Finally, Get Physical Results In Just 1 Session… Even If Nothing Else Has Worked For You Before!

Keep Reading To See Daniel’s Amazing Results!

Just as God and Goddess create new universes, you, as a divine being, create your reality, and we are at the threshold of a brand new reality.

We are in the middle of a consciousness shift.

This is the very first time ever in the evolution of human consciousness that we are consciously experiencing such a shift.

A marvelous and fantastic new future is here to greet us.

This is also the first time that even though we are living in a three dimensional world inside of time space, we will be connected and have access to the higher dimensions and realms beyond time space.

Heaven on Earth is finally upon us.

Due to these changes, life as we used to know it is over.

Whereas in the past we were able to function with the limitations we held, that is no longer possible.

To access this grand future, we need to clear certain restrictive patterns of the past.

This video package will give you the tools to clear out those restrictive energies you carry that prevent you from accessing this glorious new future.

It also supports you to have and attain an overall happier existence.

Plus Get Long Term Relief From Pain

Get an Align The Body Session with Daniel himself from the comfort of your own home.

They help with urgent pain and minor injuries…

But more importantly, they’ll give you longevity and sustained strength in later years.

Just read all of the amazing success stories below...

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Discount: 76%

Total Package Value $803

FHTJ Super Value 



30 Minute Align The Body Session

Living the Good Life Package - 7 Videos



Discount: 66%

Total Package Value $944

FHTJ Super Value 



One Hour of any of these Sessions

Life Essence Reading

Medical Intuition

Cellular Memory Release

Psychic Surgery

Emotional Processing

Living the Good Life Package - 7 Videos

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“You Are A Powerful Healer”

"A very powerful healer that completely understood my situation, knew what to do, how to start, and had me feeling better in our first session. He’s definitely an expert, a lot more than others I’ve come across in my time. I actually feel better still and it’s been 3 weeks since our last session."

“I Highly Recommend Daniel”

"There is no one I would recommend higher than Daniel, at least not in energy healing that is. This man knows what he’s doing, even if your situation is unique. My condition was medical and I have suffered for over 20 years with constant pain. Daniel is the only person that has ever helped me for more than 24 hours. He helped so much that I can actually walk upright without wincing, something I could have only dreamed of in the past. Daniel, I recommended you to everyone I know, and this here is the very least I could do in return. God Bless."

“50% Less Pain In My Joints In One Session”

"What a powerful healer. Daniel carried more energy than I’ve ever experienced from another human being. I didn’t even have to be with him to feel it, because our first session blew me away. I went home feeling rejuvenated, happy and even excited about our next session. Not to mention 50% less pain in my joints. Simply amazing, Daniel."

“A Pain-free Body And A Clear Mind"

"I went in with considerable skepticism. Not only had I been duped by chiropractors for years, but also fell victim to medication that only made things worse. To say the least, I was very guarded when hearing about Daniel and what he does. But, 3 months later, I would not have guessed my entire life would have changed, not even close. Every chiropractor I had ever been to helped a little, but the effect wore off almost as quickly is it began. Not today, because Daniels methods helped change the way I walk, the energy I feel throughout the day, and my attitude towards life in general.Amazing what a pain-free body and clear mind can do for a person. Thank you so much Daniel, you have been a Godsend, and my family cannot praise you enough"

“Arch In Back Is Gone”

"I couldn’t believe the results from Daniels alignment sessions. In fact, I was blow away by the quickness of my results, feeling noticeably healthier and spiritually connected within the first 10 minutes of our energy session. Over the past 6 months, Daniel has helped me live completely pain-free, without an arch in my back, and much more spiritually connected with my inner-self. I cannot give him enough praise for all he has helped me accomplish, simply extraordinary. Thank you Daniel for everything."

Here’s What Others Have Experienced With Daniel:

"Magiie lost 3/4 inches off her dowager hump and lost a fold in her belly in one session. She was very overweight/obese, so this was dramatic!"

"I can feel the outside of my feet!" Phillip exclaimed after 5 minutes work running energy to his ankles and his fallen arches/flat feet."

"In 3 sessions, John's shoulder, frozen for 6 years and difficult and painful to move, unfroze!"

"Candice' neck and sternum line was off. Her head and neck tilted at an angle and offset. In a short (5 minutes) throat pull, D asked, "are you good at standing up for yourself?" "Yes" she said, and her whole chest, neck, and head straightened right out!"

"In her 2nd session, this Bahrain women with migraines felt her head move, expand, and she had a felt shift. Five months later she called about her shoulder going out and reported that since the session with D, her migraines were down to 10 percent of the original pain! They were now tolerable!" 

"In a half hour appointment, Susan's head, neck, spine, hips, joints (all out - she was a mess!), went in. 3 days later, only the coccyx remained out, and she revealed that she had broken it 13 years ago. It took only 5 minutes to put the coccyx in. Three months later, she called again because her shoulder was out and hurt. When D looked at her, everything else had remained in! In one session, the shoulder was adjusted and she felt good. She didn't need to call back."

"Hillary had banged her head and her sinuses were giving her trouble. In 45 minutes of work, her head and neck straightened out, twists disappeared in them, and her grimace was replaced by a smile."

"After lifting something, Carrie's hip went out and froze, becoming painful. She couldn't stand up from sitting position. After a half hour, she had the flexibility she needed. Also, her thyroid caused her sore throats and it had become chronic. In one minute of working on it, something "exploded" psychically from her throat and then the soreness was gone. She was clear!"

"Daniel looked at Maggie's chakras and discussed the issues of the distorted and shut down ones. She said, "you've just described my life!" A pull off the 2nd chakra released tons of old energy loads. She left with eyes luminous and energy radiant."

"I really enjoyed our session and felt that your "read" of my situation was very accurate. The emotional healing work felt like a physical healing and was very instructive." ~ Don French

"I highly recommend Daniel as a healer. If you are ready to live your life with more ease and a better appreciation of yourself let Daniel assist you. You will be glad you did." ~ S.N. Martha’s Vineyard

"Our visit was just divine. Thank you so much for the healing. You are a powerful healer. My hat is off to you." ~ D.H. North Miami

"The pain in my neck went down about 80% within an hour of our session yesterday, so that was nice. :-)" ~ Brent

"Aren't you a love and a rather insightful one at that. I so appreciate your thoughtful comments. Not only did you make me feel better, but you gave me a map as well. I am so grateful to have your support. Thank you, Daniel, for the gift of your lovely response." ~ Samantha

"Daniel is extremely gifted; he can not only see the energetic body with unprecedented precision and diagnose what is " off balance" but also successfully fix whatever is in the way in a very short manner" ~ Melanie Chokron-Innocenti

"I swear by your abilities as I have not had pain in my neck since I came to you two months ago. (I am truly amazed by the fact that I have no pain. I had pain for years.)" ~ Tina Damiani 1/2/2016

"I really noticed the effects of your healing last night when I was doing yoga. Words cannot describe the change in my perception of being in my body and I felt pleasure in doing the postures. I felt more present in my body and an aliveness when I was done and lying in savasana. This is great! If I could get out of my continual thinking and worrying, I'd feel like that all the time." ~ Marianne

"Just had another eye opening session with Daniel, he can see what other miss!! Wish I lived next door to him, try him out if you are suffering anything!!! He won’t tell you to pop pills but may tell you what you didn't expect or what you have closed your mind to." ~ Catherine Smyth

"Soni found it a hardship to get dressed. Her L5 was frozen. In 2 minutes, her L5 popped in, then hips/femur and sacrum straightened. After a half hour, she was able to walk without crutches or cane or by leaning on furniture. Insecurity was this issue - she was owed money she didn't get. After releasing insecurity and child issues about money, pull about money, she felt secure for the first time in ages. Then her sternum was out and when that popped in, the whole torso came into balance. She had heart pain with disappointment over treated uncaringly. Her throat was collapsed and head tilted (C-6 to T-2), fixed that, and realized she couldn't voice that concern (about the money owed her and the disappointment). She said, "I feel empowered again. I have hope and determination!"

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Discount: 76%

Total Package Value $803

FHTJ Super Value 



30 Minute Align The Body Session

Living the Good Life Package - 7 Videos



Discount: 66%

Total Package Value $944

FHTJ Super Value 



One Hour of any of these Sessions

Life Essence Reading

Medical Intuition

Cellular Memory Release

Psychic Surgery

Emotional Processing

Living the Good Life Package - 7 Videos

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Here are some Success Stories From People who have worked with Daniel:

“Twenty minutes after the treatment I started moving my hands and fingers and the pain in the elbows, that I got for at least six years, was gone, completely”

"I got an alignment treatment because of huge pain in my body, especially in the neck, arms, elbows and hands (I couldn't move my fingers) Twenty minutes after the treatment I started moving my hands and fingers and the pain in the elbows, that I got for at least six years, was gone, completely. My fingers were painful but that pain didn't depend on the alignment, there was a lack of lubrication in the joints and Daniel gave me some medicines for that.

Also one of my dogs got a treatment because she couldn't walk well due to a problem in her back legs. Daniel found she had a big trauma (we rescued her from a puppy mill and she was in terrible conditions) and the legs problem depended on her nervous system. Daniel took the trauma off and worked on her nervous system and also in a concussion he found in her head. He also advised about her taking some medicines, now she is walking much better and is much more lighter, speedy and "bright-eyed"(she is the family boss!) I feel blessed we could have these treatments and I am very thankful to Daniel."

~ Grace & Tiare (DiDenia), New Zealand (6/6/2016

“Daniel in one hour shifted everything for me.. … he is nothing short of amazing”

"Pls share this with everyone you know … he is nothing short of amazing.. .. He told me before we got started he should be paying me because He gets so much joy out of helping people. it almost made me cry…

Hi everyone,
I found this man on the internet when I was recovering from an illness which left me in bed practically for 2 ½ months ..
HE IS THE REAL DEAL!! I HAVE WORKED WITH SO MANY MODALITIES and healers of all kinds. SPENT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OVER 20 YEARS. MEDIATED MY BRAINS OUT. Went to silent retreats did it all… nothing helped ..To the point where I almost wished I never had wanted to become one with my truth of who I really am… Once you start you can’t turn back… until I found Daniel in one hour He shifted everything for me..

Daniel, IS THE BEST KEPT SECRET OUT THERE. and I have to share him, because what I want for me “ I would like for you too! To be happy, healthy, and just enjoy being YOU! … with money to experience whatever it is that requires money that you would like. Sky’s the limit!!!

I now have a new start to my life again… I had 2 sessions with Daniel and after the 1st one everything is shifting..

I always felt blockages around me I couldn’t explain it but couldn’t move forward no matter what I did in all aspects of my life.

I felt like such a failure and knew in my heart I had such potential.

I booked my session on Skype with Daniel and he quietly for at least 10 minutes did a complete assessment as to what was blocking me…

And then did his magic if I may?

That was 2 weeks ago … I have so many amazing opportunities showing up, personal and career… Money and opportunities as well… Fun People!

I am very happy, feel excited about my life “ I LIKE MYSELF AGAIN”… Pls if you’re stuck , and can relate to my story call Daniel !

He so kind and passionate about helping us all. Create the life you want to experience whatever that may be?“ITS IN YOU! ITS IN ALL OF US"

~ Alex K.

“In less than 30 minutes, visible signs of healing had occurred”

"My Holistic Dentist told me I was losing energy from a 10 year old scar. Daniel picked up on it. In less than 30 minutes, visible signs of healing had occurred. By the next day, the wound site was fully normalized, energetically balanced and free of all sensitivities. Daniel is the first psychic surgeon I have personally met, and I am impressed by his abilities."

~ L. Sterling, Boca Raton 

“Since working with Daniel, my hip alignment has straightened"

"I have had chronically uneven hips which have caused ongoing problems: intermittent pain, and an inability to walk or stand for long.

Also - when buying pants - I always had to adjust the length of the left leg which fell a good 1" shorter than the right.

Since working with Daniel, my hip alignment has straightened - which is allowing me to stand and walk with more ease. Also - my pant legs are EVEN!!! I’m amazed, and deeply grateful..."

~ B. Bauer

“I feel I can 'reach heights' instead of feeling stuck unable to move forward”

"I enjoyed our session although looking back I was not sure if I needed to jot down the findings for future reference. The things you identified resonated with me and I feel clearer about things now and my life is getting more balanced. I feel better, more relaxed thank you. Although I have a lot of things to figure out I so much looking forward to the future now confident it will end up the way I was meant to be whatever that means. 

"After my session with Daniel, I felt lighter and balanced. I feel I can 'reach heights' instead of feeling stuck unable to move forward. I have witnessed this shift through my dreams. All my life any dream I had about a journey would get me know where. I would either be faced with obstacles in the way or the climbing would be too steep that I could never reach the top, now I get to where I intend to go, and even though there would still obstacles I now overcome somehow. The exciting part was how Daniel was spot on during the session it gave me a sense of relief to be able to at least know why my life was the way it was. Pheew!! Now I can relax and do what I need to do to improve things in my life instead of feeling helpless all the time. Thank you Daniel for giving me back myself. I am so looking forward to working with you some more in the future"

~ VicMkayizzi (6/23/2015)

“I had a little 'dry spell' with my work as a professional artist but after the healing session with Daniel I have had more work than I have had in ages”

"It was a pleasure working with Daniel the Healer! He reminded me about loving myself which I had almost forgotten how to do during a stressful time in my life. I have been working with Lazaris and other 'self help' resources for decades. Then Daniel helped me clear enough remaining blocks so that I COULD love myself again. I had a little 'dry spell' with my work as a professional artist but after the healing session with Daniel I have had more work than I have had in ages."

~ Rae McCarson (8/5/2015)

“Working with Daniel was probably my best ever self-improvement investment"

"After practicing day trading for over 3-4 years part time, I was never able to trade 4 days in a row profitably. Quite often I would lose as much on the 4th day as I had made in the previous 3 days. I had been about 50% profitable for over the last year without much improvement. Then a day trader friend strongly suggested that my problem was emotional in nature, and that I consult with Daniel. Finally, after a couple of months of procrastination and continued losing in my trading, I contacted Daniel. I told him about my challenges, and what I thought my problems were. Then Daniel did his own reading and found out what was really holding me back. His assessment of my real issues was so accurate on that I was a little freaked out. Was it a lucky guess? During the first session I could feel an emotional difference, but I thought maybe I was projecting the emotion of hope, or could it be the placebo effect? After my first session with Daniel I started to do things that I had been putting off. The first thing I did was to read The Map, B. Lonnsburry (not a trading book), and I got clear about what I want from life. By the time of my second session with Daniel, I had profitably traded 5 consecutive days in a row 🙂 Clearly, the first session had been very effective, and not the placebo effect. By the time I had completed my 3rd hour with Daniel I had profitably day traded 13 of the previous 17 days, and my losing days were no bigger than my winning days. Working with Daniel was probably my best ever self improvement investment, and that is saying a lot; because I have been reading self help books for the past 30 years"

~ Mike N. (Nopper 10/2/2015)

“After our session, my body felt straighter and lighter"

"After our session, my body felt straighter and lighter. I slept heavily last night which is a really good thing. I feel the most difference in the middle and top of my back which feels much more aligned. That makes me feel more "stable" for want of a better word!

I also feel more expanded energetically. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it feels like my energy field is lighter and stronger.

Thank you again"

~ Ailsa (Carrick 6/30/2018)

“Literally overnight, my sensitivity went down by about 90%, which by itself was life-changing”

"Working with Daniel was a tremendous leap forward in my healing process. I initially consulted him about a severe gluten sensitivity that a dietitian had been helping me with for several years. In our first session, he identified that my gluten problem was energetic, rather than physical, and he did some work on it. Literally overnight, my sensitivity went down by about 90%, which by itself was life-changing. Over the course of a couple more sessions, he cleared some more things up and told me how to keep healing a few other things myself. I highly recommend Daniel for energy healing and I won't hesitate to work with him again as needed!

Have a great week, and thanks again!"

~ Wendy (Limbert 10/6/2015)

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Discount: 76%

Total Package Value $803

FHTJ Super Value 



30 Minute Align The Body Session

Living the Good Life Package - 7 Videos



Discount: 66%

Total Package Value $944

FHTJ Super Value 



One Hour of any of these Sessions

Life Essence Reading

Medical Intuition

Cellular Memory Release

Psychic Surgery

Emotional Processing

Living the Good Life Package - 7 Videos

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2 Payment plan for Package B available at checkout

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Unsure of which package is best suited for you? Book a call with Janie to help you with it

Package A

Living the Good Life Package


7 videos

Working with Your Spirit Helpers

Probably the most important and fastest way to grow spiritually is to have a living and breathing relationship with you Higher Self. And the best way to get there is to start communication with your Spirit Helpers. This video explains who they are, how to connect with them, and how they can benefit you. It also explains what attitude for you to hold towards them, and that as a divine being you are given this extraordinary gift of their unconditional support.

The Valued Self

When you value yourself, value will magically come to you. Valuing yourself is an attractant for good fortunes. The valued self is the product of seven components: Self-awareness, self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, self-respect and self-realization. This video will explain all seven components, and how to attain them. For the valued self to make a difference in your life, you must pretty much be resolved in all seven areas. In years and years of working with my clients I have found that women especially have a difficult time with self-esteem. They were not given the secret of how to gain it. Learn how to value yourself and reap the rewards that come along with that.

Healing Your Past

As human beings in this physical reality we function on four different levels simultaneously: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. For you to have a happy life you need to heal any unresolved issues of the past on all four levels. This video is designed specifically to deal with any unresolved emotional issues. You see, early in life we experience all kinds of traumas that we don’t have to capacity yet to heal and resolve. Our best way to cope with it is to bury them in our subconscious and unconscious minds. However, if you have an emotionally unresolved issue, that issue will bleed through into your present and diminish the quality of your life. This video presents a very simple and elegant way to finally be done with all those interferences, so that you can experience happiness and joy 24/7.

Your Inner Voices

Your mind talk goes on all the time. Even though it all sounds alike, there are many different voices and identities that talk to you. Some mean well and some don’t. It is important that you identify which voice is who, so that you can eliminate those that are harmful to you. Learn to identify each voice and how to get rid of the negative ones.

Secrets of Happy Relationships

Many relationships are doing poorly. A couple stays together but the spark has gone. You tolerate each other, mostly because you want to avoid the hassle of the separation or you do it for the children. You see, society is programmed for relationship failure. Between the “Man Code” and the “Good Girl Training” you simply don’t know how it is supposed to all work out. This video explains in depth why it is so, and follows that with several tips and tricks to overcome these obstacles, so that you can have magnificent and loving relationships.

Safe Venting

I consider this to be the most valuable tool in this package. Most of us have suppressed anger that you “swallowed” in your past. It is probably the most damaging aspect in people’s lives. If you cannot get it off your chest, it will fester within you. Eventually it will eat you up from the inside, just like cancer, and it is the most prevalent energetic cause for getting cancer. But what are you to do? Expressing it is a major no-no in our society. Enter “Safe Venting!” It is a complete system of being able to get anything off your chest without harming yourself or any other party. If you seriously go through this, your life will be completely different – more magical and with more ease. People will respond to you differently and most of your hassles you currently experience will simply vanish. This is especially helpful if you have any of these situations: being depressed or manic depressive, if you suffer from worry or guilt, if you have ADD or ADHD, if you are compulsive or obsessive compulsive, if you have thoughts of revenge, or if you have been traumatized or hurt in the past.

Conversations with Your Body

You are not your body. You have a body and together you work as a team. You mostly provide the intelligence and your body takes you around to where you want to go. Please treat your body well. Even though you provide most of the intelligence to your team, your Body is quite a smart organism. It senses energies and knows when something works well or is defective. This video will teach you methods on how to communicate with your body and what kind of conversations to have so that you can be healthier and have more vitality.


A half hour Align The Body with Daniel the Healer

Proper body alignment is absolutely essential to a mind and body alliance. Without it, our bones deteriorate and become disfigured, and our muscles and joints nag us with pain. Normal activity and wear and tear stiffens bones, joints and muscles, something that is extremely damaging if not properly cared for. One of the common side effects is a decrease in mobility, which often makes everyday activities seem draining.

And then there are injuries, simple damage from imbalanced walking, falling down, hitting one’s head, over-exercising, or using the wrong trainer or yoga teacher. When you need help, you don’t want to wait days in pain, or traveling somewhere to get worked on.

Relief is Available Right Away

Now you can get relief from the comfort of your own home. AlignTheBody Sessions can pull your structure back into alignment and out of pain fast, with Daniel the Healer looking at you over Skype or other video connection! The healing and alignment is done with his amazing gaze!

Long Term Relief along with Greater Wellbeing

AlignTheBody sessions relief is not just for urgent pain and minor injury, but for long term health and wellbeing. Think longevity and sustained strength in older years. We all want that, yes? To experience a more in-tune body, one that is fully aligned and spiritually happy, you must look beyond the ordinary and Daniel has this for you.

AlignTheBody sessions do much more than just align your spine and joints. They also empower your mind, strengthen your body, and create an uplifting and enlightening sensation throughout your entire being. This translates into greater success and health! So don’t postpone having a strong and healthy body alignment. When you contact Daniel, you can set up a session face to face in Encino, California, or by using a video connection from and to anywhere in the world.

About your session

AlignTheBody sessions are short encounters that you can schedule at your convenience for a single time or better yet, on a regular basis, to develop and strengthen your comfort over time. The initial session is 30 minutes. Follow-up AlignTheBody sessions (highly recommended) are 15 minutes.

People ask about how many sessions that they will need to feel good and strong and balanced. This depends on your current level of discomfort, your reception to Daniel’s advice and techniques, and your willingness to become healthier, happier, and more productive. Sessions are short, so that repeated sessions can show steady improvement without overworking your bones and ligaments with fast changes.

Eliminate the pain, aches, and frustration you feel from stiffness, low energy, and mental fatigue by using Daniel’s revolutionary alignment techniques to heal and rejuvenate from within.

Daniel’s gaze aligns you with Love. Amaze your body with the pampering it’s been waiting for!

“Big shift! Different perception and different reactions to situations”

"I have been thinking about you and wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the work we did together!I'm finally overcoming the biggest traumas, after trying so many things!

Big shift! Different perception and different reactions to situations. I'm relieved and extremely grateful!"

~ Joelle Claret Sta Monica CA

“Feels like I witnessed a 'MIRACLE'”

"Hey-there, Daniel. Sending you some righteous "THANKS" -as my shoulder feels absolutely "GOLDEN.. Oh, feels like I witnessed a 'MIRACLE'...And I am so excited to get to play in the QT "magic" MYSELF -&to be able to share that gift with people. I am just, I am "beyond thanks", to you, Daniel. I gained so much from the session, our conversations, and the awareness created in my energy-field(slash)lower-back. -Hahahah.~has served me INFINITELY in my life...ALREADYYYY!~ The new hip alignment has also allowed me to 'breathe-better'...feel freer...&even the 'yoga-practice' has improved from the adjustments!!!!!!!!!!!!~ And, Daniel - I wish you all that "LOVE"-&-"LIGHT" in return...looks like you've already got it...but there is plenty of HAPPYNESS-JOY-&PEACE fused in there TOO!~ So, again-"I-thank-you"

“My foot immediately felt better, and within a day or so, the soreness went away completely”

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Daniel’s Body Alignment Technique via Skype.
The outside of my right foot had been bothering me for the better part of a week and it felt like that foot needed an adjustment. Daniel confirmed that my right foot was out of its proper position and used his healing modality to bring it back into proper alignment.

My foot immediately felt better, and within a day or so, the soreness went away completely. Daniel was able to do this without any physical contact by energetically tapping into the quantum field and instructing my body to move into its natural harmonious state.

If you have any skeletal structural problems with your body, I suggest you give Daniel a call. He may be just what the doctor ordered...

To your Health"

~ Samuel


"I just want to thank you for the time you took to work with me and the advice as well as tips you shared with me during our session together. There is less pain in my lower back and I am sure that it will only keep getting better as time goes on. As we left, I realized that you took more time with me than what we were scheduled for the treatments/sessions, we went about an hour over both sessions and it is greatly appreciated as well as your time. Everything you said was real interesting, I have begun grounding myself several times a day and have been sending little love bubbles here and there even to complete strangers, and you as well.

Thanks for you friendship"

~ Jacob

“Experienced some remarkable healings and insights into my releasing blockages in my life around my physical body and primary relationships”

"I have had experienced some remarkable healings and insights into my releasing blockages in my life around my physical body and primary relationships. Daniel has consistently and lovingly guided me beyond my comfort zone into new and wonderful possibilities. He is quite an exceptional healer, both energetically/emotionally; as well as integrating understanding with our physical mind. Daniel works with some of the most powerful healing guides I have encountered. I don’t often recommend teacher/healers, but I felt Daniel’s gifts are worth sharing with my community."

~ Kirby

“Your work is outstanding. People should call you Doctor"

"Thank you so much for the healing the other day. The pain is gone! 😉Your work is outstanding. I really saw what you were doing. I had never seen such a process!|People should call you Doctor!|
Very happy to know so great people on Earth!
See you soon,
Many Blessings to you and Ginger,"

~ John

“Daniel can usually fix you up in one session”

"My visit with Daniel was nothing short of amazing. He could gather a ton of information about my physical and emotional body, aches, pains and past trauma, just by looking at me. Even though Daniel can usually fix you up in one session, I needed to see him on two different occasions since I had physical as well as emotional areas that needed attention, and he doesn't cut corners. He had my personality pretty much pegged. On the first visit, he told me my diaphragm needed a good cry. I really had no idea what he meant, but that weekend, out of absolutely nowhere, I started sobbing. It was a very positive cry, (I guess that's what he meant by "good cry"), and when I went to see him on my second visit, he took one look at me and said, "Oh! You cried it out! I don't see it anymore." It was pretty astounding that he could see that without me mentioning a thing about it. After my visit, I felt lighter, happier, more accepting of myself, and more aware of the areas I needed to work on. Daniel is extremely intuitive and kind... just being in his presence made me feel more at ease, as if I knew deep down I could trust him enough to let him inside my head and into painful places I often don't even allow myself access to. Along with helping me out of a bad place emotionally, Daniel's work also eased my physical pain symptoms. Who knows how he does it, but it was worth every penny and I know I'll be back when I need some spring cleaning. thank you for an amazing session today.
i am very grateful to have found you. "

~ Audrey (denson)

Package A

Total Package Value $803

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $189

*** 76% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

This Package Include:

  • Includes Live Your Good Life Package of 7 Videos Plus
  • A one Hour Life Essence Reading or any other one-hour session that is available with Daniel the Healer


One Hour One on with Daniel on any of these Sessions

Life Essence Reading:

The Life Essence Reading (LER) is an assessment of the state in your Spiritual Development.

You are mostly ENERGY. Everything is ENERGY. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Your essence and over half of who you are in this life lies in your ENERGY FIELD. If your energies are not flowing correctly, your life is in disarray.

Just think about your heart space when you love someone. That is NOT physical, that is ENERGY!

Here is what I look at during YOUR LER:

I look at over 80 different criteria in your energy filed such as:

  • The overall impression
  • The condition of your aura and its boundaries
  • The functioning of 8 of your chakras and the chamber behind your heart where you connect to your Soul
  • Whether you are grounded to Earth Energy and connected to the Your Personal Life Force
  • Whether you have support – your connection to any helpers, spirit guides or guardian angels
  • Whether your energy is being drained by attachments or cords to other people or entities
  • Whether you have energetic burdens or are pushed to perfection
  • Whether you are being sabotaged by external curses, attachments, cords and/or contracts
  • Learn about your relationship with your passion, your guardian helpers, your Soul and your Valued Self
  • And many more

Psychic Surgery

You function on four different levels, the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. The spiritual level holds your energy field. Over half of all that you are here in this physical reality is contained in your energy field.

Unfortunately we are not trained to keep our energies clear and clean and as a result of this may things can get skewed with them. Once your energies are poorly aligned and un-balanced, your life can get messed up.

I use Psychic Surgery to:

  • Remove energy blocks, old burdens, attachments, curses, weapons and chords
  • Rebalance and fix your energies, aura and chakras
  • Reconnect you to your ground (Earth energy) and Life Force
  • Expand your energy field
  • Remove any external sabotage
  • Remove armor
  • Close off negative influences
  • And fix many more situations that need attention

Cellular Memory Release

You have somewhere between 50 and 100 trillion cells in your body. Just like you have a brain, each cell has a nucleus that directs what is going on in the cell. If you experience an injury, an accident or traumatic pain either physical or emotional, then the cell remembers.

In your mind you may be over the circumstance, but your cells may still be freaking out, holding on to the memory in panic and bracing for the next similar occurrence.

All that energy that is being spent in the cell takes away from normal functioning.

For cellular memory release I use a modality called MariEl.

Just like Reiki, MairEl is an angelic force. I went through an attunement process to connect with it. MariEl is a group of angels that come together and help with the release on a cellular level.

The image on the right is a graphic representation of the MariEl force.

Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition is the use of extra sensory perception to scan your body’s organs and systems for how well they function. This is best in situations where no one can figure out what is really wrong with you such as when you go from one specialist to another and also have many tests done, and no one can figure out a diagnosis for you.

Package B

Total Package Value $944

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $319

*** 66% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

“I have shed layers and layers of my old self, allowing the real me to shine through, and to feel infinitely lighter and brighter”

"I just wanted to let you know that with the help of your sessions, I have shed layers and layers of my old self, allowing the real me to shine through, and to feel infinitely lighter and brighter. It occurred to me that what people actually respond to in others is their energetic field or aura. Thus, when one's field is full of dark clouds, debris or holes, others are repelled by this mess and do not want to be in our presence. I witnessed this when the light went out in me. During this time, I literally avoided being in public as much as possible. Moreover, I could no longer teach on campus because I did not have enough light to share with my students because it was being siphoned off by the energetic vampires on campus. Since I've been working with you, however, and doing the exercises you have given me, combined with chakra clearing work on my own, people are once again stopping me on the street to share my light. I can feel the figure eight flow of energy flowing out from me and them sending it back to me in a mutual exchange of positive energy. It is a beautiful thing to behold. Thank you."

~ Parthenia Onassis Grant
April 5, 2014

“The effectiveness of your work is certainly among the best.”

"I have gone from a bit of a skeptic - to being grateful for your work and your gift(s).

You definitely know how to "manage" energy and do so in ways that can "clear" certain "Things" quite easily. I have experienced a lot of 'work' from many healers over 20 + years. The effectiveness of your work is certainly among the best.

The major effect for me was the increased feeling of "ease" - Ease with life and easy of being in a body in this incarnation. Less angst - less stress - less anger. I was not really aware that I was carrying so much of that crap until after your work.

It always amazes me how much we dumb ourselves down and numb ourselves out not realizing the effect we have on ourselves until we get a healing that shifts some "stuff" so that we end up feeling better about ourselves and everything else.

Another example of us being our own worst enemy. You have helped me find the path to being my own best friend. Lord knows I need all the help I can get.

My breathing has even gotten deeper and easier - a sure sign that the effects of your work carry right on down to where the rubber meets the road - in the physical world.

Thank you for the opportunity to thank you for being such a gentle and quiet giant among men on this crazy planet.

The world needs more like you"

~ Namaste, Ken

“The energy shift was dramatic”

"Russell is feeling GREAT. his sore throat and ears pretty much healed up right away after the session on Saturday afternoon! and the energy shift was dramatic -- he was feeling so low and depleted prior to the session and as soon as we were done, he hopped on his mountain bike and was gone for a 2 hour ride in the woods, coming home sweaty and happy as a clam. he has felt great ever since and he wants me to pass on to you that he thinks the whole experience was AMAZING.

i think also he was dramatically empowered upon expressing that anger that was stuffed in there. we were saying the test would be when he next ran into the vice principal -- which was today -- and he just told me he felt no charge on it at all.

so thanks again Daniel for helping Russell (and by proxy, all of us) with this - he learned some pretty valuable lessons about emotions and healing thanks to you. It does take a whole village to raise a child...and we are very happy you are in ours.

thanks again - big hugs from us all"

~ Shauna, John + Russell

"I wanted to drop you a wee note regarding Russell's improvement over the past week since his bike accident and your help easing him thru that time. he has been doing really well -- as you say, he is QUITE resilient!! -- and although there is a bunch of things that are still hard to do (like doing up the buttons on a shirt or writing), he is managing quite well. He has taken NO Advil since your session - the pain virtually disappeared and even if there was a very little bit, he sloughed it off. we don't get the first cast off (right hand, possible fracture) till next Tuesday, and we are hoping they will find no calcification when they x-ray it, giving him the green light on using it. the left hand (broken thumb) seems to be doing well also - they will look at that at the same time and while they suggested the splint would be on for a month, Russell is saying it will be off before then. he VERY much liked your suggestion about how the australian aborigines regard bone healing - that really turned his head around! he said he didn't think he could get to the place where he believed it would take only 3 days, but the mere suggestion of it really opened a window of thinking about beliefs in general for him -- and he DOES believe it can take a lot less time than the doctors suggested. so - all good!

thanks again Daniel for being part of our 'whole village to raise one child' - always so grateful and appreciative for your help."

~ Shauna, John and of course, Russell!

“Right after we finished the first session, I felt instant relief from the pain I was feeling in my toe joint”

"I felt instant relief from the pain I was feeling in my toe joint, right after we finished the first session. After that, I had a few little instances of pain in the next two or three following weeks, but as they came they went. The bone spur has been now 95% absorbed by the main bone, or disappeared, whatever. I have visualized the spur gone, by massaging it in my minds eye, as you suggested. It's a beautiful thing how we can command improvements to our body! Same thing about that groin pain (ligament/joint?). Actually, that one still comes and goes, but... as it goes I am not too concerned anymore. 

The side pain, coming from my diaphragm being out as you said, persisted for one week or so still after the last session, but it's gone now.

I understand that energy healing to work must count not only on the healer's spiritual development/connection, but also on the client's belief, confidence, and openness. However, much of the client's confidence is sustained by the healer's approach, his knowledge and experience, and his style. As for my results, immediate or not, they certainly came from that blend.

Overall, I want to tell you that you helped me a lot, both with body alignment and by providing me some useful insight. I will certainly recommend Daniel the Healer to anyone in need.
Thank you, Daniel! 🙂

All the best"

~ Rosangela Taylor

“Blew my mind with some of the things you picked up about me."

"It was a pleasure working with you as well. You pretty much kind of pleasantly blew my mind with some of the things you picked up about me.

It has been over 24 hours now. I'm feeling a bit lighter and I'm feeling straighter. The tightness and pain in my left hip has lifted only slightly, it is still there and still hurts through the buttocks and down the leg. Could be because I spent the day with my mother. 😉

Seems to me all you offer is what I need. I am also aware that it can take time to resolve or heal some deep emotional problems. 

Anyway, I thank you! And I look forward to working with you.. It is time for me to heal!"

~ Emily

“I haven't had ANY of the "digestive issues”

"I want you to know how good I've been feeling this past week. After my 2nd session with you last Tuesday I can say I haven't had ANY of the "digestive issues" return! Even though I was challenged with my little dogs health problems this past week - All Is Well! (for both of us) I look forward to another healing session with you in 2 weeks. Much appreciation and gratitude "

~ Cat

“Daniel helped to seal up my aura which was leaking most of my energy.”

"In my very first session with Daniel he helped to seal up my aura which was leaking most of my energy. This changed my life dramatically as I now have the energy to do all the stuff that I wanted to do instead of taking naps every day or being too tired to go out. I have since made many wonderful changes in my life and met many new people. I feel blessed that such a simple thing made such a huge impact."

~ Mick Fagre

“I now feel very light and "expanded””

"The session with Daniel opened my eyes to see and understand what was happening and what to do to get out of "being stuck". 

Thank you, Daniel, for the session. I now feel very light and "expanded". Having clarity on anything is very important because the solution to the challenge reveals itself in the process. That's what I teach and help my clients with and I got that from Daniel. 

The exercise you suggested is now part of my daily routine. I look forward to working with you again and sending you new clients."

~ T. O. Germany
(Tayo Okunola, 4/29/2015)

“Faith even stronger.. he knows he will walk again"

"You did a Skype session for me that I feel I really benefited from. I told my fiancé Angelo all about you and the session. I told him to contact you to help his brother Hassan Mohammed who is paralyzed from a broken c4 & c3 in his neck.

I wanted to thank you. It has really helped him. He's always had more faith than the Doctors about his prognosis, but after the session with you, his faith is even stronger and he knows he will walk again. 

Thank you Daniel."

“Daniel, The Miracle Worker”

"I have noticed that I walk more easily since the skeletal alignment.
I can turn my neck to the sides more easily and more smoothly than before.
I feel it would be hard for my hips to go out again.

My spine gets less tired standing up or sitting down than before.It is easier to hold my head up And I think I can sleep better at night. I think I have more energy during the day.
Thank you very much."

~ Joseph

“Thank you so much for a most wonderful, enlightening and healing session!!"

"I wanted to tell you that I have been filling myself up with light before going into audition rooms and it has been helping a lot.

I am seeing differences with the way people in the audition room and the wait room treat me. They gravitate towards me and they are really super nice.

Also, I did want to tell you that the green candle money spell is amazing!
I started it on Monday 3 days ago and wow, it’s been affective for me right away. I started seeing results on Tuesday the day after I began the spell. Again, two people have sent me job opportunities via email and two people in person. I will update you on these situations as it unfolds.

Thank you so much Daniel for your guidance and support!"

~ Lulu Anderson 5/21/2015

“My shoulders were visibly crooked when I went in and visibly straightened when I left”

"I had no idea what to expect when I went to see Daniel, but was tired of having my chiropractor (NUCCA) adjustment slip out, so thought I'd try something different. I couldn't be happier that I did! My shoulders were visibly crooked when I went in and visibly straightened when I left. It still amazes me that all it took was one visit. As someone who has only had a limited experience with energy work, I couldn't tell you how it works, but I can now say without hesitation that it does. Daniel was professional, friendly and down-to-earth. Overall, it was a great experience!

Thanks so much!"

~ Rebecca (Franko 8/22/2015)

“Instead of being repelled by me I am now completely hooked on myself"

"I came to Daniel the Healer in great distress. Even though I had been practicing energy healing for years now, I still had this difficulty in creating the life I wanted. There always seemed to be something holding me back and it felt so unnatural. This was devastating to me because how I felt, and what I knew myself to be, were completely disconnected. Daniel helped me get on the road to move forward. With his healing ability, he helped me clear the dis-empowering energy that kept me in a prison. He gave me tools to release rage, anger and helplessness. His tact and no nonsense approach woke me up and gave me a new slate to create my life. I feel free, empowered and fully supported by the universe. I am grateful for Daniel and I know my road is not without my commitment to my growth and understanding of who I really am. Instead of being repelled by me I am now completely hooked on myself."

~ Amy (Roth, 10/14/2015)

“I know how to take care of myself first without feeling bad or guilty anymore”

"Thank you Daniel very much for providing me with such a profound transformation after just 2 sessions. I never knew that I had trauma in my childhood that carry over until now in my energy field. Whenever I think about incidents that happened years ago, it was like a distant movie. I did not really feel anything and have any emotions However; they still impact my thoughts and actions until today. I always felt guilty or bad if I was not able to make someone happy even though it had nothing to do with me. After the first session with Daniel, I can say NO without feeling guilty. I know how to take care of myself first without feeling bad or guilty anymore. Moreover, Daniel also taught me how to help myself when I need it rather than depending on him for service. Now that I have the knowledge, I have more confidence in taking care of myself than yesterday even if I still have more to learn. I think everyone should give yourself a gift of having a session (Life Essence Reading) with Daniel to learn more about yourself so that you can live more happily, function more efficiently in daily life. It is the best gift I have for myself.

Thank you Daniel. 

Wishing you all the best so that you can teach more and help more people."

~ C. Nguyen, Greenacres, Florida. (5/10/2016)

About Daniel

DANIEL THE HEALER is an Intuitive Holistic Energy Healer, Body Whisperer, Psychic Energy “Chiropractor,” Psychic Surgeon and Spiritual Counselor.

Besides all the different techniques he learned, he has put together his own. He is the ultimate expert on your Energy Field and offers you his amazing gift of “Healing with Love.”

When you choose to work with Daniel, the experience of healing often starts with the amazing “Life Essence Reading,” where Daniel scans you for over 80 criteria in your energy field.

After he learned the healing modality Quantum-Touch he was able to heal with his gaze. This means that Daniel can work with people anywhere in the world as long as they can make a video connection with him!

And what’s even more amazing, he also can transmit healing by gazing via a recorded video! You can simply sit at home, watch a video of Daniel’s gazing, and experience healing.

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