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Package B


Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS
Workshop Recording & Guided Meditation Series
*Spirit Encoded, Guided Meditation*

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Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS
Workbook & e-Book Versions (PDF)




A Seven Week Group Tele-Seminar Q&A Session with Tom Hudson, going over each of the segments of the “Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™” process

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Title: Week 1: Group Teleseminar Workshop and Q&A Call
Date & Time: Friday, February 5th, at 4 - 6 pm Pacific Time

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Private One-on-One Session
with Rev Tom Hudson, PhD

“Transformational Session” with Rev Tom Hudson, PhD; 60 minutes

Tom HudsonIn a private one-on-one “Transformational Session” with Tom Hudson, you will be given the opportunity to explore to the core-level the underlying imbalances which are the root of whatever issues you bring to resolve.

Over 24 years of dealing with peoples discomforts and problem areas of life, Tom has developed and accumulated a wide variety of tools and methods to assist in moving beyond the boulders which are blocking your path to joy and fulfillment.


A Seven Week Group Tele-Seminar “Healing and Q&A Session” with Tom Hudson
Addressing issues as they arise, Going over each of the segments of the
“Imprinting on the ALL THAT IS™” process.

This is an upgrade to the Workshop and Q&A Sessions in Package A. Included: Live Group Healing Calls as well

Title: Week 1: Group Teleseminar Workshop and Q&A Call
Date & Time: Friday, February 5th, at 4 - 6 pm Pacific Time

Title: Week 1: Group Healing Call
Date & Time: Saturday, February 6th, at 4 - 6 pm Pacific

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Five BONUS Audio Files,
“Conversations with a Friend
*Produced within a Vibrant Spirit Empowered Energy Field*

These audios explore the Basic Concepts of Imprinting, forming a solid foundation of perception upon which you will better implement the “Imprinting of the ALL THAT IS” guided meditation. Tom explores a range of concepts of physical and biological laws of nature through the lens of spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

During recording, Tom imbues these audios with frequencies for clearing energetic interference and encodes them with a spiritually heightened vibratory state of awareness.

Audio 1:
Spiritual Buoyancy:
The Shift from Ego-Centric to God-Centric

Audio_Cover_Spiritual Buoyancy_The Shift From Ego To God-CentricBuoyancy is an upward force exerted on an object in opposition to the weight imposed by gravity; a ball at the bottom of a swimming pool. The ball experiences greater pressure at the bottom of the pool than at the top. For this reason, the ball, whose density is less than the water it displaces rises effortlessly to the top. When buoyancy is considered relative to one’s spiritual state of being, it means that, as long as we maintain our energetic integrity, all the dark dense stuff that appears to threaten our spiritual walk, actually propels us forward faster than we could accomplish without it and with little to no effort. Maintaining your spiritual integrity is the priority rather than focusing on what seems to be holding you back.

Time: 67mins

Audio 2:
Our Soul, a Particle of the Divine:
Challenging Societal Miasms

Audio_Cover_Conversations With A Friend_Challenging Societal MiasmsBy its very nature our soul, being an aspect of expansive expression of the Divine Presence challenges the contractile nature which forces societal and cultural thought patterns cultural, religious dogma, and the eddy currents of the collective unconsciousness.

Time: 28mins

Audio 3:
The Role of Parental Miasms
in the Development of Ego Identity

Audio_Cover_The Role Of Parental Miasms In The Development Of Ego Identity (2)All children imprint on their parents as an aspect of the survival mechanism. So, the impact of parental belief systems and thought patterns plays a significant role in the development of ego.

Time: 51mins

Audio 4:
Divine Birth Right Life:
What is it?

Audio4As each soul particle is created, so too is its purpose, and therefore the life which will fully support and participate in the fulfillment of that divinely ordained purpose; the life fulfilling one’s hearts’ desires; the life for which one was intended to live, to fulfill one’s destiny.

Time: 56mins

Audio 5:
the Key to Activating Free-Will with Divine Authority

Audio_Cover_Accountability Is The Key To Activating Free Will With Divine Authority (1)Everyone accepts that all of humanity has been Divinely ordained with free will. To experience free will without authority is but an empty promise and a recipe for at best frustration. To achieve satisfaction, what is required, is the authority to act successfully on one’s free will choice. If one has absolutely authority to act with free will, but is allowed to do so without accountability anarchy and fascism results. So, as based on the triune principle of spiritual integrity Accountability is the key to activate free will with Divine Authority

Time: 56mins

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