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A Special Message from Vera


The Complete Money Makeover is Guaranteed to Boost Your Money Manifesting Superpowers

You’ll be amazed at the hidden money you can manifest... (faster than ever before!)
Even in this pandemic. See testimonials below

“Thank you! Since the session today I have already manifested $500 in extra cash at Costco for a deal that “appeared “ today for a furnace I purchased a couple of weeks ago! Love this!”

~ Denise

“Today is Friday the 13th and it is another win for me, kind of one of the best win ever in my work experience. Today my health is improving slowly but surely. My financial win for today is that brother is gifting me again another $3,000 and I made $51,000 from the stock market.”

~ M.S.

“Celebration! 🥂🎉
This week I had €3K income from 2 new clients and received €4K from the government, a gift for entrepreneurs during the corona crisis 🙏🏻💕”

~ Gertrud

“It’s been a busy few weeks but filled with lots of positives!

I was selected for a new learning experience at work and am still grateful that am still on payroll working from home in my full time role.
Won $120 last night from online lottery slots as we have to play or buy tickets online through their portals.

Have had great energy results on a variety of levels healthwise, manifesting meaningful things in the moment like parking spots and being accommodated.

Hope everyone is doing great and having lots!”

~ Amy

“I have a win I’d like to share:

We run a small, very low priced airb&b on our property which had been well booked but had to cancel, and offer refunds, due to corona travel restrictions.

Recently things have opened up a bit in Western Australia and I decided to reopen my Airb&b facility for vetted guests.

I immediately had a couple of bookings and today confirmed a 3 months booking for 1 person! That’s really great as I won’t have to clean between guests and no gaps during the week 😊”

~ Susheel

“I would like to report some recent wins in the last few weeks:

I have retained my job in this lockdown since where I work is deemed essential AND I am receiving bonus pay just for showing up!

My husband and I received a payment on an insurance claim we had previously been told was denied.

Some unexpected money showed up in my bank account. This $ along with the insurance $ came close to $1000!!!

My winnings on scratch tickets has increased ten fold. I have been playing with my winnings as well as putting $ in my pocket.

I was on a wonderful call this evening with Vera (thank you!) and actually felt the energy ( I usually don’t feel it).

And best of all, I feel at peace and joyous right now! Everything will work out for everyone’s highest and best!

Love & Hugs to everyone!”

~ Kasandra

I had 5 people sign up for my offer and one of my clients re-enrolled for a second time for a package of private sessions (so 3 rounds in total)!

Thank you Universe! 🙏🏻🌺”

~ G.W.

“Big wins: My Money Bonus Buddy will receive 100% of his income during the time of lockdown! I will receive 80% of my income! I got a rent reduction, offered by my landlord, without my asking! The grocery store has EVERYTHING - all shelves fully stocked! I found an online course I wanted to do at a third of the price of other "special offers"! My Dad is sending me funny things over facebook - unheard of!”

~ Hilary

“Abundant Greetings!
I received a call from a friend offering me her used MacBook Air computer for a $200, she said she’d load all the programs I need and walk me thru start up and include shipping for free. Wow

Last night I was offered private online painting classes by my water color teacher as a gift. This morning my other painting teacher offered to include me in her online painting classes as a gift and she’s giving me a giclee if my favorite painting at her cost as an appreciation gift. Wow, I’m loving painting during this time of inspired staying at home. 

I’ve been given plane tickets, healing sessions, plants, and a couple of client referrals this week. Several folks have called and asked me to do more online workshops and teaching. Who knew that April Fool’s Day could be so prospering!

Thank you Vera, Lisa and The Money Makeover Tribe.”

~ Dulcie

“Just got one month of a success and power program geared toward women, with coaching, processes, and online community included, for free! Again, something which I have wanted for several years to at least try. Newest program. Valued at $97.00. Owner/creator said she wanted to offer it for free to help out in the current pandemic conditions. Already making money off the virus!🧚‍♂️🧞‍♂️💥☀️”

~ H.S.

“So this I’m considering ya huge win. I’ve been offered a position in an area I’ve wanted to try for ages. In an environment I use to work. I’m very excited that by end of April I should have signed the paper work and be leaving my current role. I will get free Accommodation and a pay rise.”

~ Samantha

“We are in the process of shutdown. Most places where more than 3-5 people can gather together are now closed. I am happy and I do feel lucky that with the money me and my bro have made during the past few weeks, we are ok even if everything shut down for a month. We have bought enough food and supplies to last for at least a month.”

~ Marisa

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The Complete Money Makeover

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60 Minute Personal Remote Healing Session
With a Silent Recording of Session included so you can listen to it again and again!
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Package A – No Refund After First Group Session
Add on – No Refund After Remote Healing

You and I both know that EVERYONE wants (and deserves) to feel comfortable in their life with plenty of money in the bank.

But we both know it doesn’t always seem possible for most “everyday people.”

First, I want you to understand something… If you’re struggling with money (even just a little bit)— it’s not your fault!

But there’s a simple solution. There is a way you CAN fix ALL of your money problems, even during this pandemic as the testimonials show below

Sadly, it seems like more often than not— it’s the good people who end up not having enough money.

Please understand, you ARE one of the “lucky ones” who can work less and make more!

But the reality is… there’s something that’s holding you back, but you’re just not sure what it is.

The surprising answer is… you have unknown subconscious “money blocks.”
These destructive money blocks keep you from living your life with your highest purpose— because you’re too busy working to fulfill your dreams!

“Within a couple of hours of listening to the call on FHTJ, I heard from my father that he was sending me money which he hasn't done in a few years, and then a few days later, I received a check for $100. I had also received three number signs while listening to the call so it seems the universe was practically screaming at me to join up.”

~ R.M.

“I also gotten unexpected cash from my father at a total of 400 dollars which I so thankful for. I also find things that I wanted to buy before but didn't because they were to expensive... now I bought several of them at a price 50-70% lower than before. I even find that opportunities occur when I focus on things I need.”

~ S.A.

“I finally figured out how to transfer $500 of some weird crypto coin into usable bitcoin that I can now invest and DOUBLE it! I’ve been trying for months to figure out what to do with this weird crypto coin and I just found a way to swap it ! Not only $500, but will now turn it into $1,000 ! I’m sure that sounds soooo confusing. But I’m just saying, this was a huge win ! 😁😁😁😁”

~ A.B.

“Okay, posting wins, long overdue! Recently just got my first paycheck from a commercial advertising job, my first paid job in over thirty years! Husband just got his salary doubled. Landlord, for the first time in 10 years did NOT increase the rent. Luggage delayed at the airport resulted in direct to door delivery, no lugging the units around. Other little things; a lost pair of earrings found, far from where I though I had mislaid them. Saw a beautiful travel poster going for $600.00, found an excellent copy on ebay for $25. So appreciative, and looking forward to even more. Bring it on!”

~ Karen

“Ok. So a win. Since the program started my plus 1 has seen gross sales in the pipeline (before commissions, etc.) of over $4Million.
Significantly more than Jan, Dec.”

~ J.M.

“Win Time!!!! I work from home. I received an email from my boss that she wanted to go over my performance. I was dreading it because I have always felt like when I do my best it has never been enough. I have been working on that with easy button healing. She called me and out of nowhere is giving me a 4% raise and a $1,000 bonus!!!! You cant see me but I am literally doing he running man dance right now!!! I am so shocked and excited. Shout out to vera and my easy button fam that always remind me of my power!!! I am going to spend a little bit of my power when I get my check!!! Yes!”

~ Nicole

“Last time I posted that my bro is gifting me $6500 and today I have another win, he is gifting me another $1500. So I am getting total of $8000 from him without ever asking. He is making a lot of money from the votality of the market and he always like to spread joy by gifting money to others. Lots of my friends always say that they wish they have a brother like this, but I am the lucky one. 😁So I am going to buy Meet Your Luckiest Self! for myself.”

~ Marisa

“As I complete my first week with this tribe, so many amazing things have happened. With few options to meet payroll for my staff, I had to let go and let God. The next morning when I checked my account, a client paid me two weeks earlier. I had enough for payroll and my personal bills. 2 current clients also added to their contracts and I now have a sense that everything and anything is possible! So grateful and feeling blessed to be on this journey with all of you!”

~ Florence

“Since I purchased the package, I have been having new thoughts and perspectives about money and abundance, like I stopped myself now when I think about lack and changed the idea.

Also, yesterday one of my clients called me and basically demanded I send her an invoice because she wanted to pay her bill! I had written off her account last year, so this was a pleasant surprise. I sent the invoice right away!”

~ Stacy

“Soo this stuff works 😃 I had my appointment with the orthopedic doctor and scheduled a follow up MRI...but, I also got a very flexible part time job today too where I can work from home and get courses for free! It was weird...within 10 minutes of the lady interviewing me, and without me saying anything (she did most of the talking) , I knew she was going to hire me. She also bumped up the starting hourly pay by $5 after I asked for it (she literally said what the pay was and asked if that was ok and I thought what the heck...ask for what I really want 😁). Woot! More of that please”

~ Susan

“I rented my garage unused space smoothly and can collect $300 per month by doing nothing. I’m so grateful and happy. Money flows to me in many expected ways with total ease and grace! Thank you, universe! Thank you, Vera Happy”

~ Carrie

“I really feel that I am not good at inventing my own EBH, but I have done all the clearings here and listened to the mp3s and really shifted energy! So much energy that I feel sore this morning. Wow! I think I could go for the easy bit! What I really wanted to share is that I freaked out because I checked my bank account and found that someone had deposited the equivalent of $40'335.54 onto the account! I could not believe it! Thought there was some mistake and I would have to pay it all back, was very uncomfortable. It turns out it's mine!!!! So thank you all! Thank you, Vera This is amazing ”

~ H.S.

“Upon my silent clearing with Vera - I felt that a few things have shifted namely old friends whom I haven’t heard from for years got in touch out of the blue, people are nicer to me in general, I was resolutely calmer when dealing with my “angry” Ex and a project opportunity worth usd 100k fell on my lap! ...”

~ S.H.

“I am celebrating you for creating Easy Button Healing🎉🎉

My 7-year-old son and I had a traumatic experience happen on our Mother Son Fun Date Day 1.5 weeks ago. His arm bone completely disconnected from the elbow the only thing holding it in was his skin! We are in the hospital for two days plus surgery. He now has a full arm cast and we are moving forward focusing on the gifts out of all of this. During my 2 hr drive following the ambulance to the ER, I was using easy button Healing Continuously for every way that my intuition led me.  

I sense that this dramatically helped the gifts that have been arriving out of this experience.  

I continue to be in such gratitude daily for this tool in my toolbox.”

~ Cynthia

“Won $2 on a scratch ticket, fun, but what was so cool was my daughter, my money booster buddy, used her intuition and ‘saw’ the place to buy the ticket while we were in town having lunch. She didn’t recognize it, but as we walked down the street to go home, she said ‘That place, that sketchy place.’ It was a super creepy weird store but did sell the winning ticket! She also got a lot of free St. Patrick’s Day things thrown directly to her during the parade that day, which she purposely tried to manifest. Green necklaces, pencils, etc. My win was I was able to walk all the way home from town w her, something I never could have imagined a few months ago. It’s a hike! But I did it easily. Still amazed! I also asked the air to calm and temperature to rise and it went from cold and windy to so gorgeous we got sunburned. 🍀”

~ Terri

“Wins: After Vera cleared my horrible hacking coughing on the last call, I was fine! I could sleep again! Thank you!!

On Sat, my daughter and I each returned from the casino with $300. We left with $500 together, so retained that, and added another bill by having a great time on the slot machines. So much fun!”

~ T.S.

  • Have you suffered from loss of income from pandemic? Keep reading, there is good news!
  • Does it seem like there’s just never enough money to pay the bills, let alone enjoy life (no matter what you do!)? If so… keep reading because there is hope!
  • Are you tired of working overtime at a job (you don’t even like)... and you’re still just barely scraping by? Instead of attracting abundance— you push it away.

If You Feel Like You Don’t Have Enough Money...

Work ends up being your entire life

You can’t relax because money problems are always the back of your mind.
Being broke might even feel “safe” to you. 

You slave away to pay the bills, and never seem to catch up

There’s no joy, happiness and fulfillment in every area of your life

Suffer from feelings of unworthiness

Depression and anxiety “freeze” you from taking action

Feeling alone and unsupported

If this sounds like you… The daily grind has been your reality for far too long…

You know things are bad when...

You avoid phone calls (from numbers you don’t recognize) because you’re afraid it’s another bill collector.

The bottom line is, it’s hard to imagine a better life when it feels like the weight of your financial obligations are crushing you!

Now, I Want You To Imagine Something A Little Different For A Second…

Put yourself in the shoes of one of those “lucky people” you always wished you were like…

Even better yet…

Imagine putting on the new shoes you just bought for yourself— that weren’t purchased on a credit card!

Now, Just Imagine Something MUCH Better For You And Your Loved Ones..

Suppose you can pay off all of your student loans… your credit cards... and your rent— or even buy your own homewith no worries!

You can go to great restaurants, buy other people (and yourself!) gifts, take vacations, have extra “play money,” and maybe even become a philanthropist!

That scenario you just imagined— CAN be you!

You Have The Power To Change Your Financial Destiny and Come Out Stronger Than Ever Before After the Pandemic With This Complete Money Makeover!

With the right money manifesting tools and foundation that “lucky story” can become your REALITY.

Even if your spirit feels trampled on by overwhelming bills and responsibilities…

Or you think you could never get out of debt…

It all comes down to this

If you wait to do something about it…

Your money problems WILL only get worse...

Your interest rates will sky-rocket…

The phone will never stop ringing...

And you’ll be even farther away from living in alignment with your true purpose.

This is why you feel stuck in the money department...

You Could Have 100s Of Subconscious Money Blocks You Don’t Even Know About!

Worst of all… Here’s the thing about money blocks…

Most people don’t realize they even have money blocks!

Shockingly enough… these money blocks don’t come from you— these money blocks were FORCED on you by other people!

And these blocks are being triggered especially during pandemic. The Good news is that they can be cleared VERY easily, much easier than before

These blocks create limiting money beliefs that don’t serve you— and they can stem all the way back to your past lives!

These old blocks can keep you stuck where you are financially.

Make no mistake… you can stay stuck…

Now there’s an easy way to— GET UNSTUCK!

Stated more simply...

There’s something you can do today to clear money blocks— so you can feel empowered and be successful in your life!

Lucky for you… when it comes to money… there’s finally a solution to get you out of debt and help you find what makes your heart sing!

In fact, it’s easy as using powerful, yet magical words that clear every financial block you’ve ever had in your mind.

I’ll get to those in a bit.

If you have a little know-how, and the right tools, you can unlock your “stuck” financial threshold! Then, you can increase your money frequency and masterfully build wealth.

When you clear these old blocks, you will be ready to take action— that will increase your finances exponentially!

Instead of waiting for the “perfect time” or the “perfect opportunity” you’ll discover opportunities you may not have noticed before— and you’ll take action!

People have been changing their financial destinies even during the pandemic and so can YOU!

Even if they seem unrealistic, or your friends don’t “get it,” because you’ll “have a feeling deep inside that this is your calling.

So what does this mean for you?

You’ll be inspired to do things NOW that will increase your enthusiasm for life and success— which will increase your wealth!

Let me switch gears here for a moment.

You may not know this but… Every person has money blocks of some kind.

And there are three kinds of people with money blocks on the planet.

  • There are people with money blocks who do nothing.
  • There are also people who sit on the fence and miss out on a good opportunity to clear their money blocks.
  • Then there’s the third group of people—who get rid of money blocks!

Group #1 people keep the job they hate and never seem to catch up.

Group #1 people struggle every single day to keep their heads above water.

Group #2 people never see a glimpse of success because they missed out— (and deeply regret it later).

Group #2 people knew what they were missing— but were to scared to take a leap of faith.

Group #3 do what it takes to make their life better.

Group #3 people are courageous— even when they’re afraid.

Group #3 people choose to seize opportunities to make their dreams their reality!

In other words…

Group #3 people take action!

Which group do you fall under? Group #1? Group #2? Or Group #3?

I have a feeling you’re in group #3

How do I know this?

Because I have helped hundreds of people who are action takers, just like you— who have completely reversed disastrous money situations, and turned their lives into huge success stories! Like Kelly, M.S. and so many more!

“I Became $10,000 Richer Instantly After Vera Cleared My Blocks To Asking For Abundance!”~ M.S

“Using Vera’s Method My Sister Manifested $19K!”~ Kelly

“I Received $7,266.20 After My Session and I Was SHOCKED!”

Received $888.88 The Very Next Day After Vera Cleared My Money Barriers!” ~ S.C

“With Vera’s Work I Brought In Roughly $4,000 In Just 10 Days After Struggling For Months Unable To Afford Even Rent & Basics!!” ~ Christine

1 Day After My Session Received Long Overdue Payment In Full + $1500 Extra!” ~ Craig

“Working With Vera I Won A Cruise For 2 And $900 At A Local Casino!” ~ Ann

“OMG! Just 2 Days After My First Session With Vera My Weekly Paycheck Had An Extra $500!” ~ Terry

“Using Vera’s Method I Received 500% ROI After Having Failed Massively Before!” ~ T.S

“Working With Vera I won A Cruise To The Bahamas!” ~ Meg

“Working With Vera’s EBH My Honey Surprised Me With A New Car!”~ Deborah

“Working With Vera I Received A FREE CAR!! My Brother Has Offered Me His Car For Free As He’s Replacing His! ~ J.K”

“My Niece Manifested A Car On Her $2K Budget Overnight!”~ Kelly

“A Dream Come True I Have Been Offered A Permanent Position (Part-Time) With Permission To Remain Self-Employed!” ~ Stefanie

“Big Win After Vera’s Work. Got Cast In The Lead Of A Short Film!” ~ Steve

30 Minutes After My Session With Vera I Got An Audition! The Process Really Works - Thanks!” ~ D.H.

“After Being Unemployed For 1 1/2 years, Immediately After Vera’s Group Healing I Got A Call For a Job Opportunity Out Of The Blue!” ~ Amy

Instantly After My Session With Vera I created 3 Business Opportunities For My Daughter's Business!” ~ Ericka

“After Vera Cleared My Blocks To Receiving Money, I Got 2 New Paid Clients And Both Of Them Became Repeat Clients!” ~ Carmen

“Manifested An Additional $143 Per Month For A Year With Vera’s Work!” ~ Cindy

“Amazing Win With Vera’s Work My Loan For $1500 Got Cleared Without Paying Back!” ~ D.W

“Wow! Got My Lunch Paid For And An Extra Unexpected €300 In My Wages As Money Owed!” ~ Carol

“I Got A 50% Discount On My Current As Well As Future Laboratory Bills With Vera’s Work!” ~ L.M

“My Credit Score Miraculously Shot Up 111 Points (From Poor To Good) With Vera’s Work!”~ A.H

“Winning Streak With Vera’s Work: 3 Lottery Wins & A Pay Raise!” ~ H.K

All My Credit Card Debt Forgiven Miraculously!” WOW!! BIG WIN!!!! ~ C.R.

“Just Won €100 With Vera’s Work!” ~ Mary

“After Vera Cleared My Blocks To Asking I Won 2nd Place On The UK Grand National Horse Race!” ~ Margaret

“I Won $100 On A Monopoly Scratcher!” ~ Mariza

“I Won £100 At The Grand National With Vera’s EBH!” ~ L. S.

“Won On The Lottery For The First Time In A Decade!” ~ A.P

“I Won Thirty Dollars On A Lottery Ticket! Thank You Vera!” ~Terri

“My rent was $100 less than usual. That was a pleasant surprise!” ~ Linda

“My win for the week .. I made $140 in the market and have an unrealized profit of $1400 in the market.” ~M.S.

“Win for this week...I host monthly group healing calls. For last night's call (the first for March), I had 5 new signups!” ~ Donna

“My daughter, my money booster pal, got a bonus at work and gave me $100. Win for both of us.🍀💲🍀💚” ~Maryann

“I have already 3 clients and they are waiting for my Law Office's start in summer 2020 🎉🎆🌟Vera, you are just awesome 🍀❤” ~ Clara

“It’s working already,Unexpected Client 2Day $125 bonus!” ~ D.W.

“I won $104 on Powerball tonight !!!” ~ Martha

“Some wins Won $27.00 in scratch lottery.My son got back pay from his job from 2 years ago.” ~ Hazel

I think the core money booster is working already! I just received $900 in my paypal. Thank you Vera Happy” ~ Ning

“I had a pleasant surprise yesterday, a gift card from a client. Very unexpected and received with gratitude!” ~ Amy

You Too Can Unleash Your Money Manifesting Powers (With These Simple Tools), That Will Blow Your Bank Account Out Of The Water!

  • You’ll rewire your financial reality when you tap into the High-Voltage— “Easy Button Healing” which is known as the fastest manifestation tool in the world! You’ll be amazed at how easy making money will become!
  • 10 turbo-charged “Energy-Encoded Words” you can easily use to clear ANY useless money cobwebs in your brain. These words also align your heart with total financial success and divine abundant purpose!
  • Discover 3 more Money Manifesting Words that help you become a money magnet (or anything you desire), and you’ll finally wake up and harness the money opportunities that are all around you!
  • Learn the financial shortcut secrets that make you instantly feel the powerful Quantum Shift in your heart, mind, body andand in your bank account!
  • Move faster than the “Financial Speed Of Light.” You’ll feel connected with God/Source/Universe and build excitement so you can from broke to prosperous more quickly than you ever imagined possible!
  • 4 Powerful Proven Money Words you can say that will help your friends and family deal with the dynamic money shifts they’re seeing in you— right before their very eyes!

In fact, manifesting money in your life will become as natural as breathing

Once you know how to do it… You’ll never have to worry about where your next paycheck will come from…

Imagine having no more stress over the piles of bills overflowing out of your mailbox…

No more sleepless nights about not having enough money to survive and thrive!!

It’s your turn… to live your life to the fullest with total security and the financial freedom you’ve only dreamed about!

If you act now, your finely-attuned money manifestation powers could be life-changing!

Introducing the Complete Money Makeover!

Money LOVES Momentum, and this program will give you the energy and excitement to uncover hidden talents you didn’t even know you had— that will make you even more prosperous!

It doesn’t matter who you are and the past you “used” to have. This program will help you create wealth!

  • There’s finally a way to be fully in control of your abundance so you can easily shift to Manifest Massive Money Transformations by listening to your personal money block clearing audio!
  • You will Master Rapid Money Reception when you learn how to command the universe to bend to your will— and you’ll finally develop the dynamic skills to create wealth!

“I Won A $500 Gift Card! And Then My Girlfriend Won $50 Too!”

  • Use the Power Money Phrases to amplify the force behind your truest and deepest financial desires (that might seem crazy to all of your “stuck” friends!), and amplify your income— fast!
  • You’ll also get the Constant Core Money Booster that will “Past-Blast” money blocks 24 hours a day 7 days a week!


You’ll also get full universal support in healing all of your money blocks— so you can finally have the success that is your birthright!

Money obstacles— will be dissolved (before they can slow you down).


“Received $888.88 The Very Next Day After Vera Cleared My Money Barriers!”

“I did a 1:1 with Vera that focused on my money barriers. The Very next day I had a notice from Paypal that I had an $888.88 deposit from my aunt.

When I asked her about the special amount. She said she deposited £500.00 and it converted to that figure 888.88 in Australian Dollars! 888 is the Angel number for financial abundance, what a lovely confirmation for me!”

~ S.C.

“Just 2 Days After My Session With Vera My Weekly Paycheck Had An Extra $500!”

“OMG! Only 2 days after my first session with Vera my weekly paycheck had an extra $500

I've worked for this company for 2.5 years and never got any more than a $50 holiday bonus and even the holidays are 4 months away.

I love this work! I'm asking for more unexpected money to show up. I can't wait to see what happens! Thanks so much Vera.”

~ Terry

“With Vera’s Work, I Got 2 New Paid Clients And Both Of Them Became Repeat Clients!”

With Vera’s work I have been clearing blocks to receiving money and last week I had 2 new paid clients, one of them even rescheduling twice more.

This morning I was busy working and received a text from the other of the first clients, wanting to have another appointment right then. I was able to make that work within the next hour!

So Look at me Go!!!! Let's have that!!! Reality reset, Thank You!”

~ Carmen

“I Got A 50% Discount On My Current And Future Laboratory Bills With Vera’s Work!”

“I have been Using Vera’s EBH to win a lottery or have some help financially. This morning I called a Health Laboratory to pay my bill for the blood test.

I always dread paying bills and wait until the last moment to send a check, then end up calling and pay over the phone. Today was no exception. 

Magically though the representative told me that because I called instead of sending a check, they would give me 50% discount.

Who does it??? I even asked her to repeat what she said thinking I probably misheard her. She even said if I call in the future to pay my bill, I should always ask for that discount because they do not normally offer it unless you ask!”

~ L.M.

“Using Vera’s Method I Received 500% ROI After Having Failed Massively Before!”

“Oh my gosh huge WIN folks! I have been toying with Facebook ads for a second income for a while now....and have been massively unsuccessful! Well I decided I was going to give it another go working with Vera’s EBH!

Over the weekend I started another ad on Facebook as an affiliate..... Using EBH with the intent that I would get 400% ROI (return on investment)..... well I looked at my account this morning and incredibly I received 500% ROI!!!!!

How awesome is that?? I used EBH and it turned out fantastic!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Such a huge win!!!”

~ T.S.

“Working With Vera’s EBH My Honey Surprised Me With A New Car!”

My honey surprised me with a new car!! And it's not my Birthday yet for some time!

I have been stating, "Presents, fun, play, our dream home, even more joy, money out of the blue, Let's have that! Anything that doesn't allow that let's clear that. RRTY!

Then the new car and a new Birthday dress too!! SO easy! Thank you, Vera!! Loving the new tools to create so quickly what we want to manifest :)!”

~ Deborah

“After Vera Cleared My Blocks To Asking I Won 2nd Place On The UK Grand National Horse Race!”

“After Vera cleared my blocks to asking, I asked the universe to show me signs of the name of a winning horse in the national yesterday.

While I was still lying in bed and I had the word light come into my mind and I was drawn to a picture on my bedroom wall with the word MAGIC in it. I then realized a horse called 'magic of light was running' I backed it and it came in at 100/1.

I won 2nd place on UK Grand national horse race. Thank you so much Vera for clearing my blocks to asking for what I want!!!”

~ Margaret

“Working With Vera I Won A Cruise For 2 And $900 At A Local Casino!”

“After working with Vera I won of a cruise for 2 from a local casino and won eighty five dollars to play the casino games. Using only $20 of the free play money I won $900! Wow!”

~ Ann

“Received €200 More Than Asked Along With Brand New Running Shoes & A Delicious Organic Food Hamper!”

“Working with Vera I have had so many wins!!! I got paid €200 Euros more than agreed for my 21 day Happy Mouth sessions.

The same client also gave me brand new running shoes and a few hand-me-down clothes .

She also bartered one of my magical bone realignment sessions for one of her DELICIOUS organic food hampers!

~ O.D.

How Is Vera Mirna Unique?

Vera Mirna has studied many different manifestation methods for years and is a master energy healer. She’s helped hundreds of clients clear blocks, and manifest more wealth, become debt-free, discover their dream-careers, buy beautiful homes, and so much more.

She’s an Intuitive Life Coach, Grace Healing, Regenerative Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Infinity Healing, Accelerated Light Healing, and Energetic Facelifts Practitioner. Her clients from all around the globe benefit from her continuous study of cutting-edge techniques in her daily study and practice.

Vera is an innovator in the energy world. She channeled and manifested powerful energy modalities in 2018— the Rapid Core Transformation, and Easy Button Healing techniques. She’s seen person after person go from healer to healer and realized something…

The experts and gurus were making healing too complicated.

She knew there was a better way...

Vera’s high-vibration healing sessions make overcoming life’s challenges— easy.

You can work with Vera and tap into the universal powers that she has uncovered that help you clear blocks, and fine-tune your manifesting powers. 

Dare to dream— and make your dreams your reality. 

Look at what her program has done for her personally...

  • Multiple FREE Luxurious Vacations
  • Free Brand NEW Furniture and Clothes
  • Free Dinners and VIP Experiences
  • Drama-Free Relationships and Deep Personal Connections
  • Frequent Lottery Wins and Unexpected Monetary Windfalls
  • Incredible Business Opportunities
  • Healed Numerous Chronic Health Issues
  • Reversed Over a Quarter of a Million Dollars in Debt


  • No Vision Board
  • No Feng Shui Practices
  • No Mantras
  • No Guru
  • No Meditating
  • No Visualizing for Months on End
  • No Altered Brainwave states
  • No Crystals or Essential Oils

*** Don't Miss this Add On at Checkout ***

60 Minute Personal Remote Healing Session

+ Receive a personalized energetic recording of the session so you can listen when needed!

The Complete Money Makeover

Total Package Value $5,988

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $247 $177

*** 97% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

The Complete Money Makeover Includes

  • 4 Recorded Group Sessions
  • 3 Bonus Attunements
  • Money Manifestation Masterclass Audio
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group
  • 3 Months of Core Money Booster Remote Healing for You
  • Bonus 1 - Money Block Clearing
  • Early Bird - Bring a Friend for the 3 Months of Core Money Booster Remote Healing


Recordings of 4 Group Sessions

Format: MP3

Session 1: Money Foundations

The Money Foundations call is a special place where you’ll begin to create a solid money foundation. This is so your energy field is capable of holding the highest money vibration possible

A balanced foundation is critical for your success. 

Let me explain... 

Creating a money foundation from the inside out…
is critical— 

This is so you won’t get money then lose it. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of people winning the lottery, then losing every penny! I don’t want this to be you. 

That’s why we need to build your money foundation— first

You’ll also discover the secret method that makes manifesting money fun! And when you get the cash— the money will stay in your life! 

During this process, you’ll also let go of deeply embedded money blocks faster than ever before

Imagine the possibilities of your life after you clear blocks and have a strong money foundation!

“After Being Unemployed For 1 1/2 years, Immediately After Vera’s Group Healing I Got A Call For a Job Opportunity Out Of The Blue!”

“Immediately after Vera’s Group Healing out of the blue, I got a call for a job opportunity and have a phone interview lined up, and I haven't had employment for about 1 1/2 years. I was so stuck and couldn't get anything going. Now I feel like I'm back in the flow. Thanks Vera!”

~ Amy

“Manifested An Additional $143 Per Month For A Year With Vera’s Work!”

“I had a great win with Vera’s work; I got Rapid Core to pay for itself with inspired action. Noticing an ad in my local paper that Wells Fargo bank is offering a great promotional interest rate on savings accounts for one year. I decided to close my savings account, which was earning very close to 0%, and deposited into Wells Fargo.

It took only about 3 hours. End result is about $143 per month for one year. Thanks so much Vera!”

~ Cindy

“Won On The Lottery For The First Time In A Decade!”

“For The First Time In 10 Years I’ve Won A Prize On The Lottery – Although It’s A Very Small Amount, But I Do The Lottery Regularly And In A Decade This Is My First Win!!”

~ A. P.

Session 2: Breaking the Addiction of Perfection

On the shocking “Breaking the Addiction of Perfection” call you’ll eliminate blocks and break the myth of perfection

This call will harness your “Personal Power.” 

Perfectionism is what holds many people back from putting their gifts out into the world. 

When you learn how to let your “imperfect” shine it will help you make more money— 

The best part is… when you release impossible standards— your “flaws” will become your financial genius. 

Imagine the possibilities of perfection never holding you back again!

“Amazing Win With Vera’s Work My Loan For $1500 Got Cleared Without Paying Back!”

“I had a great win after Vera did EBH statements in our session about clearing debts. She stated debts can be cleared without paying them back! Let's have that! RRTY! She also stated to clear any guilt that may arise too! RRTY!

Few days later I got a message that a loan I took out for $1500.00 was cleared!!! They just asked if I would send them some of my products, which I'm so happy to share!!

It felt empowering, no guilt, just a win win! Yay!! I'm in awe of this EBH work, thank you again Vera!”

~ D.W.

“Big Win After Vera’s Work. Got Cast In The Lead Of A Short Film!”

“Big win after Vera’s work. Got cast in the lead of a short film written by a Seinfeld writer. Spectacular work situation!!!” Best comedy script I have ever done!!! Great director. No ego and loads of talent. Great crew and actors!”

~ Steve

“My Credit Score Miraculously Shot Up 111 Points (From Poor To Good) With Vera’s Work!”

“Had a great win after Vera did some EBH about what would it take to increase our credit scores on one of the group calls. 

Well mine had just been going down and down but miraculously after that call it went up by about 88 points!!! 

I just checked it a moment ago and it's up by another 23 points! I've moved right up from 'poor' to the top part of 'good' thanks Vera! xxxx”

~ A.H.

Session 3: How to Take Action Outside of Your Comfort Zone

YES! I want to discover how the world’s top manifestors live their lives (you know who we’re talking about). 

You’ll easily flow into the money manifesting practices these action takers have in their life every day. Soon you can integrate them into yours. 

Your body, mind, and spirit will become engrained with twice the money manifesting than you had before. 

You’ll become unstoppable when you tap into “Positive Money Momentum” so you can quickly reach the ultimate financial freedom by activating your goals and dreams in real life!

“I can proudly say that I’m a New York Times Best Selling Author!”

“I’ve been writing for many years without much success until I completed a session with Vera. The session unleashed my creativity and gave me much more confidence. Now, I can proudly say that I’m a New York Times Best Selling Author!

~ Leanne

“I Just Kept Finding More Money!”

“I lost my phone and I lost my cool. I tore the house apart looking for it. I looked under the couch. I didn’t find my phone but I found something else. I found some money. I should have been grateful but I really didn’t care. I just wanted to find my phone.

I looked in all of my coat pockets and I found some more money. I looked through my backpack and then the laundry and kept finding more money. I have no idea where all this money came from. By the end of the day I had found over $300 but no phone.

It took me a while to calm down and realize I had gotten my wish of more money in my wallet. The next time I ask for more money I will ask it to be less stressful to get it. I figured you would get a kick out of my eventful weekend!”

~ Mark W.

Session 4: Activating Your Multidimensional Money Mindset

Your field will be on the highest vibrational money frequency after this call. 

Listen up… You’ll awaken powerful money gifts from other lifetimes that are now in-demand and will help you create your dream-life

When you rewire your money mindset you will align with infinite possibilities! 

Consider what happens then… you’ll receive and integrate high vibrational money frequencies and codes that are most beneficial to you at this time— Just imagine the possibilities!

Listen, I’m not kidding… you’ll awaken dormant gifts and abilities from the past— you didn’t even know you had!

“I Won A $500 Gift Card! And Then My Girlfriend Won $50 Too!”

“A week after the first session I didn’t really notice anything major. I kept playing the lottery but it wasn’t working. After my third try of not even matching one number, I gave up and put everything out of my mind.

A few days later, I took my girlfriend to the RV show that was in town. Several of the booths at the show were having raffles so I entered a few of them. I ended up winning a $500 gift card. I guess I was lucky after all. And then my girlfriend won $50 so it looks like my newfound luck rubbed off on her too!

~ Pat

“Won $50 For Her New Pair Of Shoes!”

“Three days after our session I was feeling lucky so I decided to buy a scratcher (see picture). I won! A lot! It’s safe to say I will be getting those new pair of shoes after all!

~ Mira

“After Working With Vera… There Is A Bidding War For Our House We’re Selling!”

“Our house had not been selling, It had been on the market for six months. We had received only one offer and it wasn’t a serious one.

We asked Vera to do her magic and about a week later, the realtor called and told us there was a 3-way bidding war on our property. We are going to get so much more than what we asked for! Thank you, Vera!”

~ Pat


3 Bonus Attunements Covering One Full Year

These three bonus attunements are sent remotely 24/7 for an entire year. They’re laser-focused to reach the core of your being as fast as possible— so you can start manifesting the financial windfall you’ve been waiting for.

YES! I want money-boosting energy for ONE FULL YEAR!

These money-encoded energies will build over time to create a solid money-attracting foundation, and they are also extremely gentle. You probably won’t notice they’re even happening.

  • I am Divine Perfection Attunement makes you feel connected to Source and all that is!
  • I am a Money Magnet Attunement will help you fine-tune your money-attracting vibration!
  • Everything Always Works Out in My Favor Attunement will shift your mindset so you are ready and willing to receive the gifts the Universe has in store for you!

You’ll receive these attunements directly from Source right after your purchase. (If you purchase this package for someone else, they’ll receive the attunements automatically from Source within 48 hours).

Attunements help keep you “in tune” with the high-vibrations and the block clearings you’re ready for.

NOTE: Attunements are sent remotely via distance healing automatically for anyone that purchases this package or gets it as a gift.

“From Bed Bugs & Broke to a $500,000 Condo In A Day”

“I was in a really bad place... my apartment was infested with bed bugs. Both me and my roommate had been out of work for months and we were getting on each other’s nerves all the time being stuck here fighting these little monsters. I didn’t have enough money to get out of there. It was a total nightmare!

I don’t think I would have made it out of there alive without Vera’s support. After working with her, things changed radically. I don’t feel suicidal anymore and I don’t have a reason to feel that way anymore.

There’s more. My phone rang and it was my dad that I don’t talk too much. He needed a favor. He was putting his condo up for sale because he was moving out of state. He needed someone to house-sit the condo and let people in for viewings. He could have called anyone in the family to do this and he called me and asked me first.

I’ve been in this $500,000 condo for a few months. All my bills are being taken care of. I’ve been able to put my life back together. The view here is incredible, you have to see it to believe it!

I highly recommend working with Vera. She has the power to save your life and I know I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her!

~ L.T.


Money Manifestation Masterclass - MP4

Keep the High-Voltage Easy Button Healing close to clear any block on the spot and bring in whatever you desire!

You’ll have access to all of these Master Level Energy Tools— forever … so you can generate profitable ideas to increase your income!

“Winning Streak With Vera’s Work: 3 Lottery Wins & A Pay Raise!”

“I won a free LD on a lottery ticket, and a £100 win on another lottery ticket, I also won £25 on national bonds. In addition I received a companywide 2% pay rise!”

~ H.K

“My Niece Manifested A Car On Her $2K Budget Overnight!”

“My niece needed a car so yesterday we asked for a car for $2k.

We found a car overnight and when we went to view the car the lady didn’t answer the phone so we used Vera’s EBH to get her to respond while we & went to grab a coffee... even before we got to the coffee shop she had called to say she overslept.

Amazingly the deal on the car came to $2k including on road costs, ownership transfer & inspection!”

~ Kelly

“My Bank Gave Me FREE Money!”

I received a letter from my bank telling me they were giving me money! Wait a second, my bank is giving me money out of nowhere? I scoured my entire email account and can’t find any notice that hey were planning on giving me a bonus.

I thought banks giving money like that only happened in Monopoly! Now I know that anything is possible. I look forward to more of this wild ride with you, Vera Mirna. God Bless!”

~ F. P.


Exclusive Private Facebook Group

Gain access to my exclusive private community on Facebook. Here you can interact with me personally. You can also connect with others going through the program. Easily pair up with accountability partners here too! The friendships you make here will last a lifetime!

I’ll be in the group daily for the duration of the program to answer your questions, cheer you on, and share special bonuses and freebies only available when you join our private club.

This VIP Facebook group is not your typical Facebook group. The camaraderie, support, and unconditional love from the community have been known to speed up miracles and manifestations for ALL the group members!


3 Months of Core Money Booster Healing

Starts within 48 hour of signing up

Tap into a simple way to receive your Personal Core Money Booster Remote Healing. Most people have 100’s of subconscious money blocks from the past. Your parents, teachers and all the people around you had the power to program your mind since you were little. The unconscious “blocks” that were planted in your mind can hold you back… that is… until you have the right remote healing tools that empower you financially!

When you sign up for clearing blocks and finding your true purpose…

You may notice feelings in your body when receiving energy remotely— or you might not feel a thing!

Money Magnetism works it’s magiceven while you sleep.

The Core Money Booster is targeted remote healing that is sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This potent energy container heals, transforms and helps you break free from ALL money blocks with ease and grace.

Normally, a deep dive session with Vera costs $800 an hour!

You’ll be getting over 720 hours of potent remote healing every month. That’s a value of $576,000!

“I Received $7,266.20 After My Session & I Was SHOCKED!”

“I had a client that owed me money stop replying to emails over 5 months ago. After constant follow ups, I was sure that I was never going to see the money I was owed.

I had attempted one last email 2 weeks before my session with Vera with no response… then THE DAY AFTER MY SESSION he made contact again.

He apologized for missing my emails, paid in full and actually paid me an extra $1,500 for no apparent reason. PLUS he now wants to work together again and is back to paying $3,000 per month.

Plus life has been a lot easier and fun since I learned how to use Easy Button Healing. You’re crazy if you don’t take this opportunity to work with Vera! :)”

~ Craig


Money Block Clearing Audio

Let go of over 100 disempowering beliefs related to having money and attracting money!

Any money blocks you had will magically shift!

The old block of “I’m not deserving” will shift to “I deserve to be successful!”

You’ll go from “I’m not good with money” to “My wealth and savings are increasing day by day!”

Your old belief of “Making money is hard” to “Making money is fun!” 

Easily reprogram your subconscious mind to be a money magnet. At last, you’ll feel empowered and confident to take action towards your money goals!

“Dream Job Win!”

“A dream becomes true: I have been offered a permanent position (part-time) with permission to remain self-employed on a part-time basis.”

~ Stefanie

“$4000 in 10 days!”

“After struggling for months, unable to pay rent or even the basics... I have brought in roughly $4,000 in 10 days!!! ❤”

~ Christine

“I won $100!”

“I won $100 on a Monopoly scratcher!!😁 so I bought one with the winnings for a friend💗
There’s more than enough Abundance to go around. Let’s have That! RRTU!”

~ Mariza

** Limited Time Only **

Bring a Loved One for Free
3 Months of Core Money Booster Healing

Another secret of financial success is to empower those around you! Don’t let your success be sabotaged by people who don’t believe you can change your financial destiny— Because we know you can!

While you improve your energy and money magnetism you don’t have to do it alone!

If you have a spouse, romantic partner, or business partner— you’ll want them to be in alignment with you on your money magnetizing journey.

For a small investment, you can give the gift of abundance to someone you love. They’ll clear money blocks, increase their abundant energy and raise their financial ceiling with the Core Money Booster Remote Healing.

It doesn't even matter if they believe in energy healing or not. Their higher self will tap into the gift of powerful abundant universal energy and it will raise their abundance vibration to spectacular levels!

They’ll be shocked about their enthusiasm around money and how their fearful beliefs about money have magically shifted.

“I Was Gifted $10,000 After Working With Vera!”

“I am flabbergasted! It works! I never thought about asking for money because I always thought it sounded greedy. I’m so glad we cleared that. I made my first ask, and am now $10,000 richer!

I came a few weeks later for Christmas. My grandma’s accountant (get this!) had told her that she had too much money for her tax bracket so she gifted me 10k instead of the usual $50! Wow! I can’t wait to see what happens for my birthday!”

~ M. S.

The Complete Money Makeover

Total Package Value $5,988

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $247 $177

*** 97% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:, Or call: (855) 367-7644

*** Don't Miss this Add On at Checkout ***

60 Minute Personal Remote Healing Session

+ Receive a personalized energetic recording of the session that you can listen to when needed!

Sit back and relax at your scheduled time, as pure Source energy works on your energy field in accordance with your highest and best. Allow your blocks to heal faster than ever before while being in a sacred space.

You’ll also receive a silent recording of your private session…This harmonious life-energy audio will be encoded with the highest aligned frequencies just for you! This vibrational recording will help you fine-tune your money magnetism. You can listen to it over and over.

Anytime you listen in— it will get you tapped into the highest place inside yourself!

You’ll become more and more aligned for your highest financial good every time you listen. You’ll build a solid Money Magnet Foundation!

This process will also allow your blocks to heal faster than ever before

NOTE: You may experience energy tingles, warm or cold sensations, feeling relaxed, yawning or perhaps nothing at all. Everyone perceives energy shifts in different ways. Whatever your body feels (or doesn’t fee) is right for you. And you’ll still receive the maximum amount of shifts.

“I Became $10,000 Richer Instantly After Vera Cleared My Blocks To Asking For Abundance!”

“I am flabbergasted! It works! I never thought about asking for money because I always thought it sounded greedy. I’m so glad Vera cleared that. I made my first ask, and am now $10,000 richer!

It came a few weeks later for Christmas. My grandma’s accountant (get this!) had told her that she had too much money for her tax bracket so she gifted me 10k instead of the usual $50! Wow! I can’t wait to see what happens for my birthday!”

~ M. S.

“1 Day After My Session Received Long Overdue Payment In Full + $1500 Extra!”

THE DAY AFTER MY SESSION with Vera a client who owed me money contacted me again.

He had stopped replying to my emails over 5 months ago. After constant follow ups, I was sure that I was never going to see the money I was owed. I had attempted one last email 2 weeks before my session with Vera with no response…

He apologized for missing my emails, paid in full and actually paid me an extra $1,500 for no apparent reason. PLUS he now wants to work together again and is back to paying $3,000 per month.

Plus life has been a lot easier and fun since I learned how to use Easy Button Healing. You’re crazy if you don’t take this opportunity to work with Vera! :)”

~ Craig

“Things Started Shifting Before the Day of the Session was Even Over!”

“That was beyond amazing! Things started shifting in several different areas before the day of the session was even over! Today, the day after, I still feel energy running through my body and have already had breakthroughs in the areas of health, weight, love relationship, and money/income. I feel wide open, unblocked, and excited about life!”

~ Eleanor

“I FINALLY Moved into Action!”

“I had my 1-to-1 with Vera last night, I haven't stopped buzzing!Finally moved into action, yay, Thank you Vera!”

~ L.L.

“My Life will Never be the Same Again!”

My healing session with Vera was incredible, from the moment the session began, I could feel my whole body vibrating and the energy flowing from my body. The energy release I experienced was both therapeutic and exhausting. I felt like I had released a lifetime of stress and gained a new perspective on my life going forward. I have renewed hope and an intention that my life will never be the same again. Thank you from me and my whole family. Love and light”

~ Sue Stephenson

“I am Much More Confident and Relaxed in Social Situations!”

“My session with Vera was AMAZING. So much was shifting during the session. Since I started working with her I am much more confident and relaxed in social situations. Great tools, great insights, I am so blessed to have found Vera! THANKS”

~ Linda

“Created 3 New Business Opportunities!”

“I had my session with Vera today and as soon as we were finished I created 3 business opportunities for my daughter's business.”

~ Ericka

“During the beta test I got invited to a lavish party given by a multi-billionaire. I'm now invited to his party next year too!”

“I feel more confident with my money and ability to increase my prosperity. The huge difference is increased inspiration, enthusiasm and I've easily taken action without feeling any fear.

I was on vacation during the beta test, and got invited to a lavish party given by a multi-billionaire. I'm now invited to his party next year too! It felt great to be in the energy of billionaires and highly successful people. A great, unexpected win!

~ D.

“My world around money has drastically changed for the better”

“My sister has been more generous with me and bought me lunch and tea. We went to California and only had to pay for half tank of gas. My brother bought me breakfast and was kinder to me. My mom gave me some of her birthday money to buy groceries for the week. My niece bought me an ice cream and water at Disneyland.

My niece cleaned my bathroom and when I returned home I was surprised. I gave away an airport parking pass to my friend and was okay about not taking her offer to give me money. I had the courage to ask my sister for money to help us out with feeding and taking care of her kids. Had been bothering me for years because they never contributed towards anything.”

~ B.

“I’ve experienced less anxiety around money”

“This past week I’ve experienced less anxiety around money, because I accurately anticipated responses to approaching due dates and took action instead of relying on unreliable help.

Loan deposited in my account smoothly. I was able to pay an important bill that was past due. A neighbor dropped my child off at school and picked them up when I couldn’t. Support for my child’s business venture from unexpected sources.

~ J. D.

“I recognized the paradigm on money that I had and released it and used easy button healing to create more of what I wanted.”

“I released an old paradigm about money while at my Sister’s home in Boston. She seems to have a more free aspect of money and being with her opened my eyes to how I am close minded about money. While with her I received $400 in unexpected gifts of cash.

Better relationship with sister and my nephew. Received idea of closed group for sound healings $49/ month or year sub. Discounts for those who start before date of first paid group year subs.

This was a wonderful experience. I feel each I received more energy and released that which was no longer needed. I recognized the paradigm on money that I had and released it and used easy button healing to create more of what I wanted. This is a wonderful and easy way to release powerful limiting beliefs and then instill the easy button healing to get more of what you want with money!!!! Love it!!!”

~ Sandy S.

“A loved one repaid a $50 loan unexpectedly and I now save $15 monthly”

“A loved one repaid a $50 loan unexpectedly (they kept forgetting). A lady at Verizon wireless told me about a way to save $15 monthly by putting one line on auto payment, which I thought I couldn't do because I have 3 lines and different payment sources set up. I feel more at ease. Thank you, Vera!”

~ Lisa

“I was offered a new job, I have less stress and I feel like money will come”

“I feel like money will come. I have less stress. It will come. I felt happier more often. Hubby cleaned the house for me. No one else showed up to yoga so I got a private session for a group session price. I was offered a new job - the money is the same but I get to work from home 2-3 days a week. This will reduce my commuting time by 4 to 6 hours a week. And I get to make my own schedule.

~ Jackie

“I feel more secure in my entitlement to abundance and financial security.”

“My faith in my ability to receive what I need at the very time I need it has grown deeper. I feel more secure in my entitlement to abundance and financial security.

Day 1 - I received $100 for a new client. Day 2 - I received as a gift of $300 worth of merchandise which included 8 items I had been doing EBH for items I needed. Day 3 - I was able to purchase a set of dishes for $15 which I thought were going to cost $100 and if they had been $100 I would not have been able to get them.

Day 4 - I received $97 for another new client. Day 5 - I received $147 for new client's daughter. Day 6 - I received $147 for a new client's son. All-in-all it was a wonderful whirlwind of income and serendipity that I do not remember having come to me in this way ever before.

All-in-all it was a wonderful whirlwind week of income and serendipity that I do not remember having come to me in this way ever before.

I received money or free merchandise 6 out of 7 days. It was amazing. I am so grateful to Vera for showing me this was possible for me.”

~ M. B.

“Lots of free stuff coming my way plus I won $10 on scratch off tickets”

“Feel more excited when I receive it. Feel more powerful having it. Got called unexpected for a focus group & got free lunch & $300. Won $10 on scratch off tickets, got free starbucks & jimmy johns for my birthday, got $50 from parents, got bogo survey on a receipt, free extra soda came out of the machine, free buffet, got birthday card & flowers from coworkers, free gifts at ulta, sephora & bare minerals.”

~ K.

“Things are really starting to happen for me… from free dinners to unexpected guest in our AirB&B”

“I planned a creative play workshop and have had 3 definite bookings as a result of a family member sharing. I had 2 situations where we were planning to pay the bill for dinner for family and it was surprisingly paid for by them.

I bought a lotto ticket on the last day of this week test.. to give myself a chance to have a big win and won back the amount invested. ($25 LOL, still hoping for a big one) a healer, who I had stopped the automatic payments for, emailed me saying she owed me a 50 min healing session.

The day before the session she realised that I had actually not been a paying member, but still did the much needed session very graciously and generously. I had an extra AirB&B guest in our place.”

~ S. C.

“Feel less stressed overall regarding my money situation”

“A day into the beta test I received an unexpected gift of an energy healing package for weight/ideal body shape/fitness/health which includes distance healing for these areas for my whole lifetime! I notice feel less stressed overall regarding my money situation although nothing has actually changed financially just yet.

I found a shiny pound coin on the ground whilst out walking the other day.. I felt guided not to overstretch myself and purchase something that had a 9 monthly payment option but would likely still have put me further into debt, at least at first, because right now I don't have a proper plan in place for making the payments!

So I consider this a win for my financial health as I have had an unhealthy tendency to do that in the past and was very tempted to do it again and that would have triggered more stress and strain for me.”

~ Luna

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this program work for me?

Yes! Both Easy Button Healing and Core Money Booster are channeled from pure Source energy. Since everyone is made of pure Source energy, it is universally compatible with everyone. From the very beginning, we’ll also clear any resistance and blocks to receiving the most out of the program.

Q. What if I can’t attend the calls live?

It is the same energy on the call whether you attend live or listen to the replay later. The replay is just as effective as attending live.

Q. What is the benefit of a remote session if I’m already receiving 24/7 remote healing from an energy container like Core Money Booster?

While Core Money Booster runs 24/7 in a way that will not overwhelm you or over-process you, it is designed to specifically target clearing money and abundance blocks while you go about your day. During a remote session you are gently pulled into a sacred space where you are able to let go of all kinds of blocks (more than just money blocks) at an accelerated rate.

Q. What if I don't feel any energy once the Core Money Booster is activated?

This is intentional. The energies are programmed to run at a high frequency in a way that will not overwhelm or over-process you so you can live your life without the side effects of certain energy processes that make people tired, groggy, dizzy, uncontrollably cry, pass out, alter states of consciousness, or feel temporarily disoriented.

Those that are energetically sensitive may experience tingles and other energetic sensations at the beginning of the activation. These sensations become less noticeable as you begin to acclimate to the high vibrational energies. The Core Money Booster is always working at full strength even if it cannot be felt.

Q. What if things appear to get worse?

We are working with Divine energy, which will not trigger you or over-process you or cause a negative detox or healing crisis experience or make things worse.

When unpleasant things show up, the momentum behind them has been building up for a long time before the tools were activated.

When possible, the Core Money Booster will scan and prevent the unpleasant things from showing up. When it is not able to do that in time, the Core Money Booster is already working on the root of the money issue to reverse it as soon as possible

Q. What if I get attracted to abundance products, services, and programs while on the Core Money Booster?

That's great! The Core Money Booster is coded to bring things into your reality to help speed up your results, so if you feel deeply attracted to other tools or packages from other healers, it means the Core Money Booster is working. The Core Money Booster amplifies and harmonizes with any other energy modality, and won't negatively interfere with any other energy work you are doing.

Q. What commitment is expected from me?

Beyond listening to the classes, following the directions, and participating in our supportive Facebook group, the biggest requirement is a willingness to take action where appropriate. You will have all the tools, resources, and support you need, but you still need to accept that it is your responsibility to take the steps necessary to manifest your dreams.

We will be moving a lot of old energies in a very short amount of time, so it’s important that you eat well, stay hydrated, and rest when necessary.

Q. When can I expect results?

Shifts happen instantly so results can happen instantly. Even in the most stubborn situations, evidence that things are shifting positively can usually be seen in less than a month. Everything unpreferred can be reversed given enough time and energy.

Q. Is there a guarantee?

I set a strong intention that everyone that invests in my packages and follows the directions gets their investment in the program back ten-fold or higher. 

Here’s proof:

“Won $100 on slot machine and $15 on lottery scratcher ticket… plus my anxiety about new home purchase negotiations is greatly reduced.”

“Not a gambler by nature, had dinner at a casino & later won $100 on slot machine (that was the profit) & $15 on a lottery scratcher ticket Thurs a.m. Thurs afternoon was the first of 7 potential buyers to view a home that just listed Thurs morning. Made an offer. (Found out later there were 2 other offers.)

Friday my offer was accepted! It’s so cool my new home monthly payment will be almost exactly what I have paid each month for rent the past 3-1/2 years. Also excited the home is already equipped with solar! On this day I am feeling light & hopeful.

After one week on the Core Money offering from Vera, I feel more assertive - in a good way. I was surprised this past week with unexpected slot/lottery wins. Anxiety about new home purchase negotiations is greatly reduced. I’ve moved many times over the years & would often say, “Moving is no fun!” I’m actually expecting this one to BE fun & the people involved to share a lot of laughs. Thank you, Vera!”

~ J. L. R.

“Opportunities are increasing… I was asked to do a private workshop at someone's home.”

“My self-worth when it comes to having and deserving to making and having massive amounts of money to live the way I desire to live and do the things I desire to do in the world has increased.

Opportunities are increasing. I was talking to a client about a bucket list speaking engagement and she mentioned how she knew a person who booked the speakers. I signed up for an Animation Voice Over class which could also increase my income by providing me with an animation reel and opportunities for work.

I was asked to do a private workshop at someone's home. Still waiting for that unexpected income to show up in my mailbox! LOL”

~ D.

“I've felt an overall sense of happiness and peace”

“I've felt an overall sense of happiness and peace and a general knowing that even though it's not raining money just yet it's coming soon.

I'm currently in sales and this is normally our slow season. Last weekend I did much better than I thought I would. It seemed to come with a fair amount of ease as well.”

~ C.

“Spontaneous support showing up”

“Support coming in from friends -one spontaneously offered me a money energy session without me saying I had an issue and a woman I met at an event offered me a swap session-turns out she's a business coach and specialises in 'under-earners' so she is going to help me put my prices up!!! She works with energy but also knows the practical side and had an issue herself in the past!”

~ A.

“People are excited and wanting to do things and services for me.”

“I received an unexpected 10% discount off large invoice of purchases. Free stuff added with my purchases; unexpectedly just thrown in and very much appreciated. Services done for free with purchases because they wanted to do it for me. People excited and wanting to do things and services for me.”

~ L.

“This program is like a vacuum cleaner drawing out all the unsupportive beliefs truly phenomenal!!”

“Less concerned about enough more of a flow with money coming in and going out blessing each and the ability to be able to play it forward with cash with ease. On the way home tonight I stopped in the market there's a precious family outside hello two-and-a-half-year-old three-year-old boy stop me peace sign.

The mom very hesitantly asked me if I had any extra change. I said let me go upstairs and get some. Instead I went upstairs got a couple of things for the child cash an extra 50 stop downstairs and then invited the family to come upstairs and grocery shop along with me. Bought them and overflowing basket of basic necessities plus ice cream and ice cream cones and sprinkles Wizkid cats at the three-year-olds request.

A torrential rainstorm started so I invited him to get in my car and I drove them home it felt fabulous to share my abundance! On the way home I learned they had just been conned out of 80 grand and we're living in a hotel. Fold a piece of paper and pencil wrote down the number of resources as well as a colleagues name and number who's looking for some help. It was lovely to be able to play it forward trusting no knowing that there's always more than enough!

Unexpected win would be being offered to go into private practice with a colleague from the past out of the blue someone I respect and offering to rent a space cover the rent provided me with free Office Space.

This program is like a vacuum cleaner drawing out all the unsupportive beliefs truly phenomenal!!”

~ Meg

“No desire for any impulse buying... leaving money in the accounts”

“Seeing my husband come to his own realization that he needed to go back to work and back to his old job less than 48 hrs later pretty impressive. Resolved itself on its own without me doing or saying anything. No desire for any impulse buying leaving money in the accounts”

~ Lisa

“I realized I was comfortably about to spend money that was previously unavailable”

“First day, I had a ‘chance encounter’ with an opportunity I had previously wanted to take but it was out of my budget. I decided that now I had the money and was happy I ‘happened across’ it. As I was about to make the transaction, I realized I was comfortably about to spend money that was previously unavailable on something I had forgotten I wanted. Nice!”

~ Linda

“I feel so much more confident that money is always there for me and my desires”

“Thank you so much Vera for this Core Money Booster as it significantly helped me in so many ways. I saved over $630 from a shopping I made that would've costed me over $700. The workshop I wanted to take was discounted to $95 instead of $299. I feel so much confident that money is always there for me and my desires.”

~ Ning

“Feeling like I’m in the flow of Money, opportunity and life.”

“I was gifted things I wasn’t expecting. Offers came in for cheap airfare, problems solved themselves without thought or effort, I was offered a great car for use on the mainland whenever I want it. Someone offered to be my business manager. Thank you Vera. I found 3 dollar bills while cleaning out a drawer. A client rebooked a massage that she already paid for. I was booked to marry a couple, I have not done that in a long time.

I was booked to do a workshop in the Summer. Feeling like I’m in the flow of Money, opportunity and life. I was taught how to service my chainsaw and not charged for it, usually $50. My gas tank hovered at 1/4 tank with lots of driving around. Even though my bank account was under $70 there has been more than enough money for my needs for the week.

I won a drawing for a collection of rocks and crystals and the vendor said she’d forgotten to send an order of mine from the fall. I found the last bottle on the shelf of a supplement that I’ve been looking for, it was 1/3 the price for the same thing on Amazon.”

~ D.

About Vera Mirna

Vera Mirna is an energy healer, medical intuitive, and empath with decades of experience. She has helped her clients manifest dream houses, fulfilling careers, perfect mates, healthy bodies, financial freedom and more.

Vera is the founder of several Ground-Breaking, Radically Effective Healing Modalities, including Rapid Core Transformation, Core Money Booster, Easy Button Healing, and Easy Beauty Facelifts.

She is a practitioner of Intuitive Life Coaching, Grace Healing, Regenerate Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Infinity Healing, Accelerated Light Healing, Energetic Facelifts, and continues to learn new cutting-edge techniques as a daily practice.

She’s unlocked her manifesting potential and turned her life around…

  • Lottery wins— over and over
  • Reversed $250,000 in debt— to cash
  • Incredible speaking engagements all around the world
  • Brand new (and free!) furniture for her home
  • Ideal relationships in every area of her life
  • Even with her years of life, energy experience, an practice— she still looks like a teenager!

“Things really started happening after the first week”

“After 1 week, I hadn't noticed any tangible wins. I felt intuitively that something had shifted so decided to wait a few days to fill out survey. Day 8 - past client decided to hire me again ($800) Day 9 - new client signed up for my program ($750) Day 10 - was offered a generous trade for a $500 product I really wanted but couldn't currently afford.”

~ V. H.

“I booked an unexpected holiday literally 7 hours before flying... totally insane have never done that before!”

“Vera's money booster test was amazing. I booked an unexpected holiday literally 7 hours before flying... totally insane have never done that before not only that but my parents paid for our accommodation for the first three days of our holiday. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift.”

~ M. C.

“A lot of good things are happening to me after using the Core Money Booster”

“The day after you sent the Core Money Booster, I received a gift (vegan chocolate) from a friend. Another friend volunteered to pay for our dinner. The next day, a friend invited me to attend a seminar and said she will pay for it first. She told me I can pay her whenever I have the money.

I was very happy to attend the seminar because I learned a lot and the teachings were priceless compared the course fee. Thank you Vera for the wonderful gift. God bless you more.”

~ Ging

“I find myself feeling more calm about money.”

“This past week I did find myself feeling more calm about money. Actually excited. I am currently waiting for the position to post but I have the opportunity to switch to a position that I had enjoyed and can grow in, will challenge me and which will almost double my current income. Once the position is open, I will be taking it and this is a huge blessing towards lowering my debt.”

~ S. L.

“I am so excited! I feel empowered, powerful, Joyful and open to receiving.”

“Joining programs has never been a highlight for me, and your Easy Button was the first one that ever caught my attention. Since last week I have attracted 2!!!, perfect for me, beautifully aligned with my Higher self, programs.

I am so excited! I feel empowered, powerful, Joyful and open to receiving. When I saw them, I was immediately drawn to them, and feel deeply grateful for the magnificent opportunities of growth and expansion I am experiencing! Bliss-ings to you, DearOne!”

~ Carmen

“I'm so much more accepting of my finances that life seems to flow with more ease and less stress.”

“Was just thinking yesterday that nothing apparent from the Core Money offering. Then in the evening my washing machine frazzled, and my warranty ended in 2017 and I hadn't renewed. Today I ordered a new washing machine and I was grateful that I was in a position to replace it immediately as my finances have come along way.

Even tho I'm paying off debts the last time I had to replace my machine I was frantic and feeling sick sand had no idea how it would happen. Today there was none of that panic or fear. I'm so much more accepting of my finances that life seems to flow with more ease and less stress.

~ H. K.

“I finished my sales tax return effortlessly, and actually enjoyed doing it!”

“More money booster wins to post! I received a 90 minute massage in exchange for my products and have another scheduled for next month! I was invited to pick fresh lemons and oranges and now I'm making my own Limoncello! I was invited to go on vacation for 2 weeks next year at my friend's gorgeous home!

I've received a steady flow of new orders when January is usually slower in sales. I'm feeling less triggered by any financial concerns and went from an 8 to a 10 in Vera's Survey. I finished my sales tax return effortlessly, and actually enjoyed doing it!”

~ D. W.

“Our prayers were answered about our mortgage”

“I have something to add for this EBH when my week was, both my hubby and I were battling illness 🙁 so I just set the intention to be open to receive and Let Go and Let God 🙂 well I turned in my after survey Wed am and didn't have much to report 😉

HOWEVER come Wed afternoon, that all changed! 🥳 we have been battling our evil mortgage servicer since Nov 2014 for a loan modification...and on Wed afternoon, our prayers were answered! WOO HOOOOO! Thanks so much, Vera Happy, for this opportunity!”

~ Patty

“Having a great experience and looking forward to more”

“I was on a Facebook Live call last eve with my direct marketing company (Engage Global) & was selected by the host to receive a free bottle of CBD Boost, value $69.99 (no tax or shipping)! A friend invited me to pick oranges, tangerines & lemons with her & a few of her friends next Sat. Looking forward to the exercise, the laughs we will share & possibly making some new friends.”

~ J. R.

“Stranger returned my missing card right in front of me”

“I have experienced what I consider a miracle. While in the checkout line at a store, it was discovered that the store reward card (not a credit card) fell out of an open pocket hours earlier either inside another store or in their parking lot.

The gentleman just ahead in the checkout line, was there to return a card he had found. Turns out he returned my missing card which was confirmed by name and address check by the store employee. Wow!”

~ Susan

“Benefits approved on the spot!”

“I AM overjoy. Today around 3:00-3:15 P.M. I feel cold in my Heart then Vera's face appear. I feel & know that she is truly working on the " Money Beta" test. I could not have not guess but in split second, today, me & my daughter went to apply for State benefit here in Nevada ( we transfer from out of state California), the Lady who process my SN daughter's application( it will take 2 to 4 months to process) was gracious enough to give another application for supplemental benefit increase.

So we gladly fill up the apps took it to other separate location then hand it in to process. We were told to wait then whoa approved on spot for $ 39.00 every month, but my daughter will receive $50 ( january is prorated) yahoooo. She is very Happy too"..yeahhhh. This is totally unexpected!!!

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...Vera Happy it works for Me, hope it works for Everyone so we can be have a " Reunion " for all the EBH Community.”

~ R. K.

“Lots of wins and feeling more relaxed”

“Feeling more relaxed about it, feeling like there is plenty rather than budgeted down to the last cent. Manifested dinner out, $60 extra in pay to cover parking. Received $139 voucher food for meals and an offer for discounted $59 lunches for 2 weeks. International money transfer arrived early only took 2 days instead of 5”

~ Kelly

The Complete Money Makeover

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From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $247 $177

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