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Certified Advanced Therapeutic Qi Gong Instructor.
"The Queen of Age Reversal"

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Embodying Divine Love to Create Miracles in Health, Finances, and Relationships

What would your relationships be like if you truly activated and embodied divine love?

“I gifted my daughter your Love Miracles Program.  She had been depressed and angry for years, due to stress in her marriage.  After 3 days of listening to the first recording, So Hum, she had a profound breakthrough and now feels joyful, grateful, and enthusiastic about life!  It’s a miracle!  I can’t thank you enough.”

“My children fought constantly from the time we adopted them.  They even went to the principal’s office for fighting at school!  Thanks to you, now they are best friends, and even phoned each other every night when they were away at camp.”  
GM, Virginia Beach

How would your cash flow change if you completely surrendered it to cosmic consciousness?

"Your work brought me a grant of $1800 in one week which I used to purchase medical equipment for my disabled son!"

RK, Virginia Beach

"While working with you, I won $10,000 in the lottery!  Thanks for this miracle!"  

What would your life be like if you really loved your body as a temple of the sacred?

"I didn't tell you this when you worked on me bc I was so upset. But I had a benign tumor that was in an inoperable location in my brain. Two days after my session with you I went for my check up. My doctor, who had told me that it would continue to grow and that I had maybe 5 years of function left, was astounded. My tumor had not only begun to shrink (and continues to shrink) it had MOVED to a different location, and was now operable. He doesn't think I'll need surgery, bc it is still shrinking. I have no words to express my gratitude. You gave me my life back so I can continue to take care of my family."
GF, Newark, NJ

"My sister-in-law's bloodwork improved so much after her session with you that her doctors sent samples of it to Duke and Johns Hopkins, because they had never seen such a recovery before!"
MW, Chesapeake, VA

"During my chemo and radiation, my work with you prevented me from having any side effects. My doctors were amazed!"
LM, Chesapeake, VA

At Work:  Do You Want to End Issues at the Office? Increase Teamwork and Productivity?

At Home — Do You Want to Have Deeper Levels of Connection with Family and Friends?  Improve Communication and Mutual Admiration, Love, and Respect?

“Thanks to your work, my office promoted me, paid me retroactively for work I’d done last year, and the highly manipulative colleague has backed off significantly!  Plus my husband has become much more involved at home:  doing chores, initiating outdoor activities with our girls, and even buying us a puppy!  It’s amazing!  I am so grateful!”
KB, Chesapeake

“I asked you to help me get along with my co-workers.  And boy it's really paid off!  First, I passed that professional exam that I'd failed last year, and I got a raise.  Second, morale in my office had increased dramatically!  We used to never talk to each other, but now we joke, and laugh almost all day -- we get a lot done, and we really enjoy each other!  If you'd told me this would happen, I would NEVER have believed you

JL, Portsmouth, VA

I have a particular gift for helping people optimize relationships of all kinds, in all kinds of environments:

Because of this, people often ask me in private sessions to “fix” their friends/ co-workers/ Significant Other/Partner/Housemate so that person will act better. Or “fix” their bodies. Or “fix” their bank accounts.

And my answers always shock them:

  • I can help you treat yourself better, and then everyone else will treat you better, too.
  • I can help you radiate love to all your cells, and they will respond.
  • I can help you heal your internal pain around self-worth, and your cash flow will improve

The truth is, everything we experience is an outward manifestation of an energy pattern inside of us. Our financial issues, our physical symptoms, our disagreements with our family members, co-workers, friends, and/or romantic partners, all originate within us.

By shifting your internal patterns through energy work, you’ll literally have different neurological patterns develop in your brain, and other people will sense this and treat you differently!

The Allowing Love Miracles(tm) Program gives you the tools to embody divine love and transform all aspects of your life.  It contains all the energy healing that my private high end clients have paid thousands of dollars for in a convenient and cost-effective set of MP3s.

Here’re some more results from my previous clients:

  • Our relationship has deepened beyond anything I thought possible - Shelly, Mexico
  • This work has brought joy, appreciation, and romance back to our relationship. - Anonymous, Washington State
  • We’ve ended the constant fighting and criticism! - Anonymous, California
  • I had been in constant pain for over 20 years in my left leg. And now after my work with you, it is gone. I’m crying tears of joy. - Bonnie, Colorado
  • Three days before my phone session with you, my doctor told me that the tissues had died in my foot, and to prepare myself for a possible amputation. Three days after my intensive work with you, I saw him again. He was stunned and amazed. He’d been prepared to set up the surgery. But the vascular tissues had revived and were growing back. Missy, Chesapeake, VA
  • I wake up happy and fulfilled — it’s wonderful! I’ve created a new circle of positive friendships. KT, Costa Rica

Allowing Love Miracles(TM) Can Help Couples:

  • Increase sexual fulfillment
  • Bring joy, appreciation, and romance back to your relationship
  • End fighting and criticism
  • Get you and your partner on the same team
  • Infuse your marriage/relationship with caring, trust, and happiness
  • If the relationship is meant to last, let it happen joyfully
  • If the relationship is best let go, let this happen in the most loving way possible and let both people create positive connections with new partners easily
  • Conscious uncoupling

Allowing Love Miracles(TM) Can Help Singles:

  • Be happy and fulfilled with or without a partner
  • Heal old wounds from previous relationships
  • Create a new circle of positive friendships
  • Allow several appropriate suitors to approach you
  • Create clarity so that you can easily create a great relationship with a compatible partner


Total Package Value $1380
You Awakening Special Offer $147


Total Package Value $3497
You Awakening Special offer $197



5 Love Miracles Mantra Files with Channeled Music

Value: $111 each = $555

The music on each file is channeled by Thaddeus, my collaborator. This particular series features his Angels of Love channeling, and will profoundly shift your consciousness and release blocks to being love all the time.

  • So Hum Mantra "I am that I am"

Creates a strong foundation of self-love, self-appreciation, worthiness, self-acceptance and wholeness, so that old patterns of "I can't have love until I accomplish" are erased.

  • Yum Mantra heart opener

Cleanses, heals, and clarifies the heart chakra so old assumptions about what is "appropriate" in love fall away and you are free to interact with people with joy, truthfulness, and non-attachment.  No more trying to "follow rules" to win love.  Your personal choices are honored.

  • Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhai Such Nanak Hosei Bhai Such

Opening the way for miracles, releasing all limitations on how love can come to you through new friendships, revitalized and upgraded connections with current friends and family and even the right partner.

  • Ek Ong Kar Sat Guru Prasad Sat Guru Prasad Ek Ong Kar -- Turning the "negative" into the "positive."

On its basic level, all energy is neutral.  As much "negative" energy as we've experienced in the past is how much "positive" energy we are able to create right now!  This mantra inverts the vibrations of "shadow" "darkness" and "negativity" and harnesses them to create outstanding positive results instead!

  • Aham Prema "I am Love of the Highest Order, I am Divine Love"

Listening to this file trains your personal energy to flow Divine Love through you and around you, so you become a fountain of profound bliss for your self and others.  It has the capacity of filling up all aspects of your being, then creating another layer of love around you so you are completely filled with bliss energy at all times while bliss energy flows around the bubble of your aura to all other beings.



5 Love Miracles Soundless Healing Files

Value: $88 each = $440

Each of these files has a basic vibration of Sunshine Wattle flower essence for relentless joy and White Beryl gemstone to undo blockages on all levels, with specialized vibrations added as the weeks progress, in conjunction with he concentrated energy of the mantras. No music, so these files can be used during the day.

  • Hum Mantra energy plus
  • Celtic Healing Springs -- emphasizes your personal vibration, all others are released
  • Boab -- an Australian tree that heals family dynamics
  • Lepidolite -- a purple stone that encourages joyful acceptance of self at every moment of life
  • Peach Moonstone -- sorting out energies that no longer serve you so they are gently taken to the edge of your aura
  • Leopardskin Jasper -- attracting exactly what you personally need to heal
  • Marble -- creating a strong foundation for your new self
  • Raw Garnet -- wholeness and self-acceptance
  • Yum Mantra energy plus
  • Raw Emerald -- profound heart healing
  • Opal -- heals wounds from family patterns
  • Rhodochrosite -- breaks up old patterns of all kinds quickly
  • Rhodonite -- soothes and comforts the heart, stabilizing it during changes
  • Bleeding Heart -- flower that heals heartbreak
  • Aad Such Jugad Such Hei Bhai Such Nanak Hosei Bhai Such plus
  • Annular Solar Eclipse -- things can happen quickly and easily
  • Blue Flag Iris -- Flower that foster creativity, root of miracles
  • Clear Zircon -- Cleans up "old business" and organizes your vibrations for fulfillment
  • Ek Ong Kar Sat Guru Prasad Sat Guru Prasa Ek Ong Kar
  • Red Jasper Reverse negative energy, healing.
  • Jet – Transmutes negative energy to positive, Protection, healing, purification
  • Fireweed -- profound transformations occur in positive,
  • Revitalizing ways -- letting go of old assumptions
  • Aham Prema Mantra Energy plus
  • Labradorite – messages from the higher self. Let Ascension be joyful and well-paced and new gifts be integrate easily
  • Ruby in Fuchsite -- being a loving divine individual within a loving divine universe. acknowledging connection while honoring personal free will


Relationship Harmony Soundless Healing Files

Value: $77 each = $385

  • Being The Love You Are -- returns you to the instinctive knowing that your true self is love
  • Connecting Hearts and Higher Selves -- shifts all relationships to their highest possible vibration
  • Family Harmony -- heals communication within family members, so they collaborate in healthy ways
  • Harmonizing Relationships -- smooths out interactions in all situations, good for work
  • Joy Gratitude Appreciation -- gratitude is the highest vibration, it is the blissful frequency of divine love, creating from gratitude makes all manifestations elegant, easy, enjoyable, and fulfilling for all concerned


Total Package Value $1380

You Awakening Special Offer $147


Includes Everything in Package A Plus


Intensive Weekend of Remote Healing

Value $497

The Allowing Love Miracles Intensive Energy Weekend, 72 hours of energy work for healing the wounds of love and optimizing all your relationships begins at midnight Friday March 6, 2015 and continues to 11:59 pm on Sunday March 8, 2015.
On March 6 - 8, 2015, you will receive 72 hours of Maiyah's specialized guide, ascended master, and angel teams working with your whole being gently and continuously specifically for Love Miracles and Relationship Enhancement Issues.


3 Hour Live Call

Value $597

Sunday, March 8th at 6:00pm Eastern

She will also host a 3-hour specialized Live Group Healing on March 8, 2015, in which the energies will be off the charts! The combined group intention will exponentially multiply the effect of the healing...

Special Bonus

Invite Your Friends -- anyone who has an email address can receive the Intensive Weekend and Live Call -- worth thousands! How many people do you know who could use these amazing energies to revitalize and heal their relationships, including their romantic lives? ($997 per person!)


Embodying Divine Love Bonus Meditation

Value: $197


This meditation, with channeled Angels of Love Transformational Music by my collaborator Thaddeus, will bring you to a state of joy and bliss that permeates your being, and creates a connection with your physical body that is divinely guided.  Every cell, strand of DNA, stair step of RNA, and telomere will radiate with cosmic consciousness.

The Silent Frequency File is chock full of flower essence frequencies, and safe to play during the day

“I was a victim of female genital mutilation as a child. For decades, this physical and emotional trauma impacted me on a daily basis. After working with you, I have a happiness, lightness, and love of my physicality that I never knew was possible. I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful work.”
MK, Texas


“After doing this work with Maiyah, I had a profound love and partnership with my body that I had not experienced in over 20 years. Thank you!”
Niky Rey, Internationally Renowned Healer


“I feel spiritually, emotionally and psychologically connected to my physical being in a way I’d never imagined before – food tastes better, movement is easier, my energy levels are amazing! I also feel spiritually, emotionally and psychologically connected with my boyfriend beyond my previous imaginings. Because I had been sexually molested as a child, I never knew I could have this kind of happiness and ease! Thank you so much!”
“Roxy,” Virginia


Total Package Value $3497+

You Awakening Special Offer $197


Dr. Stanley Krippner, Professor Emeritus at Saybrook Institute, a world-renowned expert in healing, PTSD and the study of paranormal energy experiences says:

“Just one 20 minute session with Maiyah ended my knee pain of 12 years. I had been hit by a car in Spain in the year 2000, which broke my leg. Thanks to Maiyah, I am painfree! It’s astounding!

I continue to be impressed by Maiyah’s wide range of abilities and knowledge.

She continues to develop her skills in the mind-body disciplines and passes what she has learned on to her students and clients. Maiyah is in the vanguard of 20th century innovators of effective health practices.

Dr. Stanley Krippner

Maiyah appeared on Montel Williams’ Living Well Wednesday on his radio show, Montel Across America, former Navy officer, award-winning counselor and legendary Emmy-winner.

"Your work with families who are dealing with deployment and PTSD is a wonderful blessing to many, Maiyah."

Montel Williams

Maiyah shows us amazing skills with grace...there is a lot to be learned from her masterful work with PTSD, relationship and sexual issues.

Gary Craig, Founder and Creator, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

I didn’t believe in Generational Healing before I met you. But even though you mainly worked on me, my daughter is a completely different person now. She used to create horrible situations in every area of her life. She went from a drug-addict who blew $250,000 in a year then did jail time for assaulting a police officer, she has finished both college and her Masters, and is earning over $50,000 per year doing preventative counseling with troubled teens.

D.W.,Virginia Beach, VA

I have been on my spiritual journey for over 30 years, participating in many workshops, classes and teleseminars. I even travelled overseas to sacred sites for special meditation and prayer rituals with world famous leaders. I have spent time with many acclaimed masters in several traditions. While I have learned from all of them, you, Maiyah, are a special, special gift. I am grateful every day that I can work with you regularly. Your classes take me beyond what I had previously imagined for myself. I am a student for life.

Lorraine McGovern, Virginia Beach

I was broke and going through a horrible divorce. My husband, whom I’d supported for years while he looked for his six-figure ‘dream job,’ said “It’s your turn, go ahead and change to the industry that you really want.” Then after I’d left my boring but high paying career, took the money out of our joint account and abandoned me. I wasn’t able to keep up with my house payments on my entry level salary. My parents were helping me out. It was humiliating. After my program with you, everything changed. By some miracle my husband and his lawyer signed off on a huge alimony package for me. My lawyer was stunned. I was receiving as much as women with three children. Three days after the signing, my husband’s lawyer called my lawyer and told him “We didn’t mean to sign that. We meant to change some things.” But the judge refused their request to re-negotiate. Then after 8 months I landed my dream client and am literally making 10 times per month what I used to make. TEN times! It’s incredible! In 8 months, the amount I spent on Maiyah’s work paid me back over 20 times, and now I am set to make 6 figures every year until I retire.

AH, Newport News, VA

That two hour session healed over 12 years of bad sex. Ethan and I had more sex in 9 days than we did in our previous 6 year relationship, and I felt emotionally, spiritually, and energetically fulfilled and connected with him in ways I’d never dreamed possible. And Ethan said ‘I have died and gone to heaven. Your passion and enthusiasm and orgasmic response are incredible! I am going to light candles to St. Maiyah of sexual fulfillment.’

Thank you so much, Maiyah! I’m a new woman because of your work!

Roxy,Virginia Beach, VA

My NGO was laying people off, so I consulted Maiyah and followed all her instructions in the program. The next week my office received a grant specifically funding my program for $40,000. So my salary was assured for the entire year. Then two weeks later, I attracted a business mentor for a side business I had started. We just got venture capital otaling $80,000 for our first project! Thank you so much Maiyah!

MN, Jersey City, NJ

You told me to say “I attract double; people value me and my work.” And the next week a lady came in and bought something from my glass case in the store. She said ‘I will pay you $180.’ She didn’t even ask the price. So I took her money and she thanked me. It retails for $90. But it gets even better, Maiyah! I ordered a new car for my taxi business. It was shipped to the loading dock, because I live on an island. And when I signed for the car, the delivery slip showed two cars for the price I paid. TWO CARS! I had to call a friend to drive the other one home! It’s unbelievable!…

KS, Costa Rica

Maiyah’s work completely changed my life. I was scared to death because my ex-husband had been stalking me and the girls with a gun. I was broke because we were spending money on hotels so he wouldn’t know where we were. My car broke down. My credit was terrible. Both of my girls (8 and 10) were wetting the bed due to stress. After some intensive work: 1) my ex, who had lied before in court during our divorce, confessed to everything during the hearing, was given a restraining order and was remanded to counseling; 2) I was approved for the perfect car at a low interest rate despite having almost no money down; 3) I received many new orders for commission based work and now have a “cushion” in the bank 4) I found a wonderful new job in Hawai’I and we will be moving soon.

Beth formerly in Virginia,now in Hawai’i

About Maiyah Olivas

Spa still life with pink orchid and white zen stoneA healer with over 30 years of experience and advanced training in over 30 modalities, Maiyah Olivas holds the rank of Third Degree Black Belt and Certified Advanced Therapeutic Qi Gong Instructor. Known as “the Queen of Age Reversal,” and “the Ninja of Transmutation” she’s worked with over 3000 people to improve their emotional, financial and physical situations, often instantaneously! She loves synthesizing new techniques with ancient secrets to create miracles on a daily basis such as: shrinking tumors, reversing diabetes, reviving necrotic tissue and ending decades-long back pain and migraines. When not working with private clients, developing problem-solving products or teaching cutting-edge classes, Maiyah can be found working with at-risk youth in her local afterschool program, teaching ukulele and keyboard.


Total Package Value $1380
You Awakening Special Offer $147


Total Package Value $3497
You Awakening Special offer $197

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