Is One of Your Spiritual Goals to
Be the Embodiment of
Your Higher Self?

To Be On the Divine Path of Your Life Every Day,
Aligned With Your Authentic Self and
Trusting That the Universe Will Always Manifest
An Abundance of Everything You Desire?

Or do you have more down-to-earth goals, like:

Paying all the bills in full every month with enough left over to have a nice life

Finding a wonderful man who wants to have a relationship with someone just like you,

Enjoying a close, loving connection with your partner,

Reaching and maintaining your ideal weight, and

Loving who you are every day?

All of these things are possible, depending on how committed you are. And there’s no law that says you have to do it all at once or reach the peak of any of these goals.

It’s not a contest and the only expectations you need to meet are your own. And it’s OK to tweak, drop or change your expectations or your goals.

It’s your life and you can do as you darn well please, unless it negatively impacts those close to you or who depend on you. If it just irritates or inconveniences them, you know what? That’s their problem. Tell ‘em to shut up and deal with it.

I’ll get rid of the guilt for you!

So here’s the deal: Those 19 MP3s will give you a strong foundation on which to build the kind of life you want. No doubt about it, that's what I made them for. However, you might like to go further than that and this is why I’m offering you this special VIP package.

This is a one-time only opportunity to receive private sessions with me at a deeply discounted price. Only a limited number are available and I will never make this offer anywhere again for this price.

Reserve Your Sessions Now!

ONE Private Half-Hour Sessions with Sydney Barrows
Regular Price $547

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $397 only!

Yes! I want 2 Private Sessions with Sydney

Private sessions are the only way to
really get to the bottom of what’s
keeping you from:

  • BEING the kind of person you’d like to be
  • DOING the things you want to do, should do or really need to do
  • HAVING the life you wish you had
  • EXPERIENCING the prosperity, the joy, the adventures, the kind of relationship you've been yearning for, and all the other things you've spent all these years fantasizing about, and
  • LIVING your life as the highest & best version of who you are

So what’s a private session like?

The first thing I ask a new client to do is send me a bullet point list of six things about themselves or their life they’d like to be different. Remember, it has to be about you; getting your boyfriend to turn off the TV and get off his fat behind to help around the house doesn’t qualify. Of course you could put that not bothering you on the list, if you’d like!

Before each session, I’ll ask your permission to connect with you energetically so I can act as your proxy during the session. Once that connection is secure, then I’ll find out which item on the list your Higher Self knows is the most important one to work on first.

Once I receive the answer, then I drill down to find out exactly what’s causing this situation or what’s preventing what you from receiving or experiencing what you’d like to be your reality. It could be just one thing, like a trauma, or there could be a number of things, in which case there’s often a specific order in which we have to deal with them.

Next, I have to find out from your subconscious and/or your Higher Self exactly what words to use in the clearing. This is very important and I don’t know of anyone else who does this. Shhhh, it’s our little secret. It’s this step that’s one of the reasons my clients experience such impressive – sometimes miraculous - results.

Now we do the clearing, also known as a healing. As you know from listening to the bonus MP3, the Creator, God, Source etc is the one who actually does the work. I merely facilitate it. So, again with your permission, I take you up to the Seventh Plane of Existence with me which is where the Creator of all That Is, is.

Just like in all the MP3s, I’ll download Creator’s unconditional love and light and any other energies that would benefit you, and then I facilitate the healing(s). After a few moments of silence while I do that, we’ll do the next one, if there is a next one and if there’s time.

Before I disconnect from you I’ll ask your Higher Self when would be the next time it would be in your highest and best good to have another session. It takes time for your body and your energy fields to adjust and get acclimated to the energy shifts and we don’t want to overload them. Customarily, the length of time between sessions is anywhere between four and eight weeks, even longer if we worked on something “big.”

Once we’re no longer connected, I’ll remind you what the next best time would be and you can go online to the scheduler and book your next session, if you have any left.

So that’s the story morning glory
Here’s the special VIP Offer again:

Reserve Your Sessions Now!

ONE Private Half-Hour Sessions with Sydney Barrows
Regular Price $547

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $397 only!

Yes! I want 2 Private Sessions with Sydney

If you’re still on the fence and can’t decide whether you’d like to work together, why don’t you take this little test again, count the number of yeses and see the chart below:

  • “It feels like life is passing me by…”
  • “Weeks, months, even years have come and gone and I’m still stuck in the same place…”
  • “I’m getting more and more concerned that things aren’t getting better…”
  • “It’s painful to realize that I’m spending so much of my life stuck in lack and longing mode…”
  • “It feels like I’ve been struggling for years – sometimes it seems like my entire life…”
  • “I’m stuck in the rut of thinking almost exclusively about what I don’t have…”
  • “Deep down inside I worry that maybe it will never get any better, and that frightens me…”
  • “I’ve been stuck for years waiting and hoping for the “Magic Bullet” that will magically change everything…”
  • Sometimes I wonder if maybe I’m just too broken to ever be fixed… what if it’s true…?”
  • “There’ve been times when I’ve just about given up hope that I’ll ever have the life I hoped or expected I’d have…”

  • 1

    0 points:

    what the heck are you still doing here on this page?

  • 2

    1 to 3 points:

    well, it could be worse (I know, might not feel that way to you…)

  • 3

    4 to 6 points:

    it is worse, maybe you should up the anti-depressants (Note: I’m not a doctor and have never played one on TV or anywhere else, so please consult yours first)

  • 4

    7 to 10 points:

    you’re definitely in a “things are not pretty” place, and I don’t have to be a doctor to prescribe that you get out of Dodge ASAP

I mean seriously, aren’t you SO ready to be rid of all of that?

I can tell you from my own personal experience, it was worth anything as far as I was concerned, to get rid of every last one of them. I really did live most of my life with all of these horrible thoughts and emotions, and more. I know what it’s like. And I know how to get rid of them.

I promise you that I’ll use all of the expertise and experience I’ve gained from doing that for myself to do the same for you. Just like I’be done for my clients, too:

“People don’t realize the crap they’re carrying around with them”

What a 180 degree turnaround in the past 60 days! I’m in a much better place than I was two months ago. There’s been such a shift of perception and a release of life-long demons I can’t believe I’ve held onto for all these years.

People don’t realize the crap they’re carrying around with them, I’m a perfect example. They know it’s something, but they don’t know how to fix it. I’m, grateful every day that I found you, thank you so very much for this new life!”

~ Carla D.

“I had struggled with being stuck for years because of the core belief, I’m not permitted to exist”

Sydney is truly a remarkable healer! I had struggled with being stuck for years. I was unable to access my power and really do what I came here to do, in a big way. During our session together she tapped into me and discovered that I was holding the belief that I was not permitted to exist. Holy cow! It’s no wonder I’ve always felt like a “stranger in a strange land”.

Ever since this was released, I feel safe and supported for the first time in my life. And I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, which is an entirely new experience for me. And I feel completely grounded now without even trying.

Sydney, I can’t thank you enough. I feel so different. My life feels so much more effortless now. I’m ever so grateful for you and your gift! Thank you!

~  Karen Heywood

“I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have my brain and my body AND my emotions working together to achieve a common goal”

“Sydney's techniques worked wonders for me. I brought three of my toughest challenges to the table - and a pretty skeptical mind. It's pretty attractive to think that you don't have to do anything to make this work. One by one she uncovered what was really keeping me from having a fit and healthy lifestyle, from completing projects on time, and from having a positive sense of self-worth.”

“The results? Not only did I feel different, I started thinking differently. I bought a new pair of walking shoes - the kind that feel like you're walking in sand. I never would have done that before. I started reading labels and buying some organic foods. Not BIG leaps here, people, but for me, this is HUGE.”

“I didn't force myself to do any of this. I was just in the store and decided to read a label. Then another. I've started valuing myself more and refusing to put as much of the junk in my body in the first place. I've lost 5 pounds so far - no exercise and no forced dieting. Every change has been effortless and almost instinctive. I really didn't think too much about it at all - because my brain was already on high-alert.”

“As for my projects? I came to the table with a new income stream I wanted to get off the ground. That project - in 4 weeks mind you - is ahead of schedule, and two other projects are either almost complete or ahead of schedule as well.”

“I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have my brain and my body AND my emotions working together to achieve a common goal. I know it wouldn't have happened this fast - and this effortlessly - without Sydney's help. Thank you Sydney!”

~ Liz T.

“I have been on FIRE!! I’ve gotten more accomplished in the past two weeks than I have in the past year!”

“This just blows me away. I never believed in past lives and felt better about it after you told me you didn’t either, which makes everything that’s happened since our last session even more unbelievable. You cleared “… I knew that knowing what steps to take and the most effective way to take them and being honorable were mutually exclusive” and “… when I became aware that knowing that I knew what to do and how to do it and honoring God were mutually exclusive.” 

“I have been on FIRE!! I love going into the office every day and somehow just knowing what to do next. And doing it! 

No more procrastination and spending the entire day beating up on myself for it. I’ve gotten more accomplished in the past two weeks than I have in the past year, all without having to make myself do it. I just do it! It felt weird the first week because I was waiting for the struggle and the procrastination to come back, but it hasn’t.

“This is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me, it’s like you changed the software in my brain or something. It’s voodoo for sure and you do it so well! If this keeps up my whole life is going to completely change and I’m going to renew for eight more sessions to make sure it does. Look out world, here I come!”

~  Philip M.

“Thank you for this wonderful work, you are a gem”

“I can’t believe this. It took the entire weekend, but I finished clearing off my desk! Five boxes down to a 3-inch pile. And last weekend, with the help of a co-worker’s daughter, I filled up eight – eight! – garbage bags of stuff from the garage. On to the car and the house next! Thank you for this wonderful work, You are a gem.”

~ Becky H.

“As you can see, I’m pretty stoked!”

““Again after a session with you where we worked on getting rid of whatever it was that was "Sabotaging my focus and interfering with being a person who uses time efficiently, effectively & productively," I have produced marketing, organizational and process materials for our brick and mortar business as well as evaluated a potential new business opportunity.”

“I also negotiated the terms for and created not one but three ad spots that everyone liked so well that we are rotating the three instead of using just one. And I personally recorded all of them.” (local radio)

“Ironically I completed most of this while not feeling fabulous physically. I am choosing to believe that I can accomplish all that is vital to me being a person who is creating and enjoying a 7 figure income. As you can see, I’m pretty stoked!”

~  Mary S.

Aren’t you ready to “have what they’re having?”

Start Your Journey on Your Divine Path or
Enhance the Experience if You’re Fortunate Enough to
Already Be On It!

Reserve Your Sessions Now!

ONE Private Half-Hour Sessions with Sydney Barrows
Regular Price $547

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $397 only!

Yes! I want 2 Private Sessions with Sydney

"Sydney has a genuine gift to help others become the person they were divinely designed to become”

"Sydney has a genuine gift to help others become the person they were divinely designed to become. With her help, it's phenomenal what I have been able to accomplish in a much shorter time than I ever believed I could."

"I also had routines (she calls them patterns) that kept me in a comfort zone, but I knew they were keeping me from being the person that I wanted to become. She cleared so much stuff that was keeping me stuck in my life"

"She removed disempowering thoughts about what others might think and transformed my mindset to be more focused and driven, with a keener sense of purpose. As a result I’ve become a lot more productive, and opportunities just seem to appear out of nowhere!"

~ Les B.

I’d love the opportunity to share my years of experience and expertise with you, because I personally know what it’s like to have a life you never wanted, expected or hoped for. And now I know what it’s like to have a happy and fulfilling life. It’s not quite where I’d ideally like it to be yet, but things just keep falling into place like magic, and I know I’ll get there!

I want this for your life, too.

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