Discover your own incredible power to create a better world now.


What is the Soul Field

Format: PDF

Your soul field determines your success and experiences in this life. This is what you are clearing with the Remember 2 Way of the Lotus Flower practices.

Ellie provides this quick and easy overview so you can under-stand what your soul field is and how it affects your daily life.



On the Subject of LIfe and Death

Format: PDF

This lovely and uplifting poem will set you free to manifest your life as a thrilling prosperous adventure.

  • Directly channeled from spirit it contains frequency and information that will help you finally free of regret, sadness and longing for those who have passed in to spirit.
  • Also free up your own energy to fully live and embrace your life.


One Source Poem

Format: PDF

Would you like to rediscover the true one source of all good things in life? This is the poem that powerfully reminds you of your own power. No matter what has happened to you in life with career, or relationshps, this is the boost that will help you transend those issues.

Easily return to remembering who you really are and recharge your manifesting super powers.


Package C

Discover and Live Your Divine Life Purpose


Video & Audio Recorded version of 3 Hour Live EMPOWERMENT & MANIFESTATION Workshop with Ellie Drew and the Master Guides

Click Here to Watch Online
Download MP3

Have you been asking spirit Help You Become the Powerful Manifestor of a New Miraculous Reality for YOURSELF and the PLANET?

“The Dalai Lama - "The World Will Be Saved By Woman"

Will you be one of them?

This is powerful PRIVATE SESSION IN A GROUP SETTING. Ellie Direw is a Master Teacher with an extremely powerful team of “The Architects of Reality: Galactic Masters Teachers, Ascended Beings and Light Beings” who will scanning your field, clearing, activating you personally during this incredible personal LIVE event. You will receive hundreds of hours worth of private sessions in this one experience. Spirit has designed this session differently to give you 1:1 attention in a group setting so that Ellie can reach the critical mass of 8,000 people needed to change the world. Your help and empowered and activated presence are vitally needed on earth at this time. Your presence on the call is vitally important to the future of the earth.

In this 3 hour live empowerment:

  • Ellie will answer your deepest held questions about your individual life purpose
  • Clear the blocks and traumas that have held you back and get you ready to be POWERFUL NOW
  • Activate you and attune you to the frequencies of Manifestation Mastery for a Lucky and Magical Life!!!!

Ellie’s mission is to get 8,000 of the world’s most able spiritual people activated and ready to be their most authentic selves, powerfully manifesting a better world. If you are reading this you have been called.

In this 3-Hour Live Training & Q & A, Clairvoyant Researcher Ellie Drew, M.S. and Your Guides will channel direct divine guidance especially and weave the teachings of conscious manifestation and creation for you and your loved ones.

  • You have already reached an intermediate or advanced level of personal and spiritual development
  • You are an established or aspiring healer, spiritual teacher, intuitive of have a real desire to help other poeple
  • You have become stuck after trying and doing countless programs and workshops and you do not know how to breakthrough and get the results you have been looking for
  • You are ready for a BIG change in your life but you don’t know what it is.
  • You have not been able to fully let go of problems that just seem to keep recurring no matter how you try to change.

Ellie Drew has received guidance from Spirit to step forward to reach and help you with these incredible teachings of empowerment. Will you join her LIVE to get your deepest concerns that you may have been holding for lifetimes taken care of for once and for all so you have find your life purpose and live a rich, satisfying life?

This is the game changer that will teach and activate you into in-credible power and purpose. For best results you must be on the call LIVE for the Q & A with Ellie to receive personalized di-vine assignment and messages specifically for YOUR soul and Divine Incarnation.

Let’s do this - together! Are you in?

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