Energy Healer, Intuitive Empath, Innovator, Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos

Vicki Howie’s Special Offer

Finally, a Prosperity Program Designed for Your Unique
Energy Profile Offering the Immersion Level You Want


Basic Chakra  Abundance Package

7-Week Online Chakra Abundance Course + LIVE Q&A Call + Homework (“Omwork”) Immersion Program + Remote Chakra Healing & Balancing + 7-Week Prosperity Partner Program + Bring-A-Friend-For-FREE!

Discount: 90% Off
Total Package Value $2,170
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197



Boosted Chakra Abundance Package

Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ + Chakra Love Contemporary Healing Album + Grounding & Prosperity Audio Course + Grounding & Prosperity eBook + Chakra Life Cycle Chart+ LIVE Chakra Life Cycle Call with Readings

Discount: 88% Off
Total Package Value $2,464
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $297


When It Comes To Prosperity Programs… One Size Does NOT Fit All

And yet, popularized approaches like the “Law Of Attraction” and generic group courses, promote a single formula for everyone, regardless of their differences. Think about how silly that is. No self-respecting clothing manufacturer would ever dream of making just one size of jeans, and yet, that’s exactly what’s happening in the world of wealth and prosperity coaching. Everyone is putting on the same pair of pants!

Your Approach To Abundance
Needs To Be Personalized

If you’ve tried a generalized approach with no results, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. When it comes to personal transformation, generic processes don’t work. Just as you need a particular size of pants that fit your body, you also need a specific approach to abundance that accurately aligns with your energy body.

In Chakra Abundance, you’ll learn about the three main Chakra Types (Energy Signatures) and discover which one best fits you. Knowing your Chakra Type allows you to choose the most effective tools and approaches for your personal growth and abundance. This is super important, because what works for one Chakra Type is often the OPPOSITE of what works for another! For instance, popular LOA techniques as promoted in “The Secret,” are counter-productive for the most spiritually-oriented Chakra Type.

acorn-to-tree-e1397484516415 Oak tree sapling (Quercus Robor) and acorn[/caption]

Just as an acorn contains the blueprint of the oak tree, your chakras contain the greatest version of you. And just as the acorn needs to be nurtured with sun, water and soil, your chakras need to be cultivated with the right mindset and practices.

Chakra Abundance helps you understand your unique Energy Signature and provides powerful tools that release any subconscious blocks that have been holding you back from fulfilling your highest potential.

It’s important to know that any blocks you’re feeling aren’t you. They’re just habits. Patterns you picked up to get your needs met. Habits handed down to you from the influential people in your life. Unconscious tendencies you may not even be aware you have.

Chakra Abundance shines a light on these shadow tendencies. And you know what happens when you shine light on a shadow… it disappears. Or more correctly, it becomes part of the light. It integrates.

Chakra Abundance is a process of integration. It brings forth all of what you already are deep inside, and releases any unconscious habits and identifications that may be holding you back.

Most importantly, it’s a personalized approach that gives you the insight you need to identify your specific Chakra Type and unlock your full prosperity potential.

Package A

Basic Chakra Abundance

This package includes:

  • 7-Week Online Chakra Abundance Course
  • LIVE Q&A Call with Replay Access
  • Homework (“Omwork”) Immersion Program
  • Remote Chakra Healing & Balancing by Vicki
  • 7-Week Prosperity Partner Program
  • Bring-A-Friend-For-FREE!


Value: $597

Expand Your Energy and Abundance from the
Comfort of Your Own Home

Here’s What You’ll Get in This Dynamic 7-Week Digital Course

Bonus Preparation Session – Get Ready for Big Transformation

  • Tap Into Your Transformational Mindset For Maximum Growth
  • Learn the Formula for Fully Engaging Both Your Body & Spirit
  • Find Out How to Make My Secret Drink for More Vibrant Energy
  • Experience a Powerful Chakra Balancing Meditation You Can Do Daily

WEEK 1 – Discover The Power Of Your Personal Energy Field

  • Learn How To Use Your Personal Filter For More Power
  • Experience a Profound Chakra Archetype Meditation
  • Balance Your Chakras by Tapping into Your Masculine & Feminine
  • Discover the 3 Main Chakra Abundance Types & Identify Yours

WEEK 2 – Begin Healing the Imbalances In Your Energy Field

  • Learn How To Identify A Healing Crisis & What To Do About It
  • Discover the Best Way to Heal & Balance for Your Chakra Type
  • Experience the Simple Power of the Daily Chakra Boosting Meditation
  • Learn Why Affirmations May Be Bad for You & What To Do Instead

WEEK 3 – Go Deeper Into Your Energy Field

  • Find Out Why A Certain Popular Movie Can Help Heal Your 1st Chakra
  • Experience a Metaphorically Grounding Journey from Space to Earth
  • Discover Your Body’s 5 Chakra Nexuses & How To Balance Them
  • Learn How to Heal Yourself with Simple, Powerful EFT/Tapping Technique

WEEK 4 – Commit To Massive Action For Big Change

  • Experience an NLP Motivation-Boosting Exercise
  • Discover Why “Knowledge is NOT Power” & What IS
  • Walk Through a Playful Chakra Quiz to Anchor Your Chakra Learnings
  • Learn Why You Have Aspects of Yourself You Don’t Understand

WEEK 5 – Learn To Expand All of Yourself

  • Expand Your Self-Compassion through Presencing
  • Discover How To Integrate All Your Shadow Aspects
  • Mend Your Relationships by Taking Back Your Projections
  • Learn Why You Have Aspects of Yourself You Don’t Understand

WEEK 6 – Discover Your Chakra Needs & How To Fill Them

  • Tap into the Power of Your Future With an NLP Timeline Meditation
  • Find Out How to “Flip Your Focus” & Create What You Really Want
  • Discover the Needs of Your Chakras & How To Fill Them in a Healthy Way
  • Learn the 3-Question Technique For Making the Best Choice Every Time
  • Find Out the Most Effective Healing Technique for Each Chakra

WEEK 7 – Create an Empowering Vision Of Your Life

  • Experience an Iconic Chakra Balancing/Shadow Integrating Meditation
  • Learn the Step-by-Step, 7-Chakra Process for Manifesting Anything
  • Say “Yes!” to Mastery by Adopting a Developmental Approach to Life
  • Learn My Secret To Creating an Ultra-Powerful Vision Board


Value: $97

LIVE Chakra Abundance Call with Q&A

bt7_vicki_qa_phone-246x3001After diving into my Chakra Abundance Course, it’s likely you’ll have questions. Whether you want to know more about your particular Chakra Type, how to use my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos, or anything else chakra-related, I’ll answer all your questions on this private group call. I’ll also walk you through a relaxing and empowering meditation, and if time permits, I’ll offer a LIVE reading or two. A replay will also be provided.


Value: $97

Weekly Immersive Exercises To Maximize
Your Learning

omwork-1024x799Numerous studies show that immersive exercises increase your understanding and retention. The “Omwork” Program is designed to enrich your Chakra Abundance experience with:

  • Videos that Entertain & Illuminate
  • Charts that Clarify the Main Learning Points
  • Original PDFs You Won’t Get Anywhere Else
  • “Omwork” Assignments that Make Your Learning Stick


Value: $97

Energetically Kickstart Your Chakra Abundance with a Remote Chakra Healing & Balancing

remote_healingMy remote healing sessions are a sort of baptism into the energy of your chakras, and they are done just as if you are physically present. I use your name to greet and honor your energy field, and then I clear and balance your chakras. It’s a powerful form of healing initiation, just as powerful as an in-person healing, because energy is unaffected by distance.


Value: $197

Deepen Your Experience By Working With a Partner

prosperity-partner-program-crop1You’ll accelerate your learning when you do the Prosperity Partner Program which consists of weekly partner exercises that complement the material of the Chakra Abundance course. Working with another person keeps you accountable in a fun, positive way and takes you much deeper than you can go on your own.

A little over half the people who attended the original Chakra Abundance course chose to participate in the optional Prosperity Partner Program, and they were the ones who experienced the biggest positive shifts in their chakra test scores and reported more expansion in their personal empowerment and abundance.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?


Value: $1,085

Invite a Friend to Learn and Grow With You

bring_a_friendGrowth is way more fun and effective when we do it with others – especially a FRIEND! So that’s why I’m including the “Bring a friend for FREE” offer!

Yep, you read it right. You get to officially bring a friend with you into Chakra Abundance, and they will receive everything in Basic package. They will also be a part of our online family, which means they will be able to attend any and all future LIVE Bonus Calls just like you.

This means the price of Chakra Abundance Package just got effectively cut in HALF.

So, basically… you’ve got no excuses left. I’ve purposefully priced Chakra Abundance so low you can’t use money as an excuse not to attend. Because using money as a reason not to take action is one of the biggest habits you need to break when you want to step into a Higher Energetic Field of Abundance.

It’s TIME for you – and a friend — to step into your full power and abundance – and become a part of the Chakra Abundance Tribe.

I’m so looking forward to taking you on this journey! Make today the day you commit to a whole new level of abundance to a whole new level of abundance.

Package A

Total Package Value $2,170

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197
*** 90% Saving ***


Package B

Boosted Chakra Abundance

This package includes:

  • All of Package A
  • Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ + Intl S&H
  • Chakra Love Contemporary Healing Album
  • Grounding & Prosperity Audio Course
  • Grounding & Prosperity eBook
  • Chakra Life Cycle Chart (From My Upcoming Book)
  • LIVE Chakra Life Cycle Call with Readings


Value: $37

Early Access to Chakra Life Cycle Chart

In the fall of 2012, after nearly 20 years of practicing yoga, I was driving home from an amazing workshop when I received a spiritual “download” that showed me all the chakra cycles of human life. It was mind-blowing! And it is the subject of my next book (title TBD) that will be published in 2016.

Vicki-Howie’s-Special-OfferVicki Howie’s Special OfferThe Chakra Life Cycle Chart will be the heart of my new book. It is an elegant, eye-opening spiritual tool that shows you what Chakra Life Cycle you are in for each year of your life. Every year of your life, you have one major and one minor chakra influence. My chart shows you both.

This information is life-changing, and until now, I have only shared it with my private clients — who have been blow away by it and have urged me to write my book.

When you get the Boosted Chakra Abundance Package, I’m going to give you the full Chakra Life Cycle Chart, so you can better understand the spiritual phase that you, your friends and family, or anyone else is going through. It covers the entire human life span from age 1 to 100, and is an invaluable reference guide to better understand yourself and loved ones. It’s extremely valuable for relationships where you are trying to grow and expand together, because understanding your different Chakra Life Cycle phases will help you to work better as a team.

This chart is not available anywhere else in the world and will not be distributed on a mass level until my book is published sometime in the second half 2016, so you’re definitely on the “inside” on this one!


Value: $97

LIVE Chakra Life Cycle Call with Readings and Q&A

vickie_microphoneOn this LIVE call, I will be sharing some of the secrets of my yet-to-be-released Chakra Life Cycle System. I will be answering your questions and giving individual Chakra Life Cycle Readings. Learn which Life Cycle you are in now, and be in the know!

Everyone in Chakra Abundance who is on the call and wants a CLC Reading will get one. If you can’t make the call LIVE, you can request a reading in advance via the call chat box.

A replay will be provided.


Value: $44 (including S&H)

Boost & Balance Your Chakras with My Beautiful Healing Tattoos

You’ll Receive:

  • 6 Individual 1st Chakra Tattoos for Grounding & Prosperity
  • 1 Full Set of All Seven Chakra Healing Tattoos for Total Balancing

My Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos are not only beautiful, but their symbols and colors positively communicate with your chakras 24/7 to create more energy and better balance.

Dr_EmotoDr.Emoto The Research of Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown that words on water change the molecular structure of water. The human body is 60% – 70% water, so wearing Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ with their ancient Sanskrit symbols and vibrant chakra colors positively shifts the energy of your chakras, giving you more vitality, personal power and balance.

The best part is they work 24/7 without any effort on your part. And they’re lovely, so you’ll look great too.

International shipping and handling is included.

ITEM 10:

Value: $11

Balance Your Chakras with My Powerful
Contemporary Healing Album

My musical partner, Jeff Bonilla, and I created this 10-song, contemporary healing album from our hearts. It contains powerful mantras and hooky rhythms that will have you singing your way to full chakra vibrance.

“Chakra Love” Includes:

  • 7 Chakra Songs to Boost & Balance All of Your Energy Centers
  • 1 Lakshmi Abundance Song to Increase Your Prosperity
  • 1 Ancient Healing Mantra Song to Expand Your Well-Being
  • 1 Peace Song (Loka Samasta) to Deepen Your Sense of Tranquility

New Age Music Critic Michael Diamond Writes:

The recording is well produced by Jeff and the energetic balance between he and Vicki is perfect – like yin and yang. Also, as a guitarist myself, I was constantly aware of Jeff’s playing, and in particular the exquisite rich chorus-laden tones he gets – nice synthesizer textures and electronic effects too. The thing that stood out most to me about Vicki is the purity of her voice and her soul, which shines through the mix, and the absolutely clear intention to charge these songs with spiritual energy for healing and upliftment… Chakra Love is a thoroughly modern and highly accessible take on ancient spirituality that is sure to be warmly welcomed by a growing number of new age music lovers.

ITEM 11:

Value: $97

Boost Your Root (Money!) Energy With My
Popular Audio Course

You’ll Get These Four Powerful Meditations:

  • Daily Chakra Boosting Meditation
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Abundance Meditation
  • Wealth Integration Meditation

Plus You'll Get Four Informative Audio Modules That Include:

Module 1:

  • An Introduction To Your Chakras
  • How Vicki Overcame A Weak 1st Chakra
  • How To Assess The State Of Your 1st Chakra

Module 2:

  • The Importance Of Commitment
  • The Two Key Beliefs You Must Shift For Prosperity
  • Grounding & The Healing Power Of Trees
  • How To Create A 1st Chakra Altar

Module 3:

  • How To Boost Your 1st Chakra With Colors, Aromas & Stones
  • Eating Red Foods & Using The Red Light Exercise
  • Clearing Negative Beliefs Around Wealth
  • 1st Chakra Affirmations

Module 4:

  • Using Feng Shui For Better Abundance Energy
  • A Fun, Powerful Prosperity Game
  • Everyday Activities That Boost Your 1st Chakra

And You'll Get These Four Take-Action PDFS:

  • A Quick & Easy, Multiple Choice Assessment Of Your 1st Chakra
  • Instructions For Creating A 1st Chakra Altar & Mantras To Say Or Sing
  • Gems, Aromas & Affirmations That Boost Your Grounding & Prosperity
  • A List Of Simple Ways To Boost Your 1st Chakra

ITEM 12:

Value: $8

vickiebookpdf-e1397395031168This is the eBook version of My Popular Audio Course. I've included it in this package to provide you with a visual way to absorb the material, as multi-modality learning increases recall and retention. Here’s what Readers say about my book:

"I am now grounding and integrating my spiritual existence here in a way that is having abundance (in opportunity, in joy and in cold hard cash) flow to me freely. I highly recommend Vicki Howie’s work."

~ Farhana, Vancouver, B.C.

"This book was approachable and super helpful. I struggle with anxiety and often find it difficult to sit for long meditations. I was slightly apprehensive to try the exercises because of this but I have benefited greatly from the material in this book. I’m so grateful I found it, I recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

~ Emma, Los Angeles, CA

Package B

Total Package Value $2,464

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $297
*** 88% Saving ***


This package contains physical products (Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos) that will be shipped out immediately after purchase. If you want a 100% refund on the package, you must return the tattoos intact to Chakra Boosters at: 20 Canyon Circle Dr. #2, Sedona, AZ 86351 within the 30-Day refund policy. Otherwise, the retail value of the tattoos and shipping ($43.95) will be deducted from the refund given.


International Praise for Vicki & Chakra Abundance

Lola-St.-John-NY"I cannot say enough about the Chakra Abundance course. This is hands down one of the best courses I have taken online or anywhere. The course material, organization, presentation has been so informative, inspiring, and powerful!!! Amazing experience Vicki…..Thank you!!!!!"

~ Lola St. John, New York, USA

Maureen-Ellis"Tonight’s Chakra Abundance session was absolutely the best. Wow. Thank you. There was so much good information! I’ll be listening to the replay a few more times… I must tell you, too, that the second day of wearing my first tattoo my kids were different….there was more respect for me….and they seemed more grounded and happy. It’s amazing how we are all so connected!"

~ Maureen Ellis, Alberta, Canada

Jacqueline-Hayward-CA“Chakra Abundance has been a wonderful course, informative and fun. You have given so abundantly and nurtured us so lovingly. My attitudes and behavior have changed in such subtle yet powerful ways and now effortlessly honor and support my wants and needs. My root chakra score went from -12% (a negative score) to +69%! Thank you, Vicki!”

~ Jacqueline Hayward, California, USA

Farhana-pic-150x150“Vicki’s up to something big with her Chakra Work. Her Chakra Life Cycle System is spot on, and her healing tattoos are so powerful for me, I buy them in bulk!””

~ Farhana Dhalla, Best-Selling Author, “Thank You For Leaving Me”, Canada

John-Schmeitz"I have done many things and did many courses for personal development. Chakra Abundance showed me that developing the lower chakra’s is key for commitment, focus and embodiment. This is the first time that I could follow through the whole process and actually boosted my lower chakra’s significantly and I feel much stronger and confident. I highly recommend doing Chakra Abundance."

~ John Schmeitz, Netherlands

christianne-pic-150x150"The first time I heard your music, you were performing live and I was utterly transported to another realm! Your CD allows me to capture that feeling of sweet, powerful healing again and again. Thank you."

~ Christianne Aspery Valdes, Ayurvedic Consultant, USA

Thorance-e1397658554425"I’m a hypnotherapist, so I know meditations, and your meditations in the First Chakra Program are great. After listening to them only twice, my attitude toward money shifted, and my income shot up the same week. Incredible! Thanks, Vicki."

~ Thorance Tweten, CHt, Hypnotherapist, USA

Renee-150x150"Your Chakra Tattoos are so powerful! What an experience it has been to wear them. They’ve helped me reclaim my personal power. I gave a set as a gift to one of my friends who also had a powerful experience with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~ Renee Rivera, Wellness Consultant, USA

Leo-pic-150x150"I love your healing tattoos so much that I gave fifth Chakra tattoos to my entire cast when I directed a show in Italy. The energy coming off the stage was amazing!"

~ Leo Foti, Producer/Director, Los Angeles, California, USA & Italy

becky-150x150"After my divorce, I was experiencing some major physical and emotional blocks. Vicki did an energy healing on me and I felt an immediate shift — even in my physical body — as if a big weight had been lifted! Vicki’s an extremely perceptive, intuitive healer. I enthusiastically recommend her heart-centered healing."

~ Becky Hayes, Teacher, USA

About Vicki Howie :

Vicki-headshot-redHi, I’m Vicki Howie, Creator of Chakra Abundance. My worldwide reputation as a Chakra Innovator began in 2008 when I decided to get a real root tattoo to help heal my chronically weak 1st chakra. Getting that tattoo had such an immediate positive impact on my life that I decided to create temporary healing tattoos that could help everyone boost and balance their chakras.

Now, my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ are healing people across the globe (in 34 different countries at last count!) and I’m leading workshops across the globe. As a Chakra Healer and Certified Master Hypnotherapist, I can help you understand your unique energetic profile and integrate your shadow. This means no more self-sabotage. You can finally realize your most heartfelt dreams!

My Chakra Abundance Course contains several unique processes that allow you to effortlessly release your underlying blockages to true abundance. You’ll love my trifecta of stealth evolutionary tools: my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™, my healing mantra-based album, “Chakra Love,”and my NLP-based Shadow Integration Process.

You're going to love having me on your side. I’m a huge advocate of YOU! You are the heart of conscious evolution on this planet and the abundance that is emerging right now. When you use my Chakra Abundance program and learn .your personal blueprint for living abundantly, you’ll create more vitality, joy, power, love and money in your life. Oh, and a lot more peace in your heart, mind and soul. Helping you step into your highest purpose is my highest purpose.


Basic Chakra  Abundance Package

7-Week Online Chakra Abundance Course + LIVE Q&A Call + Homework (“Omwork”) Immersion Program + Remote Chakra Healing & Balancing + 7-Week Prosperity Partner Program + Bring-A-Friend-For-FREE!

Discount: 90% Off
Total Package Value $2,170
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $197



Boosted Chakra Abundance Package

Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ + Chakra Love Contemporary Healing Album + Grounding & Prosperity Audio Course + Grounding & Prosperity eBook + Chakra Life Cycle Chart+ LIVE Chakra Life Cycle Call with Readings

Discount: 88% Off
Total Package Value $2,464
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $297


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Please note that Chakra Abundance Package B contains physical products (Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos) that will be shipped out immediately after purchase. If you want a 100% refund on the package, you must return the tattoos intact to Chakra Boosters at: 20 Canyon Circle Dr. #2, Sedona, AZ 86351 within the 30-Day refund policy. Otherwise, the retail value of the tattoos and shipping ($43.95) will be deducted from the refund given.

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