• 4-Part series of Recorded MP3s
  • Start to accept that YOU are beautiful
  • Stop judging and comparing yourself to others
  • Feel more confident with others and in accomplishing what you desire
  • Feel more charismatic and draw others to you
  • Learn how to shut your "It" factor off when you want solitude
  • Feel comfortable knowing you can manifest the attention you want, not the icky kind!

Total Package Value $1797

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 94% Saving ***

Would you Choose Beautiful ... or Average?

  • Are you like most women, who when put on the spot, would describe themselves as Average rather than Beautiful
  • Do you compare yourself to other women and find yourself lacking?
  • Do you feel like life is easier for "the beautiful people"?
  • And that maybe as you get older, it gets tougher and tougher to be Beautiful?
  • And even when you do lose weight and dress up, you still just "aren't quite there"?

Then let's skip the middleman of trying to be "perfect" first,
and Choose to Be Beautiful

In the I Am Beautiful course, work with energy healer Tarek Bibi to remove all the blocks that keep you from seeing your true inner AND outer beauty, from feeling great when you walk in a room, that keeps you feeling small

"I wanted to test my own work out so I recorded and listened to a 10 minute long audio with no expectations . What happened next was amazing! The next day an amazing synchronicity led me to an event with my apparent extended soul tribe, there was dancing, drumming, hugs, community, food, healing, gifts, crystals, oils, connections, friendships......

I felt so empowered, so magnetic to my highest good, i felt I was expressing myself fully like never before, i felt sexy, I felt confident, I was singing and dancing on the streets, I felt free!!!"

Tarek Bibi, Toronto

"I have wanted to front a band as a singer for about 25 years but suffered stage fright and many insecurities with little voices talking to me which prevented me from reaching my true potential and dreams!After having one session with him I knew I felt different. I felt more confident and stronger and secure that I would follow through with my plans. If I had any doubts or fears they were very short lived! I found a location to play in, invited the people, arranged the complimentary food and a few days before my performance arranged a local newspaper to cover my story, take pictures and had someone else come in and do a live taping of our show! This was more than I had dreamed of and at the age of 51 I have finally lived my dream!!! I wish I had known of Hypnosis 25 years ago ? I could have reached it much sooner!."


A radically different approach to feeling good about being you!

  • Change the ENERGY of what's making you feel not good enough
    We now know everything is energy – including your body. When you start to truly believe and know that you are beautiful, you will create a body that IS beautiful. To everyone.
  • Clear the downside of being a Shining Star
    Being beautiful may seem to have its downsides too – you might feel like you’ll have higher expectations, hit on, unwanted attention, never left alone, judged as being stuck-up. And while that CAN be true, it doesn’t have to be true. Let’s reveal your beauty while making it feel lovely to you, and put you in the driver seat to fade into the background when you want to.
  • Charm the leaves off the trees
    Every single one of us has the ability to be super charming. But we have dialed it back for various reasons. Now let’s dial it up so that you exude that magnetism that makes people want to like you and support you.
  • Confidence in who you are
    Don’t you find confidence sexy? Men and women alike always rate confidence as a very attractive feature in others. And the best part confidence in who you are carries over into other areas of your life – career, health, relationships.

Tarek channels his Infinity Healing technique to initiate the perfect healing for you, removing your blocks, calling on your angels and guides, downloading lessons you need to learn so you can move forward, and it continues to heal for as long as you need it!

The I Am Beautiful Recorded Course

"Just want to say I'm feeling really amazing after our session tonight, I feel really weird..... but nice weird, I have this really overwhelming urge to keep giggling, but I don't know what at , lol I feel light and relaxed & I have a feeling like butterflies in my tummy, you know the feeling you get when you are really excited about something that's about to happen ?? I feel like I have loads of energy, & I wanna dance or something..... It actually feels like being in love ... is the best way to describe it !! Maybe this is the start of me falling in love with ME"

Wendy Markham, United States

In the I am Beautiful program, we move toward exactly what we want, to feel beautiful. To feel like the word is our oyster. To feel lovable and charming. To feel like others support our dreams and want to help us!

Here's what you are going to SHIFT!


Seeing Beauty Everywhere

Value: $200

What do you focus on in the mirror? Your favorite features or on the parts you wish to change? So many of focus on what we consider our “imperfections” – and think they define us. Let’s change that so you automatically see all your “perfections”, and in everyone else you see!

  • releasing definition of beauty
  • releasing society’s manipulation and standards of beauty
  • recognizing beauty in everyone
  • recognizing beauty in ourselves
  • enjoying the energy of beauty
  • thereby attracting beauty into our lives
  • receiving compliments with ease and graciousness
  • giving compliments freely and authentically
  • pausing to appreciate and absorb beauty in all forms



Value: $200

Beautiful people have a confidence that when they walk into a room, they are wanted. That people like to be around them. You have that same confidence inside you, so let’s bring it out. Start to trust your IT factor and know that people DO want you, and ARE happy to have you around.

  • owning your unique beauty
  • believing you deserve to be treated well
  • believing that things “work out for you” and you are “lucky”
  • believing you can handle whatever comes your way
  • believing your ability to create anything you want
  • feeling resourceful, powerful
  • releasing any associations of confidence with arrogance or conceit
  • being able to ask and receive help



Value: $200

Aging has a bad rap in our society. We think it means the end of our beauty, and the best we can hope for is to age gracefully. Let’s turn that on its head and instead feel and look better with each year. It’s up to you to choose!

  • releasing belief in what aging is supposed to mean
  • belief in your worthiness regardless of age
  • releasing expectations of you and others based on age
  • valuing wisdom that comes with experience
  • feeliing vibrant vitality
  • increasing energy
  • optimal metabolism
  • youthful toned, plump full of collagen skin
  • releasing greying, thinning hair
  • eyesight improving (releasing not wanting to see what is in mirror)
  • limber supple muscles, tissues, and body



Value: $200

Let’s tie it all together and make you the most charismatic person you know. That when people leave your presence, they remember you and how good they felt being around you. It starts by making them feel that you recognize their beauty and value. But in case that feels overwhelming, we’ll also create a way for you to be able to turn it off, so that when you want to be incognito, you can. It’s up to you!

  • projecting your energy
  • appreciation for others
  • being present for others
  • helping others feel important and valued
  • drawing others in
  • inspiring and encouraging others
  • smiling, twinkling, playful
  • respect and honor fellow beings
  • people feel good when around you
  • people just want to “hang out” with you
  • feeling energized yourself in the process
  • feeling comfortable receiving their energy and admiration
  • able to turn it off when wanting solitude

"What is SO different is my smile. Not necessarily the look, but the feel. I don't feel the same at all with it. It comes naturally where it never did, and is so relaxed in a way I've never known. I'm lying here preparing to sleep, but I feel awake and happy like I've never been, so that I cannot contain my smile. The ego controlling my smile has gone to sleep and it creeps in for NO reason. How can I thank you for THAT! Whatever was lifted off, I don't know or care. Good riddance. Oh I was told I had red energy around my shoulders. Perhaps that's what you felt, and was released. That was a long time coming. Can't wait for what tomorrow brings. I'm so satisfied with myself and my choices."

Amaphia Lumen, Canada

Also Includes all the Bonuses Described Below

Value: $447

Grab these EXCLUSIVE bonuses when you purchase now!


I Am Beautiful

Value: $399

Listen to this while you sleep to magnify and attract all your hearts desires.

Total Package Value $1797

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 94% Saving ***

Your Higher Self WANTS you to feel Beautiful!

When I was younger I used to help my mom do her hair - it's one of the special moments I had with my mom. I loved the feeling she had when in front of the mirror, feeling loved, having me see her inner and outer beauty... This is the energy and loving intention I have for this program, to extend this feeling of being seen for being beautiful both inside and out to every one of you.

Tarek Bibi, Toronto

Here's What You will Need to Do:

  • Listen to each part, one per week
    Tarek's work is very powerful, and he recommends spacing out the listening to his programs to at most once a week. He calls for releasing anything that gets in your way of the intention of the program to be cleared and this can take some time, so please pace yourself!
  • Listen to each bonus, one per week
  • Listen to the I AM BEAUTIFUL Bonus Every Night while sleeping for 30 days
  • Notice feeling more beautiful, confident, and charismatic
    The only "homework" you have is to start noticing the changes you experience, the different thought patterns, the different reactions you get from others, the feeling of being more powerful than you ever imagined!

Tarek's sessions radiate love and bliss into every second of the phone call. I consciously am aware of things in my life shifting for the better. Sometimes subtle and other times profound. My goals are manifesting before my eyes as old ways and thinking patters are falling away. I am realizing my power and divinity in this life. Tarek has guided me to live with my Highest Self lighting my path. I am so overjoyed and thankful! I highly recommend Tarek's services to anyone ready to make that leap in their life, to start seeing your dreams become your reality!

Laura Jean

"I worked with Tarek with the baggage of having just come out of a difficult divorce. I noticed that my mind was much more focused on creating a strong business. Then a month later I met a man- without looking for one-that has become the love of my life. We feel like we have always been together as we understand each other and care for each other so deeply. I have read about the Laws Of Attraction but did not know I could ever be able to tap into them for my success. Tarek helped tune me into that force for Good."


"I know how it feels to not feel pretty or worthy and after working with Tarek I can look at myself in the mirror into my eyes...feel, think and tell myself "I love you and you are beautiful" and it feels so good."

Diana, California


"Your programs are really nice, Tarek! Things shift in a nice way. I've started to train yoga for instance, I also cherish my own time more. I'm more relaxed around people, not so fearful of their judgement. I also feel like people with other types of energy than myself are "falling away" so something is changing in me I think." Kind regards, Marie

One thing that I noticed overall was a LOT of yawning as I have been listening. For me, that means powerful clearing and shifting

"I have noticed that I have much better feelings about myself, and particularly my body. I feel beautiful in my own skin, and I haven't noticed myself doing the "compare and despair" routine lately. I can look at myself and consider what I'd like to improve, and think about it with neutrality instead of disgust. I do feel like my face looks a lot younger than it did when I started this program, but that could be me seeing without the judgment that was there before."

Thanks so much!
Kimberley Morris

"I can honestly say that I am taking better care of myself and being more loving and compassionate with myself which in turn helps me to be a more loving and joyful presence in the world. I really resonated with the infinity healings and replay them in my mind at any given moment to shift from fear or lack to love and abundance. Tarek is a beautiful soul and I am grateful to share the journey with such a loving being."

With gratitude, Patty

"I appreciate the program. I feel and look more beautiful. I have been hibernating for quite a long time, not working and just in an " off duty" state of existence. I will soon go back into the working world and I feel this program has helped to prepare me to make a contribution everywhere I go. I will be a part of life and not hide from everyone. The confidence is wonderful. I still have ways to go, but the journey has begun."

Thank you,
Maria Brown

"Thank You Tarek!!! Our session was amazing - I remember saying - this is what people feel all the time? I can't think of better descriptive words than whole & complete. What a wonderful feeling... It's part of me now. What a gift you have given me - I am forever grateful!!!"

I Am Beautiful Program

"Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! I am deliriously happy & grateful. Found the program healing & peaceful. I take more time for myself now & now I make myself a priority (martyrism runs in my family) Thank you for your encouragement & realize I am not being selfish. I am happier than I have been for a while in my relationship with my man. Life is getting better & better. Thank you Tarek!!! We are all beautiful!!!"

"Thank you so much Tarek - this was truly a beautiful program!!

I feel more beautiful inside out - and I feel much less resistance and fear when it comes to expressing my beauty and uniqueness more fully. I also have got more compliments about both inside qualities and outside appearance lately - even from strangers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!" 


"Hi Tarek,
In thinking about my experience with the I am beautiful program. I am a lot less critical of myself when I look into the mirror. I have found my voice and speak up for myself more and more. I continue to recognize and remember my worth. I feel better about myself and feel more beautiful than I have in a long time."

Thank you.

"After listening to the 'I Am Beautiful' program, I feel more confident and have noticed I a have been more gentle with myself lately. I've also gotten a few heartfelt compliments. People seem to be opening up their hearts to me!"

Thank you,

"One year ago I had almost given up painting as sales were non-existent and I had lost my motivation. I started the infinity healing three months ago and also started the I am beautiful package a month ago. Suddenly around four weeks ago, I started painting again and sold an expensive painting out of the blue. Since then, I have sold three more paintings and several prints and cards, the money is beginning to roll in! Best of all, after three years of being on a dating site and meeting so many unsuitable (for me) men, the very same day I listened to the last call of the I am beautiful programme (today) I have been contacted by THREE high quality men, younger than me for a change, and who all live in my area!! Watch this space| Thank you so much Tarek, I don`t know how you do it but for me, this is the best modality I have ever purchased (and I have a lot) I am so grateful that I found you.

Since I wrote this, more men are becoming interested in me, I haven`t met the right one yet but it feels like he is on the horizon and I am very relaxed about this part of my life. I have sold another painting and the perfect studio space that I have been wanting for the past three years has suddenly become available and I didn`t even have to search for it! It just came to me, and is subsidised, so very affordable. Yet another free luxury weekend vacation has been gifted to me!"


"I have purchased many packages over the past year and a half to raise my vibration for more financial abundance and just more joy in my life. They all have helped me in some way but nothing has given me the profound and fast results that your energies have. Within three weeks of going though the I Am Beautiful prodram I had amazing results that netted me nearly $10,000 the first month in effortless sales where I had been struggling for many months.I listened to the I Am Beautiful Bonus looping audio every night and the day was always amazing! It has been so exciting to see what each day would bring. Thank you for bringing joy and peace back to my life. Love Your Work!"

Kris Olson

Total Package Value $1797

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 94% Saving ***

About Tarek Bibi:

Tarek BibiTarek Bliss Bibi has changed the lives of over 100,000 people worldwide. He works with business women and individuals on the spiritual path to help them Thrive Doing What They Love! Through his revolutionary Infinity Healing modality he is able to help his clients achieve and manifest their heart's desires with infinite ease and grace even if they have not been able to achieve their results eslewhere.

Tarek Bibi, aka. Mr. Miraculous, a facilitator of inner transformation helps you transcend your emotional and psychological blocks at their core level to Live your Life Miraculously! Many of our blocks stem from childhood experiences and now they are manifesting in our relationships, businesses and health. He has been labeled an empath, indigo, a star seed, an earth angel, and a light worker. He earns the name Mr. Miraculous because of the breakthroughs he has assisted his clients in achieving.

Total Package Value $1797

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $99
*** 94% Saving ***

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