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Clearing, Activating and Transceding of all 3 Hearts - MP3

If you have lost your intuitive abilities, your purpose in life, and your soul it is due to the disconnection of the hearts. It is important for all three to be aligned in order for you to stay in alignment with your purpose in life. You may be feeling like you are stuck or trapped in your career, relationship, or any other part of your life. This MP3 keeps the 3 hearts open and clear, helps you move into your heart space, clears any heart walls, and keeps the 3 hearts in alignment at all times so that you can be in alignment with higher levels of consciousness as your heart expands.

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Grief/Loss - MP3

Loss of a loved one can be very painful, whether it be from a divorce, abusive relationship or passing. You can now allow your heart to let go the pain you are holding onto. Years of pain can come to a closure for once and for all with this MP3.

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Enlightenment to Self love - MP3

When did you stop loving yourself or did you ever love yourself? If you have lost your one true love this mp3 will help you remember who you are and the love you can bring to yourself that no one else can. It will take you to a happy place within you and every cell as it cleanses old negative self loathing, criticising, judging, resenting energies and fills your cells and heart with love

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Release Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - MP3

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder of the heart. You have been overloaded. You don’t have to go through war to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you have been in car accidents, victim hood situations, childhood traumas, any shocking circumstance or event in your life this is the MP3 for you. It will clear every area of your field and body where you have stored this information and is keeping you from living a free life. This MP3 will help reconnect and bridge your body and your soul to the Divine Light. Get ready to clear the anxiety and your unwillingness to live as you connect to your higher self.

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Shifting from 3D to 5D - MP3

Connecting the light body with the human body and calibrating you to higher consciousness. This MP3 will shift all of your senses to the 5th Dimensional  Awakening. You will experience journeys to other Realms and Dimensions connecting to your guides using the crystalline light which will encapsule every cell in your body raising the frequency of your earthly body and connecting it to the light body and soul..

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Bridging the Conscious and Subconscious Mind - MP3

You may feel like you are always in battle with yourself. Your Mind is a powerful tool. Many of the problems(self esteem, Lack of motivation, Negative thinking, Anxiety, Psychological disorders, etc.) you face everyday is a result of the conflict of logic between your conscious and your subconscious mind. Your conscious and subscious are one but act as if they are two different entities. They both run their own show. This MP3 will bring your mind into equilibrium and clear all the negative thought patterns as it increases communication between the two minnds. Manifest your desires with this mp3.

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Cardiovascular - MP3

If you are dealing with Cardiovascular Ailments such as clogged arteries, high blood pressure, palpitations, irregular rhythm, etc. Your Heart will love these energies as this mp3 clears your Physical Heart Ailments. This mp3 will help bring more oxygen to your heart, clear atherosclerosis, lower high blood pressure, strengthen the hearts walls, arteries, capillaries, and valves.

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Clearing Viruses of the Heart - Live Group Call

Join the power of Group Healing as I connect with our body. I will energetically clear and align your energy field, all three Hearts, and Stimulate the connection of your Hearts and your Brain. You will receive an activation of the three hearts as we clear Viruses and Limiting Beliefs that keep you powerless. You will gain Clarity, Expansion, Confidence, and Joy of Life Again!!! I will guide you to release any physical and emotional blockages on all levels of your existence including past lives and parallel lives. We will conduct a group clearing and then Q and A session.

Event Title: FHJT Group Call 1
Date & Time: Monday, September 3rd at 12:30 PM Eastern
To attend this event, click here 15 minutes before the event time:

If you don't have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (206) 402-0100, and using the following conference pin: 083571#
If that number doesn't work for some reason, here is a list of alternative numbers, including international numbers:


Cord Cutting - MP3

Who’s energy are your carrying? You create energetic cords with others each day you live on earth. You create bigger, thicker cords with people that are close to you. This mp3 will help you release all the energetic threads that you are holding onto and carrying each day. Release everyone else’s energy and understand which is yours and which is theirs. Increase your vibration by keeping what is yours and releasing what is not. This mp3 will help you keep your energy field and chakras clear of all attachements past, present and future.

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Inner Expansive Peace - MP3

For so many people it is difficult to meditate. This MP3 will help you go within and find that peaceful spot that you are looking for. You will feel expansive as you connect with the peace. You will see that you no longer have to hold onto the past or be afraid of the future. This MP3 will bring you the comforts of being in your body and your life.

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