anne-deidre-w_scarf1-240x300Anne Deidre is an International Celebrity Expert on Intuition, Certified Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author and Publisher, Professional Artist, Speaker and Coach. She has been featured on ABC and NBC TV, on The CW TV Network, HuffPost Live, also a FOX News Radio Contributor, on NPR, CBS Radio, Business Talk Radio, and many print publications such as, Beliefnet and Aspire Magazine.

Anne’s work is channeled from the Divine Energy and Frequency that includes Spirit, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and each soul’s Divine Self to shift energetic patterns, catalyze dormant gifts and talents, and ignite the Divine intuitive powers within each person.

Anne’s transformational gifts allow her to intuitively ‘shine a light’ into her clients energy system and illuminate their hidden and or dormant Divine gifts and talents that their soul is here to share. Her unique and powerful gifts allow her to shift energetic patterns, heal trauma, and create new patterns so that they can bring their Divine gifts to the world.

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A


Visionary Intuitive Mastery

Value: $75

3cds-jewelcase-3dYou have hidden dormant intuitive visionary gifts, in your third eye clairvoyance you can see possibilities for your future, in your claircognizance you can know what’s best for your life in your clairaudience you can hear Spirit, your Higher Self and Guides clearly, in your clairsentence you can feel what’s right for you. Programming and false believes block all of these abilities. Master Intuitive Facilitator Anne Deidre will wake up your dormant gifts and abilities listening to this audio. This is the powerful meditation that took Anne out of her dark night of the soul and opened up her Divine Consciousness and Intuitive Gifts. It is a Spiritual Tool that Ascended Master Yogananda brought to the world.

  • 1

    Kriya Yoga, A Powerful Meditation

    Join Anne as she teaches you the spiritual tool that is Kriya Yoga. This meditation will help you access Divine consciousness and open the floodgates of your intuitive guidance. It will help clear out toxic thoughts and calm your mind so that you can experience Intuitive Mastery.

  • 2

    Power of Creation

    The power of creation resides within you. You can co-create with Spirit. This is harder to do if you are not unified in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Work with this audio to help unlock and tap into the power within you so that you can become the limitless creator consciousness you are here to experience as heaven on earth in this lifetime.

  • 3

    Intuitive Abundance Activation

    In this unique audio Anne Deidre will clear and activate all of the abundance in each of your spiritual centers in your physical body. She will also work with the etheric chakras above your head to open up more power and access your multi dimensional wealth so that you can be open to receiving abundance in every area of your life.


Intuitive Eating Through the Chakras

Value: $30

intuitiveeatingcd-cover-300x300Intuitive Eating Through the Chakras
Clearing and Activating Audio
Masterclass Audio

Join Anne’s Guided Meditation as she clears years and lifetimes of false beliefs around food and empowerment. This audio is both clearing and activating your highest good with food and energy.


The Archangel TeleSeries

Value: $188

fullsizerender-300x221The Archangel TeleSeries with Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael and Michael
The Archangel Michael Teleclass in September was a great success and it was great to receive so much positive feedback about everybody’s experience. I have been guided to create an Archangel TeleSeries featuring Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael will speak to us much once more in this series.

Archangel Uriel
It’s close to the end of another year. Have you achieved your goals? Are you living your vision, are you living your dreams? In this unique teleclass I will share channeled messages from Archangel Uriel to shed light on what had been blocking your path from your joy in relationship, career calling and well being.

Everyone on the call will receive a personal message, energy clearing and activation from Uriel.

Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel was the Archangel who announced to Mary that she would give birth to Christ. You will receive some announcements from Archangel Gabriel about your lives and vision for the coming year. Work with this powerful Archangel to create your best year yet in 2017.

Everyone on the call will receive a personal message,energy clearing and activation from Gabriel.

Archangel Raphael
After the holidays Archangel Raphael will guide us to total health and well-being through channeled messages in the New Year. He will help realign your energy and recalibrate your field so that anything going on over the holidays emotionally, physically or mentally will be spiritually aligned so that you can start strong in 2017.

Everyone on the call will receive a personal message, energy clearing and activation from Raphael.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael will give us messages to close out the series in February about what your light bearers mission and purpose is, as it is always evolving.


Light Body Activation

Value: $47

374891986-300x196Light Body Activation
Anne Deidre leads you through a guided activation to activate higher levels of vibration in your physical being in this 2 hour and 30 minute journey with the 2016 group class.

More Light is coming into the planet this year and this activation will help you realign to the highest energy that resonates with the Law of Attraction and Law of Alignment in your life for better relationships and a better connection to your soul and intuition.


Meet Your Spirit Guide

Value: $47

374905429-300x196Meet Your Spirit Guide
In this 2 hour and 33 minute audio, Anne leads you through a guided meditation to connect with a Spirit Guide you are working with currently. You will know that you are not alone and understand some the soul lessons that you are working on and how to connect with your spirit guide at any time by using this meditation.


Inner Circle Chronicles-Book 3

Value: $18.95

img_0432Inner Circle Chronicles-Book 3: Intuitive Healers Leading the New Economy with Integrative Health, Soul and Spirit introduces some rising stars in the fields of Integrative Health and Energy Medicine. Many people on this planet have been, and are, shamans, healers, and medicine men and women. Wholeness, healing, and a natural ability to work with God and health are taught in many religions. This series contains a universal spirituality that has been embraced around the globe.

In this book, you will meet fascinating women who have gone through challenges, awakened to their true nature, and then became powerful channels of Divine Energy and Integrative Health and Wellness. Many around the world are awakening to Energy Medicine, the Energy of Divine Love, transmitted by Jesus, the Great Master Healer.

These powerful women are changing the world as intuitive healers leading the new economy with integrative health, soul, and spirit. May you find all you are looking for within these pages. With the messages so generously shared by each woman, may you feel comfort in knowing all health and wellness you seek are within you.


Inner Visions: The Healing Path of Art

Value: $15.95

innervisionscover-4Inner Visions: The Healing Path of Art

Book Review:
“Inner Visions: The Healing Path of Art is a beautifully written spiritual journey by author Anne Deidre”

“This insightful book entices readers to dig deep and get in sync with your inner self in order to become the person you were uniquely designed to be.”

“The author uses her extraordinary artwork to demonstrate her journey, which allowed her to tap into a divine source and her creativity, thereby enabling her to overcome some difficult challenges in her life.”

“Smith utilizes visual imagery and positive affirmations to extend encouragement and hope to all in need.”

“This book is a wonderful source of inspiration and is highly recommended.”

– Books2Mention Magazine


6 Simple Steps To Creating Intuitive Wealth
For Your Six Figure And Beyond Business

Value: $297

workbook-209x300Featuring Anne Deidre’s Signature Business Creation Method Home Study Workbook and 6 audios

Do not listen to these audios while driving.

Activating Your Entrepreneurial Energy

1activating-your-entrepreneurial-energy-audio1-150x150Personal life changing meditation channeled from ascended masters allowing you to access your Divine consciousness

Clear and Activate Chakra Power

2chakra-power-audio1-150x150This audio will help clear and align chakras 1-7 for your business. Only Anne goes past the lower 7 chakras, moving up to 8 and 9 clearing your dormant gifts and abilities.

Clarity on Message

5clarity-on-your-message-audio1-150x150Whether you know it or not, you have been living your own unique purpose every day of your life. Your own experience validates you for the teacher you are and the message you have to share. This audio clarifies your message (for example, you are not depressed, you are a teacher for clearing depression).

Intuitive Business Creation Method

4intuitive-business-creation-method-audio1-150x150As an entrepreneur, there is a Higher Energy required , to go from the mundane, work day world to creating something unique to you. This audio is a manifesting template to be able to work energetically as an entrepreneur. It facilitates the shift that allows you to be exhilarated with the uncertainty of this process.

Develop Intuitive Gifts

3develop-intuitive-gifts-audio2-150x150This audio develops user’s specific intuitive gifts. The one they have come into this world with and are their own Divine connection. Whether it is to animals, medicine, angels, food, or any other unique experience in life. Anne’s audio works with you to develop your specific gift.

Virtual Website Channeling and Building

6virtual-website-channeling-and-building-audio1-150x150Anne’s channels how to create a website that is unique to you and effective in the virtual market


The Intuitive Life Makeover: Tuning Into The Wisdom Of Your Chakras Home Study Program

Value: $297

Within your Divine Energetic Blueprint, or chakra system lie the sacred keys to living a life of joy, passion and abundance. It contains everything you need to access your Higher Self in order to evolve to its highest potential in this lifetime. As with any energetic system when there is a ‘short’ in any part of the system it causes malfunction in the whole. Anne’s transformational home study program brings you the tools, exercises and meditations to work with the wisdom of your chakras and contains 9 powerful chakra meditations as well as an in-depth workbook.

Tuning into the Wisdom of Your Chakras 38 page eworkbook walks you through the chakra system with exercises and more.

You are being called to realign your energy at the deepest level so that you can serve the world with your unique essence, gifts and sacred wisdom in a way that only you can. When you unlock the wisdom contained within your Divine Energetic Blueprint, or chakras, you will discover powerful tools to access your intuition, purpose and inner well-being and will have awakened your Divine Intuitive Power

Sections include:

  • Introduction
  • The Answers Lie in Your Divine Energetic Blueprint
  • Symptoms You are Out of Alignment with Your Divine Truth
  • The Sacred Keys Within
  • Divine Realignment: Coming Back to Your Truth
  • Introducing the 7 Chakras or Wealth Centers
  • Releasing Imbalances in each Chakra
  • Tips to Healing and Balancing each Chakra
  • Exercises: Guided Meditation and Journaling
  • Additional Support for Clearing and Balancing each Chakra
  • Understanding How the Chakras Affect the Manifestation of Your Desires
  • Shed the Layers of Energetic Blocks to Experience Miracles

9 Sacred Guided Meditations

Do not listen to these audios while driving.


MP3 Audio (7.26min)

article-img1An overview of your 7 Chakras, or Wealth Centers and the important Divine role they play in your connection to Divine Source.

Chakra Scan

MP3 Audio (20.29min)

article-img2In this powerful guided meditation, infused with Divine energy, you will learn how to tune into each chakra, release fear and connect with your inner stability, creativity, power, love, good communication, spiritual gifts and connection to Spirit. Listen to this audio daily to begin to clear and activate your 7 chakras, or wealth centers to release the layers of dense energy you’ve picked up throughout your life.

Root Chakra Foundation Wealth Center

MP3 Audio (12.40min)

article-img3Anne guides you through a Divine love-infused guided meditation, with the support of the Divine Realms, Divine Light and Frequency, you will learn how to bring your dreams into reality by clearing this center. As you clear feelings of worry, fear and instability you will begin to connect with the feeling grounded, your purpose, having all of your needs met and limitless life.

Sacral Chakra Creativity and Truth Wealth Center

MP3 Audio (15.09 min)

article-img4In this Divine love-infused guided meditation, with the support of the Divine Realms, Divine Light and Frequency, you will experience a connection to your inner child, creativity, sense of play, honoring your feelings and true blissful state.

Solar Plexus Chakra Power Wealth Center

MP3 Audio (12.04 min)

article-img5In this Divine love-infused guided meditation, with the support of the Divine Realms, Divine Light and Frequency, you will experience a connection to your true Divine Power, learn what power is and what it is not. You will also learn how to work with Divine intention and Will.

Heart Chakra Love Wealth Center

MP3 Audio (16.09 min)

article-img6In this Divine love-infused guided meditation, with the support of the Divine Realms, Divine Light and Frequency, you will experience a powerful reconnection to the true magnetic power of your heart. You will be guided to release trauma, loss, grief and heartache and connect to the portal of your own Divine wisdom, consciousness, perspective, compassion and unconditional love. You will learn a manifesting technique to manifest your heart’s desire.

Throat Chakra Communication Wealth Center

MP3 Audio (14.12 min)

article-img7In this Divine love-infused guided meditation, with the support of the Divine Realms, Divine Light and Frequency, you will experience a connection to speaking your truth and the Divine expression of your true self. Learn why expressing your unique energy signature has never been more important. You will begin to clear any feelings or words you have stifled as you embody and express more of who you truly are.

Brow Chakra Intuition Wealth Center

MP3 Audio (18.34 min)

article-img8In this Divine love-infused guided meditation, with the support of the Divine Realms, Divine Light and Frequency, you will experience a connection to your intuitive power which includes your spiritual gifts of clear seeing, clear knowing, clear hearing and cleat feeling. Learn more about The Intuitive Age and your great part in this new reality on earth. Begin to clear and activate your third eye of intuition and connect with your spiritual team.

Crown Chakra Source Wealth Center

MP3 Audio (14:14min)

article-img9In this Divine love-infused guided meditation, with the support of the Divine Realms, Divine Light and Frequency, you will learn how to experience a direct connection to God. Learn about connecting to the higher realms and our own wisdom of the Higher Self. Learn about and experience integrating the ego and the Higher Self. Release fear and doubt and step fully into your Divine power.

ITEM 10:

Your Intuitive Life Makeover Membership

Monthly Call and Audio Program

Your Intuitive Life Makeover Membership will give you the tools each month with cutting edge information on the energies of the month and spiritual information to help you keep your vibration high and live the intuitive life. Each month you will receive: *A Live Telecall with Anne. On this 90 minute call, Anne will channel a group message and work with listeners energetically, facilitating Divine energy and frequency for the entire group and select members for readings, clearings and activations that will benefit the entire group. Anne will facilitate messages, readings and energy shifts for the group in this Live call. Each call will be recorded and sent to each member.

Awaken Your Divine Intuitive Power - MP3

Enjoy the Awaken Your Divine Intuitive Power gift bundle which includes the in-depth 16 page Awaken Your Divine Intuitive Power ebook and the beautiful Chakra Tuning Guided Meditation (MP3, 17 min.) This special healing meditation which has been infused with Divine energy to facilitate the opening of your heart and energy centers

Package A

Total Package Value $1109.95

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97
*** 90% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

This package includes:

  • All of Package A
  • Ignite Your Intuitive Wealth 30-Minute 1:1 Session With Anne Deidre

ITEM 11:

Ignite Your Intuitive Wealth
30-Minute 1:1 Session With Anne Deidre

Value: $225

anne-deidre-w_scarf1-240x300Your Intuitive Reading

During our sacred time together I will energetically align with Spirit, Ascended Masters, Archangels and your soul’s Divine Self to bring forward the information you need to clear your energetic blocks, get unstuck and shift your energy. Each reading is intuitively customized according to YOUR soul journey and integrates all of my intuitive and healing gifts to serve you. Along with energetically aligning with your soul’s Divine Self, I will tune into and clear your chakras and share the messages I receive from your inner self – and always in service to your highest good.

  • Receive Intuitive Messages from the Divine, archangels and your own angels and guides
  • Clear energetic blocks

BONUS Anne will activate your 9th chakra where your dormant intuitive gifts and abilities reside

Package B

Total Package Value $1334.95

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 88% Saving ***

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Visionary Intuitive Mastery & 3 MP3s + The Archangel TeleSeries + 2 Ebooks + 2 Home Study programs for Intuitive Life Makeover & Creating Wealth + Monthly Membership Call

Discount: 90% Off
Total Package Value 1109.95
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97


Visionary Intuitive Mastery & 3 MP3s + The Archangel TeleSeries + 2 Ebooks + 2 Home Study programs for Intuitive Life Makeover & Creating Wealth + Monthly Membership Call + 30 min 1:1 session with Anne

Discount: 88% Off
Total Package Value $1334.95
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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