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YOUR BODY is a store-house of your physical and your emotional being... It has the most SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE that keeps YOU alive without your help!!!

It handles EVERY function of the organs and its only intention is your wellbeing!

Your body intelligence is of a complex nature and yet it is done seamlessly for as long as you are on this earth plane. The body does not disturb you with any of its functioning, it however does send us signals when it is not in a balanced state.

It is ONLY if we pay attention to its numerous signals to balance our emotional health... the rest will take care of itself.

YOUR BODY is your BIGGEST Clue to Your Financial State!

And that is EXACTLY what Zeenat is able to do for you ... she helps interpret, clear and heal the issues that are keeping you stuck and in lack.

“Zeenat Has Been A Lifesaver For Me… Without Her I Would Have Been Lost! All The Downloads I Have Received Have Done Wonders For Me And My Life… Sooooo Grateful!”

When the flow is disrupted... Money, Success, Love, Balanced Life is also impacted!!!”

2 x One Hour Session with Zeenat

Regular Price $597

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $197

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“My Lower Body Pain Was Relieved Instantly In Just One Session!”

“Working with Zeenat has been an amazing experience for me... she uncovered a life long block that was affecting my ability to receive. After listening to her mp3 as instructed the first thing to clear was an uneasy feeling I was experiencing in my solar plexus and the pain I had in my lower body around my ankles and knees after falling down the stairs the week before.

The pain had moved up my body and unfortunately stayed stuck in my shoulders and neck to the point I had trouble moving my head the pain was intense. After having the live session with Zeenat that pain was released live during our call. She explained to me that my Soul was ready to receive but my body wasn't feeling safe to let go of the resistance, grief, sadness, and feeling of not enough energy from releasing and manifested as pain manifesting in my body.

Zeenat enlightened me to this fact and gave me the tools in which to continue the releasing of these energies as I move forward to allow more space for abundance to flow. Zeenat is compassionate, and gets to the root cause quickly and moves the energy just as quickly. I am feeling happier, more joyful and peaceful and receiving more with much gratitude. Thank you, Zeenat, much love, light, and joy!”

~ Anna from Canada

“All My Pain Troubles In My Body Detoxed… Her Light Language Is INCREDIBLE!”

“I have been suffering for at least 25 years with pain in my lower body, knees, ankles and I was getting bruises very easily from what, I have no idea! Zeenat was so gentle and understanding as she listened to my pain troubles in my life and then she began to work on each one with her calm and caring voice... mostly her MP3 was a big help! OMG! I never thought that an MP3 could help or that light language would detox so well!

She kept calming me and solving my stress that was stuck in my right knee and ankles... she is so patient and takes time to truly understand the pain before she clears it! Her instructions to keep hydrated helped me a lot with amazing calmness and a feeling that I have a higher power guiding me... which brings tears of love and a deep feeling of belonging to the universe! I am very thankful to God Ascending Master Zeenat!”

~ M. Serang

“I Can Now Walk With Ease And More Stability!”

“Zeenat has amazing perception! Through her channeling she identified energetic blocks and shifted many things! The reduction of pain in my leg and hip was down from 100% to 40% in just hours after the call! I could definitely feel the energy shifting and lifting during the session. This morning I am walking with way more stability and ease! I would definitely recommend getting a session with Zeenat!”

~ Delany D.

“Within Just A Few Days The Pain Was Gone And I Felt So Much Better And I Was Motivated To Work On My Health!”

“While I listened to the light language transmission audio, I felt slight pain in my calf muscles, since I suffer from myopathy. My calf muscles are quite inactive but I felt like contractions in my muscle and after listening to the audio for 3 days, on the 4th day I woke up to mild - moderate bodyaches (back, leg, stomach) even my forehead was feeling some pain when touched. It felt like I had done some heavy exercise when I had done none. I realized how powerful the LLT is, and that I was experiencing the shift, the codes were doing their work! In a few days time the pain subsided and now I feel very motivated to work on improving my health! I am meditating regularly and eating healthy food. Super thanks to Zeenat for the awesome light language transmission!”

~ M.

“My Grid Has Worked Very Well For Me… I’ve Seen Firsthand All The Positive Changes It Has Brought Into My Life!”

“I’ve been along with the SoulSearch journey from the very start and was given the opportunity to design the logo. I remember I accepted it openly and it has only given me back in abundance. Working along with Zeenat on SoulSearch I’ve watched every grid she creates - with so much patience and how she humbly pours out her creativity onto the grids making each one a unique piece of art that serves purpose to our life.

She was kind enough to make me one grid too and I can say with my experience it has worked very well for me. I’ve seen the change it has brought in my life and I’m grateful to know her personally. Thank you and God Bless!”

~ Sunil K.

“My Grid Is A Beautiful Gift That Resonated Deep Within My Soul… And So Grateful For All The Abundance It Brings Me!”

“My dearest friend gave me a gift for Christmas. She blessed me with a beautiful picture. At first glance it looked like circles & semi-circles arranged in a beautiful pattern. Then I saw a pattern emerge. It felt like a 'Cross'. On closer inspection it came across as " Christ". She did not say what it was at first. She then confirmed what I was seeing!

It was a Light Grid of “Christ Consciousness”!! Wow Oh Wow was all I could say. She had channeled this! Immaculate in Perfection! Every circle, Semi circle Line was Perfect. It resonated deep within my Soul. Honestly at first I didn’t know what to expect and I had so many questions… but she patiently answered all of them! But before coming in contact with her healing techniques and grids there was this sense of slack in the way things were moving around for me.

In time I understood how this all works and gradually I started noticing this change in my life - be it personal or my work. I felt more aware of the surroundings and I’m certainly grateful for the abundance I’ve been gifted with. I’m happy to be here and share my experience with you all! Thank you! Zeenat you are fabulous & awesome! I Am deeply grateful to you for sharing this with me. Divine Thanks Zee!”

~ Ani

“Both Of My Grids Are Supporting My Transformation And I Am So Grateful For All The Wonderful Changes!”

“I recently got my second grid and it is with me in my bedroom. The grid tells me it’s time for a massive revamp in life and most importantly, accepting myself fully and completely. Although, I feel there is too much going on, I know I am being fully supported by my friends, family and the universe. The grid represents rebirthing is what Zeenat tells me and I am excited about this year and how things will pan out. I am very grateful for both the grids in my life and all the support that they are giving me, while I am going through my transformation! :)”

~ S. Karra

“My Grid Has Helped Me In Many Ways With My Health & Attracting The Right Experts To Help Me Overcome My Disease!”

“I was gifted this wonderful grid I choose to call "EIR" to support me overcome the blocks in my health. I spend 30-45 minutes every day in the morning meditating on the sofa right opposite to where "EIR" is seated. It feels wonderful… I feel guided through the day in making sane choices about nutrition, medication, alternate therapies and managing emotions.

In fact, I have been attracting the right kind of experts to help me overcome my disease. Surprisingly I have found a huge difference in my environment and people around too… the emotional stress and pain around me which was a major trigger for me has been curbed to a large extent but in case there is one I am able to manage meltdowns around me far better than before. Thank you Zeenat for the wonderful fresh breadth you have brought to my life with this beauty I call "EIR".”

~ Parizad I.

“She Was Spot On… And I Could Feel The Shifts Immediately!”

“I was amazed at how intuitive Zeenat was during our session... she picked up very heavily on the confusion going on in my love life and she also told me I have trust issues, which is VERY true! While listening to her MP3 and also during my session... my right shin kept getting very hot! She told me I had a lot of anger, which I totally resonated with and as she worked on me I could feel the shifts immediately!

It went from very hot to cold... and from the front of my shin to the side! It actually took about 30 min after the session for the cold to go away. I would definitely recommend working with her... she picked up on several things that were going on in my life and she was spot on! Thank you so much for this opportunity, I'm so grateful for the experience!”

~ Kelly D.

“The Answers Are Showing Up And I’m So Grateful To Be Blessed With A Goddess Watching Over Me! All The Pieces Of The Puzzle Are Finally Coming Together!”

“Experience after DNA activation has been amazing. I feel as if the connection with the divine has opened up suddenly! One day during meditation I was guided to a star close to earth, on asking what it meant, I was told I am a star seed... I had no idea about starseeds! In my next meditation I asked them to give more details which I received.

I couldn’t believe how clearly I was getting the answers. In the next session they told me there is meeting I needed to attend, after the meditation I fell asleep in the same room (I meditate in a separate room), at night I think I was in half awake half dreamy state, don’t know how to describe it. I felt the presence of many energies in the room, I could hear a heavy male voice addressing the meeting. Morning when I woke up I remembered only one thing, the heavy voice saying Hathor.

I immediately Google searched and was surprised to know Hathor is Egyptian goddess of love, same as goddess Isis. Also during meditation a few times I have seen an unknown goddess blessing me and an eagle coming and sitting on my hand. I now know it is goddess Hathor and her eagle headed son Horus. Everyday it’s like pieces of puzzle fitting each other. Today I saw goddess Hathor and beside her was standing Shirdi Saibaba blessing me. And after some time I was guided to read, a place in Egypt named Sias, goddess Hathor is known as Sias Neith😀. A perfect way of showing everything is connected and all is ONE😊. Thank you Zeenat for helping me awaken.

~ M., Mumbai

“I Feel I Am Born Again With The Clarity Of My Purpose In Life And All The Answers I Have Been Seeking!”

“Today on my 44th Birthday, I take this opportunity to thank my childhood friend Zeenat; we were out of touch and reconnected almost after 20years. This is not a mere coincidence. I was always in search for something somewhere and so many questions in my mind, what's that's keeping me away from my dream life I always dreamt of.

Today it's been almost 9 months and Soul Search has brought about so much of clarity in my life. Thanks Zeenat! This birthday I felt I am born again as I have got clarity of my Purpose in life and answers to many other questions that have been backlog my mind since long. I recommend all my near and dear friends to do connect with Soul Search and am sure your Search will get the long awaited direction!”

~ Jayesh

I found Zeenat to be sincere, committed and passionate about her work and in her sessions. This aspect is that which has possibly has led her to her being gifted with connection with light beings for sharp insights on the matter at hand.

Further she has something special and unique called light language to further the healing process in a non intrusive and non judgemental manner. In one of the sessions… I saw an immediate positive impact on activities I was interested in and in which an inertia and a sense of failure had creeped in.”

~ A.M., Mumbai

“I have placed the grid for health and well being in my bedroom and since the time I have returned with the grid back in Dubai... I have become more conscious of my health. Nutrition and exercise being quite regular and thinking what I am putting in my mouth 🙂

~ VG, Dubai

“My Life Has Been Forever Changed And I Am So Grateful For My Beautiful Grid And The Energy It Radiates Not Just For Me… But For My Entire Family!”

“I had a lot of neck pain, upper, lower and middle back pain and a lot of mucus / phlegm in my throat. Also there are times my knees and lower feet would hurt a lot! I quit my job wanting answers to a lot in my life... I’m not sure of how long but it has been years and I learn to live with it and as soon as I started working with Zeenat I became very aware of it.

Your therapy for me has been super steady and consistent. I did have a lot of unresolved issues, some of the issues I wasn't even aware of and some external factors that I was blaming everyone else or making myself a victim. But each time I spoke with you, your energy and you guided me a whole lot, you very patiently made me recognise what the ancestral and parental energies do to us, so much of writing and burning it helped me release so much. Her energy and downloads helped me release a lot of the energy blocks... it was tough, but you were always so consistent. You are always very reachable even if late. Your energy is a blessing during full moons and the way you helped me acknowledge and manifest is something that has helped me.

I have felt energy shifts even with my parents and I had some issues with my brother were in we weren't talking and that changed, he suddenly called me. Also for the first time in 36 years my parents, my kid, my brother’s kid me and my husband did an independent holiday. I am very thankful to you for helping me through my journey!

I have started reaching out to my inner-self, I have stopped blaming external situations, earlier I thought my parents were faultless and I was not open in many aspects of my life. Your energy work is making me feel as if I am peeling layers and layers of dirt on myself and I am clearing and opening up to a newer dimension.

The grids I have received from you are consistently working with me on a conscious and a subconscious level, they are not only beautiful but reflect my character to a great extent and they consistently guiding me to a different level. I have taken to meditation and being more grateful to many aspects of life.

I am doing things that I would have never been able to, I am refraining from imposing myself or my thoughts on anyone, I feel more compassion because I understand from which situation they are stemming from. My son who was also stuck to me is now opening up and learning to be with others as well. I am most grateful and all our cafe meetings have been great, I look forward to each session as a new layer unfolds. The experience so far has been life changing. I wish you all the best all the time and may you help more and more people.”

~ M. J., Mumbai

Regular Price $597

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $197

SAVE 67% On This Page Only!

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