If You Want To Look And Feel Great In Your Favorite Holiday Outfit... Then NOW is the Time to Create The MIRACLES and LOSE the Extra Weight from 2020!

If you answered Yes,
Don’t worry, It’s Not Your Fault!

You are effectively stuck and caught in an unhealthy cycle of self-perpetuating, continuous cycle of negativity which will never allow you to escape from it. YOU ARE EXPERIENCING "Dieters Fatigue" this will remain the same until you can address the root causes...you are likely to gain even the lost weight back and more.

Dipal has found a solution that will knock that weight right out of your body and change your life forever!!

Let's give your body its power back
and sculpt it the way you want it.

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Discount: 50%

Total Package Value $490

From Heartache to Joy 




Energetic Liposuction

Cutting Cords

Weight Loss Physiological

Stress Eating


Discount: 46%

Total Package Value $835

FHTJ Super Value 




Energetic Liposuction

Cutting Cords

Weight Loss Physiological

Stress Eating

Quantum Weight Loss 60 Day Remote Healing

1 Weight Loss Support Recorded Group call

One On One Session with Dipal

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Dipal Shah has helped 100's of people lose weight and keep it off. She has worked through their deepest fears, feelings, emotions, and much more. She has helped people understand who they are and get beyond their capabilites to where they can achieve not only what they are aiming for but even beyond. Dipal's gentle yet powerful and extraordinary ways of working with the body, mind and spirit is the key to her success with her clients.

66 Pounds GONE! Dress Size Down from 24 to 14!

“From 267 lbs, I’m down 66 lbs... I went from a size 24 to a size 14.”

"This experience has been phenomenal! The very first photo is myself after I had my daughter and I think she was about 9 months on this photo. I weighed 267 pounds. It was after this photo was taken that I made the decision for a better life and a better body. I began my energetic healing journey then. I truly did release a lot of weight. From then until January of this year I went from a size 24 to a size 14. I began the liposuction MP3 on March 22nd and I weighed myself at my daughter's doctor's office. I gave up the scale years ago LOL. When I weighed myself, I weighed 214 lbs.... I weighed myself yesterday and I was at exactly 201 lbs! I did use the MP3 as instructed and I also implemented putting my water near the MP3 before I drank it. This has been a complete miracle! I am so grateful I was chosen! My face has gotten slimmer and my arms are tighter as well. I mainly battled with the flab that was left over from all of my weight release. This MP3 helped me tighten up my arms and my tummy and before you know it, I will be wearing a bikini this summer! Thank you so very much for choosing me! Your work is phenomenal, Dipal and I highly recommend you to everyone!"

Tremendous Relief and my UTI and gallbladder were 75% better

"I have been battling with my weight for 14 years. I have tried every diet on the planet. I worked with a trainer, stopped drinking what I love and crave the most..my startbucks coffee and was starting to think something is wrong with me. I was desperate. I just kept putting on weight the more I tried and the harder I worked out I was getting frustrated. I even did the juice cleanse and the ACV cleanse. I ended up getting a UTI really bad and gallbladder inflamation. During my session with Dipal she has pointed out something that showed up when I was 12 years old. That was the age I was molested by my mom's boyfriend. I had deep deep sorrow that I had hidden for years until my session. I cried and cried and Dipal just listened and let me. She took the time and was so gentle with the entire process. I feel like myself again and my UTI and gallbladder were 75% better within 48 hours. I could feel the tremendous relief of the pain not only physically but mentally during our session together."

~  Kelly

“Entire body went limp, I felt like Jello..Lost 10 lbs”

"I had a few sessions with Dipal because I have been having problems with weight gain as I have started Menopause. I have really bad mid back pain that has resolved even though I have been seeing a chiropractor for years. I wasn't having another other symptoms except gaining weight with my menopause. I had gained 10 lbs in 1 month and that scared me. I was so thankful that my session with Dipal was so much sooner since she gets booked out for months sometimes. As we were working together I could feel my body just tightening. I could feel the cortisol leaving my body and all the cords that were attached to my back. Dipal also found a vector that had been there from an ex-husband. I could feel her slowly pulling it out and my entire body just went limp. I felt like jello. I couldn't believe the pain was gone and even after 3 months it has not come back. I have managed to lose the 10 lbs I gained in the last 3 months and feel great. I know there is more work but so happy to start here with Dipal.

Thank you for being the light that you are"

~  Katlyn

Amazingly Accurate Insights!
Huge Emotional Release!

"I worked with Dipal a few months ago. Dipal has a profound ability to intuitively sense, feel, and talk to the body. She sensed things going on in my life and my body that I didn't even mention to her. She knew that there was something going on with a relationship in my life and my inability to speak up. As she cleared that energy I could feel a tingling in my throat and all the energy just being lifted. I asked Dipal about another problem with my intestines and she actually could see that the descending colon was blocked. As she was working on that blocked energy I could feel the intense energy just shifting and then all of a sudden having an emotional releasing. Dipal mentioned to me that she felt pain in my stomach area. It was a sharp pain, may be even the gallbladder. I mentioned to her later that I had my gallbladder taken out. She has found in her work that most of the time organs that have been surgically removed leave an imprint in the body. Dipal dissolved the energy that had been left from my removed gallbladder. I really found working with Dipal to be nothing short of Amazing!!!"

~ Eram Saeed, Creator of From Heartache to Joy Global Telesummit

A 2017 study found that obesity now drives more early preventable deaths in the U.S. than smoking.

You have been eating right, exercising but continue gaining weight. You keeping asking yourself "What am I doing wrong?" Your unhealthy thoughts are actually causing self sabotaging weight gain due to unresolved emotions!!


>> If your weight is keeping you from persuing your life's dreams it is because you have not let go those underlying emotions.

>> If your weight is keeping you from being social it is because you have created a defense pattern that only you can break free from.

>> If you have lost weight and then start to gain it back it is because you are living in fear of "losing a part of you" which is making you gain it back. The fear alone impacts your body

>> If you have feeling of depression, anger, resentment towards your body and can't leave the house it is because you have given away your power

>> If you are afraid to lose weight because of the attention you will gain, it is not because you have lost weight, it is because it is the attention you have been craving yet don't know how to handle it.

>> If you have been dealing with weight gain ever since you were a child you been bringing the weight from your past life traumas into the present

>> If you have been dealing with weight gain after having a traumatic experience that is silent weight gain. You have implanted the trauma within your deep within each cell that only your body knows how to access.


An inch GONE from midsection in a Week!
Body Feels Lighter!

Shifting spiritually, mentally and physically

"My shifts seem to be on a more spiritual or mental level and some physical I have dropped 0.60 lbs. in 6 days and I may be on the verge of breaking a plateau/ personal "set point". My current weight is how I lived much of my beginning teenage years before packing on 36 lbs. more at my heaviest. I can gain muscle easily so I bulk up and pack on weight without difficulty. Whether fat or muscle, the number on the scale had always been degrading to my mind. I spent this week breaking that mental programming.

My termed phrase as I have envisioned myself as a contestant at a beauty pageant is "Miss Body Positive". This week has been about embracing self love and honoring/respecting the body and soul I have been blessed with. This has been a life long struggle for me, yet one I am ready to fully embody. I can feel the transformation already occurring! My body feels lighter, my face feels tighter, and my eyes are brighter. I am so ready to appreciate the person and size I was destined to be while living an active and healthy lifestyle... and I believe this mp3 you have prepared is just the resource to help me attain the mental shifts I so desire! Thank you!

Blessings to you, Dipal!"

~ Alanna

Your own personal story will be a big factor in your weight gain!!

If you are not able to face your personal story and metabolize it
then the rest of your body will physically show it.

Did you know that by being overweight you increase
your risk of other problems
, like:

  • Heart disease
  • Sleep apnea
  • Osteoarthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Low self-esteem
  • Decreased social interaction
  • Low energy levels
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Back pain
  • Decreased immunity to illness
  • Physical injury
  • High cholesterol
  • Decreased sexual desires
  • Arthritis
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Gout
  • Kidney failure
  • Fatty liver disease

No more reflux and back pain

"I am 67 years old. I have had issues with my body since I was in my 20's. I have so much weight, my knees hurt, I have heartburn and diabetes. I have also had problems with my kidneys on and off. I couldn't believe how accurate Dipal was in everything she said. I grew up with alot of anger and control in my family. I wasn't allowed to talk much and was always willing to take care of others as I was the oldest. My dad was an alcholic and I took care of him too. Dipal did some work on me to help me release cords and I cannot really describe what I saw or how I felt but there was just light as I was letting go. I could see these cords just releasing and I could feel my own freedom. I felt like I lost a piece of me but now I'm back. My reflux has gotten so much better and I don't have back ache anymore. My knees are starting to get better day by day I could tell. I feel that God has sent you to my inbox for a reason. Thank you and God bless you"

~  Debbi

I lost 40 lbs and my cravings diminished

"I have been dealing with Sciatica, lower back pain, cravings and other health issues. I had a session with Dipal and along with her weight loss MP3, eating properly, and alot of energy work I have managed to lose over 40 lbs. My cravings have also diminished."

~ Bryan

An inch GONE from waist in 3 Days!

I lost 1" from my waist and .25" from my hips in 3 days.

"I have taken weight loss products from green tea tinctures, herbal weight loss products, and even missing a meal but nothing worked.

I started attributing it to hormonal changes that I've heard about but thought that would never be be as I've been a size 4-8 at my heaviest until these last 2+ yrs..

I didn't get to use the audios everyday either due to a health scare but I'm happy with what I'm seeing after only using the program for 3 days you can see the difference I have lost 1" from my waist and .25" from my hips.

Thank you Dipal"

~ Y.F.

Here is the secret of Losing weight and keeping it off...

Get Rid of millions of Cords attached to you!!!

This program is going to help you release the weight you have so longed for by finally releasing millions of negative cords that are attached to you.

Cords are energetic threads that you create with others, places and life events. They exchange all negative and positive energies. However, your body can hold onto these negative energies making you gain weight. In this program you will not just releasing the cords from present life, but all lives including past lives.

The cords you may have rooted deep within you could be attachements to events, people, situations, soul contracts, oaths, vows, karmic ties, ancestral ties, and more from this life and many others. You need Dipal to help you clear each and every cord that is overloading your body, chakras and energy field and keeping you from achieving the weight you want.

Other Major Benefits from this program are:

My body looks completely different..Lost 20 lbs....slimmer

"I have been working with Dipal and using her mp3s. I have had issues with my self image, self confidence, and self esteem. I don't like socializing and I feel like if I leave my house everyone is looking at me. I have had a hard time due to past life and present life traumas overcoming the weight issues in my life. I was bullied when I was a kid and as an adult seem to be going through the same thing. I have been working with Dipal and I have gained more self confidence than I ever thought I would have. I have finally stepped out of my house and am proud to do so each day. I have lost 20 lbs so far, my bust looks perky, and my legs look slimmer and I know there is more work to be done. I highly recommend Dipal if anyone is looking for a wonderful, sweet, gentle and powerful healer to work with. She will leave you responsible but she will also be there holding your hand."

Not the same woman I was a year ago

"I had a session with Dipal and what an incredible gift, Dipal! I am so grateful! I can honestly say that with all of your love, healings, caring and sharing, I am not the woman I was a year ago. I look forward to a year of joy and vibrant health!

May God reward your love and kindness!"

~ Kathy

Able to Recognize myself Again

"Thank you for everything that you do. I’m very grateful and feel blessed to have come across your work. It’s been life changing. I am starting to recognize myself again but in a better way. I haven’t felt like that in too long of a time. "

~  Michelle

Not Eating as Much...Using the Treadmill..Making Progress

"On one of the group calls you put an energetic gastric band on me..but I don't feel that I am craving food that much. I found myself using our nutribullet type blender everyday and I am not eating as much. I also found myself using our treadmill for at least 20 minutes without a struggle. I feel that I am making progress in releasing my excess weight. Thank you!"

~  Liz

Anxiety Dissoved

"What I have noticed since the healing is that my anxiety about all the problems is almost dissolved. I wondered if I became apathetic or had given up but I really do believe my anxiety was dissolved. I'm looking forward to some miracles in my life and reasons to celebrate but am hanging in there. "

~  Kai

Lost 2 Dress Sizes in One Week...

"As of 23rd March 2018, my weight is 75.4kg or 166lbs, size 14-16. With 5’0”height, I was big. I also been having health issues such as asthma attack due to my weight. The first time I heard your voice in the MP3, my whole body felt like been electrocuted. I was not able to focus at all. Only after listening for a few times that I was able to immerse myself in the MP3. Sometimes I can feel that you’re pulling fat from my problem area. Sometimes I felt nothing at all but come out refresh. After a week of listening to MP3, What I noticed is My asthma is in under control and my vertigo also is gone. Yesterday when I went shopping for a new dress I realised than I’m size 12 now. On Monday I’m going back to work. I look forward to hear a positive comment from my colleagues. Thank you Dipal."

~  Hasilah

Lost 4 lbs in less than 1 week

"Dear Dipal, It has been 1 week since I received the Energetic Liposuction mp3! I have lost 4 lbs and 2 inched off my mid section. Dipal, you have done it again!! Thank you!

I did have a problem with my bowel on the second night (it was loose) and then for the next 2days it didn’t move. I feel good. I have been walking for exercise. Anyway, 😊 thank you"

~ Barb Smith

Moving Ahead Finally..Lump in my throat 50 % gone immediately

"I had my first session with Dipal. I was having this issue with a lump in my throat and postmenopausal issues. Right away I could feel the energy in my belly moving, lessening and becoming lighter. As Dipal worked on me I could feel my head moving in a way in which has been difficult in the past. Usually, there is snapping noises -All Gone! Dipal worked on my spine and I could see how in my life I was acting like a robot! Wow! That opened up a whole other chapter. Dipal then worked on my ovaries and I could see them as a lush green space that was renewed. By the end of our session the lump in my throat was lessened by at least 50%. And the area of my liver felt more freed up as she did the energetically did a liver cleanse. I felt lighter. Thanks Dipal! I look forward to other amazing sessions"

~  Amy Vasterling, Intuitive Pathfinder

Completing more tasks and daily routines..Increased sense of calm

"Since I have been listening to Dipal's MP3s there has been a noticeable level of comfort and fitting in that seemed to be lacking before and I am sure it is due to a shift in my energies. I also noticed a general feeling of increased motivation. I have some depression and have had a difficult time completing tasks and feeling motivated. Since listening to the the MP3s I have found myself completing more tasks and daily routines without any issues. Lastly, I felt a shift one day when I felt an increasing sense of calm and an inner knowing to stay present without worry or anxiety, and to let source lead."

~ Jill

>> Rapid Fat Loss at Quantum Speed <<
Your Ultimate Guide to losing weight fast and keeping it off!!


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Discount: 50%

Total Package Value $490

From Heartache to Joy 




Energetic Liposuction

Cutting Cords

Weight Loss Physiological

Stress Eating


Discount: 46%

Total Package Value $835

FHTJ Super Value 




Energetic Liposuction

Cutting Cords

Weight Loss Physiological

Stress Eating

Quantum Weight Loss 60 Day Remote Healing

1 Weight Loss Support Recorded Group call

One On One Session with Dipal

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Note: There is no substitution or replacing any MP3s you may have previously purchased from Dipal.

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Note: Due to the difference in health levels and how fast the body wants to heal is on an individual basis. There are no refunds.

Sessions are all non refundable. If you need to reschedule you may do so 24 hours before your scheduled session. Sessions offered at discounted prices and once bought by clients are nonrefundable.

Package A


Energetic Liposuction - MP3

Value: $150

Length: 14:57 Minutes

Summer is right around the corner. Its time to get into shape. You have tried all the diets and exercise plans and are getting no where. If you are looking to get your beach body this MP3 is for you. Energetic Liposuction is going to melt all the fat cells in your body. Get ready to relax and enjoy a 15 minute liposuction experience without going on special diets or to a surgeon. Release all the excess body weight and feel good in your own body agian.

  • No Swelling, No Surgery, No Inflammation, No Pain

  • Contour and Reshape your body

  • Re-Gain Empowerment

  • Rid sagging skin

  • Increase self esteem

  • Eliminate all fat cells

  • Tone and Tighten

  • Increase self confidence

  • Eliminate fat from mulitple areas at once or all over

I feel terrific!!!! and I lost 2 pounds in the first 8 hours!!!!

"The energies in this mp3 felt so perfect to me. I loved my energetic clean-up. I have been feeling so happy. During the mp3 I could see my self image could improve and I felt engaged in helping to make this happen. I loved seeing the fat cells being energetically liposuctioned out of me. I saw them floating off my body. It was a very satisfying visual. I felt positive and hopeful about weight loss for the first time in years. I have been so frustrated not knowing why I gained weight. Afterwards I noticed I feel terrific!!! I lost 2 lbs in the first 8 hours!!!!"

~ Kay S.

Like Nothing Else I have Ever Experienced

"I just wanted to leave a notice thanks to you Dipal Shah. I just completed my first session with your liposuction MP3 and I must say I am truly impressed! I have done your energetic vitamins and they are amazing but this was like nothing else I've ever experienced. I could feel the energy tool sucking the energetic fat from my body! I literally felt it and I feel lighter and I cannot wait until tomorrow! Thank you so much "

~ Marie

I lost 1 pound in a few hours of listening and didn't watch what I ate

"I lost a pound last night AND I didn’t watch what I ate last night....YES it (liposuction MP3 works) along with that it feels as though I have lost even more...I also infused my water with the MP3. IT IS EFFECTIVE!!! I have listened at least 3 times and feel like I am loosing the mid-drift that I am so embarrassed about! Thank you, Dipal!!!!"

~ Barbara S.


Cord Cutting - MP3

Value: $84

Length: 13:09 Minutes

Energetic cords can come from anywhere and anyone. You attach yourselves everyday to people and those you know and those you don't even know it. This MP3 will help you clear other peoples energies and the cords by the millions of negative energies that are holding you back from achieving your best life in all aspects of health, relationship, and abundance.

  • Clear millions of cords at once

  • Clear physical diseases and illnesses

  • Eliminate Triggers and negative thinking

  • Regain Strength

  • Increase Energy

  • Gain confidence

  • Increase Finances

  • Increase Abundance

  • Increase motivation

  • Release all Traumas

  • Clarity and improved memory

  • Lose Weight

An enlightened experience

"It was fascinating hearing what cords are. I loved that Archangel Michael was brought in to the room. My guides showed up immediately. I liked the white light a lot. My throat hurt after the cord was cut although I felt I had been working with a cord in my stomach. It was unusual yet enlightening experience."

~ Katherine S.

Pain improved and blood sugar dropped 20 points

"Thanks for your awesome love and dedication to your work and helping me to heal. My neck did feel less tender after our session. I had much less pain and improved neck ROM the next day. I felt my eyes well up at the end when you said my grandmother had come in which made me grateful and happy. My blood sugar dropped about 20 points since the start of our session."

~ Troy


Weight Loss Physiological - MP3

Value: $85

Length: 16:09 Minutes

Weight gain can be due to many factors: changes in metabolism, hormonal changes, medications or other treatments, and hereditary issues. This MP3 will help address all the issues to your physical reasons for your weight gain. It will help get you on the right path to your weight loss journey. You will look and feel lighter, energetic, and slim.

  • Rebalance digestive system

  • Strengthen liver

  • Regulate all Neurotransmitters

  • Strengthen Metabolism

  • Clear limiting beliefs

  • Balance all hormones

  • Regulate body natural metabolism

  • Eliminate Bloating

  • Increase Confidence

  • Better Sleep

Lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks..My tummy is less bloated.

"I can’t believe it, I have worked so hard at losing weight. I have tried every diet and detox and all I needed to do was listen to Dipal’s weight loss MP3. Within 2 weeks I lost 4 pounds. I have never felt so energetic and motivated. I even started working out which I had been trying to get myself motivated to do. My tummy is starting to look less bloated by the end of the day and I am able to accomplish so much more!!! Can’t thank you enough Dipal."

~ Tammy

I look at myself and I am more confident than ever and look amazing…

"I listened to this MP3 again and again. I was so tired of carrying the weight of the world and everyone else’s stuff. I never felt like I was doing enough. So when I received my MP3 I was so excited. I knew I was on my way to greater health for myself. I listen to this MP3 everyday and I also put it on loop because it helps me on so many other levels. It helps me to calm down, stabalize my mood, and my energy is great. Using this MP3 I feel like a human again. I feel I am good enough! I am worth all of this! For the first time in my entire life, I look at myself in the mirror and can say I look amazing. I find things to compliment, rather than degrade. I’m the most confident I have ever been in my life.

Thank you so much Dipal for everything. I feel like I know who I am again because of this one thing. I would recommend this MP3 to anyone who is stuck like I was. "

~ Mala


Stress Eating - MP3

Value: $85

Length: 16:31 Minutes

You no longer have to go to food when you are stressed. This MP3 will help you stay away from food when you reach for food or a drink. You will find more positive ways to help your body and reach for nutritious things that your body is asking for. Enjoy this MP3 as it goes within each cell of your body and resets all patterns within the limbic system and Nervous system .

  • Decrease Appetite

  • Eliminate risk for Illnesses

  • Eliminate overeating

  • Better overall mood

  • Increased Self respect

  • No more Guilt

  • Eliminate risk for Heart Disease

  • Decrease Anxiety

  • Increase Joy

  • Reset emotional center in brain

More relaxed, less stressed and the whole world around me calms down

"I am very stressed on a regular basis. I had a session with Dipal and WOW!! I have never felt so relaxed...I feel more relaxed, I feel less stress and I feel like the whole world around me calms down. It's as if the energy affects me, I calm down and then I start to attract calmer things towards me instead of these constant "red alert" energies. "

~ Maria

No more belly pain ...no more anxiety..no more stress eating

"As far as I remember I have always been dealing with stress eating ever since I was in college. I just don't know how to deal with my emotions especially at work as it can get very uncomfortable to where my belly starts to hurt. I used Dipal's stress eating MP3 and her gentle and loving energies worked right through my solar plexus leaving in light and pain free. I checked over the next few days as I continued to use it and realized I hadn't been reaching for cholcolate at all and my stomach wasn't hurting. A few days after that I realized I was more focused and less anxious. What a miracle. I had lived with this my whole life and with Dipal my whole life changed."

~ Anna

Most Commonly asked Questions about The Rapid Weight Loss MP3s

Q. Can I listen to my MP3s on silent?

You can listen to any MP3 out loud or on silence.

Q. Can I play my MP3 on loop?

Yes you can put any of these MP3s on loop

Q. How can I get the maximum effect from listening to these MP3s and Is there an order in which I should listen to these MP3s?

The best way to get the maximum benefits from your MP3s is to listen to your body. Ask your body how much is too much or how much more it would like to listen. Start with the cord cutting MP3, Weight Loss Physiological and then the Energetic Liposuction MP3. The Stress/Emotional Eating MP3 can be used anytime with or without the other MP3s.

Q. Can I infuse my water with the energies of the MP3s?

Yes this is a wonderful way to added benefits of the MP3. Play the MP3 out loud next to a jug of water each morning and drink that water throughout the day. Set your intention and then you do not need to play the MP3s all day long or on a loop.

Q. How soon will I see a difference in my body?

Remember we are working with energy of the MP3 and the energy of your body. For some people it may take longer than others to get the results you want. You may notice changes within 2 hours or within 3 months. Make sure your intention is clear and allow.

Q. Will anyone in my house be effected if I listen when they are around?

No they should not, but could if they are very sensitive.

Q. Can I use the MP3s for others in my home?

These are very powerful MP3s made just for you and your energy. If you would like to use the MP3s for others in the home you would need to purchase a package for them.

Q. What if my MP3 does not work?

If your MP3 does not work please write to support@fromheartachetojoy.com

Stress No More - MP3

Whether you work or not you still have daily stress. Some people can handle their stress very well but most people cannot handle it at all and gain alot of weight. Stress is a huge factor why many people gain weight, especially around the belly area. I have found that the body carries stress in different ways and different places. This MP3 will help you Clear and Strengthen the Adrenal Glands and Reset the cortisol and aldosterone levels in your body. It will balance all of your chakras and the energy field so that you can step into the world stress-less. Get ready to relieve all the stress you carry in your daily life.

Package A

Total Package Value $490

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $247


*** 50% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Note: There is no substitution or replacing any MP3s you may have previously purchased from Dipal.

Package B

This Program Includes:

  • Everything in Package A
  • Quantum Weight Loss 60 Day Remote Healing
  • 1 Weight Loss Support Recorded Group call
  • One on one session With Dipal


Quantum Weight Loss 60 Day Remote Healing

Date: January 15 to March 15

Over the next 60 days you are going to experience the most powerful and Highest Quantum Frequency clearings for weight loss. These energies will be scanning and clearing 24/7 for the next 60 days supporting you through the holidays. My Guides and I will be scanning and clearing blockages that are keeping you from achieving the weight you have been longing for.

We will be supporting you to a greater body by:

  • Clearing addictions, habits, behaviors, compulsions negative feedback loops

  • Limiting beliefs, repeating patterns, Karmic patterns, Ancestral patterns, Genetic Patterns

  • Remove Stagnant Energies

  • Rejuvenate and Recalibrate Metabolism, Hormones, Neurotransmitters

  • Upgrade the Nervous System, Digestive System, Endocrine System

  • Cut all toxic cords

  • REalign and REenergize the mental, physical and emotional bodies

  • Clear Past and Present life Traumas

  • Full body Reboot

  • Upgrade DNA and telomeres for a more Youthful body

  • Toning and Tightening

  • Energetic Liposuction

  • Clearing Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Loss, and Loneliness

  • Clearing any and all fear of letting go of the weight


1 Weight Loss Support Recorded Group call

Length: 60 Minutes

Topic: Quantum Hormone Balance

  • Reduce stress

  • Reduce toxic load

  • Support detox pathways

  • Liver cleanse

  • Rid excess estrogen

  • Reset progesterone, testosterone and estrogen levels

  • Clear and Strengthen endocrine system

  • Regulate Sleep

  • Strengthen Central Nervous System

  • Restore a healthy balance


One on one session with Dipal

Value: $245

Length: 25 Minutes

A Unique Session for Unique You!!! Welcome to your journey to your to Weight Loss.

Get ready to TRANSFORM your Body with the Powerful Profound Quantum Energies as Dipal will clear cords by the millions!!!

You will see and feel the pounds just shedding and your body reshaping and revitalizing.

Dipal will Release all the cords holding you back from achieving the body you are meant to be in and release all of the past and be more confident and motivated to move forward in life.

This session will include a powerful but gentle Trauma clearing, Cord clearing/vector clearing, and Emotional and Physical blockage Clearing designed to the needs of your body. You don't have to carry anymore weight, let's work together and release it for good!!

Reframed long-held beliefs ....I can move forward in my life

"Thank you so much for the amazing session today. I've had a lot of healing sessions over the past couple of years (and they were all very good), but the session with you today truly broke something open in me in way that I'd been seeking. You were so gentle and caring in the work and allowed the release to be gentle. I truly believe I can move forward in my life in a way I've been wanting to for some time. You have an incredible gift and were able to help me reframe some long-held beliefs that no longer serve me. I'm deeply grateful and look forward to working with you again soon!"

~ Lori

Woke up totally pain free, total flexible mobility, lots of energy, and clear headed!

"Oh My Goodness! My appointment with Dipal was incredible. First, I felt so relaxed and not intimated by some big unapproachable guru. Her presence was angelic, wise and gentle, we even shared a laugh at my funny visual. The next day I felt a detoxing of yeast in my body and a headache, so I knew to rest and drink water. For the first time in my life I felt a sense of wanting to nurture myself and put myself in my own hug and sent loving feelings into my body, instead of feeling so much fear of never being able to heal my body. The next day I had more energy and felt good, less pain. Everyday since I find myself able to observe my feelings and behaviors as I reach for sugar or don't feel like doing my gentle stretches and can go to a stronger more supportive place for myself. I listened o our session again 1 week later and the next day. I woke up totally pain free, total flexible mobility, lots of energy, and clear headed! I said this is whats possible for you everyday.....Let go and believe!!!

Thank you Dipal!"

~ Mary C.

Package B

Total Package Value $835

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $777

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $447


*** 46% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Note: There is no substitution or replacing any MP3s you may have previously purchased from Dipal.

Here Are Some More Success Stories!

“I look uniformly smaller and tighter, eating less naturally, I actually am getting full”

"Want to share with the mp3's and yesterday's call "my 1st call" clean eating for about a week I look uniformly smaller and tighter, even my mother noticed!! I'm also eating less naturally, I actually am getting full.

Thank you and love you dipal shah"

~ JEn

“My thighs don’t look like cottage cheese on the front anymore, I have lost 2 lbs since starting the lipo suction mp3s”

"I need a little help please. So the good news is I have lost 2 lbs since starting the lipo suction mp3s. My thighs don’t look like cottage cheese on the front anymore 🎉🎉😘. I have been putting my water by the player when they are going

Thank you so much!"

~  Shawn

“I lost 2 pound and 2 inches in 2 days”

"I lost 2 pound and 2 inches in 2 days. I felt really light. I was so happy. But then i got sick with flu because every one in the office was sick. With Dipal Shah advise I listened to Lymphatic mp3. It has helped me lot, AND for throat, coughing etc problem, I thought I should share what worked for me. I am also enjoying my new body..."

~ Charanjit

“I have lost 7lbs. feel lighter physically, emotionally and spiritually!! feeling more grounded”

"I know I have lost inches my clothes are looser on me as well not even a full week I have lost 7lbs. feel lighter physically, emotionally and spiritually!! feeling more grounded.!THANK YOU!!"

~  Ellenmarie

“I wore a top that was 8 sizes smaller than what I was wearing last year”

"Yesterday was a day I never really imagined. I wore a top that was 8 sizes smaller than what I was wearing last year. I bought the shirt about three weeks ago but had not yet worn it. I tried it on the day before but I couldn’t get out the door with it on. I think about how over the last twenty+ years I have worn tops slight bigger than the size I should have cause those extra inches of fabric were my security blanket. Yesterday I got the courage to wear the new top to work and felt amazing in it and it had no extra fabric and at a size I last wore from my senior year in high school until I was about 26 yrs old. My co-workers realized how much weight I had actually lost by wearing that shirt and I got some nice compliments as well as many saying I should be so proud of this accomplishment and they were so happy for me. My old boss told me it was so nice to see me not hiding behind clothes too big and she loved my outfit. Every time I passed by a mirror I just smiled to myself thinking if you can do this keep going cause one day soon I am going to hit my ultimate goal and it’s not even over another hill but on the horizon."

~ Lisa

“The weight and inches continue to shift, I was down a dress size after 5 days”

"So I was down a dress size after 5 days. The weight and inches continue to shift. I am now on my 2nd week. My appetite has changed; no emotional eating. Am only desiring fresh foods! Started juicing this morning. Joining Curves this afternoon to support my body as it continues to release the weight. I had ordered 2 pairs of pants the day I started the protocol, but have to send them back. Working toward being down another dress size with ease"

~  Lonna

“Every time I listen to the MP3, I've noticed slimming/decreased bloating, and i feel lighter”

"Just wanting to share my ongoing experience with everyone here! I purchased the new weight loss package just over a week ago as I've noticed weight gain in the past year that I believe is associated with emotions and/or stress, rather than my diet. I've started with cord cutting every day, since that feels like what my body needs most, and I interchange it with the liposuction when that feels right. I've noticed slimming/decreased bloating already, and feel lighter every time I listen. Most importantly, I'm able to detach much more quickly from stressors at work, which is helping me reallocate my time to more productive/positive activity. I'm gaining awareness about energy in my environment and its impacts on me, which I sense is very important knowledge to have. I'd welcome any input that would contribute to this understanding! My observation is that I am very sensitive to negativity around me and get easily sucked down into it -- it activates a certain negative pattern in my mind and I literally have to notice it and consciously pull myself back out. The cord cutting mp3 feels like energetic training to me -- training my body to have that kind of awareness and not allow negative energies to hold on."

~ Alexis

“Two individual sessions and must say that I feel terrific, I have given up my scale and am going by the fit of my clothes”

"I contacted Dipal to help with balancing my life, my chakras, my weight struggle and my soul purpose. I have had two individual sessions and must say that I feel terrific. My two individual sessions with Dipal have been very eye opening and peace offering.

I have given up my scale and am going by the fit of my cloths; which are getting looser each day. I feel that I am adjusting, re-adjusting and moving in a more fulfilling direction. I am releasing and giving up weight not loosing it and risking finding it again. I listen to my one on one session at least daily and feel better than I have in ages."

~  Debbie

“My 1st week and I have lost 5 pounds in 5 days which is totally awesome to me”

"I just wanted to share my experience so far. This is my 1st week and I have lost 5 pounds in 5 days which is totally awesome to me! Here is a briefing of my story...the medical doctors say I have many things going on from hypothyroid,mitral valve,sickle cell,high blood pressure,diabetes,fibro and I refuse to claim them but the body is constantly playing up with these symptoms. I have literally tried everything before this! You name it, I tried it. Menopause kicked in and I couldnt shift the belly and side fat. I am 5 ft 6ins and was weighing 200lbs even when I Ioosely bought Dipal's program from Eram. This was my 1st time hearing her but I said why not? I bought the package A on 4/3/2018 and listen it from April 4-6, skipped the weekend and went back to it on April 9th. On the evening of April 10, I weighed myself for the fun of it and BAM!!! I was not my usual 200lbs but 195! This may not seem like a lot to most, but its amazing for me because I had all the health issues stacked against me. Anyway, I am going to do this for 30 days and chart my results. I do not believe in doing any one thing forever so here goes. Cheers to All and I wish everyone all the best in releasing the weight you wish to let go of!

P.S. I honestly was loosely listening, I just sat at my work computer and listened with my headphones and did my work not paying attention or following the commands.

Infinite thanks Dipal Shah"

~ Donna

“Cut negative cords between me and my mother and removed them from various organs”

"Hi, everybody! I don’t think of myself as someone who can “see” energies, but years ago, just before being diagnosed with a serious disease, I saw my mother, who had had that disease, energetically in my body. Then again a few years later when the disease recurred. Recently I very vaguely saw her energy again—connected with another disease she got near the end of her life that I definitely want to avoid! Dipal saw immediately that my mother was definitely in my body, with lots of negative cords. So our session was about cutting negative cords between me and my mother (not positive ones!) and removing them from various organs...There were a lot of tears, as I felt fear and grief about making this necessary separation. But I felt in such good hands with Dipal in this cord-cutting process!"

~  Eileen

About Dipal Shah

Dipal Shah is an International Speaker, Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Medical Intuit. From a pharmaceutical, biochemistry, and business background, she has transformed her life from an often stressful career on a path that brought her to an awakened spiritual journey of healing. Through her journey she not only learned to heal herself, but to bring awakening and healing energy to many lives.

Her private sessions and programs touches the foundation of the body, psychological and physical levels and bring awakening and healing energy to her clients. She uses energetic technique for healing and balances every organ, gland, and system in the body. Her guidance connects to the body as a whole as she dives deep within the body to release and dissipate any emotional and physical blockages. Her mission is to help release the pain, illness, and disease that holds anyone back from discovering and achieving their true purpose in life. Her technique brings instant release of balance to her clients as this is truly her specialty.

She has helped many people of all ages including Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Business men and women, Hollywood stars, Healers, and Alternative Healing Practitioners and young infants and children and even the pets.

Her life's motto is: "Balance your body, balance your mind, and the rest will align"


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Energetic Liposuction

Cutting Cords

Weight Loss Physiological

Stress Eating

Quantum Weight Loss 60 Day Remote Healing

1 Weight Loss Support Recorded Group call

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Note: There is no substitution or replacing any MP3s you may have previously purchased from Dipal.

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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