• Did you know that sometimes the reason behind chronic patterns and stubborn blocks are pre-birth choices?
  • Did you know that you created these issues, that happened to you, before you were even born?

Completely transform your life by healing your pre-birth existence and ancestral baggage

When you find out why you made certain choices and created certain difficulties you can understand them, heal them and release them. Once and for all.

  • Have you tried product after product?
  • Went through year after years of trial?
  • Do you or did you get frustrated with no results, or few results, or results that take place and then you go back to being what you were before?

With this amazing system you will get the right tools to healing, so that you are able to achieve the results you want.

What is the Birthing & Re-Birthing© transformation system?

The Birthing & Re-Birthing© transformation system will allow you to start over. To be reborn. It will help you to heal blocks and issues you maybe didn’t even know existed.

With this 6-step program you will finally tackle hurdles that you have been unable to overcome.

This healing journey will transport you to your pre-birth when you planned your existence here on earth and will show you what you are capable of.

It will help you to clear ancestral baggage that you have carried for many generations and that is holding you back.

You will truly enjoy the results received through this healing system, as it will help you to truly focus on yourself, your path and your development.

If you are currently:

  • Feeling like someone or something is holding you back
  • Feeling like you started your sprint but got delayed because of hurdles
  • Too busy looking at what others are doing
  • In repeating patterns
  • Bogged down by energetic weight, scarcity and lack of any kind
  • In a relationship that hurts
  • Confused about your gifts and abilities
  • Comparing yourself to others and feeling not good enough

But would like to:

  • Move forward, being focused on your own path and development
  • Restart your life the way you planned and designed it for yourself
  • Concentrate on your own life and your own soul purpose
  • Release, give closure and move forward
  • Open up to and receive abundance on all levels
  • Invite your most compatible soul & life partner
  • Embrace your divine soul purpose and inherent abilities
  • Know that you are a divine spark of creation and worthy

“Claudia helped me to release trauma to maintain my relationship.”

"Claudia helped me to release trauma around birthing and she also released trauma and wounds from birth and pre-birth as well as some ancestral pattern I was carrying in regards to relationships.

Claudia helped me to release trauma to maintain my relationship.

When I talked to her I was getting ready to break up with my partner and since then my relationship has become much more stable. And all of that within one week. This was amazing.

I was seriously considering leaving my relationship and then once she did the clearing I was much more calm.

Then I began to see, that I was seeing into things that didn’t quite exist, frankly.

That was very very interesting, and I was seeing that this relationship is actually perfect for me.

Exactly what she was saying, it’s not conventional, but for me it’s stable. It is a different type of relationship, but exactly what I need."

Much Love,
~ Eram Saeed

“Claudia helped me to quit smoking and I am extremely thankful for that.”

"When I was 22 years old I smoked my first cigarette and they instantly fascinated me. Unfortunately I started to smoke more and more each year and by the end it was more than a pack a day. Smoking ruled and dictated my whole life. Awful!

But then I had a session with Claudia. She used an amazing technique that disconnected all connections to cigarettes, removed even physical remains and remnants from the body.

The funny thing was, that during the whole session I was thinking, “As soon as this is over, I will have a cigarette“. But after the session this feeling was completely gone and I had absolutely NO connections to smoking anymore. Also the time during the physical detox was easy. It was just gone!!! This is now 5 years ago and I NEVER had the desire for a cigarette ever again. Even when others smoke in my proximity I’m all relaxed and don’t mind. It is all gone and I feel like I never smoked at all.

Through Claudia’s lovingly and caring approach I always feel comfortable and safe during sessions. Sometimes there are real deep issues that are coming up and it is much easier to let them go knowing that you are in a lovingly, safe and heartily surrounding.

THANK YOU SO MUCH dear Claudia"

~ Simone S. - Austria

“My last session with Claudia was very profound and intensive.”

"We communicated with my soul when I was in a state before my incarnation and before my birth here on earth. It was like a communication between the director of my life and the actor, my 3-D self. It was an amazing experience!

I could clearly see how important the time before birth is, as well as the time spent in the mother’s womb. In this important time the soul, the being, is exposed to so many things that are stored subconsciously, which can influence our whole life.

The technique that Claudia used in the session targeted the „issue“ right at the core and through the release I experienced a deep feeling of relief and relaxation right away. I was fascinated how easy it was. In retrospect I realized that I carried this „issue“ for my whole life until that moment in the session.

I’m so thankful that I met Claudia and that I was able to experience her, with her elaborated technique, her lovely and caring way and her immense wisdom and that she helped me.

I’m manifesting to learn this in a course so that I can easily and relaxed help others to find a solution for them.


~ Margareta - Austria

“Working with Claudia on an underlying core issue gave me an opportunity to feel very fast relief through her unique approach to healing.”

"Her approach gave me a chance to feel like I was removing an old coat, which I had subconsciously been wearing for years.

It also gave me a deeper understanding as to why I had chosen to experience these lessons.

What amazed me was that this core issue was dealt with in such a gentle and subtle way, without me having to overthink or stress.

I found that I no longer felt the same.

And that many new options had developed as a result in my consciousness.

The magic touch for me was taking it to before the moment of conception. To the planning stages. Before I came into this body.

It felt like an extremely competent in house clean. That had taken place in a very small amount of time. In a gentle and protected environment.

I highly recommend this, it feels not like a new beginning but that I discovered in a deeper way who I truly am.

And I'm already seeing the changes and shifts happening in my life...and the session was only days ago!!"

~ Dee L., Greece

A birth is a very special time and a very complex process. We are destined to experience and share this with and through our parents and siblings in the love of the Divine and through the love of the Divine.

Unfortunately often a birth results in a lot of hurt and misfortune. It is spoken of with fear and is seen as a traumatic event in the life of both, mother and baby.

We are brought into this world through technical, cold equipment and people that do not truly engage in the birthing process (emergency cases excepted). We are brought here at a certain time that is convenient for our parents, doctors and surroundings, but not convenient to us.

Being part of this world and becoming part of this world is so very important for us. And it's the same as having a bad start in a sprint… we never really get to our highest potential, never really strive and never really make it… we are discouraged and disheartened right from the beginning.

When we then start looking around at “what others are doing” it gets even worse and we lose track, power, thrive and the belief in ourselves completely.

But now this can be OVER!!!

With the Birthing & Re-Birthing© program we heal, change and start NEW.

We start our life the way we wanted it and intended to. WE heal the processes that have happened to us and we forgive ourselves and the ones around us, for having been part of this and created this.

After this process we are more enlightened, lighter and feeling freer. We can finally focus on our own sprint, our own desires and our own path, without constantly looking at how bad it started and how much more lays ahead of us, as well as how much better off others are … we do our own thing, concentrate on our own success and our own healing can result out of this.

We are truly amazing beings that deserve to enjoy the journey we have chosen and created for us.

Now, let's have a good start in the adventure, called life.

The 6-step clearing with the Birthing & Re-Birthing© Transformation System:

  • 1

    In this lifetime and childhood

  • 2

    Issues in your own pregnancy, in your mothers womb

  • 3

    Pre-birth planning bureau

  • 4

    Ancestral baggage

  • 5

    Re-birthing with a new consciousness

  • 6

    Anchoring and Healing


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5 Live Online Workshops with Group Healing & Clearing Sessions

3 Meditation MP3s


Discount: 94%

Total Package Value $2,158

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5 Live Online Workshops with Group Healing & Clearing Sessions

3 Meditation MP3s

2 Meditation MP3s

4 week Remote Vibrational Group Healings


Discount : 94 %

Total Package Value $2,630

From Heartache to Joy Special offer 


5 Live Online Workshops with Group Healing & Clearing Sessions

3 Meditation MP3s

2 Meditation MP3s

4 week Remote Vibrational Group Healings

Bonus Q & A webinar with live readings & healings

30 minute session

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About Claudia Gittens:

Claudia has always been drawn to helping others to better themselves. She is a natural and gifted healer that works with the Love Energy of the Source and Divine.

She used her unique life experience to create the amazing Birthing & Re-Birthing© transformation system you can experience today.

She is a natural intuitive that has learned very early to distinguish between true energies and those not in the highest vibrations.

Claudia creates a space, individual for each person and their specific needs, allowing the Divine to transform and change, for the person to come in touch with themselves and their best version. This enables the healing to be done in a matter of seconds.

“My tooth healed instantly and all the other things within a week.”

"When I contacted Claudia for a session I had a lot of issues. I had a tooth that suddenly died, high fever, the flu and a cough that just wouldn’t go away. And all of that over the holidays. I really desperately needed her help.

Within the session we moved quickly through different stations within my life. The most release I received at that point of the session where she asked specific questions, where my answers and what I told her, always related back to the issue at hand. That kept me focused and showed me how everything is connected. This was great guidance throughout the session.

The best thing about our session was, that I was allowed to „rant“ in my place of creation, where I planned my whole incarnation. I finally was able to voice out my disappointment and frustration, no one ever “allowed” me to do that before. I also had the feeling that we digged down deep to find the deepest root of my issues.

The greatest physical results I got from the release of my issues due to my ancestral line. That was absolutely amazing, and so FAST!

I feel that this session truly released issues where I normally used to hit a plateau and couldn’t go further.

The best part is that my tooth doesn’t hurt anymore and I don’t need to have it extracted. That saves me thousands of dollars!!!
My fever was gone within a day and the flu and cough disappeared in the following week.

It was an amazing, great and really deep process. I LOVED IT!!!
Thank you."

Much Love,
~ Maria – Austria

“My symptoms vanished within days.”

"During my pregnancy I experienced difficulties indicating a potential liver complication. I saw Claudia for a healing treatment hoping to avoid the negative implications that often accompanies this diagnosis (early delivery, hospital delivery, induction, etc.).

Her session was calm, gentle and took me right to where the problem originated. We looked at all the issues I was carrying for my family and that I believed that I have to resolve them for them.

She found and healed the issues within a matter of minutes. I arrived home after the session with Claudia, on a Sunday afternoon, to an email from my Midwife. My test had come back negative!

In the days that followed the session, the symptoms of the liver condition also ?mysteriously? vanished, when they were clearly present, prior to my visit with Claudia. I will always wonder what the test results would have been had I not seen her.

Thank you so much for giving me the gift of a hassle free and beautiful pregnancy. You are amazing!"

~ Andrea G. - Canada

“I have experienced some monumental shifts since our healing.”

"Your session came at a point in my life when I felt that everything was falling apart. I was at a very low point and already started our call in a flood of tears. As we progressed and entered into a conversation with my spiritual self, the tears calmed down and I felt a lot less negatively than at the outset.

In the days following the healing I felt compelled to address some situations in my life and to relinquish some of the control that was preventing me to feel happiness and joy.

I am feeling a lot better. You have developed a really nice process that gives gentle healing and perspective.

I am very keen to continue working together. Thank you so much"

~ Anna – Canada

“I feel wonderful and manifested $21,500.”

"Dear Claudia

First of all, thank you for your wonderful healing yesterday!

I woke up this morning and I can only confirm all the things that you said yesterday.

Yesterday I felt „the light“ extremely strong, and it surrounded me like a cloud, I turned into the cloud – pure light and it started to communicate with me. Great!!!

I noticed that the energy mainly worked on my crown chakra, on beliefs that were created by my surroundings and my culture.

After that I felt my heart very strongly and it suddenly reminded me of a long forgotten fear, the fear to let my light shine, even though back then the light would have been the answer to the problem. Now it’s resolved, done. Thank you so much. Now I can be myself!!! I feel wonderful.

But that’s not it, now listen to this, it is a little wonder.
A little story beforehand: Last year in the fall I realized that I have changed and that I also needed changes within my environment. Therefore I told my husband that a lot of things in the house don’t feel right anymore, not for me, not for him, not for us, and that it would be time to renovate.

What a surprise when my husband agreed. In the middle of November it was time to renovate the bathroom and powder room. The night before my mother-in-law, passed on.

On one hand it was unexpected, but we knew she was in “a better place”, but on the other hand, she wasn’t able to deal with changes anymore.

So yesterday my husband had a meeting with his siblings, to sort out things after her death, they haven’t talked about so far.

Result: He came home, totally unexpected, with $1.600 in cash (it was cash that was left behind in her home, and that was my husbands share). No one knew about it so my brother-in-law could have just kept it.

But the story continues: My brother-in-law, that was also taking care of all the paperwork after her death and was supposed to inherit everything – the house, the money and everything that she owned – informed his siblings, that he closed down their mother's bank account and that he transferred everyone $ 21.500. Again he could have kept it all. But with our clearing, I’m sure we “helped”.

Abundance at its best!!!

So now we can continue to slowly but surely renovate. This is such an amazing and unexpected surprise. I cannot believe how lucky we are. You and your session did the BEST JOB EVER!!!!

Thank you so very much for everything you did. You are wonderful."

~ Hanni – Austria

Package A

This program Includes:

  • 5 Group Healing & Coaching Sessions
  • 3 Meditation MP3s


5 Group Healing & Coaching Sessions

Value: $225 each

Duration: Each live session will be 60 – 90 minutes


First Online Webinar
“Releasing issues from your own pregnancy in your mother's womb.”


The goal of this healing & coaching session is to find your most pressing issue or concern. And to find the reason why you have anchored this behavior or pattern. We will find the root cause of your problems.

We will:

  • Release, resolve and heal this part of you from this lifetime in this situation and moment.
  • Find a concern that started within your earliest childhood and heal the deepest anchor you carry from it.
  • Go into your own pregnancy in the mother's womb and remove problems that were transferred onto you, or that you may felt obligated in taking on from her or others.
  • Heal and release this process through powerful downloads, healing task requests and the Divine Energy of Love & Source to transform anything that you are holding from this experience.
  • Go through different steps ensuring that all the roots causing your most pressing concern will be addressed and released.

I will guide you through the healing in a meditative process, so no experience is necessary and all will be guided by their own soul family, ascended masters for pre-birth healing, divine beings, guides and life architects.

After this session you will feel and be:

  • Relaxed, relieved, lighter and more at ease.
  • Able to truly understand what is the reason that some of the problems in your life played out the way they did and how to make peace with it.
  • Able to repeat this process by yourself for any other concerns that you might have.
  • This is the first step in taking control of your life right now.
  • This will help you to release what has weighed you down for so long.
  • You will become more clear about your life, your life’s work, your path and what you really want to do.

And this is just the beginning….

“The healing was fast, thorough, gentle, and very powerful”

"My Birthing and Re-Birthing Healing Session with Claudia was amazing!!

She asked me about my issues, and then she took me on a guided journey through my past to before I incarnated, touching upon the origins of my problems.

Then she did a healing where she worked from the earliest issues forward in time, and in ten minutes she had healed the entire issue! The healing was calm, gentle, and relieving while still being very powerful. I felt a huge layer of negative energy, that had surrounded me, leave.

I also had a problem with having a lot of darkness rooted in my stomach, leading to stomach illnesses, which I've been working on clearing for a couple of years, and although Claudia was not working directly on this problem I saw the root of the darkness disappear, and a lot of connected negative energy in my heart also dissipated!

I also saw white light fill my stomach and come into my body from above during the healing. The guided journey was enlightening and the healing Claudia did was fast, thorough, gentle, and very powerful!

A lot of darkness and negative energy around me dissolved during the session, and very old negative patterns were undone!

Thank you so much Claudia for an amazing session and for a very powerful healing!"

~ Anna – USA

“My boyfriend proposed right after our session.”

"Dear lovely Claudia
Once again thank you so much for the exciting and salubrious healing session on last Friday.

It was incredible that right after our session my boyfriend proposed to me. Extremely charming with dress shirt, candles and beautiful engagement ring.

We talked in our session about “getting serious” and that our baby-to-be wants to have explicit circumstances (being “official” and married being one of them).

Furthermore did I get 3 new clients since Friday and I received several seminar registrations for the weekend class I offered. This is always a beautiful sign that that something BIG was released and changed and I’m ready to share this healing energy with others. Overall I feel much lighter and more in touch with myself."

~ Sandra – Germany

“My whole life changed”

"I had a session with Claudia to work on my career and finances. Actually a subject I have worked on many times before with many different types of healing techniques.

But after the session with the Claudia I took the biggest step forward in my development EVER.

She helped me to connect the dots of my problems and showed me how all of these issues were connected.

With her Birthing & Re-Birthing© system she allowed me to go to the absolute root cause of all my problems and heal them in just one session.

The actual rebirthing part was the most amazing part of the whole session that gave me the greatest release and healing experience.

I’ve been at the point of facing my root issue many times, but I NEVER was able to actually heal it and transform it before. With the rebirthing technique we did re-write all of it. I totally understood why I had all the issues and how little my focus was.

This is all over now, I could feel it right after the session.

And now my passion, being a great director and film-maker, and giving up my day job, moved so much closer. I already met very interesting people that will help me to support and finance my next project. I’m so happy. And we have done only ONE session on this, AMAZING!!!!"

~ Cassandra – Canada


Second Online Webinar
“Visit your divine Creation Bureau – communication of spiritual self & physical self
for deep healing.”


This is one of the most powerful parts of our series.

We will:

  • Take you pre-birth within this session. This is an amazing healing process that you will never forget. We will take you to the place where you created and manifested this incarnation and there you will be able to talk to your divine spirit self.
  • Be able to see all the milestones, challenges and problems that you have created for yourself, through a meditative process. You will be able to challenge yourself with questions so that you can truly understand your soul's desires, your wishes and your wants that you had planned for your life.
  • Remove everything that was not planned. We will release and heal your biggest hurts and problems. You will be able to re-arrange your birth and start into this life as well as the outcome.

After this session you will feel and be:

  • More aware of your previous challenges and therefore more forgiving. You will be able to continue to use this process to heal other parts of your life or to understand other challenges and then release and heal them.
  • This is for some the most powerful aspect of this healing process as they are able to see things from a totally different and more divine perspective. After this session everything will be much clearer for you.


Third Online Webinar
“Heal ancestral line and self from obligations of the past”


We will:

  • Look closely at the deep ancestral roots for the challenges that you have chosen within this lifetime, so that you can release any relations, obligations, oaths, vows, agreements or promises that you have made.
  • Release tons of baggage that’s not even yours. You will feel much lighter after this session. You will be able to be more at peace with your ancestors and the DNA information you carry from them.
  • Bring forward their most powerful abilities and virtues they have mastered, so that you can use this energy to really push you forward on your spiritual path or in life in general.
  • See their positive aspects and abilities and receive their blessings to enhance all the positive that is within you.

After this session you will feel and be:

  • Free, because you will understand what is truly your path and parcel.
  • Understanding and forgiving towards your ancestors.
  • Proud to be part of your ancestral line and all their wisdom and knowledge that you have gained, and been gifted, from them.
  • You will be able to call your ancestors in for positive guidance, help and support at any time after this process.


Fourth Online Webinar
“Re-birthing your new divine self in a physical but changed world.”


This is the most powerful part of this series.

We will:

  • Literally re-write your birth experience. You will be able to release any trauma, hurt, anger or other negative emotions that are attached to your start here on earth.
  • Release all attachments that are hindering you because of your birth and we will set you up with the most empowering start possible and thinkable for you.
  • Completely eradicate the negative experience or the lack you might have from your birth and put it in a complete new light, through a meditative process. You will be able to remember the birth in this new way and we will create new memories, neuro-pathways and truths about this new healed experience.
  • Pull all the previous healings forward into the now to make sure your life changes and shifts instantly.
  • RE-BIRTH you!

After this session you will feel and be:

  • REBORN!!!
  • Light, light, light. Everything that you have done so far, every healing that you have received so far will become a complete new meaning, intensity and energy to it. You will absolutely LOVE this process.
  • Able to remember all the beautiful things from your pre-birth manifestation being able to easily manifest abundance, love and happiness in your life.

“The whole process had a “magical” feel to it, I felt shifts immediately.”

"I had no idea what to expect before my session with Claudia. We worked on career / financial issues. The whole process had a "magical" feel to it and I felt things shifting immediately (during the session).

My favorite part was where I was guided through a process where I was able to rewrite my birth. It was such a beautiful process and I look forward to working with Claudia again. For about five days after the session, I continued to feel a lot of shifting, and had a general feeling of peace and joy. It's too soon to see how the inner shifting affects my outer world, but a small change happened yesterday and I got caught up on my current bills, so I'm clear until the end of March. Huge sigh of relief, as up until yesterday I was still two months behind on bills.

I've worked with a LOT of different practitioners and many different modalities (I’m also a practitioner), but Claudia’s rebirthing process has had the most noticeable effect. I know there's still more work to be done, but this was a really good start. I really look forward to continuing to work with Claudia, and I HIGHLY recommend everyone who's considering a session with her, to get it done, don’t hesitate! She’s awesome."

~ Candice – Canada


Fifth Online Webinar
“Anchoring, Healing, Path & Purpose finding.”


We will:

  • Look at your life right now, what changed for the better and what still needs adjusting. You will receive powerful healing energy downloads full of love, support and transformation.
  • Evoke positive feelings that support your ancestral virtues to ensure that you walk your new path with empowerment, healed and in full confidence.
  • Give you all the tools, to allow you to be truly who you were meant to be. You will see yourself in a new light, more strong, more beautiful, more real. Your divine path and purpose will become much more clear to you and you will be able to take the necessary steps to embrace it and live it.
  • Show you that, what has been a hurdle in the past, will put a smile on your face, as you will have a higher understanding of its existence in the past and gentle move it to the side as these learnings are no longer necessary and no longer serve a purpose.

After this session you will feel and be:

  • Open to receive the true abundance that you created for yourself and that is waiting for you. You will love this energy of empowerment as it will feel natural and like it has always been there. No masquerade, no show, just true real positive feelings.

“Claudia helped me to become pregnant and fulfill my life-dream.”

"My husband and I tried to become pregnant naturally for over 3 years and we also tried IVF twice with no success.

I was so sad, disheartened and depressed when I had my first conversation with Claudia. But she told me right from the beginning that everything will be fine and that I will be pregnant for sure.

We did two of her amazing healing session where we also communicated with the future soul(s). It was so great to actually be able to connect to my baby/ babies. After my second session she knew and told me that I will be having two babies and that she is very confident that they will arrive soon.

And with our next round of IVF we were SUCCESSFUL. So Claudia helped me to fulfill my life-dream of having a family. And we will be having TWINS!!!!

She was so spot-on and knew exactly. She helped me to go right to the issues that I had and I never felt that we were going around the bush.

I felt so relaxed and light after the sessions and I’m so positive now that I will be a good mother. The healing was wonderful and I’m still floating in the energy of it. Thank you so much for everything you did, you are my angel."

~ Krista, Canada

“2 days after the process, my fatigue is gone.”

"The Birthing-Rebirthing process in itself was amazing. It was a very soft and gentle process guided by Claudia in a magic way. Her intuition helped me find the core of the matter beautifully.

My issue was fatigue, and I've been struggling with this for many years. Sometime it was better and many times it was worse. 2 days after the process the results are incredible. This morning I awoke at 7 o'clock without the alarm after 7 hours sleep. Normally I'd need 9 or 10.

My thoughts are calm, all the stress related noise in my head is gone. Life feels easier, so much lighter! I warmly recommend anyone to try this process if you want real changes in your life ".

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to experience your process. I was a bit anxious before, but you were so sweet and professional you made me feel safe ! I'll definitely come back to you again if other issues come up :))"

~ Marie – Sweden

“Since our session a lot of things changed drastically.”

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My energy and strength is more present again and my sessions with my clients have the right energy and effects again.

However the best thing is that I don’t feel this deep subliminal sadness, that I used to carry for so long, anymore. It is released and it feels so liberating.

THANK YOU that we could work on stuff that I couldn't release myself, despite the biggest effort.

And yes, the session released something that I couldn't have found or released myself.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart"

~ Marta C.,Energy Healer - Austria


3 Meditation MP3s

Value: $75 each

Each of the MP3 meditations is supercharged with specific deep healing frequency tones and Theta binaural beats, that have been channelled and specifically designed to ensure continuous release of blocks in the specific area.

The diatonic scale has been adjusted to give you the best healing frequency possible and to allow the tones to go inward releasing negative frequencies from your cells, DNA and even atoms.

Due to this, the meditations ensure the greatest transformation possible.

An experience not to be missed.

These healing frequencies work to deepen your level of experience and have been tailored to the specific release. The more often you listen to them, the more blocks can be removed.

* Please note: Due to the intensity of these healing frequencies DO NOT listen to the MP3s while driving or operating heavy machinery.

** To receive the best possible healing effect use headphones. If you have any type of brain injury, listen to the MP3s without headphones.


In the Womb Healing - MP3


With this meditation you will be able to heal and release deeply held blocks, from your own pregnancy, that are not serving you anymore. You will be able to have forgiveness for your mother and all the circumstance around you.

You will be able to release anger, resentment, fear, prejudice or any other heavy emotions that make you heavy and hinder you to be your most authentic self.

This MP3 has the most profound effects on all issues within your life.

Note: It is recommended to hear this meditation as often as possible to intensify your transformation and healing process.


Your Path & Purpose Diamond – MP3


With this meditation you will be able to see the full picture of your soul and your souls commitment to this lifetime.

You will be able to see all the facets that you have created for yourself, so you can colour them in with your divine beauty and spark.


Re-Birthing Process – MP3


With this meditation you will be able to re-pattern and re-birth as often as you want. To make sure you will create the most beautiful birth possible allowing you the most empowered experiences here on earth.

This is a deep and profound new beginning that will ensure the best start possible to your own focused sprint within this life.

With this MP3 you will be able to re-create your whole life experience.

“My pregnancy and birth would not have been as nice without all the work you have done. I was a phenomena in the hospital!”

"Dear Claudia

You have accompanied me (us) for the whole year and I know, that I would have not had such a nice pregnancy and birth without all the work you have done on me.

I was a “phenomena” in the hospital, as they have never seen a case with placenta previa totalis [Placenta previa is the attachment of the placenta to the wall of the uterus in a location that completely or partially covers the uterine outlet (opening of the cervix). Bleeding after the 20th week of gestation is the main symptom of placenta previa - http://www.medicinenet.com/pregnancy_placenta_previa/article.htm] where the pregnancy was completely without bleeding and where the mother made it to week 38.

I continuously did the homework and exercises you gave me and I always loved it when you told me how my little angel inside of me is feeling and what he wants me to know.

What I found ingenious within our first session (I was not pregnant back then) was the release of my extreme fear of loss in regards to men. With this I used to louse up my relationships constantly. We released the issue with our little journey into a past life and I cannot believe that I’m absolute free of this fear ever since. And shortly after that I got pregnant!

It’s safe to say that you have supported me incredibly and that we resolved a great deal of important stuff within every session. You are incredibly good in finding the core issue and I always had the feeling that we were working on the right issue and that we always got to the bottom of things and resolved the right matters. Concluding I can say that you are an amazing healer! A big hug from me and my little Daniel.

I’m sure we will be in touch soon.

Your online training that you provide is always great and such a good idea. I hope that I will be able to attend one of your personal seminars very soon.

P.s.: Thank you so much for all your recommendations. Our last session was a true success!!! I feel much more connected to my little angel and enjoy every minute with him. I have complete new motherly feelings for him, unbelievable. Thank you so much."

Much love to you.

~ Marion P. – Germany

“The experience I got exceeded my expectations.”

"I had a healing with Claudia through her unique "rebirthing system" because I needed help with resolving a repeating "control pattern" in my relationship with my mother. The experience I got exceeded my expectations. It was very healing, profound and beautiful!

When Claudia started her healing, the energy went straight into my ovaries. I was really surprised because it is the only "physical issue" that I am aware of in my body, and I thought that I needed just an emotional healing. I realized that this healing works at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

What I liked most about my experience of "rebirthing" is that it was "life-changing". During the conversation with my higher self I could clearly see why I chose the life I was living through, and also I was able to change my perception of it to the happier one.

I also loved the whole process of this type of healing. It felt like being an active participant in a movie of my own life, replaying, rebalancing and changing it for the better.

At the end of the healing I felt a strong feeling of liberation from my mum's control, I actually started loving my mother more, whenever previously I noticed my resentment to her more. My whole attitude to myself and to the role of my mother in my life changed. Emotionally I felt liberated and stronger.

To my astonishment, the next morning after the healing my mum called me and told me how grateful she was that she had me in her life. I was impressed how the energy of this healing instantly cleansed and rebalanced the "lower vibrations" in our relationship.

I highly recommend Claudia's method to anyone who really wants to "repattern" difficult relationships and to have a healing that will change your life forever.Thank you very much, Claudia."

~ Inna van der Velden.
Energy Healer, Creator of the 5 Elements Rejuvenation System, Canada

Sorrow Release - MP3
Claudia Gittens

Within this MP3 we will be using supercharged healing frequencies to release any sorrow, sadness or heaviness that you are holding onto, but that are not serving you any more.

The process will allow you to let go of these burdens and set you free.

You will feel much lighter and enjoy the high vibration it will create within your system.

Package A

Total Package Value $1,350

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 93% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

This program Includes:

  • All of Package A Plus
  • 2 Meditation MP3s
  • 4 Weeks Remote Vibrational Group Healings


2 Meditation MP3s

Value: $75 each


The Authentic Self – MP3


Within this beautiful and empowering meditation we will find and create your true authentic self. You will discover what is truly your understanding of what and who you want to be and allow this person to finally emerge.

This meditation will set you free and allow you to be your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF and the best version of yourself possible.

An amazing process that you don’t want to miss!

“The awareness created in the session fuelled my writing.”

"What I liked most about my session was the part where I was creating a new story for myself and of my life experience and how deep this all went.

Release happened through crying and trembling. Now I have a new visions of my highest self… this is absolutely precious input.

Every time I use my intention and intention in a new way something happens that couldn’t before. I’m so glad I took this opportunity to do something new and to have the session with you.

The release and new thoughts we installed gave me the most transformation and healing. I never had this before. This is amazing.

I’m changing constantly, but one major change I can see clearly since our session is the surge in creative output in my writing.

Thank you for providing me to have this in depth and profound experience. The release and awareness it brought has freed and fuelled me to have more flow and creative expression as I write for several purposes and I know that my journey overall has been enhanced by just one session. Thank you very very much!"

~ Nicole H. – Canada

“Things improved greatly and I have a much deeper understanding about myself.”

"Dear Claudia

Thank you so much for my lovely healing. For a few days after my healing I could feel my body processing and releasing a lot of stagnant energy. I felt a little off colour but that quickly passed.

Things have improved greatly concerning what I discussed with you during my healing and I now have a lot more clarity on what I need to do and where I am going with my life.

I have a much deeper understanding about myself since my healing and I am seeing and realizing things about myself and my life, which I just could not see before.

I would highly recommend Claudia as a healer for anyone wanting true change in their life."

~ Jackie – USA


Ancestral Baggage Release – MP3


Within this beautiful meditation you will recognize which of your concerns are actually yours and which ones are you carrying for someone else. You will let go of what is not serving you anymore and allow this baggage to be released and the connections to it to be resolved.

You will feel much lighter and happier, like you have never felt before.
You will honour your ancestors but also allow them to experience their own lessons without you having to do it for them.


4 Weeks Remote Vibrational Group Healings

Value: $125 each

You will receive the following healings, transformations and changes remotely:


1st Week in the Vibrational Healing Space - Money


For one week you will be immersed daily in the energy of healing and transformation in regards to money issues, blocks and problems.


2nd Week in the Vibrational Healing Space - Relationships


For one week you will be immersed daily in the energy of healing and transformation in regards to relationship issues, blocks and problems.


3rd Week in the Vibrational Healing Space - Love & Self-love


For one week you will be immersed daily in the energy of healing and transformation in regards to love & self-love issues, blocks and problems.


4th Week in the Vibrational Healing Space - Soul Purpose


For one week you will be immersed daily in the energy of healing and transformation in regards to soul purpose issues, blocks and problems.

  • Within this 4-week healing process you will receive different frequencies of pure and divine beliefs, truths, feelings, emotions and supporting point of views in the respective category.
  • A weekly audio update on the progress will be sent to you.

“My allergy is gone!”

"I just wanted to let you know that since our last session I’m feeling amazing. My allergy is gone. Eyes and sinuses calmed down and I enjoy going out in nature and airing out at home.

Gratitude and thanks to you, I hope to work with you again soon."

~ Andrea W., Germany

“Mrs. Abundance”

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done, for me and my husband. I really feel the changes and he calls you “Mrs. Abundance” now.

You are the BEST!!! And I truly mean it"

~ Daniela – Germany

“Thank you so much for your great online training.”

" It was very inspiring for me, like always! I’m just starting out my own practice as a healer and your exercises always help me a lot to focus and be more present within my self.

I can feel that the next step in development is pressing soon.I will let you know."

~ Katalin K. - Switzerland

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful, fascinating and always positive seminars of yours.”

"Now I know who I am! Where I’m meant to go and what I’m meant to do."

~ Katarina K. - Hungary

Package B

Total Package Value $2,158

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $127
*** 94% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package C

This program Includes:

  • Live Question & Answer ​Webinar with Live Readings & Healings
  • Personal 1 on 1 session for 30 minutes
  • Private Facebook group for continued support


Live Question & Answer ​Webinar with Live Readings & Healings

Value: $225

Within this live webinar participants have the possibility to get all their questions answered.

Live callers for readings & healings will be taken

“The training with you last weekend was amazing.”

"I already could mark up success with myself, my boyfriend and another friend. ☺

It is so much fun, I’m relaxed, peaceful, light and happy. I have the feeling that my heart and every cell in my body sings, dances and laughs. ☺

Real euphoria! ☺ Thank you so much ☺"

Love, love, love
~ Martina - Germany

“Since our session, something really important shifted.”

"I’m most of the time in the “here and now”, which hasn't happened since years. I spend time with my children and I can be really with them. What a beautiful feeling! I smile more and I haven’t cried at all since our last session. This huge sadness I used to carry all the time is gone and hasn't come back. I’m so happy."

~ Rita G. – Germany

“Amongst all the spiritual teachers in my life I like you the most!”

"It is important to me to tell you, that amongst all the spiritual teachers I have met, I liked and like you the most!

You leave everyone the way he/ she is, without pushing anything onto them. Thank you. I was allowed to learn a lot from you.

You are wonderful."

~ Helga – Germany

"I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for making it possible for me to take part in the seminar. I really appreciate it.

Claudia you are awesome and one can really feel how you do this work from the heart.

It was an honour for me to do the seminar with you, thank you so much."

Love and blessings to you
~ Mary B. - Germany


Personal 1 on 1 session for 30 minutes

Value: $247

This individual session will clear any remaining limiting beliefs, truths and understandings that you may still hold.

You will be guided through a personal, empowering re-birthing process that will leave you liberated, free and TRUE.

So you can live your purpose, follow your path and be your full AUTHENTIC SELF!

Personal guidance and healing sessions are Claudia’s specialty and she has helped 1000’s of people feeling better about themselves.

“The sessions with you are the most wonderful experience.”

"I absolutely LOVE having sessions with you. You are so intuitive, gentle and compassionate in your way of working with people.

You truly listen and take in everything I say without EVER being judgemental or minimizing my feelings. You are the most AMAZING healer I’ve ever met.

Thank you so much for helping me LOVING my life."

~ Simone P. – Germany

“Conflicting aspects of myself are now in harmony”

"Dear Claudia

I thoroughly enjoyed our session.

I REALLY felt that we worked on the root of the issue and transformed it all.

It was very fascinating and insightful. I realized a lot of things through the session and its processes.

Conflicting aspects of myself are now in harmony. The nightmares I had the following night showed me that a profound process is assimilating in the subconscious.

I have the feeling that I’m able to see more clearly and more focused. I feel joyful and relaxed. I can feel how my heart chakra is working, processing and opening up.

Thank you so much."

~ Julie - England


Private Facebook group for continued support

Package C

Total Package Value $2,630

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 94% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

About Claudia Gittens:

Claudia was born and raised in Europe exposed to the full European upbringing and unique teachings and life styles specific to Europe. Having travelled the world for work she was exposed to many different ideas, cultures and belief systems, which dwelled within her to know more.

Claudia has always been drawn to helping others to better themselves. She is a natural and gifted healer that works with the Love Energy of the Source and Divine.

She is a Theta Healing® Master & Certificate of Science, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Energy Grid Activation Teacher and Practitioner, and a HypnoBirthing® child birth educator.

Claudia has travelled and studied many healing concepts in the USA, Asia, India and the Middle East, embracing all ideas, concepts and lifestyles physically, emotionally and spiritually and she has evolved herself to the being she is today. Never dispelling any ideas or judging beliefs she has been able to combine the teaching and learnings into many comprehensive lessons.

She used this unique life experience to create the amazing Birthing & Re-Birthing© transformation system you can experience today.

She is a natural intuitive that has learned very early to distinguish between true energies and those not in the highest vibrations. She has mastered patience, understanding and allowance for herself and others by processing the abilities she has and creating healing space for her clients.

Communicating with people, plants and animals on an intuitive level is a skill which she has been extremely honed, but communicating with one's soul and essence form from now to pre-birth is a gift and one which she has embraced and loves.

Claudia creates a space, individual for each person and their specific needs, allowing the Divine to transform and change, for the person to come in touch with themselves and their best version. This enables the healing to be done in a matter of seconds.

A great love of life, always wanting better for those around her and a completely down to earth persona and an addictive laugh and sense of humor about all things keeps her grounded which in turn is the reason people are drawn to her as a person first and a healer afterwards.

She truly believes that we all deserve to be the happiest version of ourselves and that we can move forward in a better, more empowered way. She will take you right to the source of your Oneness in order to bring you back in a more empowered and true way.

You will love the time, sessions and calls with her.


Free Trial







Discount : 93%

Total Package Value $1,350

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer


5 Live Online Workshops with Group Healing & Clearing Sessions

3 Meditation MP3s


Discount: 94%

Total Package Value $2,158

From Heartache to Joy Special offer


5 Live Online Workshops with Group Healing & Clearing Sessions

3 Meditation MP3s

2 Meditation MP3s

4 week Remote Vibrational Group Healings


Discount : 94 %

Total Package Value $2,630

From Heartache to Joy Special offer 


5 Live Online Workshops with Group Healing & Clearing Sessions

3 Meditation MP3s

2 Meditation MP3s

4 week Remote Vibrational Group Healings

Bonus Q & A webinar with live readings & healings

30 minute session

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