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The Real Deal

"I can confidently say Valerie is for real. She leaves no stone unturned to help you if you call on her. She is so exact, very detailed and the go to person. Your buck stops here if you have ever worked with this awesome lady. No turning back


"With tremendous gratitude I'm writing to say that shortly after listening to your mp3s, my life has transformed. I've been struggling for almost four years with symptoms of MS since my youngest son was born. (The year before he was born I had a miraculous spontaneous recovery but his birth spurred an onset of symptoms and I had not been able to heal)

Before listening to your mp3s I was having daily "brain fog" where I had memory and concentration problems. My self-image was one of degeneration, advanced aging and disability. I am 44. I cried often and felt despair much of the time.

Along with these feelings was a sense of dis-ease about being a coach and healer and not being able to help myself.

Looking in the mirror, I would see continuous aging of my skin and general appearance and would feel desperate and even horrified.

Tearfully from joy and awe, with thanks to the Creator, I write now that I feel younger, more energized, positive, more attractive and full of vitality. My body feels stronger and my yoga practice has improved. I am feeling more adventurous about trying new things - my yoga students have noticed and are thrilled.

The day after listening, a former client contacted me to say she's ready to work with me again!

I listened with the intention of helping our angst-filled teen heal from trauma and PTSD, and who also needs brain integration... and her behavior turned around 100%. For the first time in years, we witnessed her sitting with the family joyfully, contributing to the conversation, eating a piece of chicken (she's a "vegetarian") and talking to her 3-year-old brother about spirituality!

Thank you, Valerie, for facilitating a miracle!"

~ Anonymous

Healing a Broken Heart ( lost of wife)

"I had the pleasure of having one on one sessions with Valerie.

The focus of the first session was healing and clearing my father's health issue.

At the time, he was close to death. And literally, within a day of Valerie's session, he was infused with energy and was able to walk again. Before this he was bed ridden.

After the second session, my father became stronger and happier with more energy (and now he is walking an hour-which is double what he was able to do). Literally, this happened the within a day or two of Valerie’s session. Valerie has a special talent of assisting those with health issues to heal. I highly recommend Valerie's one on one session and all of her live webinars and recorded sessions too.

Valerie does wonders and is a miracle worker! After every session, I notice a marked positive difference in my father's health and healing. My father is at the point where he has stabilized sufficiently to have exploratory surgery after six months (while others with his condition at the same time frame take a year and a half to be stable enough for the same surgery).

I am very thankful for the difference Valerie is making each step in my father's healing.

Valerie is that gift that everyone deserves. Try her services today! You will be delighted!"

~ Lola Baye Spencer
Vancouver B.C

Clearing family influences

"It is hard to believe that is was almost 1 year ago since both my husband (Rob) and I did a coaching session with you!

The information that you revealed to me was very life changing. I realized that what I was feeling was not made up, it was real! I always believe that we receive the correct information at the correct time and that was when I needed to understand at that time. We have had our ups and downs over the past year, as my Mom continues to age (85 years). Some individuals are certainly older than others of the same age. It is certainly interesting to me as I pay attention to this. My personal goal is to be one of the younger and more active individuals as I age. Rob and I are now both 61 years young and continue to learn and share with others how they too can live an active and exciting life no matter what age they are."

~ Laura Harvey
Surrey BC

Energy Shifts for physical transformation

"Everyone should try Valerie’s special gifts whether it is in a group or a one on one session.

I love her live calls and I have found her recorded series very beneficial too! Her anti-aging/health healing program is quite astonishingly delightful. My eyesight improved. My sunspot disappeared almost instantly. And I literally felt my youthful glow return.

I found that my appetite lessened and her program is a lovely support to weight loss too.

Valerie has a special talent and she is wonderful to work with and listen in on however one chooses to access Valerie’s wisdom.

I highly recommend Valerie! Valerie's sessions are a must try!"

~ Rhonda Zabinsky
Vancouver B.C

New Beginnings

"It has been a long time since you did clearing for me. I want to update you on the results of the clearing session.

I have so many great things happening in my life.

Guess what... My ex husband agrees to divorce and we are now in the process of selling off the house before we get a divorce after more than a decade. The challenge I am facing is people come to view the house but no one give an offer although it has been placed in the market for a few months.

I also have met someone so wonderful. He is very caring respectful of me who loves me and I love his energy.

I am so happy right now. He is 4 years younger than me."

~ Regina

Family dynamics and communication

"Valerie's energetic clearings have created more acceptances in my family life and relationships. The almost-daily arguments are now replaced by more humor, discussion and teamwork. Before, I had been habitually judgmental about the dysfunctionality of my situation, but after working with Valerie, I now feel more at ease with the challenging personalities and can reframe our family dynamics by seeing the unique beauty of each individual and the creative contributions of each one."

~ Devora


"My session with Valerie was absolutely amazing. I have done many sessions with healers but this was really special. She comes from a place of pure light and love and you feel lighter right from the start. She was able to tune in quickly to my energy and clear my field of unconscious blocks. I could feel the energy like an electric jolt, it was extremely powerful yet I was completely at ease- I was in so much peace afterwards. It felt just extremely right. She has a very soothing and compassionate energy just like cotton candy- loved it. She is also very gentle in her words and approach creating a very safe environment where you can release with even more ease. Not only did she clear an emotional block but she also eased a physical ailment on my right side breast. A miracle!! I am so happy I found Valerie and cannot wait to see her light shine even more. She is a gem and I warmly recommend her (especially for someone who would be new to these types of healing sessions- she has two invaluable traits: compassion and grace). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

~ R.T (New York) Session in August 2015
Blessings to you and thank you!!


"Valerie’s intuitive sense of what was going on for me was incredibly astute – she empowered me by letting me find my own way there and completely affirmed when I hit on the underlying issue. She was able to cut through to what was really the key in a dynamic way, no wasted time exploring unnecessary corners. I felt really stuck and blocked at one point and wasn’t convinced I could not connect with the underlying feelings but Valerie stayed with me confidently, calmly continuing to prompt. Then, suddenly I hit the core: “I don’t feel safe with my mother”. She instantly started clearing the issue ancestrally and I felt a powerful wave of energy descend through my entire body, as though my energy was re-entering and grounding. My feet continued to buzz throughout the session! Although only a brief taster session, once the clearing and activations were complete, I felt instantly energized. I had begun the session very exhausted and slump against a backrest and felt like sitting up straight again. I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds from here!"

~ Vaishnavi Pikka


"Thank you Valerie for the wonderful session last night. Throughout our session I felt a sense of peace and calm that now I can and will walk forward on my path empowered. I feel lighter and more confident. The confirmation of people, and events helped me put things into perspective, that now I am free to accomplish my goals and dreams to live a happy, healthy life.

I am truly grateful and blessed for your wisdom, love and support."

~ Michelle L.


"I met Valerie years ago when two generations of my family were in full on self destruction mode. It seems every member changed their foundation simultaneously and I was in the final throws of needing to save everyone from themselves. It was time I gave up the title of the family savior. Val assisted me to let go in a loving detached way so I could get my life back and they could let go of their resistances too. She is an expert in families and how complicated and convoluted the feelings can be. I was able to feel love for them and allow them their own lives and it helped me tremendously, I got my life back stronger and happier. a lifelong pattern of acting over responsibly dissolved after working with her."

~ Sherry S.


"Hi Valerie I loved my session with you. It was like being with a dear old friend. I felt so comfortable being in your presence. The energy you channeled and brought through was palpable. There were times that our Skype connection was not very good and I couldn’t hear everything you were saying but I FELT EVERYTHING. It was like a soothing presence was sweeping away any energetic density in my body and being. I felt light and bright after our session with renewed clarity.

P Thank you!"

~ Kazzrie


"I have been depressed for a very long time now and couldn’t feel connected as a side effect. The morning after my session with Valerie I went for a walk. My feet took me to the forest, where I used to walk but now avoided. I walked and walked and suddenly I NOTICED. I could feel the nature again. I was so connected to the trees and the grass and the sky and… I do not know how long I just stood there and soaked the beauty in to me. Some dog came by and “waked” me up. I was in that forest every day this week"

~ P. Vesna


"I had a session with Valerie and she was amazing. I had a debilitating pain in my upper back that she immediately cleared it up and it has not returned. She immediately identified issues and it was comforting to know that my perceptions were not wrong, we discussed them. She did a prayer about only people that are good and supporting of me enter my life and some of those individuals started appearing prior to my appointment and it has continued. I am very grateful for her time and energy she shared with me. I tingled all over for days and continue to feel lighter."

~ Cathy


"I have participated in the group sessions since November of 2013, the sessions have kept me grounded. It was also a good experience in cutting some of my ancestral ties that were holding me back. Thank you Valerie"

~ RG.


"It is August and have had pain in my lower back since February. I never mentioned this to Valerie as there were some more pressing stuff I wanted to address. At one point she run some energy through my spine and we just went on talking. That morning I jumped out of bad and the pain was gone. My muscles were still sore but “the source “ , whatever there was about spine that caused the pain was (is ) gone."

~ P. Vesna


"I have begun to notice synchronicities since our session. I have relaxed into a flaw of fine energy that takes me from the thought, need or emotion to the solution. (Or to the next step on the way to the solution)."

~ P. Vesna


"Hey Val
Thank you SO much for the session yesterday. I felt instantly different at the time and am still feeling the difference today. I had a very heavy and frustrating feeling of “NO” energy before we started, like a negative cloud of stuckness. That shifted into a light and clear “YES” energy of potential and possibility. That was very cool to experience, and to feel the difference between the two and to recognize the properties of them, and to become aware of their presences and now how to become conscious of shifting them. Your insights are totally freakin’ bang on! Wow! Thank you also for your suggestions, triads and “tools.”"

~ P. Salvatore


"Thank you Valerie. I am feeling 1000 times better. Not sure what you do but your energy shifting really works. Every time I see you I feel so calm and centered after a session with you. Your intuitive insights and words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. I will gladly recommend you to my friends since you truly help get rid of the emotional baggage we all carry."

~ Pamela B.


"Dear Val,
Wow is all I have to say. You were helping me the other night with my intimacy issues with my husband. Since the birth of our second child 2 years ago things have been very slow. I was very surprised to learn that you could help with an issue as this. The results were amazing! I felt like I was on a honeymoon that evening. The passion was incredible. There has been a closeness that evening which has been missing for some time now. Thank you for your help. It truly was incredible."

~ Patricia S.


Val has been tremendous to my overall well being. On one instance, I ran into her while I was in a deep clinical and situational depression and had been for over a month. Just there, out in public (I don’t know why I was out at all in my condition) she “worked” on me for maybe 2 minutes. A few minutes later I walked out of the building with depression totally lifted – I mean totally, and it has not returned since that evening 4 months ago.

She has also “worked” on me from afar when I was having 2 very important encounters. I experienced incredible clarity, courage and intuition during these encounters and although I cannot possibly prove it, this was due to Val’s “transference of positive, healing energy” – these are MY words, as I see and experience it.

Val’s journey has made her a very positive, still, centered and intuitive woman. Obviously, I highly recommend her. I believe she could help anybody towards wellness."

~ M.W.
Surrey, BC
March 26, 2013


I have had a few treatments with Valerie. Both times have been very uplifting and positive. I use some of the ideas daily to clear negative thinking and concentrate positive energy to particular parts of my body that need help. I don’t know how it works but there is definitely something going on! It was also interesting to watch her work on others and see the positive reactions of the other clients."

~ LH
White Rock,BC


I highly recommend Valerie as an energy worker. She has amazing abilities in shifting energies and strengthening bonds between people.

My difficult relationship issues were greatly enhanced in a short period of time as a result of Valerie’s inherent abilities. For this I am grateful."

~ Don

"Since having sessions with Valerie for the last year, I have seen positive changes in my work income, dating life just to name a couple. She has a spirit that connects so flowingly with others.”I may not have all the answers; however, I know exactly where to find them. You are such an amazing spirit, Love and success to you always."

~ Todd


"I have to say, that since I first began seeing you for clearings, I have definitely seen some positive changes in myself. I feel like a “different” person almost … someone living in her own power. I love it."

~ Jessie


"I’m always excited to spend time with Val. Her ability to see and feel into the areas of my life that I am unable or unwilling to do is amazing. Val’s insight have totally changed my journey to the better and taught me how to use powers I never knew I possessed. I always leave with greater clarity and a feeling of grace."

~ Brian


"I am amazed at how subtle but powerful Val’s sessions are. It has made a profound difference in my life. It has allowed me to purge a lot of past family issues. She is very skilled at dealing with and assisting couples with this work. She gives people a different perspective and changes the dynamics. I highly recommend her."

~ S.P


"For about two years I have been communicating with Valerie Pearson regarding my feeling less than. Her encouragement and great vibrations have helped me in not only the one issue but helping me with confidence and feeling better. Eating better too!"

~ John G. Lyons


"I have participated in the group sessions since November of 2013, the sessions have kept me grounded. It was also a good experience in cutting some of my ancestral ties that were holding me back. Thank you Valerie. "

~ R.G


"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to empower myself. Each time I have a session with you I feel more grounded and at peace and capable of achieving things I have wanted to do for a long time. I look at where I was a year ago and how I thought I would never get out of a situation I was in and where I am today. I love being around your energy. Thank you for teaching me and guiding me."

~ Deborah Fradin

Regular Price $1,377

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $997

SAVE 35% On This Page Only!

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Yes! Eram, please include Valerie's Exclusive Coaching Calls for only $1,377 $997

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