Revealed for the First Time!

Are you ready to heal yourself and create miracles in your life but you’re searching for the ‘how to’ key that works for you?

These unique Light transmissions will unlock Your Amazing Inner Power.

Are you ready to break free into higher consciousness and experience true Radiant Health, Happiness and Success?

Debbi will show you how to connect your life to the Astonishing Power of your Light Body.

By using her ADVANCED Light Infusion products you will accelerate your Self Mastery and receive Sacred Initiations that reveal the Wisdom Secrets of the Ages.

If you’re tired of the negative energy that tags along for a ride in your life, these dynamic Light activations will clear your blocks and harmonically align you with higher vibrational thought fields.

Experience this Personal Pathway to Enlightenment from the comfort of your home…

Would you like to:

  • Permanently detach from chaos, drama and victimhood
  • Clear guilt, shame, and unworthiness from your being
  • Break free from feelings of ‘being less than’ and the inability to speak up for yourself
  • Have greater financial abundance than ever before
  • Clear money and prosperity issues
  • Manifest miracles naturally
  • Reset yourself to 100% health and blissful states of being
  • Increase your immune system function through light body attunement
  • Raise your vibrational rate into new higher levels of Joy and Personal Freedom than ever before.
  • Shift anxiety and stress to radiant calmness and trust
  • Gain true inner peace and clarity of mind
  • Embody luminous beauty and the light of your Soul
  • Live with profound feelings of unity, harmony, love and peace daily
  • Attract loving relationships into your life automatically
  • Heal the Wounded Inner Masculine and Feminine
  • Feel more radiant and youthful all the time
  • Turn back the hands of time and activate the biological fountain of youth in your cells
  • Improve your physical health and vitality through light body attunement
  • Become a Positive Thought Generator
  • Get to the heart of any health, money or love issue, to heal and resolve it quickly.
  • Activate multi-dimensional Radiant YOU through all levels including your DNA
  • Evolve beyond your past into a dynamic new FUTURE
  • When you empower your light body field, health, love and financial issues resolve themselves easily and become a thing of the past.

Wake Up and Live as an Aware Being

"Debbi is a truly gifted soul, she is aware of the oneness that all things are and enjoys guiding others to this same glorious state. If you want to feel your soul instead of just imagining it, if you want to wake up out of the illusion of this world and live as an aware being you're on the right path."

~ Marie S.

"I absolutely love, love, love all your MP3s and package as they are so brilliant and I felt so much lighter and peaceful after listening to them. Thank you very much Rev Debbi for my superbly awesome and impressive 1-1 session!!! I am extremely grateful for all the in-depth clearings and blessings you did for me that I will cherish!!! Your work is so powerful and I’m infinitely grateful for being guided to get this brilliant empowering package. This was one of the most beautiful in-depth 1-1 session I’ve ever had! I feel so lucky and grateful for this great start to 2017. I am looking forward to the future to see what transpires!"

~ Naseema

"I want to thank you for your amazing package. I am super enjoying all the activations."

~ Upaasna K.

"I am SO grateful to you for my session and my notes. Reading them has just lifted me so much higher and released my fears. Every word resonates with me and I feel like I am given the support to step into my NEW BEGINNINGS with clarity and innocence. BLESS YOU!"

~ Laila

Activate new powerful Light Mastery within you now!

These powerful sacred energy transmissions will connect you with Higher Vibrational Light Fields inviting your Soul to advance. With Harmonic light body initiations you can overcome any life difficulty because you learn to entrain with Higher Consciousness and to embody your Infinite Self. It doesn’t matter what your issue is - physical, mental, emotional or financial - these transmissions will move you into true Freedom, Joy and Self-Mastery.

This comprehensive program gives you tools that empower your self-healing and awaken new potent abilities, gifts and love within you.

A Remarkable Series for your Personal Enlightenment .

Expert Reviews

debbie-and-nadene-2-2“Where do I even begin…I’ve been asking Debbi to record her meditation transmissions for decades. She has entirely changed my life in so many ways. She is my friend, mentor and spiritual guide. Now I finally have the ability to listen to her again and again. I can take her with me wherever I go. I am forever changed by experiencing her light transmissions. After each session I always feel centered, loved and renewed like never before. I know I can have it all and every time I listen to Debbi I am reminded of this truth. These products connect me with so many insights, energies and miracles it’s hard to say which one is more profound. They all are!! I feel so loved, blessed and connected…one with everything. Thank you Debbi for always bringing me to this place. You must experience Debbi and her wonderful LOVE essence!”

~ Nadene Nystuen R.N.

M.D. Highly Recommends Her

rit“For the past decades, Debbi has acted as spiritual consultant with many of my patients, in my integrative holistic based medical practice in Sedona AZ and Scottsdale, AZ. Her loving, intelligent approach to her work has been greatly appreciated for many years. My patients love her and are very touched by her total acceptance and her wise insights into their problems. I have seen patients riddled with deep seated resentments and frustrations come out of a session with Debbi transformed and glowing with renewed confidence and love. She has an amazing ability to embrace and release the most difficult problems with a clear and gentle heart. ”

~ Tom Ritchie, M.D., Sedona Synergy Medicine

Helena Das' Testimony


“I am so grateful I received a backstage pass with Debbi Adams. I had a one on one 30 minute session with her. As I could choose a subject to work on, I chose finances and career. I lost my job earlier this year and I have been struggling a lot the last months, trying to make a living as an artist. Debbi worked on deep levels of poverty consciousness that have been following me since childhood. I felt so empowered and uplifted as she worked through these layers and I felt a shift in energy. Debbi is a very loving and wise individual to guide you through these dark areas. AND THE DAY AFTER THE SESSION I ALREADY GOT AN OFFERING FOR A PAINTING, BETTER PAID THAN EVER BEFORE AND A JOB OPPORTUNITY AS WELL! THANK YOU UNIVERSE AND THANKS A LOT DEBBI”

~ Caroline Abrams, FHTJ VIP

Here what you get in these Packages:

  • 14 Unique Transmission MP3s (Value $1540)
  • 3 Bonus Bliss Transmission Teleconferences each with a unique focus (Value $114)
  • 2 Coaching calls Recorded (Value $180)
  • 1 - 50 minute personal healing session recorded with Debbi Adams (Value $225)


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Package A

Discount : 90%

Total Package Value $846

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer


6 Unique MP3s

2 Bliss Transmissions Bonuses

1 Bonus MP3

Package B

Discount: 92%

Total Package Value $1,834

From Heartache to Joy Special offer


Include Everything in Package A Plus 7 New Unique MP3s

2 Coaching calls Recorded

1 Bliss Transmissions Bonus

Package C

Discount : 91%

Total Package Value $2,059

From Heartache to Joy Special



Include Everything in Package A & Package B

50 minute personal healing session recorded with Debbi Adams

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Tingling, Extreme Peace, Higher frequencies and Long Held Core Beliefs Shift Immediately

"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Rev. Debbi Adams after receiving a BSP from the Telesummit From Heartache To Joy. I am moving into a new phase of my life and recognized I still had some old tapes playing and had internalized some observations and experiences of other in my field which is an intuitive counselor, songwriter, and model.

Feeling that songwriting is an exercise in futility, (someone else's words), That my work as an intuitive counselor would be regarded as fortune telling, and that modeling work would not be lucrative probably not even covering my expenses.

Dr. Adams suggested immediately that we go into ceremony to release any of those thought patterns and saw me stepping on to a stage. Immediately I felt the tingling on my scalp, my shoulders, and felt the extreme peace that I experience when accessing the higher frequencies.

The thought pattern regarding songwriting was changed from an exercise in futility to an exercise in prosperity. Modeling work was viewed as lucrative and it is OK if some people do not believe that I am a Visionary. From that day forward I have no longer referred to myself as a fortune teller and haven't even had to stop myself once from doing that. It is gone! YEAH!

I took the rest of the afternoon off to process the energies and to settle a bit. I am very grateful for Dr. Rev. Debbi Adams and Eram Saeed."

Peace & Love,
~ Penelope Mercedes Lorenziano, FHTJ VIP


"I was very lucky to receive a 30 min session with Debbi Adams. After only a few minutes chatting with Debbi, she quickly pinpointed that I was carrying burdens from ancient times, some ancestral, which were impacting on my life now. I even felt the hand of my dead grandfather (just like he used to) gripping my shoulder tightly, telling me how much he relied on me!

Debbi then worked on releasing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of this baggage, which I even felt in my solar plexus. Plenty of tears released, along with seeing beautiful colors. I felt sure that I could put it all down and move on with my life, whilst being surrounded in a loving, supportive and nurturing space. Unconditional love filled me inside and out and gave me a lot of comfort and confidence knowing that I am worthy of receiving support, joy and abundance, instead of drudgery and duties.

Thank you Debbi, you have great wisdom and loving ability to get to the crux of the problem and work swiftly to resolve it, and replace with something better. You are a real blessing and I trust that others will soon benefit from your loving and laser point gifts. ♡♡ Bravo!!"

~ Jeanette Sanders, FHTJ VIP

Kimberly Valentine's Testimony

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A

Higher Vibrational Attunement - You get 6 high vibrational attunement MP3s that totally set your resonant energy field to receive higher levels of joy, love and health! Bonus - 2 Bliss Transmission Teleconference Recordings, ‘Expanding your Inner Joy’ and ‘A Journey into Oneness’. Be transformed! Be moved into living the Life of Your Dreams! Experience freedom, peace and ascended love frequencies.


Angelic Reset & Recharge – Reset yourself to
Living a Life you Love

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 15:52 min

angelwingschakrasRelax and recharge in this guided transmission that includes Instant Cellular Detox™, Realign with your Angelic Self and let Angel and 12th dimensional solar frequencies reset you to living a life you love. Release and transmute old energies. Attune your body, mind and cells with ascension consciousness and cosmic harmony. Activate blueprints for the New Earth Human. Invite your DNA to recalibrate itself to 12th dimensional solar light frequencies. Fill your car and home with these same energies.

Comments: Background music MI 528 HZ miracle Solfeggio scale assists to heal and repair DNA.

Filled with Love frequencies to advance health and longevity in the bioenergy field. Only listen to at a time you can close your eyes.

Infused with energies of angels, rose and white angelica essential oils, amethyst, rainbow quartz, selenite, angelite, celestite and rose quartz crystals.


Blue Lotus Peace Infusion – A Personal Portable Retreat

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 12:16 min

estatic-womanWould you like to heal anxiety and have a place inside you that is always peaceful and at ease? And that instantly connects you with tranquility? We weave this inner luminous peace into the heart and solar plexus energy centers to always be with you and accessible anytime. We know Life can get stressful and hectic. Here is a personal portable retreat that you can come to anytime to reset yourself to serenity. If you deal with anxiety, are prone to worry, struggle with ADD or focusing, use this MP3 to free yourself and you will be better able to cope with anything that comes your way in your everyday life.

Comments: Infused with the energies of natural peace, rose and lotus essence, sapphire blue diamond light and Archangel energies.

Background music includes 432Hz which resonates inside your body, assisting to release emotional blockages, and expand consciousness. It allows you to tune into the knowledge of the universe in a more intuitive way.


Positive Thought Generator Higher Vibrational Attunement for your Mental Body

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 15:15 min

beingdivineAlign your mind with cosmic laws and break free from personal and mass consciousness fear programming. Dream big. Your ability to receive good things opens up. Your Thought field pattern learns to stay focused on health, wealth and happiness; and in the flow of abundance and love and manifesting your soul destiny. Align with miracles, universal laws and positive expectancy. Positively rescript core beliefs on money and income to be free to create abundantly.

Comments: You can listen to this MP3 while driving a car or in the background while doing activities. It’s designed to raise your mental thought field into higher consciousness planes and to stay there automatically. It is filled with the frequencies of angels, crystals, rose and lemon essential oils and violet light and sunshine yellow. It contains two tracks both of which can be listened to while doing activities.


Luminous Beauty - Radiate Your Soul’s
Light, Wisdom & Truth

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 15:15 min

atomic-rebirth-beautifulAll the beauty there is lives inside you already. Your radiant soul light will animate and fill you with truth, wisdom, beauty and power. You will align with beauty at cellular and subcellular levels, and radiate inner and outer physical beauty. Helps to alleviate the fear of death. Brings a deeper understanding and connection with oneness. Discover your inner luminosity as you merge with the secrets of the ages. Energy in this transformational message will melt away any barriers within to experiencing your Self as the reflection of the beauty you see everywhere.

Comments: Only listen to this MP3 with eyes closed. Infused with the energies of elementals and the natural world to integrate balance and harmonize as well as 12th dimensional solar frequencies for your body temple. Filled with the energy of flowers, sun, moon, mountains stream, oceans, rainbows, shells, and sacred geometry.


Higher Love Activation – Embody Ascended Relationships

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 18:44 min

82This transmission feels like a burst of galactic-cosmic love saying to all of us, ‘Come all my children into the arms of this love - dance, sing, play and create bliss together.’

Now you will find true love fulfillment, and embody transcendent love and ascended love relationships. Cleanse past sexual history and infuse all your relationships with higher love vibrations. Expect all your relationships to come into new, higher expressions of love.

Comments: Filled with energies of higher cosmic love and galactic infinity waves and holographic fields of sacred geometry. Vibrations of compassion and ascension level frequency, emerald, rose quartz, fuchsia pink, rainbow crystalline prisms and colors beyond the human eyesight to see. Only listen to this when you can close your eyes.


Soul Star / Earth Star Nourish & Activate Your Ascended Light Body

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 17:22 min

55Charge your earth and soul star with Light fields of ascension and 12th dimensional solar frequencies. Activate and Nourish your ascended light body as your life plan unfolds with ease and grace. Your unified field becomes an empowering, shimmering fountain of light cascading all around you. Assists you to accept and integrate the heaven on earth experience (5D).

Comments: Infused with the harmonizing perfumes of jasmine, rose, neroli, joy, frankincense, sandalwood, cedar wood, ylang-ylang and myrrh. Selenite, rainbow quartz, crystalline diamond light & 12th dimensional

Bliss Transmission #1:

Radiant Joy

Value: $38

Format: MP3

Length: 49:47 min

Enhance your personal attunement with radiant bliss. Reset, activate and empower your natural joy. Your luminous body and sacred biology will become more radiant in the light of the cosmos as you refresh and purify your energy field.

Comments: A teleconference series with Debbi Adams June 5, 2016

Bliss Transmission #2:

Journey into Oneness Consciousness

Value: $38

Format: MP3

Length: 44:01 min

Be invited to transmute all that is not love into perfect love as you journey in the cosmos. Clear imprints of past trauma and accumulated karma; activate oneness consciousness and empower your natural positivity.

Comments: Teleconference series with Debbi Adams July 3, 2016


Angelic Spine Alignment

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 14:14 min

special-giftExperience an ‘angelic energetic chiropractic adjustment’ as you visualize realigning the spine, bones and joints for optimal health and harmonic attunement. Feel elongated and made a new!

Healing Light - Body Love - MP3

Value $110

Length: 9:02 min

Activate peace, love, healing and light in your body, mind and spirit. Attune with ‘loving the body, loving the self.’ Infuse your body and cells with new love and profound harmony. Embrace your body with gratitude as the vehicle for your soul. Rejuvenate the healing centers with this exquisite mind-body-spirit experience.

Comments: Infused with Rose Quartz, gold light and the blue-green energy of nature.

I just listened to the Positive Thought Generator and I loved it! It is so healing. This is like therapy but a lot better. After a week of listening, I have noticed that I do things at work a lot faster so it seems I am higher functioning now. I have more focus, easy to concentrate, I get things done quicker and I’m in the flow of things. I am also in a better mood. I’m more driven and more positive.

  • 1

    Day 1 of listening to Positive Thought Generator

    I ended up letting my insecurities get the best of me and it led to someone really close and important to me being upset with me. I was able to finally let go of insecurities I had and to not only forgive this person, but to forgive myself. I did not realize how much holding onto grudges, insecurities, and failing to forgive can make you live with a chip on your shoulder, and also make you not really see what is in front of you. I was able to step out of my comfort zone, break free from these insecurities and to forgive. It felt amazing. I felt free, like I could see and feel more, breathe more, and was more thankful for my blessings I have in my everyday life.

  • 2

    Day 3 of Positive Thought Generator

    I tried to reach out to my father because I heard he has been going through a rough time and I have been worried about him. I tried messaging him a few times in effort to meet up and have dinner with him. He responded saying not to bother him. So my immediate reaction was a very angry response because it was hard to believe my own father would talk to me this way and it was just frustrating because he has not been there for me throughout my life. But instantly I took a breath, and was able to immediately forgive him, and not let him affect the rest of my day. Yes, it is sad when parents are not there for their kids. But I know I deserve better than that and I realized that it is his loss, not mine about not being in my life. Instead, I just prayed for him, and released my anger and frustration I had towards him. I felt much better having that perspective than letting him affect my mood to anger and sadness all day.

  • 3

    Day 5 of Positive Thought Generator

    I have noticed that when unexpected incidents happen, or when things do not go my way, I react differently. My levels of frustration and anger are lower, and I respond more positively. I do not let them affect my day or overall mood throughout the day. I can say I feel calmer, and more loving, and thankful. Allison Navarro, RTC, CTRS, Recreation Therapist, Millennial

Package A

Total Package Value $846

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $87
*** 90% Saving ***

Package B

Illumination of Your Immortal Body - Becoming Ageless & Timeless - Powerful Master Initiations into the embodiment of your Higher Self

Activate greater health, wealth and happiness in you NOW! You access more power, light, love, health and energy when you plug into the higher dimensional light fields!!

Receive 7 new unique MP3s, 2 - 60 minute Coaching calls recorded and Bonus of 1 Bliss Transmissions Teleconference calls with Debbi, “Honoring the Inner Master”.

Warning: People who are prone to seizures should not listen to brainwave entrainment which are contained in four of these products.


Union of Sacred Masculine/Sacred Feminine Within

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 18:18 min

18Do you have relationship wounds or an as yet unfulfilled longing and desire for a divine partner? Help heal relationship wounds and your Heart by integrating with your inner Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies. Mystically unite with the polarity of life and the intimate dance of opposites as a divine Union takes place within you.

Comments: Infused with the energies of Synergy, Sun-Moon, Divine Union, Oneness, God-Goddess, and Magnetic Attraction.


Bringing Ascension Consciousness into The Primal Brain – Illuminating Our Instinctual Nature

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 16:18 min

hands-over-heartHelps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (calming); calms fears and anxieties, elevates body to a higher understanding and frequency. Invites clearance of ancient fears and thought forms. Reduces fear of death. Plugs you into the blueprints for the new evolutionary Whole Brain. Activates diamond cells and longevity molecules.

Comments: “I am eternally safe and cared for.”


Holy Hormones – A Sacred Gland Initiation

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 18:30 min

torus-fieldDid you know the light body works through sacred gland gateways within you? Activate ageless-timeless paradigms of wisdom, health, beauty and youthfulness within the thyroid, thymus, adrenals and more. As you become more fully illumined in your light body, your physical body integrates all these higher vibrational frequencies, and your hormones and glands begin to ”resurrect” themselves and return to a more youthful state and create a new a healthy balance.

Comments: Infused with energies of endorphins, bliss, ageless-timeless blueprints, violet flame, 12th dimensional solar light fields

ITEM 10:

Multi-layered, audibly listen to messages with subliminal and gamma binaural and music in background.

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 6:56 mins

girl-jumpingAlong with the subliminal, gamma-binaural and music you will audibly hear some of the empowering statements.

Comments: Amazing, multi-track synergy! Your brain will entrain to the music and these statements and reinforcement will be enhanced exponentially when listening to the subliminal track.

"I bought a package which contained the I AM A MIRACLE GENERATOR. I listen to it every day and I noticed that people are much friendlier to me and that I receive much more than when I didn't have it. I had a raise at work (in 8 years, it was the first time !!) and the Director even decided to upgrade my salary in a new category so that I have even more money that I ever dreamed! And when I play it at work, my coworkers are more disposed to be helpful and friendly than when I don't.... For instance, they spontaneously gave me some chocolate, a voucher for 2 persons for the movies and the list is endless....

So if I can give a piece of advice, hurry up and get the recordings as soon as you can !!!"

~ Val

ITEM 11:

Miracle Generator Subliminal with Gamma Binaural and Music

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 20:02 mins

miracle-signIncrease your miracle producing power a thousand fold. Raise yourself into a new consciousness of miracles of health, healing, abundance, and love. Broadcast the energy of miracles. Watch miracles unfold in your life.

Subliminal messages for being a miracle producing being for self and others. Messages for releasing ego and fear around miracles. It is suggested that you think or affirm one miracle you wish to manifest at the beginning of listening to this transmission each time. It could be a miracle of health, wealth or manifesting love. Then relax and receive. The more you listen the more attuned to miracles you will become!

Comments: Gamma binaural waves associated with being in the zone, increased memory, ability to process large amounts of information in a small amount of time, and high levels of happiness.

Listen to this MP3 anytime during day, play in background while you do other work. Infused with miracle consciousness blessings and empowerment, the energy of miracles, abundance, money, essence of gold, vibrant health, spirit healers, ascended miracle workers, miracle workers on our planet today.

ITEM 12:

Multi-layered, audibly listen to messages with subliminal and gamma binaural and music in background

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 15:04 mins

golden-field-with-girlAlong with the subliminal, gamma-binuaral and music you will audibly hear some of the empowering messages.

Comments: Amazing multi-track synergy! Your brain will entrain to the music and these statements and reinforcement will be enhanced exponentially when listening to the subliminal track.

ITEM 13:

Quantum Energy Field Abundance Manifestor
Subliminal with gamma binaural and music

Value: $110

Format: MP3

Length: 19:28 mins

abundanceBecome an abundance manifestor. Subliminal suggestions to clear energy blocks to receiving abundance, clear vows and oaths of poverty and release poverty consciousness. Embrace Abundance and love. Claim abundant health, love, money, prosperity, time, joy and happiness. Build abundance consciousness into your energy field. Align with the quantum energy fields of instant manifestation.

Comments: Gamma binaural waves associated with being in the zone, increased memory, ability to process large amounts of information in a small amount of time, and high levels of happiness. Infused with gold, silver, money, green stones and crystals, green light, soul fulfillment, ease of creation and quantum energy fields of manifestation, success and opulence. Energies of Abundance and Abundance deities such as Lakshmi and Ganesh.

Bliss Transmission #3:

Honoring the Inner Master – Brain Illumination

Value: $38

Format: MP3

Length: 58:26 mins

brainAdvance spiritual practices for enlightenment that will help you transcend human problems and duality consciousness. You will enter the Ascended Master Realm, experience a Brain Illumination, and empower your physical and subtle body with the light of Ascended Consciousness to embrace Self-Realization.

Comments: Teleconference with Debbi Adams August 7, 2016

ITEM 14:

2 Group Coaching Calls – 60 minutes each

Value: $180

Format: Recorded

Length: 2 Hours

First Teleconference: Healing the Wounded Inner Masculine/Feminine

Second Teleconference: Live Q & A and Group Healing sessions


"I had a fantastic backstage pass healing experience with Rev. Dr. Debbi Brown Adams. I had been affected by lots of anger issues, I was lashing out at people around me for no reason. I did always feel like I had swallowed a ball of fire, and often felt like I was spitting out fire at people, like a dragon. Dr. Debbi did the distant healing on me. With her magical soothing voice, she very slowly led me to the core of the anger in me- into my childhood emotional wounds and helped me release the root of it. The healing was very profound and after the healing, I felt much calmer. I haven’t had any outbursts since then. I thank Dr. Debbi from the bottom of my heart, I feel so relieved now, after all the healing and love energies. Thanks a Ton Dr. Debbi! You are truly gifted and blessed. I hope others too will immensely benefit from your great healing potential! "

Thanks again, with lots of gratitude,


"I am so grateful for all that you have done for me I do feel that separating our energies was very necessary... Just one day prior to the session, I had found out that a man I am deeply connected with had just moved in with somebody else. I was feeling very raw and full of sadness and grief.

Debbi showed great compassion and just acknowledged my feelings - this was very comforting and made me feel at ease with her. We then worked on separating his energies from mine, retrieved all my energy fragments from him and gave him back his.

I felt an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, I felt that the divine love relationship I was yearning for would never happen for me, that it was forever out of reach. It was grief and desperation so ancient that it seemed to stem from a past life. I even had a vision of myself living in a wild forest in deep loneliness and poverty. We worked on healing the sense of sacrifice and hopelessness and installed many empowering beliefs such as the feeling of being worthy of love and receiving love and a sense that all that I desire is indeed possible for me. During the process, I could sense how density left my cheekbones and jaw and I felt much more spacious in my chest.

I felt much lighter after the session and more grounded and centered. I had a sense that new possibilities were opening up for me. Debbi’s assistance helped me through a very difficult moment and opened me up to deeper work I did in a week-long retreat only days after our session. I am deeply grateful for her help and recommend her warmly."

With much love and gratitude,
~ Lea, FHTJ

Package B

Total Package Value $1,834

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 92% Saving ***

Package C

Mastery! Be Empowered! Experience a true shift to higher consciousness. Move yourself into manifesting easily. Actualize the life of your dreams. Learn to master life and to create with your Infinite Spirit.

A 50-minute personal healing session.

ITEM 15:

50 minute personal healing session with Debbi Adams

Value: $225

Format: Phone

Length: 50 mins

Please bring any personal issue of your choice to our session. Session can be recorded.

Package C

Total Package Value $2,059

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $177
*** 91% Saving ***



"I saw Debbi Adams for a session in August. My ankle had been swollen for months and I was feeling congestion in my lungs. Debbi started our session with messages from my suite mate who recently transitioned. Then she asked if we could take a look at my lungs and began channeling information and bringing energy to my heart and support to my entire circulatory system. I could energetically feel the shift within my body. Then she went further and balanced the elements of earth, water, air, fire, light, and space in my body. When I came out of it I had to use the bathroom immediately and she pointed to my ankles, the edema had reduced dramatically. Debbi navigates the spiritual healing world and I love that she brings in friends and family that have passed, to support my personal healing. She gets right to the source or heart of a block and transmutes it quickly. I am grateful for her deep intuitive sense and her deep connection to Divine source and her gifts."

~ Judy Richter, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master-Teacher


"I contacted Debbi about a house ‘visitor’ we had that seemed mainly focused in my daughter’s bedroom. It started when my daughter was 11. She was 12 by the time I contacted Debbi. This ‘spirit’ interfered with my daughter’s cell phone (we bought 3 new ones and always the same thing happened); rang the smoke alarm; and began to interfere with my iPad too by causing random scrolling through websites and random typing, often the letters ‘MJ’. Debbi asked me to get quiet, and explained that she only had 25 minutes and she would do the work and then connect with me by text to see what happened. Almost immediately, I felt an energy that was indescribable, that I had never felt before. I felt a pressure in my head that made my vision go blurry for a few minutes and then it released. The time flew by. I felt like I even slept for a bit. I knew things were changed because the cats came into the bedroom and they never would before. She texted me and told me she had set up an angelic matrix and that the ‘spirit’ was not malevolent, just confused and was escorted to the other side. Everything has quieted down now. Thank you Debbi."

~ Dawn W., mother and student


alaric"Reverend Debbi Adams is a saint. I began studying under her back in 2009 and have since continued meeting with her whenever I am in need of some solid counsel or healing. There are so many examples I can share where she helped me grow throughout the years, but one stands out above the rest. Back in 2012, I was pastor of a growing interfaith church and was struggling with being a confident and decisive leader during a difficult time of unrest in the community. Up to that point in my life, I had the belief drilled in my mind that “power” was a “bad word” and that it was ego-based, thus I feared fully stepping into my power to become the leader my community needed me to be. With Debbi’s assistance, she taught me the positive aspects of power and how it can be used to foster courage, strength, and above all, kindness. Years later, and with Debbi’s continued leadership training, I stand a confident man with a thriving community around me. Debbi’s teachings were invaluable to me, and today I face all my challenges with a powerful heart, never backing away out of fear or insecurity. In doing so, I have learned to conflict resolve with peace, kindness, and compassion in every area of my life. I highly recommend Rev. Debbi’s services. She is an incredible healer and mentor, providing an absolute safe space without any judgment. She is also very skilled at gently guiding our own minds back to compassion when we begin to judge ourselves and become our worst critic! For seven years Debbi Brown has been my go-to mentor in times of need. Like I mentioned above she is a saint who is well worth the monetary exchange and time spent to meet with."

~ Alaric Hutchinson, author of Living Peace and owner of Earth Spirit Center for Healing in Queen Creek, Arizona


susan"After my session with Rev. Dr. Debbi Brown Adams, I told her she is a “Doctor of Multi- Dimensional and Denominational Divinity”.

A few days later a friend read my energy and pronounced, “You have a whole new power and now you can have anything you want”.

I sensed gently pulsing angel wings when our session began. Rev. Debbi accurately identified and addressed problems I had not mentioned. My many deep yawns signaled energy shifts as she healed my mind, body, and spirit.

Rev Debbi’s divine channeled message from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Guides, was “Time to Graduate!” I have a NEW empowering SOUL CONTRACT that is kinder, softer, gentler, and loving.

I am awestruck and grateful for Rev. Debbi changing my paradigm! I believe I can now reach my highest potential. I have faith I will no longer feel as if I live inside a pinball machine, ricocheting from one tough life challenge to the next.

She released many lifetimes of trauma, and reassured me I was not designed to be an outcast. She imbued my session with deep love, acceptance, and messages about “lessons learned and wisdom gained”.

Her healing the pattern of my being “shot as the messenger” removed a huge blockage to my finishing my nonfiction book on the life challenges of a trauma survivor. My fear of retribution is replaced by a focus on who it can help.

My life’s “Help /Hassle” ratio improved! My car’s warranty paid $800 for repairs that included some parts not usually covered. The IRS cancelled $600 in fees and penalties for my late taxes. Previously IRS did not reply to my “911 Form” and their internet site did not work. My mammogram’s first set of radiographs showed a potential problem where I sensed one. But it was just a few minutes until they took and read more views, and handed me the “OK” letter.

Rev Debbi’s healing work on my Hara Line began at my Crown Chakra, with a Golden Orb of White Source Light. She addressed my chakras being “off axis” even though I did not mention my scoliosis.

I felt an ache as she opened my Third Eye for “spiritual empowerment of my Mystical Self”. Now I can have greater Life Management skills as my intuition becomes as strong as it is symbolized in my astrology chart.

At my Throat Chakra she rotated the Orb until my throat was properly aligned. I had not told her that the chiropractor said my radiographs showed cervical damage. Rev Debbi mentioned Golden Lines and Pyramids. I knew that lifetime was when the challenging pattern began.

Her channeled message was, “Feel happy. Feel joy, happiness, and laughter. You are lovable, lovable, lovable! We love you. We honor you. We see you. Life can be easier. We are in service to you. We will be with you. You will have Lightness of Being, joy, bliss, and power. You have a New Chemistry in your Brain”.

She described my Heart Chakra as fuchsia pink and emerald green, exactly the colors I use to draw heart energy. She healed in the 12th dimension. This opened Meridians, and my Liver, Stomach and other organs responded. My spine “opened and stretched like an accordion with bigger vertebrae”. (Over the years I shrank one inch). She opened an energy portal so the “historic pattern with old ideas, energy and attacks flowed out”. Now I could “stand in my truth, honor, power and be a great beacon.”

Looking at my Solar Plexus chakra in the 12th Dimension she saw it was “shattered”. Power is good and I should love mine. The old messages were wrong.

She addressed my DNA, biofield, cells, and immune function. (Research shows that trauma damages these). She healed “eons of time...letting go of sorrow and grief, and bringing love for my power and gentleness for me, the truth of who I am, feeling lovable, capable, and worthy. Bringing a Right Relationship with others and myself.” I had not told her my history of authority figures falsely accusing me of being dishonest, volatile and unreliable.

I used to say that it felt my Solar Plexus Chakra was missing. As she did deep healing, the electricity flickered for the only time during a heavy rainstorm.
Rev. Debbi explained that I had never felt safe enough to let go. But that now the arms of the Universe were holding me, and that the Divine Mother can hold and love, as a mother who never abandons or harms.

She was re-scripting, rewiring, and rewriting my story, so that I feel beautiful, totally worthy, and deserving. My Solar Plexus had Divine Restoration. It was remade, restored, rejuvenated, and empowered with truth, power and love. Any predators, human or otherwise, any hooks, or cords were absolutely commanded to release and be removed. She installed a Stop Sign, watched and controlled by Guardians, that negates anything trying to live off my energy. As she said all was 100% cleared and released, my vision suddenly brightened.

Rev Debbi also evaluated my energy and said she did not want to “push the river”, and it was the right place to stop, and set the intention that my Sacral and Root Chakras would continue the healing process at the right time. She accomplished all I described in less than 30 minutes."

~ Susan Rifkin, FHTJ VIP


"My session with Debbi was amazing. I didn't really know what to expect and was a bit nervous. The session began with a little sharing to learn what the issues were. However, as it progressed the energies started to build quite rapidly. I could feel it throughout my entire body. In fact, I had to get up and move to follow what my body and soul seemed to need. I was surprised by the intensity of the emotions, images and sensations I was experiencing. Debbi was so patient and gentle with me. She actually went over time without my awareness. I was releasing very deeply and was in a place where I felt nauseous and was in a great deal of discomfort. Debbi never rushed me or even made mention that we were over time. She just allowed the process to continue and brought me to a place of balance. I remember her placing a mirror ball around me. It felt wonderful. I had never thought of that before and it made so much sense. That was a great lesson for me. Since then I now place myself in a mirror ball instead of a shield and it works amazingly well. Another fascinating aspect was her use of an energetic STOP sign. When she placed the stop sign within me, my entire being relaxed and felt so safe. I must admit to being more balanced since then. My fears are not as pronounced and for the most part the daily stresses and interactions are not experienced as intensely. My belief is that her session guided me more closely to a place of response instead or reaction. Of course, some moments are more challenging that others, but I can certainly feel a difference. Thank you Debbi. I cannot thank you enough for this amazing opportunity to heal. Your love and patience were a welcomed gift that will be treasured."

~ Nadine from Trinidad, FHTJ


gary-niki"I had a session with Debbi that was phenomenal!! We started with a pain in my shoulder that was 7-8 on a scale of 10. I went very deep in the session and not only did we clear that pain to a 0 but a long standing block to finishing my book was cleared as well (from something that happened to me when I was 7 years old!!!) . Even my neck and my jaw released energetically. I can see the pathway to launching my book is clear now and I can’t wait to accomplish it. She did healing on my solar plexus and intestines and I feel taller and lighter already. I know amazing changes took place because I felt completely different – so good, happy and healthy. She activated me with 12th dimensional solar frequencies and that just made me feel out of this world great! You must experience her!!!"

~ Rev. Dr. Gary Nicki, Shamanic Samurai Medicine Man, Diplomat of Pastoral Science, NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist-I, Body Code & Emotion Code Healer

Son healed after medical assistance did not help/ Abundance Manifesting Abilities went Sky High/ Husband’s Addiction Healed/ Witnessed Miracles (Kimberly is sending a video testimonial too)

"The first time I was introduced to you by Dr. Ritchie, you were called into my life in an emergency situation. My son Carson was bite by a deadly spider. The hospital and doctors were not helping the situation get better. And then you walked in to the room. At first I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I can remember was handing my son over to you and asking you to make this all better. I actually had the visual of that and it must have been in a different realm. I knew nothing about energy or shamans at this time.

You placed your hands on Carson and closed your eyes, and I saw this black spirit of some sort lift out of him like smoke. And the room got brighter. He was healed. I was forever changed after that day.

I had to know more, I felt as a mother I needed to know how to heal because I couldn't rely on western medicine anymore, I had lost trust and faith.

I then started to show up at your classes, and I found myself at your door a lot. I started to learn about metaphysical science and found I was good at something which is manifesting. And with your blessings and teachings our family business became very, very successful.

Your personal hypnosis CDs have assisted me and my three children off the addiction of fast food. We won't even pull into a McDonald's parking lot.

I'm forever grateful for the support over the years you have provided, you assisted me transforming a breakdown into a breakthrough.

When literally every relationship in my life was broken, you answered my calls and helped me see my light even at times when I didn't see it in myself.

You taught me silence
You taught me truth
You taught me belief
You taught me miracles
You taught me friendship
You taught me honesty
You taught me courage
You taught me beauty
You taught me respect
You taught me honor
You taught me soul
You taught me love

Debbi and I prayed together for my husband’s addictions to be healed, and she taught me to trust and have faith and to believe the prayer will get answered. My husband’s addictions have been healed and I strongly believe it had to do with the healing prayer work Debbi initiated. Her prayers are other worldly and all encompassing. They heal.

My son Carson listened to Debbi's golf meditations before he goes to sleep and has won many tournaments since listening to her recordings. He too calls to makes appointments to visualize/pray with her before golf tournaments.

My son Zachary has personally called and had private life coaching sessions with Debbi and has earned a full tennis scholarship this year and I know it's because of the coaching. He also practices metaphysical science abundance sessions with Debbi and has started his own TEC Company at the age of 18.

My daughter has been healing her back issues with Debbi's CDs for healing. And my youngest daughter, , has been to several classes for shamanic and Reiki initiations. She uses her hands to heal. She also is a great manifester and positive person from Debbi's teachings.

Debbi has touched my life in too many ways to list, she truly is an earth angel in a human body. I've watched miracles take place and I've also experienced life-saving healings personally for myself and my loved ones as well. I highly, highly recommend Debbi for all issues, including assisting with energy healing for any health issues as well.

Your life will be blessed and transformed once you allow Debbi’s heart into your heart! "

~ Rev. Kimberly Valentine, Abundance Manifestor & Mentor, Fire Ceremony Facilitator, completed Apprenticeships: Medicine Way, Intuitive Development, Soul Mastery and Personal Mentoring


keith-walters"Debbi is a truly unique and rare combination of a divine channel that is anchored and rooted in truth, offering highly tangible solutions that can be applied anywhere and anytime. I have worked with her for the past four years, and continue to be amazed by the profound wisdom and skills that she embodies. Debbi has helped me significantly in all areas of my life….personal and business relationships, manifesting abundance, cultivating a deeper connection to everything around me, and recognizing that all of these are connected. There is no separation.

She has helped me develop my human mastery through ancient and timeless practices that today are even more imperative in our modern world. She is truly a modern shaman and mystic who helps people find clarity and connect with their soul purpose, their bigger mission. I am honored to work with Debbi, and highly recommend her to my closest friends and anyone committed to the path of higher consciousness, which ultimately leads to inner peace."

~ Keith Walters, Medicine Man and Ceremonialist


jill-lublin"Debbi is my go to person when I need to hear from the angels. She communicated with my deceased mother and brought powerful healing that allowed me to let go and feel great peace. Her meditations and channeled messages are profound, other worldly and always spot on! Goose bumps! I can’t recommend her enough. You must connect with her."

~ Jill Lublin, International speaker and author, master strategist on publicity and getting noticed.


"In our journey in life, we experience ups and downs along the way. I was fortunate to have Debbi by my side every time, when I needed the guidance and support the most. Debbi gave me peace and courage to fight through various battles and straggles. Most importantly, Debbi gave me the light, when I walked in the dark and couldn’t see my way out. There isn’t a perfect way for me to describe how thankful I am with all the efforts Debbi did and the help she gave me in the last few years. Her prayers are powerful and amazing. Debbi is a gift from God and I know, she will be for you too."

~ Jessica H., client


"Thank you!!! Our session was a powerful experience for me as we went over the rainbow where Unity, Oneness and Light exist. Our prayer healing progressed my understanding of an Enlightened Being from my intellect to my Heart/Being. The level of Light is a tangible place in my mind, a place I now know I can access anytime in striving toward the greater good. It’s a powerful, peace-filled place of all great beginnings from which I sense I AM called to work. Our time made Oneness a real place for me. Thank you for taking me by my hand to a place where I can serve the world. A wonderful sense of Gratitude."

~ Scott Erickson, MBA, CPC, Optimus


"Debbi is so pure in her energies and insights. I felt such love and compassion from her. I stopped seeing mediums years ago as I could feel the ‘offness’ of their readings. So it was quite wonderful to have a reading of such high caliber. She said so many things that were all so profound. It was all so healing and reaffirming."

~ BJM, Prescott, AZ


"I have known Debbi for 10 years. I picked up one of her cards originally at my chiropractors office and he highly recommended her. The thing that attracted me was she had an angel on her business card—I have always had a strong affinity with angels. Since I met Debbi, I have always referred to her as my Angel Lady. She is such a peaceful person and always makes me feel welcomed, relaxed, healed and loved. Before my knee replacement surgery I did a session with Debbi and my doctor could not believe how quickly I healed and how little pain I experienced. Over the years she has been a guiding force with different things that I have had going on in my life, as well as my immediate family’s lives. I feel she was instrumental in helping with the adoption process of my grandson. There were so many obstacles standing in the way and she was able to energetically clear away the hang-ups and help allow the adoption to go through smoothly. I now can boast that I have a wonderful, healthy, happy grandson to enjoy. She has also cleared health and emotional issues that have come up over the years for me and my family; just recently she was able to help release and heal some traumatic and emotional feelings that we were dealing with. She is great at helping release these emotional stresses, and I feel guarded against any new emotional pain by following her advice and repeating the affirmations that she leaves me with. I have attended one of her retreats and numerous group meeting. It was wonderful and uplifting to be with others that enjoy the wonderful healing love, light and teachings that Debbi has to offer. I truly feel that she is an Angel here on this earth."

~ Gail C., client

"Debbi launched me into the space before time and existence to a place of knowing and total unconditional love that will resonate with me from this moment forth."

~ Cindy J.


"I don’t know how to thank you properly. It was such a blessing to be able to work with you and have the release I did and that I continue to experience. I can tell you I already understand I have cleared something big and it will allow so much more of my work to flow freely into this world. With heartfelt love and kindness."

~ Eric R. client, one session


"Thank you so much for the extraordinary reading. I feel such peace and self-acceptance. It is as if I have ceased to struggle and can now allow the universe to work on my behalf. You have extraordinary insight and compassion and I feel as if my life is starting anew from this point forward. I also feel tremendous excitement about the future… it feels within reach. And yes, I do have to walk through the doors, but now at least I have a roadmap for what doors to look for."

~ Jennifer S.

A Radiant Transmitter of Light

bill"Debbi Brown is a close friend, a respected equal, an inspired servant of life, a gifted spiritual leader, a gem worth experiencing, one of God's delightful treasures, a radiant transmitter of light, a peaceful healing presence, a selfless medium of divine blessing, and someone whose loving presence will transform your person in delightful and beautiful ways."

~ Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Founder The Ultimate Human


amy1"Hi Debbie, Thank you for working with me. I am feeling much better today! Here's my testimonial. In my session with Debbi, she brought me to a place of calm and my digestions freed up while she was working with me. To my surprise I could see this large "package" of resistance inside of my head that moved down and out through my heart as I worked with her. I was very glad to be free of this energy. Thanks Debbi!"

~ Amy Vasterling, The Intuitive Pathfinder

New Prosperity & Happiness

"I was fortunate enough to get a back stage pass with Rev Debbi Adams. I had a beautiful session with her as she lovingly led me through the process to get clear in my mind what I needed to change in order to move forward. She then did a process to help affirm these things in my life for future prosperity and happiness. She was so kind and helpful during our session and I hope to work with her more in the future. Thank you so much Debbi, I truly appreciated this wonderful opportunity to connect with you!"

~ DS Davee FHTJ

Instantly Calm down, Anxiety Released, My head is clear!

"I find when I listen to this I calm down, anxiety and tension release. My head is clear. I love it!"

~ Cynthia M.

About Dr. Rev. Debbi Adams:

debbi-new-2014-busDr. Rev. Debbi Adams is a gifted soul reader, divine healer, therapeutic medium, higher consciousness coach, and heart-centered teacher who will empower you to live to your highest potential. She has helped hundreds of clients overcome physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, business, and human challenges. She has an intuitive ability to tune into and translate the wisdom of your soul. Her higher-consciousness sessions are filled with magical insight, quantum transformations, divine blessings, and sacred light transmissions and activations. You will feel like you’re talking to your angelic self, while being holistically transformed in pure love and higher cosmic attunement. Her clients experience new freedom and bliss.

She has been called a Lightworker, Earth Angel, Saint, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Midwife and enlightened by shamans, healers and her clients.

Debbi has also been called in missing persons’ cases, life and death passages, and to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned—including in difficult circumstances, such as murder. She has a doctorate of divinity, three ordinations and 20 healing certifications.


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