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Healing Power: Expand Your Power to its True Nature

Multi-Dimensional encoded soundscapes activate a new and powerful reality Condensed sessions pack 45 minutes of healing into a 5-minute soundscape

What if you could have all the energy you ever wanted?

The Healing Power series can reconnect you to a power supply that never runs out. That’s because it’s your own natural power, custom-designed to support you. Most of us get disconnected from that power when we are very young. Instead, we’re taught to look outside ourselves for power. That keeps us reaching for the coffee and the triumph of achieving that next goal, but it never solves the exhaustion we feel, not just in our bodies, but deep in our feelings and thoughts. The Healing Power energy soundscapes allow you to effortlessly heal the connections between you and your own natural power. And when you reconnect with your natural power, life gets easy. And a lot more fun.

  • Escape the prison of outdated power structures
  • Give up the crisis treadmill
  • Upgrade and expand your power
  • Discover your hidden power
  • Release what’s holding you back
  • Go from stagnation to flow
  • Transmute suffering into deep awareness
  • Enjoy cooperation with others
  • Motivate yourself from awareness instead of pain
  • Have steady energy for anything you want to do
  • Expand into your greater life

What other Healers say about Sunday’s work

I am having difficulty remembering how I felt before Sunday's powerful work. I feel like I have received a huge and valuable gift.

EasterThe work Sunday did for me has been exceptional. Sunday helped me in two areas. The first was confidence. She was able to help me really define what confidence means to me. Within hours, I felt completely and unapologetically in my power, something I have never before experienced. I was able to be completely honest with my mother for the first time in my life without worrying how she would react to me speaking my truth.

The second area that Sunday helped me with was something I call weepiness at inappropriate times (like while watching Xena, Warrior Princess or anytime I try to sing). During the actual work, I became very aware of tightness and releases in my pelvis

I had a profound realization that I carry extra weight because I want to have a larger personal space. I am not craving unhealthy foods, either. I am noticing that I am less weepy and it is not as intense. Sometimes I feel it swell in my throat, but never manifest as tears. The healing has integrated very quickly (3 days) and I am having difficulty remembering how I felt before Sunday's powerful work. I feel like I have received a huge and valuable gift. Thank you Sunday!”

~ Easter Alexander

I didn’t even remember I had the problem in the first place.

Sherry Phillips Swatek“Sunday assisted me with a panic problem of letting people see the real me. If I let people see my creative side I experienced severe shame. After her treatment I didn’t even remember I had the problem in the first place.”

~ Sherry Phillips Swatek

Are your deep assumptions about power working for you? Or are they holding you back? We can undermine our own power without even realizing it. That’s because we’ve been told false stories about what power is and how it works. It wasn’t the fault of the people who taught us: they learned those stories about power when they were children, too. Some of us have done our best to avoid power, because we haven’t been willing to make the cruel, difficult choices that we’ve been told we have to if we want to be powerful. But whether we’re putting all our effort into being powerful in the ways we’ve been taught, or whether we’ve decided to live on as little power as possible, we don’t even notice the assumptions about power that are making our lives small. They’ve always been there. Everyone else has them.

Our common definitions of power are like a chocolate bar. Expanding into true power is like owning the chocolate factory. Is it possible that the reason life feels so difficult for you is that you just don’t have access to all the rich power that’s available to you? We often look for our power in a cup of coffee, a job, a cupcake, being sexually attractive. And we get addicted to these true-power substitutes, because somewhere, deep underneath, we know that we’re lacking something we should have.

Does life feel like one exhausting crisis after another? When we don’t have enough access to true power, we have a hard time getting traction in the world. Our assumptions about how power works can actually cut off our power supply, because we believe our power comes to us only in certain ways. When we re-examine our assumptions and restore ourselves to the power we were meant to have, our lives begin to take off.

Are you putting 100% of your effort in – but you still feel stuck? Have you tried a lot of programs, and they’ve helped, but something in you still hasn’t budged? Running our lives on power that’s too small for us can be frustrating. We’re doing all the right things, but nothing happens. Or maybe a little happens, but it’s not like the change we’re looking for. Did you know that only about 2% of people who listen to motivational speakers actually achieve the goals those speakers are inspiring them to? There’s a reason for that.

Many spiritual and personal development teachers also have these collapsed notions about power. It’s not that they don’t have true wisdom and healing to give you. But because these mistaken beliefs about power are so common, many very wise and generous people hold them and pass them on without knowing it, like germs. So, while these teachers may be able to help you in many ways, they can’t help you here.

These audios sneak beneath your assumptions to heal them with energy and sound. Our deepest beliefs about power came to us before we even knew what words were – through looks, tones of voice, watching other people. So in order to reach them, these tracks go deeper than human language. They use an older language your whole being knows and responds to.

Each track is a chorus of spirit volunteers, guiding you into a new kind of reality. Because I have spent so much time with them, I have a lot of spirit friends, from a lot of dimensions, and they were eager to be recorded so they could help us in these tracks. You may hear many kinds of birds and their activities, humming and singing insects, frogs, streams, rivers, rain, wind, rustling leaves, and other ambient sounds from nature, as well as chimes, bells, and other simple instruments. These are the kinds of messages our deepest selves understand. They can sneak past our conscious minds and resonate healing through our bodies and beings.

The sounds are only part of the energies helping you expand your power. Every audio is only 3-5 minutes long – but each one has a full 45 minutes of healing in it. That healing is in the multiple layers of silent tracks arranged underneath the sound. In them, you will be greeted and helped by plant spirits, earth networks, land spirits, stars, planets, eclipses, animals, insects, and more. I also create tracks to undo the very human constructs we build around our notions of power, constructs that lock our true power in prison. By undoing them, we open the jail, so our true, beautiful power flows freely through the world.

Because they are so short and so concentrated, these tracks are handy to use in your daily life. This series is designed to work as a program, where each audio builds a foundation for the next. But you can also use them individually, when you need them. Once you’ve calibrated your own response to the audios, you can put them on your mobile device and use them wherever you go. For instance, you could run them before an important meeting (#1 and #2 are excellent for this). Or, plug in some headphones or earbuds, and use them as a sonic meditation – 45 minutes of healing in just 5 minutes. Since so much of the energy is silent, you can turn the volume down entirely, and loop the audios soundlessly while you go through your day (#15 is great for work projects). Just be sure you’re not using power tools or running machinery, including a car –that would be risky! These audios will change your state.

12 hours total of pleasurable healing condensed so you can use them wherever you are.

Package A:

  • Proving myself expands into being myself MP3 $95
  • Approval-seeking expands to resonance MP3 $95
  • Improving myself expands into adventure MP3 $95
  • Defiance expands into vibrance MP3 $95
  • Rebellion expands into feeling taken care of MP3 $95
  • Martyrdom expands into deep expression MP3 $95
  • Power outside expands into owning power MP3 $95
  • Control expands into skillfull cooperation MP3 $95
  • Will power expands into infinite power MP3 $95
  • Vigilance expands into awareness MP3 $95
  • Obligation expands into deep knowing MP3 $95
  • Competition expands into playful co-creation MP3 $95
  • Heart vs. brain expands into soulful intelligence MP3 $95
  • Pain and punishment expand into perception MP3 $95
  • Working hard expands into graceful action MP3 $95
  • Challenge expands into riding the current of life MP3 $95
  • Three 1-hour healing calls (date to be announced) - $300


  • Powerful Decisions MP3 $65
  • Powerful Enjoyment MP3 $65
  • Powerful Voice MP3 $65
  • Powerful Talents MP3 $65
  • Deeply Restoring Sleep mp3 $95

Total value: $2,175 for 21 MP3s and 3 calls

Package B:

  • Healing session value - $200

Total value: $2, 375


Discount: 95% Off
Total Package Value $2175
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99



Discount: 95% Off
Total Package Value $2375
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $127


Sunday Oliver's very beautiful soundscapes brought me a sense of renewal. I live in the city, and her clear connection to the non-human world reconnected me and gave me groundedness and peace. The healing energy flowing from the audios allowed me effortlessly (and what a joy that is!) to loosen some of the knots I tie myself in, knots that she specifically addresses: I'm not good enough, I have to go along with others or they won't like me, pain builds character and I can take it, depression is my friend . . . and more. I'm grateful for having these audios that remind me of the positive energy that I have within me, and help me live in it.”

~ Rip Light

Package A

Healing Power Series

Each track in this series opens new gateways to expanded, healthy, vibrant power


Proving myself expands into being myself

Value: $95

Format: MP3

1-Proving-into-BeingPowerless version feels like: “I have to show how good I am.” “I have to be the best.” “I have to show what I’m made of.” “What I do is more important than how I feel inside.”

Powerful version feels like: “I may not be perfect, but I can do this.” “When my inner guidance leads the way, life is a lot easier.” “I pay attention to my feelings, because I know they’re giving me an important message.”

Useful for: Meetings with people you feel have power over you: bosses, government officials, teachers, healers, doctors, children, friends, spouse. This audio also supports you in healthy ways of carrying out projects you feel should come before your own well-being.

This audio enhances: Calmness, clarity, self-assurance, well-being, clarity, fluidity, sustainable flows of energy, natural radiant power.


Approval-seeking expands into natural resonance

Value: $95

Format: MP3

2-Aprroval-into-resonancePowerless version: “They have to show me how good I am.” “I have to be good.” “I’m no good unless they give me the credit for this.”

Powerful version: “My life just works better when I act naturally.” “How good I am is not the issue. Being true to myself is.” “When I’m my authentic self, my soul-tribe magically appears.”

This audio is useful for: Meetings with people you really want to like you: dates, job interviews, prospective clients. It undoes the need to have other people say you’re okay.

This audio enhances: Creativity, natural attractiveness, unforced voice, speaking up for yourself, saying no, saying yes, knowing what you want from the menu of life.


Improving myself expands into adventure

Value: $95

Format: MP3

3-Improving-into-AdventurePowerless version: “I’m not good enough and I have to fix that” “I have to be better” “I never quite get where I want to be”

Powerful version: “I have lots to learn and find out, and it keeps life interesting!” “I know when it’s time to open to new horizons.” “I’m enjoying my life right now.”

Useful for: Work pressures, school pressures, spiritual growth programs, healing programs. This audio helps when you are lashing yourself to meet some imagined standard, or criticizing yourself under the guise of “making yourself better”.

Enhances: Opening to a new and more relaxed version of yourself, peace, harmony, creativity.


Defiance expands into vibrance

Value: $95

Format: MP3

4-Defiance-into-vibrancePowerless version: “I’ll show you!” “I’m fighting for peace!” “I’ll do what I want, even if it hurts me.” “I’m powerful when I resist being what you tell me I am”

Powerful version: “Let’s see what happens when I turn to face the bigger landscape, instead of always looking at my enemy.” “I feel peace vibrating through my life.” “I’m unbelievably powerful when I let inner guidance move me.”

Useful for: Difficult relationships in work, family, or friendships. This audio is also helpful for any upcoming event where we expect friction, an impasse, or disappointment. It allows you to release the feeling that you must be in a constant fight with yourself and others just to survive.

Enhances: Replenishment, relaxation, connection, collaboration, enjoyment, being your authentic self with others.


Rebellion expands into feeling taken care of

Value: $95

Format: MP3

5-Rebellion-into-taken-care-ofPowerless version: “I’ll show you I’m better than you are!” “Freedom is doing the opposite of what you do.” “You’re either with me or against me.” “I’m fighting the good fight.”

Powerful version: “I can just be who I am.” “Freedom is relaxing and being supported.” “There are many paths up the mountain.” “You can’t fight for peace!”

Useful for: Creative projects, self-expression, political work. This audio is helpful for a sense of constant tension. And it can assist when you’re feeling a need to stand up for others but you don’t stand up for yourself.

Enhances: Feeling connected and expansive, knowing that life is supporting you, knowing you have a place in the picture, accepting support and praise gracefully, being more deeply involved in life.


Martyrdom expands into deep, authentic expression

Value: $95

Format: MP3

6-Martyrdom-into-deep-expressionPowerless version: “I have to suffer so others can be free.” “It’s my job to take on everyone else’s burdens.” “I’ll be lower and more humble than everyone else (which secretly means I’m better than they are).”

Powerful version: “When I suffer, I’m so busy suffering I can’t help myself – or anyone else.” “I can clear the path for others, but I can’t walk it for them.” “Everybody has talents I don’t, and I have talents nobody else does.”

Useful for: Empaths, healers, caretakers, or anyone who takes on too much. This audio relieves any emotional patterns that have us submitting to others to satisfy our needs. It’s helpful when you’re feeling resentment, overwhelm, feeling abandoned, helpless, or worthless.

Enhances: Finding our place in life, knowing oneness without losing ourselves, a peaceful approach, openheartedness, effortless connection, self love, relaxation, comfort.

I have experienced a variety of energetic healings over the last twenty years, but I have never felt a healing so strongly in my body before.

“Sunday Oliver is helping me heal a persistent hand and wrist problem. I have experienced a variety of energetic healings over the last twenty years, but I have never felt a healing so strongly in my body before. After the first healing, I felt significant relief. Sunday has a genuine healing gift. She is also a deep listener, and a person of very high integrity. I recommend her strongly!”

~ Joy Weaver

Thank you for this unbelievable is one of the deepest I have ever experienced.

Reenee-MahabirI usually smoke in the morning first thing. I did not! Wow! I do not seem to have the cravings to smoke that I usually do. I smoked very little today about 5 cigarettes compared to an entire pack. I have smoked for 24 years and I am 49 in July this year. You do really powerful work!

I drank NO coco cola for the entire day. I do not have cravings for the coke and the sweet zippiness of it.I avoided the creme caramel that I like to buy on the way home from dropping my sister to school from a certain bakery. I bought a fruit salad instead and wanted it. Today I thought to myself, when last have you had a fruit of any type? Not in a while. I went to the grocery and purchased a large slice of water melon, half a cantaloupe and some gala apples.”

~ Reenee Mahabir


Power is outside me expands into owning my power

Value: $95

Format: MP3

7-Power-outside-to-owning-powerPowerless version: “Real power comes only from what we can see and touch.” “There’s never enough for everyone, so I have to get mine.” “There’s never enough for everyone, so I shouldn’t have mine, I’ll be taking it from someone else.”

Powerful version: “Power can come from anywhere: it’s what the universe is made of.” “I have the power in me to create an entire new body every seven years – what if I used that power in other ways, too?” “Everyone has a source of power – and I can help them tune into that, so we’re all powerful.”

Useful for: Dealing with people who intimidate you, or people you envy. This audio is helpful for any situation where you feel you just never have enough – whether it’s time, money, recognition, or something else. Some of the symptoms related to feeling power is outside you are: debt, jealousy, having to be right, sniping, arguing for the sake of arguing, rollercoaster emotions, feeling powerless, lack of energy, confusion, overwhelm, helplessness, tension, TMJ.

Enhances: Even energy levels, perspective, equilibrium, relaxed expansion, calm appreciation of life, gentle enthusiasm, kindness without submission, gentle strength, a sense of well-being.


Control expands into skillful cooperation

Value: $95

Format: MP3

8-Control-into-cooperationPowerless version: “I must do this perfectly.” “I’m the only one who knows how to do this right.” “It has to be like this, or something terrible will happen.” “My way or the highway.”

Powerful version: “My guidance tells me what to do in any situation.” “I’m open to help from any source.” “When I tune in to my guidance, it shows me the best way to go in that moment.” “Life is one big dance we all do together. What if we had fun with it?”

Useful for: Dealing with controlling or manipulative people at work, home, school, or in your government. This audio helps any tendencies to having strict agendas that can’t be questioned, stuffing your emotions, holding back, constantly monitoring yourself or others, and any kind of rigid tension- in your body, feelings, or thoughts.

Enhances: Easier connections with your inner guidance, relaxation, creativity, self-assurance, relaxation, kindness, good conversation, good relationships, innovation, new possibilities.


Will power expands into infinite power

Value: $95

Format: MP3

9-Willpower-to-infinitePowerless version: “Will power means I’m in control.” “If I can muster up my will power, it will see me through.” “Using will power shows strength.” “Push through.”

Powerful version: “I can’t control the hugeness of life, no matter how hard I try – but I can dance with it.” “I was brought into the world by something bigger than will power. What happens when I connect to that?” “Using infinite power makes everything I do so easy and harmonious.” “Be in the flow.”

Useful for: Crises and emergencies, demanding work projects, intractable people, or any situation where you get an adrenaline rush. It helps change patterns of repeatedly trying the same thing and not having it work, muscling through everything, stiff shoulders, TMJ, anxiety, high blood pressure, a sense of disconnection, sudden energy drops.

Enhances: long-term projects, sustained activity, gut health, feeling supported, flexibility, creativity, relaxation, connecting to authentic power, feeling nourished, feeling at home.

ITEM 10:

Vigilance expands into awareness

Value: $95

Format: MP3

10-Vigilance-into-awarenessPowerless version: “I must always be on the alert, or someone may find my weakness and use it against me.” “I have to ride myself on every decision I make – it could be the wrong one.” “Something terrible could happen if I relax.” “I have to fit in so I’ll be secure, so I have to monitor myself every minute.”

Powerful version: “I can count on my intuition to tell me when I need to avoid someone.” “It’s amazing how easily mistakes get resolved when I’m open and relaxed.” “When I drop into my deepest self, I’m safe, because I instinctively know what to do in any situation.”

Useful for: PTSD and anxiety, new and unfamiliar situations, dealing with enemies, presentations, stage fright, deadlines. This audio can help relieve chronic worry, eternal self-criticism, judgment, and body tension, particularly in head, jaw, neck shoulders, and digestive system.

Enhances: Feeling at ease, being comfortable on all levels, avoiding unhealthy situations, effortlessly displaying your own natural talents, enjoying life more, good circulation and nerve responses, friendly relationships.

ITEM 11:

Obligation expands into deep knowing

Value: $95

Format: MP3

11-Obligation-into-knowingPowerless version: “I owe the world something.” “I’m not enough, and I have to make up for it.” “I have to be who I’m expected to be.” “I need to help others first.”

Powerful version: “I am a part of the power that creates the world I’m in.” “My value is part of who I am.” “I don’t need a lot of rules when I follow my guidance.” “When I take care of myself, I’m much better at taking care of others.”

Useful for: Monetary debt, addictions, the schedule that never ends. Empaths and healers can especially benefit from this audio, or anyone who is given to self-sacrifice. It can gently assist if you are always agreeing with the other person, feeling drained, overwhelmed, taking on other people’s feelings and tasks. It can also help any sense of constriction (including TMJ and neck and shoulder stiffness), compulsion, bitterness, hopelessness, guilt, or shame.

Enhances: Self-assurance, clarity, enjoying life, steady energy flows, smooth physical and emotional healing (both for yourself and others), sense of possibility, creativity, freedom of movement, relaxed relationships, sense of peace, sense of belonging, spaciousness, ease.

ITEM 12:

Competition expands into playful co-creation

Value: $95

Format: MP3

12-Competition-to-cocreationPowerless version: “Either you’re better than I am, or I’m better than you are – and we have to work that out quickly.” “I know more than you do, and I can prove it.” “You know more than I do, it’s been proven, so I’ll back down.” “I have to fight to succeed.”

Powerful version: “We each have a part to play.” “Everyone knows something I don’t. And I know things not everyone else knows.” “It’s fun and interesting to pool our knowledge. We come up with something better than we could have by ourselves.” “When we collaborate, it gets done easily.”

Useful for: Business interviews and meetings, discussing touchy subjects with family, friends, or co-workers. This audio can relieve the need to be better than others, constant criticism of yourself or others, inflammation (physical and emotional), a compulsion to do what everybody else is doing (or buy what they’re buying), the need to analyze everything minutely, the need to win every time.

Enhances: Integration, creativity, healthy adrenals, healthy neurochemistry, receptivity, appreciation, harmony, and flexibility (physical, mental, or emotional).

ITEM 13:

Heart vs. brain expands into soulful intelligence

Value: $95

Format: MP3

13-Heart-to-soulPowerless version: “I have to rein in my feelings or they’ll carry me away.” “I must follow my feelings no matter what the cost.” “People who use their brains are cold and inhuman.” ‘People who live from their feelings are sloppy thinkers and get in trouble.”

Powerful version: “Thinking and feeling are two sides of the same coin.” “I don’t have to control my thoughts or my feelings; I just act from inner guidance.” “All the different parts of myself are playing in harmony.”

Useful for: Presentations and speeches where you want to reach both heart and brain of audience. This audio helps with perfectionism, runaway emotions, stress, conflicts (inner and outer), bitterness, resentment, crankiness, feeling unbalanced, TMJ, digestive issues, sweets cravings.

Enhances: Peacefulness, pleasure in what life offers, self-love, a sense of freedom, clarity, mood stability, sense of being supported, upper and lower body connection, coordination, relaxation, creativity, opening to new possibilities in a grounded way.

ITEM 14:

Pain and punishment expand into perception

Value: $95

Format: MP3

14-Pain-to-perceptionPowerless version: “No pain, no gain.” “Pain builds character.” “Bearing pain is how we get spiritually deep.” “Punishment teaches lessons – and we have to learn lessons.” “I’ll always have this pain, nothing can help it.” “I can’t do anything right, so I have to punish myself. That will make me better.”“ The more pain I can take, the stronger I am”, “I can carry pain for others so they won’t suffer”, “I am a weary warrior: I’m tired, but I slog on.”

Powerful version: “Pain is a sign that it’s time for healing.” “When I punish myself it hurts but it doesn’t actually make me act or feel any better.” “Pleasure and love allow me to grow and transform. I don’t need pain for that.” “Love goes deeper than pain.” “When I carry other people’s pain I just hold their burden in place – and mine.” “Pain is a sensation. When I allow the sensation to expand into new territory, it becomes more and more comfortable.”

Useful for: Physical pain and tension, emotional pain and tension, addictive habits (including creating awful futures for yourself ). This audio helps relieve eternal self-criticism, criticizing others for their own good, self-hatred, confusion, defensiveness, TMJ, neck and shoulder stiffness, mind chatter, feeling stuck, feeling hopeless, anger, irritation, anxiety, and depression.

Enhances: Calmness, comfort, clear thinking, perspective, relaxation, enjoyment, appreciation, awareness, steadier energy flows, appetite, creativity, new possibilities.

ITEM 15:

Working hard expands into graceful action

Value: $95

Format: MP3

15-Working-to-gracePowerless version: “It doesn’t matter what I feel, as long as I get this done.” “Press on regardless “Fun is a sidetrack.” “Hard work is its own reward.” “You have to work hard to get ahead.” “Work has to come first.” “When I work hard, people need me, even if they don’t love me.”

Powerful version: “When I’m deeply involved and enjoying what I’m doing, everything falls into place.” “When I’m enjoying life, opportunities open up for me that I never expected.” “When I’m in the flow, my actions feel like a dance with the universe. I get so much done, so easily.” “It’s so much easier to work with others when I allow some space into the relationship.”

Useful for: Conflict, tight deadlines, dreaded appointments (dentist, doctor, lawyer), dreaded tasks, stage fright, shyness, depression, debt. This audio helps with alienation, a sense of being burdened, time pressures, and feeling held back by invisible forces.

Enhances: Smooth relaxed workflow, healthy scheduling, enjoying life and everything you do in it, relaxed neck and shoulders, moving from the core of yourself, being in touch with your spirit friends. This audio assists allowing your instinct to combine with your intellect, being friendly with your body, being open to healing, feeling liberated.

“I think the working hard audio.. got to me. I feel like I have all the time in the world and that everything will be fine. Everything is falling into place with the Support of the universe .”

~ E. Trabulse

“Instant relief (in the middle of a pile of work)!”

~ C. Phillips

ITEM 16:

Challenge opens into riding the current of life

Value: $95

Format: MP3

16-Challenge-to-currentPowerless version: “The world is my oyster which I with sword will open.” “I fight to achieve my destiny!” “I have to beat the clock.” “I have to battle on, despite all odds” “We have to fight the good fight.” “I’m a warrior for my cause.” “I can always rise to a challenge!”

Powerful version: “What if life could be easy and fun for all of us?” “It’s so great to have back all that energy I used to spend on fighting! What can I do with it?” “How can I do this more easily, so I have more time?” “When I drop the fight, it’s astounding how quickly everything starts coming together.” “How do we cook up something that everyone here will enjoy?” “I’m more interested In enjoying other people than beating them.”

Useful for: Deadlocked meetings, recalcitrant family members, heavy work loads. This audio can help with chronic resistance,  extreme ups and downs, anger management, and exhaustion, as well as high blood pressure and other physical signs of stress.

Enhances: Steady easy workflows, evener emotions, clarity, knowing your own inner guidance, health, well-being, relaxation, new perceptions of old situations, new solutions, creativity, peaceful fun, productivity, collaboration, harmony, flow.

Three Healing Power Phone Calls

Value: $300

When we combine energy, mental understanding, and practical work, differences in our daily life show up more quickly. These three healing calls are designed to assist in doing that. I’ll show you how to identify assumptions about power and how they are working in your life. I’ll answer questions about how to use the audios, and give suggestions about how you can get creative with them, so they can help you when and where you need them most – in the middle of your daily life. And we’ll do group and individual healings on the subject of power.

My multiple sclerosis was helped

“Sunday did my healing a couple of nights ago & wow did I feel the benefits the next morning!! I felt very peaceful & physically a lot stronger than normal. By the afternoon the effects had worn off quite noticeably but again this morning I'm feeling really good. Thank you so much!”

~ Francine Wells

My work situation changed dramatically.

Nika-Franchi“A little while ago I was involved in a serious work-related conflict. It came out of left field and left me feeling crushed, betrayed, angry, depressed, scared, powerless and stuck. No matter how much I discussed things with friends and colleagues, I was unable to change either the situation or my feelings about it.

I had no idea what to expect from a healing session with Sunday, but since nothing else was helping I was willing to try it. While she was doing her quiet magic, I just relaxed and tried to stay open. Gradually, a feeling of peace came over me. My thoughts changed, too: as if a light bulb came on, I realized that along with some drawbacks, many good things may come out of this obstacle. I suddenly felt that my voice, until then completely paralyzed, came back and I now had the power to change things. The energy shifted, very gently but very powerfully.

I walked away from Sunday's session with the kind of clarity that I couldn't have even imagined possible before. Although my work problem did not change in the way I expected, it did change dramatically: I eventually chose to leave it behind and move on, but I did it without resentment and with the sense of peace and gratitude for the life's meaningful lesson. And within a week, I had two new possibilities of work, with more congenial work partners.

I am so grateful for her wonderful, gentle, and powerful help!”

~ Nika Franchi


When we’re starting out in a new way of life, it’s easy to fall into our old habits, and leak power. There is so much in mainstream culture that encourages us to go through the world in draining and distorting ways.

The first four bonus audios hone in on very specific areas where you may need extra support to feel powerful. These are spoken-word healings, with energy layered underneath. And, since we can’t really be powerful in the world without sleep, the final bonus, “Deeply Restoring Sleep”, is a longer soundscape audio that you can play in bed to drift you off to refreshing sleep.

Bonus 1:

Powerful Decisions

Value: $65

Format: MP3

Powerful-decisionsUse this audio if you are stuck on making a particular decision, or if you have difficulties with being indecisive in general

Most of us have been taught to make decisions in a certain way – a way that cuts off parts of ourselves. The part of ourselves we cut off may be our heart, our brain, our bodies, our guts, or other areas we’ve been taught should never be part of any decision we make. This audio takes you through spoken-word clearings and brings those cut-off parts back for easy, powerful decisions. The layered silent energy tracks beneath the spoken word support and reinforce your new way of making decisions.

Bonus 2:

Powerful Enjoyment

Value: $65

Format: MP3

Powerfu-enjoymentUse this audio if you feel life is drudgery, the same routine, over and over again.

We’re so often taught that enjoyment is a frill, a fluffy thing, that we have forgotten it is a huge part of our power. Without enjoyment, how do we know what to head towards? Without enjoyment, how can we be fully embodied? This spoken-word audio is underlayered with energies that support you in opening to the power and pleasure of enjoyment.

Bonus 3:

Powerful Voice

Value: $65

Format: MP3

Powerful-voicesUse this audio when you have an important conversation coming up with a child, a boss, a friend, a spouse.

Some of us have a hard time speaking up for ourselves, and make our voices very small. Some of us have moments when we speak up and then wish we hadn’t. Others find ways to speak in a voice that impresses others, but isn’t their own. That can feel lonely: our listeners are only connecting to the mask we’re wearing, not to us. What if we were comfortable just speaking as ourselves? What if those things that seem so hard to say turned out to be easy? This spoken-word healing audio has silent energy tracks layered beneath. Together, they combine to support you in your own powerful, resonant, well-timed voice. If you’re a singer, teacher, coach, or public speaker, this track is a nice addition to your toolkit.

Bonus 4:

Powerful Talents

Value: $65

Format: MP3

Powerful-talentsUse this audio if you feel you aren’t living up to your potential.

Many of us have talents that we hide, feel ashamed of, or aren’t sure how to use. That keeps us from putting them out in the world. Other people are using their talents, but not in ways that are fulfilling to them. And some people put their talents out there to a resounding silence – nobody seems to notice them, even though they may offer more than what’s already out there. This spoken-word healing audio uses words and underlying energy tracks to awaken and fully embody what you have to give to the world.

Bonus 5:

Deeply Restoring Sleep

Value: $95

Format: MP3

Deeply-Restoring-sleepUse this audio if you have a hard time sleeping, or if you wake up feeling unrested.

This is a longer track, meant to be played as you fall asleep. It contains a full silent healing process for deeply restorative sleep, plus some contributions from Sunday’s spirit friends. The silent energy healing and the soundscape of a spring night in the country work together to carry you off to deep, regenerative sleep. If you listen to “Deeply Restoring Sleep” often enough, you may find that you need to use it less and less, as your body discovers new habits for sleeping.

Package A

Total Package Value $2175

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99
*** 95% Saving ***


Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus a personalised healing session timed to land in your deepest sleep

Healing session

Value: $200

The Healing Power soundscape energy audios, all bonuses, and the healing calls. In Package B, you also get an individual healing session with Sunday by email, timed to land in your deepest sleep. You’ll get an email from Sunday after your healing, describing the highlights and giving you any healing messages she channeled for you from other dimensions.

If you have a busy schedule, healing by email is great - you don’t have to make time in your schedule for a session –my sessions happen while you sleep.

If you’re resistant to healing, healing during sleep allows the healing easy passage through that resistance. (Using the Healing Power program will help a lot with this, too.)

Healing in your sleep is an enjoyable and thorough way to go, even if you have plenty of time, and open to healings easily,. It’s fun to wake up and find a difference in you – a little like opening a surprise present.

Package B

Total Package Value $2375

From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $127
*** 95% Saving ***



He woke from a semi-coma and asked for a pizza!

"My husband had been in the ICU in a semi-coma from multiple health complications. He didn’t respond to commands, but he would spontaneously wake up, look around, move his body, then go back into his trance. He wouldn’t eat or drink, but he was stable, so they moved him to the neuro wards for monitoring.

My opinion was that he wasn’t done with his spiritual work “out there” and didn’t want to come back. But the hospital schedule said it was time to move him to a nursing home, and in order to do that, they needed him to eat. He refused, so they wanted to puncture his stomach and put in a direct line.

He had already gone through so much medical trauma, and was in such a delicate state, I was afraid that would set him back again. I asked Sunday to see what she could do about getting him to eat. Two days after her work with him – the day before the transfer - he woke up and asked for a pizza! I went out and got him a personal-sized one and he ate half of it. He also drank some water with cranberry juice and let me give him a spoonful of probiotics. We were able to move him to the nursing home without the stomach puncture."

~ Reonne Haslett

Back pain vanishes

Thanks for doing work on my back pain. I feel comfy and easy now actually. Well done!!!"

~ A.H.

It is refreshing to just "BE" instead of being responsible for every mistake past, present, and future.

I thank you so much for the healing you did for me. I was deeply touched that you too understood some of the past hurts emotionally affecting my health… I’ve had years of mind chatter, self-doubt and beating myself up about the smallest things. I am really hard on myself about things out of my control, even from my past. The silence was profound, the mind chatter just stopped, acceptance replaced it. I believe I have had some pain reduction and look forward to more progress with Fibromyalgia/ Pain syndrome. It is refreshing to just "BE" instead of being responsible for every mistake past, present, and future."

In The Great Adventure,
~ Janell Sinclair

About Sunday Oliver:

Sunday-Oliver-2Sunday Oliver’s first memory is traveling through multiple dimensions while she was supposed to be taking a nap! A lifetime of connection to those realms, plus thousands of hours making music and writing, allow her to create multidimensional energy forms that invite you into your own beautifully healing space and support you in staying there as your transformation moves you into your powerful life. In the 3D world, Sunday has long and deep experience with plant medicines, plant uses, botany, gardens, nutrition, massage, ceremonial healing, neuroscience, and the twists and turns of human nature.


Discount: 95% Off
Total Package Value $2175
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $99



Discount: 95% Off
Total Package Value $2375
From Heartache to Joy Introductory Offer $127


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