A True Breakthrough – Feel Your Body Heal &
Evolve With this Deep System Reboot!

Experience this beautiful combination of modern body science, holistic consciousness, and cosmic love.

Have you tried over and over to heal yourself, making a little progress, then find yourself slipping once again into old energy patterns and habits?

This never before revealed system will rescript your DNA and install new light matrixes at a quantum level to connect you with your Souls Energetic Healing Blueprint.

Join with me as we plug into billions of superfine life force connections that will repair, enliven and activate any diminished energy pathways in your body.

Do you suffer from chronic conditions that keep you from truly enjoying life?

Learn how to align your body’s biology with highly charged self-healing matrixes.

Clear out blockages that prevent the intelligent life force from creating your dynamic health.

Are you ready to spiritualize and embrace your body’s living tissue as sacred and divine?

Feel for the first time an amazing integration of your physical body with the pure essence of your spiritual healing matrix.

Are you looking for your spiritual GPS system in life?

Discover how to shift your body-mind matrices into the Unified Field to profoundly embrace purifying light and love.

Do you want to experience a more abundant life?

You can have the healthy, happy, successful life you know is yours!

  • Upgrade and Repair all your body’s biological systems with this amazing Healing Matrix Reboot.
  • Finally a valuable tool to deal with modern ‘information overload’ - Receive a Cerebral Energy Center Reboot
  • Feel Rejuvenated, Energized, and Happy Again
  • Reboot and Expand your Light Body
  • Connect your body consciousness with Infinite, Immortal and Transcendent Light Fields
  • Activate powerful forces to clear illness, injury imprints, and stress from the body
  • Experience Cellular & DNA upgrades
  • Break free from human consciousness limitations
  • Transform self-hatred and body image issues into loving the beautiful YOU
  • Align yourself to your Sacred Resonance Frequency
  • Initiate Food as Medicine in your biology for fast and amazing healing
  • See how a new way to think about your body can transform your life
  • Reorient your habit matrix for automatic healing
  • Experience radiant health and vitality
  • Boost your immune system by releasing energy drains
  • Feel a deep sense of emotional healing as your nervous system harmonically resets and detoxifies
  • See why there is no dimensional separation from perfect healing when you plug into your Healing Matrix
  • Connect your physical body with golden templates of perfection

Discover how to break through barriers you thought you couldn’t get past

Restore the energy matrix in each of your body’s organs and biological systems by repairing the amazing physio-quantum synapse between your body tissues and the unified field

These powerful healing MP3s activate healing receptors right at the root cause and heal the interactive energy exchange between our body systems and organs. Realize your highest potential by applying the life changing wisdom embodied in this advance system. You will find your consciousness shift dramatically into loving your body’s awesome healing ability. Life changing healing IS possible if you apply these easy to love, yet profoundly scientific healing upgrades.

You will feel a renewed sense of hope, healing, life energy and relief! 

The journey starts right now. I will guide you, in these never before revealed healing series, in repairing your Healing Matrix so you can experience what a deep system reboot feels like, and enjoy amazing new health and happiness!!!

Kimberly Valentine's Testimony

Trauma Therapist: My Chronic Fear Pattern is Gone in 1 Session!

"I have been a trauma therapist for 37 years, and energy healer for that time also. I have many healing certifications, meaning I have experienced many healing modalities. I received a session with Debbi. I had been unable to clear a chronic childhood and past life pattern, even using on myself EFT, EMDR, Psych k, mystery school Healing's, and yet this pattern persisted. When I had the session with Debbi, I thought "What the **** was that? " This session was unlike anything I had experienced, and this chronic fear pattern is GONE! I feel detached and grounded, and almost cannot access the former fear pattern! This was a life changing session!"

~ Robin Trainor Masci, MS, LPCC ret

Nurse: I need less medication after only 1 session! Diabetes
and Thyroid conditions have Improved

"Rev. Debbi is an amazing healer. She was right on the money with helping to uncover and shift very deep and long standing issues for me. She single handedly helped me to heal the relationship with my mother so that I could move forward in life. She also helped to release old unwanted beliefs I had been struggling with for many years. My diabetes and thyroid conditions have improved. I need less medicine now after only one session. My body is continuing to heal. I recommend Debbi to anyone who want in to move forward and heal their lives. I am very grateful for this work!"

~ Jan Hoover, nurse

Heart Healed in One Session, No Surgery Required!

"Hi Debbi, we just wanted to update you, Sean’s heart has gone from 30-35% ejection fraction which put him at high risk of cardiac arrest to 50-55% which is normal. (55%-60% is normal). His doctor could not believe it, so he had another echocardiogram right at the office ordered and it showed the 50-55%. They couldn’t believe it. We know why. Thank you for being a part of his health. We are very grateful. "

~ Sean & Nikki, firema

A Great Shift Occurred – I have been sober ever since my session.

"I am so grateful for the session I had with you on Tuesday. A great shift occurred. I am so much more peaceful, joyful and filled with hope and trust. Even though I am still having some muscle heaviness, I just feel that everything will be all right. I am listening to your MP3s on a daily basis and I just love them - they support me in my healing and growth. And even though we didn’t work on this specifically, I have been sober ever since the session!!! And it was easy."

~ Suzanne

Without a guide like Debbi, I can truthfully say that I likely would not have survived it.

"Words cannot begin to express my deep gratitude for Debbi, and the vital role she had played in my growth and evolution. It is challenging to label her as anything because she is truly a multi-dimensional light being, beyond the limitations of fixed modalities. She is a bearer of the light, who also knows how to navigate darkness like no other. Having chosen a shamanic medicine path, I have experienced a full spectrum of obstacles and challenges that cut deep into the core of the soul. Without a guide like Debbi, I can truthfully say that I likely would not have survived it.

Debbi is a modern shaman, a bridge between the worlds, who delivers a unique frequency and provides you with the tools to help you create your own maps for the personal journey of your soul.

She is helping to usher in an entirely new paradigm on this planet, and I am honored to continue to work with her as I expand my consciousness and retrieve parts of my soul that once were lost. I recommend Debbi to anyone who chooses to say “Yes” to their soul."

~ Keith Walters

Get ready to connect with phenomenal energies and vibrational upgrades!
Evolve your body/mind/soul/spirit matrix with
luminous health and ascension frequencies.






Discount : 93%

Total Package Value $1,430

From Heartache to Joy
Introductory Offer

13 Healing Matrix MP3


Discount: 92%

Total Package Value $2,105

From Heartache to Joy


13 Healing Matrix MP3

Private FB Group

3 - 75 Min. Coaching Classes


Discount : 92%

Total Package Value $2,330

From Heartache to Joy


13 Healing Matrix MP3

Private FB Group

3 - 75 Min. Coaching Classes

1 - 50 minute Personal Session (Recorded)

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Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package A


Welcome to My Healing Matrix Reboot - MP3

Length: 9:36

Introduction to this life transforming series and what it can do for you. Understand your biology and body as fully alive and responsive to your thoughts and feelings about it.

Comments: Integrate with your body’s natural healing abilities.

"Debbi, I love the "My Healing Matrix reboot" package. The energy is just beautiful: the gratitude, the blessings, the music and your soothing voice. I really, really like it! As you suggested, I'll listen to all the recordings first and will then come back to those which are most relevant to me. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering so many of my questions on the coaching calls."

~ Evelyn, Germany

"I have spent years and years and countless healing modalities all to no avail. I have spoken to dozens of healers and while it was enjoyable to talk to them, there was never a change or improvement in any area of my life. I first listened to Debbi's audios, and her soothing voice and incredible content in the audios persuaded me to book a personal session. Ten minutes into the call, and I will not be able to express this properly, but I literally felt a part of my brain light up and I felt and saw colors go into my brain. It was amazing, and I knew that I experienced a profound shift. The focus of the session was on weight loss, which I've been struggling with for years. Not only did I start dropping weight right away but incredible other changes happened in my life within a very short period of time. I was able to release boxes of clutter from my home, let go of a relationship that was no longer serving me and put myself out there to date again. I immediately started becoming more positive, handled stress much better, and Not let the small things get to me. My two sessions with Debbi were truly life transforming. There is no one that I ever need to work with again. I can't thank Debbi enough. And I forgot to mention she was picking up on things she could not have known, so not only is she insightful, compassionate, but more importantly she's effective in resolving long-standing issues. My life has changed 360° for the positive , thank you so much Debbi!"

~  Susan G.


My Healing Matrix Reboot Invocation - MP3

Attune soul, atomic, cellular, and molecular levels with cosmic love and bliss. Initiate supreme health as cosmic energies purify distress, toxins, parasites, bacteria and dis-ease from your being.

Comments: Let the habit body reboot and the body elemental come into a profound new balance. Receive a vibrant love ascension energy upgrade through the totality of your being.


Crown Chakra Activation with Skull, Hair,
and Scalp Energy Reset - MP3

Length: 7:11

Invoke the thousand petal lotus of your spiritual connectivity center. Activate new life force receptors in the dura membrane and fascia tissues. Receive a divine harmonic cleansing and alignment in skull and facial bones.

Comments: Energetically clear past trauma imprints and injuries. Release negative messages and self-judgments. Align with a new love flow. Connect with that which is not born and does not die – Your Eternal Self.


Cerebral Energy Center Reboot for the Brain &
Central Nervous System (CNS) - MP3

Length: 11:23

Install new intelligence and health patterns at micro levels with amethyst diamond light waves. Activate your divine brain and CNS templates. Chromosomes and genes receive the matrix of eternal youthfulness. Reset parasympathetic, sympathetic and autonomic nervous system.

Comments: Clear foggy brain, and mold, yeast, bacteria, virus and parasite genomes. Restore brain and memory. Trigger brain regeneration. Create a joyful nervous system hardwired for your enlightenment and success.

Voice of Rev. Adams is an enlightened sound journey to higher consciousness.

"The healing, Light-filled, God-filled, voice of Rev. Adams is an enlightened sound journey to our higher consciousness. Honoring Love, embracing Light, focusing on Love, she gathers our grateful hearts, while honoring our beautiful minds in a cosmic passage of healing. An incredible way to start every new morning."

~ Melinda Barber, MFA


Third Eye Energy Center & Physical Eyes Regeneration - MP3

Length: 8:18

Cleanse your eyes as you receive the healing matrix reboot to sharpen vision and function and to clear any impairment. Activate your visionary capacities and inner sight and knowing.

Comments: Bless your eyes and your third eye chakra with spiritual perception and gifts. Transcend hormonal issues, headaches, depression, anxiety and sight issues.


Throat and Voice Energy Center with Thyroid Reset - MP3

Length: 9:29

Initiate supportive forces for perfect metabolism. Reset your thyroid energy matrix. Clear blockages to speaking up. Embody speaking your truth with wisdom and love. Amplify your voice with your soul’s intentions.

Comments: Come into a higher vibrational attunement. Clear your DNA lineage of maternal repression and paternal aggression.

My voice and throat cleared, expanded and shifted!

"Love this! I can feel healing taking place as I listen. Amazing! My voice and throat cleared, expanded and shifted. I felt blocks to speaking my truth dissolve away. I feel so free and able to communicate now with more love and ease than ever before. This tool is something I will listen to over and over as I make loving changes in my life. Thank you for this amazing recording. I am blessed."

~ Annie Hettinger


Spine and Back Reboot - MP3

Length: 16:12

Activate healing forces to clear pain, spasms and nerve flow abnormalities from your spine. Strengthen bone mass. Open to new cosmic pathways of light and Qi to energize and recharge your spinal template of perfection

Comments: Stand strong and and release the unconscious need to be punished or to suffer. Clear energy and cellular memory of poverty oaths and vows. Heal auric holes. Install new psychic protection in your energy field.

Pain from old Football Injuries Improve

"Wow that was so good! I am so grateful Debbi turned me on to this healing matrix reboot for my spine. I love it. I believe everything it says. It’s all possible. I’ve been focusing more on ignoring my pain but this is a better way. I feel really good about myself after listening. Ohio State football banged me up pretty bad, including a fractured C2 in my neck. I deal with pain daily. I would recommend this to anyone in pain!!"

~ The Great Terry Bach


Heart Energy System & Circulatory System Reboot - MP3

Length: 15:57

Cleanse and purify your blood in violet light streams. Initiate repair of irregular heartbeat, abnormalities of blood-flow, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and conditions that lead to heart-attack. Activate your Thymus gland with the perfect activity for maximal health.

Comments: Meet your inner magical Child AND your inner Genius. Receive a harmonic love attunement for arteries, veins and capillaries. Connect with infinite health and eternal youthfulness matrices. Experience the power of your sacred heart and the violet light of transmutation that lives here.

The Energy Went Everywhere in my Body!!!

"As I listened to this heart recording, I felt peace and tranquility. Debbi's voice and words of wisdom instantly place my being into a peaceful open place of learning and love. The energy went everywhere in my body. I felt connected, blissful, calm and peaceful. It was lovely to see the vision within my body created by listening to Debbi's words. It is empowering yet gentle and perfect for me. I love being connected with my sacred heart and the violet flame. Working with Debbi and her products is always life altering. I am impacted in such positive and profound ways. Thank you!!"

~ Cynthia Mustaine


Lungs & Trachea Upgrade - MP3

Rejuvenate your lungs in their new ascension health matrix. Open to clear inflammation, mucous, coughing, infection and sensitivity to dust, molds and pollutants. Come to peace with your family.

Comments: Rebirth yourself as the golden divine baby activating the golden light brain and nervous system. Initiate the Whole body respiration cycle.

Soothing & Energizing! Breathing Easier & Deeper!

"I just finished listening to the healing matrix session for lungs and it was so soothing and energizing at the same time. Thank you for your light and love. I am breathing deeper and easier than I have in a while. I AM eternally grateful to you for this experience."

~ Linda Reeves

This made me feel great with a positive state of mind

"This made me feel great. My lungs are more open. And I'm in a positive state of mind. I have COPD and use an albuterol nebulizer occasionally but i don't feel I need to do that- I will continue to use this recording. It’s important to have something to change my mind and my focus. I know i don't need to accept any diagnosis and that healing is possible if i apply this and allow myself to be healed. I feel really blessed listening. Thank you!!"

~  Roslyn Halperin

ITEM 10:

Digestive System Reboot for Stomach,
Gallbladder & Intestines - MP3

Shift overeating patterns and weight issues. Activate the body’s intuitive neural pathways and trusting your gut instincts.

Align stomach- gallbladder-liver-small intestine energy pathways with maximal health. Reset intestinal walls and peristaltic rhythm for optimal health. Open to clear Inflammation, pain, bowel disease, diarrhea/constipation, parasites, viruses, bloating and gastric reflux.

Comments: Release energetic cords and psychic residue. Install psychic protection boundaries. Release energetic parasites and their effects. Align all organs with enlightenment matrices. Clear, heal and align root chakra with evolutionary matrixes. Open to shift eating disorders and addictions. Initiate a mitochondria upgrade

ITEM 11:

Liver & Emotional Detox Reboot - MP3

Length: 9:28

Receive an angelic light bath purification. Connect the golden template of perfection to the physical body. Invite a divine restoration for perfect blood clotting, cholesterol and glucose levels, bile secretion and iron and protein production.

Comments: Clear soul sickness and blood impurities. Release toxic emotions. Receive an emotional upgrade to ascension frequencies. Heal the inner abuser and addiction, self-hatred and self-harming issues.

ITEM 12:

Pancreas & Blood Sugar Levels Reboot - MP3

Length: 12:50

Reset your pancreas to the health matrix of perfect blood sugar to shift patterns of diabetes, fatigue, weight gain, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, and inflammation. Repair and restore optimal functional levels of cellular metabolism. Clear exhaustion and inertia from your being.

Comments: Release fear, doubt, anxiety and negative programming from your solar plexus center. Integrate spirit and soul into your physical tissues. Recharge yourself with revitalizing, renewing energies to create your greatest health and harmony.

"Words cannot express how grateful I am for you. You have brought so much healing to my body, mind, and spirit. The information and healing frequencies you transmit through the MP3's are undeniable. The recordings have activated healing and well-being in me and they have helped awaken the inner knowing of just how miraculous our bodies are. For the first time in a long time I know I am on the path to vibrant health. Love and blessings!"

~ Tracy O’Brien

ITEM 13:

Urinary System Upgrade Kidneys & Bladder Reboot - MP3

Increase kidney and adrenal health and efficiency. Restore valuable Qi energy. Transform the conduits that convert universal life energy into human life energy.

Increase your bladder health energy. Strengthen, repair and enliven the muscles that control frequency and urgency of urination. Cleanse UTI’s.

Comments: Open to clear fear fright and phobias. Create the perfect flow in your life. Activate intelligent divine life forces within you that create emotional equilibrium and balance the yin-yang energies. Feel more vitally alive.

Gems of Awakening - MP3

Light up your energy centers in these sacred gemstones of illumination. Rejuvenate your body-mind and spirit. Activate your auric field with the vibrational essence of sparkling cosmic ambiance. Discover the luminous pearl of your divine mission.

Package A

Total Package Value $1,430

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $107

*** 93% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Totally Blown Away By the Effect They Had on Me

"I listened to Debbi's recordings, and was totally blown away by the quality of the sound, the peacefulness, and the effect they had on me--they are truly a thing of beauty! And I would love to have some more of the recordings, and not only that, but I think I need to see her for a session--she seems like a true natural healer, with the ability to make true and lasting changes in her patients' lives! She is truly a gifted healer, and not only do I think I could benefit from a session with her, I also think I could learn a lot from her techniques."

~ Marilyn Wells, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Package B


ITEM 14:

3 Coaching Classes Power Boosting the Healing Matrix

Length: 75 minutes each

Spiritual Healing, Metaphysical Attunement, Body Energetics, Transformational tools, Deciphering Emotional and Mental Causation, More Matrix Empowerment and Initiations, Implementing Divine Intervention & Grace

Comments: Using Group Synergy and Oneness to Expand Soul and Personal Evolutionary Growth, Experiential, PDF’s provided, Q & A, one-on-one time,

Each coaching class is scheduled twice to accommodate time zones. Wednesday: January 3rd, 10th and 17th, 9 am MST and 6 pm MST. Calls will be recorded and links sent.

"I've just finished listening to the replay of last Wednesday 9 AM call... this was the most amazing call! So much healing was done - it was so powerful. I could feel the energy in my teeth as you were doing the healing of gums, teeth, etc. Thank you, thank you Debbi. I am filled with gratitude - I feel so privileged that Spirit led me to you. Looking forward to listening to the 6 PM replay. All my love and blessings"

~ Suzanne C.

"I just love our group calls as I could really relate to some of the issues raised by our group and my sinus has cleared up so much now and it has continued its’ clearing after the group call. I can now wake up every day breathing some clear air and it makes such a difference!"

~  Daisy, Hong Kong

ITEM 15:

Private Facebook Group

How Exciting!! Interact and stay connected with the My Healing Matrix Group and Debbi!


Awakening Your Spiritual Intuitive Senses

Receive this remarkable transmission to activate your Divine intuitive energy centers. Align with the beauty of Source energy. Reconnect golden pathways pf neural networks in your spiritual brain and spine. Bring 24th dimensional light fields into your cells and energy fields to resource you. Move into the heaven on earth experience. Escort unevolved aspects of your being into spiritual maturity and mastery. Activate your intuitive healing matrix with white rose diamond light.

Package B

Total Package Value $2,105

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $167

*** 92% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package C


ITEM 16:

50 minute personal session with Rev. Dr. Debbi Adams

Bring any issue you want to your session. My intention always is to resolve the underlying causative factors and create real change within you.

Experience divine channeling that blesses your body/mind/soul and spirit with great love and insight. Gain freedom and new abilities to manifest a joyful life.

Sessions can include:

  • Rewriting soul contracts
  • Dismantling patterns
  • Installing new matrices of success
  • Alignment with your true happiness and Soul Fulfillment
  • Divine channeling
  • Receiving messages from your soul
  • Resolving unconscious influences
  • Clearing
  • Healing
  • Re-scripting and re-wiring your energetic system.
  • Many times spiritual initiations occur.

"I felt a lot of energy shifting throughout my body, moving and coughing in sync with you. When you were working on my Heart chakra I had the desire to stretch and move and my arms raised upwards. My abdomen feels connected , there was a lot of scar tissue right through the centre of the abdomen that now feels a connection between the two sides rather than being energetically separate.

My base and sacral chakra feel open and cleansed. Thank you so very much. Sending love and immense gratitude to you and all the Beings of Light that worked with us today, thank you, thank you, thank you"

~ Jane, UK

Package C

Total Package Value $2,330

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197

*** 92% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

My real estate sales have skyrocketed!!!

"Dr Debbi Adams is amazing! I purchased the light fields of ascension package in November of 2016 and began to listen to the MP3's and immediately upon listening I began to feel so much peace, love, healing, relaxation and the information I received from those MP3's has been life changing.

My whole life began to change as I continued to listen to them. My health and emotional well-being has improved beyond what I thought was possible. I have had an extremely successful year in my career and my real estate sales have skyrocketed. I recently had a one hour session with Dr Debbi and I was blown away.

Dr Debbi is so intuitive and she was right on and her guidance and support is priceless. I highly recommend Dr Debbi Adams and I am forever grateful for the ongoing energy upgrade and shifts that I continue to experience. I am looking forward to her new products and programs and I am excited about the future."

~ Tracy O'Brien Topeka, KS

Home cleared of Spooky Energy! Spirit of the Home & Land Blessed!

"MY friend suggested that I contact Debbi Adams as I had recently moved into a home and my family and I were experiencing unsettling experiences with electronics, doors banging and low energy levels. Even our dogs sensed it. Debbi was so thorough. She cleared the home and land and then blessed it filling it with love and light and the family’s highest fulfillment. She even spoke to the ancestors of the land and the spirit of the home. Even the ‘spooky’ corner basement energy has shifted into a higher vibration now. We have had no more issues since our session. And the home feels wonderful . Thank you Debbi! "

~  Tara Blondell, June 2017

Every word resonates with me – My Fears Are Released!

"I am SO grateful to you for my session and my notes. Reading them has just lifted me so much and released my fears . Every word resonates with me and i feel like i am given the support to step into my NEW BEGINNINGS with clarity and innocence. BLESS YOU!"

~ Laila

"For me it has been almost seven years that Dr Rev Debbi has been an amazing Energy Worker, Spiritual Teacher, Leader and Healing Presence in my life on many levels both in person and from thousands of miles across the Country she has been able to work me and her clients in a very powerful and effective manner with amazing results!!!

Personally, I love the in person face to face one on one work that Dr Rev Debbi has done with me in Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ and Washington, DC! When I am unable to be directly in her awesome healing presence, then I am happy to be able to have powerful long distance phone sessions with her!

Now I am thrilled to be able to have the Awesome Amazing Dr Rev Debbi with me ALL the time through her powerful, positive healing Audios and Audio Series as she provides a Powerful Healing Presence via her MP3 Audio Sessions and now I am able to have Dr Rev Debbi Adams with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year anytime I chose! Now to me that is powerful!!!...

I have even played Rev Debbi's Audios over the phone for my clients and they could immediately feel and appreciate the powerful, positive energy and transformational qualities of Dr Rev Debbi's Audio Sessions!!!...

As you can read, see and feel my deepest Appreciation, Respect and Gratitude for Dr Rev Debbi Adams, I AM Sure YOU will also be able to be able to enjoy and receive the powerful transformational healing energies for yourselves and your loved ones!!!."

~  Rev. Gary Niki, D.PSc, Shamanic Samurai Medicine Man, Diplomat of Pastoral Science, NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist-I, Practitioner of multiple modalities, Vocal Vibrational Toning, retired from Public Safety and National Disaster & Emergency Management.

For the past decades

"For the past decades, Debbi has acted as spiritual consultant with many of my patients, in my integrative holistic based medical practice in Sedona AZ and Scottsdale, AZ. Her loving, intelligent approach to her work has been greatly appreciated for many years. My patients love her and are very touched by her total acceptance and her wise insights into their problems. I have seen patients riddled with deep seated resentments and frustrations come out of a session with Debbi transformed and glowing with renewed confidence and love. She has an amazing ability to embrace and release the most difficult problems with a clear and gentle heart."

~ Tom Ritchie, M.D., Sedona Synergy Medicine

"Where do I even begin…I’ve been asking Debbi to record her meditation transmissions for decades. She has entirely changed my life in so many ways. She is my friend, mentor and spiritual guide. Now I finally have the ability to listen to her again and again. I can take her with me wherever I go. I am forever changed by experiencing her light transmissions. After each session I always feel centered, loved and renewed like never before. I know I can have it all and every time I listen to Debbi I am reminded of this truth. These products connect me with so many insights, energies and miracles it’s hard to say which one is more profound. They all are!! I feel so loved, blessed and connected…one with everything. Thank you Debbi for always bringing me to this place. You must experience Debbi and her wonderful LOVE essence!"

~  Nadene Nystuen R.N.


"Reverend Debbi Adams is a saint. I began studying under her back in 2009 and have since continued meeting with her whenever I am in need of some solid counsel or healing. There are so many examples I can share where she helped me grow throughout the years, but one stands out above the rest. Back in 2012, I was pastor of a growing interfaith church and was struggling with being a confident and decisive leader during a difficult time of unrest in the community. Up to that point in my life, I had the belief drilled in my mind that “power” was a “bad word” and that it was ego-based, thus I feared fully stepping into my power to become the leader my community needed me to be. With Debbi’s assistance, she taught me the positive aspects of power and how it can be used to foster courage, strength, and above all, kindness. Years later, and with Debbi’s continued leadership training, I stand a confident man with a thriving community around me. Debbi’s teachings were invaluable to me, and today I face all my challenges with a powerful heart, never backing away out of fear or insecurity. In doing so, I have learned to conflict resolve with peace, kindness, and compassion in every area of my life. I highly recommend Rev. Debbi’s services. She is an incredible healer and mentor, providing an absolute safe space without any judgment. She is also very skilled at gently guiding our own minds back to compassion when we begin to judge ourselves and become our worst critic! For seven years Debbi Brown has been my go-to mentor in times of need. Like I mentioned above she is a saint who is well worth the monetary exchange and time spent to meet with."

~ Alaric Hutchinson, author of Living Peace and owner of Earth Spirit Center for Healing in Queen Creek, Arizona


"Debbi is a truly unique and rare combination of a divine channel that is anchored and rooted in truth, offering highly tangible solutions that can be applied anywhere and anytime. I have worked with her for the past four years, and continue to be amazed by the profound wisdom and skills that she embodies. Debbi has helped me significantly in all areas of my life….personal and business relationships, manifesting abundance, cultivating a deeper connection to everything around me, and recognizing that all of these are connected. There is no separation.

She has helped me develop my human mastery through ancient and timeless practices that today are even more imperative in our modern world. She is truly a modern shaman and mystic who helps people find clarity and connect with their soul purpose, their bigger mission. I am honored to work with Debbi, and highly recommend her to my closest friends and anyone committed to the path of higher consciousness, which ultimately leads to inner peace."

~  Keith Walters, Medicine Man and Ceremonialist

A Radiant Transmitter of Light

"Debbi Brown is a close friend, a respected equal, an inspired servant of life, a gifted spiritual leader, a gem worth experiencing, one of God's delightful treasures, a radiant transmitter of light, a peaceful healing presence, a selfless medium of divine blessing, and someone whose loving presence will transform your person in delightful and beautiful ways."

~ Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Founder The Ultimate Human


"Debbi is my go to person when I need to hear from the angels. She communicated with my deceased mother and brought powerful healing that allowed me to let go and feel great peace. Her meditations and channeled messages are profound, other worldly and always spot on! Goose bumps! I can’t recommend her enough. You must connect with her."

~  Jill Lublin, International speaker and author, master strategist on publicity and getting noticed.

Son healed after medical assistance did not help/ Abundance Manifesting Abilities went Sky High/ Husband’s Addiction Healed/ Witnessed Miracles

"The first time I was introduced to you by Dr. Ritchie, you were called into my life in an emergency situation. My son Carson was bite by a deadly spider. The hospital and doctors were not helping the situation get better. And then you walked in to the room. At first I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I can remember was handing my son over to you and asking you to make this all better. I actually had the visual of that and it must have been in a different realm. I knew nothing about energy or shamans at this time.

You placed your hands on Carson and closed your eyes, and I saw this black spirit of some sort lift out of him like smoke. And the room got brighter. He was healed. I was forever changed after that day.

I had to know more, I felt as a mother I needed to know how to heal because I couldn't rely on western medicine anymore, I had lost trust and faith.

I then started to show up at your classes, and I found myself at your door a lot. I started to learn about metaphysical science and found I was good at something which is manifesting. And with your blessings and teachings our family business became very, very successful.

Your personal hypnosis CDs have assisted me and my three children off the addiction of fast food. We won't even pull into a McDonald's parking lot.
I'm forever grateful for the support over the years you have provided, you assisted me transforming a breakdown into a breakthrough.

When literally every relationship in my life was broken, you answered my calls and helped me see my light even at times when I didn't see it in myself.

You taught me silence
You taught me truth
You taught me belief
You taught me miracles
You taught me friendship
You taught me honesty
You taught me courage
You taught me beauty
You taught me respect
You taught me honor
You taught me soul
You taught me love

Debbi and I prayed together for my husband’s addictions to be healed, and she taught me to trust and have faith and to believe the prayer will get answered. My husband’s addictions have been healed and I strongly believe it had to do with the healing prayer work Debbi initiated. Her prayers are other worldly and all encompassing. They heal.

My son Carson listened to Debbi's golf meditations before he goes to sleep and has won many tournaments since listening to her recordings. He too calls to makes appointments to visualize/pray with her before golf tournaments.

My son Zachary has personally called and had private life coaching sessions with Debbi and has earned a full tennis scholarship this year and I know it's because of the coaching. He also practices metaphysical science abundance sessions with Debbi and has started his own TEC Company at the age of 18.

My daughter has been healing her back issues with Debbi's CDs for healing. And my youngest daughter, , has been to several classes for shamanic and Reiki initiations. She uses her hands to heal. She also is a great manifester and positive person from Debbi's teachings.

Debbi has touched my life in too many ways to list, she truly is an earth angel in a human body. I've watched miracles take place and I've also experienced life-saving healings personally for myself and my loved ones as well. I highly, highly recommend Debbi for all issues, including assisting with energy healing for any health issues as well.

Your life will be blessed and transformed once you allow Debbi’s heart into your heart! "

~ Rev. Kimberly Valentine, Abundance Manifestor & Mentor, Fire Ceremony Facilitator, completed Apprenticeships: Medicine Way, Intuitive Development, Soul Mastery and Personal Mentoring

About Dr. Rev. Debbi Adams:

Dr. Rev. Debbi Adams is a gifted soul reader, divine healer, therapeutic medium, higher consciousness coach, and heart-centered teacher who will empower you to live to your highest potential. She has helped hundreds of clients overcome physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, business, and human challenges. She has an intuitive ability to tune into and translate the wisdom of your soul. Her higher-consciousness sessions are filled with magical insight, quantum transformations, divine blessings, and sacred light transmissions and activations. You will feel like you’re talking to your angelic self, while being holistically transformed in pure love and higher cosmic attunement. Her clients experience new freedom and bliss.

She has been called a Lightworker, Earth Angel, Saint, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Midwife and enlightened by shamans, healers and her clients.

Debbi has also been called in missing persons’ cases, life and death passages, and to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned—including in difficult circumstances, such as murder. She has a doctorate of divinity, three ordinations and 20 healing certifications.

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