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Reset Reboot

Anti-Aging Program Includes:

  • 6 MP3s on Anti-Aging


Youth Elixir

  • Wrinkle Releaser
  • Stress Relief
  • Cravings Control
  • Nutritional Boost Frequencies
  • Vibrational frequencies with a "New" slimmer you!!!
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Clear Thoughts Feelings & Emotions

  • Create a positive Body image
  • Create a positive connection with food
  • Create a confident feeling in the skin that you are in.
  • Love yourself inside & out unconditionally.
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Hormone Balancer

  • Balance progesterone & Testosterone levels.
  • Past lives & ancestral DNA Clearings
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Set a New thermostat of youth hormones.
  • Toxin-Detox
  • Release hormone disrupters from the foods we eat.
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Perfect Weight

  • End food addictions
  • End binge eating, emotional & stress eating.
  • End the Plateau
  • Clear entities that contribute to weight gain.
  • Liver & Gallbladder Gut bloating.
  • Clear past lives such as issues with starvation & deprivation that keep on extra pounds
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Clear Low Vibrational Energies

  • Ground your personal power in your body.
  • Clear entites that contribute to aging.
  • Balance the (7) main chakras of the body.
  • Clear mind chatter & distraction.
  • Toxin detox- Release chemical disrupters out of our bodies from the foods we eat.
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Youthful Hair, Skin & Nails

  • Upgrade the DNA
  • Upgrade the Cells of the body.
  • Upgrade your genetic codes.
  • Boost nutritional frequencies.
  • Clear family history & Genetics.
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Discover Sound Healing - MP3

Experience the soothing Angelic sounds channeled through Dawn crystals voice...In as little as 20 minutes align yourself to your center of peace. Feel your body relax and feel stress, anxiety & worry disappear.

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