Dr. Tom Hudson’s Special Offer

Master of Intuitive & Vibrational Healing Arts, Spiritual Advisor, and Author

“Birthing Your Divine Essence™”

The ONLY Program you’ll need to Completely Transform
Each-and-Every one of your Limiting Beliefs & Energy Blocks

“Birthing Your Divine Essence™” utilizes Dr. Tom Hudson’s new “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™,” a seven week series of guided meditation which effectively releases contractile vibrational debris from your physical and all your energy bodies.

This helps to clear you of: all forms of karmic liabilities, societal, cultural, and religious dogmatic thought patterns, entrapping eddy currents of the collective unconsciousness, emotional trigger energies stuck in cell memory, and auric field sludge, etc.

By Imprinting on the Divine Presence, this process transforms, into expanding waves of radiant light, all of these ego-centric energies, which otherwise align your consciousness with the animal nature of the reptilian brain complex and block the progress of your spiritual growth.

All of these qualities have been experienced by clients and reported as results during or immediately following individual sessions, or have developed as a result of working with Tom Hudson

  • Waking up refreshed and full of energy
  • Feel my body healing itself
  • Overcoming Obsessions & Addictions
  • Euphoric Freedom & Lightness
  • Clear of Limitations & Restrictions
  • Overjoyed with Clarity of Thought
  • Love Wrapping Me in Pure Comfort & Joy
  • Empowered to Achieve Immediate Results
  • Feeling Confident, Centered, & Competent
  • Immediate Freedom from Physical Pain
  • Engaging Life as an Active Participant
  • Enormous Weight Lifted Off My Chest
  • Calm, At-Peace & Serene
  • Feeling Respected, Safe & Comforted


Discount: 89% Off
Total Package Value $924
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99

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Discount: 91% Off
Total Package Value $1468
From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147

Offer Expired

Package A


Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS
Workshop Recording & Guided Meditation Series
*Spirit Encoded, Guided Meditation*

Value: $198

By Rev Tom Hudson, PhD.

These 7 Audios (MP3), are delivered One per Week;

  • Guiding You through the 11 Stages of Transformation,
  • Beginning with the formation of your Birth Right Life Cocoon,
  • to the release of all toxic residues within your physical and energy bodies,
  • completing with the purification and recycling of these wastes by our Earth Mother.

All Audio Files are *Produced within a Vibrant Spirit Empowered Energy Field*

Tom guides you through this series of transformative steps, by applying and invoking metamorphic laws of physics, as perceived through his lens of spiritual awareness. You will invite and embrace your own spiritual council, enlisting them as trusted confidants and guides, to empower and edify you along the path. In a cooperative effort with your Divine Spiritual Council, you will form your metamorphic “Birth Right Life Cocoon.”

Once within the safety and supportive womb of your Cocoon, Tom will assist you to take charge and refocus the instinctual survival mechanism of imprinting, to NOW establish life changing alignment to the Divine Presence within you.

By accepting, receiving, and absorbing aspects of the Divine Presence, you will consciously authorize and empower the “DISPLACEMENT” of all that is contrary to your true soul nature, to accelerate and bring about the full realization of your Birth Right Life Potential. Then, by applying and invoking the spiritual law of buoyancy, your being becomes lighter, more buoyant, which banishes from you forever, all the debris you’ve removed by dispersing it out into the ALL THAT IS.

Your new lighter more buoyant self is next aligned with sacred geometric energy formats to stabilize internal harmony and integrity.

And, finally, by engaging our EARTH MOTHER to transmute all remaining energetic and biochemical waste, you establish a stable and balanced energetic state of being with which to walk confidently along your path to fulfilling your Divine Birth Right Purpose.

These are some of the many benefits which have been experienced as a direct cause of the “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS” guided meditation.

  • “My heart is full of love and excitement; I’m able to enjoy life again”
  • “I can hardly believe it. I’m sleeping well for the first time in years”
  • “Feeling calm, balanced, and centered; empowered spiritually and emotionally”
  • “The deluge of incessant crying stopped and is replaced with joy and happiness”
  • “In-tune-with Spirit, satisfied with life, and aligned to my purpose”
  • “I like myself again; outspoken, humorous, and confident; haven’t felt so good for years”
  • “A new sense of internal peace and quiet has tuned me to my intuitive intelligence”
  • “This new awareness of discernment has me encouraged and motivated for life”

What you receive:

*Workbook Version (MP3) 7 files
Delivered in seven separate segments over seven weeks


Introduction: We will establish a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding upon which to move forward. We’ll cover all the principles upon which this new technology is based and you’ll learn why and how it rids you of all the undesirable contractile debris you’ve accumulated.

This is provided in such a way as to disable your flight/fight mechanism and actually empower your ego-mind to cooperatively engage, even assist you to release all that which holds you back and to receive the transformational work at a deeper level.

Requests One through Four: These four requests focus on achieving one single change in energy state at a time, and establish a pattern which will be repeated throughout the meditation; one of claiming one’s true soul identity, rejecting and releasing all-that-is-other-than, displacing it, and dispersing it out into the ALL THAT IS.

Each step promises to challenge even the most devoted and experienced of Spiritual Seekers. The baby steps taken a little at a time, is where the true power of this technique lies. It prevents the ego-mind from reacting, and then, step-by-step seduces it into helping you fulfill your goal. No other technique I’m aware of uses the POWERFUL combination that is employed in the “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS” meditation.

  • Request One - You invite your Divine Spiritual Council to assist you with the formation of your Birth Right Life Cocoon.
  • Request Two - You claim Divine Presence, the broadest aspect of the ALL THAT IS, as your true identity. This is a very powerful statement of intention which delineates the focus of energetic orientation into expansion rather than contraction and authorizes successful release and transformation throughout the rest of the mediation
  • Request Three - Focuses the intent of your imprinting in a more consolidated, yet still expansive (NOT contractile), way upon the qualities and characteristics of the Inner Master of Divine Spirit
  • Request Four - Completes this imprinting phase, focusing on the All-Encompassing-Love of Divine Spirit, to very solidly and profoundly proclaim to the Universe that you are NOT BROKEN. You are good enough and acceptable just as you are
  • Request Eleven - Honors our EARTH MOTHER for the eternal pursuit of Her purpose in accepting and receiving, all contractile waste of our life processes, and purifying and recycling that waste into the biosphere as life-giving substance to nurture a balanced ecosystem. This step is so critically significant. It stabilizes and rebalances your system so that the process of this mediation is not only Kind and Gentle, but also Awesomely Powerful and Effective.


This meditation series is cumulative in nature, meaning that everything you’ve learned, practiced, and applied during the week prior is added onto by the current week’s focus. Your daily devotional meditation will now include all the Requests from Week One and one additional step to include Request Five.

The process is engineered this way to allow for ample time to receive the full benefit from the current imprinting focus and to integrate the shifts kindly, gently, and lovingly, before moving onto the next.

Request Five - Is a BOLD statement which puts the Universe on notice that you are no longer willing to be weak and insignificant. You are done with playing it small. And that you by your free will, accept and receive the Awesome POWER of Divine Spirit to fully realize your Birth Right Life Potential.


Request Six - Brings a softer focus, but is no less bold; that of acceptance and embodiment of COMPASSION of Divine Spirit. With this statement you commit to no longer entertaining aggression; willfully turning from anger, resentment, judgment, and hatred, toward love and the understanding which comes from mutually shared difficulty, compassion for those who are in a state of misery or suffering which you once knew and from which you are now free.


Request Seven - Establishes your vocal avenue for expressing your creative potential by aligning with the SPOKEN WORD of Divine Spirit. It is a conscious statement of intent to apply and utilize the creative power of your Spoken Word to bring about the completely realized potential of your Divine Birth Right Life.


Request Eight - Pureness of heart and intent creates a consolidated focus whereby the power of continued effort, applied through an extended space of time, and focus toward a singular goal develops momentum. Call upon the PURITY of Divine Spirit to develop the laser focus toward your purpose to enlist the resources of the Universe to bring about the full potential of your Divine Birth Right Life.


Request Nine - Claiming the distinctly individualized intent for which “you” are created, activates the absolute authority, granted you by the Divine Presence, to successfully accomplish and realize the purpose of your particular soul fractal of Divine expression. It is time to reject all limiting belief systems which weaken the perfection of your being and have continually denied you the Divine Birth Right Life you were created to live.


Request Ten - Celebration is in order! You are now ready. Align to the blueprints upon which the creation exists; the structural integrity which holds the Universe in alignment. It’s time to experience the shift in your awareness as you physical and all your energy bodies restructure to align with the vibrational configurations of the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, and the Flower of Life energetic formats.

By saying YES to this alignment, you tell the Universe, “I’m ready! Let’s get started. Reconstruct my life and conform me to the blueprints from which I was created, to fulfill the life and the purpose for which I exist.”

*Guided Meditation (MP3) 1 file – 45 min;

Delivered on Week Seven along with the final segment of the Workbook

The “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™” e-Book version is read by Tom Hudson to create a completed audio expression. It is the completed product, identical to the audios which accompany the Work Book in every respect, but minus Tom’s added commentary. It is designed for those who’ve completed their foundational steps but still wish to be guided through their daily devotion without any additional distraction.


Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS
Workbook & e-Book Versions (PDF)

Value: $394

What you receive:

image2*Read Me First (PDF) 2 pages
Delivered immediately in week one

*Read Me First (PDF) 2 pages; Instructions which provide foundational intent and help you navigate through the various parts of the program with more clarity.

*Introduction (PDF) - 11 pages; specific instructions to get the most of your experience

* Week One of the Workbook Version (PDF) - 37 pages of the total 53 pages

Delivered in seven separate segments over seven weeks

*Workbook Version (PDF) - 53 pages
Please reference the *Workbook Version (MP3) Description for details. It’s identical.

*e-Book Version (PDF) - 29 pages
The complete e-Book version of “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™” is the completed written product, identical to the Work Book in every respect, but minus Tom’s added commentary. It is designed for those who’ve completed their foundational steps but still wish to be guided through their daily devotion without any additional distraction.


A Seven Week Group Tele-Seminar Q&A Session with Tom, going over each of the segments of the “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™” process

Value: $97

Tom Hudson These sessions will be held within a ‘Vibrant Spirit-Empowered-Energy-Field’*
The Group Sessions begin on the first Friday of each month

During this 90 minute session, throughout the seven weeks of the program, Tom will lead a live guided meditation focused on the Request of the specific week and address all questions and concerns involving the application and use of “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS” guided mediation as a daily devotional. Details will be delivered by email providing access of tele-seminar numbers and access codes.


Five BONUS Audio Files,
“Conversations with a Friend
*Produced within a Vibrant Spirit Empowered Energy Field*

Value: $235

These audios explore the Basic Concepts of Imprinting, forming a solid foundation of perception upon which you will better implement the “Imprinting of the ALL THAT IS” guided meditation. Tom explores a range of concepts of physical and biological laws of nature through the lens of spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

During recording, Tom imbues these audios with frequencies for clearing energetic interference and encodes them with a spiritually heightened vibratory state of awareness.

Audio 1:
Spiritual Buoyancy:
The Shift from Ego-Centric to God-Centric

Audio_Cover_Spiritual Buoyancy_The Shift From Ego To God-CentricBuoyancy is an upward force exerted on an object in opposition to the weight imposed by gravity; a ball at the bottom of a swimming pool. The ball experiences greater pressure at the bottom of the pool than at the top. For this reason, the ball, whose density is less than the water it displaces rises effortlessly to the top. When buoyancy is considered relative to one’s spiritual state of being, it means that, as long as we maintain our energetic integrity, all the dark dense stuff that appears to threaten our spiritual walk, actually propels us forward faster than we could accomplish without it and with little to no effort. Maintaining your spiritual integrity is the priority rather than focusing on what seems to be holding you back.

Time: 67mins

Audio 2:
Our Soul, a Particle of the Divine:
Challenging Societal Miasms

Audio_Cover_Conversations With A Friend_Challenging Societal MiasmsBy its very nature our soul, being an aspect of expansive expression of the Divine Presence challenges the contractile nature which forces societal and cultural thought patterns, religious dogma, and the eddy currents of the collective unconsciousness.

Time: 28mins

Audio 3:
The Role of Parental Miasms
in the Development of Ego Identity

Audio_Cover_The Role Of Parental Miasms In The Development Of Ego Identity (2)All children imprint on their parents as an aspect of the survival mechanism. So, the impact of parental belief systems and thought patterns plays a significant role in the development of ego.

Time: 51mins

Audio 4:
Divine Birth Right Life:
What is it?

Audio4As each soul particle is created, so too is its purpose, and therefore the life which will fully support and participate in the fulfillment of that divinely ordained purpose; the life fulfilling one’s heart’s desires; the life for which one was intended to live, to fulfill one’s destiny.

Time: 56mins

Audio 5:
the Key to Activating Free-Will with Divine Authority

Audio_Cover_Accountability Is The Key To Activating Free Will With Divine Authority (1)Everyone accepts that all of humanity has been Divinely ordained with free will. To experience free will without authority is but an empty promise and a recipe for at best frustration. To achieve satisfaction, what is required, is the authority to act successfully on one’s free will choice. If one has absolute authority to act with free will, but is allowed to do so without accountability anarchy and fascism results. So, as based on the triune principle of spiritual integrity, Accountability is the key to activate free will with Divine Authority

Time: 56mins

For those who want to have a deeper understanding of what they are doing and why it works, these audios will enhance the ego-mind’s ability to accept and cooperatively participate in the transitions you will be guided through during this meditative process.

“I found Tom’s descriptions to provide a very graphic tangible experience. This helped me make sense of things that were blocking my process! Listening to these 5 audios allowed my mind and heart to open by accepting the metamorphic transformation I received while imprinting on the ALL THAT IS.”

~ Rachel S., Portland

Here's what you get in Package A

  • Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ - Mp3 (Value $198)
  • Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ - Workbook (Value $394)
  • 7 Week Group Teleseminar - with Q&A session (Value $97)

Total Package Value $924

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 89% Saving ***

Offer Expired

Package B

Includes All of Package A Plus


60 min Private One-on-One Session
with Rev Tom Hudson, PhD

What you receive:

  • Read Me First (PDF)
  • Introduction – What to Expect in a Session with Tom (PDF)
  • 60 Minute, Private, One-on-One, “Transformational” Session

“Transformational Session” with Rev Tom Hudson, PhD; 60 minutes

Tom HudsonIn a private one-on-one “Transformational Session” with Tom Hudson, you will be given the opportunity to explore to the core-level the underlying imbalances which are the root of whatever issues you bring to resolve. Over 24 years of dealing with people’s discomforts and problem areas of life, Tom has developed and accumulated a wide variety of tools and methods to assist in moving beyond the boulders which are blocking your path to joy and fulfillment.

All of the following are conditions reported to have been resolved as immediate results during a session, or have improved and been resolved by working with Tom Hudson

  • “I was brought back from the edge of my craziness and saved from the depths of desperation”
  • “My tears were coming out of control – Now I’m able to smile again and manage my emotions”
  • “I’ve bitten my nails for years and was able to STOP in one session; amazing”
  • “My overwhelming panic and fear of death vanished. I’m calm and at peace”
  • “I came in over-emotional, indecisive, filled with anxiety; now confident and self-assured”
  • “My grief about death, settled as pain in my chest. I so happy! It’s gone”
  • “The Fibromyalgia pain embedded in tissues was suddenly released; gone”

(The following is a list of some tools Tom may use in your session)

  • Age Recession – Karmic Resolution – Spiritual Hub Integration
  • Resolve PTSD; Emotional Stress Release with E.A.S.E.
  • Remove the veil of Ego to gain clear and renewed perspective
  • Tune the Flute of your Chakra System; Play sweet music of Divine Harmony
  • Spiritual Hygiene; clear societal toxic waste from your spiritual robes
  • I.A.M. – Self Acknowledgment Therapy
  • Clearing, Expanding & Activating your Band of Heart’s Desire


A Seven Week Group Tele-Seminar  “Healing and Q&A Session” with Tom Hudson
Addressing issues as they arise, Going over each of the segments of the
“Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™” process.

Value: $297

This is an upgrade to the Workshop and Q&A Sessions in Package A. Included: Live Group Healing Calls as well

Title: Week 1: Group Teleseminar Workshop and Q&A Call
Date & Time: First Friday of the month

Title: Week 1: Group Healing Call
Date & Time: First Saturday of the month

Tom Hudson Watch out for weekly emails to receive
the access details for each event.

During each of these sessions, Tom will lead a live guided meditation focused on the Request of the specific week and provide specific healings for all who attend the tele-seminar. If time remains, all questions and concerns involving the application and use of “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS” guided mediation as a daily devotional will also be entertained. Details will be delivered by email as to access of tele-seminar numbers and access codes.

Here's what you get in Package B

  • Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ - Mp3 (Value $198)
  • Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ - Workbook (Value $394)
  • 7 Week Group Teleseminar - with Q&A session with Healing (Value $297)
  • 60 min One on One Session with Tom (Value $247)

Total Package Value $1468

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $147
*** 91% Saving ***

Offer Expired


“Tom, you have brought me back from the edge! You have saved me from the depths of desperation. Your guidance, channeling of your gift, love, and support have essentially saved me from myself and my craziness that WAS!

I’ve been able to get myself off of clonazapam, a drug more highly addictive than alcohol, and I am NOT having any trouble with withdrawals, at all!

I’m constantly cocooning myself as you taught me. I’m praying to my Angels to form a pyramid of protection around me, as you taught me. I am learning, from you, to clear entities and keep them out of my cocoon. YOU TAUGHT ME these things! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I really can't say it enough! My heart is so full of love and excitement for you!”

~ Meghan S. Portland

“I’m here to shout! Tom’s Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS Workshop Meditation can help and support you in healing yourself and aligning yourself to your life path. I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough. This year, I’ve undergone 5 rounds of chemotherapy, a lumpectomy, and 33 radiation treatments for Stage 3 breast cancer. I felt absolutely lousy from the chemo when I attended my first workshop session. When I left, I was on cloud nine. I felt great. The nausea was gone. My energy returned and maintained for the next ten days until my next treatment. The realization that I could feel good during that toxic process was such a gift to my tired, frightened soul! 

My daily sustained use of the Imprinting Meditation gave me the emotional courage and mental strength to stop chemotherapy after the 5th round when unacceptable cardiac side effects arose. I was calm, strong, and unwavering in my certainty to take charge of my treatment, my life. I stopped the chemo. Later, my decision was proven to be correct! The surgeon was able to remove the tumor with a large safety margin. There was no spread to the lymph nodes! My outlook is good! 

The Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS Meditation Workshop was such a gift to my spirit while going through this tough treatment plan and in dealing effectively with an unknown outcome. It gave me such ease, peace, an inner knowing of well-being. It gave me the energy to do what I needed to do! 

When I added Tom’s Imprinting Meditation to my treatment plan, it was like night and day. I was able to work full-time throughout my therapy. I took only one week off during the whole ordeal, just to have and recover from my surgery. The Imprinting Meditation empowered me to live my life on my terms and to heal. Most of all, it gave me a closer connection and alignment with Spirit. 

I still use the Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS Meditation on a regular basis and will for the rest of my life. I’m still here, looking and feeling better than most expected. I am forever grateful to Tom and the healing work he does.”

~ Debra I. Vancouver, WA

“Tom, Thanks for sharing all that you do. It amazes me how well the Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS guided meditation works; its effects are immediate. Thank you very much! It's been an honor being a part of the journey and watching the many transformations and evolutions of your work. I love to see how all things come together, great confirmation!”

~ Erika S., Portland

“I’ve listened to many spiritual presentations online. What intrigued me most was Tom Hudson's caring work with the callers. He was so kind, patient and genuinely happy to work with people. 

I was looking for spiritual growth to enhance my entire life, not just healing of the body, but healing of my relationship with Spirit as well. This was the kind of workshop I was looking for. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to work personally with a spiritual teacher so the added personal phone session was a plus for me. 

My spiritual growth and mental well being increased with every class. Even when the healing was not immediate, I learned how to continue the process and bring about my own healing. Just learning about the Imprinting mediation is an eye opener in itself. This workshop is significant to so many aspects of living as a spiritual being. 

The Imprinting meditation has become an integral part of my life. There is great beauty and peace in working with the ALL THAT IS. I have continued to use the Imprinting meditation Tom teaches to provide me with the ability to heal myself through many layers and varieties of problems. Profound results have come as I continue to learn the importance of knowing who I am and why I am here. 

I loved the community that comes with the Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS meditation workshop. Everyone in the workshop including Tom himself was so supportive with concerns as well as successes during the workshop. It was easy to ask questions or voice ideas about my experience. I loved going through the meditation with the community on workshop days. All these things led to a feeling of family that was lovely.

Thank you, Tom and Spirit for sharing this workshop and meditation for those needing healing of mind, body AND Spirit.”

~ Thelma F. Chicago, IL

“I was in a very stressful situation for training at work. I needed to stay focused; I felt that my job was at stake. Tom’s “5 Minutes to Freedom” guided meditation made a real difference when I didn’t have time for anything else. It allowed me to regain my calm and to re-center myself, letting go of stress and tension, to do the work I was getting paid for.”

~ Dawn W., Vancouver, WA

“I met Tom Hudson during his E.A.S.E. class of emotional healing taught in Drenthe, at "de Hoff van Axen." When Tom asked for volunteers, my hand shot up like a bullet and so he worked on me as an example for the class. I am 83 (in 1993). I've been suffering constant pain for three years following abdominal surgery. They had to take out a part of my small intestine which had died. After surgery I was still in a lot of pain. The doctors could find nothing wrong with me but I had a 10 centimeter hard lump in my lower abdomen.

Tom guided me through his E.A.S.E. system of release. After 20 minutes the reason for this lump came to me, like a flash of light, I saw the disappointed look of my wife from 55 years, disapproving of the "New-Thought" growth I was so eagerly embracing. In that moment I began to cry, a ball of energy exploded from me and the lump in my belly literally dissolved, underneath your fingers, melting away within seconds, my pain vanished as it went. Thank you Tom.”

~ Jan K. Netherlands

“My son had died four years earlier and my life was in pain ever since that day. Tom was using his emotional healing to help me; E.A.S.E.. Tom had me repeat some words from a chart. There were some pains in my body which moved around. Each time we got them to go away with his chart. This is what we did for the whole session. Close to the end, I felt my son in the room with me. This was the first time I felt him since four years when he died. I began to cry. Suddenly, I stopped. A smile replaced my crying. From that moment on I began to enjoy life again. I have more energy than I remember ever since childhood.”

~ Mieke S. Netherlands

“I’ve worked with Tom Hudson for the past twelve years. I find him full of integrity, compassion, and understanding. He is the first person to really understand me and see me for who I know I am inside. I could feel him listening to me, becoming deeply aware of my problem, and the energetic imbalances that were causing issues in my life.

Through his clarity, he has helped me embrace, yet also detach from my challenges, to see all things in my life as blessings. Using tools from Tom's teachings, I can now alter my perception of reality. I'm now able to be an active participant in my life. Since working with him, I find it much easier to face emotional / spiritual blocks without going into panic and survival mode.

If you’re ready to practice accountability, become an active Co-creator with the Divine, and empower yourself and others for the highest good, Tom is the ideal person to see.”

~ Erika S. Portland

“I’ve been on a personal journey to find true connection to my inner self and “Source” for years now and have experienced many modalities and spiritual teachings but had not yet found anything that resonated deeply with me and also produced tangible results. 

I experienced Tom’s work via Eram Saeed’s From Heartache to Joy. Tom took the group through an abridged version of his Imprinting meditation and I was really wowed by the beautiful energy I felt. At one point in Tom’s process, my body felt “flooded” with intense white light. During his interview I experienced a deeper connection to “Source” energy than almost ever before. The experience so moved me that I decided to purchase his package. I wanted to learn the Imprinting Meditation more thoroughly. 

During my private healing session, included in my package, Tom cleared entities and attachments that had been with me for a very long time. I always had a sense that there was something “not quite right” so what an incredible relief to have these interfering energies removed from me. I immediately felt “lighter” and “less encumbered” as Tom would say I was able to reach a “higher level of buoyancy” as result of his healing session. 

The greatest benefit that I received from the Imprinting Meditation workshop is an amazingly powerful tool that I can use whenever needed. It is grounding and clearing. It has given me more consistent connection to myself and creation. Another awesome benefit of the workshop was getting to know fellow classmates and participation within the Birth Rite Technology Facebook community – and those weekly Group Healing Calls that are included in the workshop package… PRICELESS!!”

~ Laurie P. Toronto CA

“My work with Tom began when I was dealing with unresolved grief around the death of my daughter. A new bout with grief was triggered when a workshop I wanted to take was being held in the same city where she passed. I found the levels of anxiety just thinking of returning there emotionally shaking and destabilizing.

Tom’s calm presence, as he worked with me, made me feel safe, respected, and understood. He approached my issues with a gentle confidence and intuitive intelligence, using a wide variety of techniques which I found very supportive in assisting me to resolve my anxiety and grief.

Because of his work, I was able to successfully attend the workshop feeling confident and compassionate toward myself, and appreciative for all I had experienced, both in the past, and the joy and eagerness I felt while at the workshop – a big improvement from how I was feeling before.”

~ Kyrie C., LCSW, LICSW, CBS Vancouver, WA

“I am truly not sure if I would be alive without the work Tom and I have done together!! Just being around him is an uplifting experience!”

~ Mike H. Portland, OR

“I loved Tom's work from the very first time I heard him being interviewed by Eram and during the 7 week course because he is so intuitive. Not only are his intentions all good, but they're also completely with you as the student. He is fully engaged, whenever he speaks with you in class.

He is constantly engaged with the entire class as well, so whatever he teaches one person who is calling about their issue, also teaches and heals the rest of the class. By the time he is finished, I have found he has given me more than I even thought I was asking for!
Tom has gone for the truth in a much more demanding way than most teachers, and he has found it. He's much more than a teacher who was just born with a developed spiritual nature. He has sought and demanded to know how to reach and touch that divine spiritual presence that is who we all are. Once he found it, he teaches us that, and he succeeds in transferring real, usable, understandable knowledge!

I have found answers with Tom that I have never found with another teacher. I have found his ways to help overcome errors and blocks in my thinking superior.

Now I can actually find, keep and use what he has found and taught, to be the most divinely gentle of all the teachers who have cared and tried to guide me. Totally.

As another students says, ‘I'm sooooo glad I found Tom!”

~ Nancy T. Ogden, UT

“I've known Tom Hudson for just over two months. During that time, I've heard him speak on several occasions about his different healing modalities.

I am morbidly obese and have tried more programs than I can count to lose weight, only to gain it back plus more. So, I sought out his help because . . . Well, what did I have to lose?

I was thrilled when Tom was able to zone in on the root cause and clear it in only one session. It’s gone! Since then, my energy is noticeably different. The shift was instant and remains. I’m calmer, happier . . . as if a weight has been lifted from me along with feelings of guilt, failure, and hopelessness. I went home with several new tools to use at home, every day, to reinforce the healing work he did during the session. 

An utmost professional healer, Tom is compassionate and respectful. Before we began, he told me it was up to me if he could help me or not. This empowered me. Had I gone in skeptical and closed-minded, I would not have experienced the same result. I had a great experience and would definitely ask him for help, again.

I no longer feel like I am starving, THE underlying issue for me. I lost three pounds at my first TOPS weigh-in since my session and look forward to losing many more. That may not seem like a lot, but I hadn’t been able to get the scale to budge in months of dieting.

Update three weeks after my treatment, I've now dropped eleven pounds and I'm motivated and encouraged because I'm finally in charge of my weight.”

~ Deb I. Vancouver, WA

“I was experiencing a situation that caused me great distress, and financial hardship. Tom’s ability to discern the problem and offer a reasonable and effective resolution, was comforting. His approach was efficient and very effective. I immediately felt like a ten-ton-elephant was taken off my chest, and each day that has passed since my session has provided further distance from the emotional baggage that I was carrying.

All this work was done without my having to re-experience post-traumatic-stress. It was liberating! Immediately I felt much better; dropping all angst and knowing that I was truly done with the never ending loop of emotional drain that I had been experiencing.

Amazingly, within 20 minutes of ending my session, an aspect of the situation for which I had sought his help resolved itself without any action on my part. That was huge! Thank you, Tom.”

~ Patrice S. Mentor, OH

About Rev. Tom Hudson, PhD

Tom HudsonA Profoundly Impactful Vibrational Healer, Tom Hudson, has merged his medical knowledge and physical science education with his spiritual gift as a highly sensitive empath and intuitive to create “Birth Rite Technology™,” his own dynamic approach to spiritual guidance and the holistic pursuit of optimal wellness.

Through his extensive work resolving post-traumatic stress disorder, Tom has developed a multi-faceted methodology for resolving and clearing the traumatic waste which accumulates in one’s physical and energetic bodies. He loves sharing the wisdom he’s gathered and road tested to help others discover their own power; to re-align with one’s internal harmony and realize their Birth Right Life purpose!


Here's what you get

1. Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ - Mp3
(Value $198)
2. Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ - Workbook
( Value $394)
3. 7 Week Group teleseminar
(Value $97)

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Total Package Value $924
From Heartache to Joy
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Here's what you get

1. Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ - Mp3
(Value $198)
2. Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™ - Workbook
( Value $394)
3. 7 Week Group teleseminar with healing
(Value $297)
4. One on One Session with Tom
(Value $247)

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Total Package Value $1468
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