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Revealed for the first time, the path of transformation of the Princess and Queen of Hearts in a brilliant new book and program from Stewart Pearce.

  • Discover the transformation secrets of an iconic global superstar from the Celebrity Adviser who worked with her to create her radiant presence.
  • This offer will help you discover your personal radiant power and magic. Turn your pain in to purpose and your tears into triumph. Feel your burdens lifting off you as your heart is filled with beauty and joy.
  • Have you been longing to find your path and purpose?
  • Would you like to know how important and amazing YOU are and discover your radiance?
  • Would you like to be the energy that magnetizes true love, success and fulfilling joy?

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Then these simple and powerfully effective activations and mentoring are for you. Honor who you are and let it shine. In spirit Diana has revealed she is working to awaken the women of the world to their own glorious potential and purpose. The world of change-making women we live in today was pioneered by Diana’s example as an adored global icon and powerful humanitarian whose very presence as an earth angel instantly healed people.

Diana continues to touch millions and provides an extraordinary example of how an ordinary woman can become extraordinary and make a difference. But is was not always this way just like you, she faced extremely difficult challenges. In her life she had heartbreak, isolation, deep insecurity and she rose above it all and triumphed. Her life was not always a fairytale. See what she overcame:

From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Diana’s royal path of the heart

The Transformation from a Princess to a Beloved Global Icon of Radiance, Love and Grace

Diana overcame many struggles and uncertainties her Powerful, empowered self.

See her before and after her transformation and know that you can also overcome anything and become your true self in 2020.


New Bride in the Global Spotlight

Before: She was the shy, insecure product of her parent’s divorce aged 7 and left school without qualifications.

Heartbroken and Unsure

Betrayed, Uncertain and Unhappy in her purpose


Shining as the Most Famous Woman in the World

After: She was supremely confident global style icon and trendsetter who found a way to create authentic purpose in her life.

Global Humanitarian “Queen of Hearts”

The Most Fabulous, Famous, Photographed Woman in the world. Radiant with confidence.

Diana showed us that magic can happen when we discover who really are and live from our hearts.

  • Fairytale wedding watched by 750 Million people worldwide.
  • Charity Work – “"Her overall effect on charity is probably more significant than any other person's in the 20th century” and she raised awareness for Aids, Leprosy, Homelessness, Landmine eradication. She met with Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela.
  • Named as one of Time’s Most important people, People Magazine’s most beautiful women of all time. Adored by millions and admired by the most powerful and exciting people in the world.

People around the world have confirmed with miraculous stories sent to Stewart that Diana is now working in spirit as an angel to guide forth the awakening of women around the world with the path that she pioneered. The Diana Heart Path is now available to YOU so that become the most extraordinary version of yourself with love and joy.

No matter your age, personal circumstances, or income YOU can change with these processes and live YOUR dreams.

Total Package Value $2222

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $247
*** 89% Saving ***


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Please note all private sessions must be booked and taken immediately within 6 weeks of the summit air date or they are forfeit.

This package is a world exclusive and is non-refundable and non-transferable.

All materials strictly copyright Stewart Pearce 2020.

The Royal Radiance VIP Package

  • This is where your powerful transformation starts on the path of blissful ease and joy. Turn your life around today with the personal secrets of Diana’s Heart Path of Transformation and a life-changing session with her personal mentor.


VIP Personal Heart Path Soul Mentoring 1:1 Session

Duration: 60 Mins

Discover and Become the Person You are Meant to Be.

Personal VIP Soul Mentoring Session. With Stewart Pearce, Adviser to Diana Princess of Wales.

Stewart Pearce met Diana when she was ready just like you are to make a big change in her life.

One of the aspects of Diana the Stewart cherishes is how at time she could be utterly ordinary, funny and down to earth. Yet, in working together every week they discovered and connected her with her true life purpose, passion and feminine power.

This session is the Crown Jewel of this program of transformation. Stewart continues to be a celebrity mentor to extraordinary women leaders, Oscar-winning stars of stage and screen, Royalty and women just like you around the world who are ready to discover and transform themselves.

Who has not dreamt of having the opportunity to walk the path of a Princess and transformed by Grace as if by Magic.

  • If you are ready to make a big change for yourself this year, this is where you start. With deep love and compassion and startling clarity Stewart can find and release you from whatever is holding you back. And gifted with extraordinary abilities he can help you find and begin to live your powerful life purpose.
  • Your sacred session will be a warm, funny and very loving jump-start to your transformation.
  • This Alchemy of the Soul when you and Stewart meet is the essential catalyst to begin your process of radiant transformation.
  • If you need to get out of debt, begin a new relationship, change jobs, live a bigger purpose, blossom in your beauty. This is where it all starts, right here, right now.
  • Take a breath, connect to your heart and ask if this path of transformation and this meeting with Stewart is in Divine Alignment for you. If you sense or feel lightness, tingles or a deep feeling of peace, joy this is your higher self and the Universe letting you know to go ahead and make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

Becoming who you are truly meant to be is the greatest gift you can give the World. When you shine with radiance and love you light up the World and become a powerful force for healing change. Diana blazed a trail for all women to follow so they can live their heart’s truth and become beloved. Don’t miss out on your miracle. Book now as these sessions are limited and will sell out fast.

“Stewart is an inspiration to us all, and has helped me personally with such lovely generosity”

“Stewart’s gift is incalculable. His timeless wisdom and practical knowledge is unique, and give him a leading edge position as a Master of Voice & Performance who not only coaches but truly heals. Stewart is an inspiration to us all, and has helped me personally with such lovely generosity. We all need Stewart in our lives!"

~ DIANA, Princess of Wales

“This is your time to change yourself So you can be part of the great awakening To living in love and grace.”

~ Stewart Pearce


Diana The Voice of Change Book

Diana The Voice of Change throws a new light on the most famous woman of her time. Discover the truth about Diana's extraordinary life principles. Learn what created her love and the secret keys that focused her destiny. You can use these same keys to focus your own destiny, to help you find the voice of change that resonates with your whole being, and that assists you to live your soul s purpose.

This is the legacy that Diana wanted to give the women and men of the world! Learn: how Diana achieved freedom from oppression how she became a force of liberation that literally shook the world why she was taken from us to become a force of Divine Inspiration. Although Diana may no longer be in flesh, her spirit lives on communicating to us all.

  • You will receive an FHTJ exclusive advance digital copy of this extraordinary 260 page book ahead of worldwide publication.
  • Filled with heart-warming never before revealed stories. Including stories from ordinary people who have had miraculous experiences of their lives being changed by Diana working in spirit.
  • The extraordinary pathway of a Princess is revealed to help you become your best self in 2020.


Diana’s Personal Empowerment Affirmations

When Diana was being coached through her transformation by Stewart Pearce she was given these 30 affirmations to use every day to transform her body and mind and become more confident and beautiful.

  • For your most effective use Stewart suggests using the voice memo app on our phone and recording yourself saying them in your own voice. Then play it back and repeat along with yourself while you are moving through your day. Getting ready in the morning, while driving or playing while you sleep are wonderful times to allow these affirmations to reshape your consciousness.
  • Don’t miss out on our miracle.

“Thank heavens for the Angels and Stewart!”

“The melodies create by the Angel’s in Stewart’s work are simply beautiful. Invocation is the prayer of wisdom, and the refuge of the pure. The unique intelligence of this sound healing work opens the scope of the meeting between heaven and earth. Thank heavens for the Angels and Stewart!"

~ LOUISE HAY – Author, Entrepreneur, Legendary HAY HOUSE CREATOR


Diana Heart Path Activation Meditation

Diana used her fame as a platform to create the change in world we now see as normal. Diana had a very strong connection with Mother Teresa and visited her in India. Stewart was on that journey and saw them together.

  • Diana’s magic and her powerful to influence people around the world came from her beautifully open and loving heart.
  • Diana championed recognition for AIDS patient’s leprosy and homelessness well before they were fashionable and accepted to talk about. She also used to visit hospitals in London and comfort heart patients going in for surgery.
  • This meditation is a powerful process for you as a lightworker to bring you into this heart consciousness that will help you attract the right relationships and create the influence in the world that is right for you and YOUR life purpose. This is the very same process used by Diana to start becoming a voice for change.

“Stewart brings a unique witness to his work with ANGELIC SOUND HEALING”

“Like a radiant comet Stewart brings a force to bear in the world, which is glorious, and this is the power of ANGELIC ACTIVISM. The zeitgeist of today is a level of activism that supports and claims peaceful protest. In a world that has become narcissistic, destructive, and highly critical, Stewart brings a unique witness to his work with ANGELIC SOUND HEALING, allowing us all to feel our own special, and highly individualized song of soul. This heals the excesses of the Ego and will eventually bring harmony to the whole world. This is truly remarkable!"

~ MARIANNE WILLIAMSON – Spiritual Teacher, A COURSE IN MIRACLES New York Times Best-selling author of 11 Books


Ignite Your Radiance

One word describes Diana after her transformation. Radiance. As Diana learnt to let go of her painful past, her parent’s divorce when she was 7. A difficult marriage and the intense scrutiny of the World’s press, she transformed. No matter how you feel today you can also let your inner spirit shine and become more beautiful.

  • This is the very process described in the book that Stewart worked with Diana to transform her light body.
  • Diana literally began to glow and as she visited hospitals, children around the world and appeared in public her light healed those in her presence.
  • People reported spontaneous healings just from her touch.
  • Empowered and confident she shone on the World stage as a pioneer of the consciousness we now see around us of diversity, inclusion, compassion and care for the planet.

“He's a master of full expression and authenticity”

“I met an Angel last evening. A Healer of the highest measure. A true Light Worker. A Sultan of Sound. I had the immense pleasure of sharing space with the one and only Stewart Pearce. I thought I had signed up to go and listen to a voice coach that would hopefully prove to be beneficial to my work as an actor, but instead found myself feeling like I’d met a Messiah. What this man teaches goes insanely far beyond proper speaking. He's a master of full expression and authenticity and I believe he's teaching ways to enrich one’s life through the utterly raw and completely honest language of sound"

~ Sarah Marie Miller, Actress, NYC

“Stewart can literally change your life”

“Stewart Pearce is not only a true Master of Voice, he is a Master of the Heart too. He has an extraordinary ability to connect actors (indeed all people) with their own authentic voice ~ what he calls ‘our signature note’~ and the truth that lies within each of our hearts. His propensity to nurture and free the actor’s voice is quite breathtaking; he simply knows the sound of the complete intention.

With his outstanding, knowledge and presence Stewart can literally change your life!”

~ BARBARA GAINES, Artistic Director of Chicago Shakespeare Theater, USA.

Total Package Value $2222

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $247
*** 89% Saving ***


Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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Please note all private sessions must be booked and taken immediately within 6 weeks of the summit air date of they are forfeit.

This package is a world exclusive and is non-refundable and non-transferable.

All materials strictly copyright Stewart Pearce 2020.

“Change is phenomenal, magic happens, and the gift of transcendence is completely spontaneous!”

“Stewart is something more than rare......he is unique and immensely gifted! THE VOICE OF CHANGE is courageous and energizing. What this man can instigate for us in terms of change is phenomenal, magic happens, and the gift of transcendence is completely spontaneous, because he lives it!”

~ RUTH from the UK

“His magic reaches deep within us”

“Stewart transforms lack of confidence into strength, passion and resonance. Stewart has an incredible gift; his magic is one that reaches deep inside all of us to release life potential which transforms our everyday existence. This he encourages and enchants by living totally in the present!"

~ Jane Swift, London

“My session with Stewart was a WOW! The Angels were right next to Me.”

“My session with Stewart was a WOW! From the moment we first spoke I knew, I knew him from before, from other lives, from other cultures. When Stewart gave me information about the twelve Angels of Atlantis I had goosebumps all over because of the energy, and the Angels were right next to me in the room – this was extraordinary – and very moving. Then the information that flowed I knew came from beyond, from the Angels, reassuring me about the current steps I need to take to reveal even more of my amazing creativity and the security I wish to draw from within! I would recommend Stewart to everybody, as his voice alone soothes, heals, restores.”

~ Eram Saeed

“The pain has completely gone and I will recommend him to all my friends and family…….I suggest you do too!”

“The supernatural healing I received from Stewart and the Angels of Atlantis was absolutely astonishing! The fact that ANGELIC SOUND HEALING could shift the pain in my heart and chest wasn't something that I was aware of, yet through Stewart’s amazing skill, compassion and intuition he made me feel so safe, I knew it would, and could. What an amazing man Stewart is, you feel so calm and warm in his presence. Then there is his power of intuitive deduction – WOW! The pain has completely gone and I will recommend him to all my friends and family…….I suggest you do too!"

~ Tracey Olman – Toronto

“A fantastic coach!”

“Stewart is such a fantastic Coach, and it was so refreshing to have a performing arts perspective on my business issues. I know that this will increase my financial manifestation process, elevating my worth to at least £250,000 per year!”

~ Sara Griffiths – Actress, QVC Presenter, and Entrepreneur

“Learn to become a Human Angel”

“In the Angels of Atlantis Stewart discusses how we are preparing for transformation into our ultimate state of Homo Luminous to live as human angels."

~ Sarah Ince, Ecoluminescence

“Master Healer of Life”

“Stewart is a Master Healer of life, and how to bring your Soul into your existence through practical real-world ways. With laser focus, he brings into form the word-frequencies necessary to cut through what holds a person back from their Souls Purpose and Mission, and consequently encourages a way to live an embodied existence. I have experienced personally and through observation, the nature of who and how Stewart is. He communicates all with limitless Grace, bringing about great change for those who choose a new path, or who wish to deepen an existing one. Stewart is masterful about the essence of what true Divine Healing and Relationship is. If you have an opportunity to be in his pres-ence.... take the step to experience yourself in a completely new, yet whole way!”

~ Ron Damico, Healer and Spiritual Alchemist

“Extraordinary Man”

“I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend the work of this extraordinary man, to anyone who wants to discover themselves through their most potent art: the sound of their own voice."

~ Peter Harrison –Director of WATKINS BOOKS, The World’s First Most respected, spiritual bookstore (established London 1893)

“True Master”

“There is nothing as empowering, enabling, or utterly mobilising as the impassioned voice of a leader like Stewart Pearce, who is a true Master”

~ Peter Cross DIRECTOR -Yellow Door Communications

“Positive Results immediately for my career”

“I saw positive results applying Stewart’s techniques immediately….the transparency in my focus was obvious from the start, and I know this is going to promote my chance of formidable promotions!"

~ Allison Edwards Johnson – Director of CBS Television

About Stewart Pearce

The legendary Stewart Pearce is one of the world’s leading Spiritual Teachers and presentation coaches, acclaimed by celebrities as a top presence coach, Voice Alchemist, and Angelic Emissary. For well over forty years Stewart has coached leading Lightworkers, CEO’s, Politicians, States-people, Royalty, Religious Leaders, Celebrities, & Actors including 8 Oscar-winners. 

He works with many beloved women iconic including Oprah, Marianne Williamson, Meryl Streep. He has authored six acclaimed books. 

His new book “Diana, The Voice of Change” is being published January 2020 and outlines the story of her personal transformation from ordinary to extraordinary. In this book, he shares for the first time, the exact processes and activations Diana used to create her dazzling, radiant and iconic presence that continues to change the World.

Total Package Value $2222

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $247
*** 89% Saving ***


Need Help? Write to: support@fromheartachetojoy.com, Or call: (855) 367-7644

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Please note all private sessions must be booked and taken immediately within 6 weeks of the summit air date of they are forfeit.

This package is a world exclusive and is non-refundable and non-transferable.

All materials strictly copyright Stewart Pearce 2020.

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