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Download Eram and Dipal's Interview

Download MP3

Package A



Retain and sustain the wellbeing of your energy fields.

Unhealed holes and tears in the energy field can have a long-term impact on a person's physical health, along with serious consequences. Holes and Tears greatly increases the risk of attachment of negative entities.

This MP3 will make the biggest difference in your overall health and well being as it repairs the holes & tears in your energy field.

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Clear psychic attacks from this lifetime and other lifetimes.

No matter how old or how new these dark energies are this MP3 will clear them as we open up the Nervous System and other channels to clear them.

Wherever these dark energies reside this MP3 will clear you and your loved ones.

Download MP3



  • Clear all Ancestral curses and black magic that sit within the cells, genes, and DNA
  • Replenish all old cells with new clean cells
  • Bring in earth energy to help replenish the new cells in your body
  • Clear all Ancestral curses and black magic that have affected your loved ones and your home as well as other spaces
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Curses, implants, entities and black magic can reside within the body systems, glands and organs.

These psychic attacks can cause problems with the body as they manipulate the frequency and vibration of the the actual body part. This can cause major illnesses and dis-eases.

The mp3 will clear all energies including residual energies and detoxify the bloodstream.

Download MP3


24/7 Protection - MP3

Energies from others and your environment can affect you and your family.

Low vibrational and dark energies can impact your health, wealth, relationships and more.

With this mp3 you’ll receive 24/7 protection from all negative/dark energies wherever you go.

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Many people hold onto psychic attacks consciously or subconsciously.

This mp3 will make you feel safe and fearless to let go of curses, blackmagic, implants and entities.

It will support you clearing emotions before, during and after letting go.

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  • 1

    Sexual Trauma and Psychic Attacks

First 30 minutes will be Group Process and Healing and the next 30 minutes will be Q and A.

Sexual trauma can be devastating causing post traumatic stress.

Are you still carrying your attackers energy?

When you have been raped, molested, or abused you have 100% potential of taking on the a very dark energy of your attacker.

He/She has left an imprint and it needs to be removed. 

This group call will help you clear that energy that is built up in your pelvic area and leave you feeling free from diseases, cancer, anxiety, depression and more.

Download MP3
  • 2

    Clearing all forms of PSYCHIC ATTACKS for you and your family

First 30 minutes will be Group Process and Healing and the next 30 minutes will be Q and A.

We all know that we aren't just affected from our own psychic attacks but our loved ones are also being affected.

It's time to clear everyone in your household so that you can finally live in harmony without being subconsciously attacked by dark energies that are holding onto your loved ones.

Download MP3
  • 3

    Closing all Portals of psychic attacks

First 30 minutes will be Group Process and Healing and the next 30 minutes will be Q and A.

Psychic attacks can enter through holes, tears and portals within and around your energy field.

This group call will address any Portals that are open for you and close them so that these psychic attacks cannot penetrate through your field and affect you anymore.

Download MP3



Healing starts as soon as you purchase the package. To start the healing say YES in your mind or out loud with your intention. If you forget do not worry Dipal's Guides will ask your higher self.

I will be clearing your space (home, office, property), entities, low vibrational energies, beliefs, resistance, doubt, and fear.

  • You’ll have more clarity and focus as you move through your days
  • I’ll clear and strengthen you mind, body and soul as you release old patterns and trauma that are holding you back.
  • Your body will learn to entrain to the energies.
  • You’ll notice the energies healing areas of your life such as health, abundance, relationships, etc.
  • Each day I will clear cords that hold you from moving forward and healing for good.

Your Daily Energy Activation will take place at 7am Eastern and 7pm Eastern you may choose to sit in silence, sleep, or tune in with me at that time if you would wish.

You do not need to do this in order to receive the full benefits of the energies. You could be working, sleeping, doing errands, etc… you will still receive the full benefits.

This activation is done remotely and does not involve live communication, so there aren’t any daily calls or daily messages.

It is important to set your intention so that you are receiving the continuous support that is flowing into your day, your home, your career, your relationships, and your health. Please do not email me your list.



Get personal access to Dipal and other group members as you go through this healing journey together.

Get support and all your questions answered to ensure you make the most out of this amazing experience.

**Limited Time Bonus**

6 Most Powerful Hara Dimension MP3s
from Quantum Reboot Package

The mp3s included in this package include everything you need for your health. You can use this alongside with your Psychic Attack Package to help you find Greater Health.

Package B

This Package Includes:

  • Everything in A Plus
  • 25 minute Personal Session with Dipal


25 minute Personal Session with Dipal

This session is a 25 minute session and we’ll connect via Phone, Web Call or Skype.

We will dive into the whole being, which means your body, soul, spirit, energy field, chakras, hara line, and mind.

I will repair all holes and tears in your field and or chakras.

My Guide team and I will be Clearing all negative and Dark energies that we find to be present.

We will be checking and clearing negative energies in and around you...

  • Those living with you including pets
  • Your home including property, banking accounts, business, car/other forms of transportation,
  • Your place of work

We can also work on any 2 issues that are unique to you.

How is it so different and unique to any other healing techniques:

  • 1

    My Guide Team and Your Guide Team come together during the Healing process to provide a safe place and healing through your entire Being.

  • 2

    My Guide Team and I Connect with Your Whole Being as One to clear the energies through light language or Toning

  • 3

    My Healing Modality works through all space, time and dimensions including parallel lives. We will clear Ancestral ties and In womb contracts.

  • 4

    You don't have to do anything, just allow and let me do the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I listen to my MP3s on silent?

You can listen to any MP3 out loud or on silence while you during your day or at night when you sleep.

Q. Can I play my MP3 on loop?

Yes you can put any of these MP3s on loop.

Q. How can I get the maximum effect from listening to these MP3s and Is there an order in which I should listen to these MP3s? And what order do I listen to them?

The best way to get the maximum benefits from your MP3s is to listen to your body. Ask your body how much is too much or how much more it would like to listen.

There is no particular order to listen to these mp3s.

Q. Can I infuse my water with the energies of the MP3s?

Yes. Play the MP3 out loud next to a jug of water each morning and drink that water throughout the day. Set your intention and then you do not need to play the MP3s all day long or on a loop.

Q. How soon will I see a difference in my body?

Remember we are working with energy of the MP3 and the energy of your body. For some people it may take longer than others to get the results you want. You may notice changes immediately or within a few months. It is your responsibity to allow and let go. Make sure your intention is clear and allow.

Q. Will anyone in my house be effected if I listen when they are around?

No they should not, but could if they are very sensitive.

Q. Can I use the MP3s for others in my home?

These are very powerful MP3s made just for you and your energy. You can set the intention however, you CAN NOT share the mp3s with others.

Q. What if my MP3 does not work?

If your MP3 does not work please contact From Heartache to Joy

Q. Will I have side effects or have any detoxing effects?

It depends on how sensitive your body is. Each person reacts to clearings differently. However, the mp3s are powerful yet gentle on the body.

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