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*Read This First*

Thank you for buying the 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files and the Bonus Earth, Ocean, and Cosmos Sound Files. These are powerful tools for you to use to change your life. I recommend that you start with dissolving and restructuring pain and dysfunctional patterns in your life first. This way you will have space open in your life before you use the Earth, Ocean, and Cosmos Sound Files to call in your heartfelt desires.

You may have more than one area that you wish to change in your life. Pick the area that you feel the strongest about and begin there. Listen to that particular Sound File several times over several days. The Sound Files are around 5-7 minutes long. It is best to find a quiet space, center yourself by taking some deep breathes, focus on what your intention is, and then listen to the Sound File. The Sound File is best heard when listened to with headphones or earbuds as this eliminates any outside distractions. After you listen, take a few moments and just be. See if you feel anything happening to your body or if any thoughts pop-in. Sometimes you will have dreams or thoughts after the session. Pay attention to these! These are your inspiration talking to you. Try to follow what your higher self is trying to tell you as soon as possible. Once your higher self knows that you are listening, more messages will come your way.

After several days of listening to the Sound File, you should begin to feel a shift. This shift might be noticing that your pain is decreasing. It might be that you are less reactive to situations or that more positive situations are happening in your life. You also might notice that you are thinking less about past hurt or mistakes than you used to do. These are all shifts in the right directions. At this point, you can continue with this same Sound File or if you feel inspired to move on, you can do that.

Once you feel that you have dissolved the issues that you are looking to dissolve and restructuring what you wish to restructure in your life, you are ready to go onto the Bonus Sound Files of Earth, Ocean, and Cosmos and begin to call in your heartfelt desires. If you move onto the Earth, Ocean, and Cosmos Sound Files too soon, they may not be effective as there may not be enough space in your life to bring in the new. Remember clearing out the old is your first step in changing your life.

If after working with these Sound Files, you are finding yourself stuck. You may want to consider contacting me to set-up an Individual Session to help you set an intention and guide you in the process. You may also find that having Your Own Customized Sound File will help you address your specific area of concern.

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This Program Includes:

  • 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files
  • With 3 Bonus Sound Files: Earth, Ocean, Cosmos


7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files

We all know that being out of the flow limits our way of viewing and experiencing life. Being out of the flow increases our experience of pain – whether mental, emotional, or physical. Pain is the energy that calcifies our body, our mind, and our life. This pain keeps us broken in some way so we don’t experience the fullness of connections, synchronicities, serendipities, and the magical life.

The first step in the process of moving forward is to figure out what is holding you back. Ask this question – Where in my life or my body does the flow of energy slow down, move to a crawl, or stop? The 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files were created to dissolve specific problem areas using both Tibetan and Western Vibrations, Tones, and Light (or V.T.L.). The V.T.L. produced from the Ancient Singing Bowls atomizes and dissolves calcified pain that is holding us hostage.

This package targets the area that needs to be worked on in your life. Look at the following Sound Files and the questions associated with them. Pick the one area that seems to be causing you the most concern right now.

Once you have chosen the area in your life that needs to be addressed, begin listening to that 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound File with earbuds or headphones. The frequencies of the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls will penetrate your body and the decalcification and regeneration process has begun.

7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files

The 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files are meant to help you with the specific area in your life that is holding you back. Listen to the Sound File that corresponds to the emotional content that is causing pain or dysfunction in your life.

Lack of Confidence, Not Being Present

  • Is it hard to make decisions?
  • Do you often second guess yourself?
  • Do you live in a fog?
  • Do you often space out and miss what is happening around you?
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Pain, Lack of Success, Lack of Money

  • Do you push opportunities away?
  • Do you have chronic pain?
  • Are you often worried about paying the bills?
  • Does it seem like good things pass you by?
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Anger, Confusion, Mental Exhaustion, Weight Issues

  • Do you frequently get upset about things that happened in the past?
  • Are you overwhelmed when faced with multiple choices?
  • Do you struggle with your weight?
  • Are you upset or sad at yourself for your weight issues?
  • Is it all just too much?
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Fear, Worry, Insomnia, Anxiety

  • Is everywhere you look full of bad news?
  • Is the world coming to an end?
  • Is it hard to turn your mind off?
  • Have you lost your faith in humanity?
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Depression, Grief, Shame, Jealousy

  • Is someone out to "get" you?
  • Do you walk around feeling flat?
  • Do you resent others having what you want?
  • Do you feel like you are a mistake?
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Guilt, Physical Tiredness, Self-Denial, Unworthiness

  • Is it hard to pick up your body and move it around?
  • Do you feel heavy?
  • When something positive happens, do you push it away?
  • Do you replay your past mistakes in your mind?
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Self-Hate, Shock, Feeling Unlovable, Numb

  • Would the world be better off without you?
  • Have you given up thinking are you ever going to fit in or make a difference?
  • Do you walk around outside of your body (feeling disconnected)?
  • Do you space out for hours at a time?
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During this process of working with the Sound Files, people have all kinds of experiences. You might feel like you are being worked on (by the Monks), you might smell incense, see colors, be transported to other places like monasteries or mountains or any other place you need to go. Everything happens for a reason while listening to the Sound File. Another experience you might have is that you fall asleep. The conscious mind needs a break, so it goes to sleep and the V.T.L. (Vibrations, Tones, and Light) can go to work on a very deep level with no processing required. This is because the V.T.L. is a language that every living cell knows at its core.

Each Sound File works on a specific area. Listen to one Sound File several times or until you feel a shift. A shift may be your pain disappearing, having a different outlook, feeling renewed, or not being triggered by a particular situation.


Bonus Sound Files: Earth, Ocean, Cosmos

Bonus Sound Files: Earth, Ocean, Cosmos

After you have cleared away your dysfunction and pain, you are ready to start bringing your heartfelt desires into your life. You now have space in your life to manifest these dreams. Think about what you really want, set your intention, and listen to the corresponding Sound File. Remember the universe is looking out for you and will only bring in things to your life that is for your highest good.


Anything physical that you touch or touches you, such as clothes, home, car, money, food, relationships

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Anything emotional and anything that you feel

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Any thought, idea, or concept that you want to manifest

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Coming home to you - Sound File

In this sound file we focus on your perfected self so you align to presence. We will use our attention as a laser to create a future we truly desire.

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